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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, October 6, 1938
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October 3-8 Is Girl Scout Week-Buy aCookic and Help Lift Debt From Hope's Girl Scout Hut. tjronner Doubts Democracies Ever Can Head Off Hitler Now Star WEATHER. Arkansas—Fair Thursday nii/ht; Friday partly cloudy. VOLUME 39—NUMBER 309 HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1938 PRIOE 6c COPY NEW GERMAN DEM AN u ccK^Mn*Amorlc», shows Adolf Hitler In one hich «H Europe eventually By MILTON BBONNEK NKA Service Stuff Correspondent I ONDON KiiK-If the statesmen in the foreign offices of Europe had taken e s Adolf Hitlers book. "Mcln Kam P f." and the 25 points he Bobcats Hope for 4th Victory Here Against DeQueen Big Crowd Expected for Battle at Mammons' Stadium Friday 5 CONFERENCE TILTS Blytheville to Invade Lit" tie Rock for "Big" Game of Week By LEONARD ELLIS Drilled In halt pliiys from spread foi lioii, the shovel pass and to stop th nd sweeps of "King" Cole, the Hop ligh School football team was read rhursday for its imrx>rtanl engage ncnl here Friday night against the langerous DeQueen Leopards. The kickoff is sot for 8 o'clock. The Emission will he 50 cents. Bobcat conches also have spent con- .idcrablc lime this week on offensive IrilLs which they hope will Rive the cam an improved running attack with Joe Eason doing most of the blocking o pave the way for Coleman, Samuels, Baker and Daniels. Care-Taker's Daughter Took Care of Them, Tbo HICKORY, N. C.—W-^James G<|d- vin, 19, and Dill Wilson, 21, who fes- capcd from the Lexington jail mst Monday with the help of the jailer's daughter, were re - arrested hc>rc Thursday. democracies now can stop. 4 Persons to Die for Killing of Spa Grocery Executive Dickson and Johnson Convicted After Anderson and His Wife A QUICK""DECISION Hot Springs Jury Returns Verdict With But Small Delay HOT SI-RINGS, Ark— i/1'j—Circu Judge Karl Witt passed formal scnlcnc of death Thursday upon Joesph ] Anderson, 37. and his wife Lucille, 3 iind ordered them executed in U state's electric chair November 18 f' the slaying of EldonCooley, H Springs grocery chain official. Four Convicted HOT SI'HINGS, Ark.-Alfred (Pit Dickson and hi.s nephew, Claren (Bill! Johnson of Hot Springs stood in Ihe shadow of the electric chair Wednesday night as a jury in circuit court found them guilty of tho murder of Kldon Cooley, and made no recommendation for mercy. This brouuht to four tho number of those- liable to the (loath penally for mil . gamc>a „,,.„,. olll . uessed them and welded the 75,000,000 jcrmans into the most powerful ma- linc for war-making the world has •cr seen. The first three points of his 25 give ic clue to his entire foreign polic> nee he took power: "1. We demand the reunion of al Germans in a single great Germanj pon the basis of the right of people ti isposc of themselves. "2. The treaties of Versailles an 1. Germain must be abolished. "3. We exact colonies to nourish on eo pie and give the possibility for on xcess population to emigrate." If anybody was still in doubt as t what Hitler meant, all he had to do was o visit the Feldhcrrnhalle in tho center of Munich. Here he would sec the •ortls: "God make us free." And under that he would see the names of lost provinces: Alsace-Lorraine, Eupcn-Malmedy, Memcl, Su- deten Germany, South Tyrol, Poscn. Silesia and the colonies. Hitler knew these aspirations were futile without the power force brings Hence all through hi.s "Mein Kampf he spoke of forging the German sword He said the lost provinces could bi won, not by prayers to God noi through the League of Nations, bu only by force. He cynically but truthfully said frontiers had been made by Huvc Big Team Although Ihc weights of the Leopard team were not available here Thurs- Iny morning, reliable reports say the team will average 170 pounds which compares favorably with that of tho Bobcat learn. The Leopards arc led by a 175-pound slashing quarterback, "King" Cole, who does most of tho running, passing and kicking. Cole has been the spearhead of the Leopard offense all season and it was he who intercepted the pass and raced CO ycards through the Catholic High loam of Lilllc Rock lasl Friday. DeQueen also boasts a fine Uckle in Baker who plays on the lefl side of his line. A large delegation from DcQucei is expected to bo on hand with scvcra school buses scheduled to bring slu dents here for Ihe game. Many Prescolt fans will have an op portunity to view the game as th Bid Received for Paving on No. 79 Offers Also Made fo Keepers' Houses on Freed Toll Bridges ___ _ _ — I LITTLE ROCK. — (/P) — The Stbtc Highway Commission received Thursday competitive bids on five road projects and a contract for laying the foundations for the state's new three- story office building on the state capital grounds. Only four bids were received for the toll-bridge keepers' houses on the five bridges which were made free spans by the state this year. ... Apparent low bids on the highway jobs included: •, Columbia county: 4.58 miles of black- tp paving, Magnolia-McNeil road S. highway No. 79, Ben M. Hogan, ittlc Rock, $69,747.63. Bids on the toll-bridge houses Inudcd: Gallon and Folsenthal bridges: Clyde Two Home Runs in Late Innings Give Yanksjjo 3 Win Crosetti and DiMaggio Hit Homers in 8th and 9th Innings ZND WIN~FOR YANKS Dizzy Dean Hurls Wei Until Eighth and Then Blasted Chamber of Commerce Begins Czechs Fear Loss the brutal lulling of the popular young chain grocery executive. Joe Anderson and his wife, Lucille, were convicted by another jury in tho same courtroom early Tuesday morning. SpccUitors Surprised The verdict in thu Dickson-Johnson trial 'was returned at G'.OIl p. m. after th had deliberated little more Bury Him an hour. Comparatively few .spectators wcr,' prcscnl because so speedy a vordicl had nol been generally' anticipated. However, Judge Earl'Wilt had remained at the courthouse so Ihere was no delay in the • ' jury's reporl. T i' Dickson and Johnson wore hurried (, v back to the courtroom and both scan• ncd the jurors faces anxiously as tho men and could bo changed by men. He praised tho army as the lasl and highest school for the youth of the nation. It was inevitable that the moment he came to power, he would gel in close touch with the army chiefs and do everything his autocracy could accomplish for the creation of the bigger army. Al the same time, he followed the foreign policy ho outlined in hi.s hook. In that ho denounced Franco as the eternal enemy wilh whom a fina reckoning would have lo come some day. Ho said a weak Germany woulc not bo worth having a.s an ally. A .strong Germany would be sough t a. an ally. He indicated his choice o Kngland and Italy a.s those possibilities Ho has not got the former—yet—but In did capture Italy. Ho also made cloa thai to him. more important than col lies was land right in Europe itsel indicated it would he taken al th xpen.se ultimately of Russia. He vis ncd a Germany someday with ,')00 burley Wolves have already playe this week, defeating Glcnwood Tucs clay night by a lop-sided score We look for a hard battle as DcQucc always has a fighting, determine team', but we also look for the Bob cats Lo he on top at Ihe finish, 20 t 0. Kive Conference Games There will be five games in the Ai kansas High School conference ra this week-end with Ihc main altraclio centered al Ihe Little Rock Hig School stadium where the Blytheville Chicks battle the Tigers. Blylhcville supporters contend lhal 10 "jinx" has been following the loam, nil wo behove cenlral and south Ar- sas teams are a shade loo lough. Wo pick the Tigers, 14 lo 13. North Little Rock goes to Forrest . Byrd, El Dorado, 5256.25 each. Garland bridge: Garland City Spec- l School District, $675. *eace Prospects Boom U. S. Stock Munich Pact Exerts Favorable Influence on Markets NEW YORK,— (/P) —Wall Street' week-old "peace" boom sent many stocks Wednesday to the highest price quoted this year and echoed in trade reports of increasing activity since business was freed of the recent war restraints. Hundreds of millions of dollars were added to the billions in quoted security values restored to world exchanges since news of the four-power Munich conference a week WRIGLEY FIELD, Chicago.—Tl New York Yankees waited until th late innings to turn on their powc to blast Dizzy Dean from the box an win the second game of the world se ries here Thursday, 6 to 3. •Dean pitched a great game, allowii but throe hits until he faced the Ya kces at the start of the eighth. H managed to get two outs and th Frank Crosetti stepped to the plate and hammered a home run ino the left field stands, scoring one ahead of him. Crosetti's homer was the first of the series and it put the Yankees in the lead, 4 to 3. It was the fourh hit off Dean. Rolfe fanned for the third out in the eighth. The Cubs failed to score in their half 1 of the eighth. When Dean faced the Yankees in the ninth, Tommy Henrich led off with a single to left. Joe DiMaggo then came up and caught one of Dean's pitches 'or a home run, the ball clearing the left field wall. Larry French relieved Dean and got the Yanks out without further dam- Annual Canvass for Members) Committees from the Chamber of Commerce began Thursday to solicit memberships in that organization and will continue until every business and professional man in Hope has been asked to support the Chamber during the next year. , The budget for the coming year has been set at $6,500 and this can be easily reached if everyone who •should will contribute a reasonable sum. A very large part of the local merchants and manufacturers give liberally and the present campaign is to enlist the support of the professional men, individuals, and out-of-town stores which operate in Hope. If these will give in proportion to the local merchants and manufacturers, the budget will be fully subscribed. . Beginning Friday a complete list of those individuals, firms and corporations who have pledged and the amount of each pledge will be published. As additional pledges come in they will be publicly acknowledged. oi Industries in Sudeten Dispute Say Nazis Demand .Area Where 815,000 Czech Citizens Live |BRITISH SATISFIED C h a mb erlain Acclaimed as House of Commons Votes Him : Siip|)ort Chief Baker Gets Police Dog Back Missing "Bodie" Found After Trip to a House Near Gurdon If it's news when a chief of police's dog disappears, it is also news when age. The Cubs threatened to score in the dog is found again. Chief of Police and Sheriff-Elect 12 men filed In. The verdict was handed to Judge Witt by the jury foreman Earl Williams. No other sound could be hoard as tho judge read the words that meant death for tho two defendants. "Severe and Unjust" Judge Witt ordered all spectators to remain seated until officers had removed thu two defendants. The pa it was surrounded by a party of officers heado dby .Sheriff Marion Andorsoi and Cliff'Atkinson, assistant chief o tho State Police and taken to the sheriff's oficc at the jail. Both Dickson and Johnson appuarec stunned. It was evident that the had not expected Ihc supremo penally It was only after some urging Ilia they consented to talk. "i don't care to make any statemcn until 1 have talked to my attorney, said Dickson finally. "But this vcrdic is a big surprise. 1 think it is unju.s 1 ajn innocent." "1 don't want lo talk either, but think, like Pug, that the verdict wu .severe and unjust," said Johnson. Johnson was asked about hi.s lcs.1 mony in which he said that hi.s o\v wife had .testified to a falsehood. "Ho don't know what he said," Icrrupled Dickson. "That's right; 1 don't know what (Continued on Page Three) ago. In Wall Street, a fresh surge of buying following a pause Tuesday lifted industrial shares on the average to the highest prices in about a year. Du Pont soared ?5.50 to $144. General Motors $1.87 to $50.50. Wcstinghouse Electric $5.67 to $112.50. U. S. Steel $2.50 Lo S61.87 and Scars Roebuck $2 to •J75.50. The breadth of the buying, embrae- their half of theliiial inning; With two out, Jurgis walked. Phi Cavarretta got a single to left, but Stanley Hack lined to Crossetti for the final out. For seven innings Dean had the Yanks handcuffed, allowing but three hits. In the fourth, fifth, sixth anc seventh innings, Dean set Uie Yankees down three in a row. Lefty Gomez was the starting pitcher for New York and was in trouble in c^cry inning. He retired in the eighth for a pinch hitter after giving up a total of ten hits. Johnny Murphy pitched he balance of the game and allowed one hit. The total hits showed the Cubs got U while the Yankees svere collecting The two home runs by Crossetti and DiMaggio spoiled the day for the Cubs. JoJe Marty, Cub outfilder, got four hits in four trips to the plate and drove in all three Chicago runs. The two teams will be idle Friday and will resume the series at New York Saturday The score by innings: Yankees 020000020—6 Chcago 102000000-3 00,000 Germans on their own soil. With Ihc Rhinoland, Austria and onerous portion of Czechoslovakia ow under the German flag, an anxi- us world is wondering which of the. cxl lost provinces he will go after, itler is a dreamer about hislory. Ho cmembcrs the Holy Roman Empire •Inch onco dominated Europe and old Poland, Hungary and Bohemia in ce. The indications are that he will lunge on towards the southeast and llimatcly towards the Ukraine. If ho ids the oil and gram of the Balkians, 10 will have made good his reee.nl joasl that Germany can never again be Blockaded and starved into submls- ion. Al present it looks as if there is no lolding him. France and Englanc nissed the boat. Tho smaller powers n the oast of Europe, remembering the fate of tho CzechoslovaUians, wil nol sido against Germany. They wil seek lo be nice little brothers lo tlu giant. Hitler bids fair lo win Ih hegemony of Europe for Germany, do spite Ihe avowals of peace that cam Cily where the Wildcats should have 10 trouble in winning their second onforencc victory, 20 to 7. The Camclen Panthers will be at ..onio against the Texarkana Razor- jacks. Tho Panthers have lost three traight and are reported injured foi their clash against the Razorbucks. Do spito this, Ihc Panthers will break in In the win column, 14 to 7. The Fordycc Bedbugs will bo at Pin Bluff. Wo can't see anything but third conference win for the Zebras in easy fashion, 26 to 0. Tho Hot Springs Trojans invade El- Dorado in another conference battle. Wo iiiunc tho Wildcats a.s the winner by three touchdowns despite their narrow escape at Nashville last week. Bcnton should have no trouble with Moirillon at the Bcnton stadium and wo pick them to be in front at the finish by four touchdowns. Russcllville will be at homo against 'iark. Clarksville whipped Ozark Clarance E. Baker got a newsstory in The Star Tuesday when he reported that his police dog "Bodie" had been missing for more than a week. When the paper hit the street C. E. Messer manager of a local cream station, tolc Chief Baker he believed he had seen tho .dcgyon the streets of Gur.don., Wednesday Chief and Mrs. Bake drove to Gurdon. The night marsha there said a dog answering "Bodie's description showed up occasionally an followe dthe night police around Gur don. The marshal believed the do was claimed by a woman living nea Gurdon. The bakers drove out to the wo •nan's house. Pretty soon she cam up in her car, and with her wi Bodie." The woman explained^ th; on a recent trip to Hope "Bodie" g< n her car and wouldn't get out—s she drove home with him. But "Bodie" was glad enough to see Baker—and vice versa, said the chief. ing bonds and commodities as well as stcoks, reminded observers of the spectacular mid-year upsurge, which stalled in July shortly before the gathering European war clouds bega nto worry Wall slrcctcrs who had been buying securities in expectation of business recovery.- Various reminders of business revival at home croppc dup in the day's news, including: A Wall Strccl report that Yongstown steel operations had ncrcascd further with the addition of two open hearth furnaces by Carnegie-Illinois Steel and the lighting of a blast fumce by Republic Steel. Democrats Fight to Retain West Ixtraordinary Political Effort in Midwest Farm Belt Forecast WASHINGTON—(/P)—Informed per- ons forecast Thursday that the Democrats would make an extraordinarily ntensive fight this fall to retain their jolitical slrength in the Midwest farm This was the significance read into James A. Farley's cautious press cori- ierence statement Wednesday that the Democrats traditionally had been stronger in the Industrial states because of their labor 'policies. Thus the Democratic national chairman replied to the question as to whether the Democrats are losing ground in the farm states. It was believed that, as a result of the conditions this statement implied, there would be a determined Democratic effort to hold all congressional and gubernatorial offices which the party now controls in the Midwest sedtion. GENEVA, Switzerland 1 '. M/R— Czechoslovak delegation to the League of Nations announced Thursday that the German membtrs at the international Sudetenland commission at Berlin had drawn up'new demands for the cession of- territory beyond of Munich. A communique issued by the delegation said that the Germans are demanding that industrial and communications centers with a. total Czech population o£ 815,000 either be occupied immediately by Crerman troops subject to a plebiscite. Czechs Alarmed PRAGUE, Czechoslovakia-^^)—The government of Czechoslovakia learned Thursday that sacrifices far surpassing its expectations would be required of the dwnidling republic in the cession of the fifth Sudetenland zone to Germany. The exact extent of the additional territory Czechoslovakia would be called on to deliver to Adolf Hitler is not yet known, but government circles said the terms of the decision of the international Sudetenland com-/ mission af! Berlin: Wednesday were "cruel." British Support Chamberlain •' LONDON, Eng.—W—The House of; Commons Thursday voted confidence in Prime minister Chamberlain and approved the bargain at Munich for keeping Europe out of war by a final >| vote of 366 to 144. The house adjourned until November 1 amid a tremendous ovation for Chamberlain. out of the Munich. fuur|x>wer confluence A Thought Jesus Christ, the condescension of divinity, and the exaltation of humanity.—Phillips Brooks. A compilation showing September engineering construction wrds were the largest for any comparable period since 1929. Brick demand for certain raw materials^ including hides and rubber. A boost in the domestic price of copper to lO'i cents a pound, up one- eighth. Describes Week at Clubs' Camp Mrs. Carroll Schooley Outlines Camp Robinson Experience By MRS. CARROLL SCHOOLEY Did you, by any reason, happen by Ihc city hall on Tuesday, September 6, and wonder what was happening? It looked like a few women might have 1 lo 0 in Ihe opening game^of^ Ihc | Reg j stl . a ' t i on w ith Ihe SEC of a $50,- : ''"'' "' 000,000 Firestone Tire and Rubbei bond issue in a revival of now cor- ason—so Russullvillo is picked by heavy score. Jowsboro al llomi Jonesboro will play host to Catholic jgh in another conference game this Viday night. A hard battle with onesboro tho winner, 13 lo G. Okmulgec. Okla., invades Fort Zmilh. The Grizzles appear a touch- own belter, 7 to 0. Spring Hill Gets New Cotton Unit "Minimum Income Ass'n." Meetings at Guernsey and Emmet Spring Hill farmers Wednesday night organized the first Hempstead county local of the Cotton Farmers' Minimum Income association, sponsor of a plan to give every cotlon-growing family parity price of 16 cents a piund on all cotton sold, up to five bales lo Ihc [amily. , .. Officers cleclcd by members of Ihc Spring Hill group were: P. W. Raschke, president; Lewis C. Yocum, vice-president and Roy Butler, secretary- treasurer. Tho meeting, at which Mr. Butler presided, was addressed by Robert J. No Republican Aid, Farley Declares He Won't Help Liberals Outside Party, Despite F. D. R. WASHINGTON — (/P) — Postmaster General Farley indicated Wednesday there would be little, if any. Democratic support for liberals outside of his party in the general elections. Asked at a pi-ess conference whether he would support any liberals even though they were not Democrats, Farley said: All the primaries arc over and all Italy Hits Jews ROME, Italy— (if)— Textbooks by 114 =f Jewish authors were banned in Italian ••"' schools Thursday as the decisions of J| the Fascist Grand Council were awaited on.other anti-Jewish measures. No Split for Spain BARCELONA, Spain— (3>)— Julio Alvarez del Vuyo, Spanish government foreign minister, declared Thursday that government Spam was determined to avoid the fate of Czechoslovakia, and to fight until the country vas "free from foreign invasion," poratc financing. Hempstead Co. Negro Agri Group to Meet been moving with all the suitcases and bundles stacked around. Well, you guessed right. We were just about to ho off for Camp Robison where we wore to spend four days of rest from home duties. No, wo didn't e° there to sleep but to enjoy the various programs and the meeting of old and new friends. We left the city hall about !):30 o'clock in a school bus that was k'a<l- ed. The weather WHS fine and everyone in good spirits. First we all tried to gel acquainted and come to know each other better. Everyone enjoyed Lambert, one of the Arkansas incor- of the association, which is porators dinner at the Park in Arkadclphn. | '•' About 4:30 o'clock that evening wr being organized throughout the slate and in other cotlon stales. Lambert explained that the purpose of the group is lo oblain enactment of a fed- oral law which would end acreage control keep the government out of the price-fixing field and put Ihe distribution oi government benefits to cotton-growers on a basis of equality as | between family units. Lambert said the proposal is merely thai the government pay each farmer, whether owner, tenant or sharc-crop- Ihc difference between the price 'hich he sells his cotton on the the conventions are over and I'm go- iixg to support the nominees of the party." . The Democratic national chairman said he was speaking only for himself and the National Committee, bul when he was asked whether he thought President Roosevelt was "working a cross purposes" with the committee he declared "I don't think so." Asked then whether he would name "one liberal Republican," ho said determinedly: "I won't name any. Discussion of possible support of liberals other than Democrats arose ou of a statement by the president sev There will bo a meeting of stopped at. Camp Robison where about • cents a po 1.200 farm women had already arrived, famii".. Clarksville will have- just u HUle too Hompstcad County Negro Agriculture nuch to offer Van Buren at Clarks- Committee Saturday , October 8, at 10 ville Friday night. The Panthers, 13 Unlock, a. m. in Ycrgcr High .School, o 0. U is desired that all members, of the Concluding, we. pick Arkansas to coinmiltcc be present, T. A. Hamilton, whip Baylor at Fuyellevillc Saturday, chairman announced •Jl.lo 14. On July 14. 1870, Louis XVI of France wrote in his diary: "Nothing." It was on this clay that Ihc Bastille fell, 100 of the kings moo were slam, t ,.-i/l')—Former 1 and the revolution began in earnest. Ex-Congressman Dent, North Carolina, Dies MONTGOMERY, Congressman Stanoly Hubert Dent, 69, chairman of the hou.se military affairs committee throughout tho World war, died suddenly Thursday. ix and the their spears in the earth a.s of confidence, while Fiji cross two feathers. Cotton NEW ORLEANS.-*/! 1 !—October cot- Blaekfccl dig ton opened Thursday at 8.37 and clos- a sign ud at 8.35 bid, 8.38 asked. Islanders] Spot cotton closed steady four points up, middling 8.43. Miss Buuington had gone on ahead of the bus and rcgi.slcred for all the mem- i bers. All wo had to do was got off at our tents and start unpacking as the I National Guards were kind enough V) ! leave their tents up for us to uso.i six could stay it) Ihc same lent. After t making our beds we were all ready for j a showor. And was that refreshing after a long drive! It was then time (or sypper, after which we had :i lawn party-a l»i of music and games that all could enjoy. After a delightful time we were all ready for bed. TKe nvxt two days were filled with educational talks as well as fun. You could do as you pleased bul I think lite majority chose to go lo Ihe various meetings. Some of the outstanding talks lo mo were "Neighborliness and Manners Begin at Home," "Personal- per, open market and parity price of 16 . a Iv. it wii.s Lambert's contention that by uncl, up to five bales to the oral weeks ago that he would not ob jcet to the election of a "good libcra running on a Republican ticket." Miles Given New Federal Position Fort Smith Appointed Solicitor for Postoffice Department Prisoner Is Found a Suicide in Cell Alleged to Have Confessed in Robbery, He Hangs Himself MORR1LTON, Ark..—Of';—A man described by officers Thursday as Walter DuVall, 48, of Russclvillo, hanged himself in the county jail during the night. His body WHS found suspended from a blanket, which had been looped around tho neck and tied to a bar across tho top of the cell. Deputy Sheriff Elmer Thomas, of Morrilton, and Slate Police Officer O. E. Bowden said the man was brought here Wednesday night for questioning in connection with a burglary in- vcsligation al Russellvillc. Bowden asserted the prisoner hart made a confession to purlieirialioii in the care. (Continued on Page Three) (Continued on Page Six) e British Foreign Secretary preceded the present onv, and i.-, noted for the impeccability ; dro.ss, mude a talk on the oslovakian situation recently in the home town of the "Bard of Avon." \Vlul is Ihc former Foreign Secretary's name, exactly what docs impeccability" moan, in what town did he speak, and who was the "Bard of Avon." Answe;; on Classified Page WASHINGTON —l/J'.'— Vim-enl M. Miles of Forl Smilh, Ark., former member of the Social Security Board, became solicitor for the Posiofficc Do i.nntment Wednesday. Ho was appointed by Postmasler General Farley to replace Karl A. Crowk-y. who resigned last summer lo enter the Texas gubernatorial race. Miles look office immediately. 'Ihc new solicitor had been a special assistant to the attorney general and a regional adviser for the Public Works Administration prior to joining Social Security Board, when it was organized in 1935. Ho is a native of Marion. Va. He practiced law in Forl Smilh. and Litllc Rock, Ark., and twice served as Democratic national commilleeman from lhal slale. Miles U 53. $1,500 More Boxes Cookies for Sale Girl Scout's Hope to Sell Assigned Quota of 2,000 Boxes Arrival of 1.500 ;,ciiiiliona! Ixixes of I coukic.s lo be solri llv.s week by girl I scouts ol Hope was announced Thurs- I day morning. I Girl st-oiits sold ?00 buxe.s (.luring the earlier pan of tiio veok ami look or-1 ders for many more boxes which will] be distributed at onco. Hope's quota 2.000 boxes. The new shipment of cookies will be as'-1 signed to each troop captain, and I scouts competing for sales honor mayl contact their captain lo obtain morel cookies. I Profit from sale of the ivokiea will! be used to lift the debt from the girls' | scout cabin at Fair Park.

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