Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 14, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 14, 1948
Page 4
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Page Four HOPE STAR, HOPE, A R K A N S A S Adi Mutt Be In Office Day Before Publication Number of One Three Six One Words Up to 15 16 to 20 . 21 to 25 . 26 to 30 . 31 to 35 . 86 to 40 . 41 to 45 . «0 to 50 . Day Days Days Month .45 .60 .75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 4,50 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 flS • f J..UW (J.UVf i) ,\>\J Rates are for Continuous Insertions Only * All want Ads Cash in Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone Wanted JOB FIRING STATIONARY steam boiler. Day or night. See Charlie Alexander, Hope, Route 4, Box 305. 10-Gt Notice For Sale GOOD BOIS'D ARC POSTS AT reasonable prices. See E. M. McWilliams at McWilliams Seed Store, Hope, Arkansas. 9-lmo COFFEE TABLE. LAMP TABLET occasional chairs and mirror to matcli. Very modern. Phone 3(50. 13-31 GERMAN CAMERA. ROLL1E- cord I, F35 Zeiss lens, with •leather carrying case. Flashgun tripod, and filters Excel- of I;abor One lent condition. See at Shipley s ,. .. . , , Tuesday, December 14, 1948 Fair By Weitbrook Peglor Copyright, 1947 By King Features Syndicate Studio. 13-31 GROCERY STORE. STOCK OF groceries,' part of fixtures, balance furnished with building, fimall living quarters. See at 14th and Main. Phone 1258. 10-tf WE BUY, SEI/L AND REPAIR all makes o£ Sewing machines. W. H. West, 215 North Hamilton Street, Phone 122G-W., Hope, Arkansas. 1-lmo SPECIAL XMASRATES ~~FOR magazines. Give a Gift that lasts a year. Order now to avoid the rush. Chas. Rcynorson, Phone 28 Nights, 30.9-W City Hr'l. 4-lrno WINTER IS ON THE WAY. Belter bring • in those broken windows, we will put in new glass while you shop. Harlan- Noe-Benton Lumber Co., Phone 178. ll-7t Wonted to Rent TWO OR THREE ROOM FURN- ishcd apartment, couple and child. Phone 1191. 7-3t FURNISHED APARTMENT FOR a family of 3. Immediately. Phone 490. 14-31 For Rent 3 ROOM UNFURNISHED APART - mcnt. Private entrance and bath. 703 West 7th. See Rae Luck. 13-3t 5 ROOM HOUSE ADJOINING city limits on SPG road. Phone 140. Ophelia Bolls. 14-31 3 ROOM UNFURNISHED ment. Located at 1002 East 2nd Street. H-31 FRYERS, BATTERY RAISED. White Rocks. $1.00 each. Phone OOfi-W, Vernon Osburn, 805 W. Oth Street. 14-2w SMALL LOW PRESSURE PAINT gun and compressor. .$40. Phone C55-J. 14-31 Of all the rackets which have enjoyed the protection and the shake down and taxing privilege fc-rrcd on crooks by the V act, the been the union of the American Federation must split hairs to Western Schools End Winter Meet on Grid Schedules Chicngo Dec. 14 — <ff"i —Western Conference officials ended n hifihiy successful winter meeting last night by mapping football schedules from 19oO through 1952 and entering Michigan Slate into championship grid competition in ID.W. Michigan State accepted as a 10th member earlier will be permitted to seek league titles in all con-jother snorts as soon as it is certi- onnr |f' ec l. A three-man committee is to , i • . i <• 01 linvestigate the Spartans athletic ::• most despicable fraud has structure to assure conformity with ic hodcarriers' and laborers' Bin Nine policies. This mere formality may bo completed in time for the East Lansing school to bo listed in all future schedules made up in the cnnference's 19-19 meeting. distinguish between the GH7JEN CUREX WRIST WATCH, solid gold case, 17 jewels. Phone C55-J. 34-31 TABLE TOP GAS . nood condition. 122 B. RANGE IN East Avenue 14-3t 1938 FORD, NEW MOTOR, GOOD tires and clean throughout. Phone C51-.J. 14-31 CHRISTMAS GIFT SPECIALS. Fuller hair brushes, extra stiff nylon bristles. Mrs. Leon Bundy or $1.95. Phone 14-Gl NEW 5 ROOM HOUSE AND BATH. Close in. Across street from school, and grocery store. Apply 511 South Spruce. Phone 1155-J. 14-3t Reai Estate for Sole constitutions of the hodcarriers', the musicians', the teamsters' and the mine workers' unions but, as a racket, the hodcarriers'. on performance fiver a lorn; term, wins the championship. To emphasize the power of the union corruption in our government, I must call your attention again the fact that Judge Vincent Brogna, of the superior court r.f Massachusetts, the highest court in the commonwealth, and -a man regarded as a decent citizen and a good judge, according to the debased standards of the Roosevelt revolution, served for several years as "attorney", and "international counsellor" for .. the mob which controlled, indeed, constituted this racket. His junket to the British trades union conference at Bristol England, by way of Milan, Italy, as counsellor to Joe Moreschi, the president or padrone of the racket, accompanied by Mrs. Brogna, has been reported here. Moreschi's mission was strictly honorary and he required no legal counsel" Yet Moreschi and the gang tapped the treasury for $10.000 for 'expenses" in a time of terrible unemployment and poverty and local racketeers Prescott A. L. Team to Play The Prescott American Legion basketball team, one of the strongest outfits in this .section, will come to Hope for a game with the local Legion team at 8 o'clock Thursday night in the high school Rymnas- i u ITI . The Prescott quintet has played several college teams, and defeated the strong Henderson State Teachers squad. A close and exciting contest i?, looked for here Thursday. Bearden Best Hurler of Chicago Dec. 14 — (XP) — Lanky Geno Bearden of the World Champion Cleveland Indians wa,-» certi- ifiod today as the 1948 American League pitching king. The 2<!-ycar old lofty posted an official earned run average of 2.43 to top the circuit and help the tribe take team • pitching honors lo Now York Doc. 14 next time a representative eastern college beefs about — Tho of an organ- ciation and golfers might as usual accept the hospitality of "friends during a tournament since they're ized baseball snatching college tal- — ,•-• , , „ cut he should be told impolitely usually not playing on teams, and firmly to go soak his head in But how abou a runner competing water. . . .The recent action of l in tho national championships as a ice the Eastern College Athletic conference in ruling out the Vermont Northern League and other summer baseball circuits makes it vir- Ncw York, Dec. 14 — (/P) — Kentucky's national collegiate ball champions move into the this week with a string of four impressive victories. The rangy sharpshooters from the blue grass country almos'.. held orgies" in New York, Boston Lost BAY MARE, WEIGHT 800 pounds, liberal reward. Notify Charles Bryan Jr. 311 South Pino Street, Phone 108G. 14-31 LET FOY DO IT • Level yardo « Dig Post Holes • Plow Gardens * Cut Vacant Lot* • Also custom work. MAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phone 1066 S. Walnut St. FOR SALE Surfaced Oak Lumber — $40.00 per Thousand GENERAL BOX COMPANY PRESCOTT, ARKANSAS TWO SMALL HOUSES, LARGE lots, good location. $2500 and $2800. Immediate possession. Tyler Realty Service. ' 13-31 Hanover Leads Nation's SmaSS Colleges New York Dec. 14 — f/l 1 ) — Jim old-son rind Hank Freosh of Hanver (Ind.j college who teamed to eep their school away oul in front i the past fall's statistical parade 'ere disclosed loday to have led he nation's small college grid ladiators. Peterson won total offense hours with 1589 yards in 130 rushing nd passing plays. Treosh rambled on the ground for 385 yards in 100 rushes to capture ushing offense laurels. His 17 quchdowns for 102 points ranked im fourth among the small school corers. Gerald Levormann of Trinity in PLANT NOW See us for Rose Bushes and Shrubs for fall planting Gentry - Butler Florists Phone 1194-W1 We Deliver REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Dial 3-7623 (phone collect) If No Answer Dial 3-5770 REFRIGERATION SERVICE is our business. Prompt and efficient service on all makes of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We go anywhere anytime. BREWSTER REFRIGERATION SERVICE Phone 1280 or 1231-J Nights and Sundays 119 Edgewood Hope WANTED • PECANS • SCRAP STEEL • CAST IRON • CAR BODIES • JUNK BATTERIES • RADIATORS • ANY KIND OF METAL • BURLAP BAGS, RAGS and BONES. Top Prices Paid Finest Fairbanks Scales WILLIAM M. 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OPE BASKET CO. Call 1000 or Contact Office and other centers of Moreschi power to raise further funds for the long spree and de luxe tour of the ruling gang. The condensed "report" to the membership covering a period of 31 years from 1911, which was published in 1942, gave absolutely no accounting of the $10,000. It was not even mentioned in any of the naive "accounts." These' consist simply of columns headed "receipts" and disbursements." The 'report" claims that more particular accounts were rendered from lime to time to the various local unions. But most of these locals were rackets, too. whose officers were illiterates. The locals had absolutely no power. The rank and file had, so to speak, even less power. So any "accounting" to these inferiors by tho mob was a condescension, not a duty, and unreliable. These racketeers were Brogna s social friends and professional clients. It must not be forgotten that Judge Brogna can be presumed to have known exactly what this constitution provided. A lawyer does lot engage to serve an organization without examining its charter and constitution. Brogna is a Democrat and, if it is any comfort to him, he may be described as a typical New Deal political union attorney He has some honorable friends in public life in Massachusetts who vouch for him up to the point to which he takes the shilling of this unspeakable affront to the American concept of rights and freedom under law. From that point, Brogna is on his own. These friends have told me that he has been a good, knowing judge as far as they know. They do not know, however, whether he has ever ruled on any cases involving the equation between unions and their subjects or between unions and the public and thus far, neither do I. If he had brought to tho bench the ethics which permitted him to represent the hodcarriers' under their constitution, the law as to unions as laid down by Judge Vincent Brogna would have been a monstrosity. For that constitution hits you right in the yeye with its first article which says: "This body is sovereign and independent of Us component parts. . . . and. . . It shall consist of the general president (Moreschi) the (six! vice-presidents and the general secretary-treasurer." During the national conventions the duly elected delegates" of the locals shall join that exalted consistory, but for 31 years there was no con vention and in 1932, when Urofin is first mentioned iu the meager published records, it had not had a convention in 21 vears. lie hired out lo serve an outfit which purported to be a union of working men. But any lawyer on reading that constitution could have seen that for 21 years it had consisted entirely of the general president and the other bosses of this exclusive racket. Only two of them, one V. Do Falco, a vice-president, and Achilles Persion, a vague, mysterious power whose origin and background are unknown even in the royal circles of unionism, were holdovers from the official set of the last previous convention in 1911. All the rest, Moreschi and five of the vice-presidents, had been "elecled" by the oilier members of (Im autogenous directorate in private meetings. The workmen have absolutely no rights or powers under the constitution of this union which has levied tribute from a million laborers in 45 years and, even now, holds conventions not. offencr than once in five years. Judge Brogna knew this meant dial by I'j;i2 a man who had been fined oufratc- oiisly and expelled in 1U11, already had wailed 21 years fur a chance to appeal for justice to the highest authority in the union, namely the ccnvi'iilion. If the man lost pa- licnee and went lo ihe public courts in a law-suit, he could be turned away under rulings of the New Deal judges who held that a member of .such a "voluntary association" must "exhaust his remedies" u'idiin tilt' union before he could be beard in court. In the long run. ;i man who suffered in- doubled the score on Arkansas last night at Lexington to take their fourth straight, 7G-39. Six-soot-seven Alex Gro?.a flipped i 18 points and other members of the Olympic team showed top flight form. The Wildcats play Holy Cross in Bcston Thursday, and St. John's of Brooklyn, one of the Eastern cage powers, in Madison Square Garden Saturday. Meanwhile, Notre Dame chalked up its second victory in three starts against Western conference teams by whipping Wisconsin, 6054. The veteran Irish team, which Philadelphia Dec. 14 —I/Pi — The figures showed today that the Philadelphia Eagles had the greatest array of individual talent in the National Football league in the 1!)48 season. Steve Van Buren the Louisiana locomotive who runs like he's basket-1diesel-powered jarred through op- he east posing lines for the greatest total of: yards along the ground— 945 yards in 201 tries for a 4.7 average. Tommy Thompson the Tulsa has lost only to Illinois, ran up a veteran around league. Tommy turned in passing the best record in all- the tossed 24G times _ completed 141 and gained 19G5 yards. His flips were good 57.3 per cent of the time and tallied 25 touchdowns. Only 11 were intercepted. Joe Muha once of Virginia Military Institute had the top punting go with its team batting title of .2SI2. The Indians had a cluh earned run mark of 3.23 liy New York with 3.7.1 Detroit i'l.lf) Boston 4.2G Philadelphia 4.42 Washington 4.GG Chicago 4.83 and St. Louis 5.01. Bearden was one , of three 20 ;me v.-inncrs finishing second in the won-losl percentage among hurlors in 10 or more complete (lames. His record was 20.7 for 41. Benrdon appearing in 37 contests nailed his 20th victory in the unprecedented playoff with' Boston I'm- the league flag. His percentage was second to the top .703 booked by Boston's Jack Kramer with i;;-5. Detroit's veteran Hal Ncwhousor was the league's biggest winner The other 20 game winner was Boardcn's Cleveland teammate Bob Lemon. He compiled a 20-14 mark for .588 and was second in earned runs with 2.82. with 21. Ho lost 12 for a .G3G rating and ranked third on the pitching list with an E. R. A. of 3.01. record in the 10-team circuit. Muha punted 57 times for a 47.2 yard average. Pal Harder of the Cardinals — winners of the circuit's Western Division — repeated as scoring champion with a 12-game total of 110 points built up on six touchdowns 53 points after touchdown and seven field goals in 17 tries. who more tually impossible for a kid wants to play ball to get in follower! i"' an e ' ! ' M '"' " itl0 wceks of ! iono\\(.a Competition. . .The EC AC rul>. ,„,„ forbids u collegian lo play on "any team if there is payment to player's for salary or living expenses either directly or indirectly" That';' ju.'it an invitation to a good ball player either to lake himself to more liberal colge 1 eossrtoing to more liberal colleges or to sign up with a minor league club. member of a club team? Either the club or the A. A. U. usually pay? expenses. . .Come to think of it we never heard that every member ol lie Olympic team pays his own liv- ug expenses. So that's out too. Read.the rule again. Broader View The same eligibility ruling apparently applies to other sports. . That of course would rule out "Borscht circuit" summer basketball. . .Tennis players might get away with accepting the eight weeks of on-the-cuff play permit- tee! by the U. S. Lawn Tennis asso- NAMED TRACK COACH Waco. Tex-., Dec. 13 —f/P)—Jack Wilson, star of Baylor football and track teams in the early forties, has been named track coach at Baylor. Legal Notice One box of popular soap flakes can fill a five- room house with suds, the like of which hasn't been seen since the gay 20's when something went wrong with the homebrew. LEGAL NOTICE The following described plot of land is offered for sale by the Ozatl School District No. Si in Hompstead County, Arkansas, to-wit: Beginning at the N. E. corner of the S. E. '/i of the S. E. V-t Section 31. Township 10, Range 25 West thence west 350'feet to point of beginning. Thence South 34 decrees East 175 feel along West line of Hope and Nashville Highway No 4 to stake. Thence West 250 feet to stake, thence North 34 degrees West 17n feet to stake. Thence East 250 feet to stake the point of beginning, containing one acre, more or less. Any person interested in buying such described property should so indicate by sealed bid to the secretary of said school board. Wilbur D. Jones, on or before January 4. 19-1!}, at 10:00 a. m.. The bids will be opened for public inspection at what is known as the Wilbur Jones Store in Oznn on tho above date by the school board. Said school board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Signed: E. R Brown County Supervisor of Schools Dec. 14, 21. 28 12-point lead in six minutes. The Western conference had better sailing aginst other outside opponents. Illinois topped Oklahoma, 73-G8; Puuduc rallied from an 11-point deficit at the half to beat Kansas, 47-4G; and Indiana won its fourth straight by humbling Drake, 7535. Michigan beat Pittsburgh G2-44. Purdue's triumph over Kansas set a precedent. Never before had Phog Allen's Jayhawkers lost to a conference team. It was Kansas' first loss in three starts •his season. Oklahoma outscorod the Illini 'rom the floor but failed from the 'ree throw line. Loyola of Chicago, one of the unbeaten teams, scored its fifth straight victory by topping Chicago Teachers, GO-32. Lexington Ky. Doc. 14 — f/PI — Tho University of Arkansas basketball team off to one of the poorest season starts in history headed homeward today after a disastrous eastern tour. The .Razorbacks fell 76-39 before mighty Kentucky here last night for their fourth straight loss and the third defeat of their pro-holiday tour. Arkansas' record now stands at one victory — a two-point decision over Oklahoma City University —and five losses. Arkansas started well, holding the Wildcats to a 7-7 deadlock in the first five minutes. But once the Kentuckians. many of whom played for the U. S. Olympic team, Jound their range the game was no contest. The last half score was 40-19. Alex Gruzu. six-seven Kentucky center, topped the scorers with 18 points. Teammate Ralph Beard added 15. Little John Campbell, five-foot seven guard led the Arkansas scorers with 11 points. He made live of his markers on free throws The Kaxorbacks previously lost to Long Island university and to Cani.sius on their tour. Arl;ansas will meet Pittsburg Kan., Teachers at Fayetteville Inursduy ni^ht. Several New r ers ott IllsUce ill 1911 it I In. 1 hands of the bin n had tn wail lil years 'iYxa horse lhi 1 ball on 30!i plays. ^ Jack Salschpieder Little All-America back from St. Thomas in Si. I'aul Minn, finished 10th ainonn the rushers with 919 yarda in 99 plays in his eight games. Lynn Chewning Haiv.pden-Syd- ney's irx-Navy gridder and I,inlp All-America " bade finished 50th among the iushers with 5-H yards. Chicago, Dec. H —(UP) — In a surprisiiiK non-cash transaction the World Champion Cleveland Indians today acquired First Baseman Mickey Vcnion and Pitcher Early Wynn from the Washington Senators lor First Baseman Kridie Jiobinson and Pitchers Kd Kliernan and Joe Haynos. Tin- pme acquisition in tho deal appeared to he the hard-throwinj' W vim a strapping ri^ht-handcr who had been souuhl by American League teams" past two seasons. Vernun Die 1!H7 American yne baUinj; champion dropped considerably at the plate last season althuuyh he still is con- side-red a respectable hitter. Kubinson and Klieman played regularly with the Indians durinj/ Hie past season wnile llaynes •[ veteran right-hander was acquired in an off-season with the Chicago White Sox. Kobinsun hit. 2,'c J drove in «'! runs and iiit 1(J homers for ['lev' land, lie Jed the league first basemen in ik-ldins- with a .!)9f> mark Klieman who is almost entirely a reliel hurler had a spectacular earned run average of •' Vj ij u , third luvu in Hie K-a^uc' v.hicli was lopped only by Gene Bearden and Satchel! I'aK'.c. both Cleveland t e a n 1 1 1 1 a t e s . fore he could appeal to the m\\! convention in 1942. 'Jlns was tiie condition which Jiui;.;e .Broyna, of the highest conn of the commonwealth of MassacnuMOtis, found in the union which he soived as lawyer on terms oi social warmth with More- Kclii and the rest of the busses. ALTERATIONS FREE Men don't miss this suit and topcoat sale at Lewis-McLarty's. Here is your chance to get a coat and suit at a real saving. You'd better be here early as they will go fast at these prices. These fine suits are 100% all wool worsted and expertly tailored by well known makers. The label is in every suit. 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