The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 4, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Woiker, Employer Stale Coiilrilnilc to ]u- . suvancc Fund for Jobless '/'his Is the lint at a serifs at lliicc arlli'lcs uii Hie iirogrrss "Wile bj fireal I!rj[:ifii In suclnl tccurlly or Ihe type wlilch Is c\- JM'clnl In fiuat ti|i for aettan In CongrcEj, llils MInter, sir|i|lorlO[l hy .•President JioiMcrfll mill Ills Non- Deal trailer*, -stressing ii'nrinploy-. ineiU and lipallli Insurance ami old age pensions. * » t By Mn.TON HKONNI!It N'EA Srrvirc SiaflT Corrcsiinmlc'iif LONDON. Oct. .1.—Uncle Sam, -giving £ erlous thought to unemployment insurance, health Insurance and aid u%c pensions, may Icaui a thing or t\™ from Jolin Bull. And that President. Roosevelt is fully aware ot that fact lie ln:ll- cited stronjly In his recent message to the American people when lie asked: "Is it not n fad that ever Since the year 1909 Great Britain In many ways has advanced further n1an<> lines of social security than the United States?" The president cited England ns one nation uhlcli has clone everything In Us power to'overcome the depicsstoi »<l of standing by \Uth a do nothing policy. Mn- llbns between capital niirl'l.ibor ore mole adianwJ in Kn<;!nn:ron the bash of loDpcthe bargaining tlmn In America; he iminlr.J out. ,'Pinnily, lie declared Hint It iviis not btraiup (hiu the British press could tell 1,1s compatriots Uinf , ranch of the New Deal program is only an attempt to c.itcii m> n-illi British reforms that date back to a decade or more. .IlIilTAlN SMOWF.n WAV Great, Britain was Hie firs! country to have a hi" nallan-wlrt? comniU=ory unnnnlovm^nt insurance •scheme It hiis exoei-lence-:! •the clHTiciiltv in cslimnlm<* the inim- tci of peoplE who would draw benefit, thereunder it has paid ami ' paid, for 15 \<"irs, enormous sumi to k°cp Ihe scheme coin?. Some such legislation had liTCt) discuss"!) by both Tory and Liberal mrties for years, 'nut it \vns the youn? I'oyd Oeorie. then cliin- cellor of Ihe c/chequer in a Lib-' eial cibiuet, \vho aclunlly had a law passed. Ho was famous for his socinl coii- selenco sprung from the people, hp fell for the iconic. • iMTEn nr AroiVEV r,'r,<tss The. old nrlvllcgcd classes liaicd and fenred him more Uian any other man In nubile life. But In. Mil he not (!iroii°ti hi" Nntlomi insurance Act, which covered 22-iOOCO tiers'UK In l>adcs mos< sublect to uneinplovmcnt, such as lion fomUries bulldimr and ship Sards The fund out of which im- einDloyinent beiients wer« to tic paid was finance I hv contrlruiUovrv In eoi:nl ; nnmunl.<i from finnlnvers and employed, plus a subsidy from thVilnte With some slight mortificatiom. this law remained !n effect mill) !9'.0. Us very existence moved a Mfe-faver for Dritnln n-hm thn World War came lo an end. The hundreds of tlmiis.inils of \olimleer wMieis had linen prcmi- i.?d thit their jobs would be filv- eivtack to Ihom when tha war was o\er Ho\| Oorjc hiul \itnchlm- , ed thit iflT the war Great Britain must b" nnde Into a. place fit for heroes to live. With close of the war. the demobilized citizen soldiers came • trooDlnt back — four millions of them. Many found their job-: taken by youiwcr men ami by women. In -some trades their jobs were gone—shot lo pieces by trade depression. The outlook'was bleak; also . dangerous, NEW StlHlfL IWAFTCn Parliament de-ilt with the subject provision in Hie bill known ns lie "Means Test." Under Ihls there s a slrlcler cxnmiuatlon of the 'Bills of n person to draw nncni- )!oycd pay. Since 1920, HID ordinary recei|)ts by Ihe unemployed insurance scheme uivo been $2,4(10,000.000 nml Ihe c.v- Jeiiciltures have been nenrly $:i,OQO,- by votnu enormous sums as direct ' ttm w II w II KPLITE One) BT.YtTIKVIl.r.R,, (ARK ) t'OIJRJRH ,\BWS , -V ' t r~frr-v~f •, wu vjic^JHK. ucherillic'd biil'lo Pox.-No nltli »rt ' ni.~f,+.<* rr *,• HOW ENGLAND'S UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE- , PLAN WORKS?'' •' ''• .iv : -: ' Weekly benefit to Kucli iKiye weekly Into fund: ,• , ^ ^uieinploycd Worker Statn Umployort'. • i ' worker . ; - jMeii, 21 to U5 . Men, IS lo 21 .. lioyy nudor IS. . Women, 21 to 00 Women, IS to 21 <jirls_ under .18. J.20 .IS .10 .IS .lli .011 f.iO .IS •'O .18 .H! .01),',' .IK 10 .i's .Ifi <1'J ; j:i..^i i . - 3.12- - . • . i2 00 ,11.7-18) • I,3« 116-17^ '•3.37' • ' ; ; 2.68 1:.CS (17-1S) . 1.12 (16-17) In nililltlon to ii )ovo |)iiyiii«n(a. rccl|ilent ueta $2 per week for eacli^ adult Ucpciidcut and 50 cents uor.wcek for each deiMSiulout _ <„ D i r i P^ Ior KCCOrd Lrowd at /Annual Harvest Supper donations. It cost he3\ilj but it «as like a» insurance premium paid to keep the caunlry free from rebellion. Men became entitled to unemployment benefits .rnn<jinr from S5 to S7.25 iveekly. But this could not-go on indefl- nitfly. so, in 1920. a new unemployment scheme was evolved, affecting near!) two million people. L-\r7_ classes were cxcepted trora its •.benefits, including ajri cultural laborers, domestic servants, permanent government and municipal of- flci-vh and non-minunl wotlcers earning more than S1250 per a v num. » • '• Once more Parliament guessed VTong. Tlie \ineniploymeni figures Exceeded tha estimates, due to one lonj cycle of business depression. i In some Industries there was .something \er> near lo permanent unemployment. A fixed iieriod of insurance b;ne- fits .had been decreed, but it was found necessary lo continue Iho payments Indefinitely. Hence ihay began to b~ known as ' dobs, rather than as benefits. Contributions were heavily in- creiscd and the go\ernmcnl had to pour cier more money into the fund Bj the end of 1931 there was an adverse balance of $400,000 COO in the fund BfcNEFITS ARE SLASHED Accordingly, the Tor)- party lr 193! forced through a new law which lurther increased the compulsory payments by the Insured Persons ivlio had jobs nnd still f«r- Insr lowered tKe benefits paid \ihen : Iney lost Ihelr Jobs. > \ ',.^ie Labor )»rtj^ especially foiighl IBO.OCO. Every. ciupJoycci person has to ! Insured mirier the Iniv. Etu- iloycrs must contribute, and also wit io!d out at the source each week he contribution the employe must uake. The rale of contributions is as •ollows at present: Men (roin 21 .0 under 65, employer, 20 cents, Mnplnyc and state same sum; men from 18 to under 21. employer, employe and slate pay 18 cent.? each; i 10 ys; wider IB, employer, cm- llqVe and'.siato''pay "10 cent's each; women'from 21 to under 05, ciii- iiloyer, employe and -slate pay II) cents each; women from 18 lo un- ler 21, employer, employe and state )ay 1C cents each; girls under 18. employer, employe and state pay 0 cents each. 'AVillENTS A UK CItADI.l) The weekly lienelits nt present a!tl lo unemployed persons who are insured and have kept np laymcnts are ns follows: Men between 21 and 05, $381; men be- wecn -18 and 21, $3.12; boys be- wc;n 17 and 18. $2; boys between 0 and n. $1.31; women between 21 and C5, $3.37; women between 8 and 21, 52.G8; girls between n "id 18. $i.cs: girls between 1C and n, SI.12. In addition to tlie above p.iy- U3iils. Hie recipient also cctr, $2 * week for each adult dependent mil 50- cents for each dependent child. Congress, in tackling this ques- ion and In considering these (Ig- ire-s, would probably ttike into coti- ideration the usual great <llffer- encc between the slandnrd of wages and of living in tlie Unllwl Elates and Great Hrllnin. WACiES KAlt HIC.lli'.lt British workers have always drawn less in wages than Americans and have n much lower tandnrd of living, m America tens >f thousands o! workmen have bought their owii homes on the in- Hallment plan. This is unusual In Britain. In America, in (he days of goort fciLsiness, Amerlcaii workers often went to Iheir jobs hi their own cars, in Britain it is rare lo see •\ workman who owns a car. The result Is that in America in unemployment bill would have to .envisage higher insurance payments and also higher hisunnce benefits. r nhiu, are-making efforts lo exceed NEXT: worker*. Health itisurancc for V/ill Collect Unpaid Balances on Auto Fees in the second. a«li'n hit a line-drive "over ,i ( ?° c "s;; ce *™y.» c °*"z« eM >w ^ ^ loljack replaced ,»r. Dolanccy sent a left. Held but ooslln lo make the catch. on a high bound- Greei)l>crfc' Dur- runs, no Bronnded to- ball took n mean „ run. One run. one hit. no errors, one out 1 w )icn winning run scored. - u ngcl . ,i m i )lc(] o , ••Inner being safe M nV.,t, Cirre her cracked Qonc; far Y nt() ( lccV cen.ter,. Rolhrock starttti- run "Ing- 'Ha' Ihe ' ball left ' Grc tat and, pulled it .'down .,:.--,. «' 11S n.-.nnc, lirl,iger,vhiid lo hustld )"><* (o "I to Mcly, havlr B ro ud . before the cit C n:?Gc,t Hn sent, a ;fly,(io.vr, the- right field cul 'l«e- and notljrock Sf'dfed ov r ' „" R«W count two " otll ., oisnttl Eleventh, i Cardlnals'- in Women of the Promised Land hurch, who are sponsoring th e annual Harvest supper Friday eve- last year's record when 200 Rltcixl- :d Ihi; iilfnlr. Tli" nlfair i:, ic '- lo i ,,-Liock Bill Wai " for a double Cardinal to reach first since .third inning. Rothrock went (loivn swinging n t Howe's hard fa-si one.-Frlsch groumlcd out Och . iJigcr-to Oreenberg. No runs, one "it. ni. errors. Tigers—Pox fouled out to Collins Lard first sucker, Howci Tiger pllch- rn',, "'?'i'7" " t>ie ovatio » «s I* «imc to bat. It was announced that by retiring 22 ? baTter^'htonle?. Rowe str.tck out for 1; the fourth tlmu. Doljucb fouled' 'Hit >o , eol- •""•v ;?!.>..<1IH4, in; hits,:no alibi's. out. Gelirltigcr to Greciilwru. Coll»is blasted one deep Into center wilt Ooljack liurriect back and c:ui|;lit it. Dclanccy struck out on n third called slrlfcc. No inns, no liils, no errors. Tigers—C'ocliraiie hit one hard on tlie ground'to Uuroclicr who fielded U cleanly and jjol It tu Collins lor tlie oul, Gc-hrinjjcr walked on four pitched bniis. rt «-fls life second base on bulls for the day. Green- >m ' K B ' a)kc<! ' GcJlrl "W going lo Olosihfj Stock Prices 1 ' Doc \f/<) Hospital Admitted: Melvin Heaves, Holland, Mo.; M. Sawyer, Cottonwood Point,. Mo.; Mrs. H. II. ' O'N«il, llonle 3; Uilly Tiuisc-h. city. Dismissed: J. N. Pierce, Manila; o. o. Luxoro; B. Dona fan, cil.v. LITTLE ROCK, Oct. -I. (UP)— InvustijjaUoii Into utility rates at Tiickcrman und Mnnstleld" will be- eln October 15 at the request of city eouiicilinen in these two cities P. A. Lasley, of Uic fact 'finding' tribunal, said today. Electric rales of the Citizens Light and Power-company at Tuck- trinaii and gas rales of the Mans- iic!d Gas company will be invesli- ','nled. A. T. and ,T. ....'.,.. HO AimcoVida Copper 10 7 8 Beth. Steel .'.'.'.' , 21 i. 8 Chrysler 34 !, 4 Cities Service i -). a Coca Cola 131 Gen, Am. Tank 32 1-2 Gen. Electric .'..'... 18 Gen. Motors. ..';'39 . Int.? Harvester! —... ,. ; 30 1-4 Montgomery Ward 21 1-a N. y. Central '21 3.4 Packard 3 5.3 Plfllllps Pet i t i_ 4 Radio 5 L-2 Simmons Beds .. 91-4 S. L.-S. t> ...' i 3-4 Standard,of N. J. 42 Texas Co '. 20 V-s U, S. Steal 32 3-4 U. s. Smelling Ill 1-2 New York Cotton Mixy V 1220 1210 1238 12'iO 1242 1225 THURSDAY,- OCTORRK--I, -1931 1221 1230-31 1230- 1222 1232 W. R. RICHMOND'& CO'S. AFfEHSOOJi COTTON I.K'l'I'Klt NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 4 — MM selling down in midday to new low levels for the move, the cotton market singed a recovery in the latter part of the session und . to be fairly wcll ]0 ' ( ;wlth Hie UDturii npiiaronllv tu* \ more to llijhl otlerings than i • reiiEWI. demand. Ths effect of Hie ve ,: y f oWc weather over the bolt v . m ' ' reports from, nome sc ^ iK Hint the harvest In regained most of its early de cllnc, the 'closing being geii?rally 2 t«4 lower. The mld^sion £l un,p carried |«m '.talc.underitr.d of- the crop will be a affair, instead of t,elns by November claimed some .;.,.„ , . ,., >c , IM * o first ii-i ' v.-ci-ltn ai T of and Ihe lilglj levels of i August, and was accomplished by llquid'alicn of stale long accounts stimulated new-s, a !iy the acute grain market. weakness in Ihe The announcement that government pool cotton would be licit! on" the market, until the price improved brought Jn little support, though Ihe market at one Oci Dec May lilgh low close prcv-close 1209 IIOS 1206 1204 122G 1210 -Ian-IB 1220 1238 1222 1230-31 1233 1243 1227 1235- I2:i8 Cash Feed Store Ninety-three Mississippi count, automobile and-truck owners who were forhanded in paying the.. 1534 license fees last winter will «»n be asked by agents of Ihe slate rcremie department to pay small stuns representing tlie dif- ftrcncc between Ihe fees they paid i>"d Ihoso estnblishcd by the bond refunding law, pa.wc<i last Pebni- ary 1. A statewide cnnijaten for the collection of $«,97C.25, 0 >vcd by automobile Awiicrs throughout the state, was announced yesterday by' Earl R. Wiseman, commissioner ot revenue. The 93 Mississippi county motorists owe a total of $227. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY LOST LOST—Pair gold rim GLASSES on Main St. between Klrby's aiM Plggly Wiggly. REWARD. Mra Rn s . i.ell ftilllips, Call fiSO. Why Suffer from F.A. The tcll-lnlc evidence of "F. A." (fool a « hi"'' '^ ( eet , c ««^ ">• -shoes) shows plainly in tlie wi-inkled forolicads o many men. No longer need yon sntVc,- from "F \" Now you,can enjoy the healthful, velvetV "cushioned comfort'-made possible by the New lldhn ' Nu-"l"& Cushioned, 1001-i Nail-Less Shoos. Fool Troubles Ended Tlie erealest advancement ever made In shoe manu- Mn c r ,,°"" d '" thC NC1V no!l " " 3 - Pahn " ' Vl Malc Ciu-lilon. made of pure. • sprliwy. live e»m rubber which Is built in between Ihe Im4 a d HOD" wm' ! l , glw< c S*' 8Bed reslllc "^ lo ^ aep. Will not licat or draw the foot. Never Hacks bunches or dries «p and will retain its VprUS hro,,Bliout life ol 5 hoe. Ato. - Hehn a,od o lien are jb s olulcl>- rcill-ltss In construction., no Ai h i " !roll g h ln«»e to Puncture loot or car hosiery. These nner. scientific shoes arc made f^n? ? P n rfeCl flt to CVCr>> normal fco " End "or foot troubles. Try „ pair of these scienline shoes Wear Uohn Nii-Matic CusKioncd, Nait-l.css Shots' anti Knjoy Cushioned Comfort Haynes Men's Shop New Orleans Cotton high low close prev-closc Oct 1212 1201 I2io 1208 PBS" A. 0. SHIliLEY Wholesale 'Grocer EASES ACHES , lion may -lie in order before day's crop repoit. . l>oard prices ul an However with with Ihe government, loan pres , p sure from hedge sales should 'Use Shi bleb's Wonder and i Here's your opportunity to tint your dollars into sound merchandise value not store-keeping frills or ballyhoo! Here arc values made iiossible ; by cash buying:, cash .sell- inif — I'cnncy's phin yl small prolil on large .sales! Values you'll remember long after the price is forgotten [• , • Soy's UNION SUITS RibbfJ cotton! 49c Long sleov- ed — ankle- lengt.h legs. COAT SWEATERS ribbed cat turn I 79. Buy two at this price! V - neck, patch pockets. Brown, b \ ack, blue mixtures. MEN'S JACKETS "Ox-Hide" b!»n- kct lined denim w i t.h corduroy collar. Men'* -V to 60. HOR8EHIDI VESTS Blanket Lined! »5.90 5 button front! Two leather bead pockets. Cloth- lined sleeves. 36- 4C - Boys' S4.9S. 16" HI-CUT BOOTS! Triple Tunned! "flit oj the Reason'' Styles! Mrt COATS Mil Tlio type of coat you. just can't do without ! K'c'.y — with, -smppthcr shoulders sk-evL-s- full below the elbow, fitted lines at Hie waisUrinily belted. Tweeds, noveltiefs, SMC ivflnke.s ! A Iso ' fleeces tt rid niouofones [ •Sizes for Women, Misses! Wool Effects in Print Crepe Striet Frocks Tailored (ilaiils, stripes! Fall's big IIUWK — <|imlity crepe pat- lerTiei! like wools and tweeds! Draped neckline*, ties, narrow niirlcsv — or y<HUhful<*o!lar5 and lots o[ pockets! " \ Handsome Cotton Colonial BEDSPREADS uacquand Designs— 86x105 In. i On« of cur finest spreads . . . »nd a Iquality'that will wear aud launder beautifully! Coloriial style in assorted bedroom colors. Scalloped ejgea. f ji- itra large! A great value! Penney Scoop! 7 5% WOOL SPORT COAT at a prke that fays "buy nov"l This ij the general 'utility coat tkit every man should have! Flat knit wKh V-n«cV, six-butlon front, two pleated patch pockets and s«t-in slrevcs. Brown, grey or navy. Chocolate' ros«- Ite leather uppers. Resistacid I II e* vy compo solesl 6-11. Men! A value of values! UNION SUITS At a low thrift price by A -supreme value achievement lo otTer a cotton unlonsuit at siieli n low pnce. Warm, comfortable, ner- ccl-fitttng. ixmg sleeve nnk i c . IfiiSth legs. B:ru and while Unbleached Sheette^ 81 In. Wide ' Make wide seam-.' .less sheets of it; . '. , at rery smalt , c-Mt!' Sturdy • ' . weiyhtl OUTING FLANNEL Printed.' ZZ'Td. Floral and fancy patterns on a ] soft, durable! quality. 3 IB. PLAID PAIRS flood blankett! 70x80 inch; lovely bedroom shades. Slilched edges. Marvels Girls Ores* Oxfords 2Vi -SC! Only - Long wi-ari ng lilack aide lea- the r I. H a r A Cohipo soles 1 R»tt»ir huelst WORK PANTS Uoledtm! Husliy! Stordryl In black and . nndwhite strip*. Well tailored, 20-inch liottorna. Men'. Work SHOES BARGAINS! Big values! Retan uppers! Water and acid repellent! Leather soles and heels! W. Main .Rlylheville, Ark. J.C.Penjiey Co. Inc.

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