Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 14, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 14, 1948
Page 3
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Tuesday, December 14, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Page Three ersonai Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. Tuesday, December 14 Oglcsby Junior High School will have Special F.-itliers Night at the School, Tuesday night at 7:30. The children of the school will have charge of the program and refreshments will be served. The public is cordially invited to attend. Wednesday, December 15 Father's Night will be held at Brookwood School Wednesday, December la at 7:;{0 o'clock. The Garland School P.T.A. will meet Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. The children will have charge of the program. The Executive Board will meet at 2 o'clock. Mrs. Jim James Honored at Shower Mrs. John O'Dell entertained at her home on 502 South Ilcrvey Friday evening, December 10. at 7:.'iO. with a pink and blue shower in honor of Mrs. Jim James. A lovely corsage was presented to the honorcc. Contests were played and prizes were awarded to Mrs. W. C. Miller. Mrs. Lynn Browning and, Mrs. Fred Pctrc. Following the opening of the many nice and useful 'gifts, the hostess assisted by Mrs. T. F. Payne, Mrs. Fred Pctre, and Mrs. Browning, served a delicious sandwich plate with coffee to 20 guests. Gifts were sent by 15. The Lilac Garden Club will meet Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock in (he home of Mrs. B. L llettig with Mrs. Win. P. H.-mlogree and Mrs. F. Jl Moses, co-hostesses. rhiK will be the annual Christmas •party and gifts will be exchanged. Thursday, December 14 The American Legion Auxiliary will meet in the home of Mrs E P. O'Neal at 7:30 Thursday night. Hostesses will be Mrs. W. B Mason Mrs. C. P. Tolleson and Mrs H. O. Kyler. Gifts will be exchanged and all members are urged to attend. Mrs. Bill Horn, Mrs. J. H. Miller and Mrs. Charles Malone will entertain with a miscellaneous i shower Thursday night in the home of Mrs. Miller at, 7:30 for the pleasure of Mi:;s Elizabeth Pilkinton, bridG-elecl of Nolen Caudle. Mrs. James Birkhead Hostess to Y.W.A. Members The Y.W.A. of the First Baptist church met Monday night at 7:30 in the home of Mrs. James Birkhead, 715 South Elm street, for their annual Christmas party. Tlic Yulelide season was effectively carried out in the decorations of the living room. A Christmas scene of "The Birth of Christ." was arranged on a side table and Christmas greenery, rod berries and red roses were arranged at vantage points in the room. The president, Miss Mary Ethel Perkins opened the meeting with prayer. Roll call and minutes of the last meeting were read by the secretary. Miss Wanda Rugglcs. During the business session, the nominating committee announced the officers for the coming year. It was voted to have the installation of officers at the next regu- \vi!l have its annual party at the Hotel Barlow at 7 p.m. Thursday. December 15. Each member is asked to bring a gilt to be exchanged.. . The Brookwood P.T.A. Room mothers will have a meeting Thursday afternoon at 1:30 ;il the school. All mothers are urged to be present. Friday, December 17 The Builder:; Sunday School Class of Garrctt Mi.-inorta! church will have a business and social meeting at the home of Miss Ruth F.l- lon Boswoll. 30(i S. Pine Street. Friday night at 7:30. All members arc invited to attend. COMING WED. &THURS. THE RED-NOSED Arrangements made by clow of _ oil members were urged to' subscribe. Miss Sue O'Steon. program chairman, presented Miss Beth Sasscr I who gave the devotional "The Greatest Story Ever Told", taken from the 2nd chapter of Luke, followed by prayer by Mrs. S. A. Whitlow. Miss O'Steon gave an interesting Christmas story entitled "San- la On A Pacific Isle." Christmas Carols were sung by the group and gifls were encha'ngcd from n brilliantly liehtcd tree. A Christ- m.-'s remembrance from the Y.W.A. girls was presented to Mrs'. Birkhead. Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Whitlow. DurinG the social hour, Ihe hostess assisted by her son. Timmy. served a delicious sandwich mid dessert plate carrying out the red and green color scheme, with hot chocolate to 14 mem hers and four eucsts. Miss Patsy Thomas, Mrs. .Toss" Brown, Rev. and Mrs. S. A. Whitlow. LAST DAY u *iih ANN RICHARDS PLUS News Christmas Sarols LAST DAY J.O.Y. Class Holds Christmas Party The J.O.Y. Sunday School Class of the First Baptist church met in the private dining room of the Hotel Barlow, Monday night at 7 o'clock for their annual Christinas banquet. The Christmas dinner was served to twenty members from a long white table centered with a huge white taper, with greenery extending to end where miniature trees with silver bells were arranged. Mrs. Charles Graham, president, presided over (ho meeting. The Class presented Mrs. Basil York teacher, with a beautiful corsage The members brought their contributions for the Orphanage this Christmas. Mrs. Aaron Toilett. told the Christmas Story, "The Other Wise Man", by Henry Van Dyke, Mrs. Charles Reynerson was in charge of the various games played after the program. The meeting was closed with the group singing "Silent Night" followed by the closing prayer. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Jack Daniel of Oklahoma City are the holiday guests of Mrs. Daniel's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Brooks. Mr. and Mrs. C. Cook and Mrs. Andrew Hutson spent Monday in Little Rock. Mrs. W. II. Alexander, Mrs. A. D. Brannan and O. F. Taylor spent Monday in Little Rock visiting friends Mrs. S. L. Murphy, Sr. is visiting Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Trapp in Houston and making the acquaintance of her new grandson, Stephen Mark Trapp. Hospital Notes Josephine Mr. and Mrs. Carmie Jay. Hope, announce the arrival of a daughter on December 11, 10-18. Admitted: Mrs. V. E. Johnston, Hope. Julia Chester Mr. and Mrs. II. C. Byers. HI. 4, Hope, announce the arrival of a son, December 13, 1948. Admitted: Mrs. H. C. Byers. Hope. Frank CoKbill, Hope. Discharged: Joe Hankins, Hope. Branch Discharged: Mrs. Early Archer. Hope. J. L. Lamb, Hope. Master's Degree A Master's Degree will be conferred tonight at 7:30 at a meeting of the local Masonic Lodge. All members arc requested to be present. Doctor's Office Entered/ Robbed of $21 Cash Someone broke into Dr. Jim Mc- Kcnzic's office at Josephine Hospital last night and Rot $21 from a cash drawer, City Police reported today. Practically all the cabinets in the office were searched but so far as could be immediately determined nothing el.se was missing. Police are investigating. Clubs Baker Mrs. Grady Browning, 603 South Walnut Street, was 'hostess to the Baker Home Demonstration Club members annual Christmas party December 10. During the short business session conducted by the President, Mrs. J. W. White, a letter of thanks for the pajamas and vegetables sent to the Crippled Children's Hospital was read by Mrs. J. B. Hargis. The group sang Silent Night and repeated the Lord's Prayer in unison. Mrs. T. B. Femvick. gave the Christmas story. Mrs. L. J. Purtle had charge of the recreation. Pri- ^es were won by Mrs. Dale Ton- ncrmaker and Mrs. J. B. Hargis. The hostess was Santa Claus and exchanged the gifts from a beautiful Christmas tree. A sweet plate with coffee and cocoa was served to sixteen members, two visitors and eight children after which the meeting was adjourned to meet with Mrs. J. L. McCullough, January 14, 1949. Columbus 4-H The Columbus 4-H Club met on their regular meeting day, November 18, with 26 members present. The business session was carried out, and the group separated to meet with each agent. The boys discussed types of cattle and a breeding program to follow. The girls were shown how to weave on looms; also how to make their own looms. Mary Frances Mitchell brought a cake, that she had baked, for Mrs. Blackwood to judge. Boss: "Did the foreman tell you what to do?" , Worker: "Yeah. He told me to wake him up when I saw you coming." DOROTHY DIX Swain of Many Loves Dear Miss Dix: I am a young man 22 years of age. I am employed by a company which transfers me from town to town so that I usually stay about three months in a place. In T!;c last year I worked in five different towns and dated girls in every one, and I am engaged to three of them, though I have not given them any engagement rings. One .girt is very intelligent .and I love her because she is my mental equal. One girl has a stupifying figure and I love her for her looks. One girl is very beautiful and I love her because she is a knockout. A fourth girl is very sweet It// I. o , I"% | Waltz into Darkness By William Irish Copyright by William Irish—Distributed by NEA Service, Inc. XL Hours of searing, lonely pain had gone by. Tortured hours. She was somewhere in the house but she was not beside him. Then the door opened and he knew she was looking at him. What a long look. Would she never stop looking? What was she thinking? 'You arc such a long time dying?" Or, "My own Jove, are you not any better yet?" Which was the true thought; which was the true she, and which his false dream of her? She had entered the room. She was coming toward him. She was bending over him. He couiu feel the warmth of her breath. His eyes opened and fixed on nor with a strange, melting softness. Like the eyes of a wounded dog, begging its release. She turned hers away, then irresistibly they were drawn back again. "Why are you looking at me like that, my dear? What arc you trying to say?" He motioned to' her wilh one finger to bend closer. Siie inclined her head u little Ihe better to hear what he had to say. He reached up falteringly and stroked Die fiiiige, the .silken blond bangs that curved before her cool smooth forehead. Then he struggled higher, onto an elbow, as if cast upward by the ebb tide that was leaving him behind so rapidly. "1 love you, Bonny." he whispered fiercely. "No oilier one, no other love. From first to last, from sliii-t to finish. And beyond. Beyond. Bonny: do you hear me? Beyond. It will not end. I will, but it will not." Her face came nearer still, slowly, uncertainly; like that of c.ne dipping toward a new experience, feeling her way. Something had happened to it. was happening lo i!; he liar never Keen it .so soft before. There were tears in her eyes. It was no illusion; he saw them. "Will a link' love do. Lou?" ''Any amount." "Then there was a moment in I which 1 loved you. And this is it." i And the kiss, unforced, unso- j licited, had all the bitter sv.vel- i ness, thi 1 unattainable yearning, ol j a love that might have been. And I ho knew, his heart knew, ii was .' ih'- 1 first she had over really given I him. | "That was eunutjh." 1: content. "That was a!! wan led." Claiming her hand, holding lus. he fell into an uneasy a fever oblivion, for a while Involuntarily, she drew her head back sharply for a moment. "Why do you ask for it now? I haven't offered it." "I'm in pain," ho said simply. 'I can't endure much more of it." And turned a little this way, then turned a little that. "If not in Kindness, then in charity—" "Later," she said evasively. Sweat started out on his face. His breath hissed through his nostrils. "When I did not want it, you urged it on me— Now that I plead with you, you deny me—Why wait for the night to be further advanced? Oh. spare me the 'light, Bonny, spare me the night! It is so long —so dark —so lonely—" She stood slowly, absently rubbing her frozen hand. Then with even greater slowness moved toward the door. She opened it, then stopped there to look back at him. Then went out. lie heard her going down tht stairs. And twice lie heard her stop, as though impulse had llaggcd; and then go on again, as j she fanned it back to life once more. She was gone about 10 minutes in all. Ten minutes of hell, while flames licked at him all over. Thou presently the door opened and she had returned. She was carrying it in her hand. She came to him and set it down upon the stand, a little lo the side of him, ocyond easy reach. 'Don't —Not yet—" she said in a stifled voice, when lie tried to reach for it. "Let it wait a while. A little later will do." When he awoke, the drt daylight wore settling in the like a fine while ash; iho day was past. Her hand was still in his. and shi.- v.'us silting thore, hor fa ex- to- ' ward him. Ho roleasetl hor hand. 'Bonny." ho ;;i£;hod, agoni/od. "Got mo another of Ihoso tonics, now. I aju I tool, it i'o a civ I'or it.'' I 1 She lit the lamp, and then went OVLT by the fireplace to fling tho match away. Then she remained there by il. looking down into it. Suddenly a bright lighl flared, like a hut. flickering, yellow slar. Ho looked over and she was standing sideward to Ihe fireplace, holding a burning brand oullhrust toward il in her hand. "What arc yon doing, Bonny?" '10 whispered feebly. Slit 1 did not turn her head, as if jt wore; of no consc-quonoe- lo hor whelher or not he was watching, "liurnin:^ a paper." "What paper'.'" Htv voice had no tone. "A policy of !::sur.'incx';—-upon your life-— payable for :r'-U.ODO." "It v.v.s nol worth Iho Iroublo. U hit-ki-r! fui'co. I told you thai." "11 \va:' in force; again just now. I pledged my ring and made up Iho payment:;." Siicicu-iily lie saw thai she had dropped i'.. She covered hor face with th..' liau: of hor hands. Ho sighed, but without much finouoa. "l j ooi- Bonny. Did you want the money that badly'.' 1 would havi—" Ho didn't finish il. Ho lay there Tor a moment or two a!U r lhal. inert. "i'ci butter drink this now, saiel sul'ilv, at lasl. and kind and gentle and I have fallen for her, although she does not have much physical appeal. Another girl is married and is very much in love wtih me, but I never did like her much. However, I am deeply in love with all the girls. Please tell me which one I should marry? Or do you think it best for me to marry none of them? ." -•--•- - E.' J. D: Answer: You must have a big heart if you can accommodate so many different lady loves simultaneously. I congratulate you upon your prowess with the iair sex, but I am glad to know that you are carrying on your little romances before you get married, instead of afterwards, for it is much easier to ditch a sweetheart than Jt is a wife. Hard to Advise With your capacity for falling in love at sight, it is difficult to advise you about which girl to choose. Take your case, lor instance. Certainly an intelligent girl with a fascinating line of conversation would keep you from ever being bored, but wouldn't your eyes inadvertently wander to the maiden wtih the stupifying figure? Men always fail for beauty, but doesn't it seem silly to marry for a charm that lasts so short a tune? When a bachelor finds that he hasn't a shirt with a button on it or a pair of socks that don't need darning, doesn't he succumb to the homely girl with a sweet, kind and gentle face who knows how to cook, and then wonder what made him do it? And as for the married woman, she's dynamite So, taking it all in all, son'. I would advise such a great lover as you arc to go slow on the wedding rings. • Dear Dorothy Dix: I have been engaged to a man for two years and we were planning to be married this fall, but I called it off because this is what he asked of me: To change my religion. To live in his home with hit family fo keep on with my job and have his lamer put the money I made m the bank because I wouldn't have time to do so, as I would be so busy earning it. To help him pay for a car he bought, but I could not be co-owner of it. He has a job which only pays him $;j(l a week and every time I ask him to do some little thing that would give me pleasure, such as going to a dance or a show, he refuses. My wishes count for' nothing. Then he claims he loves inc. Would you believe him? Answer: Well, if that's his brand of love, give me nice, decent hate. Unless you are not only blind but dumb you arc bound to soe thai tliis man has no spark of real affection for you .and that his only object in marrying you is to got a female slave. Fortunately for you ho is so avaricious that he shows his intentions of grabbing every cent you make and putting it iii his own pocket. And that gives you a chance to save yourself from a miserable marriage. When the world is full of good, kind, lender, generous men who would love you and protect you and make you happy, why do yr.u oven think of marrying this he'd'.' Dear Dorothy Dix: I am 20 years old and have a child, a boy "of :>. I 1 want lo marry, bul 1 do no'l know how. to go about mooting a man who would be a good husband and father lo my son. Please advise me what lo do. K. S. Ii. Answer: Lady, that is the !j>(H C|uot,tion llial Ihousands of women would like to have answered, but no one knows how to do it. It is the groat inyslery of Ihe world. H is ho just that some women have tlio come-hither look in llit-ir eyes and -.- in Ihe-ir oyos a Ho struinod until ills arm could I another woman hasn't. And the-ix- roach tho t'lass. .Ho clasped il, you art .sc.fp'-fc' "flaps'Jry/* 1 -Si p»f TO?"« *»• -<GX^"-viSesls^ssiits^S* ••ft^W"*"^^^fe^^Sa^^*- l csr^*«S'^r'^>: i: He'll Want His Gift From HERBERT BURN'S The Store Men and Boys in Hope You'll want to be sure and please HIM when you. give him his Gift Christmas Morning. We have a complete stock of gifts that will be sure and please any mar. on your iist. He'H Appreciate a New Give Him JEWELRY or a BELT by up. (To Be Continued) . (Released by The Bt-11 Syndicate, Inc.) Men who appreciate soft, lightweight warm and luxurious lounging comfort want "BOTANY" brand robes. Made of superb "Botany" brand flannel and these are tops for value. OTHER ROBES FOR MEN In Gabardine and . Rayon SMOKING JACKETS FOR HIM Made by Royal He'll Want Ties by Botany - Arrow - Wembley See our complete selection of pretty new ties in all colors and patterns. Give him several of these. 1 to x JEWELRY When you give him a piece of jewelry by HICKOK you're sure to please him. Tie pins, cuff links, collar pins and others will be just the gift for him. f k A A B"* "T" ST4 ff™ P K W"tf 11 ' SMART BELTS He'll appreciate a nice new Belt by HICKOK. We have a complete stock to choose from. All colors and widths. Initial Buckle and belt in handsome gift box. Give Him He'll Wont Arrow and Enro Pretty new shirts arriving daily that will please any man Christmas. White and pretty pastel colors. Complete range of sizes. See our complete stock of rhese smart new pajamas. Solids and stripes in the colors he will want. Sizes A, B, C, D, and E. MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS He'll want one of these gabardine shirts in zipper or button A Q£ styles H-.VD up by Botany and Style-Mart Why not give him a new suit for his gift from you? B^ by Florsheim js» and *$ Crosby Square PJ2 Any man will M' $!$ want and ap- $S| 0$ preciate a pair M *£§ of these. Jg Here's a Gift He'll APPRECIATE Give Him & HDKFS *| See our com- v{ plete stock of white and colored hdkfs. Kings Men Toiletries A gift that is sure to please any man. 4« A RESISTOL Iff Give your one-and-only the one-and- jtf only "Self-Conforming" hai. This JA little gift certificate will bring him \. iust the right hat . . . the- most corn- YJ fortohle and best looking hat he *'r could ever get. I 7.50 to 10.00 Entirely new in Design . . .. . . . rich in colorings plus Interwoven established reputation for quality and longer wear. £-^.^.p|'^,^i^ fevas- i*s-'-*i5s. < -«-'sxK & <^Satss. «& xs ^ Xi =-o « 1 x A< -v- J '->ii n u i?i Mmte.. Herbert Burns STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS |(? S?'i ^ &'£->tl^'&li^~&k'^y~.:yv'^ : ?~.,3~j-' < J^--$\f;i;:j.-v <-S/4'»v'7^-(i',v?',:r ; ii.>ii".' ; S".:^v <T**'« ^"^'^ii"^«*ii'^'^<>li"<^^'i^V^T3?Jf : i'^'^iS-<t* 1 ¥',

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