Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 14, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 14, 1948
Page 2
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Pag 6 Two t Suggests Skirts, Blouses Be Made Comfortable Pother Now ^QPE STAR. HOPE, ARKANSAS n oeiieves in /•*) .t&e* « ^ffllrtfrf'T! * l^sic <^<u»!HJ XsiSU'Us Twisted skirls, and blouses thai are partly pulled out of the- skirt ! ait> uncomfortable as well as in- i ntu active. says Home Dcmonstrri- ! tton Apont Lorraine Dlackwoocl. | . . .. . A tape, has boon designed to pre- A '|! llon ." X.'tvarino. who wanted to vtnl skirts from twi.ninu -md ?• '""' <J ilirs ( '- ve;; to >-' ivo m 's !VC !;ll ' s ; !; ""< i f'hriKtma.s.- i;,- :iO Southerner p s Righters Flags bouses from pulling out Ii is n !VC !;ll ' s ; ? !; ""< i f'hriKtma.s.- i;,- :iO "sew-on" strip of neoprene spoiv-o xV' lr; ' olrl - bul "'' '"'"'eves in Santa rubber. It has a backing of eotton < U ?" K :, tripe for each stitching to the irv-'t'o , '' ntl ' . vr ' sll 'i' c '''''.'-'. Navarino v,-;ts Of the waistband. " "' ''"'• " : <' : ;il(1 - "•!'-' i were pilin.-; up *5iiVffiS.«" "ff « r ";:' := . prnis H is resistant to drv c n- <V- :'it r h ' ,!;.,.' V (:ic " d a lnls «ps clothing. I -| 0 ,|. iy , Ih(|l ,,, hi ,!th!-'^ S °v.,, N ;.; J - D ,' C ' H r' /B rl Savannah. Ga., Dec. 14 -~.( /P j-_ Southern governors hauled out ineir familiar States Rights banner today after adopting a pioneer program for regional education. I .Gov. Finding L. Wright of Mis- |!-i!.-.sippi a m ] Adj. Gen. Milton A. i Kcckord of Marylrind planned to ioutline a fight against proposed control of the national Costa Rica Continued From Page One mined number captured in border skirmishes yesterday. The San Jose regime has charged the rebels are led by R°! CosfP a R- ol ' on Gua F dia ' » fo ™« i l' can J )res 'dont who 1 b ? A, th ° • CIJrrcnt milary last May in a revolt whir-h a disputed election in Feb- was 'federal i guard. j Gov. was to The national union-, party of Otilio Ulote last Thursday, won the el" c hl ' /I"',? " e Wr,Co<Yrflituerit-asse^ °* Guam Attack Daily Bread Continued From Page One Tuesday, December 14, U.S. Guam, Dec. 14 Beaiiforcl Jester of Texas | "'A' government We are sefr up fro self Churches, Schools and Industries Candies . . . Nufs . . . Fry it- Hams and other Christmas ise at . . . Wholesale prices. No Charge for packaging 207 S. Walnuf Phone 447 j.Strom Thurmond of South 'ma, States Rights candidate" for president in the November election, was to brief the governors on fcd s To h iSh ° 118 •"** 0 -« <lllist ;j) I rato discrimination: i'S™ Jose!' we^don'S n • >rn , governor's confer- i'he third, unidentified a* 'I he Southern governor's confer- I once and Us subsidiary, the South- cm Regional Council for Education, yesterday approved with Ii1- }><- public discussion a si 730 nnn '"'Hal budget for the first two years of regional education. legislatures must approve , " • • '»•*">. (i [J\Jl U v(.' ! i , /!! Kl ,.'" ake . "PProprin-l-" 11 ";,,. announcpme'nl kiy seized the , —, — -•-. •'" miles from the border, and still hold it. e A governmc also said three enemy peared over Costa Rican "".stci'day. Two, spotted west of . . .v.^ntified as B-17' s third, unidentified as to type sighted over liberia about four s Irom the border Nicaraguan Foreign' Minister Luis Manuel Debayle, in PariS ns a United Nations delegate said Cos a Rica's complaint to the , e cunty council was "unjust and ab Ihp ,SL'hprm> >-i i n i 111 iiixt • u jHironri 'i i * tions before the nation's first re- Dobaylc said that g'uma educational plan will' berin "" " operating next fall. When regional operations move into full P ;,ce after four years, the inquir bad memory. ,,' Ut rn roadin S of h^ Plight more than 50 persons and busines- firms contributed to the flood of gifts fou ' r of a slass Now he has: A job (the president ss company paid him a persona] call to offer him work. Four firms . offered him jobs) -other A complete layette for- his three months old daughter. Anna (from birth? 7 ™" Wh ° J ° St hor child at Two tons of coal for the winter Urom n coal company) A stationwagon load of pre served foods and staples (from the volunteers of America) 'f chi)c . ke " s , and 15 quarts of for U 1e children (from re- Broccr an -.--• Nicaraguan 0ov ernment is clean of any charge " Tn Washington U. S. government officials said it is extremely u, likely that troops of any kjnd-eith M^fiS'^Kistsr* ic^opffi: ln thC CCnta " A ™° ] These officials denied mphatical- jto sending U. S. mar1nes"to Cos™ I -tiica bencuse of that country's im portance to the defense of the Pa nama canal. The council of the organization of American states which was set up under the Rio De Janeiro pact to steele inter-American disputes considered Costa Rica's appeal in Washington Sunday. The council miniiur K™ 1 he ™ is p here f °'-eign ministers has asked both Costa , c tll! Nlcara g, u a for further in"""" 3t Riani of plant expansion" after /-nose profits have been drained off i How. he doesn't snv But he told I the United States tfews that where i the s eel industry " O f its own free --• •• •" • — Ailrnc-' v -' ul docsn t care to invest the ne tivc Ruth Farnsworth died lorlay of.) IJCSsar y capital" to expand, the shock and a beating administered ^° vernmp "t should step in ard do by a sex rnaninc. Search frv;'lhc killer — or killers - who kidnaped and raped the 27'-old bun Ju-aneisco woman \va.s intensilied with discovery of a pair ol paratroon boots in 'the iun«le near the spot where sh- h'ifi been left to die. Naval., officials said the boots bore-possible' blood stains, and the name ot the owner. The boots and other evidence are being sent to the FBI in Washington for study, the navy said. A missing sandal, which authorities hoped would help track down the killer, was lound near the scene. The strap had been torn off when it was ripped from Mi"s FarnswortlVs foot. Her other sandal earlier had been found near an oriental curio worked nights. Several men were questioned bv (investigators, but no one was held" iPr.u..-11-ri... f or information leaclin" ation of the girl's al- were offered by "die c'uv- einmcnt and the proprietor of' the shop. Miss Farnsworth the shop SaturcL. . [was found unconscious yesterday in a jungle thicket UOO yards away was torn "and dishcv- shop where she H'f, l ^ . '" • In <;•<- inosi rugged individualism of tnoHO "economic royalist;;" whom Mr Roosevelt used to excoriate, /yia. like economic toryism. the surely _ create a wave of pubjic ll in- rti.f-.naiion that in the end would Jiijure t!io.',-e whom it was design- eel to favor. For this reason, as well as for others. Mr. Murray's influential views seem to us to be about me best argument yet advanced against reviving the Wagner Act mlact und unamended. HAROLD W. WARD Washington, Dec. 14 —tfi>)— The was kidnaped AFL and.CIO called separate strat- fday night. She c Sy meetings today with two im- ° r f ' 'fh OI ' Cd /?, pay ;l the rent through carry him over the winter No Santa Calus? Pshaw' . 1 batk bills March "to elccl. She died early this morning. The shop and the spot where she was found showed Miss Farns- Iworth put up a desperate struggle. " Investigators under the direction mediate goa'ls: Repeal of the Tart- Hartley act and a bigger political lolc for organr/.cd labor. The CIO's nine vice-presidents wore summoned into conference by President Philip Murray to press the decision of the organization's convention in Portland to demand outright repeal of of the 1947 labor law will be at its height. The CIO wants immediate restoration of the Wagner act. which went unchanged for 12 years yntil it was supplanted by' the 1 aff-Hartley measure. "We'll work- from there," one iCIO leader said. meaning that (some amendments to the old Wag- ne.r act will be agreed upon. That is the same position the AM., look at its Cincinnati convention last month, allhough at a Kneeling with Tobin ten days ago a committee of AFL officers' '"enl into detail about the type of ultimate legislation they might agree This included a provision for dealing with national emergency slrikes. They gave tentative" approval to the urocedure set up in 'ho railway labor act. That, rails lor continuing work for (}<) duv; while a fact-finding board reconi- i-rends a solution 1o the president Failure to stay on the job would leave the way open for the government to seel; an injunction. l>u( •he act itself would have no specific injunction provision, under the AM, proposal. The AFL's meeting today was mainly to set up a 14-month program ol political education financed by 10-cont contributions from each AFL member. Joseph p. KeciKin. director of the AFL political league, expects to raise at is! i-GnO.OUO. Tie said that in the three weeks since the convention, a total of f]25.000 has been collected. This money is to be spent on educating" voters, and persuading workers to pay poll taxes, re"- ister, and be ready to vote in 19li7) proved approximately 40 other applications for authority to issue I commercial bonds or to make loans from the revolving und. These, include: Commercial bonds — Arkansas county, immanuel District No. 70 $1.500: Clark. Okolona No. 73. $7,:300 Crawford, Ccdarville No. 44, V S3.000: Garland, Lake Hamilton No. f>, $0.000 Jefferson, St. Luke's West Helena, S25.000. Washington, No. 8. $2.000; Phillip?. Helena- iWest Helena, $25.000 Washington, !Morrow No. 49, So,000. ".,. Here 53-3 f awd There O^-.tui.j \.tl 1VHJ A CIJL. LIU Ul_ llUll •-•• w^, m-iinnn.! ULH,i oi Lt. Commander James P. the '^n-Hr.rtlcy law. Hackelt. nn W ncc-i^l .m4 ,,,-.i: ' i Thrf'O PTO lonrlovc. Ambassador Washington porter "We ancc and we have Mario Esquivel in yesterday told a re- need military assist all kinds of helpVca, se no army." The Costn Rican army has officially abolished about a week ago. Hackelt, navy assistant police chiel said they were convinced sh° was kidnaped and killed by a band of sex fiends. All commanders on Guam were directed to check their ~ - . . lllr °c CIO leaders officially advised Secretary of Labor Tob'in of yj' 1 *, aeciston yesterday. They are .X, ~ ^ 7 * ti en surer »Jcimes B r ^"i'*;?"' Gencr;l1 Counsel Arthur men tor possible scratches or cuts Gokl| jerg, and David J. McDonald Indications were Miss Farnsworth secreiar .y-t''C.-isurei' put up such a fierce struggle that ! cehvorkcrs her attackers probablv did not es-' Th "' 1 ' "'--• cape unscathed. Miss Farnsworth was a former WAC, working on Guam as a navy civil employe. She took a night iob .in the curio shop to augment lier income. She was engaged to marine Sgl Stcrhns McGinnis, also stationed on Guam, and had planned to re of the . Tho - v P'nnnecl to report to the 'vice - presidents today on wh'it bi r u? 1 ,' 1 lh , cm ' Th ' G secretary s , tlgh , t ' llpi:>ccl to "ewsmen about „ ficorT Hn' ^'^ with 1h ° CI ° .ouiccis. He said he was merely icolloctine information to help President Truman frame his "state of the union" message to congress .next month. CIO spokesmen said today's ' _ —,, lf t(t4tt 11tn.i jjjfuinuti to re* i *urn home in February to be mar-j closed-door meeting would draft a (Program of action for lhe next few months when the drive for repeal Little Rock, Dec. 1 4_(/p)_ j\ : «5 000 bond issue for construction in the Hot Springs school district has been authorized by the Arkansas Board of Education. The board yesterday also ap- , v , s due to colds... easqct; 'J?'/'V^V\" without "dosing" "RUBOH\,, , /A - PORU - B ^^snas^s^sK^ra^^s^tKSiEff^^xT^ja^^:, TRY s Saviors j Unusual Candies — at — NEWS STAND Please do not cut Christ-mas Trees on rny lots 5in-e several were cut from the lots in Cornelius Heights last year I am taking this method to let it be known that the trees are a part of our landscaping House Pest By HOWARD W. BLAKESLEE Asoc.ated Press Science Editor New York, Dec. 14 —WP)_A new breed of house flies i s beginning ^ to pester Americans—and tho "" produced b Certain to gladden any man's eyes. Reaching into a brightly colored miniature hat box, he finds the certificate and with it a tiny PORTIS Hat' reminding him to call for his gift-a real Christmas morning surprise, ' Come in ioda ecir| x ! Your choice of handsome string gloves and fine leathers in mocha, cape and pigskin. 98c to 2.9S Here are shirts , ,- v t tailored Jhe way * * \ \ \ \ l>e will like- them for leisure or business wear. Handsomely tailored neckwear in a wide variety of striking original designs. 98ctol,50 oivc Him several pairs of these Socks. All sizes 39c - 49c DEPARTMENT STORE The new findings in the use of DDT was reported to the American 'Association of Economic Entomologists today by W. V. Kingand J. B. Gahan, of the United States Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine. These now flics have developed resistance to the killing powers of DD1, despite the fact that it is me most potent single insect killer ever known. This resistance was not unexpected. In the summer of 1947, the entomologists said, there were reports oi DDT failing a little. This year the reports got more numerous and more serious. The bureau gathered house flies rom numerous parts of the United States anr! tried killing them with various concentrations of DDT ! L ' nrvp 8 ., X , r ? m those Places ieie DD1 had been used in previ- s years were often harder to kill m me Dies whose ancestors had K-ver walked in tho stuff lhe fhes that figuratively "ughed most at DDT came from the bureau's laboratory =,1 OrJnn- do Ma., where they had been specially raised to see whether they would get used to the stuff. It's easy to do. Just give enough to kill most of the flies. Save those that •ye lelt. Ihey survived because they xyere harder to kill in the lirst place. They pass this tou"h- ness on to their offspring and presently you have a new breed and need a new poison King and Gahan said the DOV ernment scientists are workinc with throj^,,cwjriy_poiso n s now Policeman to drunk: "What m lionality are you." Drunk: "I'm half Scotch " Jla lfi»° man: " what-s the other Drunk: "Hie! Seltzer!" budget will be 82.434,000 per year The revolutionary plan, drafted by educators in lengthy confer- iTces and approved by the uov rnors, wnuld be restricted at firn to medical, dental and veterinary training. Or John Steelman. assistant to President Truman, told the gov- •riiors last night states and the icderal government must cooperate to expand education and scientific research to strengthen American democracy and preserve "lhe safety of not "only America | but of the world." The largest educational item was 8600,000 to be contributed by |M southern slates for Meharrv MrHiiMl school fur Negroes in 'N'i'sliville. Tenn. The governors advocated $3.15000 lor regional veterinary school at 'he University of Gcorgi.-i. Oklv iioma A<S;:U. Auburn and Tuske"c L > Iii.stiint.- for Ncaroes A SotiO.dOO fund for the first t-o ,vears was approved for ry'srioiial jilcntal education for white students l--i::hi stales without denial schools would pay .-?-)-,,000 each to send siudt'iits to o')n-r •-•tatr« under <lu- coo|H-r.-nive plan. The eight are Arl-;:.n-;as F!."->d:>. Marvland. \|i s . s!.ssi|ipi. Norlh Carolina. Oklahoma. South Carolina and Ah'i- Ijr-rna. Kach state would be assigned -' -•-•'.ii-cific quota for veterinary N!'!."-O niedical anH dent a 1 s*nl H-iiis to send to regional schools hf- states would pay SI.500 for arn m^-'iiral s'uH"nt a^H $1 non 01- veterinary students they send out of their borders. Y OU'LL feel like singing too— when you liave one of these fresh-froin- the-factory Fireball engines in your time-tested Hnick. It's a swell Christmas gift for the whole family—the gift you'll enjoy for months or years of motoring. Just think —today's Buick power for your prewar Buiek! Newbeanngs,iiew pistons, new rings, new electrical system, new carburetor, new clutch—new evei-ydting as shown by the list at the right. We can make delivery now —install this new engine in 207 E. 3rd & Walnut one to two clays — because engine production is running ahead of car production, so there's no waiting, no delay. 'lhe cost? Even less than a thorough overhaul. Arrange time payments if you wish. Charges vary slightly for different models —but we can put new power in any Buick built since 1937. Come in —let us send you carolling joyfully forth behind the wheel of a fresli- povvered ear—for a Merrier Christinas, a Happier New Year — from the thrill that only new power can brim' NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW Cylinder Block Crankshaft and Bearings Connecting Rods Pistons, Pins und Rings Push Rods and Tappets Oil Pan Oil Pump and Screens Thermostat and Housing Carburetor Air Cleaner Manifolds Water Pump Camshaft Timing Chain and Sprockets Cylinder Head Valves ond Springs Rocker-Arm Assembly Flywheel Housing Flywhec-l Clutch Balancer Fuel Pump Distributor Spurlt Plugs Spark Plug Wires Hope, Arkansas

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