Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 4, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 4, 1938
Page 3
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Tues'day, October 4, 1938 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THREET Wait For These Things Wait for these things beside the river A slow bird rising through the slanting rain, Ni>w moons uml mists that give us undcr-standing, Long twilights, when the shape of hills is plain. Wait for those tilings lx>side the river landing: Wind roving down the koymonnl of the stnr.s. A red leaf on » ripple, onk trees .sin tiding, Anil, poised against blue moments, wnititiK .spurs. Wnit for these things beside the river landing, Kor they will come to you against your will, Killing (he longing unawares, comminuting The swift impntk'iice of the blood to still.— Selected. 'I he Y. W. A. Fir.st Baptist church held its regular monthly meeting at C o'clock. Monday evening at the church. A most interesting program on Palestine was given by Group No. ?, following a tempting supper, with Circle No. of th c W. M. U. as host. The luiilowcon motif was observed in the tiible decorations. The Paisley P. T. A. will meet at 3 o'clock, Wednesday afternoon at thc Ppifilcy schpo). A full attendance is |>U«j($dJ<a»'-u -most interesting program **-* .thrrangor for this, the first CDS? Mothers! Whenever nnyonc in your family lias a cold, don't Uike( needless risks . case misery with N/APORUB USED BY 3 MOTHERS OUT OF 5 RIALTO —TUES. & WED—. America's "Forgotten Boys!" Living liy their u its . . . and fists . . in thc crinu'-stiilkcd .slums'. "JUVENILE COURT" with Paul Kelly Rita Hayworth Frankie Darro meeting of thc school year. Circle No. 1 of the Womans Missionary Society of thc First Mcthodisl church held its October meeting at thc home of Mrs. H. H. Stuart, with rMs. H. N. Motiser and Miss Mollie Hatch ns a.Hsotinte hostesses. A most interesting program was presented by Mr, Sllth Davenport. A .short business session wns conducted by the leader, Mrs. E. P. Stewart, after which, delicious refreshments were served by the hostesses to 18 members and two visitors. The Put Clcburne chapter U. D. C. will hold its October meeting at 2:'.W Thursday afternoon at the homo of Mrs. A. F. Hanegan, South Elm street, with Mrs. J. W. Strictland and Mrs. E. S, Richards as associate hostesses. -O- Circle No. 4, W. M. S., First Methodist church held its regular monthly meeting on Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. O. L. Reed on South Elm street, with Mrs. E. P. Young nnci Mrs. Vesey Crutchfield as assistani hostesses, and Mrs. C. M. Agce, presiding in thc absence of the leader Mrs. Glenn Williams, The dcvotlonn! was brought by Mrs. O. A. Graves, and Mrs. C, D. Lester talked on "Serving In thc Heart of Africa." Following the business period, tempting sandwiches were served with fruit punch The Y. W. A. of the First Baptist church met Monday evening at G o'clock in thc Educational building on South Main street. As thc girls gathered, they all entered into group singing, after which they were invited into dinner by Mrs. S. L. Murphy, chairman of Circle No. 3 'of the W. M. U The lights in thc dining hall had been turned off and the candle lighted table with its many Halloween reminder? created an atmosphere both of delight and awe. Thc jack o'lanterns smiled up reassuringly to let the girls know that everything was safe and the delicious dinner ending up with Girl Scout cookies, (the cooky of the week I assured them that some go<xl fairy had been about. Following thc dinner a business period was held in the regular Y. W. A. room; it was reported that five dollars had been .sent to the orphanage and J5.55 to thc State Season of Prayer. The program wns led by Miss Floyce Taylor, who told of the present conditions in Palestine. Miss Taylnr was assisted on the program by Misses Isabel Schooley. Marjoric Bruomfield, Mable Beard'cn. France Yocom, Marjorie Moses, Jenny Sue Moore and Dorothy Lee Boyett. Miss Annie £,ue Andres brought the de- volionnl. There were two visitors, three new members nfld forty regular members in attendance. Circle No. 3 Mrs. W. G. Allison lender, hold its regular meeting on Monday fiftertioon at thc home of Mrs. R. M. LaGrone, with 15 members and one new member, Mrs. G. P. Newbern present. The mectnlg opened with the Lord's prayer followed by a short talk from Rev. Fred R. Harrison. A very inspiring devotional was brought by Mrs, Edwin Ward and a most interesting program on Africa followed. Mrs. D. S. Jordan gave a talk on thc work of the Methodist Missions in the colonies. During thc social hour, thc hostess served dclicitios refreshments. David Flnley of St. Louis i.s scpnding the week visiting with his mother, Mrs. D. M. Finley. Thc marriage of Mrs. Dora Stewart Ui M. D. Downs was solemnized at Tcxarkana, Monday, October 3. Parent-Teacher Group Is Organized at Ozan A group of the parents and teachers erf the Ozan Public school met at the school building last Friday afternoon to organize a Parent-Teachers Association. 'Hie following officers were elected: Mrs. T. H. Varnado. president; Mrs. C. K. Osbom, vice president; Mrs. C. D. Ball, secretary and treasurer. After thc election of thc officers the grin)) discussed plans for thc coming year. Mr. H. 0. Stuart, a parent and a member of the O/.ati School Board of Directors, offered some favorable suggestions for increasing the enrollment of the fathers. At the close of the meeting Mrs. Rector Cilty presented the school with a number of reproductions of famous paintings. The next meeting will be at 3 p. m Friday. October 7, at thc Ozan school building. All parents-are urged to be present to in making complete ENDS TUESDAY "MARIE ANTOINETTE" WED. Open at 10 a. m. BOBBY BREEN in 'BREAKING THE ICE' THUR. & FRI. DRAMA AS Savage as the Untamed North! I'anmioiint's lusly romance of Alaska . , . land of the thundering glaciers . . . where dangers are greater, f r iemlships stronger, hales more vicious, fun mure riotous and life mure rowdy than a n y w h e r c else on f;irth! SPAWN OF THE NORTH with George Raft Henry Fonda Dorothy L a m o u r Akim Tamiroff John Barrymore Louise Platt plans for the your. The members of the program committee arc making an effort to obtain a P. T. A. official of the county to meet with the group next Friday afternoon to aid in or gani/.ing the local chapter. Green Says Lewis (Continued from Page One) TREATS Today & Wednesday hl/t'en'ti the ROYAL MOUNTEi ONTHUREAT .WHITE TRAI1 1 .it* JAMES_NEW!U- —ALSO- GEORGE O'BRIEN —in— "Park Avenue Logger" Coining—Thurs.-Fri. "International Crime" witK Rod LaRocque and Astrid Allwyn Complete Horse Show Part of Russell Bros.' Circus, In Hope Wednesday One of the m,my talented riders appearing with KuSscll Bros.' Circus III thc fine displays of equine intelligence and expert horsemanship which form n purl of the ficrfoniuiiicc given twice daily. The horse .crowded out of the linc-®~~~ light of everyday life by a motorized age, has suffered great loss of individuality. Bul thanks to the circus and its adherence to ancient traditions. out riders, also lay great stress on elegance and dignity. Thc fiery mustangs in the Russell Bros. Wild West show, on the other a variety of thc best horseflesh is on | band, portray the rugged in dividual- constanl display for the benefit of those who still consider fine equine performance as thrilling as eighty milc.s per hour on a paved highway. Visitors to Unwell Bros. 1 Circus will nificent work horses of sec many hoofed aristocrats wlieii the ago. ism of the frontier. The bareback riding horses of Bertie Hodgini and his equestriennes arc broad of construction, lineal descendants of the mag- a generation show appears in Hope on Wednesday, October 5. The trainers and riders present a complete horse show with thc famous Russell Bros, "high school horses—sleek, handsome thoroughbreds with excusable pride in their ancestry. Thc liberty horses, performing with- Of course, there is also a sizeable group of "horses in miniature." the Shetland ponies. Completing thc equine picture are the zebras, which strongly resent any intimation tha they might be escaped convicts from a penitentiary for mules. City Meat Market Choice K. C. & Native Meats Sea Foods - Poultry Prompt Free Delivery Phono 767 Evan Wray LcUoy Henry words of Lewis before thc Senate committee in 1924: " 'Imported revolution is knocking a the door of the United Mine Workers of America and of the American people. Thc seizure of this union is bcinj, attempted as the first step in thc realization of n thoroghuly organizer. ' program of the agencies and force behind thc Communist Internationali at Moscow for Die conquest of the American continent, the overthrow and destruction of this govcrnmen with the establishment of an absolutely arbitrary dictatorship and thc elimination of all forms of popular voice in governmental affairs is being attempted on a more gigantic scale with more resolute purpose and with more crafty design than at any time in the history of this nation.' " "These words are included in this statement prepared by thc chairman of 1 the Committee for Industrial Organi- J zation, thc dual movement established in America for the purpose of destroying the American Federation of Labor," Green continued. "Now in this .statement there is set forth nine objectives of this Communist conspiracy formed by this revolutionary movement. Time; forbids me reading all, nit I will read two: The seventh is: '.Seizure of the American Federation of Labor, with thc ouster of its officials and through such seizure gaining control of all its affiliated unions and trade unions.' That is a specific objective, here i.s .mother: 'Conservation of all craft trade unions into single units of workers within an industry known as industrial unions.' "That was thc objective we were told if thc Communists. You understand that, don't you? What is thc C. I. O. trying to do now? That very thing, realize that very objective as set forth i nthis document, penned and prepared by thc chairman of thc Committee for Industrial Organization." Ice Cream Supper An ice cream supper and a cake walk sponsored by thc Ozsn Methodist Women's Missionary Society will be Riven at thc Ozan Public School Building. Monday night. The public is invited to attend. -fashion. 3~tlni Here's a Frock Too Pretty to ' Spend Its Days Home f : „: HEATERS FLOOR FURNACES Phone for Estimate Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Phone 259 Champ Clark (Continued from Page One) Let Us Show You Whats New in Football Fashions LADIES Specialty Shop Government Cotton Loans Quick Service—Immediate Payment Cotton classed by a Licensed Government classer in our office. T. S. McDAVJTT & COMPANY Hope, Arkansas i ring an immediate vote. Fought Pendcrgast When Pcndcrgasl opposed rcappoint- ment of U. S. District Attorney Murice Milligan, who had prosecuted Kansas City election grand cases, Clark defied Pendcrgast publicly by demanding Milligan's rcappointmcnt. Clark has offered an amendment to t;ix state and local securities, sponsored war plebiscite amendment and plugged for thc anli-lynching bill. Clark voted for the Byrnes anti-sit- down .strike amendment, 25 per cent stale contribution to federal relief, confirmation of Justice Black, Wagner housing bill and the farm act. He voted iiguinst the naval appropriations acl and the $112,000,000 Gilbcrtsvillc Dam. When Pcndergasl urged him as ;i 1SHO candidate Iwo years ago, Clark commented by Idling of a conversation between his father and S|>eakcr 'lorn Reed, who was opposing McKin- ItV in 1896. "Mr. Speaker, are you goijig to get the nomination'.'" Champ Clark asked. "Why Champ," Heed replied, "they might go farther and fare worse, and 1 think they will." But in this case, many of Bennett's friends think "they" won't. •Copyright 1938, NEA Service, Inc.) ll has been estimated, that British women buy an average of six pairs of shoes annually. it's Eye Is Grafted on Man But Success of Operation Still Remains to Be Determined HAGERSTOWN, Md.-^-A whol cornea from a rabbit has been trans planted to thc right eye of Frank L Hoffman. 61. a blind laborer. Dr. Pau N. Fleming said Monday night. Di Fleming said he performed the. surgerj last Tuesday and Hoffman has beer able to see light for the first time since May when he was blinded by chemicals from a spraying machine while working in a stable. "We won't be able to tell definitely if the operation i.s successful for two or three weeks," Dr. Fleming said. "He hadn't anything to lose and in the past few days has been able to sec light." In Baltimore, n Johns Hopkins Medical 'School specialist said similar attempts had been made unsuccessfully in the past. The rabbit cornea, he said, "invariably" became opaque after several weeks. Cotton Ginnings Off Drastically at Ozan On Scptombe KiO, 476 bales of cotton had been ginned at thc two gins in thc O/.t.'ii community. This number i.s a tl good deal smaller than thc 1,540 bales that had been ginned in thc community by October 1, 1937. The heavy rains in June, thc worms, and the boll weevil have done considerable damage to thc cotton crop in the iin community, cutting thc crop very short. The local farmers say that the boll weevil has been more numerous this year than in many years. American Part in War Crisis Told U ndersecretary Welles Tells Story Behind Official Scenes WASmNGTON-(/P)-Sxuimcr Wei- Ics, undersecretary of state, disclosed Monday night the inside story of United States intervention in Europe's war crisis and declared that the "great underlying needs" now arc world-wide agreements to limit armaments, abstain from bombing civilians and reconstruct economic prosperity. He said that President Roosevelt's special appeal to Mussoloni became known to the Italian government in substance before II Duce's historic telephone call to Hitler, on the basis of which Hitler convoked the four-power conference in Munich. Speaking over national raido network in the forum of the Washington Evening Star, Welles disclosed also that the United States had received "information of unquestioned authenticity" that 2 p. m. last Wednesday had >een fixed for the entrance of the German armies into Czechoslovakia. He sad, "theire was no questoti bul .hat Europe was on the brink of war." rle added, "In all that your government has said and done during these last days, it was pursuing the course calculated to aid in preserving rxjace and in ensuring the safety of [his country. "Today, perhaps more than at any time during the past two decades there is presented the opportunity for the establishmcn by the naions of the world of a new world order based upon justice and upon law." Permanent peace, Welles said, must be based on sanctity of the pledged word, non-intervention in the internal affairs of other countries, peaceful negotiation for' the settlement of disputes, and respect by all nations for the just rights of others. "Only in such a way can the nations of the world be enabled to move forward towards the determination of the two great underlying needs of today, the solution of which becomes daily more necessary—the limitation and reduction of armaments, together with a world-wide agrement to cease for all times attacks on civilian populations by air-bombing and by gas, and that economic reconstruction without j which there can be neither international stability nod well-being," he said. Ronald Colman Marries Actress Tomatoes first were grown in Irop* Seal America. It was centuries aftef the plant was introduced in Europe that it reached North America, and was considered safe to eat Not now/ . . , thanks to Syrup of Black-Draught, When your child is less keen and lively than usual, it may be a warning of constipation. If so, try Syrup of Black- Draught. It's pleasant to taste, and there's nothing in it that can harm a child's delicate intestinal system when given according to the directions. Ask for Syrup of Black-Draught. The happy pair above prove even the wariest of men can forget his fear of feminine wiles and get married quietly. Here are Benita Hume and her new husband. Ronald Colman. Hollywood is still gasping, for Colman had been regarded as one eligible male who would never remarry, because of an unfortunate first attempt. Wants Goose Feathers for Mayan's Headgear MILWAUKEE, Wis.—(/P)—W. C. McKern, anthropologist at the Milwaukee Museum, is looking for a healthy gan- j Qn his first flight Orville Wright flew der to contribute some clean, white' a t a maximum speed of 31 miles an feathers to be made into a headgear hour, for the Mayan chieftain now being constructed for exhibition. McKern plans dying the feathers according to formulas used by the Mayan chiefs who ruled Chichen Itza, ancient city in Yucatan, Mexico, around 1000 A. D. Every House Needs Westinghouse Radios Refrigerators Washers Cabinet Ironers Hand Irons Percolators Sandwich Toasters Waffle Irons Hope Hardware COMPANY Cookie Sale Going (Continued from Page One) Pearl Sladc. Troop 4 Mrs. A. E. Benson, captain. Betty Ann Benson, Betty Ruth Colcman, Gwendolyn Evans, Peggy McNeil!, Jessie Clarice Brown, Alice Lorainc Heard, Martha McFaddin, Phyllis Williams, Pat Williams, Mary Adcle Waddle, Betty Jane Allen, Mar.y Roy Moses, Betty Robins, Sophie Williams, Alice Lile, Dorothy Jean O'Neal, Frances Kuespert, Eva Jean Milam Katherinc Ann O'Dwycr, Barbara Sue Walker, Doris Urrey, Gloria Fay Bradshaw, Marian Mouser. Hungary Presses (Continued from Page One) W HY try to open stuffy nostrils by blowing into your handkerchief until your ho:ic is red? Simply Insert a little Mentholatum into each nostril. Note how effectively, yot, gently, it relieves the stuffiness and soothes irri- tetod membranes. Instead of being a "blowhard," use Mentholatum. It's the clean, g-ntle way to open stoppe-i- up nostrils due to colds. Hy CAROL DAY Every drcs.s we moke for uursclvi-.s these style-conscious, modern days, lias to have a smart line and do it.s bit for flattery. Here, for instance, i.s <i now hi>use frock, Pattern 8317, that's rcalh li"> pretty to spend all its days at lumio. .1 deserves to be made up in challi-i'r wool crepe for occasional street war. is well as in percale, gingham m aih- co for housework. The cut - in -a ne-with-the-.shi'.iMer Iccvcs and bodice fullness nuil\<' n > S ' J SEE JETT WILLIAMS Pur Quick Service when making your Government Co.Uoii Ixwn.s. Classed by a Government Licensed Classes. IDS South Walnut SUct't O'/.an Mission Meet Ten members of thc Ozan Methodist Women's Missionary Society met at the home of Mrs. Carrie Carrigan, Tuesday afternoon, to study mission work in China and Korea. Several interesting numbers were presented. During the business meeting thc society voted to sponsor an ice cream Miijper. a tacky party, and a cake walk, ;il the .school building. Monday night, p. in., Tuesday, October 4, at thcshr Baptist Mission Mrmbc-rs of the O/.an Baptist Wom- n'.s Missionary Society met at the O/.an Baptist church. Monday, to prc- : cnt a Dixie Jackson program. The group spent the day studying ind discussing the Dixie Jackson movement. During the noon hour a .iot-luck lunch was served. garian territories, a cabinet meeting was called for Tuesday afternoon to decide what measures would be tak- : en should Czechoslovakia refuse to. comply with the Hungarian demands. I Hitler in Sudetenland KARLSBAD, Sudctenland — I/I 1 ) — Chancellor Adolf Hitler, making a triumphal tour of the newly-annexed Sudeten territory, told an electrified Sudeten German audience Tuesday: "1 didn't know how I would .sometime get here, but I did know I would come." WE ARE PREPARED To Do All Kinds of Cold Storage and Meat Curing COMMUNITY ICE & PRODUCE CO. Phone 350 for Particulars » Government COTTON LOANS Quick Service Immediate Payment Bring your Samples to ME. : A. Government Licensed Classer. Hope, A.rk. ANEW SERVICE "ECONOMY BUNDLE" Pound Includes Everything SHIRTS—DRESSES— FLATWORK, Etc. Washed and Ironed Phone 148 White Star LAUNDRY & CLEANERS easy to work The fitted. waistline is flattering and unh:nnpi'r- ing. And thai .square high neckline is very smart. This little design is so easy to make that even boginnrrs v; ill qnjoy doing it. Pattern 8317 is designed for H.'.O; 14. 1C. 1-8, 20. 40 and 42. Si/.e IB i<.-i|iiiret, 4'Ti yards of XI inch material: I y:.ril.s of braid op bias fold to trim. The new Fall and Winter Patten- Book, 32 pages of attravtiec designs for every size and every occasion. now ready. Photographs show dresses. made from these patterns beinfi worn a feature you will enjoy. Lie the charming designs in this new book help you in your sewing. One pat' tern and the new Fall nad Winter Pat' tern Book—£> cents. Pattern IT book alone—15 cents. For a Pattern of this attractive ii' u send 15e in coin, your name, address style number and size to Hope Star Today's Pattern Bureau, 211 W. Wack er I>rivp, Chicago, 111. :i British Ships Bomlicd MADRID. Spain—(/I 1 )—Three British ships were .struck by bombs Tuesday, and two .-el afire, in a renewal of Spanish iii.'urgcnt air raids along the Mediterranean coast of government Spain. Injuries to one of the ship's cooks, was the only casualty reported. Among tlie Tod.is of HinduM.m. if he bonus of a baft ilu curve upward. I may be milked fur village use. ifjj they curve dowimards, its milk ma.\ be taken only by priests for keeping in the dairy temple, since the animal is considered fuei-cd. OI'K.VIWi SPECIAL This coupon good for 1 game of Billards clip and take to CRINER'S BILLAJID and DOMINO PARLOR Next door to New Theater CHICAGO? TAKE THE MISSOURI PACIFIC One way in Air-condinoncd Coaches $1505 Three Trains Daily For detailed information inqui..< at Missouri P»- cific Sut'or er call 137 and ask (o> C. E. Christopher. / MISSOURI i PACIFIC ) V LINES / •A SU.IK Only Big and Complete Circus Coming This Year! HOPE Show Grounds—Old Hy. B7 Wed, Oct. 5 •% ^^ . - ... ,_ *.;• / WONDERS of flte WORLD of WHITE TOPS at their THRILLING BEST UNSURPASSED ARENIC STARS • MARVELOUS PERFORMING HORSES * AMAZING TRAINED ANIMALS • ELEPHANTS AND CLOWNS GALORE * MUSIC OF THREE BANDS « EXCITING WILD WEST .... Two Performances Daily-2 &8 P.M.-Doors Open at 1 & 7 P.M- Exreptionally High Quality At Astonishingly Low Prices. Special Reduced AjPC For •§ £ C 1 ' ov C m 'l< lr cu i\la(ince Prices; Uu Adults |O d'cdi-r 12) BL'V YOUfi TICKETS EARLY!—Ticket Wagon Open fivui 9 a. m. to 12 Noon to Avoid Rush at Opening Time Night Prices: 50c (plus tax); 25c for Children (I'udcr 12)

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