Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 3, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 3, 1938
Page 3
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October 3, 1038 ' - - '- Sf Aft, HOPE, ARKANSAS "fi tfft:, MRS. BID HENRY TELBPMONB82r Being friendly, Seeking good to do and say Lifting sorrows Sharing blessings, Finding joy MI nil you do, Helping others to IIP happy, II will nil cumo buck to you. —Selected, Tho nbnvc beautiful .selection is being used in the rlnlly activities of one of the grades In theOglesby school, nnd tlie writer of this column had the pleasure of having it repeated to her thl.t morning over the telephone, by her little friend of "Ihe breakfast uiblc," Patricia Williams,' and it is with great pleasure we (ire passing it «m tcr you. Mr. and Mrs, Sam. Wnrmnck, Mrs. John rtidgdill and Miss Christine Burns attended the Hose Festival in Tyler, Texas on Saturday. -O- The Bay View Rending club wil hold iLs first meeting of the club yeat :il 3 o'clock. Wednesday afternoon in the home of Mrs. V. A. Hammonds North Main .street, with Mrs. Adi 1 Swift-good us joint hostess. Mrs. GU.S llaynes will conduct Ihe study or "New England Trails.' 1 Misses Margery Waddle, Mary Net Carter and 1'alricia Thomas of Henderson State College, Arkadel|jhiii spent the week-end with home folks -0- Mi.sx' Charlotte Stunrt spent lh<_ week-end with her grand parents, Mr and Mrs. K. G. McRae. en route to hei home in Hot Springs from a visit with Mr, and Mrs. Jack Meek in Bradley. -o— Mrs. J. E. Hiiro of Texarknna was the week-end guest of her son, Hugh Jones nnd Kirs. Jones. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Sharp and little son, Percy III of Mooringsport, La., were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hearno. After two weeks visit with friends, Mrs Preston Davis has returned to her tome in McCaskill. Mrs. Annie Erwin announces the marriage of her son. J. D. Jacks to Miss Mary Lee Evans, daughter of Mr. ind Mrs. H. L. Evans of Hugo, Okla., After a short visit with Mrs. Erwin, VIr, and Mrs. Jacks returned to Hugo where Mr. JnckH is connected with Bobcoek Bros. Auto Supply Co. Mrs. Stuart Wilson, Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. H. H. Smiley and Mrs. Will Oglesby of 'IJexarkana were Friday guests of Mrs. Dorsey McFfae. The Cily P. T. A. council will hold its first meeting of the school year at •I o'clock Tuesday evening in the council room at the city hall. Dr. Work- mini who is conducting a series of sermons at the First Methodist church will be guesl speaker, and all members of the council are urged to be present, Visitors are cordially in- vijed, -O- Misses Wyble Wimbcrly and Jeannetto Witt spent Ihe week-end with relatives and friends in Little Rock. Mrs. James L. Jamison, Miss Mac Jamison and Mrs. Sid Henry wore Sunday visitors with friends in Tcx- urkana. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Huckabee announce Ihe arrival of a little daughter, Alia Joyce, on October 1. at Josephine hospital. Mother and baby are doing fine. Circus Wi!l Show Here Wednesday Russell Brothers to Give Afternoon and Night Performances Teaching Life's Beginners to face DeatB The thin line of distinction thnt rests belwcn (he anthropoid apes of the animal kingdom and the human race is demonstrated by Topsy, the beloved chimpanzee mascot of Russell Bros. Circus, to bo seen at Hope on Wednesday, October 5. The circus people see much in Topsy's conduct that Is ukin to human. She wears clothes nnd eats her meals in the dining tent with Die rest of the Mrs. It M. Smith Dies at Rosstott Was F o o d Preservation Specialist for University 20 Years • LAST DAY • Danielle Douglas Darrieux Fairbanks, Jr. in :i New Universal Picture 'The Rage of Paris' ""«• The Library Another interesting hook now appearing on the rental shelves of Ihe library is "Land of To-Morrow." by Shirley Seirfert. The following is a .synopsis of the story. "Old John Ormandy founded his family on the "dark ami-bloody ground that was to be Kentucky, finding death al the hands of his Indian foes while propped in Ihe corner and loading his rifle with dying hands, that his one son might carry on the defcn.se of a bullet-splotched log cabin. George Ormandy dug his father's grave, set himself to Ihe task of wrestling a vast estate from the lush wilderness. George, taunting, mocking and handsome. With the auburn hair and hard, bright eyes, the high capacity for love ate that were to be the portion TOPSY circus 'family." She delights in bathing her hands in a basin of water, IK ndept in the use of a washboard, and is fascinated by soapsuds. She does all the cute little tricks of a child; will kiss the wound of a human friend to "make it well;" is quick in her defense of those she loves. Her face is highly mobile, nnd her enormously expansive lips and keen brown eyes are capable of expressing in turn the emotions of contentment, doubt, fear and terror; affection, disapproval, jealousy, anger, rage; hunger and satiety; lonesomeness and illness. When Topsy had a severe siege of flu last winter she took her medicine "like a good girl" and submitted to an X-ray examination of her lungs without protest. And persons opposing the theory that animals have the power of reason will find refutation in the clever devices she uses in an effort to unlock her cage or maneuver herself out of a tight position. The little boys in UIG picture above are students in a London song school — but the next music they, may hear is the shrill"of bullets and the bursting of air-bombs.' And they know it. 'So they pay, strict attention as C. A. Woodhouse, an air raid precautions warden, tells them that their lesson for the day is in the wearing of gas masks. The instruction was part of Great Britain's race to provide civilian protection while the war crisis threatened a' deadly climax. Cooley Death Jury Completed at Spa 10 Business Men and 2 Farmers to Hear Case of J. B. Anderson Ormondy men and women. with MISCIIA AUER LOUIS HAYWARD HELEN BRODER1CK Plus OUH GANG COMEDY News—Clininhcrlnin Foreign Affairs TUES. & WED. pnreu)v\ the ROYAL MOUNTED i ONTHUWAT WHITE TRAIL' "—ALSO— GEORGE O'BRIEN —in— "Park Avenue Logger" During the great Ice Ajje of the Quartenary Period, 4,000,000 square miles of North America were covered with ice. HO i 1 SPRINGS. Ark.—i/P)—In a swift jury selection, completed at 11 a. m. Monday a panel of 10 business men and two farmers was chosen to try Joe B. Anderson, former Indiana con v id- am! his wife Lucille, on murder charges for the kidnap slaying of El- ilon Cooley, Hot Springs chain grocery official, here September 8. Germany, Soviet (Continued rrom Fage One) Demonstration Clubs to Meet at Oak Grove MALTO ENDS MONDAY Randolph Scott—in "ROAD TO RENO" SEE .IKTT WILLIAMS Tor Quick Service when making your Government Cotton Loans. Classed hy a Government Licensed Classci, JOS South Walnut Street TUES.-WED. PAUL KELLY—FRANKIE DARRO 'JUVENILE COURT' Mrs. Cecil Woodul, president of the Oak Grove home demonstration club, announced committees to serve on Friday. October 14th, when the Oak Grove club will bo hostess to the County Council of Home Demonstra- tions'Clubs. Committees appointed arc: Hostess—Receive Lunches: Mrs-. D. M. oilier and Mrs. Fred Camp. Setting Table—Mrs. Harvey Allan, Mrs. B. W. Jones, Mrs. Grade Ross. Registration—Mrs. Ernest Ross, Mrs. J. C. Allen. Mrs. W. C. Allen. Welcome Address—Mrs. S. B. Skin- ier. Tables—Mrs. Ernest Ross, Mrs. B. W. Jones, Mrs. J. C. AJlen. Table Linens—Mrs. J. G. Allen, Mrs. S. B. Skinner, Mrs. Fred Camp. .—. v • •The Javanese upas tree of the Orient contains a sap which forms a Ads in The Star Give Creomulsion Results Advertising in Hope Star gets excel- ent results, says the Creomulsion Company, makers of Creomulsion, a .prescription for Coughs, Colds and Bronchial Irritations. A consistent user of newspaper space or many yeiirs. the Creomulsion Company has again started a nationwide advertising campaign on their product with regular insertions in Hope Star. Crconiuision. recommended by thousands of physicians and druggists, is sold and guaranteed by all drug sfcres. Every House Needs Westinghouse Radios , Refrigerators 1 Washers I Cabinet Ironers ^ Hand Irons ) Percolators J Sandwich Toasters ) Waffle Irons Hope Hardware COMPANY SEE IT AT REGULAR PRI*CES MON. & TUES. NIGHTS NORMA SHEARER JYRONE POWER , with John B*MVMOK Robert MORLEY • Anita LOUISE Jouph SCHH.DKRMIT • Gladys George • Henry Sttphcnion •' Produced by Hunt Stromberg ' Noxious orders are its trunk when cut ilcadly poison. released from through, causing skin eruption inyonc inhailing the air. to territory, because the ports of Reval (now Tallinn) and Riga were important water outlets for Russia. But from the revolution of 1905 in Russia, nationalist and separatist spirit sprang up in these regions. Am when in 1917 revolutionists seized Rus- tia, Germany and Soviet troops alternately fought across the Baltic slates leaving desolation and ruin behind. With the Armistice, the three countries declared their independence. Estonia including the Old Russian provinces of Estonia and part of Livonia; Latvia includnig the Ducky of Cour- Innd and the rest of Livonia; and Lithuania including the provinces of Kovno and Vilna. But Communists invaded the Baltic states again. With help from the Allies, especially England, which wanted independent states there as a "bulwark against Bolshevism," the Communists were beaten off and a pcact treaty establishing the independency of the new Baltic countries was signed in 1920. Fearful of both Germany and RuSi sia. yet afraid to cling to either because it would antagonize the other, these countries occupy an unhappy position) In addition, Lithuania has a bitter and longstanding dispute with Poland over the Vilna district, seized by force hy the Poles. And German eyes rest hun- 106 Deaths From Holy Land's War 38 Slain Monday, 106 Over Week-End, as Fighting Is Resumed JERUSALEM, Palestine — IfP) — a least 38 were killed Monday in nev outbreaks of violence in the Holy Lane bringing to 10G the number of death: since Saturday. Ark.— Mrs, Ruby Men* denhall Smith, 47, food preservation specialist of the University of Arkansas Agricultural Service the past 20 years, died nt the home of her father, Df. Thomas J. Mendenhall, at Rosston Saturday night.. She never had recovered from an Injury suffered a year ago. Until recently her office was in Little Rock. She was interested in the Oak Grove Negro consolidated school near Rosston,- the argest in the South. The new Home Economics building at the school was named for her last week. She is survived by her husband, W. W. Smith, a brother, Logan Mendenhall of Rosston, arid a sister, Mrs. A. J. Ward of Rosston. Funeral services will be held at the First Methodist church here Monday afternoon. Active pallbearers will be courity agents of Nevada and surrounding counties, and honorary pallbearers will be members of the staff of the Agricultural Extension Service, It Worked—Until the Time Came to Let Go! ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.—fVP)—Craig Phillips, youthful naturalist, proved an interesting theory but there were scoffers who arched eyebrows and asked "so what?" Phillips, who writes science articles for the local papers, believes in possible to slip up behind a skunk and pick up the animal by the tail without olfactory complications. Sneaking up behind a mother skunk and her brood as they walked, in single file along a road, he grabbed up one after another, the theory being that skunks spray only with their tails arched over their backs. All went well until he was faced with the problem of letting go. He had to eventually and the skunks sprayed in unison. MATINEE TUES 25c JLet Us Show You Whats New in Football Fashions LADIES Specialty Shop Show Grounds—Old Hy. G7 Schoolmasters to Meet Here Tuesday Pilkinton, Weatherington, and Brown Are Listed as Speakers The Hempstead County Schoolmasters club will meet at 7:30 o'clock Tuesday night at New Capital hotel to discuss important school issues. James H. Pilkinton, senator-elect will discuss "the effort of abolishing the poll tax requirement for voting ant the affect it will have on our school system." A. B. Weathering will discuss "the Roltenberry Act on our school system." E. R. Brown of Patmos will talk on "How to organize and develop a rural P. T. A.". Tompie Faye Toland in High Rank at A. & M. Tompie Faye Toland, graduate of Hope High School, ranked among the highest of the 250 students entering Magnolia A. & M. college, this year .on two tests that have been given to freshmen. Miss Toland made one of the highest twelve scores on a standard psychological test given at the beginning of school. _ ^ jwu _ tji On the other test that has been giv- grily on MemoC Lithuanian city with! en llliii >' ctlr to freshmen, the coopera- a large German population. I tlvu English test, prepared by the The Boiling Baltic ' American Council on Education, Miss Beware Coughs from common cold* That Hang On No matter hott many medicines you have tried for youf common cough, chest cold, of bronchial irritation, you may get relief now with Creomulslon. Serious trouble fii&y be brewing and you cannot afford to take a chance with any remedy less potent than creomulsion. which goes right to the seat of the trouble and aids nature to soothe and heal the inflamed mucous membranes' and to loosen and expel germ- . laden phlegm. Even if other remedies have failed, don't be discouraged, try Creomul- sion. Your druggist is authorized to refund your money if you are not thoroughly satisfied with the benefits obtained. Creorfiulsion is oho word, ask for it plainly, see that the name on the bottle is Creomulsion, and you'll get the genuine product and the relief you want. (Adv.) HEATERS FLOOR FURNACES Phone for Estimate Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Phone 259 Dog Joins Mourners By Bringing Flowers PETERSBURG, Ind— Iff)— Spotty, a dog owned by Rufus Fowler, sat watching friends and relatives take flowers to the casket of Mrs. Joseph O'Rourke. The woman had been one of Spotty's best Trends, which may explain the dog's reasoning when he finally jumped up, crossed the road a petunia bed, chewed, off several blossoms and trotted back to the O'Rourke house. * There he placed the flowers at the door of the room wherein lay the dead woman. Prescott Announces Changes in Grid Dates The Proscott High School football team will play Glenwood at 8 o'clock Tuesday night at Prescott, Coach Storey of the Curly Wolves telephoned The Star Monday. This will enable. Prescott fans to come to Hope Friday night to witness the Bobcat-DeQueen game. Coach Storey also announced that .he Prescott-Nashville game, scheduled :or October 14, would be played a1 Prescott\ Thursday night, October 13. This change of date also will give Nashville and Prescott fans an opportunity to witness the Hope-Jonesboro game October 14. Old United States money is ground into paper paper pulp and sold. Attorney Steele (Continued from Page One) I Houston. He pleaded not guilty to ' other burglary charges against him. Charles Collins was given consent judgment of 51,000 against the Vanderberg Brothers Show. The suit was the result of personal injuries. T. J. Ervin was given consent judgment of $12,500 in a suit against the Texas company and A. B. Fox. The case was transferred here from another court. Vivil cases are expected to be heart Thursday and Friday with crimina session next week'. Municipal court here was not in session, all cases being set for next week All Baltic countries have a special stake in any general European war, For naval control of the Baltic by a belligerent would make miserable tlio life of belligerents or even neutral.-) on that scftcoiist. Denmark fears that Germany's first step might be to seize that virtually undefended country for the excess food supplies it produces. It remembers that Schleswig-Holstcin once German, might become so again. Toland scored 92 points of the possible 111). State Officers Will Attend Woodmen Meet Government Cotton Loans Quick Service—Immediate Payment Cotton classed by a Licensed Government classer in our office. T. S. McDAVITT & COMPANY Hope, Arkansas] A meeting of the Woodmen Circle has been announced for Tuesday night, at 7:30 o'clock, at the Woodmen hall on South Man street. It is urged that .. Sweden fears for the great iron andj good atcndancc of the membership be steel industries which would look so; present as preparations for the District templing to any hardpressed belligcr-, meeting, which is planned to be held ent. Norway is concerned at the es- in Hope on Tuesday, October 18, will tablishment by the Soviet Union of a he the principal subject of discussion naval base at Murmansk. M rs . Tressie Goldsticker. state man- Here again, the "little democracies," ngel . O f LUUe Rock, will preside over :• With Huge Wild-Animal « MENACERIE, MUSEUM Mid Heal WILD WEST.. Sfuuv e£ Ute Ifea/i U* Frc»idi«j Merc Concentrated EnleiUinmcnl ind > Higher P* lilio cl Enjoyment than Any Other Circus in Ihe World ,» Unsurpassed Aronic Champions • Amazing 5 Trained Animals • Marvelous Horse Show H A ,• Unsurpassed Aronic Champions • Amazing " '-aiiicd Animals • Marvelous Horse S' Tons ol Elophqnls » Clowns Galore I MAMMOIH CANVAS Cl!> UlUD WITH WONDERS Of i (HI WORLD OF WHITE IOPS AI THEIR THRILLING OESI [TOPS f» ALL BUT PRICE TWICE DAILY. J* I P.M. P«tn which are sought as allies of the greater ones, are almost themselves Fascist in actual practice. Latvia has almost dispensed with democratic procedure, and Lithuania is almost in the saint position, though Estonia this year adopted a new constitution and returned to democratic procedure after several years of dictatorship. Finland, most democratic of the Baltic countries outside Norway Sweden and Denmark, has been especially turn between ardent Russian and German attempts to woo her Thus not only on the southeastern path to the Ukraine and the Near East, but along the bleak Baltic. German expansionist plans are viewed with apprehension. The alignment of these" countries is uncertain; the only lhi»g that seems sure is that any aggressive move by Germany in their direction will drive them to seek Ihe protection of the Russian army and Ihe British fleet. Chamberlain, Back (Continued from Page One) There are 17,000 motion picture the- ilers in the United States, with an •iverage total attendance of 13,000.000 nightly. SPECIAL AFTERNOON BATES: Jj Children "j g — Adults ^ S — *• (Under 12) M- Pv o^^ViS STkkct Wagon Open from 9 a. m.*t •I NIGHT PRICES: 25c «nd 50c •* a great power cannot guarantee theii borders." Narodni Novinye said: "France ar ranged a precarious peace, but actually prepared the way for war. The Western democraties lack the courage to stand up to realties and save )> he meeting, with other stale and dis- rict officers attending. City Meat Market Choice K. C. & Native Meats Sea Foods - Poultry Prompt Free Delivery Phone 767 Evan Wray ,LeRoy Henry WE AHE PREPARED To Do All Kinds of Cold Storage ajid Meat Curing COMMUNITY ICE & PRODUCE CO. Phone 350 for Particulars ^^^•^••••••••i^^HH Government COTTON LOANS Quick Service Immediate' Payment •^•1 Bring your Samples •• ? to ME. TOM K1NSER \ Government Licensee Classer. Hope, Ark. Announcing Mrs. Morea Swafford B l /2 Years Experience in Beauty Work (Specializing in Facials) Now With KATE'S Beauty and Gift Shop "For Something New—Call 252" / WWHW^WW^X; v»«W<v^ <» V .VWXt^-VA wx-xx^ }y facing facts." British-French Pact LONDON, Eng.—i.-T > >—Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain gave a new pledge f.f Great Britain's union with France n a personal message to Premier Ed- cuard Daladier announced Sunday night. King George VI also issued a message to his subjects in praise of their "calm resolve during these critical days" and of the prime minister's "magnificent efforts" for peace. Chamberlain faces Parliament Monday in a momentous session to report on the Munich four-power accord for ceding C/.ochoslovakia's Sudeteniand to Germuy and on his agreement with Hiter for consulialions on all Anglo- German differences in the future. His me-ssust. 1 M Daladier, in which lie associated Franco with the spirit oi this "no more war" pact, was interpreted as designed to quell French resentment over the Anglo-German dea! and a sign thai Chamberlain might help France to achieve a similar understanding with Germany. YOUR TELEPHONE DOES ITS PART AS AN ARKANSAS CITIZEN As one of the industries of Arkansas, your telephone company pays- its share of the cost of government. It is a heavy share, too. In 1937 its local, state, and federal taxes in Arkansas totaled nearly half a million dollars . . . about $1,300 a day. These telephone taxes were equal to more than a fourth of the company's entire payroll for the state. They amount to $7.20 for every telephone in service. Where do they go, these taxes? To build and maintain the streets and high- ways over which you drive. To furnish you police and fire protection. To keep up your children's schools. To help pay for all the services government gives you. The telephone company is part of Arkansas . . . here to meet your state's need for friendly, dependable telephone service. As part of the state, it has tried to be a good citizen . . . always ready and willing to pay its fair share of the cost of government. Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY

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