Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 11, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 11, 1948
Page 2
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Page Two HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Saturday, December 11, 1948 S ' I ID octal and i ersona i Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. Menclny, December 13 The Y.W.A. of Fii-Fl Bnptisl <:!v.\vch will meet in the home of TvTvs. Jomcs Birkhcnd. 015 Smith IVI.;TI SI. Monday, December 13 at 7.:3Q. for their annual Christmas party. Gilts will be exchanged. lOach member please bring your paukugc of fruit, nuts, candy or other food for (he Christmas basket. Monday, December 13 •The J.O.Y. Class of the First Baptist church will meet Monday at- 7 o'clock at the Hotel Barlow Kit' their annual Christmas ciin- n •:.'!-. M'o'ii'.'jy, December 13 • The Women's Council of the First Christian church will have ;i;.»i-,c>i'-on (UK' Chr.' -tm; 1 s imifiivmi ih 'Fellowship Hall, Monday at 1:00 .(.••e;e,i; : ;. /vil women or the cnurcn are invited to attend this Christ- mar, celebration. Tiu>ro will be a meeting of the .City P.T.A. Council at the Teach- c fa-Lounge in the High School. Hon:!a,y morning at 10 o'clock. All nioirib'.'i'K which consist of the elec- ti'i'i officers of each P.T.A. and the committee' chairnj.cn are urged to be present. St. Mark Auxiliary will meet at' (he home of Mrs. J. M. •'Andrews on North Pitic . Street, I Monday night at 7:30 o'clock. | All Circles of the Women's Aux- j iliary of tlv First Presbyterian i church will meet Monday night nl 'I:'M at the church. Circle 4 will have charge of tile Joy Gift Pro- grain. If, a eh member please bring a gilt for the C'addo Valley Academy. Tuesday. December 14 The r.,.-id its Auxiliary of the Unity T3,M>(irl church v.'ill moot Tuesday at ''. p.m.. Mrs. John 13. Jordan, president. ;mnounced today. Winsome Sundav School C'"f, Fnioyr, Christmas Party Mrs. Homer Doycrly. Mrs. Harold Gunler, Mrs. A. S. Williams. Jr. and Miss Marjorfe Waddle \vere noh-.'essc 1 ; at the annual Christ- rna<; narfy of the Win-'nme Sunday School Class of the First. Baptist, church. Friday night at 7:30. The meeting room in the Kdtiealional nuilding was decorated in the C)v'.".itmas motif. and n lovely .seen" of Christmas was arranged on the center table. The meeting was opened with the president,' Mrs. Terrell Hutson, presiding. Reports from the various committees were hoard. Fach member brought a gift for the Cradle Roll rind the Orphan's Home. The class presented Miss Sarah Pnyton, teacher, with a beautiful remembrance. An inspiring devotional was brought bv Mrs. S. A. Whitlow, pfter which a dessert plate with coffee was served lo 2!) members and one guest. Mrs. Whitlow. Sf.?n.'Man. Opens Sunday 12:45 with ANN RICHARDS PLUS 1 News. Christmas Sarols SUN. - MON. - TUES. Miss Elizabeth Pilkinton Entertained nt P^.rty Mrs. 11. r... Oosnell and Miss Rulh Ellen Koswol! entertained Friday oveninjT. at. the home of 'Mrs. Go'-iiell, for the pleasure of Miss Klb.abc.-ih Pilkinton. bride- elrct of Nolen Caudle. The reception rooms were attractively decorated wtih arrangements of chrysanthemums and greenery at vantage points. The honoree wan presented a corsage of while carnations and a lovclv hand painted tray, gift of the hostesses. During the evening, the guests hemmed lea towels for the honoree. and the m-h'.c was awarded to Mrs. I'oy Anderson, for hem- mine 'he !•>!•(.Uiost towel. Each guest brought (wo of their favorite recipes which were filed in a boolc for the honoree. The hostess served a delightful dessert plate with coffee, carrying out the Christmas motif, to 22 guests. Oirl Scout Tronn 6 Entertainer! at Little House Mrs. Charles Bryan and Mrs. Puck Powers enl.crUn'ncd the Girl Scout Troon No. (i. and their friends at the Little House. Friday night: at 7:30 o'clock. After a de- lichf.ful i'"eni"ng of games and contests, delightful refreshments were served buffet style. Coming and Going Miss Mable Smithey of Camden and her /(uest, Mrs. Grace Riley of Hannibal. Mo. were Friday visitors in Hope. Mrs. Kenneth Hamillon, Mrs. Owen Nix, Mrs. A. A. Albritton, Mrs. Rob Jones, and Mrs. J. H. Ijowden spent Friday shopping in Texnrkana Bob Gelling of Hot Springs, is Ibe week-end guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Rugglos and family. Mr. and Mrs. N. T Jewell were Friday visitors in Tcxarkana. Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Master Buddy ris, Lewisvillc. liar- News of the Churches GARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST North Ferguson Street Elbert Ostcen, Pastor Hod: of Ages Broadcast from the church auditorium, 9 to !):!)() a.m. Sunday School—10 a.m. Grady Hairston, Supt. Morning Worship —11. 13.T.C.—6:30 p.m. livening Worship —7:30. Monday, Auxiliary —2 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Wade Warren, president. Wednesday. Teachers' meeting—7 p.m. with Prayer service at 7:30. You are invited to worship with us. UNITY MISSIONARY BAPTIST South Elm Street Eld. Howard White, Pastor Sunday at, 8 a.m.—Unity's Gospel Hour over Station KXAR. 10 a.m.—Sunday School. A. A. Massey, Supt. It a.m.—Morning worship. 1:30 p.m.—Services at County Jail. 0:30 p.m.—B.T.C. 7:30 —Kvening Worship. Tuesday, 2 p.m.— Ladies Auxiliary, Mrs. John B. Jordan, president. "I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord." Wednesday. 7:30 p.m.— Prayer meeting arid Bitflc Study. Thursday, 7 p.m. —"Teachers' meeting. FIRST METHODIST West Second at Pine Rev. J. E. Cooper, Pastor Sunday School — 9:4!) a.m. Morning Worship service—lO'SO Sermon theme: "Why I Read the Bible", Pastor. Wesley Club, Young People meet- infi—G:30 p.m. Evening Service—7:30. This will be a "Surprise Service" Come. This service will be "different" Monday, W.S.C.S. meet at the church at 3 p.m. Wednesday, choir practice at the church at 7:15 p.m. GOSPEL TABERNACLE 321 North Main Street H. Paul Holdridge, Pastor The friendly church where you are a stranger but once invites you to attend the services on the Lord's day and throughout the entire week-. Guy E. Basye, Sunday School Superintendent, invites you. to attend our Sunday School which is completely departmental- zod for every member of tiie "amily. Sunday School —9:45 a.m. Radio Bible Class over radio sta- j'on KXAR, H. Paul Holdridge, Leacher—10 a.m. Morning Worship —11. Sermon by the pastor. The Gospel Hour over radio station KXAR —1 p.m. _ Choir rehearsal —4:30 p.m. Rev. S. Joseph Geno, director. Christ's Ambassadors— G:15 p.m. Maxine Tabor, president. Junior Christ's Ambassadors — lo p.m. Evangelistic Service —7:30. Sermon by the pastor. Wednesday. Prayer and Bible Study —7:30 p.m. Thursday, Evangelistic service at Lancburg — 7:30 p.m. Friday, Prayer meeting — 7:30 Josephine Admitted: Mrs. (I. C. llollis, Palmos. Mr;;. Carmie Jay, Hope. .Oisch.'irged: Mrs. Johnnie Hamilton a'iid liUlf son. Hope. Dr. J. K. Gentry, Hope. Mi:-:. Marvin 1,'ocers. Hope. Mrs. (.I. (..'. HoUis, Palmos Shade Starts December 26 A Hunting will begin the night if December !'G at Evening Shade j Church of Christ with the Rev. Duranl Anderson in charge. The public is invited. Pineapples derive much of Iheir nourishment from the air. p.m. Saturday, Evangelistic service at Sardis —7 p.m. Tuesday, December 14, there will be a divisional Christ's Ambassadors Rally at Pleasant Valley, Arkansas. On Thursday, December 16 hero will be a sectional fellow:hip meeting at Canaan Land, Ark. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN 30G East Second Street Stephen Cook, Pastor Nancy Deal, Director of Education Sunday School —9:45 a.m. Jim Miller, Supt. ' Morning worship —10:55. Sernon: "Not Good Advice! But Good News!" Duet: "Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones" (German Melody i — Ted and Warren Jonos. A nursery is provided during the morning worship. Vesper worship —5 p.m. Sermon: Where is Our Strong Faith?" P.Y.F.—0:15 p.m. The program .vill be led by Mr. Cook. Tony Boy- ?tl will serve refreshments. All >'oung people are invited to come Junior Choir practice— 4 n m Tuesday. ' ' Regular Choir practice— 7 n m Tuesday. Midweek worship, 7 p.m. Wed- icsday. Mr. Cook will start a series of studies on the Shorter Catechism questions. Following the midweek worship here will be a complete practice ot the Christmas program for Dec. i.'. It is extremely important that everyone taking part on the program attend this practice. A church home for those away IroiT) homo and a welcome to all, FIRST BAPTIST Co,rner Third and' Main James E. Birkhead, Music-Educational Director 9:3tj a.m. —Sunday School, H. E. thrash. Superintendent. 10:50—Morning worship with message by the pastor. G:30 p.m.—Training Union, Vance Smiley, Director. 7:30—Evening Worship with message by the pastor. Monday: 2:30 p.m.—Woman's Missionary Society. Circle No. 6 will have charge of the missionary program. 4 p.m. —Sunbeams meet at the church. Junior R.A.'s meet at the church. Junior G.A.'s meet) at the church for a mission study book to be taught by Mrs. P. J. Holt, Tuesday, 7:30 p.m.—Power Class Banquet. The men of (he Power Class Sunday school and their wives will have their annual Christinas banquet. John Froelich of Mt. Ida will be the guest speaker. Wednesday: 6:15 p.m. —Youth Choir Rehearsal. 7:15 p.m. —Fellowship Hour. The Midweek Worship for the whole family. 8:15 p.m. —Adult Choir rehearsal. Thursday 10 2 and 4—Visitation. FIRST CHRISTIAN North Main at West Avenue B Wm. P. Hardegree, Minister 9:45 —Sunday School, We have classes for all sgcs. If you are not attending any other school, we invite .you to visit ours. 10:50—Morning worship, Communion and Sermon. The special music will be a solo by Miss Mary Louise Keith, "I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked". 0:?$—The Junior and Senior CYF will meet for a social hour and refreshments. 0:30 —Group meetings and les- DOROTHY D!X Breaking Home Ties Dear Miss Dix: I am the mother of two sons who cause me a great deal of trouble. One is 23 years old and the other is 22. The one who is 23 married last month without my consent and has left rne. My 22-year-old son is constantly threatening to leave home. What can I do? A DISTRACTED MOTHER Answer: Let them go. That is what every mother has to do in the end. because it is the law of life. The young must cut. their mother's apron strings and go into the world to seek their fortunes. They must live their own lives. They must stand on thoir own mistakes and have their own experiences. They must stumble and fall and hurt themselves, and get up and try it all over again. And it is hard for mothers to accept this and to realize that their children are individual human beings, and that they get to be grownup men and women, entitled to lead their own lives. Mother would like to hold them by the hand and lead them about as if they were babies until they were old men and women themselves. At 23 your son has a right to marry and leave you and set up his own home. Let him do it in peace and with your blessing, instead of making a row about it and alienating him and his wife from you. And at 22 the other boy has a right to leave home if he so desires. Let him go and try his wings. If ho is strong enough to fly, well and good. If he isn't, he will come back to the home nest humbled and chastened and content to stay in it and appreciate its softness. son for the Junior and Senior CYF. 7:30—Evening worship, Communion, and Sermon. The special music will be by the choir, "Win Them One by One". Monday, 1:00— The Women's Council will have a luncheon and Christmas program in Fellowship Hall. All women of the church are invited to attend this Christmas celebration. Wednesday, 7:00—The Laymen's League will have a dinner, business meeting, and program in Fellowship Hall. All men of the church are included in the meeting of this group, Thursday. 7:30—Choir rehearsal. Friday, 7:30 —There will be an extra choir rehearsal at this time in preparation for the Christinas Musicale. SAINT MARK'S AUXILIARY Third and' Elm Street. Rev. W. Northey Jones, S.T.D.. Acting Rector Dec. 12, Third Sunday in Advent 11 a.m. —Morning Prayer and Sermon. Friday, December 17 —7 p.m. over station KXAR, Episcopal RS'dio Hour. The play will be "Young Mr. Lincoln". Henry Fonda will impersonate Lincoln 'defending two murderers. Incompatible Dear Dorothy Dix: I am a business woman whose life and experience has always been in the business world and with business people. My father is a successful business man and the people I associate with dress and have the same habits that I have. Now I have become engaged to a man who comes from a very humble class. His folks are careless in tlw?ir manners and appearance. They have no interests out side of their homes and. children They seem perfectly happy, .bu the life they lead would drive me crazy. Can there be snobbery'. in. love? I love my sweetheart, but I jus can't take his family. What shall do? TROUBLED Answer: I do not think tha either you or the man would be happy if you married, because your habits of life are entirely differen and they would bring you into con tinual conflict. You would alway be trying to lift him to the -highe life, and there is nothing a man re sents so much as having his wife at tempt to improve him. He is wha his environment has made him and you would change him at you peril. Naturally, he loves his familj and the way they live seems ai right to him, so he would neve understand why their manners anc appearance offended your sensibi: ities. Each of you will be happier . you will, marry in your own class amoxjg the people who have the ame tastes and background that ou have. Dear Dorothy Dix: I have a atighter 17 who is a good student nd makes a fine record at school, he is very attractive and has nany boy admirers. Do you think he is old enough to attend movies nd go to school dances on Fri- ays and Saturdays? MRS. D. R. Answer: Of course, a girl of 17 s old enough to have dates with nice boys as long as they do hot nterfere with her school work. A girl of 17 is-as old and sophisticated tow as a girl of 20 was in your lay. I think it is a great mistake to ry to keep a girl from having any association with boys until after she has finished school or college. t makes- her boy-conscious, and she is awkward and i'll at ease Few Copies of Memorial Book Available A few copies of the memorial heroes are now available at the •War book of Hempstead County Hope Chamber of Commerce office, Cy Forsythe, announced today. '. They will be given free lo anybody wanting one. with them, and she invariably idealizes them and thinks them romantic heroes to be worshipped, instead of just plain lads to.be played with. There is no surer way of making n girl boy-crazy than to try to keep her away from them. (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) ' NOTICE We are set up to se!! Churches, Schools, and industries Candies... Nuts... Fruit f ' : '• Harris and other-Christmas merchandise at... Wholesale prices. No Charge for packaging 207 S. Walnut Phone 447 arkness By William Irish Copyright by William Irish—Distributed by NEA Service, Inc. THE STORY: Bonny discharges their maid of all work, takes over the household chores herself. Washing the dishes after dinner one night she screams that she has seen a rat in the kitchen. She sends Durand out for rat poison. XXXVIII It. was the following night that his illness really began. She discovered il first. He found her looking at him intently as he closed his book at tlieir retiring-time. "What is it'. 1 " he said cheerfully. "Louis." She hesitated. "Are you sure you have been feeling well lately? 1 do not find you looking yourself. I do not like the way you—" gold in color, creamy in substance. "Here. One for you, one for me." She offered them both. ''Take whichever one you want.' Then when he had, she tasted tentatively at the one that remained in her hand. "I hope I didn't put in too much sugar. Too much would sicken. May I try yours?" "Of course." She took it back from him, tasted at il in turn. It left a little while trace on her upper lip. While she stood thus, holding both together, she turned her head toward Ihe kitchen door. "What was that?" "What? I didn't hear anything." She went back in again for a moment. She was gone a moment only. Then she returned to him. "I thought I heard a sound in fclt We will be rjfril 8 o'CSock "1?" he exclaimed in astonishment. "Why, I never felt belter in | there. I wanted to make sure I my life!" She silenced him with tilt of hand. "That may well be, but your appearance belies it. More and more lately I have found you looking worn and haggard .at times. I have not mentioned it before, bo- cause 1 didn't want to alarm you. but it has been on my mind for some lime now to do s;o. It's very evident; 1 can see il quile plainly." "Nonsense," he said, half laugh- nig. "I have an excellent remedy, if you will hut let me give it to you. Anc! 1 will join you in it myself, as an inducement." "WhalV" he asked, amused. She jumped up. "Starling lo- Jlistened the door.' She gave him back the one he had had in the first place, and which she had sampled. "Since it has brandy in it," she said, "I suppose we should precede it with a toast." She nudged her glass to his. "To your better health." She drained hers to the bottom. He took n deep draught of his. He found il quite velvety pleasurable. The liquor in it, with which she had been unsparing, gave a mellow warming effect to the stomach after it had lain there some moments. . . , „ ... "I wish all tonics were this night, we are to lake an eggnog, I palatable, don't you?" she re- the two nf us, each night before retiring. It is an excellent tonic, they assure mo, for fortifying the "Nov.-. not another word, sir!" marked. "It's quite satisfactory," he admitted, more to please her than because he saw any great virtue in it. It was after all, to his way of thinking, neither honest liquoj nor whol!v medicine ic ordered gaily. "1 intend to | "You must drink it down to the prepare (hem right now. and you bottom, that is the only way it shall not hinder me. 1 have all till will do you any good," she urgec" necessary ingredients right at gently. "See, as I did mine." hand, in there. Fresh-laid eggs. "' ' " and (be very best obtainable, ' at 1~ cents a doxen, mind you. And the brandy we have in Ihe bouse us well." Ho couldn't help but smile indulgently at her. but he let her have her way. This was a exislont ailment. H it made he; To spare her feelings, after Ihe trouble of having prepared it, he did .so. He lasted of his tongue, dubi oiisly, after he had. 'It is a little chalky, don't you find. A little— astringent. It puckers." "Thai is because you are not used to milk." She took the from him. "I'll just rinse out the glasses," she said, "and then we i him alop the head in passing. "\V:u; 1 cross to you before? For-, ;uvi- me, l,m:, dear. Yi.ni know li awakened into torment. The glow wouldn't want to be. A Jrigln like was no longer benign, it had ; He slept soundly at first, feeling at tire lasl Ihe grateful glow UK Ionic had deposited in his stomach But then after an hour or two i>ne into a Uarri- naming bile lo il. Sleep, once driven off, couldn't come near hin held back a fiery swore ' She V/ smihie, back at him 1'iihl hear her cracking UK: Inniini; and turning in his vitals "ii'v.Keie iesond the open! The rest of that night was ai iv.,u „,• d eiiul.l. ii his eyes ao-! agony, a Calvary. He called ou ^ 'all h to hi!,,, i H. | u> her, more thaii once, but she 'recently she had even begu-i j u as not lu-ar enough to hear him i urn l.i'i.tl;, j .he moved about | IK Iple-s and cut off from her, h liieie. she was eiijoyin;; horj.iank hi:' teeth into bis own lip u t in.pe. i ii u...;. olj much. ! la:-t, and kept silent after that "- — - ! In the morning there was drie 3!!f.- came in, holding one t'.ia>:s I blood all down his chin. each hand. Their contents pak- | (To Be Continued) I s Santa to you,... December 6th to 24th To show our appreciation to our many friends and customers, new and old, who had a part in helping us to continue over fifty years of business, we wont to share some of the meager profits with you. STARTING DECEMBER 6th THROUGH 24th, wfe will offer prices unheard of in quality merchandise featuring some of the nations outstanding lines of high class furniture and furnishings. A large showing of Eighteenth Century Colonial Period •— Ideal for Christmas gifts. Special showing of nationally known colonial chairs "Mr. and Mrs." in exact reproductions of the early American Furniture, frames solid mahogany seasoned for enduring service and life long charm. American modern designs in many beautiful coverings to suit the taste of every home lover — Chairs of distinction in all designs and finishes to match every period, including the famous Streit chair in many covers. Living Room Suites and odd sofas in Duncan Phyfe, English cutback lounge, Georgian, modernistic and club designs as well as many bed-constructed sofas for that added bed at guest time. Solid mahogany, walnut, cherry and maple dining room and bedroom suites and the first showing of the outstanding Americanai American hard maple bedroom and dining room suites. Open stock for your convenience. Also Mngic Chef Ranges — Monarch Gas and Electric Ranges. This high class furniture will sell at greatly reduced prices. Our entire store space is filled with many bargains in all kinds of new furniture, rugs, tables, breakfast room suites, floor coverings. We extend a cordial welcome to visitors. Come and see for yourself this array of the largest stock of good furniture ever offered at unheard of prices. Respectfully yours HOPE FURNITURE COMPANY R. V. Herndon, Sr. Terrell S. Cornelius GIVE SOMETHING FOR THE HOME! MAIN STREET AT THIRD HOPE, ARKANSAS

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