Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 3, 1938 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 3, 1938
Page 2
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Hope 0 Star Star a< Press, 1ST?. UrxuotKWttd January M, 10. False Report! way afterrtoon Ay Sft* Publishing Co, lad Alex. ft. W«*burn>, «* Th« 9(0 btiUding, 2*2-214 e K FALMHt ftwfcfetU A1JEX. fit, WASHBVRN, Gffitot and Pnbthh«r (AF> —Means Associated Press C?fEA>—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. - — ».,.-« 8*te (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per JSot per month SSc; one year J8.50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, and LaFayette counties, 13.30 por year; elseithera - ------- -"-- -- -- •- ----------- ______ - - ~- - - ---- — . ^ ...... - L ~— .- Male Minority Problems -- - ------- -."-.I.- -- -- •- ----------- ______ - n - ____ L _|_~- - - --,-_.,...at The Associated Ftessr The Associated Press Is ejwtaTey artttJW to tin* tee far repxiblieation of an news dispatches credited to it or Sol otRerwfal- credited to this paper and also Ore local news ptibH&rd herein. -- "•-'---'• •'•-' _ -.^ ------- . ______ JJ . _. ___________ m tributes, EteJ ' Charges will be made tor all tributes, cards ttaflta, resehrtloia, 6* ttefflcrials, ,«ncerriing the departed. Coralnerdal jewsfMpefe bofcf to fM» policy hi the 'news columns to protect their readers irttti * deluge <rf space-'fafcfng memorial*. The Sttf disclaim* tcsponibtHty "of tfie safe-k«trf«e ar return of any unsolicited manuscript* —^ • - ..-..-. . ( ... — ii-ii- •• 11-i •• Mankind's Conscience Is Its Sole Defense Mafor Al Williams is probably abosit as well qualified to write about serial warfare as any man alive. And in n series of recent articles Major Williams makes it plain that there is precious little exaggeration in the horrible Stories we have been hearing about the things the next war will do to civilians. Every airman in Europe, says Major Wiflaims. takes it for granted that the next war will see tremendous blr.ws launched by air against the great cities. The- powers are nursing bomhs (hat will penetrate and destroy the deepest "bcfmb proof." They have incendiary bombs that will start fire? no fire department can extinguish. i What has happevfed in Spain End China, he hemarks. will look mild in rnmtjarison with what will happen when a really big war breaks out. [ It makes about :he ugliest, picture that civilized men have had to look at \ «'fnce th« days of Tamburlaine. fc? there any defense against this frightful thing? fo a military sense, there probarly is not. Major Williams says flatly that the air raid defenses so far perfected are little less than pitiful. Bombers can r«-acl» a given city before defending planes can get into the air! They can fly anove the rang« of anti-aircraft guns. They can hit jnst. about any tarkef they Choose, and they can destroy any target they hit. That answer is only to be expected. If the race sets out to return to the kind of savagery that made the old Assyrian kings exterminate the populations M captured cities, it can do it in spite of everything. Our one defense lies In that frailest and yet mightiest of all forces—the conscience of mankind. It is not too fete to rally the common- decency of mankind and assert, once and for all. that thi* kind of warfare is hideously and inexcusably wrong—so &e&ta crime that no conceivable plea of military expediency can justify it. On that truth, 3 solid front of the world's peoples can be formed And rf people can be induced to show that they feel that way, the military ex- iserts may yet be held in check. Perhaps this offers little.hope. But no other defense offers any hope at an. If.oar plain sense of right and wror.g asserts itself, there may yet he a chance to avert the threatened return to barbarism. 'amiiy Doctor American League Clubs New York Boston Cleveland Detroit . ... Washington Chicago St. Louis Philadelphia on . Wttw. Journal rf tha American Medical Assoclafloa, tad K Effete, the 8e*Hh,Maf3ttta«. A 23-Year War Has Been Waged Against Harmful Foods and Drugs , from new untried products which were {Thfe & the first of five articles In whith Dr. PSshbein discusses the protection afforded by national - tend and drug legislation in the -United States.) „ 1ft 1985' two books and two- extraordinary individuals gave to the United States its first pure food and drug legislation. The books were "The Jangle," by Upton Sinclair, and the "Great American Fraud." by Samuel Hopkins Adams. The first of these volumes tfealt with the unsanitary conditions in the t'cod industry, and the second with the gross abuses that exicted in he sal* of patent medicines in the United States. The individuals who assumed leadership were Harvey Wiley and Theodore Roosevelt. The result of this combination was the adoption of the Food and Drugs Act of 1906. At that tim« modern* advertising had not been begun to resemble what it is today. The radio had not yet come actively into the picture. There were not yet the great syndicates which plan for nation-wide distribution of advertising copy. Nothing had as yet been done comparable to the modern effort "direct by mail." Even the billboards were in their infancy. Thus the Food and Drugs Act of 1M6 concerned only a limited number of proprietary medical products, involved only the control of interstate and" foreign commerce, and was concerned only with the label on the product and the package. Furthermore, that act gave the public no protector! launched with nothing resembling scientific study to prove their harm- l«ssness. Before 1906, cosmetics were looked upon askance by most women of respectability and standing. There has been in the past 30 years a great modification of public opinion regarding the use of cosmetics. Some years ago it became obvious that reform was necessary. Then in 1933 appeared the Tugwell, later called the Copeland Food, Drugs and Cosmetics bill, largely supported by the Food and Drugs Administration, the President, and his advisers. The most significant aspect of the proposed legislation was the extent to which it attempted to control advertising apart from the label on the package. The American medical profession at once expressed its approval of the principle of new food and drugs legislation, pointing out that the American people had a right to the greatest protection that the law could afford in relationship to their health. During the last session of Congress, two bills were passed which seern to i tober 5 and 8, starting at 1:30 p. m. he warned '.ho October 7—Open date for traveling, itj-eif or give i.ip Games 3, 4 and 5 at Yankee Stadium. | The new book New York. .Saturday, Sunday and Monday. October 8-10, starting at 12:.W p. m. Games 6 and 7 'if necessary) at Wrigley Field. Chicago. Wednesday and Thursday, October 12 and 1.1 A Book a Day By Brue* C«ttow Cubs and Yankees Meet Wednesday First Two Games of World Series at Wris-ley Field CHICAGO.—(VPV-The World Series schedule for the Chicago Cubs and New York Yankees, Time is central standard. Two games at Wrigley Field, Chicago. Wednesday and Thursday, Oc- rtght to do it, Be sensible, I suggest. Expect some real gratitude, or as near an imitation of it as small children can understand. Gifts can be mediums for good -nflu- .„„ ,„,, ,„, aul ,, 1I11Bl «: r ._. ru a ,. 11K>B ui , n WJOK ence. Favor for favor is bribery only, epistolary castor oil to the RepuW- : in an elect 1 when both parties are chiselers. " ' ' ~ " . . . • _ streamline of Vermont's Aiken Speaks His Mind Comes now a voice from Vermont to add a New England twang to the Bahel of voices crying wares of economic and political salvation. Gov. George D. Aiken of the Green Mount- in that ren.--;i!i<-jn:U k-tr.er .md it.-; Mess, to fit thp rational rather than the party -con?. Must of the castor oil thi-; time is for ri.e New Do;il. through Gov<!rr.<;r Aiken .'idministraters it with a wry smile. Like another voice th.it came 'i;it of Krin'-as two yerirs ngo, he .sees good in some New Deal experiment.-;, hut. rlem.ind.--; n halt in centra- U.'.ec! and n.-.fionai-wide planning with compulsory features before the self- reliance of the American people dies. Representing a state whose populatio is smaller than that of Buffalo. N.Y.. Governor Aiken makes hi* observations with purposeful modesty "as a Vermont farmer." Whit they lack in appreciation of the problems of complex big-city life, they make up Sunday's Result-; New York fi, Boston 1. Philmlclphia 2-4. Washington .">-2. Detroit 4-10, Clf/elanrl 1-1 St. Louis 4-0. Chicago .1-3. National League Chicago S!> fi. 1 } .MR Pittsburgh ... SB M .57.1 New York . ...XI (57 55.1 Cincinnati . 82 B8 '.>47 Boston .. . 77 75 ."it>7 Sf. Louis , 71 81) .170 Brooklyn S!) 80 ..|fi:i Philadelphia 45 • lfl!> ..100 Sunday's Results Now York .1, Boston 2. Brooklyn 7-7. Philadelphia 3-2. j Cincinnati j. Pittsburgh I. j St. Louis 7, Chicago :>. | Crax, Beaumont I Fight to a Draw i i Great Heave by McCosky ! Keeps Exporters in | Dixie Series I BEAUMONT. Texas—M*—One great i heave by Carney McCocky from right. | field kept the Boaurnont Exporters in ; the Dixie Series Sunday, hia twelfth ! inning blazer choking off a possible ; winning tally and penvins* the gamo | st.-iiematetl. ?.-3 after 1.1 innings. j Shadows flecked the field when the i Crackers, twice caught by the Texas : League champions in a thriller before ,'iWO, started a spree in the twelfth that threatened to send the series at. ; only four sraigh games. [ Getting had opened with a single an<! ; shoved around to third on Peter';; ! double. Pinch Hitter Lipscomb slash- j ed the first pitch into right field and j McCosky stabbed at it on the run. Hi.i j throw-in trapped Getting at the plate I by a split hair for a dazzlngi double t killing. | Atlanta 200 000 100 000 0—3 6 0 ! Beaumont ... . 000 020 010 MO 0—3 13 2 | Miller. Durham, Sunkel and Richards: Tate. Smith, Diet?, and Parsons. — •--* • xt~- •—• •••»•»*.•» ««. MI-- vrf i. I_L 11 -•»V*MJ. I , j.jn,.% wi_5~i_ itj* nit:, LUC j uiuMj up in in state is the author of "Speaking j evidence that the independent and rom Vermont" 'Fredrick A. Stokes; undaunted individualism of the New o.: $2. Governor Aiken is he who! England hills marches on. late last year administerord a dose ofj A book "What this National Committee, in which Therefore country needs" ear by ;in outstanding \ intere.-;tin? to note SERIAL STORY MURDER TO MUSIC BY HARD JONES COPYRIGHT. 1938 NEA SERVICE, INC. was her wedding night. And the man she was going to marry was Ludden Dombey! To Myrna herself it was fantastic, almost unbelievable. How, she asked herself for the hun- fContinued from Page One) Wisely, she kept her premonition from Myrna. .She tried to stifle it within herself, afraid that, somehow it might transfer itself ro Myrn«. Myrna «.-ns too happy, . _. _ c, dredth time, had it happened? * ttin S there watching Lud Dom- Here was she, a stenographer— "Miss Rogers" in the firm of Kelly, Clarke and Kelly. And bey, and it shouldn't be spoiled. Myrna had no living relatives, but the jovial Lud had quickly solved the v/edding provide a vast improvement over pre- i there stood Dombey, idolized by p- We'll have it on a ^rTtKe^r^^ thousands, at the crest of h, fame, ni f t * he Wheeler-Lea bill which -sTve^ I WIth Iooka and m ° ney and ' seem ' " aCific Federal Trade Commission iurlvliction ! in over the adverting of foods.' drug,, I .least he snirl. "Myrna, this is a friend c; mine. Bob Tr.it. Thinks he's an export nfi'.vipaper photographer." He irni-oducf-d Anne, invited the young man to sit down. "Don't run away, Bob. You'll have a surprise." "I need one," Tait said dole- 'The boss 5.v.>- me the exit morning. Thought I'd drift ;hots him devices and era! Food and Drugs Act, which*was signed by the President on June 25, 1923, and which will become wholly effective on June 25, 1939. By Olive Roberts Barton With a Bit of Genteel Bribery Dad Pay? for the Affection of Materialistic Junior candy bars or pint-size toys in your pockets. I know why you dis- riickels and dimes for sodas and *. I know, perharps better than you do yourself just why you dress as -anta Claus and hope just a little that the kids pull off your whiskers. You are buying your way, - a s we all do, more or less, and I approve of it thoroughly. Besides, you love to make the youngsters happy. Forgiveabie Bribery How else can you sell youself ? How else can you make them conscious of you as a co-benefactor? All parents want to be thought of as the source of good things. It is impossible to be • mere background forever. All day long, week after week, the children get certain handout? from mother. She, instead of you, seems to tbe the fountain of supply. Indeed, Very often you are the /ellow who stands in the way, and makes himself unpopular. So no one can blame you fey making your humble little plays tr. the gallery. I have spent years in wishing my own father had made more of a bid for us children. Sometimes he did, and ofa, how I've clung u> those exceptional times when he ca/ne home with 9 big box of "Boston chips," or deposited » bulky package of firecrackers on tfcfrhaii table. Not prof ilk.- with dimes, and rather casual with presents, he < fi/fl haVe *"" '-->•-- • :-.»•.-- Now, after all the years, I cannot vis- everything. There were at a dozen girls in the town! t Myrna Rogers had given to be' Mrs. Ludden Dombey. They were i girls of position and wealth, girls ', who could have really helped him ; on his way—or retired him until I the end of his days. I Yet Myma believed in his love ! for her, and in her love for him. i ,It had happened so swiftly, and j so completely, that she was certain of. its truth. She would never forget the night she sat at a table in the Golden Bowl, and Lud j had looked down at her -™ gh ' wl ? en rny best fans are iriT^ during tn irs. Ludden Dombey!" That was the way e you as it was planned. That was the: way things were when you were with Lud Dombey. You whirT&d a him. You let him do it ..... even if it. was your own wsddir.g. And it happened smoothly, too, everything happened where ey was concerned. problem. Eii^ iver and get a few candid md maybt- sell myself to igain.' 1 Anne Lester smik-d. "You're a :inch, Mr. Tait. You don't know t, but you're about to get a photo- jraphic scoop. Sit tight." Genuinely intrigued, young Tait toward the platform they ''Torchy" .Stephens and sat at the Anne. table When the three slid unobtrusively to the Blue Room on the Pacific-Plaza's with Myrns the intermission was near, or the bills he footed. This yond by knowledge or comprehension, r " 3 f"" 0 ' 63310 ^ 1 smile. It was a I s P eCiaJ smile; and Lud Dombey « v/ent off so quickly that Anne had to hold, herself to keep from at an impressionable time. I rerr.ern- had done something no one had ' crying out. That terrible prV-moni- Ifl ^±ri y . l ^ tv/i ^. taff ' *«M *ver seen him do before. He had' '"" "'" " ! " '" the lacquered box from China. Can Overdo ft stepped down from the platform and asked a girl to dance gifti. Once you begin you can't stop! And appreciation wears thin. After a while you will be blamed if you AREN'T fullhanded. This is fatal. Better keep it on the unexpected basis. I can't endorse very heartily those father?: who poke their noses in every time mother spends a few pennies usefully or foolishly. She has her rights and it i.=, her province to judge between nect-.v-:.'./ and indulgence. But I certainly think that I'd go along .v/rreuimes and let the children SEE me p;jy for <:ho«™. ships and sealing wax risjht out of my own pocket. Don't be afraid that they will think of you only as a bank. That comes of leaving the personal element out and not being associated directly with the happinesi f.rovi/led. Or being so remote r,r .-..tern that gratuities have to. do your apologizing. i Children are materialists. Explain ' as y/f? will, we very humanly ask for their love through favors. Every i moth«.-r does it; every father has a j From that moment , ail over for Myrna. "You're in love with his music," her friend, Anne Lester, had ehided. "Like girls. You're a a million other dyed-in-the-wool tion was swelling breast. She stood arger in embling her beside Myrna, watched through tear-glazed eyes aa Harris Rogers, Langston, Zebra Back, Is Found to Be Eligible LITTLE ROCK. Ark.—Nelson Langston, regular halfback on the Pine Bluff High School football team, was declared eligible for competition in state high school athletics by the Executive Committee of the Arkansas Athleic Association at a special meeting ar. the Hotel Marion Saturday. Although no formal protest had been lodged. L. M. Goza of Arkadelphia. president of the association, with whom all athletes of member schools are registered, said there was a discrepancy in the records of Langston'.-; age. Records of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and the Cotton Belt Railroad Company, and a statement by Dr. T. J. Atlman of Jonesboro, showed Langston's true age to he 20 years, and his date of birth. August 6. 1313. that the final chapter on "A Program for America" consists almost entirely of anagenda proposed by Ralph E. Flanders, a distinguished engineer and industrialist of Springfield. Vt. It seems possible that Mr. Flanders may be the match igniting the fuse 'the current booki lending to an Aiken boom for 19-40.—W.T. vere all watching. Between him md Lud Dorr.b<vy there drifted en- •ranced dancer;:, caught up in the 'ide of swing. The band was in he groove, all right. Old Lud was lending it out of the world to- light. And were the boys and ,'irls peeling the apple! Were they ihagging it down! Tait unbraced ii.s miniature camera, raided it to Us cheek. But he,did not snap he shutter, for just then Lud jombey brought down his baton md the music cut into a silence nore surprising tnan sound. ''Boys and girls," he said, smil- ng as only Lud Dombey could imile. ''Don't move from where iCM are. The lights are going out Itor a. moment—and then the golden spotlight of this Golden The English nation pays out more than S35.MO.OOO annually for clothing made in foreign factories. - Monday, October Riding Sensation of the Age .:' jK,f"-y **'' y *' * •"»4S>O Miss Marion Slriiffi.nl. failure c^fint^tri'iu' with the Spsirk.s-T Bros Cirrus rimiini* to lli:|ie for iM'ti-i-nKm mill nitwit prrfonnanci's inlay, October Z'2. One of llio <i(it-l;imlinsr "mimhers" O f the Cirrus is an ef|in:strcnf hallct of (0 dmirinir hursi's .mil 10 danrinir Camden Loses Third j Game to Monroe, 31-6; MONROE. L.i.-;..T»—Ou.ichi',1 Pnri.-h \ High Sohool of MoTirrvo hjr,<i..-l •!-.<• j C'.itrolen High Schi.ol Pnmheri Their' 'rur'l -u-rus;h: <l'-tV.u Fri'iny j-iiai-.r '.',\ •. to (i. ifiHSil OPEMNG SPECIAL This rnu|>on gmu\ for I Bilhiriti dip and CRIXKR'S BITJ.ARO DOMINO PARLOR Xi'\t door to Now A Yale astronomer says he stispoc':; 1 the world's getting fat. around the rr.M- I die. And ho might have .iddod it-si also gotrin? circles undi--r it--' ov^-- tho--e '• clny.. : Thins; generally may ho in ;i tornhli; ; -itnie abroad, but you cuu't dony thi.- ! h;i>: faoen Eufipo'.^ piquo y^ni-. ) A promi«ent painter .says Amorioa prefers "barber shop art." What do you suppose he rmian.s — talking pictures? Consider the poor movie siren who just couldn't get away from her '.vurk — even OP. vacation ?:he fijund her.se if wiling away her time. There's a hoy in Europe v,-ho hr. ; ; '.von a philosophy '•{"•j('.-^r: :-,' -hn .130 of 14. But then, in rh'^e <:ir.;--:=. 'hc-v all get pretty philosophic;-,! a- .,n ::-:ir'v a?e over there. A NEW SERVICE "ECONOMY BUNDLE" It ij possihle for (I. 4 : to iiv-. 1 ,-,r. nyj:-;ii and no meat, hut if xe do we -hall tee much fine flavor, a Ion;? '.vith our tt.-eth,— Presdient Dixon Ryan "ox of Union College, on American hoiu!in.i' habits. ; Pound Iiirludcs Everything, SHIRTS— DRESSES— FLATWORK. Etc. Washi-d and rrtsneil Phone 148 ; COOK"S White Star LAUNDRY & CLEANERS Bowl is going to shine on Mrs. Ludden Dombey!" manager of The Swingateersi The jitterbugs gasped, grew found the ring and handed it to : quiet. Even the hardened Tail Dombey. As in a drearn «hf- Y*i'^<-r\ found himself intc.rc.cte.ri « Q *^t Dombey. As in a drearn she heard Myrna'a "/ do" spoken softly, and Dombey's sound out clear and self-assured. Then thft pleased murmur in the room as the min- jitterbug, that', what. When Lud ! is * er , pronounced the final word* and his outfit arf: in the groove, and you're shagging it down, it's his mane—not Dornbey—that gets you." "R Anne Lester loved Myrna too much not to hope it was the real thing. With Myrna's marriage she'd lose a roommate, and possibly a close friend, but she v/as all for Smyrna's happiness. It was strange that tonight, as she sat at the table with Myrna, wait- Ing to act as her rnaid of honor, she should have this feeling of something impending. Something queer and strange and awfully wrong. **** :fe ' • • • Ludden. found himself interested. He sat poised, his miniature camera ready to catch the girl who had won the great Dombey. Excitedly he imagined the shot. A beautiful goddess, bathed in a golden glow, receiving the homage of all these lovers of swing. Because if Lud Dombey was a king of swing, then she would be T^HEY hurried back to the table 1 - L almost as soon as the cere-' The lights went out. Every last iy v/as over. "You eirU stav l! S ht in the glamorous Golden rnony v/as over. "You girls stay here a moment with Harris," he whispered. Then he leaned close to Myrna. 'Trn going to have But inste *d of - J '8 ht ' jfistea d of a golden spot- shaft of light, . , them turn the golden spot on you i there was a sicke n'«g roar of ' darling—" "Oh, Lud—no!" "Sure thing, honey. They'll all v/ant to see you!' sound. At the shot a woman screamed. A drunk let out a hilarious, baffled yell. Then silence. Tait stood up, straining, waiting. Suddenly every light in the Ar ,j f , r | -xjuucjuy every jigni, ui And then he was gone. Myrna i Golden Bowl flashed on again, watched him, striding toward hi^ Lud Dombey lay face down in band. .She felt Harris Rogers rise, i eaS of his swing band! beside her. • -Hello, there, Tait/l (To Be Wait! Government Cottor Quick Service— Immediate Payment FOR THE OHLYBiG CIRCUS COMING! A SURPRISE ACHIEVEMENT IN CLEAN AMUSEMENT CHARLES PRESENTS Sparks- Downie Bros. COMBINED CIRCUS ONE DAY ONLY JHOPI SATURDAY™™ "™ T Old Highway 67 OCTOBER f irst Big Circus to Visit Hope in Two Years 22 Wmi%m I Why pay good rndnt-y :o w- a .small show whf:n it. r.ostj ,-, little rnorf.- to -;ff. C ff.\.s SPARK.S-DOVV.Vff: fifto.S,--"- the Only Rfal ('.\rc.\\A i 'ornint--.

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