Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 10, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 10, 1948
Page 3
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Friday, December 10, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Page Thr«e S a I < ersonai Phone 12.68 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. Secrecy Over Young Prince Denounced Monday, December 13 The Y.W.A. of First Baptist church will meet in the home of Mrs. James Birkhead. 015 South Elm St. Monday, December 13 at 7:30 (or their annual Christmas patty. Gifts will be exchanged. Each member please bring your package of fruit, nuts, candy or other food for the Christmas basket. JVtonday, December 13 * The J.O.Y. Class of the First Baptist church will meet Monday at 7 o'clock at the Hotel Barlow for their annual Christmas dinner. Dessert Bridge Honors Miss Elizabeth Wilson Mrs. R. L. Gosncll entertained Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock \viih a dessert bridge compliment- Ing Miss Elizabeth Wilson, popular bride-elect of Foy Hammons, Jr. ft The living room was attractive >v-,ith arrangements of yellow chry- santhcmums and Christmas greenery. The honorec was presented a lovely corsage of pink carnations and a gift of her chosen pattern of -silver. • Four tables were arranged for the players. High score prize went to Mrs. Dick Walkins and Mrs. W. Y. Foster won the traveling aud bingo prize. .! ' A dessert plate was served to the .players and seven tea guests. Lewis, president, presided during the business session. Committee reports were heard and four new members were introduced. They were: Mrs. Verda Segnar, Mrs. Sue Wolfe, Miss Betty Martin and Miss Joyce Fincher. Two members. Mrs. Frank Russell and Miss Lucille Porter, were welcomed back to the club. The program "Christmas Around the World" was presented by the program chairman, Mrs. Roy Mouscr, Those assisting on the program were Mi.ss Marjorie Waddle, Mrs. Mouscr, Miss Eizabcth Pilkinton, Mrs, Winfred Ward. Miss Annie Sue Andres gave "The Greatest Story Ever Told", taken from Luke 2:1-20. Recordings of Christmas carols were played during the meeting. The recording "Santa Claus is Coming to Town", was played as Santa entered with a hu,jc sack of gifts that were exchanged at the close of the meeting. Santa was assisted in presenting the gifts by Mrs. Chas. O. Thomas and Mrs. Rov Mouscr. Forty-four members and the following guests were present: Mrs. Grady England, Miss Ora Mac Moody. Mrs. Virginia Blythe, Mrs. B. E. McMahen. Miss Carlenc Bru- ncr, Mrs. Joe Kcescy. Mrs. J. W. Patterson. Mrs. Olin Purtell, Miss Lorraine Blackwood, Mrs. Marshall Hcndrix and Mrs. Bob Levins. today Eliza- London, Dec. 9 —i/TI—Lord Beav- erbrqok's Evening Standard took Buckingham palace to task for secrecy about Princess beth's 20-day old baby. "Only a favored few know what he looks like or how he is progressing," complained the Londoner's diary" column. "No bulletin has been issued since Dec. 3. "Why tliis secsecy? The whole world is waiting to know about the baby. But Buckingham palace officials refuse all details." L. A. Walker home on South Main Street. Personal Mention Friends of Mrs. Russell Steed will be happy to learn that she has been removed to the home of her father, 420 West Third street, from the Tcxarkana hospital. She is reported as much improved. Friends of Mrs. Claude Agcc will be glad to know that she is doing nicely in the Shrcvcport hospital. BRO\DCASTING SYSTEM \ 1490 Big Nine fro Open Meeting afr Chicago Chicago. Dec. p. —fUD — The Bit', Nine opens its regular winter meeting tomorrow with three items on Ilio agenda which could make Western conference history. Major topics which .iaced the faculty representatives, athletic directors and football coaches were: 1. Decision by the sentatives gan State DOPsOTHY D!X Battling Parents \, , Dear Dorothy Dix: ilife- I have lived in a homo been a battleground. My sind father an; basically two fiiu 'people who are really fond of each '.other, but they are in a perpetual faculty rcprc- ifj ( .- n t .about everything and nolhins. i [ - All my jwhilo will that has j —mother | rioar Dorothy Dix: A month ago ' mv wife I--U mo and our two sons aiies Hi and II. without giving any xplanalion or reason for doing so. had Ktv;>t difficulty in locating whether to admit Michi-;-yj 1C y | lavc n i; U i o many sacrifices to i („,,. address, but a member of her as the tenth member of;j,j ve " us c i,ji c i, vn the advantages of; family told me that she was all the league. . li-ducalion and association, but tlu\ v i rji;ht' and living with some other have nagged vis coulinuaily and woman and working, and that I Man Exonerated in Poison Death of Wife Walnut Ridge. Dec. 9 — (/TV-The Lawrence county grand jury has exonerated Aimer Holder. 40.; ol Walnut Hidge. of any blame/' in connection with the poison "death I of his wife. Fay. Mrs. Holder. :»7. died Nov. 29. Officials said an examination disclosed her death \vas caused by arsenic. F. B. Ward, Jr., a junior at H.S.T.C.. Arkadclphia, has grades of A or B for the first half semester in all of his subjects and is listed in the top 10 per cent of the entire student body. $& PW Club Enjoys Christmas Banquet ".The Hope B & PW Club met Thursday evening at 7 o'clock at the Barlow Hotel for their annual Christmas party. The u-shapcd tabc was covered with a white damask cloth and was centered with a Christmas scene of Santa and his reindeer, miniature houses and trees. Yuletide greenery of holly and mistletoe intcrspcred with pine cones, silver bells and lighted red candles extended the full length of the table. Corsages •"it holly, red berries and mistletoe were presented each member. Hostesses were Mrs. Roy Mouscr, Miss Mary Frances Irvin, Miss | course will Elizabeth Pilkinton and Miss Huby McKcc. The meeting was opened with the members repeating the Club Collect. Miss Norma Hope High School P.T.A. Thursday Afternoon Held The Hope High School P.T.A. met Thursday afternoon in the auditorium for the regular monthly meeting. Mrs. B. E. McMahen's students with Elsie Elder announcing, presented the following program: Voice solo, Christmas carols by Tod Warren Jones: piano solo, Norma Jean Franks; vocal solo, Christmas medley by Jodie Coffee. Miss Ruth McLain read the president's message and Mrs. Allan Herndon led the group in prayer. In the room count. Mrs. Irma Dean's room had the most mothers present. Mrs. Hamilton Hannegan announced the next study be held in March. Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: J. L. Lamb, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. John Manscll, Hope. Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Charles E. Brooks, Hope Charles Elton Lively, Nashville. Discharged: Herman Briehn, Stamps. ST.JOSEPH ASPIRIN FOR CHIIOREH So easy to give right dosage. Or- nnge flavor. Easy to take. ;")0 tablets, 35c. TRY rs Unusual Candies — at — NEWS STAND Wiss Elizabeth Wilson Feted at Luncheon Mrs. Jim Wilson. Mrs. Joe Wilson and Mrs. Johnny Wilson of olumbus entertained with a luncheon at the Hotel Barlow. Thursday. December 9 at 12:30 o'clock 'or the pleasure of Miss" Elizabeth Wilson, whose wedding will take ]lace this month. The long table was laid with a white cloth. A large swan filed with red Godetia. and tied with streamers of bridal ribbon to smal- cr swans filled with Godetia and while bells centered the. table. The honoree's place was marked with a beautiful corsage of red ranuncula and other place cards carried out the bridal motif. The hostesses presented the bride-elect with a gift of china. The guest list included: the honoree, Mrs. C. W. Wilson, Mrs. Foy Hammons; Sr., Mrs. L. A. Foster, Miss Marion Mouscr, Mrs. R. L. Gosncll. Mrs. Stephen Cook and Mrs. Dick Watkins. Josephine Admitted: Dr. J. E. Gentry. Blcvins. Discharged: Joe Knighton, McNab. Mrs. Margaret Griffey, Fulton. How fast your hair grows depends on your physical condition and age. Friday p.m., Dec. 10 5:00 Adventure Parade—M 5:15 Superman—M 5:30 Captain Midnight—M 5:45 Tom Mix—M 6:00 Salon Serenade 6:15 News, Five Star Final 6:30 Henry J. Taylor—M 6:45 Fulton Lewis, Jr.—M 7:00 Great Scenes from Great Plays—M 7:30 Leave it to the Girls—M 7:55 Hy Gardner—M 8:00 Gabriel Heattcr—M 8:15 Mutual Newsrecl—M 8:30 Yours for a Song—M S:55 Bill Henry. News—M 0:00 Meet the Press—M 0:30 Michael Zarron's Orch.--M 9:45 Tom Grant's Orch.— M 10:00 All the News—M 10:15 Benny Strong's Orch.—M 10:30 Ray McKinlcy's Orch.—M 10:55 Mutual News—M 11:00 Sign-Off Saturday a.m., Dec. 11 5:57 Sign On fi:00 Hillbilly Hoodown 6:30 News, First Edition 6:40 Four Knights 6:55 Market Reports 7:00 Melody Boys 7:30 The Devotional Hour 7:45 Musical Clock 7:55 News, Coffee Cup Edition 8:00 Sunrise Serenade 3:45 To Be Announced 9:00 Ozark Valley Folks—M 9:30 Albert L. Warner—M 9:45 Bine Barron Presents—M 10:00 Hormcl Girls Corps—M 10:30 Riders of the Purple Sage 11:00 Lionel Hampton Show—M 11:30 Campus Salute—M Saturday p.m., Dec. 11 12:00 News, Home Edition 12:10 Market Time . 2. Approval, amendment or rejection by the faculty representatives of a new plan to tighten restrictions on scholarships held by athletes. 3. Preparation by athletic directors snd football coaches of tlu; grid schedules for 1950, 1951 and 11)52. There were elements in each topic which could produce heated kept us virtu: 1 -! prisoners. I am a woman in my early twenties now and 1 feel that 1 have a right lo, at lease, some Ireedom. On you think that I would be justified in leaving home and .striking out for mvself? A BEWILDERED DAUGHTER Answer: I certainly do. You discussions before final .settlement, lowc it to yourself In keep your nerves from being shattered and your disposition s<Hired, as would be bound to happen if you continued to Jive in a household where there is constant bickering. "Peace! IVace! Ain't peace wonderful?" said Father Divine, and he never uttered a truer word. It is :>ne indispensable thing to happiness. There is a lot of maudlin sentiment about the breaking up of families, but nine times out of ten it is their salvation. For. as one of our Boy Scout troop 58 of the Presbyterian church held its regular weekly meeting Thursday evening Coming and Going Mrs. Carl E. Ray and daughters, Barbara, and Pamela of New Brunswick, N.J. arc guests in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Agec. O. J. (DorD Greene of Little Rock was overnight guest of his mother-in-law. Mrs. J. M. John ston here. Mr. and Mrs. Freddy Potter of Weathcrford. Texas and L. A. Walker of Ft. Worth, Texas, attend cd the funeral of Mrs. A. T. Bishop Wednesday and were guests in the Waltz into Darkness By William Irish Copyright by William Irish—Distributed by NEA Service, Inc. at ll'u church at 7 o'clock. Fourteen members wore present and the program was under the supervision of Scoutmasters Paul Raley and John Baglcy. In the pre-opcning William Ci'nip taught a very useful knot "bow- lino on a bite." Bobby Martin officially opened the meeting with assembly on the bugle. This was followed by a re-dedication to the scout oath, led by Patrol Leader William Camp. In the period set aside for troop business procedure was as follows: Reports were given on the repair and improvement of the Scout Hut at Fair purl;. Donncll Baglcy reported on cleanup work done; Scout Baker reported that the troop replaced forty window glasses; William Camp described repair of the fireplace; while Bobby Martin summarized the numerous odd jobs sii'ch as reconditioning of the lighting. As a troop good turn the members of troop 5f! will re-condition the toys in the nursery of the church next Thursday night. Officers elected to .serve for the new year are patrol leaders. Bobby Martin and William Camp; asst. patrol leaders. Donnoll Bafile-y and Scout Baker; Scribe. Herbert Griffin, Jr. great philosophers once said. "The scattering of children is the only thing that keeps the Joneses from Vicing smothered by the Joneses and the Smiths from being Smithed to death." There is no other form of marty- dem that is so agonizing as having to live with people who rub yon raw every minute of the day. Mothers vho nag. Fathers who are tyrants. Grandmother who whines. Grandfather who always interferes with everything that isn't his business. •\unt Sally who is the perpetual tal- ter. Life with any one of thorn is not worth living, yet lew oC us have the courage to get up and leave our ,)!ace of torment. We are victim-* .if the fallacy that we have to stand !hu disagreeable members :>f o..>r families, instead of chucking them out of the door. should not try to find her. I purclui^ed'a home for her last year, which pleased hor very much, and then she walks out and leaves us, not even leaving a message for her children. She took everything out of the house thai she wanted. Iron, ironing board, silver wear, dishes-, sheets, pillows, blankets and many other things. She even took all the money we had saved and kepi in the bank. What is your advice in this matter? Just forget her and ".ivc for (lie interest of my sons? N. C. II. Answer: There is nothing you can do except to just leave her alone. Apparently she found no fault with you as a husband. She simply lost her taste fur you. That is not uncommon, but the strange thing is that she forsake her children with seemingly no regret at leaving them. • •' ,-i woman tike that isn't worth 1 . grieving over. (Released by the Boll Syndicate. Inc.) Creomulsion relieves promptly bccauss it goes right (o the scat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsioa with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you arc to have your money back. for Coughs,ChestColds.Bronchitis STORY: Bonny to match the long-wearing beauty of Bur-Mil's nylon and rayon satin in At last, the supreme lingerie fabric, so long in achieving perfection, makes its debut ia an Artemis slip shirred and draped to utmost beauty. It won't wear forever ... just almost! For trim, nothing short of imported val lace seems good enough ... so Artemis chooses the best, the most beautiful. Gleaming white;sizes 32 to40,32S co36S. V COMPANY THE Durand about a life insurance pol- cy he has once mentioned. He tells er he has not kept up payments and so it is no longer in force. Later vhen he goes to look for it, it is 'one. As is the diamond ring from Bonny's finger. XXXVII Within the week, the cook and cleaning woman (one and the same) whom they'd had until then, vas suddenly gone, and they were alone now in the house. He asked her about this, after wo successive days without her, only noting her departure, man ike, after it had already taken place. 'What's become of Amelia?" "I shipped her Tuesday," she said shortly. "But I thought we owed her .hrcc or four weeks back wages, rlow were you able to pay her?" "I didn't." "And she agreed to go none the ess?" "She had no choice. I ordered her to. She will get her money when we have it ourselves. She 'cnows that." "Aren't you getting anyone else?" " No," she said, 'I can manage," and added something under her breath that he didn't hear quite clearly. "What?" he asked in involuntary surprise. He thought she had said, "for the little time there is." "I said, for a little time, that is," she repeated adroitly. questions the door. ''Don't go back in there," he cautioned, "until I come back." 'Nothing could prevail on me to," she agreed fearfully. She closed the door alter him. When he came back he found that she had returned to her task in the kitchen none the less, in spite of his admonition and her own fear; a bit of conscientious courage which he could not help but secretly admire. "Did you sec any more since I was gone?" "I thought I saw it come back to that hole, but I threw something at it, and it did not come out again." He showed her what the druggist had given him. "This is to be spread around outside their holes and hiding places." "Did ho ask any questions?" she asked somewhat irrelevantly. "No, only whether or not we had any children about the house." "He did not ask which house it was?" "No. He's rather elderly and doddering, you know; he seemed anxious to be rid of me and close for the night." her I'll hand, do it And manage she did. For two full days she cooked, she washed the dishes, she swung a broom all up and down the stairs. Then on the second night ol this apprenticeship— He heard her scream on* suddenly in the kitchen, and there vas the crash of a dropped dtsh as it slipped from her hands. He flung down the paper he had aeon browsing through and darted n there. She was standing before he steaming washtub. "What is t, did you scald yourself?" She was pointing, horrified. "A rat." she choked. "H ran straight between my feet as I stood here. Into there." And with iickcned grimace. "Oh, the size of it! The horrid look!" He took up a 'poker and plunged it into the crevice at meeting-place of wall and flour that she had indicated, working it vigorously to and fro. She watched a moment. "What are you trying to do'.'" she said coldly. "Why, kill it." he panted. "That is not the way to be rid of them!" Her foot gave a clout of impatience against the floor "You kill one, and there, are ; clo/.en left." She flung down her apron, strode from the room and out to the froir of the house. Sensing some pin- pose he could not divine, but dis quieted by it, he put down th< poker after a moment, struggled l< his feet, and went after her. Hi found her in the hall, bonnetec and shawlerl. to his astonishment in readiness to go out. "Where are you going?" "Since yon don't know enoug to, I am going to the pharmacit myself, to have- him give me .something that will exterminate them," she retorted ungraciously. "Now? At this hour? Why. it's past 9; he'll be closed long ago." "There is another, on the other side of town, that slays open until 10: you know thai as well as I do." And she added with ill- humored decision, us though he were tu blame for their presence in some way. "1 will not go back into that kiu-heri and run the- risk of being attacked. They will be while we sleep!" running over our very bed, yet. offered hastily. "No need for you "Very well, I'll go myself." lie- to go, at this time- of night." Slie relented somewhat. She off her shawl, though stil ing u trifle that he had not seen hi-; duty sooner. She look him to She half extended "No, don't touch it. for you." He stripped off his coat, rolled up his shirt slecvs. and squatting on his haunches before the offending orifice, shook out a little powdery trail of the substance here and there. She watched, with housewifely approval. That will do. Not too much, or ur feet will track it about." "It has to be rcnewd every two r three days," he told her. He put it on the shelf, at last, /here the spice canisters were, ut well over to the side. "Make sure you wash your ands, now," she cautioned him. Ic had been about to neglect doing o, until her reminder. She held he huck-lowel for him to dry hem on, when he was through. (To Be Continued) 12:15 12:30 12:40 12:45 1:00 2:00 2:30 2:45 3:00 3:30 3:45 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00 0:15 6:30 6:45 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:15 11:30 9:00 10.: 00 10:15 10:30 10:55 11:00 Farm Agent Melody Mustangs Shortest a niin. in Radio To Be Announced Army Air Force in Britain —M Belfast Men Choir Universal Bible Sunday Preview Del Trio Columbus Boy Choir Charlie Slocum—- M Decision Now Swing Time Proudly We Hail—M Take a Number—M True or False—M News, 5-Star Final Week in Sports Robert Hurleigh—M Mol Allen, Sportscast—M Twenty Questions—ivl Life Begins at 80—M Gabriel Hcalter—M Lanny Ross—M Meet the Boss Chicago Theatre of Air—M Accent on Youth Club Renclc/.vous Eddy Duchin's Orch.—M Mutual Reports the News Sign Off IDEAL DAUGHTER-IN-LAW Dear Dorothy Dix: 1 have the ideal daughter - in- law. Until she married my son she had never cooked a meal in her life. Nov.' .she feeds my son so well that lie has gained ten pounds. She gives him changes of food that he Uke.s to whet his appetite 1 . I cooked wh"t I liked and thought he should cat what I set before him. She hangs up his clothes. I let them lie where they fell. I never ;resscd his clothes. I let him .lo \'. :iimse!f. Have I done right in bvinr..- ing my son up the hard way to look out for himself, or is my daughter- in-law doing the right thing in -•polling her husband? A MOTHER-IN- LAW AND MOTHER OF SONS Answer: There isn't any ent-and- driccl follow- this- rule- and- yo i- cannot -fail recipe for getting along with husbands. Most wives l<?.'i>vi how to d" it by trial and error. But, generally speaking, the- old 1'urmula "feed the brute" has never oecn improved upon. My observation is thai husbands all fall for one thing—being t:ie head of the house. He who must be cowtowcd to. and if the wife makes this gesture he doesn't euro a rap what she does. It is okay wil'.i him. He doesn't really mind' v/io- ing the dishes, he just gets a kick out of sprawling in an easy chair ... a song of praise from her on Christmas morning' when she unwraps the perfect gift . .. beautiful, skillfully fashionsd, exquisite Os nylon hosiery by Claussner. $1,50 to 1.95 v xv' x.^W , <^& ^-^. ...heralding the filmy sheerness of Claussnar Kleer-Sheer nylons. * V^ \ tbTbHi S** tti *• flwil Open House Monday Night — 7 to 8 THIS STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS Top Radio Programs Central Scanuard Time New York, Dec. ID — (/I 5 )— On the air tonight: NBC—7 Lavalle band 7:30 .lim- my Durantc i! Eddie Cantor Life ol Ililey. CBS—7 Jack Carson 7:30 Mr. | and Jane Ace fi Joan Blondell in "Page Miss Glory" 0:30 Spike Jones. ABC—0:30 Lone Ranger 7-.HO This is FBI 8:30 Tlv Sh-iin' i- 1 Boxing, Joe Basld vs. Exxard Charles. MBS—7 Fay Bainlcr and Henry] Fonda in Great Scenes 0:3(1 Your:; I for a Song, Kay Armcn !l Meet the Pros,' Sen.'-L-lect Margaret Chase Smith. Saturday item: .NBC--;i a. in. iWiml Yoin ner.s. CBS— 9:05 a.m. Lot's ABC— 10 a.m. Abbott tello. MBS—10:30 a. in. Ma;.;ic WITH PONTIAC .SERVICE Product u] General Motors your junior cowboy will enjoy and a western atmosphere box for his treasured collections, plus an autographed portrait of Gene himself. *&* cpwsoy BOOTS Make your junior cowboy happy, get him a pair today. 5.95 to 7.50 THE STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS There's 1'oiui.K: ure \v;iy I of care loii/ed I'onii.u onlv one the Uini ami \X'e know met harm s o know ih.it you're- always e,i\in.u your it ctcseiAC;,—and that is by giving it service by your Pointac dealer. vnLir I'oiuiar—as only experts tan. Our iin-Haiiieil ID spot [roubles aaurau-ly, rieu them with sure-h.uuleil skill. XVe use 1'ontiae Faciory- \\huli aie cx.i:i!y the Maine as the original parts null installed .11 fan- the e .-•.pen, • ilian \. ri/te! 1'uMtiac Ul pa\ Un ue at a ijinarv wt>rk. eust It tlepciKla it thai realK b are hie, ilii\iiiL! a i'uitn.u', you aie ilnvin.! peril l lei'.ul.uU ii I'uuuai e of the most built. To keep ue place where i' iepartmcnt. PARTS AkE KEALS.Y WIGHT! You CUD lie .-sure- thai every Pontiac l-'.ittory-h'nuine-vrttl I'-i" is fX^ftly the i.nne As that ori.niu.UU' !>uik ituo your new ear. Naturally it fits properly, per- form.s properly, ^i'ves you more miles of tjpual Poiuiai.' &:i(j:>iut.'fiuu. 319 S, WALNUT PHONE 41?

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