Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 10, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 10, 1948
Page 2
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Page Two HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Friday, December 10, T948 JC\\ V Continued From Face One In Opens Sunday at Rsalto / '*K*-': : : •': • '• > m \ Kind of spine-tingling fi| m 1 ''I ' i' n \lnch i woman oyer- h ) "•->'( Ii phono conversation ploi- i li i nurdM and is puworii-'--• ' ' hoi"-flf, i duo .Sumh'v at ''< M n ci lliritie. Ji. .iy p:,,- n _ •'•''''<>': n iiit mo\ ic \LI ion of liie Ian*,. '•'•" Hi' i >! l Kin. pl-n, Sorry. Wrong ""'ir « *•"' i 1 i (O ..fining Barb-ira. S in -I ind Bait l.anca::fei i vit d b Ann Richards. Wen- oe'i Oi i\ md Haiold Vermilyea. Pirciiff d In Hal Wallis and Ana- : ',',',''' r "T '':'''•" to) 1 ti)' ind directed by the : , J .' , '•'•"'' !"•<- ^'iiy \Vumg Number''*! ', '' '.'i'"''''' ^ " 'HtUn foi th( screen bv T-u- , '' '' ,'' c II fKtfhn author of the'ori!;. ;";.: t .V".!!',;' :; >""•+• 11111 ' ''10 j la> \hicli, because' bi<nu>i I <-(.\cii times. The'film '. c! foui c jcc-, into deUil rog:,rd- "if h< hiKhlv dK.m.il.ic event:; ' 1 t-rtJii!' 'ip to iho murder, introdue- i in j ii t'/e oi . nddui npuiotir . s :„ "^is « and developing •• trays the virh. who trie.-; to ,, the servants 1 ,.,.,. 1,, mi'it out Iistead she overhears a ,",',?-, blotd eh'lilng- come isation between i ::.',.:,.,, , .. ,- , ,,. t o men going o%ei pinna Cor llie j h'X','.,'"(,."••, 'i '/>', Hindu of a woman, the murd-i•! ./'.Y/.. " '"•••"" '•'• 1o h commitUd at 11:15 that night. , . ._ '" it i ') J' and Faibara, shocked i her ,ioc l>\ i i< cold blooded plot, tries un- > i;;f ( . of I IT i Ml . ucc sslulh to tiace the call, and ! in:; io ; K ' .- m ,,i tlni Io i nliM, J«.sisi.mc-e from flic: j hor n.oiiniin;; i. CKCiL KI:Lf.A WAV and 1'VKONJ- POWER look for the pot of R old ia r;0ih Ccnniry-Fox's "Till: LUCK OI ! THE IRISH," with ANNE BAXTER. Lumberman Named Little Rock. Dec. 10 —(IP)— Richard L. Craigo, Hot Springs lumber rnan, today \yns appointed Garland The appointment was made by Governor Lanoy to fill the unex- pired term of Q. By rum Hurst, suspended from office after a grand jury indicted him on a I lovolvNor " jchai-Ke ol misfeasance. The term lovcly INOra expires Dec. 31. over with riotims fun and bringing a now enchantmont to romance, Twcntinili Contur,'- oxs newest hit, 'The Luck of tne frish, ' co-starring Tvronc Pow- 'i'' n " f , ^"'^.Baxli..)-. opens Sunday at the Rialto theater The parkling and unusual comedv-ro- ynce brings Power and Miss Baxter together for the first time since "Jhe Razor's Edge" in what ;>re said to be their most delichlml screen roles to date. In this film. Tyrone Power is seen as Stephen Fitzgerald an American newspaper man 'who stumbles across romance in Ireland and blithely sails for home only to find that a touch of shamrock packs a long-distance wallop no level-headed reporter could ever believe possible. Following her dra- At the Scsenger Sunday DURi LANCAS1ER and BARBARA SlANWYCKarcToSarrcd Paramount's suspense sensation, "SORRY, WRONG NUMBER." room for such dreams. But then up turns Horace (Cecil Kellaway), the litt.'c man who's the very "I" of the spirit of the Irish matic triumph in "The Walls of '"Y n " AT "-^ ^f 1 "- *" ""-; l "Jericho," Miss Baxter j X :.„;„. ° ' ni l c ! lhc .» Nol : a - herself, amves . hi" ' ' ' of which is sai£ by preview critics Steve Fitzgerald might have to make for the most rollicking and P °{hVn phone cal, follows phon call .is nnjliai., l,,es to locat - np, husband (Lnnc islerj, each 1 <[<<: h ,,-;,;,) t,, ,-;ri r i „,," t , (ho [ ct i ei^ilion -\\ub his secrptarv. ! i-.is)-, •-,-:..lul ,.„,,.,. • -, ' J h •th an old gnl fnend of his, wii.li screen 'h ,- v r! i. v' d The Garland grand jury accused Hurst of wrongfully .selling' a road he county. viewed his brief interlude in Ire- I high-spirited""enterfainrnenl"^ The land as merely an idyllic dream | season. in which he met —and kissed—j As Horace, the out-of-the-ordi- y, working for I nary man with the shamrock hn '""% D.^ C. touch, who slyly manipulates the Power-Baxter romance, Cecil Kelln- way has a role the likes of which hasn't been seen on the screen . ,. . a U T (Lee J. • ' back in New vork, and Doing subjected to the h ' am ° 1 ™ 5 table "Mr. Kringle" in "The Miracle on 34Ih Street." Horace is credited with being the surprise comedy role of the year. Lee J. Cobb. who was a newspaper editor in "Call Northside 777." was promoted in "The Luck of the Irish" to a magazine pubisher with high political ambitions. Others appearing in important roles of the film, which was directed bv Henry Koster and produced by Fred Kohlmar, include James Todd. J. M. Kerrigan. Phil Brown and Charles Irwin. Philip Dunne's screen play was based on a novel by Guy and Constance Jones. U.S. to Talk » Over Western^ Europe Pact ."•: Washington, Dec. 10 — (/P) — Nc-' ;otiation of a proposed military al!-,. iance between the United States and western Europe will be resumed here at 3:00 p. m. (Eastern: Standard Time) today. . <£' The state department announced hat Undersecretary of State Lpv" ett will meet with the ambassaV dors of Britain. France, Belgium,. The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Canada for the first of a new series of talks looking to creation of n Morth Atlantic defense system under the United Nations. The subject was first explored in .aiks here last summer. The five Western European Union nations meeting in Europe, then worked out detailed proposals for a pact on •f. which they generally agree. Some, details are still in dispute, howev- r. The Europeans, for example, a-vo. reported to have decided to ask for a 50-year commitment from the United States and Canada. hair^of .e^ average persoi, 2 drops in each nostril check watery flow, /•/ sniffles, y Ap, shoezea. i ou L_ breathe easier quickly. Ask for— SUNDAY — MOND IT'S A GREAT DAY FOR ...for romance Fay Baintcr, clistinguishecl playwright and actress, plays the title roll in "The Old Lady Shows Her Medals." one of the dramatizations in Great Scenes From Great Plays, presented by the Protestant. Episcopal Church. Plays are presented each Friday at 7 p. m., over local station KXAR. The programs are presented ns exceptionally fine entertainment, with a short message from the Church, which has a real value for the listener. to Confer Two AND LAUGHTER HE1GN when . ' mmc^m @i Ann i: r-'> ti .,.••* >?S >U 1 ' J1 ^- ; 'i.iL!' ^J$lji\* comEn : CR ' u ^;noSrn-TODB PLUS 2ml RICHARDS Wendeil Cott-y Harold Vumilycu Liiif Erkkscu e Vv'hitfiekl Masonic Lodge will con- l'er a Fellowship degree'at a meet- nig tonight, at the Lodge Hall al 7:30. On Tuesday night, December 14. a Masters degree will be conferred. Ponetro chest, Bases mus aches, coughs and chest tightnqp.a,. White, stainless. PENETROSRUB PRESENTS ITS CREATIVE MASTERPIECE... Bv WILLIAM E. GILROY, D.D 'the Apostle Peter, while he commended "beloved brothei- Paul's" Kpistles (II Peter :i:15, llii. "some things hard to bo understood." The Now To;;t;imeni contains epistle;; by Paul. Peter. James ' .John and Judo. Of these a greater I number are by Paul. As 'far as I their length, variety, subject mat- i ler. and historic place and impact | noon tl],. Christian church, the'v | are much the most formidable' j ' " -n though tin. Kpislles are all I alike and bear much similarity io I llirir expression of a common I Cliristiaii spirit and teaching. li' ',>•(• \vei-e io jiiilge Paul's F,|iis- | ties by those more obscure and | (iil'licult passages to which Peter i rei'.rred or by the many references to local problems and con- troveries iu the cbureheK. we | should hardly thing of bis letters as being' the world's greatest. But think of the many passages in which Paul showed himself, far in advance of his age and well abreast of modern thought and movements in his conception of liberty. Think of his conception of chui-eh ami society in which men j ;>i-e ineinhors one of another. Think of the clarity of his /eal for right- j eousnes and the soundness of his j ifleas concerning life and labor. i And (hen you have reason to ap- I j.rrciale the greatness of Paul | anl his letters. i lint even beyond these tilings is jlii.' loftiness of tin 1 thought and | the unexcelled beauty of expres- i sion in ip.any passages that lift the i Ji tiers In a great height. i If Pael had written nothing but ; the K-ilh chapter of I Corinthians. ihe "love" chapter, that gem of •-pirilual iuid literaiy perfection : lint that i:: only the fines', of many • lichlv lieauiilul I'iiapiers or por- i i lion.-; nf ehaplers. | i Anrl hi-- pra>er for his fellow- I • Chri.-.tiaii:, in ii,i' closin 1 .: \'erses of ' \ |-!iibe:,ial;s M ha.; Ml eloquence of i \'.'oros lha\ mjiielK 1 .-; Ihe in:ig,nilU(ie j • i f US vis'Oll o!' the bo||l:(lles> jjo.-i- Mliiiiiii's of Christian aliainmenl. i \ These are !>m a few examples ol | Ihe ',vor!(f.; gieate-l letl-'r^. \Viih '. the vigo'' and variely ol the Paul- : : ine e. .Mcoptions was combined ;. ; ! rich voc;il>ulai y and a high s';iU ' in Ihi- US'- ol -.'.'oriis. ! I is lists in vai '-: ::: places ;:re .- • Ink in;-: The hsi j of thing:, to ihink a bo: it. in Philip- ; pians !: ii. '.he list i >l ;he fruit.-; of the .v.ih i;, in (lalalian.- fi: I 1 :'-: 1 ::. ! Ainsi stri!;i!!g of all !:, the li:-l of a I! • noso-ii-li. ex;-., i ii-uee.-:, tollov.'eii bv : ihe IJ..-1 ,,|' ;ill pos:-il)!e force.-, aoi'i JM.'ii ni aciion are not ahvav.-, aiti(-iilalc or loi'cei'ul in i-xpri^s:.,':. ' b'iV Paul w:i:. .is g.reat i'i v.on::,, ' at !v as! in '.!••• \vritlei, v,'o:d. as he •'•8 No Cadillac announcement has ever been more significant than the one which appears on this page. For, this year, Cadillac presents its creative masterpiece—a wholly new V-type eight-cylinder engine —which is, beyond all doubt, the highest development yet attained in automotive power plants. * This great power plant has been twelve years in the building—for basic development work started in 1936. It lias many unusual qualities which set it apart from all other creations of its kind. It is far more alert, powerful and responsive to the throttle—yet it affords an increase in gasoline economy of approximately uveiity per cent. And the manner of its performance actually challenges the imagination. It is liquid -smooth; it is quick and eager beyond all experience; vet the power application is so effortless that \VbiU Sidcntll Tirei tveiUble at uddittoaal con. the driver is scarcely aware of the engine's existence. The car seems almost to move by automatic propulsion. * Even experienced Cadillac owners must put aside all previous conceptions of performance when they drive the 1949 Cadillac. It is a revelation—from silken start to silken stop. * There are, of course, many other advancements in addition to the history-making ; ' engine. There is new beauty in the front ensemble; there is a newly-designed, more attractive instrument panel, with all driving controls at your finger tips; and throughout the chassis and body will be found those characteristic refinements which result from Cadillac's unceasing search for perfection. * But the big Cadillac story, for 1949, is performance. It is not only the world's new standard—it is beyond the world's current conception. Ne.v I).. Ihi --..-I 1 .. huhim raih.s-;,y l-ioiie.. 1 eceoliy ;.J I e:-te-,1 lit.a per- e':: -. lh"M lie'::-.-;.-, ' ,.:: :!;e 1). in: Am- : •-I 1 ..i I:::-.-. .-\ ;>-;,,! .1! :;,iiiHi ; u ; ,, ,-.- ; •'- "•-. > oil. el. i( Hi jii.e.-: JI om till-. . j ; 11 '• l"'i. 'i'iriii tii-:- .. 1 |-.;\ lie':- ;.l ,- I <•:••'•• 'I l!i • Indi:;.. i .inro.u. 1 ,:.- i,,, ; s' ;..'.'Ule i.-loijlem... ' THE NEW 1949 CADILLAC IS NOW ON DISPLAY ,,«is * *• vw • $ GARAGE 104 E. DIVISION PHONE 850

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