Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 30, 1938 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 30, 1938
Page 5
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I I „,„... Friday, September 30,1938 _ HQPfi,STA& PAGE FIVE '< ,,! P . ^'"^v "«^ Ol Ouachita Tigers in Victory Over Delta Arkadelphui Team Scores in Third Quarter to Win, 12 to 0 HOT RPniNGS, Ark.—A finr eom- binntion nf running nncl pnssing gnve the Ouaohitn College Tigers two toiich- clowii.s in rapid succession in the third quarter for ii 12-to-O victory over tlie Delta Sin to Ter.i-hers of Cleveland, Miss,. Thursdny night before 4,000 fans. After a first half of airtight defensive performing by both teams, Ouachitn clicked off its first touchdown with shocking suddenness on two quick plays covering a total of 77 yards. Processing Tax (Continued from Page One) benefit payments under the present farm law, of two to 2',<j cents a pound. He estimated it would cost approxi- rmilely 5125,000,0111). but asserted this was a small amount "compared with the billions that are being poured out for those who are not even producing what we wear and eat." Birds servo man in five major capacities: as destroyers of insects, as destroyers of weed .seeds, as destroyers of rod en Is, us scavc'iigprs, and as food. Waterloo Station, in England, cov- . ..Xers 24'.t; acres and is the largest pas-, '-sender station in Great Britain. Legal Notice How to See Football Cost of tlie publi- ttion of this Pro- osed Amendment o the Taxpayers ,137.50. PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT No. 24 Vr Proposed by the General Assembly ! -:*nd filed in the office of thc Secre\ <tary of Sialo on Fcbrunry 2Gth, 1937. Nl •*' A RESOLUTION TO SUBMIT AN 'AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITl)- 'JION, TO PROVIDE THAT THE ;JUDGE OF THE CHANCERY COURT sQF EACH COUNTY SHALL PRESIDE OVER, THE PROBATE COURT OF ,,SUCH'COUNTY; PROVIDING FOR i *JTHE TRIAL OF ALL PROBATE f.V&CQURT MATERS BEFORE THE K ii^TUDGE OF SAID COURT, AND FOR ^APPEALS FROM THE PRO2ATE • '-/COURT TO THE SUPREME COURT • pF ARKANSAS; AND AUTHORIZ- ; ING THE LEGISLATURE TO PRO;VIDE FOR A CLERK FOR THE PRO- .Vi : BATE, OR TO CONSOLIDATE I i* CHANCERY AND PROBATE '•', COURTS; AMENDING SECTIONS 19, v' v,34. AND 35 OF ARTICLE VII OF THE ^•CONSTITUTION. r ., BE IT RESOLVED by the House of / Representatives of the State of Arkansas and the Senate of the State of Arkansas, a majority of all the members elected to each House agreeing thereto; .that Uic following be, and the same is hereby proposed as an amendment to tlie Constitution of the State > of Arkansas, to-wil: j--"; Section 1. Section 34 of Article Vll of thc Constitution of Arkansas is hereby amended to read as follows: ' .."Section 34. In each county the Judge of the court having jurisdiction in matters of equity shall be judge of the court of probate, and have sucli exclusive original jurisdiction in mat- i ( ters relative to the probate of wills, the \ estates of deceased persons, executors, '(; administrators, guardians, and persons ? of unsound mind and their estates, as ; is now vested in courts of probate, or i may be hereafter proscribed by law. |, The judge of the probate court shall I.' try all issues of the law and of facts •' arising in causes or proceedings witli- i ' in the jurisdiction of said court and f therein pending, 'llie regular terms of ' the courts of probate shall be held at such times as is now or may hereafter V be prescribed by law; and the Genera] <•• Assembly may provide for thc consolidation of chancery and probate courts." Section 2. Section 35 of Article VII of the Constitution of Arkansas is hereby amended to read us follows: "Section 35. Appeals may be taken from judgments and udders of courts of probate to the Supreme Court; and until otherwise provided by the General Assembly, shall bo taken in the same manner as appeals from courts I of chancery and subject to the same • regulations and restrictions." Section 8. Section 19 of Article VII of the Constitution of Arkansas is hereby amended to read as follows: "Section 19. The clerks of the circuit courts shall be elected by the qualified electors of the several counties for the term of two years, and shall be ex-officio .clerks of the county and probate courts and rev corder; provided, that in any county having a population exceeding fifteen thousand inhabitants, as shown by the Just Federal census, there shall be elected a county clerk, in like mannei as the clerk of the circuit court, and in such case the county clerk shall be ex-officio clerk of the probate court of such county until otherwise provided by tlie General Assembly.' Section 4. The provisions of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas i in conflict with tliis amendment are hereby repealed in so far as they are in conflict herewith; and this amendment shall take effect on the first day of January next following its adoption. Witness my hand and seal on tliis the i 1st day of April, 1938. «J* C. G. Hall, Secretary O f State. No. 1—TJIE K1CKOFF By JERRV BRONUF1ELD NEA Service Sports Writer An electrical thrill goes through a football crowd with the opening whistle that isn't matched at any other time. Being able to instantly size up the deployment and movements of the athletes at the kickoff makes it all the more interesting and exciting for the spectator. The defending team kicks form its© •• . own 40-yard line. I . , , , ,,,, , . , ,,,,,, ll ma y double pass . . . the receiver he fastest man usually holds the sprinting .to one side of the field ami ball r 0r the kicker. He must, be a Dipping the .ball to another back who 1K}O(I KI1IPIV mun ;i unva i.ir.lrln*. _ . ., .... good safety man ... a sure tackier . . . beciiiise he is the last man between • I. I i — • ,—•••"—• •"-•«•=«••• iaierai, or run regular touchdown the ball earner and goal ine in the p i ays ,„ thc right| lefti or (iown tne event that the carrier breaks through the entire team. ment. ,,~"".\~ ~.7~"\' ,, . Each man coming up and going Usually the balKis returned up the, down the field has a particular assign- right side of the field because it is easier for most backs to run to their right. The defense therefore places five men to the left of the kicker and four to the right . . . facing toward the kicker to be certain of remaining on side. The receiving $eam usually lines up with its two finest ball earners on the 10-yar.d line and another within the 10-yard line, because that is where the ball is most likely to '-be taken. The fourth back takes a position midway' between the ends on approximately the 25-yard stripe. The tackles, guards and center are spread across tlie field on the 45. Walch Interference Form When thc ball is taken at the kick- cfl', the spectator should take his eye off the receiver for a second or two. With the booting of the ball, .tlie tackles, guards, and center wheel back to pick up tlie man who caught it. ' The ideal kickoff carries the ball over the goal line, although not .many can kick that distance. This gives the receiving team no chance to run the ball back. Tho ball is simply put in play on the 20-yard line. 11 the ball is kicked out of bounds, the opponents have the option of putting it in play anywhere on their 35-yard line, or at a point 15 yards in from where the ball .crossed the side line. This rule went into effect this season. A kickoff is a free ball, so a short kick is sometimes used 'by teams badly in need of possession of the ball. The ball must travel past the 10-yard retraining line. Idea Is to Collar .Carrier On n regular kickoff, tlie kicker tries to kick the ball to the back least capable of returning it. The main objective of defending players is to get down the field and make the ball carrier .commit himself, rliey must avoid blocking of all kinds. Ihe offensive team may cross block. It may form a variation of the old- fashioned and dangerous flying wedge. 1 runs to the .opposite side. It may lateral, or run regular touchdown middle. So there is vastly move to the kickoff-in .football than ,22 players running up and down the field and spilling one another all over the andscape. Kennedy, Turner in Reddie Lineup Former Hope Athletes to Start Against Hendrix Warriors .... ARK.ADELPHIA, Ark. — Coach Lloyd Grow of Henderson State Teachers College said he expected to use 3D players in Friday night's game with Hendrix College in the Young Memorial stadium at Conway, bul\ would have nine veterans in the starting lineup. . The entire line will be made up of letter men: Ends, Kennedy and Peek; tackles, Kissell and Patterson; guards, Tatum and Banks, and center, Caplinger. This line held its own against the best lines faced by Henderson in 1937. Half the starting backs are veterans. Lycesler Varnado, sophomore from Norphlet, is one of the best blocking backs seen here- in several years. He will be at one half and Jack Turner, junior from Hope, will be at the other. There will be a new quarter, either Bud Parker, freshman from Benlon, or "Doc" Stephens of Magnolia, former Magnolia A. & M. star. RufuS Tollett, Nashville freshman, will get the fullback assignment. Other ends avaiable are: Bunce, Ramsey. Parker and Reece; tackles. Stone, Moore, Confer and Ragsdale; guards. Maciejwski, Moreland Roy and Adams; centers, Trussell and'Rain- :y; blocking backs, Jenkins and Rosen- aerry; wintibacks, Nail, Jim Tollett and Phillips, and tailbacks, King, Daily, Reynolds and Sturgis. All but two of the reserves are freshmen or first year men at Henderson. . Miller. 190-pound blocking backf'is out with an injured shoulder, and Stevens, six-foot-five end, is;out with an arm injury, Raney who may play center as a reserve, is suffering from a knee injury. He (is a senior and a co-captain. A special train will carry a large crowd of Henderson students and fans to the game. Tho special will leave Arkadel,phia at 1 p. m. The special will stop near the Hendrix campus and after a session of chceiing on the campus, the pop squad will -march to the Conway busino.-is district for another demonstration. Tiie si|X-cial train will leave Conway at 11:30 p. m. ; Bobcat Ends and Tackles Set to Stop Smackover's Speedy Halfback Estes L . , .lack Fulkerson Bobby Ellen American League kovernment COTTON LOANS ^^_ Quick Service HH Immediate Payment ^••j Bring your Samples ^^ to ME. TOM KINSER A Government Licensed Clusser. Hope, Ark. SEE JETT WILLIAMS For Quick Service when making your Government Cotton Loans. Classed by a Government Licensed Clnssei, 108 South Waluut Struct w pa. New York .................. 98 52 G53 Boston ........................ 87 80 .592 Cleveland .................... 85 04 570 Detroit ........................ 82 C9 .543 Washington ............ 74 75 .497 Chicago .................... B2 81 .434 St. Louis .................... 53 94 .3G1 Philadelphia ............ 52 98 .347 Thursday's Results New York ,7-1, 'Philadelphia 4-1 (Second, tie, called in fifth). Boston 13, Washington 5. Cleveland 9, .Chicago 8(10 innings). Detroit -6, St. Louis 2. Gumes Friday Washington at Boston. St. Louis .at Chicago (2). Only games scheduled. National League dhica'go ."..." ............ ...88 Cl ~592 Pittsburgh ................ .85 Gl .582 New.'York ................ 81 G7 .547 Cincinnati .............. 79 61 .541 Boston ............... '. ........ '.77 73 .513 St. Louis .... ................ 69 79 .4GG Brooklyn . ................ G7 80 .456 Philadelphia '. ........... 4.5 103 .304 • {Thursday's Results Bosttti 2-G, Brooklyn 1-8. New York 9, Philadelphia 2. Chicago 10, 'Pittsburgh 1. Cincinnati 7, St. Louis 4. ' .Games Friday Philadelphia .at New York. Pittsburgh at Cincinnati (2'. Chicago at St, Louis. Only games scheduled. An International (Continued from Page One) Bailey Endorses ; Amendment No. 28 G o v e r n o r Personally Backs Bond Refunding Amendment Noy. 8 LITTLE ROCK. - Governor 1 ; Bailey has given his personal endorsement to proposed constitutional Amendment No. 28 (bond refunding amendment) in letters to several Arkansas editors. In recent press conferences, Mr. Bailey declined to state publiclj&;|is Westley Calhoun Major Simpson cided by an international commission. Swift Change in Outlook for Europe's Future Thus Europe, with millions o ftroops under arms and its citizens frantically •preparing lor war, was kept peaceful by a dramatically swift congress of the four powers. As recently as Thursday afternoon Prime Minister Chamberlain apparently had feared war was inevitable. Then came an invitation from Hitler, after urgings from Mussolini and President Roosevelt, for a face-to-face Government Cotton loans Quick Servic Immediate Payment Cotton Classed by £. C.Brown, Licensed Govern meut datwcr in Our Office, E. C. BROWN & GO. meeting. The three visiting statesman hastened by plane an train to Munich. All day Thursday and past midnight they conferred. Hitler had threatened mobolization Wednesday at 2 p. m., but postponed it when he invited France and Britain to send their premiers to talk with him and II Duce. The big four agreed to guarantee the new frontiers which Czechoslovakia will have when Hitler gets the Su- deten districts over whiclv he proclaimed himself protector. ;;*,;' Mussoloni Credited j Mussolini was credited in irtjierTcon- ference circles with having weighted the. balance toward peace in an' 82- minute visit with Hitler just before' the four-opwer conversations openej;!. The two had jnet at Kufstein, on. tlie former Austro-Gorman border and came on to Munich together by train. Thus they had full opportunity to talk things over before their meeting with Chamberlain and Daladier. '" O'n the train ride, Mussolini was said to have stressed the necessity of reaching an agreement with France and Britain. This was said to have paved the way for a quick accord of all four statesmen. That Mussolini should seek to restrain Hitler after his own series of speeches in Northern Italy during the past two weeks came as a surprise to gome. position on this particular proposal, although he .d.eclared,, as .he did. at the recent state Democratic, convention's closing session, that he .believed an amendment should be adopted writig a bond, refunding agreement, into the constitution. The platform of the Democratic convention urged adoption of a constitutional amendment embracing a refunding agreement, but it did not refer to proposed -Amendment No. 28 by name. Because the proposal, which will be voted on at the November 8 general election unless stricken from the ballot by court order, was the only one publicly under consideration at the time of the convention, it generally was considered that Mr. Bailey and the party platform had reference to proposed Amendment No. 28. "I am of the strong belief that proposed Amendment No. 28 will solve our highway refunding problems and enable the state to save, through refunding, our outstanding bonds at lower interest rates, anywhere from $1,500,000 to §2,000,000," Mr. Bailey said in one of the letters. "This interest saving, when matched with federal aid, will give the state from $3,000,000 to 54,000,000 for road construction which will enable the state to convert dusty, expensive maintenance type roads into dustless surface roads and thus enable the state t osave a considerable portion annually of what we now have to spend for maintenance. "Certain interests with ulterior motives arc giving out press statements in opposition to Amendment No. 28. These parties, I am certain, are not working to the best interest of the citizenship of Arkansas. * * * "There is a large amount of old road district bonds which rae a first lien on the lands in the road districts in many counties of the state and which have never been canceled and are held in the state treasury as collateral security for an equal amount of state road district refunding bonds. "Our 10 slate toll bridges have been made toll-free, but this doesn't relieve the pledge to collect tolls unless money t opay the maturing principal and interest of toll bridge bonds can be taken Crackers Hit Rowe and Win Game, 3-0 Atlanta Takes S e c .0 n cl Straight From Beaumont Team F ootball Games North Little Rock vs. Biylheville— Blytheville at North Little Rock. Litte Rock vs. Byrd High at Shreveport, La. Pine Bluff at Fort Smith. Jonesboro at Hot Springs. Benton at Fordyce. Hope at Smackover. El Dorado at Nashville. Forrest City at Russellvillc. Carksville .at Paris). Gurdon et Malvern. Monticello at Dermott. Conway at Warren. Walnut Ridge at Batesville. Elaine at Clarendon. Gentry, at Rogers. -Conway at Warren. Elevins at Murfreesboro. Sarpeta, Lt., at Magnolia. Waldron at Van Buren. Newport at Paragould. Siloam Springs at Fayettevillo. Helena at Stuttgart. Benlonville at Huntsville. Eudora at DeWitt Dermott at Monticello. Carlisle at Searcy. Ashdown at Calliant, Okla. Heber Springs at Beebe. Springdale at Berryville. Booneville at Greenwood. Foreman at Idabel, Okla. Atkins Lt Harrison. Marianna at Augusta. Frescott at Dierks. Elsewhere Texas Tech at Duquesne. Furman at George Washington, Cl.arkso nat Syracuse. The Citadel at Wake Forest. Brigham Young at Denver. Santa Barbara at Greeley. Montana at San Francisco. Sleeping Sickness-; Traced to Horses Disease of Animals Final ly Linked to Human] Variety of Ailment v* By HOWARD W. BLADKESLEE Associated Press Science Editor, NEW YORK-W-The Rockefeller Institute announced Thursday that an outbreak of human sleeping sickness In southwestern Massachusetts has been traced to horses. This is the first time that horses have been implicated as causes of human encephalitis. The horses in southwestern Massachusetts have been dying of eneephalomyelitis, a wellknown animal disease, resembling human ileeping sickness, but not heretofore known to be the same. The horse disease is caused'by o virus of the same kind found in the brains of five children who died of sleeping sickness in the horse disease area. The report is made in Science; by Leslie T. Webster and F. Howell Wright. Medical men here commented that the discovery is of "tremendous importance." Viruses are the known cause not only of human sleeping.sick- ness, but of other serious diseases and of epidemic flu. Ruiiyan, IVIcSpadcn on Golf Tour NEW YORK—Paul Runyan, P. G. A champion, and Harold McSpaden, 1937 runner-up, will leave for South America by plane, September 30, to compete in exhibitions in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, and other cities. Their -tour will last five weeks, dhring which :time they also will play in the Argentine Open, won last year by Henry Picard. 'On the trip bask they wil •-compete at San Juan, Puerto Rico returning to the United States in mid- November. Warehouses in the London docks always store enough tobacco to supply every man, woman and child in Great Britain with one ounce every week for a year. -sft ATLANTA, Ga.—(#•)—Rain deluged Ponce de Leon Thursday night to wash out a rally by the Beaumont Exporters, champions of the Texas League and give the Southern Association's Atlanta .Crackers a 3-to-O .victory,.and a two-tip advantage in the Dixie Series. The-Crackers scored all three runs in the second inning when they hopped on Schoolboy Rowe for four 'hits and capitalized on one Beaumont error. In the first of the -ninth the Ex- pcrters scored two runs, and had the tying run on first base with' two out and the count one and one on Left- fielder Frank Secoy, when the game was called. Rowe, making a comeback after being farmed out with a sore arm by the Detroit Tigers, displayed good control and a last-breaking curve which caused consistent pop-outs. He fanned five and allowed 10 hits in .eight 'innings. Tow S'unkel, 21-game winner and leading Southern Association pitcher, struck out eight batters, allowed three hits and pitched shutout ball until the ninth. In the final frame the Exporters got two more hits and two runs, but calling of the gave reverted (lie score to the close of the eighth, leaving the official record three hits and no runs. Teams (o Beaumont A crowd of 7,4W paid to see the con- Mileage Wasted MILWOUKEE—Tarzan Taylor, M&r- quette line coach, drove 240 miles to see the game between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears, and then, because it was raining so hard, remained outside the stadium in his aar, listening to the game over the radio. Ideal Roommates FORT WORTH—Cap. I. B. Hale, 245 pounds, and Davie O'Brien, 150 pounds, largest and smallest men on the Texas Christian grid squad, are roommates. They played together in their high school days in Dallas. As O'Brien puts it: "They just had to put me in the I. B. in order to get two in a room." El Is Take Out Novel Go-Back Dummy "MfflWVHVI' *«.. rnmrir •jMnnmiiM»«m.i_j. ' Stuart Hemingway, nearest ilic camera, and Linscott v team on a novel so-back tackling dummy . . . make a Li works for its opening game w h Columbta Jn New Haven, Oct. 1. C* ' out of the general highway fund. " * * * If our highway breaks down finally, all types of highway obligations will default and taxes will again be collected in old bridge and road improvement districts. The mere agreement to take over bridge taxes, or a decaration to reliev tolls, will not be sufficient. The highway revenue to make this possible must be available, and the only way this can be done is in a huge interest saving by refunding which can be had under Amendment No. 28. City Meat Market Choice K. C. & Native Meats Sea Foods - Poultry Prompt Free Delivery Phone 7G7 Evan Wray LcRoy Henry HEATERS FLOOR FURNACES Phone for Estimate Harry W, Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Phone 259 test, Friday the teams leave for Beaumont where they are scheduled to resume the series Saturday. The Crackers lead, two wins to nothing, in the seven-game series. In the second, Hill led for Atlanta with a single to left center and went to second when Mullen juggled the ball. Mauldin beat out an attempted sacrifice while Hill advanced to third. Getting doubled to left center, scoring Hill, Mauldin stopping at third. Richards singled to left center, scoring Mauldin and Getting. Peters sacrificed Richards to second, but Sunkel hit to Croucher at short and Richards -was out in a chase, Croucher to De- johnghe to Vincent. Boiling popped out to Vincent to retire the side. s Don't worry about thc cost of new winter clothes. Let us clean and press those last year's suits and dresses. . They will look like NEW! Phone 148 coors White Star LAUNDRY & CLEANERS Bed Room Living Room Dining Room Breakfast Kitchen Cabinets Wood Cook Stoves Wood Heaters Gas Ranges Gas Heaters Wool and Con- goleum Rugs S u I T S Hope Hardware COMPANY Football Broadcast 2:25 P. M. Saturday, October 1 Texas Christian University vs. U. of A. RADIO STATIONS KBTM—Jonesboro—1200 Kilocycles KELD—El Dorado—1370 Kilocycles KARK—Little Rock—890 Kilocycles Sponsored By El Dorado, Ark.

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