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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, December 10, 1948
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Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor Alex. H. Washbun- Public Salaries Competitive, Too New Role for Japan Little Rock dispatch yesterday disclosed that the legislature's Joint Budget Committee is considering Governor-Elect Sid Mc- I •* Math's request that the salaries i of the Commissioner of Revenues, State Highway Director, and Commissioner of Kducation, be increased to $7,500 a year. And that figure is no more than is absolutely necessary. Mr. Mc; Math told us at the Winter meel- ; ing of the Associated Press in Little Rock Sunday, November 28, } that he is having a good deal of trouble finding competent men who ! are willing to serve in key state ', offices at $5,000 and $0,000 a year. '* He told about the case of Dean ( Morley. scheduled to be the next Commissioner o£ Revenues. Mr. Morley gets $8,500 a year as FBI I chief in Arkansas. Furthermore, "'.• he has served 12 years with the : federal bureau, needs only eight ': more to earn retirement status. • The competence of Mr. Morley ; is well known. But you aren't going •:' to get, or hold, competent men in i: stale office unless salaries are I competitive—competitive not only *' with federal salaries but also pri- *vate pay schedules. WEATHER FORECAST Arkansas: Fair and cold this afternoon a'irl Lowest temperature 20 to ^80 , night. Saturday partly rlmteiJJ ancS s not .<•<> cold, l ->. .. 50TH YEAR: VOL. 50 — NO. 48 Star ot Hope 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated January IB, 192S HOPE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1948 (AP)—Means Associated Press (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. 'PRICE: Sc- ipy Probe Turns By DOUGLAS B. CORNELL Washington, Dec. 10 Congression al spy investigators today got a story that the now famous pump kin papers lay hidden for 10 years c in tne dnmo waiter shaft of ilirooklyn house. 1 It was related by Nathan L. Lavine, Brooklyn lawyer and nephew mrs. Whutaker Chambers. Chambers, confessed courier i'oi a Communist spy ring ot the 1930s produced the papers last week from a more, recent hiding place—a hollowed pumpkin on his Maryland farm. He identiticd them as micro film copies of secret government documents slipped to the Red spies. In the furore since, a federal grand jury in New \ork has re sumed an inquiry into the whole affair and the justice department ha sdemandcd that the House Un- True to Spirit of Christmas Governor-Elect McMath has American Activities committee stood firm on this point, and he is correct. How can you expect any relief from the network of federal agencies unless the state governments shoulder some ol tne responsibility? And how can a competent state governmet be put together to assume that responsibility unless it has adequately-paid department ticads? drop public publicity about it while law enforcement officers get in their work. The committee has refused to do that. Levinc was called to the committee's witness chair against this background of immediate develop rncnls: I seem to have made n correct '.«». appraisal of American diplomatic- military intentions in the Far East. On December 1, the clay Madame Chiang Kai-shek arrived in the United States seeking more help for her husband's regime in China, I wrote in this column: "America is going to tell Madame Chiang Kai-sheK 'No.' What is likely to be the American position oii China'.' If we can't help Chiang we certainly won't help his opponents, the Russian-allied Chinese Re-is. But we don't have .to make a choice. We already have * a powerful bastion in the Far East—American-occupied Japan, where Douglas MacArthur is in a position to hold Russian in check." Yesterday it was announced from Washington that the United States has abandoned its plan to break up Japan';; industries. The announcement said the plan was "outmoded 1. vital Authoritative sources said military secrets of friendly nations were among the stolen government papers. | 2. Chambers resigned as a senior editor ot Time magazine. He said Vime had hired him in 1939 in lull knowledge that he was an cx- Ccmmunist, but without knowing that 'espionage was involved." 3. The committee announced it has located what the members called suspect No. 3 in Applelon, Wis. He was identified as a lormcr employe of the National Bureau of Standards. 4. Mrs. Algcr Hiss was called before the New York grand jury. Hiss, now president of the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace, was an official of the state Coldest Weather of Year Hits Arkansas By The Associated Press Arkansas had its coldest weather of the current fall Friday morn- inj«. Thpe mercury sank to 12 degrees in Gilbert. Throughout the state temperatures averaged a 30-defiree drop Thursday night, the U. S. Weather bureau at Little Rock reported. | ; Other low temperatures reported I early Friday, included: Harrison,' 17 Fort Smith, 20 Dardanclie and O/.ark, 21 Morril- toii. 23 Camelon 24 Batesvillo 2f> By JOHN L. STEELE Washington. Dee. 10 — (UP)—\ y senate Democrats saici today the government may have to raise- tax vales if it is to stay out of the red next year. Sen. Waller F. George of Geor- Little Cia. incoming chairman of the Sen-j Bluff ite Finance committee, told a re j The porter that a final answer on high er t-xes would have to wait until President Truman sends congress his budget for the 1B50 fiscal year, (night with low temperatures rang- hich starts July 1. ing between 20 and 30 degree!: his Rock 20 Newport 27 Pine 28 and Texarkana 30. temperature at Dnrdanelle dropped 44 degrees overnight. "Continued cold" weather was forecast by the bureau for Friday conquest department in 1937 and 1938—the years Chambers says he got the Documents, *v<f'»-<sJ»: Chambers has testified that Hiss slipped him some of the papers. Hiss has denied that. In New York it was reported that Hiss had been subpoenaed to Simultaneously, the 11-nation Far appear beiore the house committee Eastern Commission rejected, 10 to iat 10 a. m. (EST) tomorrow—if Soviet Russia's proposal to put | the grand jury does not require his —NEA Telephoto Cirl O Olsen, riqht, 27, of Alamdea, Claif., received a real Christmas present at San Rafael. Calif. After a month of training he wa™ nreserted with a newset of eyes, a dog trained by 'Guide DOB* For the Blind." The 19th graduation of this organization had Us exercises in the form of a Christmas party. xplossoo 'Japan's industry under international controls. H looks like the piece I wrote December 1 was either a sharp appraisal or what they call in Washington "an educated guess." •* -K * Reel- Acceptance of CIO Purge May Tip Off New Party Line By JAMES THRASHER The action of the CIO's national executive board in revoking the presence in New York. In the committee's language, Hiss rates as suspect No. 1 No. 2 is Henry Julian Wadlcigh, a former state department employe who now lives in Vienna, Va. Wadleigh was a witness yesterday. He testified he is not and never has been a Communist, but refused to say whether or not he had slipped secret information from the state department. He said he Toocka Has , Dec. 10 —(,P|—Nine \ Honolulu, Dec. 10 — (/!>! — Was men' were killed and 16 injured i Pearl Harbor Caught with its ra- sories ot blasts that shook(dar defenses However, George indicated belief that increased foreign and military spending and new domestic programs could force ihc government into the red column and make higher lax rates probable. Sen. Harry F. Byrd. D., Va., a ranking member of the finance cnmmittoc. paid in a separate in tervicw that a 1949 tax increase Deemed inevitable. "I would hate to see any increase in taxes." Byrd said, 'but if we are going to spend as much money I is it looks like, we should raise [taxes rather than go back to dc- licit spending." fie said, however. (hat he favors some form of short term excess profits lax rather Ihan a boost in normal corporation tax rates or restoration of the cut make in in dividual income levies last year. Son. Joseph C. O'Mahoney. D., iWyo., incoming chairman of the toinl economic committee, said tax returns must be large enough to finance American 'win-lhe-peace" (•florts. He said testimony of some wit nesses before his committee. to the effect that actual business profits are not as high as reported, appeared designed to discourage .my congressional boost in corporate taxes. The size of the budget which Mr. Truman will hand the Democratic- controlled congress next month is not yet definitely determined. But there are signs it may run as high as (S4f>,OOO.b'JO.OOn. Tjhc president yesterday consulted with budget director James E. Webb and a dozen high-ranking armed service officials on the size of the military budget, but all participants left the meeting with their lips scaled. Slightly warmer weather peeled Saturday with cloudy" skies. The low temperature in was 2(i degrees. is cx- 'partly Hope 'Con 7 Game r% 1 f* A Backfires, 4 Land in Jail Four Negroes, two men and two women, were jailed here yesterday for trying to work the old "confidence" game on Milton Wesson, Negro, Railway Express employe. They were listed as: Mose li'.cks, Jacksonville. F'la., Robert Small of Kansas City, Alma Kidd of Pitlsburg, Texas and Rose Sump- tor of Kansas City. Wesson quietly asked his boss to call police and tried to keep them as long as possible. However, they became suspicious and left only to be arrested by state police later near Texarkana. Here's how they operate: One, in this instance a woman, finds a purse and pretends it contains a ugc sum of money. To keep Wcs- on and the other man from tcll- she seeks to cut them in on the in a huge power and light plant near j anniversary is stale capital for almost 45 attack? down on the seventh of the Japanese sneak this "stale capital for almost The officer responsible for Rcseue crews still groped i tccting unannounced aircraft through debris today seeking other ,preaching Hawaii says: possible victims. Radar The explosions occurred in the ted the . Kansas i j ower and Light com-j nounced on a rotindtrip from i ort. screens might have plot- B-3G which flew unan charter of the Greater New York j m j grlt incriminate himself by an- C10 Council is of particular interest. For most or the Communist and pro-Communist CIO union presidents were members of the New York council. swcring that question. Washington, Dec. 10 —l/l'i—Vital military secrets of friendly nations ,— turned uo today among stolen gov- The executive board charged that C rnmcnt papers uncovered in the the council had "brought discredit ,House Un-American Activities upon the national CIO by ^nc Committee's spectacular Red Spy slavish adherence ... to the line and dictates of the Communist Party." And a comparison of the hunt. They involve such things as British battleships, Chinese bombers council's past activity with general u ' ncl su . at egic war materials from Communist policy in America clur- „ Communist policy in '4 the past 10 years stamps charge as both perate. Further, the unprecedented platform attack on Reds in the CIO by President Philip Murray in Portland and the tremendous support which it received from convention delegates indicates the extent to which the union is willing to go in clearing itself of is also a heartenin ... , the Argentine. uuu And as the committee scrapped accurate and t° m -i furiously with the Truman adminis- I tration over how the spy probe | should be run, it spotted suspect number three out in Appleton, Wis. II ordered him to show up for a hearing by 1 p. m. (CSTi today. The man has been described to the committee as a former em- ploye of the National Bureau of „ . , T . | J1\J V (J *~>1- L1H_ IX H LI Ut I U1 Communists. It stanchu . ds . Thc burcau commentary on the loyalty and intelligence of union members. Thus the Communist CIO's break with executives, which tesls some of the government's most secret weapons and military devices. The committee got the man's name from Whiltakcr Chambers, a Sixty of ; former Communist courier. Cham-', employe v u •• i •••«--- - - , i • i i 'lUlHH-I V^tJ 11 U I J LU I IO 1, UUll I 1L. I • ^Ht" 1 " \ — • • • I. ./ — - • gan when the former repudiated | bt . rs has lCBt if icd t ]-, ;il w hii c he was .struction in Henry Wallace's candidacy, seems j(] (hc Red underground before the i addition. pany's main plant and left Topeka, a city of 90,000 wtihout electricity or several hours. Hospitals were forced lo operate MI an emergency basis, elevators ,vcre stalled in downtown buildings and many shops and offices closed early. No serious accidents were reported. although traffic was snarled at busy intersections when signal lights went out, Theaters were blacked out. Fire broke out during the explosions which rocked a large area. Thc plant is in the little town of Tecumseh. five miles east of here. The exact cause of the explosions had not been determined but several workers reported they had smelled gas in the building. The explosions pulveri/ed concrete and twisted and ripped heavy steel. The plant's basement was badly wrecked. The external walls of the structure, a part eight-story and part fivestory building, were not damagd although most of the windows were blown out. Approximately 15(1 men were working in or near the building, were power plant others were con- working on a new Worth, Tex., and dropped "a use fu'l bomb load" at sea off Hawaii. The officer, Col. T. W. Blackburn said yesterday 21 planes were picked up by radar in the two hours the strategic air command's six-engine bomber was believed in Hawaiian skies. But the B-36 was not singled out. At Fort Worth the pilot, Maj. John D. Bartlett, said his big silver craft went to Pearl Harbor and then to the Northwest point of Oahu island before turning back to the mainland on the 35 12 hour flight. The "surprise raid" caused some- feeling in Hawaii that the islands' them The Ml to ha've reached a showdown. It is, I we should say. about time. For the strategy of playing ball with the Red comrades, which the top CIO leadership persisted in so long. war, government workers fed him secret documents for transmission to Russian agents. He has named Alger Henry Julian Wadleigh, dead were from Topeka. Al- air defense might have been caught napping. Blackburn emphasized that un- jdcr peacetime conditions there is no way to keep a single aircraft from slipping through Ihc defense net. He said civilian aircraft do not carry equipment to send out the friendly identification signal for radar. "If we were in a state of emer geney or threatened war, all aircraft would be under military control.' 'Blackburn said. "Then we could filter it." Spokesmen for the air force, the navy and army said earlier they had no report of any radar or ra dio contact with the B-3C. At Fort Worth, the strate .. Chambers Resigns ess Editor of Time Magazine New York. Dec. 10 —i/l'i—Whil taker Chambers, confessed formei Communist courier and key 1'igurt. in the probe of alleged Communis espionage, lias resigned as a senio editor of Time magazine, his at torneys announced today. The announcement came as Mrs Priscilla Hiss, wife of Alger Hiss appeared at the federal building testify before a grand jury probint the alleged Communist spying. The attorneys' announcemen was headed "statement by Whit taker Chambers." It said: 'I have offered my resignatio as a senior editor of Time mag zinc. It has been accepted. 'Both of these acts became iir perative when I recently began t make revelations about Communib espionage." Mayor Lyle urown ed the following statement concerning the official census report received this week and which was completed a couple of weeks ago: "The officiial certification for the census of Hope has been received from Washington. The Director of the census 'jellifies I he population to be 8,(Hi"). This is 'an increase of 91 over the preliminary figure which was certified by the Field Supervisor. According to these figures the population of Hope is distributed as follows: Both Sexes Male Female Total pop. 8.B8") -1.056 4.02!) White ... . 5.-I52 2,5(M 2,KI!.'I Non-white 3.2S3 1.4112 1,741 As a result of Ibis special census, which gives us an increase of 1210 over the 1!)40 census, the City will receive additional revenues from the State Sales Tax and Gasoline Tax Funds. This increase would have been losl for the next three years except for the taking of this census. When the preliminary figure was released, considerable disappointment was expressed because it did not show the Cily to have a population of 10,000.A survey was immediately marie to determine whether any substantial error was committed, by the census takers. II was our conclusion that the entire city was well canvassed, and if any persons were overlooked Ihe total number was negligible. We also made comparison with those who took an independent census in compiling the new directory of the City of Hope. The new directory will list 10,127 persons. Thc difference between this i'ij.;ure and the official census is due lo the fact that the compilors nf the City directory went beyond the City limits in all direction:; took in residents all around outer edges. For example, they By CHARLES MOLONY Washington. Dec. 10 —!/P)— Yule shoppers are on the veige of ending the Christmas sales lecord'f which have soared higher each year of the past decade. With only Ki more gift-buying days to go. department stoic s ll',s have dropped below last vi-ar's mark tor the- fifth straight week, the federal reserve board leportecl last night. This is !he !om;i'.st con- .oculivi! decline since tin." war. Some officials here said no long- M- can there be any doubt that irice resistance, and the living cose st|uee:vj, particularly on those ia ow income brackets, are playin £ part in the downtrend. ^ ake. To show their "confidence" coiiipilccT'llici names of all persons ach man must put up a sum of rionoy. Then she goes lo the bank or change in order to split it three vays. When she fails to return her lartncr goes to find her and he also eaves. The only thing wrong with yesterday's swindle is Wesson refused be taken. He played along in an effort to give police time to arrive but the swindLe-rs-.-llod--..- City, stale and police said the confidence game had been worked here several times recently, and il takes many forms. Sometims its an investment in land or business and always it depends entirely on the stupidity of its vicitm. Guernsey Scouts to Get Flag From WOW Sunday afternoon starting at 2:30 the local Woodmen of World lodge will present an American Flag to the Boy Scouts of Guernsey. Ceremonies will take place at the school. John L. Wilson, Jr. will be master of ceremonies. living in the neighborhood of An tliony Lumber Company, which is not in the City limits. They also canvassed the. industries and business houses in Hope and listed all persons working therein regardless of their residence. There are numbers of people who work in Tlopc and drive back and forth to their hpiyicn, in l'',m- met, Pa'lrnos, •• Fulton, uossuin,- Washinglon and other near-by communities. It is the opinion of those who supervised the taking of the census' for the City directory that the figure released by the Bureau of the Census is substantially correct. Everything reasonably possible has been done to determine: the correctness of the new census and it is my opinion that the official figure i's as nearly correct as il is possible lo obtain. Although we are disappointed thai we have not obtained a population of 10,000. I think the taking ot the census is justified for two reasons. First, it will increase our revenues by approximately $8,000 during the next H years. Second, we know what will have to bo done in order to reach the goal of 10,000 when the official census of the City is taken in 11)50." "Specials" blossoming out in store ads across the nation showed many merchants agreed with that view. Some store-men who earlier had anticipated continuation ot "hi;;tjc-r •ind better" sales return:;, now pin their hopes on a revival ol ptiiV'ut "hi.'il minute" chopping b'>b,i' Although some people itliibuti"! the decline lo un:;eor.onnhle we lib- cr at the uponing nf the < hn tliias season, the Fill' report sluiced lb" sales drop was nationwide-, tailing, four per cent, under tlu li)!7 u- and (turns. the While the department r'uri; M'O are still high—measured hy ;itv r . it! Ijtit 19-J7 standard;-: their lov ered showing took on a<'ldul ->ign>- fieailco when matched, with: oloef sipns th H jnfJ.itipnaiy foice. btnr lost a kit. ol.their punch. T ; he siltb dosvnt end i mohafi/od one high ollii'uil ^ cornnii lit tha* i "when hou&i wivt -, dt-cidi. one nigfai that pr.crs uie too lu< h they'll quit buying and inflation \vill Ix ; The open seas are not exactly the same level all over the world. All the ..... They were identified as C. A lonsworllh. Arthur Dahlene. Al- phoniio Cryant, Charles Miller, Roy - f i;,,i,- ,1,. .... ,.. jj [j^ri^i,. command said tne ihght — de- gic air By HAL BOYLE New York —l/lv- The hotel door opened and a fist the ai/.e of a mutton Hipped out. It caught me playfully on the chin and snapped my head six inches to tin- leeward—all the play mv neck has left. ''Ello, Ello!" boomed Pnmo j Camera. "Come in" This is the way 'Da Preem my life—it was to take back my American dollars to Italy. When Ihe currency there fell I lose all my cash." During tiie war the Germans put Primo to work with a pick and shovel, and paid him fifteen cents for a ten-hour da>—sujiitithiiig, lie said, no fight manager ever did to him. Camera returned to America with his family late in 10-10 and it lying down. Some of them, in fact, didn't even vote against the action. It has been suggested that these men who failed to defend their own actions were afraid of a showdown that would expose their loss of power. That may be true. Hut we are quite sure that the CIO's top men will not overlook another possibility. That is the possibility, already hinted in various quarters, that Communist tactics are changing the face of reverses here ana Continued on page two in Bugs Bunny Warns: Nobody can go crazy during the Christmas season. You're pertected by the Sanity Claus.. witness yesterday. He refused to say whether he had or had not slipped secret information from the state department. Wadleigh said he might incriminate himself by answering questions on that point. It was brought out that Wadleigh iin-oady has been questioned by FBI agents and has appeared be-fore a New York grand jury in- vesiiguting espionage. Chambers lias yielded to the committee some of the papers lie Obtained, in the form of photograph 5 or copies. Most of them came from the state department and are dated 19"7 and 19HB. It is; known that they contain information on such touehy subjects of the times as: Whether Britain was going to specialize on cruisers or bailie- ships a.s the backbone of her fleet. : The placing of Chinese orders r bombers in France. The size ot Chinese troop movements during her war with Japan. Argentine sales of large quanli- ', lies of linseed oil to tile Germans at fancy price:.. Linseed oil is a i sirategie war material. ; Germany was gelling ready ilieii to move against Austria. Some of I the papcrs'dca! with the Austrian | •'n.-'chhi.s.- and with other behind-' i tile-scenes maneuvers in diplomacy lational polities, imillee showed sign- of ire of tile hlale .'helhel 1 it should lish the texts of documents. Some turned loose and Ihhelci. iuilding ' plosion. H brought dust all around us. A few seconds later there was a powerful bias! with fire. H blew me down on my lace and must have bl'jwn Sheahan lone of the dead i in the o out Ihe sotilli i Men swai'iiu after the initi started ru/iiii:) there was a trained winn..- li'ar a.s IDO t< el i ..-r, j t hl.'i e sr<'! (explosion at I J anesko, 41. K I coneussien .-•"'. | run into a. bi '••• I "\\V ran b.i i on Ihe l e>oni. [blast and we ' again. Then l ' explo.-i(in w in stairs. We tii: welcomes any visitor except a dwarf. And a dwar j probably get a big, friendly i his face too —- if Camera swing that low. I walked in with a friend. I carelessly tossed his hat on a I 'Oh. m'y Clod, oh, my God. (do thai, "That's ba< to His room reconverted immediately to 'my would fist in could first love—wrestling." "11 is much better than boxing." he said. 'After :•)() years in boxing you are through. You lose the eyes, Ihe speed. But in wrestling all you iiLC-d to keep is the .strength. •You push, you pull — but your Hoy iiarrell of Arkadelphia w:u exonerated of blame in a tinck- collision on Highway li7, December 1, near Prescott, in which Kay mond Uooker, 10, of ICmmet and two Weenies. Edward and Arthur Reed, also of Emmet, lost their lives. At a hearing in Arkadelphia Iiar- rell, driving a heavily loaded truck for Blevin;; Implement Co. of Arkadelphia, testified that his motor stopped because of trouble in the gas line and that before he could put out flares another truck in which the Kmmel residents were riding, crashed into it. A charge of negligent homicide was dismissed. ;o for businessmen was another 'cderal reserve report showing that >usiness loans also dropped the la&i hrec weeks of November Coupled with that was. an ev v en v.ore unusual decline in real e.statt oans which, though slight flpl.OOO 100), halted a week-to-wcek climb o new highs that had been going on in this field since wartime. •IV : Chicago. Uvc. -.:) ---i.-i'<--A>; extra - nlam 1 tire drove more than !.>0 I person:; into Iree/ing cold today! from the six story. 20u room Hub-. j bard hotel. ! There were no fatalities hut a 'tiiv chio! and a Gl-year-ol''i man 'Were o\ ei come by smoke in the '.V.Vyear-nld landmark at 417 North Clark street, just north of Chicago's loop sistricl. Fire Chief Antrony Mullam-y i.-.-.u- inati-d damage al Sl!;0,l/0f;. if - pronounced liie fire "struck out" at 7; IS a. m. iSC'l'i. five hours alter tin- I Jr.-1 al.il in was sounded. Deputy Chief Fire Mai shall d'.l 1 ' I Dahl sa'id the tire was believed l-> have Marie..! on the second I!" 1 ' 1 ; and .> pr,-ad through the v. all:- I" r. The cause was i;"t S'ear in At 42 eh a n ip h:qjpi('i in t.-'l luck i.s something man liu-y used to call the Alp no' long:.-! 1 has lo i,:jij:' HI-'.; ndin.!-. the crest akin:; S.i'iii.Onu to s2"jO.()tUI a the v.'re.-, ihn Ihe i-.-.-lu. av> is a slice; v: man he ha:.- ve v ilii hi:.; the to t: who bed. don't ,,..„ Camera reproached him. j brain it don't get hurt. When they l,-,d lui !; to put the hat puj. the legs around Ihe body and give the squee/.e il don't hur brain. "My advice In Joe Louis is quit before he gels hurt. He haoj gone down a long way. 1 was lucKy j not to gel hurl. "1 am much belter oil now. In the boxing game you make the big gale. Hut maybe only once, twice a year. But in wrestling you work four, five, .-.ix nights every week." Camera gels from ip'.'j.)') I" .^2,111)11 a night, and. as he says "this time 1 get to keep most of it myself." He u.'jed lo be only amiable. Now lie's smart a.-; well. Camera wants to become an An i ei'H: an ciU .s lor j wile and tin. slhng i!), and Giovan nuugh I Los Angeles i l.nx- , "They di'.tn Embree Warns of Christmas Fire Previously reported . . Frank Howson Cril Stuart H. E. McMahen Jack Pritchell Boswell Sisters Beauty Shop E. C. Atkins John Keck Elmer Brown Russell Lewallen . . .. Alli-n Shipp C. E. Weaver llyer's Abstract ... Ralph Bailey Robert Turner J. A. Davis Paul Simnis, Jr Arthur L. Anderson Fred A. Luck W. G. Johnson Oliver L. Adams . David Griffin Syvelle Burke Claude Sutlon A. D. Middle-brook, Si- W. M. Sparks J. Arvil llickrnan Mewl lluncly . . Mr.. Mrs. Charles Bryan 1,. 15. Delaney Gio. Dr. A. J. Neighbors, . Sue and Leo Shop Sophia Sue Harper F. C. Crow Fin: Chief day i;:.,ui'il a local resident, can urcur tin Jalne.i F.lnbree to- word ol caution to about trug'-dy:. that High carelessness in $2,700.50 12.00 5 00 i oo l.OQ 5 00 1 00 1.00". 12 00 i on 1 50 5.00 12.50 2.30 1 00 200 i.oo 1 00 1 00 200 n.oo GOO 000 5 00 5 00 5.00 U 00 2.5U 25.00 5 W GOD a no GOO 500 j. l Total house a Schools d and decorating Christina:, IreeS. He particularly cited (he incident in a little school IIOUL.-:.' in Babb.-. .Switch, Okla. where l:ifl iiai: gallKivi! lor a Cliri-Slina:-. party, and 'M diiu in Uames when the tree ignited. He uann.-d: l.':;e only :::iie i K e- Un ti KM old par obstruct 1) night :-ix f.'i-t ,ci 1. rt' lie said. -No.v tnnrlh '.'.rade. ; ti[h(.-rs in the ; - about il the | sh. He is going I until I tell him ; trade. Hut not ling oh boy, ! am very Patvi that HI ing opi fi-om 1! Seiiool i. i;> ]Kilrons bus will d todav I.- i,; v/( ro rvi 110 Public SchooU aie Uolfl- ii house Sunday afuujoo.'i until -1 p.m., 1 bu-u-j will run t i tiring who liv.:- fat nut %fh, ake it;'. «. "H! \r about 1 p.m. All I. d 0:1 duly at U>..-n i'.sys, -fUu f i..-tv, rilr. ,y ill-. Father's Slight Program Planned ot Oglesby 111:1 r iati in hull, i opesi ami :wo in Swit-icrlnnJ i The uppi i hoiH -'arliamc'ia - in. let a 1 ! a Coiun uiv l -

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