Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 30, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 30, 1938
Page 3
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Friday, September 80, .1988 Life is n gnmu, but it's you who must : tyy< Whether as cheat or us sportsman you'll play. Fate may betray you but you settle : first Whether lo live to your best or your • ; worst. So whatever it i.s you arc wanting to • 1)0, Remember, to fashion the choiie you arc free. Kindly or selfish, or gentle or strong, Keeping the right wrong. Careless of honor of pride, taking the guarding your All these jirc questions which you must decide. Yours the selection, whichever do; The thing men call character's nil up ' to you.—E. A G. you the Ouachitn Presbylerial in Lewis- villc on Thursday. Mrs. McRae, president presided over the conference. Tlie Executive Board of the Woman's Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church will meet at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon til the church. Mrs. -O- William Metcalt and little daughter, Sarah Sue of Texarkana and Mrs. Clifford Aubrey of Detroit, Tex., arc spending the week-end with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. IT. D. Coffman Mrs. J. M. Ligon of Conway arrived Friday for a week-end visit with her daughter, Mrs. James R. Henry and Mr. Henry. -O- Mr. and Mrs. J. A, Rowland of McCaskill announce the marriage of their daughter Helen to L. C. Coc of Hot Springs, the wedding taking place al Miss Mary Pnnkcy of Emmet, who is* Fort Sniil11 September 22. They will a freshman at Centenary College, is '" !lkc tllc . ir lu)mc in Hot Springs where making her home with her grandmother, Mrs. Samuel R. Bridgcrs and her sister and family, the Robert Lcclbel- tcrs nt Robinson Place, Shrevcport, La., Miss Pankey recently pledged Chi Omega. Honoring Miss Hay Webb, an October bride-elect, Mrs. B. L. Retlig, ...Mrs. Harry Phipps and Mrs. Thos. M. Kinscr were hostesses on Thursday evening at a very charming dinner- bridge .shower, at the home of Mrs. Rottig, West avenue C. The attractive new Rettig home was beautifully decorated with early fall flowers and following the dinner bridge wa.s played from four tables. Table prizes /went to Mrs. J. F. Gorin, Mrs. Joe Olmstcacl, Mi.ss Ray Webb and Mrs. Merlin Coop. \Mr.s. K. G. McRae, Mrs. A. F. Hanc- •gvni. Mrs. John Guthrie and Mrs. May '• \Vilson tended a group conference of Mr. Coc is employed. NDS FRIDAY IE TEXANS' S V AT DOUBLE Me 15c The 3 Musketeers —in— "Heroes of The Hills" —Ami— "TIME OUT FOR MURDER" Gloria Stuart Plus: Cartoon and "TIM TYLER'S LUCK" NORMA SHEARER TYRONE POWER Robert MORLEV • Anita LOUISE Joseph SCHILDKRAUT • Gltdn George-Henry Stephenson *Wuc»rf by Hunt Stromberg ALL Tim LOWER FLOOR RKSERVED DULTS 50c CHILDREN 25c SEATS ON SALE At Sacngcr Theater Cox Drug—Hope While & Co.—Fulton I! Ion Spates Service Station Saratoga Street Car Cafe IMincral Springs Bluvins Drug Store Illcvins Sid's Cafe—Rosston European Hotel—Stamps I-esler Drug Co.—LcwisvilUt -OR— PHONE 133 HOPE Balcony Not Reserved Weekly Sunday School Lesson By WM. E. GILROY, D. D. Editor of Advance UNITY MISSIONARY BAPTIST HOPE STANHOPE, ARKANSAS Services' will be held nt Melrosc church again Sunday, Sunday school at 10 and preaching at 11. To be honest a sthis world goes is Circus Coming Soon; Cue for Children to Be Good Twice a year children find)it pays;*) to be good—when Christmas appoachcs and when the circus announces its yjsit. Nobody is much concerned about Santa Clnus just now, but'"the other lo be one man picked out^of ten thou-| occasion which calls for 'good be wind, and an olicnst man's word is as good as his bond; keep your word and conic lo church Sunday. FIRST BAITl'ST CHURCH W. R. Hamilton, Pastor The One True God Text: Exodus 20:2, 3; Isaiah -15:22; Mark 12:2S-M; I Corinthians 8:1-0 There was n time wliLMi most relig- ous people, young and old, and many who were not religious, were fa- niliar with the Ten Commandments. real emphasis was laid upon the ncmoriing and the teaching of them n Sunday .schools, and also iif public schools in countries where there was provision for religious instruction. Jt might be surprising today to discover how many people, even in the •cligious community, could not name or identify the various Command- ncnls. II i.s true that they might have knowledge of their substance, but .vculd they have the familiarity with hem (hat was common a generation Sunday school at 9:45. Next Sunday will be the first Sunday of the new Sunday school yeear—the first Sunday of n new quarter's study. The Young People and Adult Departments will .stdy the Ten Commandments. Do they apply lo our day? Have we outgrown them? Come and hear a discussion of this portion of God's word by teachers who have made careful study of the lesson. Graded lessons appropriate to the age-groups will be taught all pupils 16 years of age and under. At the morning worship service, which opens at 10:55, the pastor will preach the first of a scries of sermons on the Beautitudes. The topic Sunday morning is to be "Recipes for Happiness," the general topic of the series is "The Slarway of Happiness." Read Matthew 5:2-12 and come to study with us Jesus' recipe for happiness. The "kick off" of the new B. T. U. year takes place at 6:30 Sunday evening. At least one hundred young people arc expected. The evening service opens at 7:30 beginning next Sunday instead of 8:00, the time during the summer. The pastor will preach on, "They Who Were Crucified." If one wishocl to test this matter out, ic might ask various religious people Mother's Standby in Treating CHILDREN'S COLDS FOR RELIEVING discomforts of chest colds n n ct night coughs, rub Vlcks VnpoRub on thront. chest, nnd bnck nt bedtime. Its poul- tlce-vnpor action relievos local congestion and helps the youngster relax into restful Bleep. FOR COUCHING and irritated throat due to colds, put VapoRub on the child's tongue. It melts, bathes the throat with comforting medication. Also massage on throat and chest. FOR HEAD-COLD "sniffles" nnd misery. melt a spoonful of VapoRub in a bowl of boiling water. Have the child breathe In the steaming vapors. This loosens phlegm, clears air- passages. WICKS V VAPORUB havior is close nt hand. Advance Agents have announced that Russell Bros.' Big 3-Ririg Circus and Wild- Animal Menagerie will give afternoon and night performances in Hope on Wednesday, October 5. nt the show grounds on old U. S. Highway No. 67. For its tenth anniversary tour, the Russell Circus has assembled an/entirely new performance of exceptional merit, embracing all the alluring offerings one always expects lo find with a first class circus, plus aivinlr'guing variety of refreshing novelties and surprises. ' Stellar features of the fast-moving program . include daring exploits in mid-air rind spectacular acrobatic feats by such troups as the Flying 'Stars, Roberts Trio, Aerial Ortons, Lon La- Vola, gizard of-the slack wire, and the Morris" Troupe of springboard acro- Ixits, extraordinary exhibitions • of equestrianism and fine horsemanship by the Albert Kodgini, Jr., troupe of bareback riders, and the various groups of liberty and high-school horses, not to mention the incredible feats of many other four-rfootod pcrformerst ranging 'all the ( Way. from Vast, ponderous trained elephants to a tiny'white-dog that walks on'itsi hind legs. with, the ease of a 1 person. This enirc colorful melange, of course; is well riunctuatcd by,the' gay pranks of those indispen- ?ibl«j 'funstcr,s of. the while, tops, the clowns, A cordial welcome i.s extended the! No ifixcra chargc_ is made'for on- public to attend and worship at First Biiptist church. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Fred R. Harrison, Pastor Morning and night services will be held Saturday in continuation of the revival meeting. Suclay morning the church school will convene for (lie first Sunday of the new church schol year. The worship begins at 10 a. in. At the morning service, the Rev. James W. Workman, will preach on the subject, "The Cross of Christ." His subject lit the evening hour at 7:30 o'clock will be. "The Call of the Church." The Intermediate and Young People's Epworth Leagues will meet together at G:'15 o'clock with the service to be conducted by Rev. E. H. Martin, who is holding special young people's services each night during the revival, and also leading the singing. trance/to Riisscll Bros.' :large .mena- tent \vh.9rd visitors will- sec lions, Gospel Tabernacle to Baptise Sunday Services to Be Held at Dulin's Lake Sunday Afternoon A great water-baptismal service will be held Sunday afternoon at Dulin's lake, marking the close of the revival campaign at the Gospel Tabernacle, which has continued for 'the past three weeks under the direction of Rev. D. E. Collins of Granada, Minn. A large number are to be immersed, and a unique method will be employed with both Evangelist Collins and the local pastor, Rev Bert Webb, taking part in the actual baptising of the candidate, ' The couples, such as man and wife, •will be baptised at the same time. Ail appropriate sermon will be delivered at the water's edge. An invitation is eJttendcd to all wflio care to do so to attend the baptismal service which will begin at 2.30. The Rev. Mr. Collins will speak at both the morning worship service at 11 o'clock and again at the evening evangelistic service at 7:45. The largest crowd of the campaign is expected. • » • Natives of Baja Calif, Mexico, cap-: ture sharks, cuts off their fins, and throws the sharks back into the water. The fins arc sold to the Chinese as a delicacy. RuledbyKing (Continued from P»c« Circus Zany ieopards, camels, elephants, bears, monkeys, chimpanzees antl other rare animals. For those who like the fast, '' furious sports and pastimes of ranch and range, there is an excellent wild- west performance, while the side-show museum offers wide assortment of curious and entertaining features. All parties were suppressed, all o(if position newspaper closed down. Thus the engaging spectacle- of a country resorting to dictatorship to save itself from dictatorship, French staff officer's have been 'ac* tivc: in Rumania, and Czech arms firms hnvc been motorizing her army. Carol's efforts to align RUmanla riiori! closely with Yugoslavia, Hungary; Cechoslovakia and Poland have not reached an air-tight stage. German propaganda and probably money ar'c active in backing the suppressed Fascists. Between those opposing fad" tions the democratic clement is badly crushed. New alignments for Rumania arc probably in the making, with Russia, France and Germany all seeking the dominant influence.. Rumania is a vital prize because: (1) the produces 130,000,006 bushels of wheat a.year. (2) Shc'produces 60,000, 000 barrels of petroleum a year, (3) She is the gcopraphical path to the Ukraine, still richer Russian region on PAGE THREE ggjigr r nl ffif^ff-Mfi^ Which Gifmariy's Hitler has ofteft cast cnvioiis eyes. 666 Liquid, Tablet* cunt MALARIA In 7 days Md COLDS first day Salve, NOM Drops Headache, M mln. Try "Rub-My-Tism B —World'* Best Liniment LetUsShowYouWhats New in Football Fashions LADIES Specialty Shop Government Cotton Loans Entomoligisls are agreed that every .year through insects pests the loss j.to agriculture in the United States to more than a bil- Quick Service—Immediate Payment ; Cotton- classecl;i)y a Licensed Government.classer in our office. t. sYMcpAVilT & COMPANY j Arkansas I ltxat;Uy,320 "babies'- 1 on a.Hollywood .••ogrYrl-..stage •equal' the 100,000. candles used.'lo\ light the Grand Stairway and Hall' of the Pfslade at Versailles as they haVe beep reproduced for "Marie-An- toijie1.tc,": co-starring 1 Norma Shearer I and Tyrone- -Power...'The spectacular new picture opens-a three day engagement beginning Sunday at the Saengcr Iheatcr. A J'baby '.' in -'movie language is a CJAKRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST Sunday school at .9:45 a. m. B. Y. P. T. C. at 7 p. m. Ladies Auxiliary 2:30 p. m. Monday. Prayer meeting at 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. A.s we have therefore opportunity let us do good unto all men especially j unto them who are of the household of faith. EWM-and-.zar. ETAOIN ETAOI '35c Only 2 Performances Daily. A 3 HOUR PICTURE ENDS FRIDAY "Count of Monte Cristo" SAT. DOUBLE Zane Grey's "THUNDER TRAIL" Klu t 15c -Anil- THE BARRIER" Plus: Cartoon and "TREASURE JSLAND" With Huge Wild-Animal . MENACERIE, MUSEUM if and Real WILD WEST.. •; QzL W<uuie>i Stuuu al tlie Ifee* J« Frt»idilJ More Coaccnlriled EnlerDinmcnl ii\t) Hi[ht( Jj llli« «t tpjOjiineiil IhH ft»( Olhei Circus in Iht WorH V MAMMOTH CANVAi City fllLCO WIIH WONDERS O! p « (W{ WORLD Of WHIfl (OPS Al IHCIB IHKIUINO 6E5( TOPS Itt ALL BUT PRICE TWICE DAILY,! t I P.M. P»srt O»*> *l 1 ft 7 P.M. "'SPECIAL AFTERNOON RATES: J ^Children !• (Under 12J ".Tifket Wagon Open from 9 a. m. .' NIGHT PRICES: •>& and 5Ue ^ ^.V.V.W.V.V.V.V.'uV.V.V. 1 HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE Bert Webb, Pastor Suiiclay marks the half way point in the Sunday school, attendance contest at the Tabernacle Sunday school. We didn't t|,iiitc reach 400 last Sunday so let all rally for Sunday to establish a new record attendance near 500. We slvill look for you. A great day i.s ook,cd for Sunday all (Uiy at Ihe Tabernacle as it is the closing day <>f the Collins Revival campaign. The evangelist will preach in the morning at the 11 o'clock service after which communion will he served. A water baptismal service will be held at Dulin's lake at 2:30 Sunday afternoon. Children's Church, Christ's Ambassadors and Bible Study meet at 6:45 and the regular evangelistic service begins at 7:45 at which lime Rev. Collins will deliver his final sermon of Ihe campaign. A great crowd i.s expected lo hear him. Tithes will be the topic for study at the Bible class Sunday night at 6:45, so if you have any questions or are uncertain about paying tithes attend this service. Spend an enjoyable hour Sunday night at the Tabernacle, it is Hope's full-gospel center. such questions as, "What is the fiftl Commandment?" or "What i.s the sixth Commandment'.'" It might he amazing to discover how few could give an intelligent answer. There are Christians who might defend this lack of knowledge of the Commandments on the plea that the Commandments have been abrogated in the larger teaching of Jesus, and that they arc aflc rail only part of a more extensive Jewish law which no Christian, so far as we arc aware, regards today in other details as binding upon the Christian conscience. The answer to this would be that the Commandments had a significant place in the Jewish law; and in the thought of mankind and its interpretation of the Commandments, there lias been strong emphasis upon them as dealing with conspicuous social .sins. Perhaps it is easier to disregard the Commandments, because we have departed so far from some of tlicm i both in spirit and practice. One need only cite the fourth Com- < .'Tyrone Power and Norms Shearer in 1'Marie Ahtoinctte" 500 watt la,mp. Rarely arc'more than ten required on the average set. Their use -.in fhc past has- been restricted fo,r I lib ; 'JT»6st-' part 'to'high-lighting the stfirs'.- '• I -, '•-. • ' 'William Daniels, ace cameraman, was >'faccd .with a unique .technical lighting problem on the huge palace sol which was 250 feet long and 125 feet wide. This called for heroic measures. His main source of light were ten chandeliers, each containing 126G pieces of crystal and holding 1000 candles. But Ihe camera eye, much less analytical than the human eye, requires a great deal riiorc light for photographic purposes, The scene wa.s the arrival of Marie Antoinette (Miss Shearer) al the Court of King Louis XV (John Barrymore) for her marriage, to the Dauphin Louis August (Robert Morley). To light the set, the twenty-seven stars and featured players and G32 extras who appear in the scene, Daniel* used enough electricity to supply city of 50,000 people with light and heat for eight hours. The program closing Friday at the New theater stars Bob Burns, Kenny Baker, Ann Miller, Jack Oakie and many outstanding players in "Radio City Revels" a picture that has everything for the seeker of a grand musical fun fcst in entertainment. MGM'c "Carnival In Paris" and the "Little Mie.stro" arc the .shorts. Saturday the Gene Autry feature had bees set as a premier showing with the sttrs latest feature "Prairie Moon" but due to the lime allowed for the rush play day the featore could not arrive in time. Instead Gene Autry in "The Big Show" will suffice as his best feature in the past releasing season and surriunded by a bevy of keen short subjects such as Ray Corrigan '(Tu.scon Smith) of the Three Mo.sa.ui- teers in "The Undersea Kingdom", chapter 4. The Three Stooges in "Sitter Downers" and Mickey Mouse cartoon makes this a lip top Saturday offering. The sun sends us as much heat in one second as the moon docs in two days. Luxury Styles at Economy Prices Sunday and Monday Preview Sat. 10:30 "ROAD TO RENO" LAST TIMES FRIDAY BOB BURNS, ANN MILLER KENNY BAKER, JACK OAKIE -iu- "Radio City Revels" Also Comedy—Carnival iu Paris Novelty—"Little Rlicstro" SATURDAY GENE AUTRY —in— >^THE BIG SHOW" ^ Also No. I "0NDERSEA KINGDOM" Plus: THE TIWEE STOOGES -hi"SITTER DOWNERS" And MICKEY MOUSE mandmciH concerning the Sabbath Day to realize the travesty of it that we have made in our modern American life. Yet before we disregard or discard the Ten Commandments as ancient and obsolete, it is worthwhile to know them a ; little better and to consider a little more carefully their spirit and tlxcir purpose. As we inquire into them, we shall find that, instead of being abrogated by Jesus and the New Testament, this yargcr teaching was represented by Jesus Himself ii-s a fulfillment of the Commandments. The Jewish- Commandments, in the main, were negative. They said, "Thou shall not . ..." Jesus summed up their essence in great positive teachings that are more in the nature of great revelations of privilege than of commandments, though they have, and ought lo have, all the force of commandments. These set before us not the conception of measured conduct and measured duty, but the conception of a man so living under the power of tlic love of God that it is his supreme desire to .attain and express all that he can of love and goodness. Nothing less than that m our lives can constitute the law of Christ, for that law is a law of love. —— •» f «•- Bamboo, with an average life span of five to ten years, reaches the maximum hardness of its wood in the third year. After the .third year of growth, the wood becomes brittle. You')) find .your smartest fall dresses in this glrouj> — at ,a price much lower than you expected! Beautiful rayon niate- Ifisscs, fashionable "c 1 o k y" rayon crepes, stunning part wool plaids and others in leading fall colors. Sizes 12 to 44 , Gloves of Imported Capeskin. An extraordinary value! Buy sev oral pairs: Cut to fit, caxcfull) made. Fine i-apcskm in black brcwn and navy. where we check and lubricate your car for one price. <. surprisingly low! cation of every chassis: part; (2) Many ejftra: services in checking arid servicing- body, battery, radiator; etc;;|3)^MAJiiFAK,' the chassis lubricant that lasts twice as long as ordinary grease. All.'at. the. price of a single lubrication job. A service bargain .. . needed by every car. .. drive in today. SEE WHAT YOU GET FOR YOUR MONEY 1. Clewi all finings, before ind flflcr lubrication 2. Lubricate shackles with Marfak 3. Lubricate distributor 4. Lubricate starter, if required 5. Lubricate starter pedal nt friction point through floor boards 6. Lubricatt generator 7. Lubricate 'clutch throwoul bearing, if required S. Lubricate clutch pedal 9. Lubricate clutch rods 10. Lubricate brake linkage (clutch linkage) H. Lubrlcat* foot throttle 12. Lubricate fan bearing 13. Lubricati water pump 14. Lubricate drag link 15. Lubricate steering gear 16. Lubricate universal: 17. Lubricat* ride control linkage 18. Lubricate distributor shaft 19. Lubricate spring seats Lid. Spray springs 2}. Check engine oil level < •II. Check oil filter. >'?,. Check transmission and differential ^4. Lubricate hood lacing 25. Lubricate bood hooks and hinges 26. Lubricate door locks and hinges '27. Wax do.jr latchps and checks. (A small ilcm, but important; greas* would soil your clothes) 28. Test battery with hydrometer 29. Fill battery to proper level 30. Clean corroded battery terminal) 31. Grease battery terminals 3'2. Inspect battery cables 33. Thoroughly clean Interior of car 34. Clean all glass windows, including windshield, etc. 35. Check all light bulbs 36. Inspect and inllat» tires to prop*! pressure 37. Clean steering wheel 38. Check and till radiator 39. Inspect wiper arms and blade* 40. Lubricate every other item «4 listed and recommended by your car manufacturer and as shows on ihe Texaco Chek-Charl ...and remember we Texaco Dealers instead of ordinary grease use TowiUend Service Station Otis Townsciid, Prop, Eiiunct, Arkansas Cecil Wyatt's Service Station Third and Washington Streets. , Phone 6 Texaco Service Station Frank Hcarne 3rd and Sbovcr Sts. H$y. 67 933 Service Station Perry Taylor Division Street

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