The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 4, 1934
Page 4
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l"x^ H ••*" " iJt> > ** i* i\!i Osceola Society - Personal Mrs J W CarUilglHsi Mas trounced as the nc» chiUmmi c the garden department and Mr "eorge, Dlckwson as Uialiman the junior department o[ [lie o ccola Progressive club at, Die jeir opening meeting Tuesdaj after - Wpii A progiam on leeUiUfon v*n featured by a talk by IJcpuly Prose ailing Atlorucj A. w. young o "The u s al stilus of .Women 1 Arkansas ' Mrs H M Rhcubusli talked o Mcatuies Under Consideration b (he Arkansas legislature," am! tli message of the 'general • fcdoratlo president «as read by |lip c |uiy ( new president Mrs. A. W. Young. Mrs j w Bdilngipn, clialrmai ot the Forrest City District, taikei ' on the alms a ud project of Hi District for tlic current your am the club iota! at lire btiilnsss sss swn to cnltr Us year boulc in tli: * Elate jenr boofc contest. Mrs. Hue! Craig snug, 'Little Man You've line a Busj m s ,' <[edtcatlns! (he selection to (lie piesidcnt's 'small son And} Vouiig Jr • HobtrssEs for the afternoon were Mcsdames Hugh ci-aig. George Ab- rcy, il H Brooks, 11. A. Biircb Goode Bandj, a. c. .Bryan, p p Jacobs and Carl • Franks.' IVent.y-oiie 'members of the Sunday School Workers Council of the First, HaiHIst church and four visitors m«l 'niealay evening at the home of tlic Rev. B. L. Colo, pasloi ol tbe cliuich, when Sunday school literature foi the several deparl- ments was dlsliibutcd nnd new projects outlined for the fiscal vca mhtch bcglni Sunday. •w Reports showed a considerable increase in enrollment and attendance ovei last year, with in new teachers and olilcen; Included in the iwrsonncl ot the council for < the coining Tlic school | s now graded up to and Including ttie intermediate department The next meeting O f the council wilt be JieM the second Tuesdicy evening in November at the home of, Mrs. H. K. Brooks. Mrs. u. II. Jones tyiis mined as program leader for the jeirs council meetings. 'Miss collls Lee Smith a ii-| Mr Benton C BiymjA^boUi of pine Bluff, were united In marriage here Monday afternoon at UIB liume of the Re', E L Cole, pastor ot the First Baptist church, who said the ceremony Mr Bayne is employed as & time (.ctpei at the Oyess colon) New Liberty News ' W S Hnmiii and son, Clifford of, ^Aberdeen, Mt«, spent the weekend With ,\fr H'nnnij''! stsier, Mrs J P Epperson and family. • _'/ Mrs Gus Eberdl-and daughters Misses petty nnd,. Ethel May. and Helen Jarratt spent Saturday In Memphis Mrs Horace Floyd, who entered the Bljllie\ille hospital last Fridly, Is improving following nu an- pendeclomy Mrs R L Marshall, who has been ill, is able to be up. P B Jarratt was in Leaehvillc Tnesdaj School opened Monday with Misses Delta! Mile and Edna Been teachers Eteljn Ajcocl entered school at ,. Luxora Monday E H crool. and family spent Sunday with Mr. und Mrs. Raymond Turner on Highway 18 west of BKlhe\ille The Fta \v H Horn will preach here Saturday night and Sunday morning and afternoon. The B y p u. organisation entertained with a j,oclf\l nl Hie school house Friday evening. New BOB and Arrow Mark ST LOUIS (UP)-Exponcnts ot ttie bow nnd arrow liae a new mark to shoot at now. George D. Mudtl of this cttj shattered the former record of 1,518 points belonging to Lee Gambler when he made a 1i«w jprld mark of 1525 in the Mound City Archery tournament. Salmon was "ISootlcgsci" KEL-SO, Wash (Ui>)_ Jo l m x . :Johnson and his son, Bert, hooked a "bootlegger' jn the shape of n sllierside salmon They found a small whisky flask in the fish's stomach. MALA Speedy Relief of Chills and I'evcr Don't let Malaria tear yun apart with ite racking chills and burning fever Trust to no home-made or mere makeshift remedies. Take the medicine prepared especially tor Malaria — Groves Tasteless Chill Torilo. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic gives real relief from jMalaria be cause it's a scientific comblnatloi of tasteless quinine and tonic iron The quinine kills • Hie Malaria infection In the blood, 'me lion builds up the system and helps fortify against further attack the first sign ,of any attack me nm sign ,01 any attack c! Malaria lake Grove's Tasteless chili Tonic Better still lake II regular!; during the Malaria season to wart off' the disease Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonfc Is absolutely harmless T«uid tastes good., Grove's ~ Tameless Chill Tpnic now comes Ju two sizes, 50o and %\ The *1 size contains J',4 times as much as 4he 60c sine and give? Jou 25% mote for your mwiey Get a bottle tAiav* al any druj *'orf, . " . -Adv. i Neck Is First to Reveal Age ItMbUh Allan, screen stn, hit thill llio (cxtiiris of Ibc t;ki< on liV ALICIA HART NKA Servlcn Staff; Writer Long ago-the mosl.fnmoiis;nu- lorilies on .'beauty realized iniri Id Unit » smooth, white throat on« of the first ratiiilslcw. of larm und Uciiuty. Modern.-cos- eticliins, n bit more practical :rhaps, point oiit'.tliat the throut '.the telltale of age. "Nomatter lww.fiinootli the skiii i her face inny lib'or how brifilit id shlnlii B her eyes, ono look nl, BliTs neck Is •enough for me to II not, only lierugc, but 'just how rclessly she lias .been doing -her omc beauty treatments," a farn- is dlaisnosttcta'n .' of : ' complexion' liucntg lold ino'-llicjiUicr"d!iy.- "It's iinfoiUm\dl~Indcccl~un1i ml miiny women whoUre par- culnrly curctnl, Io'-pres6rve 4lie eslmcss ; of r: ,youtli in :tlicir : : Jaccs "Elect;their- throats. After :'nll'•>!{• ir face.needs,'ceitiiln .olls.-creiiins id lotions, Uibr'cV'iio'rcnsoir for glrl-lo' assume that-her throat icsn'l," ' Before yon ; plan ' any new fall <mty routines, why not. make'it rule to give your neck the same meficial, careful attention you vc your face? wiicn yoii liso eanslng cream, apply it upward om llic base of your tliroat-tn our forehead. Do : the., same when ing tissue, cream, skin tonic or trlngciit und . foundntion lotion Remember Hint muscle oil goes' toward eliminating Alines, fine klK; nn<l sallosvncss. clean mr face and neck nnd then put thin layer of the. oil on your iraal. Using a putter - or your iscrtips. ecntly pat,your throat r a lew minutes. It you're really noiis about the use of muscle you might biiyionc of tlio neiv cclrlcnt gadgets, ,with wooden nil iiniisnally. braiillful tlirnat. Nule her, neck and face are the same. tinndle .niirt metal roller Unit rets warm. Yoii simply rub tj| C r 0 'ji cr lifWnrd: ovei-..thront mid fucc. It heats the still], stimulating sluggish circulation—n prevalent cause of SHllawncsa—iiiul causing the oil to be iibsorbcd. Mi Moon Club Will Hold Chicken Dinner -The Unit -Moon Demonstration club met; Monday afternoon, club members discussed their'budgets jvnrt: plans.,were nindo for ii chicken dinner.:', , • : The Half Moon kllchcii..opened 'April •- ID • anil' since tlrat date -5 G05 cans:or'.friilt,.vegetables and '.nieal have:bccn : nut .up. •• , ;'.There 1 wiir-be -a bingo.yarly, a t the Hair t Moon school Friday, October-12, to which everyone is invited. - - . • , . ,. a luttiotlied t» cfuni your money on the spot ,il you itt nolnlicmJ by Creonuliion. For REAL Protection / Phono'101 O.ARK-WILSON AGKNCY JM " General Insurance 'We Pay All losses Wllli a Smile" James H., Cliirk - Dakcr Wilson WHOLE HEW SET "•>°f .. . ' . w^ . TIRESL ffiHE'S Center Traction for noivski.l atcty— plus dependable Goodyear quality— at low cost. A' value you get because Goodyw dealers sell (he most Ires— by m(li;ons/:othsr sizes la proportion: J1Q 8 ? Stic •1.50-21 4.75-lU 21.6G 22.80 ,24.20 ShouseLi Phone 633 Set of [''our SPEEDWAY Co BlytfieyillG, Ark, was looking for har^ains ^ hiig^t oiii? when he ?,„.„ his birthright for a bowl of soup ... are you an Esaiil ^epetidable, quality merdhandise at right prices . . we hive it" The Severest Stale CrUiw ylpplaud These Kxclmhe Stylcti FALL DRESSES that will he admired wherever you (ft) Smart Practical tiffltrt and tirem Stales $395 $5.95 $Q.95 ^495 to $22 so Classy Jean DRESSES Voii woinoii who demand exclusive ., ImcucsH of fabric will appreciio these, new Classy Joan Crocks. . . •each garment is. individually &y\- eir »y a famous designer . surely they'll appeal In yen! Children's COATS A good (showing of pretty Coats tor the miss of ti to H !>s self-trimmed or fur triinmed styles. $£95 TO $10.95 12 '('lie beauty of tlie fahncs, experl- ness of fit and .durability of construction w hi c ii distinguishes those coats marks them as garments which will prove n sound investment. $9 95 to$39 75 POLO COATS Nice quality polo Coats, belted dy- K'5, several good colors, well jail- orjd, good linings. Only . ' Youthful Hats NEW SHADES Tricnrnes, Herds and in many now turns and twists . . . n style for every fnce ... a color for every costume. .95 195 4 * to T 1 FOOTWEAR TIBS STRAPS PUMPS OXFOKDS A marvelous showing of Ladies' Pull footwear In Patent, Kid, Suede and Cotnbmrillons. High, low and medium heels. All slscs and widths. Suede Y Silk GLOVES .KLOUSUS Favored full styles stripes, plaids :nul I'rinvcss SLIPS nnd colors. 49c98c $1.98 Wide lace trimming, checks; smart styles. s ty| ra you'll Jikc. Ladies' Silk HOSE Liidlcb' full fashioned Lilk lio,t: in (he new Hill nil- ui-5. Pair 49c Children's Silk Dresses Sizes (i lo 1C' JttJil received a large shipment of aUraeUVe Silk Dresses in sixes from G to 1C. Outstanding values.-ill this -popular price. $3.75 Swagger Suits Again we repeat—"every Kali 1934 wardrobe should include at least one'Swagger StiH," H you haven't gotten one yet we know we can please you. Beautifully styled and tailored models in appealing colors. $9 95 tfl $29 75 Select Your Cloijies-f r<nn these 3 valiic-gimfif/i.y^fifts of ^ FALL SUITS Atliactfve new i)at.leir.i hi Cassimerco a n d Worsteds, far Ijetler t:iilorin» and styling than you'd expect ai Ihls low price. n.iniar'kiibl.c siuls, Ihcsc! Appealing: styles and patterns. long wearing Cassimercs and Worsteds'. . . bcaui!- •ully tailored." • BOYS* SUITS si«s. c in n Obtainable with long tioin- M-s or-knickers. Well-tailored of pure worsted in a wide range of attractive pattern? and colors. 75 GUARAiW FALL SUITS A i.f w suit free if :•. C'ur- <-= falls to j;!i-e s.itis'ir- •'<:iy service . . .'beautiful new slylt.s and. falinu, - • - iiiiKlc and double fcnratcd. Men's Zipper JACKETS Cord u r o y or M c a n s good iiln'c melton In quality Suede good heavy Jackel.-i. zipper qualities. styles. $325 $4.95 Extra WORK SHOES Guaranteed all icallior t,litmi s li- <uit. extra heavy leather sole. A shoe Iliat ivill rcil ][ y , ver ,,._ $2,49 Children's SHOES Children's Dress Slippers of every description. Gocd stunly ones. that will give long service. $1.49, $ 1 * to Children's Dress Sliues in styles lo pleare both Mother and the child. to $9,49 Piece Goods Beautiful EC i tc( | OI , (lt Ur(;ss G d tvcry im»irinaWe color -jnc 1(\f' mid paltfn,. v. 1r ,l 0V 49 . ,-,i to,,,^,,, of Autumn rclora in | !lr?c r-.~ v nnd snwll (ilaw.,. ' /J Men's Leather BOOTS Men's sturdy •'Filers'. ID-Inch high lop lea- liccts. extra thcr toots. A heavy, f\ill bcol that will dmibic soles, give service A real value at : $4.95 $7.95 illen's Dress SHIRTS A l:eautUQI showiiig'ol new Fail diiiL-:, appcaltng pattcins ami vOlitl.colors ^ two popular, price groups. 98c ' $1.48 ' :pF_« lfh anj lustrous, nnc 1u . lU t y «,,!„ ,, a< , k crepe heavy quality, ciew OQC fali. colors. IVr yard VO V u S - oS inches wide, beautiful ,,,i x |,, rc aill| , • * lcl ccals ami tkirts. ,' fr • SILK T,\IT!,1,\ _ Unusi,;,)!, ,,). liaclvr. phid :„„! b (ripcs.s« de- rlrcu for lilouws. lies nnrl collar ami cuff sets. I'cr FALL TOPCOATS Ur> Prepared fnr Ihc First Cool Morning Cold weather will hit any day now and yon should be prepared with one of lhcs= smart nsw Topcoats . . . attractive patterns and: models featured at two popular prices... 16 95 PANTS l.(;iig legs, slitniv HOB 'lold You the-TnitKSincG 1902 Men's Dress OXFORDS Giiaranteed ail Icalher.-Shocs, beautiful; toes, all sizes and widths W. L Douglas Oxfords You kno»- the ' quality, ; bill you ha'vcn't seen the new hill Styles. Come :iit today ••> \Vulk-Ovcr Oxfords Slip your Icet into a pair of these famous Walk-Over Snocs . . . they offer style, comfort and qualify '

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