Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1948 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 9, 1948
Page 11
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Pcgc Twelve May Drop Charges Against Walker Who Is 'Sick' Grove Digger Admits Slaying Woman Mich.. Dei.'. <1 -- A Topekn. Kns.. Dec. 7 — M'i— Charges against Movie Actor Koh- crt Walker, described a;; "a sick man." may bo dropped. The charges of di I'likcnnes;; and destruction of public property ! Connor grave dh'tfor surrendered vvc re filed after a melee Sunday to police 'heiv today and ln;d (hern in the police .station involving tin; be beat to death ,1 Philadelphia 29-year-old actor. woman last .sprinj; when .she Officers r e p o r ! o d Walker .<:j""'K-ii hi;-- advance:. smashed three window panes with' He later fled the city, according i to his v.'rnlen ;:| aien i.'.i,t, because }];> !"ari)i.'il hi.s job 'Oviuired him to flit; a Kiave for hi;: vie!. in;. 1'ohr;. I.,t. Joseph rjli:!en;,ko iden- man as Herbeil Home Remedies OPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Q Dime re But Epsom to Be the Fn. Softs (F.rlitor'.s no!": Hal !'.'; the hypochoiidi lac who like a man. H- 1 '! his rln;. •. Week a<io ninaim::;. "IP.Y ! Oh-h. n'i.v l-.'ot " Tod;iv !!• lowing :;'oiy arrived. t\ pi v ten I..M a torn pillow :;nj.: ) By HAL EOYLF; Written l'iem a v.Yiiil:!"o! 1: T-'-Look at ni.. 1 . f'm an '. .:;-r' p , < Nurse Slayer to Tell His Story in Court Little Rock, Dec. 8—l/Fi—Thorn as Edwin Black who climaxed hi:; v: i i! v i;; i I. 111 •• It i.-lion. Aii'illi j"c:l. in i!r . :•. :«'u:v, v.'hich of wa;-'p in - : 1: bean 1 '-: ,'MKI : iVk-Kae ha • i, moll;: Mill-- 1 : years h'' !•'.:. left hr.: I'.iiici It is ..:iiii" takins her bloodstained bodv to •n an i scn:;11ivc |l"' lu:e headquarters was to tell hi:; !*iiT.v from the wiinos:; stand lo- Idi'.y. '1 he 28-year-old mechanic i.s on I "'"' bn That's .me. hi;: fist. A police sergeant was injured in the .scuffle. •City Attorney Frank Eresch said Walker's case was set for today but the charges may be dropped or continued for a later hearing. He aaid the decision denended on bp n 1 . e;|t „ , ,- t , he outcome ol an investigation of' Mi( . hi R . statement" the actor.s condition. | M;- iniri .>i.n. o, L , u . Walker has been a patient at (Juh'inho, M, a red-n.iirod foundiy No. not a pa>'lnr. b^h'ooniatnin • ' '.'' worker who recently lost his joij and bath. A real, hones!.-to.a •pin.i : . •'•' liere. ' ljiu;onski' said Ouli'mno told him . he decided to xurrendr'r because lie I Some chn-;; back T j learned thai a Pliiladelp'nia iceman, iievealiiu; for the !ir.--| lim : whose name he did not know, was jfioylc secrel of :-tavir-; jn.a accused of the slaying. | fi v ,-as very simpjr. Yo (Ji.ilombo. in bis statement, iden buddy uji to all th lific'd his victim as Mrs. Catherine Miller and said, to the bc:-;t. of his memory. ;;he was killed last April Records in Philadelphia ;,lu>w that Bayard .1. Jenkins. 1!!, a Negro iceman, was convi!ji"d Nov. '.'. on a charge of murder'iiK Mis. | Kathryri Mellor, <!.'!. a writer and artist, last June 7. Jenkins, facing a possible- death sentence 1 , denied a prosecution ehai'|.;e that he confessed the L-lay- it\K while "lilied v.'ilb lust." Sentence has been delayed pending m apneal for a new trial. In Philadelphia, there was no immediate comment from the district attorney's office. First reaction of detectives who had been working on the case was to disbelieve Gulembo's statement. Robert Nix, attorney for Jenkins, '.' i i •'•'-' fVvorH?. trlil1 '" Pu 'aski circuit court on a j m a! iv<- .'i .: l.i n,',"mv I-,,i;, : , ;CM:U '" C of first degree murder. The ! AnM ra La ". ' ll ' '-'I' m - % '•' m <-' dcalh penalty has been asked. land I!,, 1 o,,. ;: , ,:,. i,,.,,;..,, ,,,. I'lack is accused of straiuilin", p"' liv/i. :• .i!:;,,; " l f ' ,°MneUy Jane McCall. 25-year-old vet | liav,- ,;,.,-;• : no "this morn-?"" , hos ' )iU ' 1 "lll'SC. Sept. ^. ''"'-I e:. ;:•,,":'. - "v',,-r u-n v '' ho " Khc rcr <-'sisliKl his sexual ad- "iaj'.'. '-n. ,..-.,• "•.','•"." .,'.. vanees. call'.- a.-.- >i "l'.-< ; ' mv"'ri;,h( ! I ' ros( ' cut0l- Edwin Dunawav ex- ' - 1 '"" '' 1 nlincd ,t u ' '' v L . s i.er- dir.-nn-rrl v '• ' ' . (1;l - v bcfor( -' circuit Judge Gu.s Fiiik le . C( -sscd the trial. " sbe.'p in Among those appearing on the j c.iil,"! ' v tlle sst . :;land were the young cou- nri:-'! ; . \ " ' Black and" Miss ' n-l •„ „-,. ,„ "., .. in, ,u : • . i ML ' Ca11 had gone dancing the nifcht'jim' pl'av M ••vV,,- ! nu -'-' •; jshe was slain and the victim's real ln.:i-n-. . i.'i vu ,;ot 1,-oommate. ......,, ... -•,., m hot epsomi Dr. Howard A. Dishong, coroner. Gr'n../'^ '-''- > • relro-iclive a ' S " ^ >sll ! lcc ' lh;| t the nurse's b,,-!y j Ou , ,„..,. S 1 o- j, , .niT 1 " ]j , fuls ?? •'" ld lacerated and I (: , a > -,,,,:,. •.: i r .'."•• Pl'""!;:howcil evidence of a severe beat- --'- . ' "'liny. .^,«K B ,^,.. »«.-.,»«, :,--.. he la:;l few days by the boys and ' '.ni; in Mrs. Forney Holt's room ,-. n< n (hey did some creative draw- iii:;:: of China on the back of wall Another group of children in this room have made an attractive win('.':• bouquet by (.tainting "cat tails" with alpha color. Ijrookwood school feels Christmas i; 1 not so far away as Mrs. Brown h "41'ns work with the choir which v.'iil be- dressed in robes and be arranged in the shape of a tree. Several of Iho rooms will contribute numbers on this program. The Busy Bee Club in Mrs. Witt's '•01 in in Paisley School furnish a program (or the opening exercise i that room each Tuesday morn- in ,. The officers of the club are quite active iii the planning numbers to be presented. !•', veryone- should see the little iiMisc in the first .tirade room at rai.-lcy school. Part of the furni- inre belong to Patsy Uurroghs and the rest has been made by the first yi'ade children. Not only is there value received in talking about homes; but Miss Hessic Green makes a phonic game wilh it. Naturally it she gives "ch". the children choose a chair. Spatter prints of horses, bird:-:, Thursday, December 9, 1948 and fish make up sonic of the attractive science booklets in Mrs. Joss Davis' fourth grade. Many attractive scenes of the different seasons have been created also out of a unit of work in the social studies in this same room. The boys and girls in Mrs. Ozmer's sixth grade will be helped greatly in their unit of work in science and health by the ncvfa booklets entitled, "You and Your' Engine". This same group is sharing books in a generous fashion. About 25 books have been brought for this purpose. The Junior Red Cross Drive in the grade schools has been completed. Mrs. Andrews' and Mrs. Hyatt's room had 100% membership. The total amount for Garland School was $24.40. The rooms in Brookwood School having 100% were: Miss Virginia Holt, Mrs. Grady Williams. Mrs. E. R. Brown, Mrs.J Forney Holt, Miss Dec Holt, and Mrs. Owen Atkins—a total of $24.64 was turned in from this school. Paisley School had a total of $21.00 which'maclc a grade total of $70.04. The news of the grade school;; will be given on Student Parade on Thursday now rather than on Tuesday. I knew sickness only through he.iV- say. Stuffed with scores of ••'''. h- 1 octane medicines. I \v;s a :jl drugstore, protected agalnrt disease known io man — I'/ anemia to zymosis. ' ,Or so 1 thought. Then I jviblish<-:i '''' my secret to the world -— him- i,.,': stay well by preying ....... l: chondriacs. And what, hrr-pcned : , Two days later I r,pr;:n;; out o! , bed and — "ow-w-wgh!" ;v|y •ne'Hl. "Soak il in hot j , .'i-cr-ri pi v story \vas .I"!-"!;.-. And that the 'in -...-.•!:; "soak it in h.">'.r.i 1 !o Frances, n . . .•':!:(} with that . ' '"'a I ' o:y '.-s only to :.!".; ."aid. "go see my :/>•• ii-vii iTiy throbbing .'. "I it like a miser '' i "id pi(.-c<!. When I ; 'i "in the chandelier, croaked hopefully: As the years roll by Arlr.-insnns ' are more pleased with the "wonder i ,.-. ., ... .!.,. M - t . ,. -. slat'- 1 " not only because of dia-i .... '.oi,!, cioc. M.v taini-jmoiKls found here and (he kirn- ,'..:;;,,:'""7p:!,'"L "^ C cottonbul m «ny other prou-S said he will demand an .. ale reopening" of the investh'aPon i into Mrs. Mellor's death. !.i "Frankly." Nix said, "t "Yon have to have o gel Mennm.ers dime here" for B ev- &» eT „",? ^^l£^l i,u WCCKS. Jenkins' possession. He said the, spokesman for Matro-Goldwyn-Maycr said Walker has been (|uite ill and that the studio intends In have him continue under medical care until he is well. Walker has a $100,000 a year contract with M-G-M. He has not. worked in pictures recently. -—^ prosecution inuisled it Mellor's blood but that swore it was hi;: O'vn. 'I'm going to iirnsl." sairi Nix "that, the police don't n-?gl."ct to investigate fully thi.s new d"V(-lon- yovir friends rheumatism. in my gate the matter of tin Jenkins' shirt. h. i 1 ! "I am convinced that mv ciieni :'''•'••' is innocent." ' I - i-. Gulembo was quoted ;-.>.• saving j ' '''' he beat his victim to death with ;• ' "'' war souvenir shell in her aparl - i '-I" 1 -- ^ ment. A similar death weapon \\\-..-. ! clr:,i described al Jenkins' trial.' omv Marricd and the father of tiuve I ''.'.'•. children, Gulembo said he was i " : ':i". separated from his wife. I ,'ice The police liei.'tenanl said (l>.i>- ', ''• •<•'•- embo told of drinicing and broodnig • t- ; ."i over the woman's death aftej- n.>ii,o.-read in Philadelphia papers l!i:;i I,..!" 1 ! the iceman had been convicted ol ! .'vi the slaying. ; v. .•:• "I was afraid I was goine. to en '.••'"•<>. haywire." Gulembo was (moled. "1 v.'J'.i can't seem to help'the things I do. ii."- 1 I think something cracked over- i '•••>'- .•• SCaS." ' !!:<•: Ho told officers he nerved n,-,, i ••;„ years in the army, part of liie }:}••.'•. time in Jtalv. ; !.••'. : nets a:; well. . If you will visit the fifth yrade j in Brookwood School, you will i'ipcl I boys and girls, under the ance of Mrs. Owen Atkins, busy on a new unit of work. kansas on Parade". The bulletin board is b.cinfi covered wilh scenic cards from all over the state. An- p.ner part of the parade is exhibiting agricultural products whose pictures are pasted on colorful construction paper cut in the shape ol the state. As time goes on the dillcrcnt industries will" be shown. One group is contacting differ-j! cut chambers of commerce to no! ! 3 materials and other inform? l'i:m ! i on our state. Later on this group I ' lir Hours Fresher . . . Because v 3 1 r it S fc i'Mi. d,-.v" ;'•." -aid the doctor '• i;'!! lie a nice ic-. 1 -: to see you w : it!i •i ho! water." .'•-. ek'..; over. I'm •-• hi'sy al the of: \'.'a:; "poor man't << Her ihan rlieu-ma Ji':ht even give Ihe j am suifering from : '.' i! n. !:'.a; within another ..'..:-:. Phoney liypo- '•t.me 'imping in n's i.nut"—and say rom me:. When they .nu'l crawling up lor fell 'em: !..'\f! in cpr.om sails .. ol.''.' big toe — as stand ii." Delicious Riceland Rice Meat Loaf Is Budget Saver You thrifty budgeleers will thank us for this recipe. Here is the world's most inexpensive meat loaf! Wonderfully delicious. Extra nourishing. Rich in energy. Quick and easy to fix. And very, very economical! All because it's made with wonderful Riceland Rice, the thrifty housewife's best friend. Kiel-fund Kice Mi:al Loaf ?i cup uncooked Riceland Rico 2 cups ground cooked meat % cup bouillon or stock % teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons butter or margarine 2 tablespoons flour 4 tablespoons chili sauce 2 tablespoons chopped onion 1 cup tomato sauce To cook lUcelaml Kice: Put : 'i cup of Ricelaml Rice. :; 1 lea- spoon of salt and I'-j cups of cold water in a '.!-quart saucepan and cover wit h a t ;;.;hl -lit ting' lid. Set over a hot flame until it boils vigorously. Then reduce the heat a.s low u;s possible and simmer for ]•! minutes more, during which time the water will 1)0 absorbed. inakiiie; the rice deliciously tender. Re)::ove the lid, permit the rice to hi..'am dry to the dcHirei.l consistency ami the grains will be .-ieparale and fluffy. To main- Uiccl.ii-.il llie t > ^Iciit Loaf: Mix mi-.-ii wiih l».i:ill..-.!i or stock and ailu »ali. liiend builer or margarine wilh iloiir. -\e..| io meat stock. Heat to boiling point, and add chili sauce, and onion. Spread half the cooked Riceland Kice in a well-greased loaf pan. Over this spread the meat mixture. Cover with remaining- Riceland Rice. Press down firmly. Bake in a ;>50 degree oven until firm, about -10 minutes. Turn out on a hot platter and serve with tomato sauce. Serves G. To make Tomato Sauce: One and one-half cups canned tomatoen: a .slice of onion; two tablespoons butter or margarine; two tablespoons flour, salt and pepper to taste. Cook onion and loiiKUoes together fifteen minutes. Strain. Add water to make a cup of tomato sauce. Put butter or margarine in skillet and cook until lightly browned, lilend in Hour. Add tomato mix- lure. Jiring to a boiling point. .Serve wilh Ricelaml Rice -Meat Loaf. Tii liial-.e quirk Tomato Sauce: Heal viiie can condensi'il toinalo toii|j with a sin.ill piece of bay lea)' an,! foil!' clove.s. Simmer tt fi-w minutes. Strain. Serve with Uicel.nul Rico. Meat l.oaf. mmm--mm /,nii Choice; of many Kiccland Hie.' L- 1'a-y 'S'o CoitL! Ti-iuh-r! ! lui'l'v! thM^anJ- '"' ' i: ' S """ h ire to ti.se tl Bisir'ivi ^: V." =^iL J "ri' P- ^ '?-*- "•''if-'-'-'f-saB^sura ; :{H' ; r ;';•::';;: ^ 'H uality rice tA-k ••! America. * „ :;fe i-S -^^-'-HUHlasjj^ )nly the LlK.iC'C:. pel.'eet co.'kiUL; : i^M J>* 4ir , i*^ icet-rai^ar, ,,,,.,-..» Jiuv- | -^S Alljf, . ,f: quality Only rice gra:;:-;; a; land pack: This qiwlit;, easy to eooi cooks (i'.-li'-'ioi white, iluii.v, : f -'^ --^-f:. , ,>.* .l^'ij 1. , :•;--.: •:=:• ;;;;;; 1: ,^ |l||j frS^I ;ii^i : ;;E;;;L\S,;; : ;!; ; !E:,: PI IDDriH' ^•'f:'. !r; 1\U SJiDLv'i t j!:.,..:_ wALl TO W^l t^-u If yo« hen-,: ...: i: to:-.' •' or u Pirobi'c;3;'i t"l--.u., i,^] /:-:/ v.e m m F/;i: 7 V i; ;}^iy Km 11IIH ifcvl.-.kr^^ -V^<' ( ''-:,•• '.1 'i.-;* lJ $ n *%jij IL ^"" : "'I\ i^-' 7 ^ ''-"l." f-V-fl*4 F? |v;:| l^pl^l i •.-"'•'-' '•' -. i'.'/'.i V• .L'?-•.! iC'ri'J '.it'32^ i^'laWa 5 and enjoy 3^2 hours of r.^i^fv'iur-M-'v^^'K' ri n- ^.'.i :j II '^.': ^ ]i '^ ii £ i "^'ji IH il fi a •&£ i is -i':' "\',' I,:''' :"•••."• '•• ','/'•, -. '•' •!,(•« ff*» K°j •?"> -,^'v ,' r i. , U'.'',!,b ; :;';!„ ygld F. W. ~ ..ic,;i Red Cross Vercrans Program ICecp Arkansas Green Campaign Tuberculosis, Cancer Campaigns lie :lme without charge: o e e y <t ft »j i* * 15 Hours I!" WOULD HAVE respoiisib^itv !' a!! its oeook;. 'f-DTAL OF $13,680 ; r-how you that we b-ou Hi west our ! ' I nuy ? ['•

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