Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 29, 1938 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SDt HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, September 29, 1938 Senator Guffey Is Back From Europe Politicians Seem to Get About When Vacationing Abroad By PRESTON GROVER WASHINGTON.—What do politicians do when 'hey go to Europe? Egad, sir, they get about. Here's Senator Guffey of Pennsylvania, for instance, who is just back from several weeks in Europe where he went as one of the several representatives of the United States at the Interparliamentary union at The Hague. From the boat he went directly to Paris. It was hot there. Paris calls it "unusual weather." (Where have we heard that before?) "What did you do there?" we asked. "Oh. t toured about the city to see what there was to see." "Foliei* Bergere?' 1 "Folics Bergere," confirmed Guffey. "Some pretty girls there," he added, "and all the pretty ones are Americans." Senator Guffey did not pretend to be an international diplomat. He is an American politician. Those Drinks at DeauvHlc The .senator likes a good noggin of whisky now and again, so we asked him about the liquor supply in Europe. "There isn't a good drink of whisky in Europe," he snorted. He later moclofied this slightly. At the Deauville home of his friend, Ralph B. Strassburger, owner of the Norristown. Pa., Times, he got a drink of the "Best Scotch I ever tasted in "my t i T T t T f i A New Store for Hope WALKERS' Ladies and Gents Furnishings Dry Goods and Shoes Open for Business—Visit Us Between Kroger and A&P E. O. M. VALUES Ladies'69c Satin Tailored, Embroidered 4 Gore Straight Cut Styles 70x80 . Single Cotton BLANKETS Rose, Green, Blue, Orchid and MA- Brown Plaids 44V Again We Have a Limited Quantity of 12x20 SUIT CASES 39C Each 36-inch Unbleached SLIN li» • 2G Yard Double Bed Size li -, SED SPREADS A QA 4vC Heavy Cotton Krinkle, ea. Mf gFs. Clbse-Ouf, LADIES : -. ; : M Full Fashioned HOSIERY 29c Knee Length 36-inch Fast Color PRINTS 8c Yard Ladies' $1.49 All-Leather PURSES New Fall Colors and Styles in Suedes, Kids and Calf. 98c 80 Square Print BESSES Sizes 14 to 20 59c Printed Alpaka CREPE New Fall Colors 350 Yard Regular 49c yd. LADIES' MILLINERY 38c All Styles and Colors. Best Values in Town. Men's Black Retan All-Leather WORK SHOE S1.69 fe." He moved on to St. Jean de Luce to islt Claude Bower, Americnn am* xissador to Spain, who is compelled to ve in this French city just across the order Instead of in Madrid. Togeth- r they went to the border and looked cross into embattled Spain. They did ot hear the guns, as the fighting was ar away. He planned a few days in SwiUer- and but heard that Frank Kent, Washington writer, had been made into a ew man at Vichy. He met Kent, who onfirmed it. Guffey wasnt run down ut he could endure to be run up a ttle more before swinging into the cnnsylvania campaign this fall. "Won- erful," is his verdict about Vichy. He ook the cure, drank tile water and ook the baths and the rubbing and \ediet, with some modifications, and c too. felt like a new man. By then it was time to move on to Tie Hague for the Interparliamentary nion. Hedged about by war and rumors of war. the union didn't take any cry aggressive action. He visited art museums in The Hague and at Amster- am and took a trip out into the coun- ry. "But a cow," says the senator, phil- wophically, "looks just like a cow, vherever you sec one." Home Are the Sailors At this point Senator Reynolds of orth Carolina, buoyant because he is cinch for re-election, came up to our able. He passed by a table where sat hrec senate stenographers. Ho knew inly one by Smilin 1 Bob greeted 'em 11 as gaily as a college boy and twice s noisely and they love it. "I been missin 1 you," he said to one if the girls he had never seen before. !he colored to the eyebrows but beam- id back: "I been missin' you too." Guffey shook his head in frank en/y. Couldn't he lay 'em out in Penn- ylvania with a manner like that. "I been traveling, too," shouted Rcy- iolds. "I went to Alaska." "How're the Eskimos?" asked Gufey. "Mighty good," said Reynolds, wink- ng. "I'm a big game hunter." "Shooting bull?" asked Guffey. "Bull walrus." grinned Reynolds. Later we asked Gu/fey what hap- cned when European hotels discovered he was a senator. "Gave better service," he replied. Ancient Ritual Ushers in Jewish New Year dinner guests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Collier, Mr. and Mrs. Gco. Crews and Mr. and Mrs. Deward Collier, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Williams were? callers in the atfernoon. Bryan Haggles luul the misfortune of losing two fine Jersey coxvs last Week. Jjcems to be a lung disease and farmers should watch their cattle closely. The ancivnt ritual of Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year, Is performed in the above picture of two Jewish patriarchs officiating at the annual religious observance. One blows the "Shofar," or ram'e horn, calling the Jews to penitence and reflection and one holds the holy scroll of "Torah" or Old Testament. Orthodox Jews celebrate the New Year two days, while reform temples limit the observance to one day, Yom Kippur, "Day of Atonement," climaxes the 10 days of penitence, which this year are from sunset, Scut. 25, to Oct. 4. By George Ross Pr. MEN'S 8 oz. SANFORIZED OVERALLS 69c Jumpers to Match 69c BOYS White and Gray Sweat Shirts 49c Small, Med., Large First Pretzel Bender Gives Collection New Twist NEW YORK—We have just come away from viewing the first pretzel- «nding machine ever made by man vho, in his wisdom, has overcome the obstacles of Nature in many things. We inspected the inaugural pretzel-bending in the most amazing museum in town. One that is not open to he general public for the moment, nit one museum now clutters up the entire thirty-fourth floor of the In- ernational Building in Radio City and belongs to a pair of fabulus genteman named Douglas Hertz and Crosby Gaige. The first is a Broadway producer country squire, gourmet, engraver, cattle breeder, insect collector and fudge expert. Anything Collector Now for the museum which shelters the first pretzel benders. Here's the s-tory: Back in 1890, the U.S. Patent Office in Washington had no more storage space for working models of inventions on the register. What's more, the folk who worked in the Patent Office were gradually reducing their desk space down to zero because of the horriable mes of stuff that cluttered the premisses. So, as a depcration measure, Congcrss passed a bill decreeing that inventions could send only blue-prints of their their new-fangled devices to Washington. And in the same breath, Con- grew; o.k.'d the sale of all the existing old models to private bidders. Along came a British hobbyist, Sir Henry Welcome by name. Sir Henry collected anything. He heard about Congress' bill and he sent agents over with instructions to buy up did. By everything, we moan 200,000 models of inventions that had been between 182O and 1900. Well, Sir Henry passed away, and in due course of time his estate was liquidated among his heirs and it seems that no one among Sir Henry's dependents cared especially for the warehouse containingf those 200,OOC items. And so it hapcncd that the Messrs. Herzt and Gaigt, who are boyishly enthused about such things, came into popsesion. They paid a handsome price for the whole shcbag. too. They didn't take inventory. You don't take inventory on thousands of packing cases that you arc buying out in an intirc lot. So they started moving their stock out of the warehouse gradually and into the 34th floor of the International Building and there set a crew of men to unpacking, cataloguing and exhibiting the stuff. And it will be half a year before they are anywhere near the end of their task. First, First, First, etc. We've told you about the initial pretzel bonder. It was patented in 1879 and, by gosh, it still works. These are several of the other objects d'art we also saw: the first cash register (1879) with a bell device that a fire truck would admire; the first cigar moulding machine (1876); the first handcuff which had not yet been perfected, because there is only one'man- acle, attached to a chain the end of which (was held by the arresting officier; • the first typewritten patented by R.T.P. Allen in 1876, and made of wood. Shover Springs Mrs. J. B. Beckworth has returned home from a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Julian of Springfield Mo. Bryan Ruggles and family motored to El Dorado recently and spent the dry visiting with old friends and | neighbors. Mr. and Mrs. 0. J. Phillips were calling on friends in Bodcaw Sunday afternoon. Miss Ada Mac England spent the week-end with homcfolks and attended the fair. Mr. and Mrs. Allan Walker motored to Shrevcport recently where they were guests of their son Ncal and wife. The Shover Springs Home Demonstration club are sponsoring a musical and cake walk at the community house Friday night. The, fruit cake now on display in the window of Meto the person holdingDKKETAOIN— Rac Hardware Co.,Avill be given away Proceeds will be used to buy scat.' for the community hous. Mrs. Dora Alderson is spending while with her daughter, Mrs. Sila. San ford of Hope. Mr. and Mrs. George Crews am daughters, Miss Bonnie and Helei and Marie Collier were shopping ii Tcxarkana Saturday. Mr. and, Mrs. George Johnson had a HEATERS FLOOR FURNACES Phone for Estimate Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Phone 259 Next Sunday is regular preaching day at Shovcr Springs church. The beak of the sword-billed hum* ming bird Is longer than the rest of Its body. HELP KIDNEYS PASS 3 IBS. A DAY Doctor* B«y ynur VUnoyi contlin 16 milt* of tiny tube* or Iilt«» which hrlp to purify Ui« blood nml Vwp you hulttiy. Mot piopU pMi About 3 pinta * u»jr or About S pound* of Frequent or lunljr PMMC** with And burninc nhoirn tltera mny bo wrong with ynur kiJnuys or buddw. An e«cM9 of Actdg or potaoni In ymir blrxxL iien due to function*! Vidncy dtaordert, fnw be the OAUM o( rusting b*ck»ohe, rheunuttb pain*, lei paint, lorn of t<«p u>d energy, ting op nighti, rwellint, pufflnoi the eyra, hendieho and diidntM, i Don't wilt I AnVrotir drtluiUt (or Dixn't Pill], u««! BUceMs/uJIjr by million* for 6V«r M yean. They live h«ppy rtlirf And will help £• IS mile* ol kidney tube* fluih out pafatonOM WMt« (rom your blood. G«t DOM'( Fill*.' ARKANSAS 11 MOTOR 1'COACHES COTS TRAVEL COSTS 66 2-3% Of Private Driving Of Private Driving The National Safety Council points out that Bus Travel costs 66 2'3% less than driving your own car!—And that Bus Travel is 12 Times Safer! Arkansas Motor Coaches give you Arkan- sus's Best Bus Service . . . at LOWEST FARES. Cnll your agent now! Phone 363 For Schedule Information Bus DEPOT In Diamond Cafe FROM HOPE To: St. Louis ..„•„. ; _..$7.55 Hot Springs ,...,; $1.70 Tcxarkuna ..... .;....- „. ' .55 Dallas __...; ^...U-.;_ 4,25 Memphis ..; _„_... 4.70 LIUlc Rock _ _ „..:_..„; 2.25 Sptinghlll j;95 o A Milestone in Gasoline Progress Bed Room Living Room Dining Room Breakfast Kitchen Cabinets Wood Cook Stoves Wood Heaters Gas Ranges Gas Heaters Wool and Con goleum Rugs Hope Hardware COMPANY HOT DAYS! COOL NIGHTS! Contains exclusive solvent... fights carbon... keeps '•*•'' //-,' ••••''.*..•• •££Y*-:-7V' •-?:• \V"- : v-*'>"••.•.••••''-• your motor gum-free... gives extra power and mileage Men's $1.49 Herringbone Weave KHAKI PANTS Boat Drill Pockets, Vat Dyed Sanfaorized Shrunk. SHIRTS TO MATCH 98c 98c DEPARTMENT STORE Now Is When Chills and Fevers Strike Gttcn you carry Malaria Parasites all Summer, and as their numbers increase in your blood in cooler months, you feel la/.y, tired, have nagging aches, can't sleep, are nervous, feel all in and rundown. Then suddenly chills and fevers may strike you. MALARIA. DON'T WAIT Don't wait until you are flat on your back in bed; until Malaria has laid you low. Today, start taking Mash's C. & L. Tonic. You don't have to stop v.'crk one day to take it, and you can know that thousands of Southern folks ! take Nash's C. & L. Tonic every day, because it is made for the South's three worst ailments, Malaria, Biliousness and Constipation. NASU'S JS GUARANTEED KEUEF Because Mash's C. & L.. Tonic is so safe, many thousands of bottles are sold, so the price is low. Buy a fifty cent bottle from your druggist today. If you don't have great relief the first week, your money will be cheerfully refunded. Start Nash's today and feel better at once. For sale in Hope by Ward & Son. And all other good drug stores. [Government Cotton Loans Quick Service— Immediate Payment CuUoti 1'lii.s.stiJ by E. C'.Bi'oun, Licensed Government Classtr in Our Office. E. C, BROWN & CO. it's been granted ! prevents gum formation- mini- con reftular . pn «d a driving duty, unnampere^by gu ^ ^ trial will convince you. Copr. IWf. Ew°' B «- £sso SIGN STANDARD QU COMPANY OF LOUISIANA TARPLEY'S ESSO STATION 300 East 3rd St.—Highway 67 Complete ESSO Service Washing—Greasing—Atlas Tires Hope, Ark. Phone 777 COLEMAN'S ESSO STATION Third and Hervey—Highway 67 WASHING and GREASING Hope, Ark. Phone 187

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