Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 9, 1948
Page 5
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Thursday, December 9, 194& HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARK A N S A S Pcao Fivo Embarrassed Crook Sorry He Was Takers by Woman •I Newark. N. J.. Dor. ," — <UP^ ,-:."A*J,'!i L. Sullivan, r.l. v/anled ires of the .; Chicago tc,r a Sl.^H'MM.Kl robbery. ^_ 'S said tnd;iv il, v:;i:-i oinbarr;]ssinc to ! r~;™ ~".~"~"." "".7 VT 'have been ea'i-'ht rv a woman de-j By DEWITT MACKENZIE (the Lenin senool in Moscow — tne itoctive while sleahng a $12 electric' AP Forciun Affairs Analyst -highes! college ot eonv..nimsm : -in . . - - spv.ng. oomo-m..Lin'!, Kidnaping. ' . i ..,,| ,.'. .,. ,.,.,-,.]-•• i-.'old! The-re 1; <- before me on my desK u ..,; in wrecking, mutiny, civil war. i>i-'.' M,,~ ; ";'p'''h n V>'". v'r/i'ii- " > lwo . !"-'*'* ilrms_ which come i'rom , cabotage, iutdtralioii 'and laetory- Wfnrbrooli 1947 By King Features Syndicate. of \ve:!!'h. mk'.'hty i-M' their b'; ; -M..i: as bi'l'T.I. : Kick 5n Sh«n Cost* Flyrm if30 Fir*e ..i Man T. ' i • i • T •• i Jii ere -i' 1 eore me o i,-.-;,, \v r e (_•.- iv lou'i'iiv cv \var ~— ,-nn-->• o . '7,? 1 " "!f ?.!;.-V!r-" ™ •• t«-o ,.^- S Hems ^mL-h come ''vom ^^f^;^ ^liralion 'and f"olo rv : By GEORGE SPF.LVIN, n^, 1 ,"";, S liv-,'-; .'-i'-' d -.vl^tr'tonto wirlely «-'P'»"iU-d P k > <••<•• s ;aul huvo wrecking. Thov servo as die high American , on , ; .„ 'hi ^ UVM- V i ; • ilo ' ''ml' "'' ''"^diaie connection but editors ' of a secret army now I (Copyright 1943 | ',!, '; ,;. i o'lo-'io-n.'' ••,'-, i ;; s'-iviV,' o v - m ' ch - " y i;!l association of ideas, ; beil ,,, d , mid to ..vorthrow our gov-i King Features Syndicate, Inc.) , s , , '^ m'?. ''of .'' ,-.'oo .combine lo convey a striking inos- Vrninonl." (A member of-the comiEftsoons now, ns they used to :;a} . i • ,, Tii • • o-V"- m -HhP-n' v" .,,-' S «K C - ImHtco toki a reporter ihorc isn't'l in the dear ok! ancient tm><» ! und ,;,: ,,', os/ed in fV.r" • -Vr.-'o'narn.u.nt! One dispatch como S .Torn Wies-.any real ••„,;«,>- but that this is Wo will cclcbr ^ "^^ ^ lpo v lothor V =.ipre on iMonrl;-' b,- >!ore delecl'v- iliaden. (.lernu.ny. which is U. S. just a cle-Ktnplrvc svay ul putting mas with caiolb and nap » , . ^ r . ' r.-<i;oken : air force headuarter in Kuropo. .tiltK!tu»Uom chimes. 'H- IChic; if -. tw- Ilie short, glib. Sullivan was ar- •""'-•'-• . , rested in (he r.,-e;-,r." oenarlment' One dispatch comes "rom \Vies-iany real army on I'-.fond;"' b,- 'lore deleci-v" ibaden. (JeniK.ny. which is U. S. just a descriptive way ol putting KlKio Svmon. 'a" soft-snokon : air force hoadquarless, in Europe, .the situation! chimes. hnlid-ivs from i f-.-perieiicc ill quotes two Russian air force! Surely wo don t need any further Of all the festive nolicuj s, n»' .. j fliers. \v!io fled the Sov'ct Union— demonstrations of the dangers of] jolly April 1-ool , i, one of our > Lioiitep.;:n;s Peter /V Piragov and'flirting wiln communism, cither nt .T.-, Vnlnnlinr's and Labor day,., 'ork. Dec. " --•-(.•V--o; l-'ivnn. two-fisted :d ~V) uid.-iy for kicking a in io the shins. , ; . , ;..,..,; . ,'.i:;'>r o f ;i;iv<-n ••\'-.i :;i:-aded g\iUiy ill ma-; v i-.'u'i lo a ei!.\! gi II; - •;,.,.'.,,'.'".•' . ; .,,.,,,fl. lie ouginaliy had ' ••;;«,;•'-.,, ; -;X"d -,'. :lli tnii-d degrc' . .. ., '•'•:•; ;iie charge was roiu-.eed ;,.-.,,, • I'i'ii.-'e'.u (if his coippi'iin- : '.y,.,'i- ',('. lies.-., i.i i;:ieking -:rew ovit of : '''•'"' ul -'-• aii e;iiso;!e e-ariy Tuesd.'i.v < • s.oiv.vd the ;.ab in which :i :u.;'.i : jl!/ilx'!t Graham \Vi,hn were riding. JThev tboj.'M th -' ch'is'cr looked too ivoniig (or hi:; job. i' Warn; bi-rarv vV:\':-.)vr, police 'said, so lo-' ".rid Fiyrm v.-ere taken •to th:- io:-k':ii. V.'hii-- (here P.ltrol- ;i.an CcT'-eic;: .-:;;id !• Synri kk'V:od ' .him in ;h" .'b'.ii."- 1 \V,-hi; pi'.--i'.;t.d -;-- ; Hy' yesu-rday to '.a di : .iir-:k-:ly (•(•:i:u:i-i irha.'i;-': and IV. d ?."'!. .,;-, aho'.it tho whole in..;', said. .-h.-iKiiv-; hands io !e |-;iy his fine ••.-. hrt: the court kc ciiail.<{c ( SeirK.n searched Iiiin. TliJ'Ti. iii.o- j tuin vniJi di.ssalisfacfion in;; the r:'Xor. ,i!ie eallerl in a pa- icoukl:i'l win a war against tvnlman fioi-.-i i;,c siruet V.TO IOUK United Stateo. They fii' - thei- SBV 70 him to head'iur.rte; ;•:. Alliiou;:li he a; 111"!. r;av ' . per cent of the Russian people . . h-il;: (he Communist regime, but name, a check of P'tSI n-'corcls yos- j "don't dare do anything about it/' today ri.veak.'J tint he. v.\:= l,h' ¥ i 'I'he other message is "rorn Paris only 'niL-mli''i- ;'t lure.e of a si-vc-n- and reiiorts Mrs. Franklin D. f A.:n j.'aii!; wan'.ei 5 I'o;'- Uie K2. II)!).- ; I?oo:-;e\ v'll as sayinj; that a "ruri- OUil rnbbt'i-v oi ine ]-'.. li. R'.im'oold ! ous (;rapevine" will inform the ^ ^f'BP "RAIL places far and near . :V''."' '' ! ,' ",, And Santa's cheery accents bring io> s oc..;,, ,;. you the best of cheer. . l caL ' ••" ' "••" >' I Without fear or favor I will post-j s.h.vv.-, 1 ai'-i : lively say , i\ v V .;'''''. v ' h''t> We all forget old grudges on good [ amike! i'•;-b.v..« old Christmas day. . [loss iv-opl^ io-.\ From Greenland's icy mountains wo i:!"a, h ••-. to San Diego, Cak jEnghsh. To,•;-,';• Whv friend and foe greet heartily, men. r.«'.i<\:.-.;-\* 205 SOUTH V/AL>- n JT WE dear old pal. neoole of the declaration I Cub Scout Pack 33 of Hope will just liltc a mavhap : You 1 What cloth it matter if ivtm led, a 'lion. rc-re.gistrai.ion. k K is sponsored by th? par- j_ your uncle is ^.. MSAT ' C3GAF.KVTES K^ "C.-f" 1 pl-.g. E SUGAR 10 Ibs. vSc PtCAKS 2 can POTATOES '10 Ib. iv.osh bag jgimi'S v.-hich completely control had :me;'.r.s of information, are affected stolen llu '."17 or wiu'M i:;) : ' couid | bv what their neopie want. Sooner i p» T./,".> ti f*',. ,_ ioi- later, they have to meet these j PE'DSj v'Cl6TS WO'ISSO U6V6 ".S;ea!ing things ii-'.'-l is..in my [needs." i r> = ™ blood, i 1,0.'ss." he ivoti'.'d'. • j That strikes us as lieint; a Sullivan's record showed-thai he : shrewd appraisal of the situation, has sp'.-nt Hi veers in var'o'us! pris-jl tiiink we can carry it a step bosses i'n if iTb'"- ,-dop 1 r v.-d pr'.vi'e:;: .-. .".n i ! hole',; il.; ratli, urn I ,',nd T:\-i '!'o ; ' : 'i ol' xhe • , >;"t l'.,-.ve r-.-./fi-.'-s. f-1 i 1 .'-: ; .,,''M'.' I '"OS-' ! V si:b. '•• !.:'kev • i >' i' i Is. T am not jokin". Tksl ;s '.h- | g':':nm.'; "V 1 "*:; „-;, r.-,..{ (i,- ;! ,,.., al-olisbed th-'net considied. v-d:- 1:0-1!-"icl botv. -.".i -'.o-:-h..y rrt'.lv th: didn't !i:'ov'e- ,.„,>, .,-•„. ;- ; - r '. ;!! created aimer-i that inew yel!ow-do-; e.ni'act bc!v:,-en ! '..-o.' 1 ;:'! I';S. Vi; PINTOS, GREAT NORTHERN 2 Ibs. 29c I I MAS 1 Ib. 15c •', | R i B S Ib. . *"\ *% ,p J *,?'.-** LI MAS GRAPEFRUIT State H i Little Rock. Dec. 7 —(/Pi— An Because a certain party ciicln i K^over ."i, f i -,--o- ; -c-r •-;!• .-veaten a ,•:.-.--;.. .p, ,;;;,:;,: ,, ; ."; ,,:,,;: r^ATTS chance to get elected inew yellow-rl,,^ e, nCin-t bc!v:,-n ! ...-. ) ;; !. ; -- d, .1 1.,,,^..,..^. ,. ,!_-.. ^ 1. .A ^ Or someone, and I quote, has set'.union and v, oi's.-r. .\--.hr'.m-.-(.l oh;-.; "]--. '•- • / ,,.':'.';, ';:;," ',. v ,, , r , ; 'j rl'CSn vour pulses all aflame . I^H 1 ' h" ressids b'-io \ seo-.n how |-.;•;' •>•"• ':".,.;;'.'•,.-, ;i ,-,. '. ; .,, v :' Unquote, and with her witchery is sturid re h;-s •> vn. l-i '.'ii-.-.i ;:n:r-; i.' - . : '-'• J ; ;;;:, '' ' ' , ' ".; '',.,; ; ,,' ;i , | ,-.,,_-. i playing Cupid's game. . jhc gors on proicv.d,.!- ; o bc-.i •;- : ;';:;!';• ., V ^'V.;,V I . -, i',V,, c i bv' aim- > J -V/-\Pt.)t iOr you may bo a great tycoon witn ithat the ;-,;:•-,>• l..-al :el p-.r-i ,see. t .•:• ; ;; -- •< ^-- . -.- - ' . • • • •• | . ,.,,11 /.rpj pc i with troubles so mysterious votes more a;io more r-,r..v •-•-.-- io ,.ie : ^^-|;.--- ^':;; '-;_! ' .,'•••;,.,;,. ' ' ',, • t ..; ~_^_ 1 But never mind at Christmas time Di-esirlni! .,:' •' :• ir-i.-.c-.i.-.l : :over'i- ; e> ...i^on , , • . - . , ID. 30c bag, 25c End cuis ATED OR PEACHES We have Do"-c^, CiE-ron.. SHI OF GliEsH JADsT SELLER. S?c VV2TM COUPON ,, ,. ,..-f/"' c --,-• ; -•-,,'-„,- i The' V '-vn'-^in^'''di'se'"^'reV'o'r'hod • 'TVhwav' tist-r taxes over the. four ; holy night so still HcIp?!>lyji>eRcf xvidno;, ,u^oo l^^^^.]'^!. v ^; nl '|^; \jpit-d Stages-years. " !In mansion and in humble cot. and Flush Wut i-oiEonoiia V.asco j ;-;•; i',,^.,,.'^';; i >u |' n i-iy proi'c'"to'be i He said that after deductions for, cverv bar and grill. -•end in' the '.I'.PG ru-i It's loo I road maintenance, about $S4,706,- ,Biiig Crosby's voice so beautiful ,, x . |'!r;3 rnav be used exclusively for i Hue angels in the sky but now const ruction. Is singing Holy Night so sweet. i Wejf/;>tj.'i£'j:e 190— n small-size console eombiur.iioa, ^e^gn^d for limited iivin;; sp,U'.'.'. Ve.u;:re5 Rainbow Toe.^ I'M, AM anJ.au auto- r.v.uic record changei'.— jiita cxciu- iix';- i'iciH;-['C'Wer.''Qti:uULij^'e rec- oi'd "storar^c . cOiiiimio-j^iy -.an- able IOIIL coairi.l . • . .auior.i?iic voluc.uj co!':rol. 'voik'rn ..,'r. p si^a in rich nv.'.ho^a:iy vcii'jci'S. I'M: ^/^rpf/'S^ ... NEWEST, MOST PQWSRfUL QF All R&D1Q CIRCUITS You've a re..! treat in store for you, \\hen you listen to a \\"cstiiu;h(Hi.';e Radio —with Pu:r."n-Po\VER. This niarvcloirsly-engir.cered circuit provides the c.v/)v.' reserve of power needed lor lilcli!;c, faithful reproduction. PLI-N n-Po\x i:u helps reproduce all the tones ot great music, or a great spouking voice — exactly <;.( broxtlciist. Remember — nionty can't buy this revolutionary feature in any radio, but \Vcst- inghoust! chii.iM;- PU-iui-power give 1 ., tl'.is I'.muziii}! table r.nlio-plioiu> true-io-'ife radio i-ucsjifioM, phis f.iidiiul repro- duciio. 0 . (.1; :\.'co:us. i'.:iuio !;j's out for use in any roor.i. I'.ecord pkiyer y.ives up to SO iiiiniitts of uninter- rur.[fd rtcordtd niii-.ii;. (..iinir.et is t'.ibi-ic;itcd Iroin \\'e5tini;house MlCAi'.TA, the "inir.iclij in itcria!" that resists scr.iit'iu'iij:, burning, cradling, stain inj 1 , or v/arping. in t'f'l. every one of you And so is Edgar Hoover and Attorney General Clark iSo Merry Christmas every one so | free from cave and carl:. | In Europe and Australia and the various foreign places The festive Christmas spirit gleams upon assorted faces Nobody calls their neighbor any names like dirty liar And citi'-.ens in Gotham greet Mayor William F. O'Dwyer. No matter how penurious or humble you may be We hail the festive season in our j great democracy But don't be fooled my fellow f.'lends and suffer disappointment The Communists you see have put a fly into the ointment Where e'er they are these dirty rats each form and shape anci way To do you dirt will try their best on merry Christmas day 1 And we must always bo alert like i brave Gibraltar's rock ! Instead of Christmas greetings to | these rats we give a sock They are the lowest lowriown bums and hatred (hey do preach They stir up hatred all the time 'mid one and all for each ! No Christmas spirit gay and loving in their heart doth dwell And all that I would say to them is "You go straight to •—." So merry Merry Lnrisimas and .-; Yule of glee and fun My heart doth sing yon greeting gav to each and every one. S£fe '- • • ^: ; M^^^flf [i|i^iSii|ftll MK.^f- :a,tl.c-.-;ic Chin,^ Cii : op t ^i,: c «fi s ,Si i^[.S^pk^M| ''*-"" *''. VVM- -'.---..»• «'-•-«!' «E|^ cSaiiaisi hl.ick pkibiic. i : ;-.i-.,:sf.s cxclu-.ive I'lenii-pusver — ;u:tom.uic volume control . . . built-ii! \ In a letter to Jimmy Powers, UK- i 'sport-side |";ulcmist. the Kev. i-ran-; ' cis A. Moore, a young Jesuit priest, i 'piesc-nts a study of the standard' players' contract ii: organi/.ed .baseball and further says, "1 am i looking for objective truth on this problem.' ]f I were loyal to the absoluu letter of the flic!-; of teaching tli.it 1 incurred from several of laithl'ul departed elders in thi.- society, 1 could not grunt that I-'.uh- er Moore exisls, not having m.. I him, nor that hi! is a priest his diploma, nor young v'lhout ii'.: birth certificate. Hut ie. ]irai'lie:i Jii'u \'.'e iiave (o take some liiii;:; or, i;iith and do n.uch business >•. the nod. j Si,, hoping that Kather iwill do as much lor me, 1 stall 'lulluws: ] 'file player's contract is j strange survival of the old ye! I do;; contract by which anti-ui corporations N'ears a'j,(j v.-orkii.en to relrain from jo .unions, 'llie essi-nee of llu- ye Ulog contract was inLliviod ;l'!acli v.nrki-r \va.-' hired ::ep;,i lundi/r an ela!'ur,''e agr--i ,'i.ei;l i taming ImrribK. pen'iltie;:. s'.; ;fi!ies and o.-.lr;.i. isn'.. i he ! who defeiaii-d it up i" the .-upi cfjUit r»idii-'i i,'.'-n.-. I lea! !-.it:c liiey invoke'.! llie ei.n.- ;ilui li[',ilt Ol t oi i i I'a (.-I. ! J i.)\'-. ;. ,'c! . Ajiieriean .'\.-i.-i-p to :-oc]a!i.Mi: aliolisiii'd v.'J :;.U- • e r liii.M' 1 '.v,> that right ia eiiip!oy,.T-i-;i::j relations, .\\ilhi-r part.'-, 1 has dooi of contract in ll.e.-,i- ivl now the gij'.-i'l I'.loeJil dictates o- lo tin.- empl'i.\,-r. 'I'll-- ui.ion diel ion.is lo li:, woi'::,-!-. Jo l!ii.- priiefS.- we adf.'-,;,'.! :\;,.-n;.i !..v., to ,.ooah/.- I'u ^.i,-. oi i,.i- '..-oi-Ker ;-.i« I;. 1 '- cur) ora 'Ih^s,.- l:.v.s. pr:!.e-p.,l!y th>- \ ; IK r act. v.-'.-re goii.g to ama.-..-; j ..vurki.-rs into :.ggi i-xi-.tiun:-; •-; i.nions wiiicli v. oiild : lioiii 1. I a'-aii!.-'. Hie .:"Ull,. s ::::;;re ; ;::! Macaroni A-.:i PJ-TJ Noodles - Ann Concl Milk Ann P;;i;v- Jeil 1 Ib. glass ?.3c Ann r '''"'" • Mayonnais Jo;vu->hcM Apples NORT1IV/EST FIR XMAS TREES White House A. A '' 3 tail cans 39c small cans 39c i lo poosu yojr purse on-.t,! Merciarir.o Cucratr!'oc: io fjivo you orr.plete sails- faciion. Priced as tov/ ci possible everyday! \ V!£Nii\ SAUSAGE

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