The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 4, 1934
Page 3
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1934 CELEOUTE Shoe Company Will Open Factor)' al Car- uthevsville Thursday Opening of Hie new Brown Shoe company plant at. Carnthersville will be observed there next. Thursday, October 11, with a celebration m wliicli Cimithersville cli'ic organizations are Inviting all of Southeast Missouri nnd Northeast Arkansas to participate. The Pcwlscot County fair, sponsored by the American Legion, will be In progress at Caruthcisville next we«k, and committees repre- sentiiig the shoe company, the business men of the town, and the' fair association are cooperating to make Thursday a day crowded with entertainment. There will be parades, music, horse racing, free •vaudeville acts and a variety of other attractions. .. Opening of the big new plant is regarded at Curuthcrsvllle as marking the turning point toward permanent prosperity for that city and its vicinity. The Brown company, one of the big shoe manufacturing concerns of the world has taken over the old Menzies plant, lone .idle, and has 'spent approximately $100,000 in enlarging and equipping it. The plant will employ approximately 600 persons, with a prospect of further expansion later, visitors to. Car- utliersville next Thursday will have an opportunity to see it in onera- iion. The celebration day program will open with a parade, led by Col George W. Phipps of the HOtli infantry, as grand marshal. There will be a number of military units including the famous 140th infantry band, directed by Lt. Oscar T. Honey, an industrial section, led by the Hayfi municipal band, and a sclicol and civic section, led uy the Canithersvlllc American Legion band. Civic and patriotic organizations from throughout the St. Francis valley will be invited to participate and there will be floats from numerous communities. The dedication ceremonies will include an address .of welcome by D. D. Pinion, mayor of Caruthersville, presentation of the shoe factory building and grounds by James S. Wahl, chairman of the shoe factory committee, and an address of acceptance by ,E. R ..McCarthy, of St. Louis, vice-president of the Brown Shoe company .Following the ceremony, activities will be transferred to-the fairgrounds, . where the American Legion has arranged a special pro- BI iv^ A ' fcaturekCTent-of-thc-rtny will be the running of the Brown fahce Company Derby, the winner of which wfil be presented a loving cup and a wreath of roses by •Mr McCarthy, who will be guest of honor for, the day. koy Almanac October 4^ •B. Hayes, •president of the United States, born Rewind***" v , Anericaa artist, born- ant ynio pay no attention Jurors Summoned for ; Criminal Court Term .Grand and petit''jurors hav qh en irr SU o, molVM by deputies' ol vnerin Clarence Wilson for the fall term of circuit criminal court e. Jie Chlckasawbn district of Mississippi county, opening here Monday, October 28. ~ Petit jurors summoned arc- V Q. Adams, Harry. Atkins. Sam Alex adder A. A. Allen, Ben Biigg E. Blaylock, Tom Crockett c Prane, Dan Dunkin, A. B' Fai Held, M. Pilzsimmons, B. A ooo" K. I. Haley, E P Harding, Blythc Ville; W. R. Garner, Jim Middle ton, Leachvlllc; W. c. Griffin, Joli Binson,. H. w. cowan. J. M B a tliolomew, J. M. Castleman o B Cook, Manila; J.-H.- Henderso Yarbro; G. B. Nave, Tomato A ternates are: Earl Mngcrs, Ot Bradberry, Dell; Tom Haynes 1 , B. •Jarrett, New Liberty; Raymon a; u " vv ' Grand jurors summoned are Arch Pierce, E. H. TaUcr Lead ville; Ernest Odom, A. c R ee i Barney Threlkeld, Mriiiila; R v Cranford, Gosnell; w. W Wi Hums, Arniorel; B. B. Akin.'spen cer Bimeh v Yarbro; Walter Sim irt, Hirn'm, Wiley, John Godwin J^SfkViiJS; SS? Sfe ^E3X*a s^S"^ ?«-!?. tw WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- WITHOUT CALOMEL And You'll Jump Out of Bed in He Morning Rarin' to Go if you fccf >our «nd <uok and the world looku puDk, don't awitlow a loloTaalbi, min. tv»l water, OH, llxlUve candy or chcwinc Bum *n J eipect tfiera to nuLeyousuddenlyan-wl »ad buoyant »ad full of sunshine. For they cm't Jo it. *n*y only move l(re boweU and a mete movement dotati'l KCl at the cause. The reawn tor your down-and-out nwiiw It your liver. ;t ihould pour out two pounjs ol liquid bile into your bowl's dai:y. . If IhU bile 13 not flowing [reely, your fowl ioan it digest. It just decays In the booth. JlVi."!"* "1* y° ur »'<«n«l>. Vou hire a tmcK, bid Uste and your fcrnlh Ij foul, «>n ollcn bt, «k, ou t In Wcmiihcs. Your bra J • che» .nd yon ( M l down nod out. Your wholt i/»tera Is poiMoeJ. lo « CAHTEK'S t ll >«° '*« . n j m.Ve you l up md up." They conUin muiderM. i?' e *" 1 ' 0 T «»«UD!« «,tr»ft», .naanj «t« It come, to nuking the bile How freely. "' A ' V Io ' c *""''° Fish Store Employe Found Ring in Cod BOSTON. (UP) —Jack Simmons, an employe- of a fish store' here, was in the process or dressing n 'iO-poiintl coJ caught on Georges Banks a lev; days before. As he slicei; off the cod's head 3n old-fashioned weddin^ r ina f e ii out. The letters "Pat D.," engraved mslde the ring, were the only due to t!ie owner. BLYTHKVILLE, (ARK.) COURIEU NIWS GUI OFF VOTE AAA Fears Landowners Would Dominate Crop Control 1 Referendum. .-Fenr that white negro tenant dinners might not have ample opportunity to express Hie],- V | CW ,5 Jm Jelt AAA 0( _ "cials to s «i aside a plan for a referendum among cotloii growers on »>e form of next, year's rolunlary adjustment program.' Only a few days ago enthitsliisni or the referendum idea— now being tried out on tile corn and Iw pBnsi's— had r c«che<l (he point where a vote on the voluntary cot- Ion program seemed assured. • Now, the consensus is to confine southern voting 'to the Bnnkhend compulsory cotton bill, since the ref- craKhim .to sec whether it should be continued f 0 ,. another year Is called for by ( the net itself. 'I'he Southern tenant, problem, in- [volvlng both negro and white, has ) caused the AAA trouble since Hie J1U33 COU °" rcduc "°" Program | n I Complaints tlint the landowners in many cases, gut more than llielr snare of benefit patients and a- scrlions thai tenants have been driven ofr the land through acre- feet that Mitre was foundation for a comparatively few protests but t>ome officials are known to frel that the inquiries only skimmed the surface. The plan for u farmers' referendum ii'M devlspd to nus«w charges or bureaucracy mid to bolster iigrlciiUural .supiwrt for wlmtcvcr programs flnnlly were iidopttxl «y letting [he growem Hieniselvcs I!L>- c!de. Olllelnls said today one reason a .vote to determine farmer attitude toward the cotton program w«s not necessary was that (he producers who Joined the control plan for this ycnr were already iindur contract for next year. South African bus drivers average Sll in weekly salaries nnd work from 2 a.m. to it p.m. oil some routes. .AMILY LAXATIVE IIOTK1, NOBLE Is Now Agent For American Airlines, Inc. Call 835 For Information nnd lieservntions KKBYS WffiK-END SPECIALS ullytliemarvelous \«llard Treatment which has brought amazing relief to -tltousonda everywhere. 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