Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 9, 1948
Page 4
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Page Four HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, December 9, 1948 // tr'*'' Current" Ideas -*" sfmas inieo 'iV'V,. lj ::l, -;.,;, l ™ ^l* now - so ! j Father Faces >n '" '" Ucr m<:il '» 1 - «»»'">"tics| Another Jury ', a;-;i ....•'!. 'i! ; i! Kvans chose jailbrer .1 .:i.: -,':n.s o! .suieide. on Sex Charge Not-binc;, but nothing, v/ill please mother more on Christ-mas day than on electrical gift — o practical gift! Nothing con bring her more pleasure on CkrisJmcn day and every day in the year than a mixer, an iron, a stove, rofrigcrntor or radio. See our selection today. Inquire ' about our easy-poymcn'f plan. AM - FM tenM-Ktrto Why not give the family one of these BENDIX Radios for Christmas? Here's a gift that they will enjoy for manv years. See our complete stock. «&'/ This combination radio as shown above has both AFv"- FM and will make a swell Christmas Gift. Here is another table model radio that will please any one on your list. As shown at left. NEV/ GE V/ASHER - IRONER COMBINATION Thai will please them Christmas, >«s; v rfli E& $ W& flfy ?<"""*« #^ r Of iil£ nth "GE" REFRIGERATOR "GE" "GE" WASHER DISHWASHER KELViNATOR YOUNGSTOWN REFRIGERATOR KITCHEN BENDIX BENDIX BENDIX WASHER DRYER IRONER NEW HOME ESTATE SEWING MACHINE GAS RANGE BENDIX and "GE" RADIOS /' 215 - 217 S. Walnut Wl^ ..•;•;,{? : vi New Beiulix Washer as shown above is the only washer in the- world that can put in its own soap. Bcndix soaps, soaks, washes, rinses and damp drys . . . all by itself y Slll»l Phone 21 ••-n nr-T - !/.'--"J M • ; i~f .%£ • .,^1 ,,^> ;V /.::! rionvi'-rs IfHI ]-,. that he led ;, j-,;;:, ot Ijri ny :;: ,'i i; i. i i • • Till; li-'i.li-.,:.. i-,.:,. JlK|i.icT.l, ri-v--:.li'-i of Anurev, :-;. I-",-: , tOO 1,'il'- 1h;;l ••,••. • But Kvan;; in.-i'.!. • Rik-ly."a -M;;-' ••'•. ' At 'ih:- ].,-: i ,•den Fran/: .'••:••!. rlt-IH'l.' IV.-,; \: :'"'.i fore tlie .j.-.iil/:-";, I foini'l in i. : .; v .', •; | Oct. L'."), add,-!-.- • -i f.'oiH-ei n." "I h;,vi- ih.v -, i! ay/ay h<- i ;-..-• ;• eriir;e." il ;;,..• that crin;-- 1:1,- --ii'i for a .ink*-. '.'.'"'I "I am re;-iiv :.'. \'x ; ron;, r [mil h:;-. 1 . ; win. i IK.IV.- r.n.i -,.-.- t-Mine I di..rt -.-.•••• i peiiil(-nli;:iy i..- ;i:, '.'•'ifo ,-i;ni l;i'ii. li; tlioy wai'terl. \\ • ii who-il t'-.-r, i-,. - n- ;. I wish 1 eosi.l li- . I day, but the jury was unable - to reach a verdict. Judge Charles Light ordered a nesv jurv empaneled and set a new trial for Thursday. The daughter, Mrs. Frances UP- O•,;!.- :i-.-. F'lanncd ! Paragould, Dec. B —(/P) A scc-'' on - testified that Newboles had i i; .-. . i.innrhvy Wnlf ; ' Ti - A ; <ind jury vs'ill try Roy Newboles on [made sexual demands of her on !.•-.' ::: ::"d lor Marl David Lloyd ' a charge that he raped his 25-year- (several occasions during th« last •-.,\-' . I'.ritain's Woi'ld War' 1'old married daughter. ' lyear. :i;. ::nnis;.'i. is to he built iu'ai| Newl>oles.. who formerly opera led i ;• : -' in ihhi village v/here lie a tavern here, was tried on the Among kangaroos multiple births .: •; ' in 194.0. U-hargc in circuit court here yester- are rare. Full t;rown gray male kangaroos an lean from 10 to 20 feet. St nrvy wy - Man, You're Crazy Forzct your ngcl Thousnnoa are pc-niiy at 70. Try " priiplni: up" with octroi. c;ontnlii9 Ionic Inr wc.ik. mnilnnn Ici-IInc ilun sololr to Imily's I/ick of Iroa wliloh tniiny men nnil women cull olil. irf Ostrcx Tonic Tnlilpls tor rm. youiilifr tecMTO, tliil %-ory liny. New "Ret i-.cq.uoluted" elzo mm Olio. rty I. [•*.. Cot the Cost of Cforiistmas! v •j .<./" .'.ii'ii ,assas- ! ^-• y ^:: jjI'Wiii'i \f ' tjiiil f. W c '* ..--*"' ,' l '.'-'-\ _, rV\ O?V.v• ESEOADCASTiNG '-;' ' "-' SYSTEM _ '•; •:'•; •; • /-Jt',-taC"^' .'V • ••'• .-•• '••'' I : tfUyvav' •",'.:,-'••.•• Thuinday p.m., !>...:. •; '•>. ,J i Ail-, ,-nliir,' I'M .-•,•,.• "i::i : i '"ap::, 11 i"ii.:n: •:!,: T:-!") Tom Mix IVJ (i: no Khylhin A- i\ :;.;, ..'• ll):Mi) Bill i.i, f.'v ••/.. ' '• lt:fi') iVI'.ilu.-n N"- ••- ill ' 'III S"1M ( )j| Friday r.ni., Dec. !0 .i:n< ,-HHI: fit •>:;>,> Aiai'Ki'l iie|/i>-.-'.:-- 7:(K) Farm I'-'.-ak:':;:-;: ;'r< :;--:n; V: IS i\l'.-l(.)iiy Boys 7: oil The 1 H-vn! ion;;! 1! on i ?:•!:! Musical Cj.-ck .':f>5 flews. C.:M'ee Cup r.Mitinn '!!:(){) Snnri.se Sor.- 1 .!::."- tiriii) Slogan Pai-r-.iU.- !l:l)(l Cei-d l!i own- Al 10:0(1 Pasi-iii!' rar;.-t i i: 1,1 \ u-,..-, "il I,.- riiiiti l.alir:.-! Ihi-ii --M i:i:-r, l.ani^- !:,.., : , 11 :IUI K.-i',,- SIIKI.. :•;; II : l.'i Kal,- Sini.ii :-. 1 !:_:!!) l.i.iii-h,-.,,: •:! .-' H riu/iy p.m.. Dt.':. I;!.(in .\i-w.~,. ii.ii..,- i:.': M hi:: ;-,:c I ';,:,-• :'.L: !."i Joini i Ian:.-; t. 1-: 1H Sil irlr: 1 .- : . :-l I. To ;. r .. r p *5 20 07.. ^7« '•-•''•'• ^ fa.. Loaves & f %* :: -;eh..-d for adcied nourishment. »roni ^ 17 © Made From Pure Semo.-al. Sa'es. T'-'cse prices effective Thursday. Friday and Saturday _ White Corn N ^J 19C l\ Avondale Dc!ic!..)'.is Cream Style. ,~, ,, ( __ «i V n 9 tf^!» t ^ ( ^r6 Tomatoes g 'cans ETC i I i New Pack, vine rlpcncrl. Delicious , W Green Beans A von dale. Quali.y. Save ^Of* lb. ^S'lJ^ Bot. B@ on steaks or Ha': mo re .A'jellen'i. Bread Spread. Fine for -nOki'.i'-;. e A Punches N ,S' 2 '"^nu J \ s v- v5 ^H 11 tj C5 C ^ n ^ *i? \ }l r Kroner. Luscious Halves or Slices. Fruit CockfraiS N " C; ^ 43i Kroner. Delicious, Diced fruits. Pork & Beansg lp ° «• 23 Kro,er in tomato sauce wth Pok. A^ed Cheese sin A;.'.otl Cheddars. Fine. VALUE Grapefruit differ in sizes. But large or "'small, heavy or light, they're priced by the pound at Kroger, . . for weight, not size, assures better buys. WSWFS4P v v •> 5 -'4 iLiiJ'.irTky Small VVoshington Boxed Fruit. Fresh. i-ii'in Grecen hieads of Texas Cabbage. Ibs. Ib. ij. S No. 2 Grade. Save. SUP1R SUDS inn lb - ' 1UU Bag- 50 Ib. Bag 1.79.~ t?. .:,: a y in v? 'Iin B • I nif All vegetable Sh'.ri.enin.!-';. I-Iigh Quality PIE CRUST MiX S; 19e Make Perfect Crust Any Time. Pillsbury. CAKE FLOUR '» P ^ 4Q© Swansdown. For Tasty Cakes. ALLSPICE ll: j^; fQC Kroner. Hisli Quality, Fine Flavor. MINCE MEAT , ° p ^; 15c Kroner. Make a Mince Meat pie today. Baking Powder lli £';, 21C Calumet Brand. A Standard of Quality Baking Soda 4 PkBs .19c Arm & Hammer Brand. Gives perfect results Rib Steak lb _ §§0 Kroyer Cut. Baby Bcei. Ground Beef lb 49© Kroner Made Fresh, Pure ana Lean. Frankfurters ,-,,. 45© Armour Star Skinless. Fancy. Pork Sausage lb 42C Armour Star pure country Style. MINIMUM BONE . . . MORE SOLID MEAT Picnic Hams lb . 4?C Tend.er Small. Save. Piece Bacon lb .53C Cudaliy Puriuin Fancy Grade. Pork Chops ]b . 49€ Lean, Loin or Rib Ends. Sliced Bacort lb §9c Oysters pt .69C Wilson's Corn Kins. Dry Cured. Fres-Shoro, Lar«c Standards. n & G St , acd and Pan rteaciy 2 AC* WITH .^fy CARD Price Without Cord 4.19 Shaped to make thorough mixing easy. May also be used in the oven DECORATED WITH PRISCIUA PATTERN VEL :;i^v:8i'e Boqueir 'STAL WHITE " ; j ' f j*'^ <% <J! I'.ar.-; fc»«3L OXVDOL CAMAY Ph lit 1 ;;. " IVORY FLAKES Kind In Yui:r Hand:P & G SOAP Gct'35-piece set A GIFT FOR YOU IN EVERY CARTON- GRADE "A" EfiGS Bars Sweetheart Soap Sv.,- -t and n He-. •« Q Klild. itL Bars I £? i DOZ. LARGE U. S. certified Grade A. Guaranteed i'or quality and weight. © At Youk Krogeir Store Priced os low as

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