Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 28, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 28, 1938
Page 3
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Wednesday, September 28,'1988 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THREE Trouble is laughter as soon as it's done, Danger is joy when the battle is won, The night is forgotten when the morning's begun. So don't stay too long at your wailing. The rough road is dreary to travel but you Will look back and smile when your journey is through, You may doubt this today, but you'll find it is true, So don't fret too much when you're failing. The care which now burdens you down will grow light, Your doubts and your fears will soon slip out of sight, And you'll laugh at them all when you've put them to flight, The pride of tomorrow is fashioned today, Men boast of the burdens they've borne on the way, And the fears which this morning fill you with dismay You will laugh at the moment you rout them.—E. A. G. Honoring Miss Myrtle Delancy, Mrs. Clifton Booth entertained at a very delightful dinner. Guests other than the honoree were Misses Mildred and Virgie Booth and J. W. Booth. Mr. and Mrs. Hope M. Blcvins announce the arrival of a little son, Roger Hope, Monday, September 26 :i( Josephine hospital. Mrs. Blcviiis will be remembered as Miss Brookscy Nell Rogers. Mrs. K. G. McRac, Ouacliita Prcsby- lerial president spent Wednesday in Malvern presiding at a Group Conference of that organization. -o— Mrs. R. P. Bowcn and Mrs. J. C. Wallis and daughter Katherine were Wednesday visitors in Malvern. As special compliment to Mrs. Claude Johnson a recent bride, a most delightful Tea Shower was given on Tuesday evening between the hours nf 7:30 and 10 o'clock at the attractive new home of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Hamilton on East Second street. Lovely .summer flowers, including sprays of September Morn and Lupine added to the bcunly of this attractive homo. The guests were greeted by Mrs. Nallon Wylie and introduced to the re- NORMA SHEARER TYRONE POWER ' Joseph SCHILDKRAUT • Gladn C«ore«'HeiirySteph«m«i Prorfuc.c/ b r Hunt Stromberg ceiving line by Mrs. Dcwey Hendrix. The line included Mrs. Claude Hamillon, Mrs. Tom Wardlow, Mrs. Garrctl Story, Mrs. Claude Johnson, Mrs. B. G.'Southward, Mrs. J. B. Ellen, Mrs. L. M. Boswell, Mrs. E. E. Moses, Mrs. Paul Dudney and Mrs. A. A. Brown. Mrs. H. Burnsidc and Miss Ollie Jackson and Mrs. Dale Claibornc extended j courlesios in the gift room; the bride's book was in charge of Miss Lucille Murphy. Mrs. J. O. Milam assisted by Mrs. Hendrix Spraggins, Miss Helen Bowden, Miss Omora Evans and Mrs. Jimmio Miller served in the dining room. The lace covered table was centered with a bowl of yellow and orchid button chrysanthemums, flanked by yellow candles in crystal holders. Miss Mary Louise Keith accompanied by Miss Nell Williams, gave lovely .seloqtions ^throuiihou,l the evening. Others assisting in this very delightful function were Mrs. I. A. Russell, M,rs. Leon Bundy. About seventy-five guests called during the evening. Mrs. Garrclt Story and Mrs. Tom Wardlow were associate hostesses for this very delightful compliment. An official church family supper was held Tuesday night at 6:45 in the educational building of the First Baptist church on South Main street. This group composed of the church officers and deacons, the officers and leaders of all other church organizations numbered around seventy-five. The adult assembly room was the setting for the supper, ad presented a very lovely picture with its decorations of fall flowers, and the long table centered along the line with bowls of lovely flowers gave out an invitation to all. The supper program opened with the Doxology and the invocation was given by C. C. Collins, a deacon. Dr. William R. Hamilton, pastor of the church acted as Master of ceremonies. During the meal, reports of the past yearji work were given by Dr. A. C. Kolb, representing the church. Arthur C. Irwin, Sunday school superintendent. Mrs. Hugh Smith, president of the Woman's Missionary Society and Edgar Thrash, director of the B. T. U. Short talks were made by the newly elected superintendent. J. T. Bowden and Lawson Glover, newly elected B. T. U. director. Mrs. A. C. Kolb. associate superintendent of Sunday school introduced each departmental superintendent, who in turn introduced the officers and teachers of that department. The inspirational address of the evening was made by Mr. Raymond Marslon, educational director Beach Street Baptist church in Tcxarknna. A vocal selection by Miss Audrey McAdams and a boys instrumental trio, consisting of J. T. Luck, Wallace Van Sickle and Kenneth Crank gave two beautiful sacred selections. The pep singing was led by Otho Taylor, with Mrs. F. L. Padgitt at the piano. Six Y. W. A. girls under the supervision of Mrs. Hugh Jones, their leader, served for this delightful occasion. The Woman's Missionary Union of Its Homecoming Held bySt. Paul Threatening Spell of, Weather Fails to Deter Sunday Crowd By WINNIE SPARKS The bright rays nncl tics of friendship and the beam that ever beckons one home chased nwny the rain clouds Sunday mid enabled a large group of friends imd relatives to gather at the St. Paul church, two miles west of Ozan, for the fifth annual homecoming. The heavy rain clouds and the light rain Sunday morning probably kept away a number who had planned to attend, but by 10 a. m. the clouds had vanished and the crowd present had begun to enjoy the gracious hospitality of the St. Paul community and the personal conacta with friends and relatives. The program began a 11 a. m. After the opening song and the invocation the Rev. G. W. Robinson, pastor of the St. Paul church, presented a Holman Pulpit Bible to the St. Paul church as a gift from the St. Paul Women's Missionary Society. Miss Maltye Louise McNutt, a grand daughter of Mrs. W. P. Wallace, one of the pioneer members of the St. Paul church and community, read "A Tribute to Mrs. Mattie Goldberg Wallace, My Mother," written by one of Mrs. Wallace's children. The Rev. W. W. Nelson, pastor of the Mineral Springs Methodist church and a former member of_ the St. Paul community, preached the sermon. Choosing as his subject "The Eternal Value of Religion" the Rev. Nelson delivered an old-fashioned, soul reviving sermon which brought tears to the eyes of the listeners as they realized the truths which he preached and the present conditions that are evidences of the eternal doom and tragedy of the life of an individual or of a nation who has forgot God and the Bible. "The greatness of a man," Rev. Nelson stated, "lies not in. his physical ability or in his mental ability, but in his heart!" At 12:30 p. m. long tables prepared Plenty of Chic Tucked Into This Fall Bolero Suit Revival Nearing End Final Week Rev. Dexter Collins Preaching Nightly at Local Tabernacle The revival at the Gospel Tabernacle, North Main street, is nearing the close of the final week with Evangelist Dexter Collins of Granada, Minn., doing the speaking nightly. Tuesday night he had as his 'subject, "If Heaven Is So Good and Hell Is So Bad Why Doesn't Everyone Re- ( f Hju f clairfication of pent of Sin and So Be Saved?" Th C| Cnambcr i ain . s gua ,. antcc thal the An . cd CBgreness to know "how England and France would react to this de facto renunciation of their plan accepted by Prague just a few days ago." They saw it "not only as a repudiation o'f the German standpoint, but also a disavowal of the Anglo-French plan on the port of Prague." These coments were forthcoming after British Prime Minister Chamberlain, through an emissary Sir Horace Wilson, sought to negotiate a peace solution in a brief talk with Hitler. Sir Horace was believed to have pleaded with Hitler to trust Chamberlain and his "way out." He talked with Hitler for a half-hour at the chancellery. Sir Horace flew back ,to London this afternoon and it was understood he carried a specific re- Rev. Mr. Collins placed the glamc on the influence of atan, stating that, "Deep down in the heart people really want to live right," but the Devil makes sin so attractive that they forego salvation for the temporary enjoyment of so-called good times. Wednesday night the evangelist will glo-French plan would be carried out. It was believed thai Sir Horace's greatest difficulty was to overcome Hitler's distruct of Czechoslovakia, and it was thought that Britain's guarantee might swking the tide toward a peaceful settlement. In such a case it was conceivable that Hitler might M'Adoo to Head the Dollar Line Will Resign as Senator to Become Steamship Co. Chairman spenk on a subject of great interest morc or ] css gj oss ovcr hj s October 1 and inspiration and promises it will] tj me li m jt f or the actual occupation have something in it to appeal to each in the shade of the large trees on the QMAR KIAM, noted Hollywood church grounds were heavily laden designer, used navy blue and with all kinds of appetizing salads, • yellow rough-textured crepe to delicately browned meats of all kinds,, ma . ke tnis early fall ensemble for including heaps upon heaps of bar-! Jartet Gaynor. The yellow blouse bnqucd beef and mutton, and numcr-' j> nd . l , he P« rt b ° ler °. Jacket are hot coffee, and ice water were the drinks for the occasion. The visitors spent the afternoon renewing acquaintances and enjoying the tissociation with old friends. The oil fields of Cass county, Tex., are assessed for lux purposes at ?13,000,000. ALL TIIE LOWER FLOOR RESERVED ADULTS. 50c CHILDREN-.. . SEATS ON SALE At Saengcr Theater Cox Dnig—Hope White & Co.—Fulton Glen Spates Service Station Saratoga Street Car Cafe Mineral Springs Klcvlns Drug Store BIcvins Sid's Cafe—Rosston European Hotel—Stamps lister Drug Co.—Lcwisville —OR- PIIONE 133 HOPE Balcony Not Reserved .....' _ 35c Only 2 Performances Daily. A 3 HOUR PICTURE JRfALTO WED. A. BRAND NEW HIT! William Gargau Joan Hodges "PERSONAL SECRETARY" Thurs. - Fri. ROBERT DONATfN "The Count of Monte Cristo" iLetUsShowYouWhats New in Football Fashions LADIES Specialty Shop Questions, Answers On Employment •ones. Q. What can employers and the public do to make the Service more useful? A. They can encourage the unemployed to register and they can secure new employes through this agency. Q. Of what economic and social value is the Service to a community'.' A. The needed workers can be found quicker and the employer can feel con- lidenl they arc qualified. The morale of these unemployed applicants strengthened when employed. 7 County Appeals to Election Board Rival Groups Seek Nominations to County' Election Boards On Thursday night prayer will be offered for the sick during the scr- Italian, Daladier (Continued from Page One) British navy was ordered mobilized of the Sudctanland. Norris Would Fight COLUMBUS, Nebr. — (fl 1 )— Senator George W. Norris. one of the six senators who voted against United States' entry into the World war, said Tuesday he would vote "yes" for war this time if the United States were threatened or attacked. He predicted that Europe is headed for war now. Tuesday night and a "stale of emer- _ Norris, veteran independent, resting gency" was decreed for the. nation on a call by Prime Minister Chamberlain for the empire lo prepare for war. The admiralty suddenly announced at midnight the mobilization of the worldSs most powerful navy in the face of an imminent threat of war. Under the same threat King George and the Privy Council decreed the state of emergency. Earlier Chamberlain told the empire in his home state, reitereated his belief the nation should stay out of an European war, but said that it he were an European he would be willing to fight against the dictators. "Dictators in Europe are crazy," he said in an interview. "It's too bad that a couple of blood-thirsty dictators qan hold the fate of the whole world in their hands. ."If I were living in Europe I would and the world in a six-minute radio I be willing to go to war and have the broadcast that he would try for peace; f 'S ht settled for once and all. They are "until the last moment." But he'held 6 oi "g to scanl hopes for further mediation with Adolf Hitler, whose demands for part of Czechoslovakia by Saturday he termed "unreasonable." Special Significance The mobilization announcement of the admiralty which said its decision was laken as a precautionary measure, some day any way. ^»- WAH1NGTON - iff) - William G. McAdoo, California Democrat, will resign from the senate in about two weeks to become chairman of the beard of the Dollar Steamship Lines. McAdoo was defeated in the California primary. His term would expire January 3. The senator's appointment was announced Tuesday by Chairman Emory S. Land of the Maritime Commission. McAdoo said later he would resign as soon as he wound up his senatorial affairs here. Land said a subsidy program for the Dollar Lines, announced last month, had been approved formally by the commission, which will control about 90 per cent of the company's stock. The program provides for about $4,500,000 in government loans to the company and a yearly operating subsidy of about $3,000,000. Steps will be taken immediately, Land' said, to revive the firm's world-wide service. Management will be entirely in private hands. The board of directors selected McAdoo to be chairman and will determine his pay. Under the ship subsidy law the salary cannot exceed $25,000 a year, Land said. A senator gets $10,000. Joseph H. Sheehan, executive director of the Maritime Commission, will resign to become president of the company. R. Stanley Dollar and H. L. Lorbcr, company executives, will retire from active participation in the company's affairs. The Reconstruction Corporation will lend the company up to.$2,500,000 for working capital and the Maritime Commission will advance up to $2,000,000 for repairs to Dollar ships upon which it holds mortgages. Roosevelt Sends (Continued from Page One) pressed regarding the unforseeable assumed special significance for two consequences and the incalcula.blfc •reasons. One was that active service 'disaster which would result to he units of the navy already were vir- cntire world from the outbreak of Southwest Singers ToMeetatPatmos Convention to Begin Saturday Night, Continue On Sunday The Southwest Arkansas Singing convention which includes nine southwestern counties of the state, will meet in the Fatmos High School gymnasium, beginning at 8 o'clock Saturday night. The meeting will continue Sunday. Some of the best singers throughout the country have been invited to attend and they have promised to come, however if none of the far away singers come and just a part of the: ones who live here in this district are present, it shsuld be one of the best, The Patmos community and. entire Hempstead county will be acting as host to this convention. Come and bring your lunch. First Baptist church will hold a meeting Friday at the church from 10 a. in. lo 2:30. This is the annual pro. gram for state missions. All members arc urged to attend. Visitors arc welcome. A pot-luck luncheon will be served at noon. WEDNESDAY JANE WITHERS in "KEEP SMILING' THE EYES OF TEXAS ARE UPON YOU! Ride Hard, Fight Hard You Sons of Glory!" THE T Again the vialiant sons of Texas battle ruthless carpetbag government, hair-raising Indian attack, prairie fire and blinding dust storm to build their trail of empire . .. and an unconquered son and daughter of the Lone Star State find love and glory on America's last frontier! _ JOAN BENNETT A • RANDOLPH SCOTT * 'THE TEXANS E X A N S * J Last Times Wednesday Double Feature "The Missing Guest" and "Wild Horse Rodeo" Thursday - Friday Bob Jack Kenny Burns Oakie Baker In "Radio City Revels" Saturday Only GENE AUTRY in "PRAIRIE MOON" LITTLE ROCK -(/P)— Rival groups from seven counties appealed Wednesday lo the State Board of Election Commissioners for the appointment of their nominees to county election boards who will serve for the next two years. The state board, after hearing brief arguments from the opposing groups in an open session, announced final cleclions would be made in an cxe- culivc session. Contests were brought before the oard from Phillips, Poinsctt, Prairie, Saline, Scarcy, While and Slonc counties. Cake Walk To Be Held at Shover This Friday A cake walk will be held this Friday night at Shover Springs. Ihc funds lo go to Ihc Community House. A fruit cake will be the grand prize. The cake is displayed hv a show window of the McRae Hardware stove. tually on a war-time footing since. European war. the home fleet was concentrated off j ' Th * question before the world lo- th c coast of Scotland. The second was j dav - Mr ' Chancellor, is not the ques- that since the navy can mobilize very tion of errors of judgment or^ ofjn- quickly and quietly without public an- ' """ nouncements the admiralty statement obviously meant that naval officials recognized the urgency of having all available trained man power on the spot for immediate duly. justices committed in the past. It is the question of the fate of the world oday and tomorrow. The world asks of us who at this moment are heads of nations the supreme capacity to achieve the destinies of nations without forcing upon them as a price, the multilation and death of millions of Italy Mobilizing ROME, Italy —(/I 1 )— Sources usually citizens." well informed said Tuesday Italy had | "The two points I sought to empha- begun calling to service the specialists; size were, first, thai all mailers of of 10 clE.sses of reserves preparatory '. difference between the German gov- to general mobilization of these groups, j eminent and the Czechoslovak gov- The report said the classes of 1906 j ernment could and should be settiad ti 1916, meaning men between 22 and, by pacific methods; and, second, thai 32 were afcclcd. It was said that this] the threatened alternative of the use mobilization would bring about 2 mil- of force on a scale likely to result in lion men under arms. I a general war is as unnecessary as il Men thus far caleld out have been; is unjustifiable. It is, therefore, su- sumoned to the colors by notices sent prcmely important that ncgotialions lo their homes, it was reported. High should continue without incrruption Fascists said the calling of specialists until a fair arid constructive solu- was a "precautionary measure taken lion is reached. in view of the developments in other "My conviction on these two points countries." j s deepened because responsible statesmen have officially sated that an agreement in principle has already Germans Accuse Czechs BERLIN, Germany —(/P)— Greman been reached between Die govern- govcrnmcnl quarlers declared Tuesday mcn t of the German Reich and the night that Czechoslovakia's n?j?r1'"" I ' .••••-— • • • • of Chancellor Killer's demands for' .surrender of Sudelanland next Saturday was in actuality a renunciation of the original Franch-Anglo plan accptcd by Prague lasl week. These quarlers said the rejection, made public Tuesday, in London, ".proves again thi:l the Cxcchs declare Iherselvcs theoretically ready for any agreements bul in practice arc unwilling li keep their promises." German government circles express- "There are no Circuses any better." Frankfort, Ind., Morning Times. government of Czechoslovakia, although the precise time, method and detail of carrying out that agreement remain at issue. ... "Present negotiations still stand open. They can be continued'if you will give the word. Should the need for supplementing them become evident, nothing stands in the way of widening their scope into a conference of all the nations directly interested in the presenl controversy. Such a meeting to be held immediately—in some neutral spot in Europe—would offer the opportunity for this and correlated questions to be solved in a spirit of justice, of far dealing, and in all human probability, 'with 'greater pcr- Hairy Vetch A carload of Hairy Vetch has just .arrived in Hope to be distributed by the Hempstead County Farm Bureau. Farmers who wish to purchase vetch should call at the county agent's office immediately. The (price of the vetch will be ?8.67 per hundred. This price will take care of the vetch, innoculatioii. and 'sales tax. Farmers should place their orders immediately as a larger portion of this car is already spoken for and there will be no further cooperative orders of vetch seed this fall. N E W Under-arm Cream Deodorant Safely STOPS PERSPIRATION 1. Does not rot dresses- does not irritate skin 2. No waiting to dry— can be used right after ihaving, 3. Stops perspiration for 1 to 3 days. 4. White, greaseless vanishing cream. 5. Arrid has been awarded the Tested and Approved Seal of the American Institute of Laundering for being HARMLESS TO FABRICS. ARRID 39^ nnd 591. J.r Not now! . . . thanks to Black- Draught.; Of ten that droopy, tired feeling is caused by constipation, an everyday thief of energy. , Don't put'up with it.- Try the fine old vegetable medicine that simply makes the lazy colon go back to work and brings prompt relief. Just ask for BLACK-DRAUGHT.. "An old friend of the family." HEATERS FLOOR FURNACES Phone for Estimate Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Phone 259 •V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.W.V.W t ' : Bed Room Living Room Dining Room Breakfast Kitchen Cabinets Wood Cook Stoves Wood Heaters Gas Ranges Gas Heaters Wool and Con- goleum Rugs Hope Hardware COMPANY S U I T S City Meat Market Choice K. C. & Native Meats Sea Foods - Poultry Prompt Free Delivery Phone 767 Evan Wray LeRoy Henry THIS CURIOUS WORLD Show Grounds—Old Hy. 67 THERE ARE With Huge Wild-Animal MENACERIE, MUSEUM •* and Real WILD WEST.. . ArV.eR.ICA/ Government COTTON LOANS Quick Service Immediate Payment |Your Cotton Classed by a licensed government classcr, TOM KINSER Hope, Ark. SEE JETT WILLIAMS For Quick Service when making your Government Cotton Loans. Classed by a Government Licensed Classci, IDS South Walnut Street Don't worry about the cost of new winter clothes. Let us clean and press those last year's suits and dresses. • They will look like NEW! Phone 148 COOK'S White Star LAUNDRY & CLEANERS for i4 Veari Vieki Aivertiring hoi been passed upon bv a Board of THE frJAAAE, APPLIED ERROfMBOUSLV TO AMERICAN SKUNKS, BBLONCSG TO A EUROPEAN MARTEN. COPR 1931 6V HE* SERVICE. INC. /ATER, BOIL-ING "WWD&i is HOTTER THAN WATER BOILING SLCW&S /Z/GHT~ OR. WKOMGt> ANSWER. Wrong. All water boiling at a certain altitude is the »nme temperature, whether it is boiling- furiously or very slowiy. At se«. level lhl« temperature 5s 212 degrees, and for every 538 fe$t g/inrrt in altitude, the boiling point is one degree less. •I QaL Wwte* Siuuu o/ Out Ijevi ,« frsvidinj More Cooceitratei Eotttlammtnl ind t Uijhef •J Illlio il iojoiiBMt lh» t» OU»i Cifcut ia I lit World p* Unsurpassed Aionjc Charapioni • Amazing ,' Trained Animals • Mar-clous Horse Show •J * Tens ol Elephanls « Clowns Galoto . . . *» MAMMOIH CANVAS CIIX ULLEO WIIH U'ONptRS Ol ** IHC WOM.D Of WHIU TOPS Al mew IHKILLINQ BESI ^ P?U? MICE 1 I TWKt OAIlyi » * ' P ' M V LZ" CE .J P»r.9M*»M»>r.M^ !• SPECIAL AFfERNOON RATES:;" ••Children 1 EP _ ^ B5 *« > (Uudw 12; 1 E> C Adults ^ ^ Q.J STicket Wa^ou Opcu from 9 a. Mi.Ji < NIGHT PRICES: 25c and, 50c H I iV.%V«'»%VVV,ViVi*iV%VSVVf 1 USE VA-TRO-NOl IN TIME- IT HELPS TO PREVENT GOLDS DEVELOPING Here's specialized medication for the nose and upper throat-where most colds start. Used at the first snif- _--„-„, —;-.--, J j? e or srieeze-a few drops up each nostril-it helps to prevent many colds from developing ... Even when your Head is stopped-up from a neglected cold. Va-tro-nol clears away clogging mucus, shrinks swollen membranes- . .- . neips to keep the sinuses open-lets you breathe again! VlCKS YOU CAN FEEL ITS TINCUNC MEDICATION GO TO WORK VA*TRO*N0L Used in more homes than any other medication of its kind Government Cotton Loans Quick Service—Immediate Payment Cotton classed by a Licensed Government classer in our office. T. S. McDAVITT & COMPANY Hope, Arkansas I

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