The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 4, 1934
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS : *'/' THE DOMINANT NKWHi'Al-EJJ Of NOKTRltA sr A11KAN8AB ANU QOUMIKABT MI88OOKI HOME EDITION VOl,. XXXI—NO. 171 Blythevllle DiUy New* Blytbevllle Ccurter Mississippi Valley Leader istytnevllle Herald m.YTHKVU.U-;, AHKANSAS, THURSDAY, OCTOHKK -I, I93-I SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO ^INGAME Rovve Pitches Seiisahorial- ly^As Iigers Come From Behind to Beat Cards Cardinals Tigers K. H. Z 7 •.-'3: ' 1 NAVIN FIELD, Detroit, Oct. 4. Goose Goslin's single with Geh- ilnger on second and Greenberg on first in the twelfth inning'• of thrilling world series ball game gave i the Detroit Tigers a 3 to 2 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals in the second game of the 1934 series and gave each team one game. ' Schoolboy Rowe, the Tigers youthful ace from El Dorado. Ark. turned in a sensational performance on the pitching -mound for Betroit-, Starting off shakily, Howe settled down after the cards hac scored their two runs in the secbnt and third to blank, the Naliona leaguers for nine straight innings. 7t was believed Rowe set a world series record in retiring 22 consecutive batters without a man reaching first, until Martin touched him Tor a futile double in the eleventh. Wild Bill Hallahan more than held liis own with the Schcbbay until the ninth inning when the Tigers, trailing by one run, tied • the score. He gave way lo Bill Walker in the eventful ninth and Walker was the -losing-'pitcner in the twelfth, Howe' : .. allowed seven hits anil Hallaban ' nnd Walker- ssven between them.. Cochrane'had "pinned his hopes of evening the series upon the stuiv : ,dy shoulders of Lynwood Rowe, Hie ^•'Hghl-handed "Schoolboy,'"-who was 'the'iii^Im^reaEpn' fijr"' the Tiger tri- u&ph jn the American League race. '"'~'' '^Oppb'sed-'-to' him Vov?Wilo? BUI Hallahan, 30-ycnr-old veteran touihpaw. Neither manager made any : .change in the .b'atting order irom yesterday's game. A bright sun was sinning today, dispelling much of :tbe early forenoon October ha?-e auii chilliness.: First Inning Cardinals — Martin caught the first ball pitched by Sclioolbos Howe squarely on his bat and it shot out into centcrficld but White Betroit centerftcider, was- under and Martin was out. Rotlirock tapped one tov.'ard second. Gehringer - was in fast to get it, throwing to Greenberg for Hie out. Frlsch drove one hard at Owen, Tiger third sack- "Business" Calls Slate Officers ,to St. Louis LITTLE ROCKAOct: 1 (UP) —Business 'at/ St. i Louis coincident wllu 'the /opening of lliii 1 world series.' there tomorrow today called Gov. ; J.:M, Fiilrell. -.The governor left this morn- Ing JUKI will not. return until Tuesday. He will be Ihc', guest Monday night at a banquet given by the larm credit administration. • . ' • :.Treasurer 5?'oy V. Leonard will leave for Si. Louis tonight to deliver $2,500,000 In new.refund- Ing bonds tomorrow. Other; lesser state officials and bhiployes intllcivtert _tlicy may br in''St. Louis : fOr the'first game there. : - M ; - : . As Cards Kinked Tigers' INNINGS, 3 TO 2 • i Vil in First Game of Series er, who knocked the ball down. I was good for a single. Rowe whip ped over his fast ball for a called third strike on Medwick, .retiring, the side. No runs, one hit,-no error Tigers—White slashed one dowi to Collins, Card first sacker, Hallatian rim over to covec-the bag taking Collins' .throw just befor White reached,the sack. Cochran hit another, to Collins,'.who out raced Cochranu to the bag. Geh ringer hit one down to Collins an Haitfihan covered the base but Col lins' throw.was wild, Gehringer be . ing safe. Gteenbetg hit a grounds to iuartin. Pcppsr's throw to first was wide'but Collins reached out and snagged it for the putout. No . runs, no hits, one error. Second Inning Cardinals--Collins smashed one high and far into ccntcrfleld but White raced back to make a beautiful catch. Dslnnccy.'hit one hard at Gchringcr, the Tiger .second sackcr being unable to field the ball. It was'.scored as a hit. Orsatli cracked a hard drive down the lelt field foul line and it went for three bases, eluding Goslin. Dclancey scored. Rowe forced Durocher to pop weakly to Greenberg at first Hallahan lopped one into right and Fox came In fast to make the catch for the.third out, one mn, two hits, no errors.' Tigers—Goslin singled through second, Prison* fielded the ball but was unable to make trie throw. Rogell fouled out to Delancey. Hallahan struck out Owen, a third strike being called. Pox touted on to Dclancey, No runs, one hit, no errors. Third Inning Cardinals-Martin singled througl second. Hothrock bunted to Rowe who fielded the ball cleanly, getting Rotlirock at first. Martin tooV second on the play. Frisch lotto to White in center, White's fas throw to third liolr^g Martin a' second. Mcdwick smashed one be Men third and short for a single Martin scoring. Medwltk to second on the tiirow in by Goslin. Collin. singled into left. Mcdwick came In fast, spikes flashing, but Cochran took Goslin's perfect throw to cu Mcdwick off al the plate. Cecil . ranc was hurt on the play bu ' - ambled over to the bench nude his own power. One run, IVire •, hits, no. errors. .', Tigers — Rowe s truck ou came in fasC to fake Whit* higli bounder land whipped it to first for the second out. The Detroit fans gave Cochrane a . big hand when lie walked to the plate. Coehnine was given n base on balls. It was the first walk of the game. Gehringer singled sharply to right center, Cochrane sprinting arouiid to third. The crowd pleaded with Greenberg for a hit' as he came to bat with two down. Hallahan tightened' up find struck out Grecnbcrg. No runs, one hit, i errors. Fourth Inning •' Cardinals—Delancey sent a high all into left, Goslin making, the atcii. Oreattl bunted toward first, »reenbcrg came in fast lo field the all and touch first, making the lUout unassisted. Duroch'ar hit a. rounder to Owen who threw to Oreenberg for the putout.- The almost pulled Greenberg off lie bag.- Na runs, lia hits,-no er- ors. '. . ' ''..' Tigers—Duroch'er. sprinted back f second to take Goslln's ground - r and got the Ooose at first on a hrow to Collins. It was a. flashy play, Rogell lotted one ; into een- eiy Orsatti caine in fast'to make a diving try for the ball but ijiiss- ed--arid it went l*e .a ..two-bagger. -Pri£c>i - : to'Col 1 Ins, "Hogell going to tliird. 'pox jracked one into left for two bases, Rogell-scoring-, easily. It -wasVclose o the foul line and the Cards gaUv ired around the umpires but it re- majned a'^afg hit. 'I'he crowd, gaye ' •«'rbig."criear/as- tie bat.,. 'Roive struck, "out. : He went ddw;i swinging., pile /run, two hits, no/pnrors!".-" ';,"; '• • ' •'.- Fifth Inning Cardinals—Hallahan struck out. \lartiu went out on a grounder; Rogell to Greenberg. Rotbrock lined out to Geivringer ut second. No runs, no hits, no errors.'.'.. .. .,'. Tigers-^Wriitc lined out to prlscli. Cochrane received his second base Forty-two .thousand screaming fans rose to their respective feet, tin d cbesred loud, and lusllly when Goose Goalln, Tigers' left tlelder opened the second inning ol -the-first-world scrits -game--;vt) Detroit \vilh n single. But Tiger hopes were biitjhtcd shortly thereafter, when- Goslin was thrown out on an attempted steal after Rogell. lind fanned. Here Is the Goose on the. way .([own to ilrsl^ntlcr his hit. Cardinal Catcher BUI 'Di'Lancey ami Umpire Brick p«'sn are watching- the flight of the ball to left field. :> ' ' on .balls.. Gelmnger hit. a : high ny to Rothrock in right lielcl. Cocli- rane held'first. .Greenberg walked Cochrane going to second. Goslin Orsatti In center, No rims, no hits, no errors. Sixth fnnin? Cardinals—Frisch groumled out lo Greenberg at first wlio made the putout unassisted. Mcdwick skied one into center and the wind caught it but White grabbed the ball as it, fell, slier dancing around under It. Greenberg ried to second. Owen, with ap- raienl orders to sacrifice, bunted o Hallahan who fielded the ball flcaniy and shot It to Martin at Pitching Rogell. Owen' gntn- ed-.first, no v nttcmpt ijting made-to jet 1 l^ini. Pox went ojit, on a liigh nfield" fly to FrLsch.. Oweh^.b.old- ing first./' ( Rowe struck vo'ut, tlie third-strike being .called.'NO runs,no. lilts,, owe error.' ' • ,.'-. i-l '*' Seventh liming " ' Cardinals—Delnnccy hit n hard low drive between third and short. Rogell, Detroit shortstop, ilivcd for the ball:and caught it. It was the inost sensational catch of the series 50 far. Oisatli grounded out, Gehringer to Greenberg. Durocher lofted back of first. Greenberg lost the ball In the sun but GcVtriiificr raine over fast and snagged it. No rims, no hits ,no errors. : Tigers—White went out on a pop fly to Diiroeher at short. Cochfdne went out .on a ground ball, Frisch to Collins.. Hallahan walked Gehringer. It was the fourth base on balls, of. the Card hurlcr. Grcen- tlie third strike was his second rkansas Farmer Held as Bankhead Violator IIAZKN, Alk-Johti Unlljnn, fin er llvliis »3 milis sonltiwc-it of , ,»'iis niroitctt liibl nlKht, ilm d wltli nfiiHilj in comjily nUli uvlslons of the UniKlwicI coltun nli'o] net Ho «n tuki;i to I title Kk. X II. J.'Hull, inniiiuici- ol lln>. Hall In cnmpimy here, re|»iiixl lo llv> Wtmil icvenue .oltlcc nl UUlo i'k that Iliilljnn brought a bule cotton lo Ills gin recently. Aflsr was Bl""ed he iaUl llalljuu tok! in thul he had'ho exemption ccr llcnte mill that he would not pay ic tax on the hale. f Hall said that Halljan told him wl "no i\wn Is Ms enough tu make Discovciy Is Regaitied As Impoi lant Slep in Case Suspect- pay [lie taji nr take iny wny troi'ii me, bule Hnlljnn refused to join the cot- 011 pUnv-.up movement lust year nd this spring refused ID comply Ith (he Hnnklii'ud act, It was re- orlcd. through the ofllce' of it> I'rnlrlc county assistant In colon adjustment revealed that Hall- nii liml not nppll«l for tux c.xctuii- lon certlllcates, Adklns said A ptnnlty of $1,000 or imprlson- nent for n year on conviction L-; jrovldetl in the net Hiilljini Is'nl- lo. have violated. Collins grounded to who threw lo Rowe, covering first, for the putoul. No ins, no liit-5, no errors. berg struck out, being - called. It strike out of the came. No runs. lio hits, no errors.' V'ighth Inmnjj Cardinals—Hallahan skied out to Gehringer back of second. Martin drove a hot grounder to tl-'JJ) short but Rogell came up with the ball and shot It to first, fioth- rock grounded out. Gehringer co Greenberg. No runs, no nils, no errors. . ' Tigers— Goslin hit a grounder between, first and second. Frisch raced far over to his left, got Franco and Aigentina Gambling Thai Giain Price W)l! Go Lowei .CHICAGO, Oct. 4. (UP)--Ponr of the biggest wheat producing countries 'gambled f«r lilgli stakes In the riwvkets of tlvo \soild today 'Canada Argniilfi.' •• Tigers—Rogell grounded to Mar-i'or n at tliird, Martin came up with ball but threw wildly over Coins' head at first nnd Rogell scur- the ball and whipped it to first the put-out. It was a close Play. Rotlirock caught Rojcll's When Goore Goslin, Tiger left ficltler, attempted lo steal second after Rogcll bad struck out In tin second inning of the first'world series game at Detroit, lia slid into Frankic Fi'lsch, Cards' manage and second bsiscniiin, who had stooped low to receive a throw from Catcher Bill DcLancey. Frlscr \vas injured on the play. The above photo shows his teammates gathered around him at second base Frisch continued In tlie game won by -his charges, 8-3. drive into deep right center. O*en «i a grounder, Friscli No runs, no hits, no went out to Collins, errors'. Ninth Inning Cardinals—Frisch drove a ball into left that curved ontsidc tlie foul line but Goslin raced over to mate the catch. Medwick struck out on three pitched balls, the third strike being called. Collins fanned, the third strike beliigr called. He was, 'lie 18th consecutive Cardinal to e retired-without a hit or a run-', er reaching first. No runs, no iU, no errors. Tigers^Fpx singled Into right. Tlie Cardinal Infield gathered round Hallahnn tor a short con- erence. Despite three consecutive rikcouts Rowe walked to the plate 3 bat for himself, cochranc dis- ainjng lo use a pinch hitter. Rowe lintcd to Haltahan who made a lotion to throw to second but hanged his mind and caught no H DR husband died of poison—leaving her n s u r iv n c o worth sl.000,000. Was , Mrs, Trunk Calhay, attractive, sUU young, a m\.K- dcrcss? Bccidef.or yourself. Read tlie new mystery: scital, Th Owof Uve lorgoUc Murder," beginning Today on Page 12 Piiblic"Cheated"o[ $100,000,000 Declares U. S, Prosecutor CHICAGO. Oct. (. <(.Tp)-tx5sse-i of $100.000,000 to Tnsull investors were rli:e to a ".simple conspiracy I" swindle, cheat, and defraud luc public." U. s. Attorriev DwiVJit H. Gre-jn charged todav in his' (10211- ni? stntnnr-nl B t the mail fraud trial of Samuel insull and 1R other defendants. The short gray-lialrc-;:' attorncv outlined trie government'!: crisr- Ray Gun Will Paralyze Aviators PARIS. Oct. 4 (UP)— Perfection of a gun which will shoot light rays aiid r striking nvlntor.s in Die air, temporarily parade them and cause their planes lo foil, was claimed today by the Invanlors, J. Kcithaus and EtSmond dc Christinas. it first. Gerald Walker/a right- I a 8 nins l the man who ro=» In anrted batter, was sent in to bat f, s <iired , 01 ' «' " M.000.0Sft.(W irt'Ji- ties emnlro an/1 then sa»- It cnsti under the woizht of tb» deorrs- slon. Much'technical detail wn -i included. rovernment will urove tint or White. Tiger lead-off man V Ictthauded batter. With Fos vailing impatiently on second Waler lifted a high fly between first nd home. The Cards were con- iiu iiuuit;. 1 111; VjiU"-!, 1 ! wv;'<- cuii-k , " — •» *> u» iji used on their signals onS It dron-[ e ™' defendant h a ^ S0m? ' in r on - ...,. the infield but bounced over i ™ n 5' n * Ms Klganltc scliemo wherj- bc foul line and was called a foul, iy '''onsands of »ooo!e Valker. singled sharply into ccn- er, Pox racing home with the tying score. . Orsalti recovered tht ball and threw to Frisch at second, hold- Walker at first. Bill Walker, <i • Icf(handed .pitcher, was sent in to replace the lefllinnded Hallahan as I the Cardinals' pilcher. With the hit; nd run on Walker turned quickly! and hurled to Collins at first trap-j plug Gerjld Walker off" first. Ifcj (Continued on paga. ») '" Invest millions of dolbrs this conwmv bv mcnn s "' fa'se and fraudulent rep" sa i:l Owen. Teaches Snnd.iv school »l IJROOKLrNr,. N, H. (TJPU round IM rliii of ct— players., i'i ono.-ot ramtitlc trading games ' Cannda, with n his stack of blue hips In front of hcr'ln tlio form f n tremendous total supply, was silling tight." The government was upparilna the market and Canada :as wogcrlnR that world supplies ire so limited Urn I the other play :rs will Ire buvliig chips' later for NB.W YORK Oct 4 (U!>) — A trunk ounctl by Bruno R Haupt- iniinn lodal jlcUtcd what uuthorl- tlei, considered one s of the mostfj iinportmil pieces of evidence In J Ihe Lindbergh ease—road maps of I the Scmrland mouiilaln district' ftom which Chavlcs A Lliulljcrgh'l Ji was kidnaped / ,, Dhtilct Attoimy Samuel Foley of Hron\ county, whlcli holds flaiiplniniin on CNloilion charges' as recipient ot ransom money, announced the discoverj and said that Hauptmann had a minute \nonlcdga of tho area from wl'lch Ihe child was Hbduclcd nnd where: he was Inter found slttln, Knows Rcnion Well Since, the prisoner's arrest/effort, ot luvttttlgnlott to place Haupl- nmnn nl the scene of HIP crlinc of lo link him dlfcclly wilh the kid- mining hnb been o\\e of their outstanding and most difficult problems. Folcy said Haiiptinann was. so well acquainted with the district In which the Lindbtrgh homo Was located that lit; could even -rcr produce from memory small roads of ccilnln iirea-j neai Hopeviell, K. J , The picseciilor obvtpiiily cpnsld- cicd the dlwovcry aj great im^ potlaiuc in the nttfmipt at ffliv Jcisci to place the axispect at or < nciu the scene of, the i!d t.'srd Dlctionarr' In addUion Toley saltHft Ger-'f"! ;nnn-Ami!il,can -"-" ^ -'- • found ft lie ilmost any o nsk price Canada chooses For France it was just about the a^t hand but as she prepared to vlthdraw from the same she had nit into It all the wheat she could Kite and Argentina have been acking tlio oilier side of the game —betting that the wheat market su't going to go materially higher Icspltc Hie small svortri supply . They have been .boldly selling wheat indcr ivorld parity. ' Tlie United states was "staying" on every liand. her markets fluctuating anil sensitive lo every foreign Influence. Rehearing Denied Two Scottsboro Defendants Former Pcmiscot County Court Judge Stricken StidcJcnly This Morning STEELE. f'.o., Oct. 4. — G. G. Bowcn, 03, Judge of the Stecle pol- application for a stroke of appaplexy while visit- trlals of Hey- .'fug a sick friend here tills niorn- itee court anrt former associate MONTGOMERY, Aln., Oct. 4 • judge of the Pemlscot county (UP)—The Alabama supreme court [court, was stricken suddenly with today denied an rehearing in the . . ...„ ,. - ... . wood Patterson and Clarence Nor-ling. He died in less than 30 inin- ris, two of the negro defendants in !n(cs. the Scotlsboro allack case. I j u d gc Bowen had arrived at nisi The high court fixer! December of(icc a p par enlly In good spirits 7 as tho date for their execution. alld goocl nca ti n- :n a few minutes lie went to Ihe home of Mr. nnd Mrs. H. A. Spence, old friends, to visit at the bedside of Mrs. Spence, who was • ill. A short time after Veterans Uphold Air Ban on Smedley Butler LOUISVILLE, Ky., Oct. A (UP) —The Veterans of Foreign Wars approved today the action of Radio Station WAVE nnd the National Broadcasting company in cutting Ma). Gen. Smcdlcy D. Butler off tin; air while tiic fiery former, marine asserted that the speech which offended was addressed to '•who don't wenr ruffles." Butler u'fls discussing governmental policies ou veterans problems before the V. F, W. annual convention when officials of WAVE decided bis language was too pungent fwir speech wns supplanted by a piano recital. . • :-' ... "If they AVant to shut, that's their business," exploded Butler. theory, that the writer of the raiJT som nntcs icfcrrcd tq fl dictionary This was suspected because tile smnll oidlinry «ords were often misspelled whilo the longer Words, ivhlcJi might have bei.ii checked to a dlcllonaiy, were almost always' correctly spelled. Other road maps found in the sntnc trunk .cover, the' Martha's Vlneynrd-Buzzaids Bay region of the Massachusetts coast. The'dual rai>som note .directed' Col. Charles A. Lindbergh" to n small ^ boat" which would be lying near Elizabeth Island 1 in Buzzards Bay, Oilier developments in the. case today Included: "'t-V 1.—Disclosure that the Hun'terdoui" county, New Jersey, grand jury, convening October 11, the date of Hauptmann's extortion trial in .he Bronx,.will be asked lo charge several persons In .'the kidnaping, :hus connrrning the theory that the kidnaper had accomplices. 2.—Investigators rounded up scores of persons'who have, taken In Lindbergh rnhsotn; notes in tlieiv businesses . In the last two. years, hoping..that more •*T them coulci Identity Hauptmann as the passer. Two persons Idsntified him yestlr-- day, for the nlr lanes. The last minutes • of the general'? 1 Penitentiary Cotton : Brings 4Premium Price . . ;' ' arriving and while conversing with PINE BLUFF, Ark.—Declared by [Mrs. Spence Judge Bowcn was Iceding cotton buyers' here to be i stricken. He was carried lo a the best lot of cotton ever pro- j couch, a grocer's delivery boy hclp- tluced at the Arkansas penitentiary '"? to P'™ him there. Physicians $100,000,000 Distributed in Corn-Hog Control Plan WASHINGTON, Oct. 4 (OP)— 'aimers participating in the corn- log control plan have ; received ibout SIW.COO.OOO in benefit checks or 75 per cent of the first Installment, the agricultural adjustment administration reported - todaV- • . Payment by stales up to Sep- 'inbcr 1399,565. Bobbie June Lewis, 1C Dies Following Operation Bobble June Lewis. 16-year-old daughter of Mr. arid Mrs A J. Lewis, prominent resident'; of tha Little River section,-' succumbsd Wednesday morning at the Biplbt hospital at Memphis. Miss Lewis' death resulted from peritonitis, she underwent a major operation about 10 dnys ago when lier appendix and a tumor were removed. t, Funsrnl services were held at 10 o'clock this mornfng' at the family' home with the Revv Mr,' Flowers of Manila officiating. 'Interment- was ma'dc al Elmwood cametery here. The Cobb Undertaking company was in charge of funeral ar- were hurriedly summoned but he died within a fciv minutes. : Judge Bowcn was a pioneer settler of the southern section of Pemtscot county and a member 'of one of tlie prominent families 1.1. The sale \vns conducted by Sup-'of this community. He \vas partic- farms and also as the finest lot produced in Jefferson county (Ills season.. 924 bales of cotton were s-old for on average of better tbim H.PC or 177 "points on" at Pine Bluff Cotton Exchange. the igo George Nyc storied jerlntendent S. L. Todhunler of u'nrly active In'church affairs. He n Kundav School class at .Tucker who was assisted by R. T. Is survived by his widow, Mrs. Em- j ilie Methodist Church. He Is now Mitchell and E. C. Reed of the ma McArthur- Bowen, a daughter, J8i) ,iixl slilj teaches, never mlsslns [slate comptroller's office nnd .Uw.Mrs. J. A. 'Travis, ancl swcrnl a Sunday school meeting. 'colton was sold In four lots, 'grandchildren, rangements. She Is survived b.v her parents, seven brothers, and two sisters. WEATHER Arkansas — Partly cloudy today and Friday, little change In temperature. Memphis Slid vicinity.— Partly cloudy tonight and Friday, not much change in temperature. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 89, minimum 55. clear, nccordlnjf lo Samuel F, Norris, official weather observer. Inventor Has Plan for Salvaging Lusitaiiia STRATFORD, Conn,, Oct. 4 (vn— Simon Lake, Inventor of tlio even keel submarine, today revealed plans for salvaging the steamship Lutltanla, torpedoed by the Germans in 1915 off the coast of Ireland with u loss of 1,198 lives and carrying to .the bottom of the' sea a fabulous fortune In gold arid jewels. First step in the tremendous un-. derlaking, for \ilnch Lake already has entered negotiations, will be taken Saturday when the "Lillian," a 250-ton salvage boat to which Is attached a.!57-Ioot "vacuam'.ctem- er" ami for dredging the ,£43 floor, V.I1I be launched at the I»|M Submarine Corporation yStfd. t

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