Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 28, 1938 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, September 28, 1938
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Czechs Valiantly Prepare to Defend Selves; Help Is Remote Physically Imposiblc for France and Britain to Aid Before Germany Crushed Little Republic PRAGUE, Czechoslovakia— lif) —Behind darkened windows, thc Czechoslovak cabinet met Tuesday night wilh clocks ticking off the minutes leading up to "dcr lag"—Salurday and expiration of Chancellor Hitler's ultimatum. -<u It was decided that Gen, Jan Syrovy, who became premier last week, would make a radio address tomorrow, name day of St. Wcncelas, palron saint of {Bohemia. Premier Syrovy has a strong hold on thc popular imagination. He was the general who led 70,000 Czech soldiers in an epic march across Russia lo the Pacific and thence around thc world to fight against Germany on the western front in the World war. After Tuesday night's cabinet meeting a Foreign Office spokesman said of Tuesday's radio addrcs by Prime Minister Chamberlain: L.&A. Merger Is Voted Wednesday by Board of KCS H. C. Couch Apparently near Success in 3-Year Merger Fight TWO STEPS STILL Must Be Approved by ICC and Control Group of L. & A. MEW YORK -(/}')- The board of directors of the Kansas City Southern Railway Wednesday approved unification of that line with the Louisiana & Arkansas Railway. To be effective the plan mast be approved by the Interstate Commerce Commission, by stockholders meeting of the KCS, and by the controlling group of the L. & A. The last named has already informally approved. The plan, originally proposed before 1929 by Lconor F. Lorce, 1ms beer prosed for the past three years by Harvey C. Couch, Pint Bluff, (Ark.) utility magnate. Couch is chairman of the Board of the KCS and a substantial stockholder in that road, mid is head of the group which has the controlling interest in the L. & A. The proposal, if effective, unites in one system a direct route from Kansas City to Port Arthur, Texas, and other Sabine ports, erased by a line between Dallas and New Orleans, with connections with most oilier roads serving the Southwest. Star WEATHER: Arkansas—Partly cloudy Wednesday night and Thursday; slightly cooler in northeast poi'tion Wednesday bight. VOLUME 39—NUMBER 302 HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28,1938 PRICE 5c COPY Officers Baffled Over Jewel Theft "Chamberlain's speech is considered as the very last effort to maintain peace. Chamberlain went to the extreme limit to which man can go.' Cardinal Kaspar isued an apeal to all Catholics to pray for peace and Tuesday night women laid flowers at the foot of St. Wcncelas monument in Prague's main thoroughfare. Cities Darkened On guard against a possible air raid C/.cclioslovtikia was blacked out with only powerful searchlights brushing the skies aftere dusk. President Eduard Benes and the cabinet ministers studied Chamberlain's address and also scanned reports on large-scale war preparations as troop trains continued to rattle toward Czechoslovakia's twisting borders. Anti-aircraft batterits studded the hills surrounding the capital. Swift pursuit planes tuned for take-offs at a moment's notice, waited at nearby air fields. All physicians and medical students were mobilized. Through the whole nightmarish .structure people were keeping perfect diciplinc. Scattered fighting stilled rolled along the borders, but the scncc of im- pendng disaster had forged other prc- crisis political dissenters into a firm defense phalanx. Deputy Sidor, a Slovax autonomist who until recently was an extreme dissenter, made a declaration of loyally to the coalition government which was dUcnnined unanimously to resist the "October 1" ultimatum delifcred by Rcichsfuehrer Hitler. MUSSOLINI TO SERVE AS CZECH MEDIATOR PWA Extension on Hope Courthouse Asked by Miller Senator Asks Extension on G Projects—Granted on 4 Others Admit They Are Without Glues In Russell Robbery Case Officers Wednesday had made no advancement toward solution of the $1,100 jewel robbery at the home of Mrs. Frank Russell, East Division street, which occurred Monday afternoon while the family were away from home. "Not a single clue has been uncovered," said one officer when asked of developments. "It looks like it is going to be a hard case to crack" he I'ontinucd. Officers, however, advanced the theory that it was a local job, committed by a person Or persons who were aware no one was at home at that time of day. The loot included several diamond rings, bar pins, bracelet, wist watch and other articles. Czechs Beyond Help WASHINGTON -(/?>- Experts here Tucscjay predicted that if Europe is plunged into a general war, no nation would emerge a victor. Based on the assumption that Italy, Germany and prehaps other nations would battle England, France, Russia, Czechoslovakia and some smaller countries, a survey of highly informed opinion showed virtually unanimous agreement., on . *!ie following predictions: Czechoslovakia would be battcrcc LAW IS HINDRANCE Ted Walters Also Gets 25-Year Terra D e s p e r ado "Threatens" .District Attorney During Trial DALLAS. Texas - Ted Wallers, 25, surly partner of desperado Floyd Hamilton scowled Tuesday as a jury which had deliberated 15 minutes sentenced him lu '£> years for robbery with firearms. Hamilton received the .same sentence Monday night. , "If 1 had a gun, I'd kill that guy." Walters .said during ;;n argument with District Attorney Andrew Patton. Pillion .said Walters would be tried Wednesday on another robbery indictment. Afttr his .second trial, Wallers and Hamilton, 30-year-old brother nf thc executed slayer, Raymond Hamilton, sviil be arranigncd for a federal removal order hearing. They will be transferred to Texarkana to await trial on federal indictments alung with Jack Winn. 25, of Ferris, on charges of robbing u bunk at Bradley, Ark. Phillip Due of Dallas identified Walters ns the man who robbed him of $15 rash at the point nf a gun on the night of July 1. Walters will be tried Wednesday on a charge of taking an automobile from a Dallas negro at the point of a gun. Patton said Montague authorities may seek to Iry Hamilton and Walters before thc federal cases are called, on cluife-e.s of breaking JL-il there. The two, who stubbed Jailer Irvin Goudspecd during an escape April 30, were sought in many sections of the Southwest before their capture in Dallas August 21. Cast anil Pollux, the slurs known as "Thc Twins," are about 90,000,000,000,000 miles apart. into submision long before effective aid could be effected by England France and Russia. Germany, with Italy and other allies would succumb eventually to the superior resources in a war of attrition like that of 1914-18. Thc nominal victors, however, then would face economic and social chaos. Odds Appear Hopeless Odds against effective military aid to a beleaguered Czechoslovakia appear almost helpless, in the eyes of highly placed officials here. Although Czech frontier fortifications arc strong, thc little republic is vulnerable to power taeies in her central area, the Moravian valley. Should France attack Germany in the west she would encounter Hitler's new Seigfried line of fortifications uftcr erasing thc Rhine. She would be fighting on three frontiers should Germany and Italy be able to cooperate through insurgent Spain, as well ;us along their own borders. Britain Could Aid Blockade Britain would contribute her naval might to u blockade, capital experts say, but could dispatch only a limited number of men and planes to France at the outset of war. The extent to which Russia could help the Czechs depends on Roumunia. With Roumania's permission, Soviet plains might be flown to aid Czechoslovakia. But troops could move only motor truck over mountain roads or via a circuitous, single-track railway which experts have labeled "ineffective." Russia, moreover, must keep uii eye on Japan thousands of miles to the east. Italy's warships and planes, some Arkansas Unable to Vote Legally on Bonds Before Nov. 8 WASHINGTON —<£')— Senator John E. Miller of Arkansas said Wednesday he had urged PWA officials here to grant six additional proposed PWA projects in bis state thc same exception mad cin the case of four other projects which were given the righl to have bond elections on general election day, notwithstanding the October 1 PWA dcadlic for such clectios. Miller was active in recent conferences leading to approval by Secretary Ickes for Sheridan, Newport, Clarendon and Mena, Ark., to hold election. 1 November 8 on proposed bond issues for courthouse repairs, new court houses and jails, Thc exception was made because o Arkansas constitutional provisioi making it imposible for communities to hold elections prior to the November balloting. Miller anounced that he is insisting that the following Arkansas projects be given thc same exception: Hcmpstcacl. counly: $200,000 courthouse at Hope. Madison counly: $89,000 courthouse a|nd ; jail at Huntsville. Craighcad county: Jail at Jonesboro. Crawford county: Courthouse and jail at Van Burcn. Si, Francis county: Courthouse and jail at Forrest City. Howard county: Courthouse at Nashville. "I have been informed by PWA officials Ihat Arkansas is below its normal allotted quota of PWA funds this year," Miller said. Groceries to Close Up Wednesday Afternoon MEMPHIS, Tenn.—Memphis grocery closing ordinance which requires grocers to shut up shop at 1 p. m. on Wednesdays and prohibits opening be- 'orc 7 a. m. any day goes into cf- !cct- Wednesday. Hope Is Selected Convention Site Arkansas Rural Letter Carriers to Hold State Meet Here • The Hope Chamber of Commerce is in receipt of a letter from J. D. Hart of Waldo, who is a member of the executive committee of the Arkansas Rural Letter Carriers Association, stating that a meeting of the cxccu- tiae board it was decided to bring thc 1939 convention to Hope. The meeting will be held July 20-22 and will be atlcnted by about 300 rural mail carriers, many of whom wil bring their families. Prescott to Ballot Friday on City Hall Huge Fee Is Given Attorney for Tax Special Counsel Gets $9,548 for Tax Paid 26 Days Late authorities here believe, might be able to control the Mediterranean, forcing British shifti to round Africa to reach India and thc Pacific dominions, •'.nil all but preventing France from gcllip assilancc empire. from her African Two gentlemen who had once .shaken hands wilh Ihc only Quuk- or President of the United Slutos found themselves in ;m oar less ruwboat on the third largest body of water in the world. They decided to try to gel out of their difficulty by natation. With whom had they shaken hands, where was the rowboat, and whc.t did they decide to do? An; wcr en C'uusificd 1'age Rev. Workman in Revival Opening Preaching at 10 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. at First Methodist LITTLE ROCK cific Lines paid • Thc Missouri Pu- Arknnsas $38,192.67 aria Two-Story • 'Brick Stone Building Would Fire Station PRESCOTT — Judges and clerks have been anuounccd for the spccia election here Friday to decide whethe $16,500 five- per cent 30-year bond* shall be issued to pay 55 per cent o the cost of a city hall and fire sta tion. The building would be two-story brick and stone to house the fir equipment and city offices on the firs floor, with offices and an auditorium to seat 300 on the second floor. The buildng would be erected 01 West Elm street, between West Secon and First streets. Whittonbcrg & DC lonoy, architects of Little Rock, hav prepared plans. The Rev. James W. Workman Tuesday night preached his first sermon in the revival meeting being conducted at First Methodist church. He brought a forceful message on the subject: "The Reality of God's Presence." Each night at 6:45 o'clock, the Rev. E. H. Martin, who is leading thc singing for the mooting, speaks before thc young people from the age of 12 through 23 years. At 7 o'clock each night an Upper Room prayer service is being held in the Business Men's Bible Class Room under the direction of Mrs. R. M. Briant. Thc evening service begins ul 7:30 o'clock and the morning service is held ;:l 10 a.m.. For thc morning service the Rev. Mr. Workman is bringing a fine series of expository sermons on "Thi: Lord's Prayer." The public is invited to attend any oif these services. uosday for 1938 franchise taxes. Of the total, which was due August 24 and because of its delinquency was follectcd by Attorney General Jack Holt. Arkansas got $28,644.51 and J. C. Stevens, Little Rock lawyer who served as special attorney for the state, ?!),548.16. Under the law delinquencies in franchise lax payments arc certified by the state treasurer to thc attorney general for collection. Special attorneys may receive, a maximum of 25 per cent of recoveries, a.s a fee. Tuesday's .settlement brought lo 540,180.12 Hie amount of franchise taxes which special altorncys have collected (instead of the stale), in four years, from Ihe Missouri Pacific Lines alone. Suil was filed to collect the taxes in 1935-36-37 from the trans- portalion company. On May 13, 1937, after extended litigation in United Stales Dilsricl Court at St. Louis, Lawrence Auen, Little Rock lawyer as special attorney for the .stale, settled will he treasurer for $81,892.63 for Missouri Pacific franchise taxes for 1935-36. Mr. Autcn received $20,,73.15 as attorney's fee, which included about $2,000 in interest. The court ruled Ihc state was en titled to Ihc tax, with interest, but no delinquent jjenaUy. On September 20, Virgil Willis, Harrison lawyer acing as special attorney for the stale, settled with thc state for $40,635.25 for Ihc Missouri Pacific 1937 franchise taxes. The tax was $30,095.55 and thc remainder was interest. Mr. Willis received $10,158.81, and Ihc state the remainder. The settlement by Mr. Stevens was made without litigation, with a check dated September 20—which was 26 days after thc deadline for payment directly lo the state treasurer. Negro School Teachers To Meet Here Saturday There will be a business session o thc Hcmpstead County Institute fo negro school teachers at Yerger Hig! School Saturday of this week. AA teachers are expected to be present. Directors and other fricnii of education arc invited. Thc meetin is called for 10 o'clock, E. E. Austii county examiner said. Washington pie is cake, johnny cake is bread, gingerbread is ginger cake, and sweetbreads are meat. A Thought U is with a word as with an arrow —once let it loose and it does not re turn,—Abd -el-Kader. MIND Your MANNERS T.M.Rtf V.-S. Fti. O* Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answer* below: 1. Is it thoughtful to lake a dog along when you arc to be the week end guest in someone's home'.' 2. If you intend to participate in .sports while visiting, should you expect to borrow the necessary equipment from your host? 3. If you are going out-of-town to a wedding and have to stay in a hotel because the bride's home is crowded, should you expect her father lo pay the bill? 4. Is it indicative of good breeding to argue violently? 5. Is it all right to appear at breakfast in lounging pajamas or dressing gown? What would you do if— You are having house gucsl.s and want to sec that they have a good time? la) Have some activity planned for cvcryr.iinulc 1 .' (b) Leave them to their own devices? (c) Plan a number of activities but do nol insist on their participation? A-nswcrs 1. No. 2. No. 3. The 'bill is yours. 4. No. 5. Only if your hostess suggests it. Best "What Would You Do" so- lution—(c). (Copyright 1938, NEA Service, Inc.* •® Restless Poland, Viewing Nazi Success, Cools Toward France 'Jig-Saw Puzzle" of Europe, It Lies in Path of Nazis ror 600 Years Europe Has Been Taking Poland Apart 'MARCH TO EAST" Uzech Crisis Stirs German Friends Inside of Poland By WILLIS THORNTON NEA Service Staff Correspondent Which way Poland? That rapidly growing, vital country of 33,000,000 holds strong cards in the game Europe plays today. It may adopt one of three courses: (1) Stay neutral, attempting to build itself up into a strong independent power. (2) Gravitate toward Germany. (3) Cieave to France, to wlioh it owes its national existence and to whom it has been more or less closely allied since the World war. Restlessly seeking to extend its own borders by taking advantage of partion of Czechoslovakia, Polanc runs true to an 800-year tradition Poland is Europe's jig-saw puzzle Putting it together and taking it apart again has been the favorite indoor sport of Europe's diplomats for centuries. Patriotism Survives Turks, Swedes, Russians, Prussians for 600 years alternately swarmed across the territory that is now Poland, before the general lines evident today began to be laid down. In 1772, just before the American Revolution, Russia, Prussia, and Austria all carved themselves slices of Polish territory, and took second helpings in 1793. An unsuccessful rebellion led by Kosciusko was the prelude to a third partition of Poland between the same three powers, which wiped the name of Poland from the map in 1796. Polish patriots who refused to submit emigrated, fought with Napoleon, and agitated in every major country for a free Poland. Napoleon established a brief Polish y^ssf^tti^s^^ffS^ at the partition made by the ... . , .as ceded from Germany after „„« u . War *. Are * (3) J° ined Poland as a result of a plebiscite between. Poland and Lithuania. Area. (4) was acquired from Russia- as » result of the Polish-Russian war of 1920 ' to roujrhly Galieia, acquired from World War. Austro-Hungary Area (5) after the Italian, Daladier and Chamberlain to Meet Hitler Hitler Aides Sees Peaceful Settlement "Within a Few Days" NO MOBILIZATION Germany Postpones Action—Premiers to Meet on Thursday Germany Forsees Peace BERLIN, Germany —(if)—Germany's propaganda minister, Paul Joseph Goebbles, told a throng of Berliners Wednesday that he foresaw an amicable solution to the German-Czech dispute "within a few days." Mussolini Goes to Hitler, ROME, Italy — (iP)— Premier Mussolini left Rome at 6 p.m. Wednesday night for Munich, -where he 'is to mtet Thursday with Chamberlain, Hitler and Premier Daladier of France. Daladier to Munich PARIS, France —(fP)— Premier Dala- dier told his countryment Wednesday night he would continue in Munich Thursday his efforts to save peace and safeguard thei.^ital interests of France "with" the'^backing of fiie whole nation." Mussolini Mediator LONDON; Eng. — (If)— Prime Min- isttr Chamberlain dramatically announced Wednesday that he, Premier Daladier of France, and Premier Mussolini of Italy would go to Munich Thursday to meet Chancellor Hitler. Chamberlain also anounced that Hitler had agreed to postpone German mobilization 24 hours. Sovier RUSSIA Arrows Indicate Hitler's "Drang Nach Ostcn ' Not lone ago Poland still was considered a friend of France, opposed to Germany in the European diplomatic lineup. This picture shows General Rydz- Smigly, Polish strong man, demonstrating that friendship as he signs the Golden Book at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier during » visit to Paris in 1936, ftatc under his orbit, called the Grand Duchy of Warsaw. But when he fell, the Congress of Vienna left nothing of free Poland but an independent city of Kracow and a central slate called the "Congress kingdom," whose king was the Czar of Russia, and which had no real independence. Revolts against Russia in 1830 and 1863 were disastrous. During the next (Continued on Page Six) Soil District Is Authorized Here Bodcaw Terre Rouge District Subject to Landowners' Vote LITTLE ROCK— VP>-~ State Extension Director C. C. Randall announced Wednesday that the State Soil Conservation committee had approved, subject to a referendum by the landowners concerned, the establishment of two new soil conservation districts, and thc addition of new territory to a district already formed. One new district, to be known as thc Bodcaw Terre Rouge district, would take in parts of Hcmpstead, Nevada and LaFaycltc counties. Cotton Ginning 5,885 Bales; 7,999 Year Ago There were 5,885 bales of cotton ginned in Hcmpslead county from the crop of 1938 prior to September 16, as compared with 7,999 bales ginned to the same date last year, according lo thc report of W. H. Ettcr, federal gin reporter Wednesday. Roosevelt Sends New Hitler Note Mussolini Accepted ROME, Italy —(/P)— Diplomatic circles said Wednesday they had been informed that Hitler had agreed to accept the mediation of Premier Mussolini in demands for the cession of Czechoslovakia's Su- detenland by October 1. Appeals Against Resort to War, Holding Issue Near Solution BULLETIN WASHINGTON - W> - While Mouse attaches announced Wednesday that President Roosevelt had sent a personal message to Premier Mussolini "in Hie interest of preserving world peace." Kentucky has bought 3,500 quail from independent breeders in thc state to be released next spring and has contracted for 1,501) additional birds. WASHINGTON — t.l'i - President Roosevelt Tuesday night addressed a new peace appeal to Chancellor Hiller. The president -said the "fate of the world today and tomorrow" now is at stake. His telegram went to Berlin at 10 p. m. ( E. S. T.) following conferences with State Department officials. It was directed only to Hitler. Appealing to the German chancellor to continue at all costs present negotiations, thc chief executive's tele- pram was in part as follows: "1 desire to acknowledge your excellency's reply to my telegram ol September 26. I was confident that you would coincide in the opinion I ex- While Chamberlain was speaking news came from Rome that Mussolini had telephoned Hitler and the fuehrer had acepted him as mediator in the Czech crisis which threatens to involve Great Britain, France and Russia in defense of the little nation, and might ultimately drag in-other powers. Thc invitation from Hitler for the Munich meeting came even as Chamberlain was telling a tense parliament of his apparently hopeless efforts to avert war. Chamberlain revealed that the fuehrer's invitation followed his own appeal to Mussolini to restrain the Ger- nii.n leader, and Id Duce's telephoned communication to Berlin. While Chamberlain talked the British fleet was mobilized and millions of men were placed under arms in Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Czechoslovakia. The British House of Commons adjourned until Holiday. There were no indications that Czechoslovakia would be directly represented at Munich. From Paris came a rlport, current in diplomatic circles, that President Eduard Bencs of Czechoslovokia had resigned. In Rome it was indicated lhal Mussolini hiid made Bcnes' retirement a condition of his acceptance jf thc role of mediator. Nazi Deadline Denied BERLIN, Germany — (/Pj— Thc German government through its official news agency, DNP, Wednesday flatly denied reports that Adolf Hitler had set Wednesday afternoon as the deadline for Czechoslovakia to answer his demands. Ask Japanese Appeal TOYK.O, Japan —*/P»— United States Ambasis-urlor Joseph C. Grew Wednesday asked Japan to send a peace appeal to Adolf Hitler and Prcsidtnt Bcnus of Chechoslovakia. (Continued on Page Thrro) British Navy Mobilized LONDON, Eng. ~\S>)— The entire (Continued on Page Three) Cotton NEW ORLEANS— M'.i—October cotton opened Wednesday ut 7.86 tmd closed at 8.06. Spot cotton closed steady 10 points higher, middling 8.03.

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