Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 27, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 27, 1938
Page 3
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.Tuesday, September 27,1938 One day nt n time, and the longest road is traveled," This age-old ndagc was left to comfort the hcnrt; But I would will my word for the • hurl nnd weary: If'n day be loo long, comrades, break it iipurl, Break it in bits, into hours perhaps, or minutes, A moment is brief whatever the stress or. strain, And one can carry his burden, or his ariguish A little while, nnd one can bear his pain. < And-always und always at .sunset, the horizon , TO shut Us away from tomorrow's road .. *\ ahfind, Andvthcre is the interval of silvered darkness, And the comforting while silence of n bed. Let us remember, O cimrados, there is n Presence, A-nd there i.s a hand held out for the steepest climb; Thai the promised strength, and the Everlasting Mercy Arc ours for these short broken bits of time.—Selected. Friends will join me in extending a welcome to Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Broyles, and family, who have spent the past few years living in Scar.sdale, N. Y. arriving Monday t o resume residence in the old home town. —O- Mrs. B. F. Easlerling left Tuesday for ;: visit of several weeks with Mr. iuistcrling in Houston, Texas. * Mrs. Mary L. Carter announces the marriage of her daughter, Mary Evelyn Carter to W. F. Ashcraft, both of Kansas City, Mo. Mrs. K. G. McKae, Mrs. A. F. Han- cgi'n and Mrs. N. T. Jewell were Tues- day visitors in Texarkana, attending a meeting of Group No. 4, Ouachita Prcsbyterial. —O— Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Claibornc of Little Hock were wcek-t'nd guests of Mrs. Dale Russell Claibornc and little Miss Arlhurdalc Clnibornc, -O- Girl Scouts in Ward Two are requested lo meet nt the home of Mrs. C. B. Presley, West Third street at •! o'clock Wednesday afternoon. -O- Mr. and Mrs. Walter Uriggs of Monroe,' IJII M announce the arrival of a son, Monday, September 2G. Mrs. Briggs will be remembered as Miss Nellie Porter, formerly of this city. The following Hope members attended the District P. T. A. meeting held in Stamps on Monday: Miss Beryl Henry, Mrs. Edwin Dossctt, Mrs. Robert Wilson, Mrs. Eugene White, ,Mrs. C. D. Lester, Mrs. James R. Henry, Mrs. George Northcott, Mrs. Webb Lasetcr, Mrs. Cecil Weaver. Mrs. Calvin Cassidy. Mrs. Glenn Williams, Mrs. Fonv.a Moses, Mrs. H. O. Kyler, Mrs. Hatley White, Mrs. A. 13. Paltmi. tfrs. George Ware, Mrs. Ernest O'Neill, tfrs. Fred Luck, Mrs. C. Cook. Mrs. 5. L. Bush and Mrs. Early Archer. -o- He hiis achievtd success who has ived well, laughed often and loved uicli; who has gaintd the respect of ntelligent men and the love of liltlc hildren; who has filled his niche and ccomplishcd his Ui.sk; who has left lie world better than he found it; vhcther by an improver! poppy, a ••crfcct poem or a rescued soul; who las never lacked appreciation of nirth's beauty or failed lo express il; vho has looked for the best in others nd given the best lie had; whose life v;is an inspiration; whose memory is benediction.—Selected. 'Not Too Surprised'' TUES.-WED. A Brand New Hit! 'Personal Secretary" William Gargan Andy Devine THUR.-FRI. 'The Count of Monte Cristo" Continuous Showing TUES.-WED.-THUR. ENDS TUES. Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers "C A R E F R E E" WEDNESDAY Open at 10 a. m. JANE WITHERS "KEEP SMILING" THUR.-FRI. "THE TEXANS" NORMA SHEARER TYRONE POWER will, John BARRYMORE Robert MORLEY • Anita LOUISE Joseph SCHILDKRAUT • Gladys George • Henry Stephenson Produced by Hunt Slcombcfg ALL THE LOWER FLOOR RESERVED ADULTS . r )0c CHILDREN SEATS ON SALE At Saenjjer Theater Cox Drui?—Hope White & Co.—Fulton Glen Spates Service Station Saratoga Street Car Cafe Mineral Springs Blcvins Drug Store Blcvins Sid's Cafe—Rosston European Hotel—Stamps Lester Drug Co.—Lewisvillu —OR- 1'HONE Kill HOPE Baicon.v Not Reserved HOPE SEAR,. .HOPE, ARKANSAS Man, at 86, Never Has Slept a Wink Albert E. Herpin Doesn't Own a Bed—Can't Explain It Sixteen-year-old Virginia Grimm, shown here with her new babies wasn't "too surprised" when she gave birth to triplets totaling 15\' a pounds in Slcubenville, O. The reason: a grandmother who was a twin bore two sets of twins. The triplets are a boy and two girls. Mrs. Grimm and her 19-year-old husband eloped a year ago. Movie Scrapbook Questions, Answers On Employment Q. What advantages are there for the pplicant in using the Service'.' A. Since this agency is in position 0 know of. work opportunities and i.s n constant contact with various types >f employers, the applicant saves time nd expense by registering there. Skilled interviewers make and keep 1 complete record of applicant's quali- ications and work history. Q. What are the advanUmcs tu the 'niployer in using the Service. A. The employer c;in .suve time, money Mid effort. He can get qualified pplicants immediately. The final se- eclion rests with the employer. The Library \5ONE OPTHE LOVELIEST COMPLEXIONS IN HOLLYWOOD... HER FIRST PICTURE WAS SV THE Love PARADED, More than a million married people re living in a state of separatum in England, according to estimates. The following lists of books at the Hope library will be of interest to the lovers of new fiction and non-fiction for adults and juvinilc: Non-ficlion: "Our Amazing Earth," by Carol Lane Fenton. "American Wings," by Catherine Burr Lcison. "The Self You Have to Live With," by Winifred Rhodes. "Chanco—U. S. Army Pigeon," by Helen Orr Watson. Fiction: "Hawk in the Wind," by Helen Topping Milcr. Wcslern: "Borden Feud," by Charles Snow. "Revolt on the Border," Stanley Ves- lel. "Sailing fo r Gold," Clifton Johnson. 'The Wind Blows West," by B. M. Bowers. Juvinilc: 'Key Corner," by Eva Knox Evans. "PoPo's Miracle," by Charlie Mac t-immons. "The Baby Gianl Panda," by Rulll Harkness. 'Strong Hearts and Bold," by Gertrude Crownfield. By JOHN D. VENABLE Van Winkle in reverse, Albert E. Herpin maintains he has never slept a wink in his life—and he is 86 years old. He can't give a scientific explanation for it, but he believes an injury to his mother shortly before he was born might have caused the condition. He's known as Trenton's "sleepless wonder." No sleep doesn't mean that Herpin gets no rest. As he explains it he rests silling up in a chair while puffing intermittently on a pipe. His Henri's Affailist It "I can't shut my eyes more lhan a few minulcf,' at a lime without becoming nauseated," Herpin says, "and I can't lie down because it makes me feel like my heart will stop." Bald except for fringe of grey, Herpin is erect and alert for all his years. His wants are simple, tea and buns being Ihe chief diclary ilcms. Incredulous persons annoy Herpin. "Why should I try to deceive anyone?" he asked. "1 haven't got anything and I've never tried t o make anything out of my condition. I've had offers to appear in circuses and such, even had an offer to appear at the Chicago World's Fair, but always turned them down." One Piece Missing Herpin lives alone in a homemade hovel which he calls "The Nightmare." It is a conglomeration of fence sections, peach baskets, odd planks and what not. Occasionally pieces of furniture are slaclercd here and there but one traditional piece is mising: Life of the Legion Party He doesn't own a bed. Herpin has a favorite story. It's JAfc. ** T I T II K A T H E TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY Double Feature "The Missing Guest" with PAUL KELLY — Also— The Three Mesquiteers in "Wild Horse Rodeo" THURSDAY-FRIDAY Bob Jack BURNS OAKIE Kenny Baker Ann Miller—in RADIO CITY REVELS SATURDAY ONLY The Singing Cowlioy GENE AUTRY "Prairie Moon" U~/\voRt-re SPORT is PEEP seA £PS FIT BY SWIMSMNG PLAYING ^ ~ By BILL PORTER and GEORGE SCARBO Virginia Bruce* received her chance in pictures through her appearance in n.usical comedies . . . piano playing voice arc J.. Walter ;i.nrl the cultivation of her Mill her chief hobbies Ruben directed her in "The Bad Man nf Brimstone" . . . and shortly Ihcro- i'.flcT they were married . . . they now live in Beverly Hills . .' , she has one daiiKhter, Susan Ann Gilbert by her marriage to John Gilbert . . , collects first editions, and paints . . , loves the theater, ballroom dancing and bridge . . . she'll be 28 September 2'J. Not Forewarned The Smiths arc on the balcony and can hear what a young couple are saying in the garden below. Mrs. Smith: "I think he \vnnls to propose. We ought not to listen. Whistle to him." Mr. Smith: "Why should I? Nobody whistled to warn me." Metcorilics, although blazing hot during part of their fall to the earth, cool so rapidly when nearing the surface tlvit Ihey have been known to fall into a hay stack without causing it to ignite. aboul the time in 1906 when four doctors decided to find out if his sleeplessness was a hoax. "The experiment was going along fine," he aid, "until the doctor slart- ed falling asleep." By George Ross CLUB NOTES AtcNab The Home Demonstration club of McNab met September 19 with Mrs. John Revels. Meeting was called to order by Mrs. William Millwee, since the president and vice president Were absent. The discussion was on foods and nutritions. Games were played and re- Creshments served to seven members, one visitor and assistant home demonstration agent, Miss Wilma Mo Kelvey. The lid's off when the American Legion gathers and here's a sample of the fun being had by all at the 1938 national convention in Los Angeles. Stepping plenty high are Mississippi's Lieut.-Goy. Bill Snider and Ann Bishop, left, and Brownie Burton. The girls are from Tupelo, Miss. • : each year end safaris to far corners of the world.' This missive is postmarked Spitsbergen, Iceland, and the vivacious mimic writes: 1'rn the only living actress who ever gave a concert at the 'Nord Pole Bar', which is the last outpost of civilization before reaching the North Pole. 1 .survived. My audience was the barkeeper, who is a meteorological student, and a radio operator (his assistant), two huskies and three Polar, bear cubs. The concert was given July 31, at 3 a.m., while the sun was shining and a heavy snow falling. Those boys, by the way, know everything from 'Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen' to what fish President Roosevelt catches. Regards home." • m-^f The imporance of salt as a medium of exchange was mentioned by Marco Polo in his report the financial system of the Mongolian emperors in his time. Canadians ate 106,000 tons of peanuts in the period from 1929 to 1936. 666 All Strut Up to Claim New Dance New York—We doubt that any dance craze has aroused so many controver claims to its origin as the Lambeth Walk. Everybody seems to have thought of it first. Nearly every body claims lohave introduced it to America. When the Black Bottom, the Susi-Q the Big Apple and other terpsiehorean fads arrived he-re, there never was much argument aboul how they gol strted—• or by whmo. The Savoy Ballroom in Harlem claims credit for several and no detractors came forward to deny it; and various parls of the South went uncontesled for authorship of the others. But it's different with the Lambeth Walk. Though it was said to have been born in England last season, along came a horde of claimants who insisted thai the Lambeth Walk was seen in a New York musical comedy 25 years ago. A correspondent of ours in Pittsburg writes thai the Lambeth Walk first saw the day of light around j the Golden Triangle and a citizen of | Memphis, Tenn., has written in to tell us that the Lambeth Walk enjoyed its gcnsis in the deep south. Far be it from us to serve as arbiter in the matter. We hope the schism is over soon and the Lambeth Walk wends its weary way toward oblivion. We don't dance, anyway. Light of Heaven A friend of ours recently browsed amidst a science exhibit in Boston. One 20th century gadget particularly stuck his fancy and he writes us about it. Il is an attachment, he says, for a automobile dashboard, and it operates a little light hooked up to the accelerator. When the autoist is lolling along at 15 m.p.h., this bulb flachcs white, and at 20 m.p.h.. it turns to a pale green. Between 20 and 50 m.p h., it remains static in color. Bui lei Ihe man at the wheel step on the gas and breeze along at GO and this device will release a wedge in a tiny music box which will play out "Nearer My God lo Thee!" What's more our friend adds, this gadget is on view in a school of Theology. One of the Best Capsule Film Review: One of the best entertainments we've ever seen is "You Can't Take It With You" on the screen. Camera Hound The globe-troltingest director in Hollywood passed through Manhattan recently and in his luggage Tay Garnett bore several thousand feet of undeveloped film that will turn up sooner or later in talking pictures. A fool for a camera, Mr. Garnett; he is at a loss without one. When he left Hollywood earlier this year for an Extended trip, he planned to head cast. Bui suddenly he heard of oil Irouble in Mexico an hurried with his camera equipment in that direction. From there, he went to Martinque and photographed the port town and sailed to France. More pictures of local color. After that, it was a continental jaunt. Garnett went to Germany and Austria and I-hotoeraphed whalever was permissible and now he considers that he's had an ideal vacation. There is a busman's holiday for you. Failhcst North in Concerts Here is a note form Moly Picon, the piquant little comedienne who forsakes the second Avenue rostrums fias Gas All Time ..Irs. Jas. Filler says: "Gas on my atom- ncli WNS so had I couldn't eat or slei-p. Ona oven nres.wl on my heart. Adlerlka brought me quick relief. Now, I cat as I \vlsn. Bleep Hno. never felt better." ADLERIKA JOHN S. GIBSON DRUG CO. SEE JETT WILLIAMS For Quick Service when making your Government Cotton Loans. Classed by a Government Licensed Classer. 108 South Walnut Street MALARIA in 7 days and relieves COLDS Liquid, Tablets first day Salve, Nose Drops Headache, 30 min. Try "Rub-My-Tism"-World'8 Best Liniment Government COTTON LOANS Quick Service Immediate Payment Your Cotton Classed by a licensed government classer. TOM mm Hope, Ark. HEATERS FLOOR FURNACES Phone for Estimate Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Phone 259 Ha/.cl Street C. M. E. The revival goes on at Ha/el CtreeI M. K. church. Everybody is invited lo hear Rev. J. A. Brooks of Locks- ; burc, Ark. G. W. Harper, pastor. HOPE Show Grounds—Old Ily. ti7 i •_ - 35c Only 2 Performances Daily. A 3 HOUR PICTURE Let Us Show You Whats New in Football Fashions LADIES Specialty Shop City Meat Market K. C. Meats, Fish & Oysters Prompt Free Delivery Phone 7C7 Evan Wray LcRoy Henry Bed Room Living Room Dining Room Breakfast Kitchen Cabinets Wood Cook Stoves Wood Heaters Gas Ranges Gas Heaters Wool and Con- goleum Rugs Hope Hardware COMPANY With Huge Wild-Animal MENACERIE, MUSEUM and Real WILD WEST.. t * Providing More Concentrated Entertainment jnd a Uighcr •J Baiia ol tnjoymenl than Any Olhei Circus in Ihe World BD Unsurpassed Arcnic Champions • Amazing tf Trained Animals • Mar/jlous Horse Show • * Tons ol Elephants * Clowns Galore , . . MAMMOTH CANVAS CITy riLLtL) WIIH WONDCRS Of [HE WORLD Of WHITE TOPS AT THEIR THRILLING BLSI TOPS m <ai BUT PRICE TWICE DAILYi] S. eP.M. Door. QMA »i 1 t 7 P.M; I* SPECIAL AFTERNOON RATES: j" •"Children 1 C ^ 1 S »! ;• (Under 12; J.nC AduUs »$DC£ J« Ticket Wagon Open front 9 a. ui.% i£ NIGHT PRICES: :>5c and 5Uc pj traight to more pleasure , . . that's where Chesterfield makes a solid hit every time ., . gives smokers what they want .. , refreshing mildness and better taste and here's the big reason, . . // takes good things to make a good product. That's why we use the best ingredients a cigarette can have... mild ripe tobaccos and pure cigarette paper... to make Chesterfield the cigarette that SATISFIES. esterfield .. more pleasure for millions PAUL Every H'ediiesday Evening GEORGE GRACIB BURNS ALUJN ' Every i'riday Evening All C. li, S. Stations EDUIIj DOOLEY l-'ootbull Highlights Every Thursday and Saturday S2 Leading N. B. C. Stations Copyright 1938, L1CCETT& MYERS TOBACCO Co.

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