The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1934 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 3, 1934
Page 10
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PAGE EIGHT m.YTHRviu.F.. (,\ uin Uncle Sam's Electric Shop Shows Tempting Stock Agiiculluic Depart m c n t ' • .Expeil Gives Procedure) for Con I rolling Insects ' WASHINGTON.-To nil cotton growers who have hnd (rouble wll the boll weevil and wish to rediic the numbers ot these insects i their cotton fields next summj Lee A, Strong, Cliief of tlie lliirea of Entomology ami Plant Quai aJlttne ot tlip United Stnles Be partmcnl or Agriculture, says I'Plcli youi colton ns soon us pas sllile and destroy the stalks lmnu> dialely, i:ach day of dolfiy mom, the development or nuniy nilill tional \veeiils Nu );o!l weevil con trol measure Is 'more practical nni tallsfactory tlmn enrly /all de- .Etruction of cotton stnlks." This year the oiinorlimllfo foi eaily fall Ueslriiclloi; of stalks nrc bettei than ever because the drought manned the crop enrly ovei the Inige tu-cas, because more of the crop has ahen-ly brcn picked thnn is usiinl al this dale, because the ncieagc to l>e picked is smaller than for many years, and wcmiEe laboi for picking Is abundant The necessity for enrly fall destruction of the slalks—also tjreat- -fi than usual-Is due to the fact that the late, summer rains caused much of the cotton to put on a second growth tlmt is too late to produce n cro|> of anything but'boll 1 wcevlh unless (be stalks with this second Kiontli are dcsti-oyed promptly enormous numbers of weevils Rill develop in the lute Equal es, thus greatly Increasing the iimnbei-s of KCcvlls entering winter quarters ami • proportionately iiioraiiing die numbers that will be In the cotton fields next. June and July. The Immature bolls that- usually tempt the fanner to leave the plants In the hope of producing a Into prop hnve -already been lu- jmed by the weevils in many cases and the benefit to next year's crop by reducing the weevil population ^slll offset, any value these )alc hells, may have For best results the stalks should be destroyed as long before host ns possible. The -shipment of thousands of .cattle into the Cotton Bell and the general shoitage of feed due to the drought, give the grower an ^opportunity to utilize the cotton plans as emergency forage. The most economical way is to graze the fields before frost. Where all the crop cannot be used In this way, however, the stalks may be cut and cured for hay. Plants Hint are bushy and full of leaves arc best for hay They should be 'cut us early as possible before the leaves mature and shed. Using the plants for forage allows live grower to make a profit on his old crop o'Ki nt the same time helps control the boll weevil Fields recently dusted with ar- senicals should not. be used for lorage. . ^ . The important thing is to stop the production of tele squares by deslro>lng Hie stalks, by grazing, or by maJJng hay. This will present the breeding of ' additional ncevib and will deprive the ivee- vih already present of food, so they will go mlp hibernation in n weakened condition. The earlier the stalks are destroyed the more ctlective the weevil control. 'Edith Caldweil Menz Returns on Visit Here Mrs Fdllh Cnldweli Mem, charged as an accomplice in Ihe .murder of .a .storekeeper iti :i small Missouri lown, has mad" tend and returned on n visit with relatives lure. Mrs Menz's nrsl (rial rt-siilted I" a hung jury. Her Olio Men?, \MD found guilty and Ecntei.ced to prison. Bob Strupp, co-defendant In Hie case, wtis recently .- cleared of a murder charge. Strupp was tried at Jackson, Mo., where Mrs. Men?.' first trial \\as held Connicling statements by a witness, who created a sensa- !-i° n b J'_ col ; fcssl »B commission oI ... , . ^j^ ^ rmprn b >' ' )liv(lte b 'is!iH'ss as a competitor, mo Elcrtrle Home and Farm Aiuhorllv oml hT.r U k r^'""• W ' UI '^ PbI1S l ° 1>Ut ClCC "' ltal nl " llton "' al »l«u £?'.* -ery " , ' . 1It '''° 1S S " mV " "* slr " dnif " x -" bio •«"«'»• oi«™=1 l« CJmllanoogn Tern, ] v c v Ji* of elec.rlcal- equipment needed ,n the home Is shown ,„. Ihe tastefully furnished' de n s t ,', „, room of Mils branch of ihe Tennessee Volley Authority »»«iwn Sloolc-Cooter Society — Persona] Mrs. J. W. McCnlloiiBh was hos- e,ss to 32 friends from Stcele, lythevillc. iiiid Caruthersvllle al i eight-lflble bridge piuiy at her onniry home al New Survey Friny afternoon.- In the bildt'e games Mrs. Dors Downlnn won high score. Mrs. imes, second hl«h, and Mrs. V. Hlackwcll, low score. Mrs, C. E. ragg cul conEolation. An attracllve salmi course was rved. Mrs. Alvln Stephens was hostess the Womnii's Missionary fioc- .' Monday nflcrnoon, when 10 embers nnd 4 vlsiors were pros- it. Mrs. o. A. Dunlvnnt e«ve n talk > Christian stewardship nnd Mrs. . C. Sleclc jr., ynve n iniu «.. Suzuki, of " children have returned lo their home In Sacramento, Cal., lifter a visit here with relatives. Mrs. Al. A. Mnssey ami daughter s|icnl ast week al Hornersville ns SuesUs of Mrs. Tom liny. Charlie Dristuw, nf'St' Louis, is here on business. The ball gnme. between necrlng and Number.t) was postponed mi- til, next Sunday because of Inclement weather. Ralph, Iimis spent Monday in Memphis on business Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Li|iscoinb itei-taincu with n dinner party unday In honor of Mrs. U\i- omb's mfather, Mrs. Georgia ni»- >rt, who, jvas celebrating her 69th IrtMay. Tlie guests ivore: Jfr. id Mrs. Fred May and children, Parma, Mr. and Mrs. David 'right, and children, of Cnruth- rsville,' Mrs. Edward Scnll, of lythevillc, and Mrs. !!. D. nut- edge and children and Miss Evc- n Ulggart, of Stcele. Probe Code Violations Train Kills Farmer POPLAR RiMPP, Mo.-Prank B. lihiininkcr, 40, farmer, was In- .staiitly killed late Monday when a northbound cotton Belt t m in his automobile near hi 1 . The engineer reported the .si ruck homo. - ---a "-i'«i itu LIII: aiiluiiioWIe ivas on the tracks with- cut lluhis when lie first snw II, Find Missing Girl WEDNESDAY, OCTOBKK 3, • 19;U Receipts at Arkansas Compresses Continue to Run Ahead of Last Year Receipts at 'the' niythcvlllc plant I of the Federal Compress a;id Ware- hoiiEc company amounted lo 11,009 bales last week, brljujlny Ihe total lor the current season to 43,152 bales, according lo the weekly cdwi- lircss report of the Arkansas Colton Trade association. Recelpis lor lhc state as a whole were 73,063 lust week, bringing th? season's total lo 2C4.070, compared to (i!).:t55 for the same iveek a year :IBO anil 102,050 to the same dale season. Shipments from Arkansas com presses exceeded receipts last weak " l '"8 l(> 15,405 balc-j, leavlni bales on hand compared "to ,.. -.- " y-'nr «so. Shipments from mylheville lasl week were 13 OB'J bales, Ifiivliig CS,085 On liand here lll-ec-l|)ls lasl "week and for the Ecnsun at ten leading Arkansas comprew [joints and the Ihrec Missouri compresses follow: For ihe For the Week Season M IT fTi^/ Fran « s 'Robinson MllrlUV Kentucky Colonel DAN THOMAS— GEORGESCARBO West Memphis I'lne lllulf Little liocfc .. Helena Jojj(.'<-:boro . : . . McGehce I'YH'rcst City . Marked Tree . Mnrlnniin Carntlicrsville •Hayll Poi'lagcvitle i.. 11,541 11,01)9 6,514 5,494 3.583 3.502 3.38S 3.370 2,768 5,407 43,109 •13,152 22,916 14,529 13,745 8,222 12,837 10,879 7,059 11,517 18,:t40 10,158 15,73fi Keiser Man Dies code ._— ..s^^ssasggs «,,-,« > pr=HlS!S sff »«i- >>:»;;!$.' vvcck - He was n native of Jack- I • ..W import, Jackson Comity, Ark Mr I once m every;Kay was a route carrier for The! .Commercial Appeal for more than 1 In .. the federal building 'at Joncsboro today by llrooks Hays, state labor compliance officer for the NRA, and Arthur L. Smith, field Investigator for tlie NHA. occupy ii temporary -„ ..... u ., u ,.j,j i, n.llll/uiuiy office In the miildfni; nil tiny. Mr Hays invited all who hnve code violation complaints to make lo call nt the office. Roxy Wed. arid Thursday Malinco £ Nipht—lOc - 2Sc UJA9 A DOLLA12.-A-YEAfi/ MAN AT WASHINGTON DuG- IMG THE \.Wl2,SUPEKVifflN(?. f&iUSoto FOuce OK ALL. MNECEASTOFW SlPPl. "EStlE FBlTON OUCE uJO^ED A9 A OECH UA»JD Q» A SMALL ITALIAN TRAMP LoV SPEMDS HEI? LUNCH AT -THE STUDIO ON rop OF A HLJG& SOUND 6TASE, T Suw RATU, four years and made many friends He is survived by his wife, Mrs' Mary Kay; two sons, Troy and Jack, nnd two daughters, Anne 1 Delta; Jt.'iln Aided \Vatnul Growers ore. (up)— Aithougii sunny weather is usually preferred during harvest seasons for MOS crops, walnut growers today were exhilarated because il rained during their harvest season. The rain caused the tough outer shells « the mils to split, making the harvesting process easy. Triplets occur 1/lnr, ' u <-Ulr ~,,^ Ml c v , 1000 cases, among white, people. NIHV- Located at Southeast Curner Walnut and Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU ... ' DON'EDWARDS. Proprietor HI makes nf rebuilt Typewriters, Mding Machines al , d Calcublors Kcpairing-Parls—Riblions Phoni 71 . Mrs. II. A. Spence Is resting el nt her home In Stcele afler cms painfully Injured when her av was struck V>y n negro's car nt farbro Friday. Miss Kathlcnc Mc- iride, of Memphis, house guest of frs. Spcnce and driver of the car, as not injured. The Woman's Missionary Union :ict al the Uaptisi church Moil- ay afternoon for a business mcet- ng. Mlr.5 MolJIc Lee Bales, of Car- ilhersvillc, visited friends here ver the week end. ; L. C. Spencer is able lo be up liter a week's illness of maliu-ia. • Mr. and Mrs. Cluster Taylor vere In Memphis Monday In con- ultallon with Mrs. Taylor's phy- Iclnn. Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Haggard „..„ is Ihcli- gncsls over the week end , Mrs. Ciieeke, nnd Misses Ann ' I Richardson nnd Elizabeth Moore J riiursday"& Friday Wot Only The Greatest Love Story in 1934 Years, But The Grandest Spectacle As Well !! ! a hung jury. Her husband, ° r 1-iwreneebiirg, Tcnn. the crime himself and " his confession," Pigurcd in the Stiupp case. E B Alesiuder and Ed n Cook, beat attorneys, who repr;- EeiH Mn> Mcnz, said jeslerday there was little jxsslbimy that Mrs Mtnz ivouW fnce trial again. er reaches site 1^00 Gaoige Bancroft, HistoriaJi the wovie ac tor) (Edward m) is <a*est of TVesidenl Thieves entered the home of ! ami Mrs. Abner Ashcrnfl Sat.!»>' nlghl, in the'absence of Ihe !' family, and Hook clothes, miills I ul uid blankets. . • '! l»l j Mr. .and . Mrs. Wesley Johnson I announce Ihe birth of a uir) at their lmme-nt Qlbson Bayou lasl - - Katherine Jones Is vlsllln^ Mrs. W. H. Howells. of Memphis (or a few days. ,Mr .and Mrs. J. w. McCuHoimh >iji<l Mrs. n. S. Hudson spcnl Mo'n- •IJiv In Memphis. ; i Fourteen members of the Wo- i "Inns club' of Slcele motored to Demon, Mo.. FVklay lo surprise Mrs.-Joe Burns, formerly of here »|itli a coevieil dish luncheon par-' • Sir. and Mrs. Sims ^ficllie were guests of friends in Cape Gltar- Jrau Sunday. !Mi-s.-Rex Hughes Jr. has returned to her home in iTlckniaii, 'ky aflcr a visit willi her parents here' Mrs. Sims Mlclilc nnd Mrs Kiith Lawhon spent, Tuesday In Memphis. Mr. aria' Mrs. Joe B. Brooks and MORSE & KIRSHNER ABSTRACTS City & I-Vum 1'ropcrtics. Special Title Service Phone 777 Al Night—Sunday—Anytime For Quick and Dependable Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. TEKY What was jh^past^_vvhich Charles Fisher, lawyer And_jyhat sinister influence was back of the events into which Fisher was ing a forged signatiirc,_two^|)cautifiil dollar insurance policy—antl'mii»W> Shrewd, energetic, resourccfuj, Charles Fisher is one .m . , = ^ ' ~ — -«J"-^« Bk) Vllt the principal characters injhc^ncw mystery serial pic_Clew_of the Forgottenjtfiirdcr.". It j s Fish^Twhn discovers—but wait until you read the story! Watch for Chapter 1 of this great new thriller RIME PAfflON CECIL B.DeMILLE'S AH<cfiI~Mi<Aflhi/rPkturi with CLAUDE RAiKS Kir of Til IntitikU M*ri' WHITNEY BOURNE and MARCO Wrin»n, dii*cl«c{ and pi i| & Ctictl*! L*< C«rmfl. A ?Qfflmeuni Rtltat* FOX NEWS COJIKDY Public DILLINGER Ts TUESDAY & WEDNKSDAV A powerful moral lesion for young and old. See this powerful storv of Dillinger-'s life from lli e ' tender nge of ten to the time |>f-liis death as he was leaving a Chicago theatre. Now WASHINGTON.- Miss :. Robinson, retiring (vom ,, NRA along with her chief Gen ""'- 1 ' S. Johnson, ye.sleida'y be' ame a , . Kentucky colonel. The commission from Qov itubv Laffoon was - presented by 'iji- an a»_ J. Can-oil, Jr., NUA chief '•I'm too excited to say any> us," said Miss Koblnson. "i nk l would mnkc n good .sol(Her, !'\-e proven that at MARSHPIELD. Mass. <Ul>)"_'rh» "by quail can disappear, perhaps faster, lhan any other bird In l), c ' wcods, according to Lysamler B >hMinan t head of the State Game •I'm here. He said that tht- taby >i«l is about ihe sbc and color of « ilnut. When it is In danger it 0 1,,, "."''£ leaf •"' its te^, rolls <"> us back, and atHnsi^ IK« !„..» thai. C0 ver.s Itself completely. "end Courier News Wani AOS. r Dr. Floyd D. Howton, Deniist Announces (he operi- of an office for dental practice in the Lynch building on-. South Broadway. IT Last Time Today Mat. 2:M, I0-25c Nile (i:<lo—I0-35c " ..'.'EDNA FERRER'S .'-'•• mMQIIR 1 . with PAUL l.UCAS and • CONSTA NC E CU M M INGS Paramount News Filzpatriek Travel Talk— 'ft "Africa" Willie Hopper Cartoon \ Beginning Tomorrow In COURIER NEWS mm mm HENRY WllCOXON JOSEFK u Pepper I'ot dirioon Vnrlcty—"Old Kentucky Hounds" Radio Musical Short Coming Sun.-Mon. Dick Powell and Ruby Kccler in 'DAMES'

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