Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 26, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 26, 1938
Page 3
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"51 .Monday, September 26, 1938 HOPE STAR,, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THREE I* '4 i-'• These were the days left over When summer's design was complete: Remnants of green on the clover, Fragments of rosclbloom and hcnl. Between frost and the leaves last falling Earth takes them up once more And tosses them, briefly recalling A gown that so lately wore. —Selected. Misses Obcrn Dodson and Lena Henry .spent the week-end visiting with friends in Shreveport, La. -0- J. Elmer Murph announces the marriage of his sister, Evelyn Frances to Hollis E. Luck. The ceremony was read in the presence of the immediate families on Sunday evening at the First Methodist church by the Pastor, Rev. Fred R. Harrison. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Luck were attendants. The bride- was becomingly n Hired in a dark red crepe model with black accessories. Mrs. Luck is connected with the J. R. Williams Lumber Co., as office bookkeeper, and has identified herself with the people of her home town, with her outstanding soprano voice of unusual range and loveliness. Mr. Luck is manager of the Sinclair Oil Station. They are at home at 55 East Second street. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Coop had as week-end guests, Mrs. F. O. Doalhc- ridge and little granddaughter. Sarah Yvonne Ferricr of Hugo, Okla. -O- Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Dcnty have moved into the- newly finished Keith apartments on South Shovcr street. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Williams have as house guests, Mrs. W. E. Davidson and little daughter of Camden. -O- Mrs. May Blackard and daughter, Miss Martha Eleanor were Saturday visitors in Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Earner and Miss Pauline Slcphcnson of Camden were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stephenson. Mr. and Mrs. Finley Ward were Saturday visitors in Little Rock. Mrs. Elizabeth Pritehard was the week-end guest of her daughter, Miss Happy Pritehard in Little Rock. Mrs. John Rowc and little daughter. George Ann. of Monroe. La., arrived Friday afternoon. They will visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pink W. Taylor, 700 Washington street. --O- Mr. and Mrs. Louis Dodge of Rc- donda Beach, Calif, announce the ar- rival of n daughter, born September 25. Mrs. Dodge will be remembered as Miss Avis Jones. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Gulley announce the marriage of their daughter, Mamie, to Harlon Rogers of Hope, son of Rev. and Mrs. 1. J. Rogers. The wedding took place Saturday September 24, at tl\e home of Rev. Bert Webb. In the wars of the European Powers in matters relating to themselves We have never taken part, nor does it compnrl with our policy to do so. It is only when our rights arc invaded, or .seriously menaced that we resent injuries or make preparations for our defense.—James Monroe, fifth president of the United Stales, from his annual message. Begin Contracting (Continued from Page Cne) Revival Is Held Over Third Week Evangelist Collins Attracts Crowds to Local Tabernacle The Collins revival at the Gospel Tabernacle has been announced to go another week, due to the unusual interest and the general demand for the evangelist to stay over n third week. A crowd filled the Tabernacle Sunday night to capacity and heard the Rev. Mr. Collins speak on the subject, "Mortgaging The Soul." At the clone of his sermon a large number accepted the invitation to become converted and knell at the old fashioned altar for prayer. The evangelist will speak Monday night on Ihc subject, "The Anti-Christ and the Mark of the Beast," a message on prophecy which will be of gtcul interest to all who can atlcnd. Special music and singing will feature Ihc services each night of Hie third week of the revival. ENDS MONDAY FREDRIC MARCH "SIGN OF THE CROSS" TUESDAY A REAL TREAT! spnng. Successful campaigns for World's Fair funds were conducted in El E rado and Camden last week, and Chairman C. E. Palmer was highly encour- iigcd by the receipt of $10,000 in contributions from oil interests, besides $1,000 subscription from the Southern Kraft Corporation. Those large subscriptions arc split up so each county in which the corporation maintains a business receives credit for a portion on its quota. Governor Bailey ha.s been requested by Chairman Palmer that a co-chairman for the Arkansas Centennial Commission be named so that he can de- vole a portion of his time to his six daily newspapers, and such an appointment is expected this week. Chairman Palmer ha.s been devoting three or four days weekly to directing the financial campaign, and has asked that an arrangement be made that will require his presence in Little Rock only one day each week. MiitraPoweills (Continued from Page One) Civilians Told (Continued from Page One) fined S25. Fred Kirk, disturbing the peace, fined S10. Willie Brown, Ben Davis, Almon Browning. Henry Williams. Horace Smith. Chester Tcaguc and Norman Grant each pleaded guilty to drunkenness and were fined $10 apiece. N. L. Evans forfeited a $10 cash bond for drunkenness. Radio reception, in thousands of tesets, lias been found to be at its best when the moon is below the horizon. prepared to meet again at 10 a. m. The prime ministers and foreign ministers of the Iwo western European democracies faced four developments in a war-jitttry Europe: 1. An unofficial though authoritative report that Czechoslovakia had rejected Hitler's final terms for handing over the Sudelenland. 2. Authoritative disclosure that Hitler had attached a map to his terms sent to Czechoslovakia, marking areas he demanded be ceded to Germany. The source disclosing this map said the new German frontier would come within 20 miles of Prague, the Czechoslovakia capital. 3. Unanimous agreement by the French cabinet that Hitler's memorandum was "unacceptable" without guarantees for security of the revised frontiers. 4. A threat by premier Mussolini of Italy thai he too would take millitary measures if other nations continue mobilizing their armies and war fleets. France Aroused PARIS, France —(/Pi— The French cabinet agreed unanimously over the week-end thai Rcichsfuchrer Hitler's memorandum to Czechoslovakia demanding quick occupation of Sude- lenland by Germany without guar- Terms of Hitler's Demand on Czechs LONDON.— (/P)— The text of the "final" memorandum of Chancellor Hitler of Germany given Prime Minister Chamberlain of Brilain Friday for presentation to Czechoslovakia, as disclosed by authoritative sources in London, follows: Reports increasing in number from hour to hour regarding incident 1 ! in Scudclcnland show that the situation has become completely intolerable for the Sudeten German people and in consequence dangerous to the peace of Europe. II is therefore essential thai separation of the Sudelenland agreed to by Czechoslovakia should be effected without any further delay. On he attached map the Sudeten German area which is to be ceded is shaded in red. Areas in which a plebiscite also is to be held, over and above the areas to be occupied, tire drawn in and shaded green, Final delimitation of the frontier must correspond to the wishes of those concerned. In order to determine these wishes a certain period is necessary for the preparation of a plebiscite during which disturbances must in all circumstances be prevented. A situation of parity must be created. The area designated on the attached may as Grcman area is to be occupied by German troops without taking into account whether in a plebiscite they may prove o be in this or that part of an area with a Czech majority. On the other hand, Czech territory is to be occupied by Czech troops without taking into account whether in this area there lie large German language islands in which in a plebiscite a majority will without doubt give expression to its German national feeling. With a view to bringing about an immediate and final solution of the Sudeten German problem the following proposals are submitted by the German government: 1. Withdrawal of the whole Czech armed forces, police, gendarmerie, customs officials and frontier guards from the area to be evacuated as designated on the attached map, this area to be handed over .to Germany on October 1, 2. Evacuated territory is to be handed over in its present condition (see further details in appendix). German government agrees that plenipotentiary representatives of the Czech government and of the Czech army should bo attached to headquarters of the German military forces to deal with details of modalities (cthods of making effective) of the evacuation. 3. The Czech government to discharge at once all Sudeten Germans serving in the military forces or police anywhere in Czech state territory and permit them to return home. 4. The Czech government to liberate all political prisoners of the German race. 5. The German government agrees to permit a plebiscite to take place in those areas— to be more definitely defined— before November 25 at the latest. The plebiscite itself will be carried out under control of an international commission. All persons who reside in the areas in question on October 28, 1938, or who were born in the areas prior to this date, will be eligible to vote. A simple majority of all eligible male and female voters will determine the desire of the population to belong cither to the German Reich or the Czech state. During the plebiscite both parties will withdraw their military forces out of the area to befmed more precisely. The date and duration will be settled mutually by the Gorman and Czech governments 0. The German government proposes that an authoritative German -Czech commission should be set up to settle all further details Appendix: The evacuated Sudeten German area is to be handed over without destroying or rendering unusable in any way the military economic or traffic establishments (plants). These include ground or'. gamzations of air se-i WEEKLY PROGRAM SAENGER NOTICE— Continuous Showing TUES-WED-THURS MON-TUES Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers "C A R E F R E E" -WED.- JANE WITHERS "KEEP SMILING" COMING—OCT. 2-3-4 THEATRE «*» Last Chance (o See 4*» Miriam Hopkins and Kay MHland t t t r *t*Tuesday & Wednesday V Double Feature Days kft*. "WISE GIRL" MONDAY ONLY Here's the Perfect Design For a 9-to-5 Street Frock NORMA SHEARER JYRONE POWER wild John BARRYMORE Robert MORLEV • Anila IODISE Joseph SCHILOKRAUT • Gladys George • Henry Stephenson PfojuttJ ky Hunt Stromberg T T T t T T I V T T T t f T T T t T T *> "The Missing Guest" I'aul Kelly—Constance Alnurc A myslery filled \villi thrills that chill -Also- TUB THKEE ftlKSQUITEEKS —in— "The Trigger Trio" ^X>-^N^«^X^^V^VX>—•" Thursday-Friday BOB BURNS, JACK OAKIK KENNY DAKKIt, ANN MILLER —in"Radio City Revels" A grand new musical thai will thrill all. ./**—»-S> Saturday Only That Sinking Cowboy GENEAUTRY "PRAIRIE MOON" Also Chapter Knur "UNDERSEA KINGDOM" ALL THE LOWER FLOOR RESERVED ADULTS. 5l)c CHILDREN SEATS ON SALE At iSacnger Theater Cox Drug—Hope White & Co.—Fulton Glen Spates Service Station Saratoga Street Car Cafe Mineral Springs Blcvins Drug Storo Blcvins Sid's Cafe—Rosston European Hotel—Stamps Lester Drug Co.—Lcwiiville -OR- PHONE 133 HOPE liu cony Not Reserved 35c Only - Performances Daily. A 3 HOUR PICTURE City Meat Market K. C. Meals, Fish & Oysters Prompt Free Delivery Phone 7li7 Evan Wray LcRoy Henry Let Us Show You Whats New in Football Fashions LADIES Specialty Shop Guernsey School to Open Oct. 3rd Faculty List for the Fall and Winter Sessions Are Named Guernsey High School will reopen Monday, October 3, at 8:30 a. m. and not at 8 o'clock during the two-month summer term. Faculty members of the Guernsey school for the fall and winter session will be as follows: Grammar school department teachers—Mrs. Edgar Tyler, first grade; Miss Ruth Atkins, second and third grades; Mrs. O. H. Brislow, fourth grade, and Miss Nellie Hays, fifth and sixth grades. High school department—Hugh B. Bristow, principal and English; Miss Lillie B. Tucker, history and social science; Forney G. Holt, mathematics and general science, and Miss Muriel Franks, English and social science. Miss Franks will have charge of the junior and senior girls' basketball teams, and Messers. Holt and Bristow will direct the senior and junior boys' clubs respectively. Coach Holt expects to produce a winning team this season. He will have three boys who have seen three years of service in the senior division, Hughson, Griffiths and Roberts, and with Cox, Boyce, Glanton, Taylor, and Downs—two-year men—Coach Holt should be able to mix it up with the best cage outfits of southwest Arkansas. Guernsey's senior team will average 6 feet in height, as follows: Griffith, 6 feet 4 inches; Downs, 6 feet 3 inches; Hughson, 6 feet 2 inches; Cox, 6 feet 3 inches; Roberts, 6 feet; Boyce 5 feet 10 inches; Mosier, 5 feet 10 inches; Taylor, 5 feet 8 inches; Cox 5 feet 8 inches; Pitman, 6 feet; Marlindale, 6 feet, and Glanton, 5 feet 6 inches. Questions, Answers On Employment Q. Is there any fee charged the cnv ployer or employe at any time? A. Wo. Q. What types of employers can be served ? A. All employers can take advantage of the service, including employers of farm labor, of skilled and industrial workers, commercial and professional, employers of common labor and domestic and personal service workers, which covers all types of workers. In ancient Russia unfaithful wives were buried waist deep in damp earth and left to die of starvation. Would License Bikes ELGIN, 111.—{/P)— Local authorities have asked the city council to approve an ordinance licensing 3,500 bicycles in Elgin as means of curbing bicycle thefts. The license fee would be 25 cents. . gamzations of air sen-ice and all wireless stations All economic and traffic materials, especially rolling stock of railway system, in the designated areas are to be banded over the u - be moved 1 '' "° f00dstuffs ' g ° ods ' Cattle ' materials ct cetera, arc to nntees for new Czechoslovak frontiers was "unacceptable." The cabinet's decision gave Premier Edouard Daladicr and Foreign Minister Georges Bonnet their co- ministers' full support as they flew late Sunday to London to confer with British ministers on the crisis. The agreement was that Germany must give a pledge to respect the proposed new Czechoslovak state before France would accept annexation of Sudctcnland by Germany. To Maintain Three Points Members of Daladier's ministry who were at the meeting said the French government had decided to maintain three essential points of the first Drench-British peace blah, which \yas (iffcrcd to Hitler, with'Czechoslovakia's donsent.- •• • • •••• •!;•" i 1 ••• These points were: 1. Cession to Germany of sections of 'Sudctcnland where Sudeten Germans hold a strong majority. 2. Disposition of areas with mixed populations by an international commission. f>. Guarantees by Britain, France, Germany and oilier neighboring powers of the new frontiers of Czechoslovakia. Guarantees Demanded The counter-proposals offered British Prime Minister Chamberlain by Hitler Friday at Godesburg, Germany, were considered unacicptable by the French ministers largely because they lacked Germany's guarantees, it was stated. Cabinet members said Minister of Justice Paul Rcynaud, Navy Minister Cesar Campinchi and Anatole de Mon- 7.ic, minister of public works—members of a "stop Hitler" bloc in the ministry—voiced strong objections to the fuehrer's latest demands and the rest of Die cabinet concurred (nously. British military attache from Berlin. This is a vcrbnl picture of his map as disclosed by an authoritative Czech Dorado, Pine Bluff, Hot Springs and • Jonesboro. "Due to heavy registration in anticipation of the Arkansas Highway Department's road construction program, the volume of persons filing their applications for the first time increased during the month; yet, the total number of applicants actively seeking work through facilities of the Service decreased 2,1 per cent compared with July figures. This is the second consecutive month a decrease in active file figures has been recorded. O'f the above figures for the month, source in London: | 212 placements were made through the Hitler demands outright cession of a I district office at Hope, according to fringe of Czechoslovak territory all reports of G. T. Cross, manager. The along the German frontier except for "' TT ' ' ' " two small gaps. His demands include both the Sudeten mountains on the north and the Bohemian range on the southwest which since ancient times have proved natural barriers for defense of this land in the heart of Europe. Starting from Bratislava, the south- em Czechoslovak city near where the German, Hungarian and Czechoslovak frontier meet,; Hitler's, i'jjew frontier for Germany'.' .jrunS' jpdrBllcl to the present froiitifaf VaV- fan; west as Ho- m<3lkfe.-vThe ; :'twin -.dftf- txjiirrtory '' aljtnit VS - Hope office serves Hempstead and other counties in southwest Arkansas. MIND Your MANNERS T. M. Reg. U.-S. P«U OB. Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. When a man goes shopping with his wife, should he remove his hat as he enters a department store? 2. If he sits clown to wait for her while she shops in a milliner's or dressmaker's, does he then remove his hal? 3. Need he remove it in an office elevator? 4. May you comb your hair in public? 5. Is it all right to file fingernails in public? What would you do if— You are having dinner in a public place and feel a need to powder your nose and apply lipstick, yet a long aftcrdinner program will keep you from going to the dressing room? (a) Wait, until it is over and go to the dressing room? (b) Feel free to put it on at any time? (b) inconspicuously put it on when the attention of the nearby guests is elsewhere? Answers 1. No. 2. Yes. 3. No. 4. No. 5. No. Best "What Would You Do" so- lution—(c). Applications for Subsidy Be Taken Series of Meetings Are Scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday Below is listed a schedule of meetings to be held over the county for the convenience of farmers who have not already signed their 1937 subsidy application, according to B. E. McMahen, County Administrative Assistant Of Hempstead county. Mr. McMahen slated Monday that only 60 per cent of the applications for this county have been signed, and urged that fanners give this matter their prompt attention, Tuesday, September 27 Palmos—8:45 to 9:45. Spring Hill—10:15 to 10:45. Fulton—11:15 "to 12:00. McNab—1:00 to 1:15. Columbus—2:15 to 2:45. Washington—3:15 to 4:15. Wednesday, September 28 Gv.an—8:30 to 9:15. Bingen—10:00 to 10:45. Bellon—11:15 to 11:30. McCaskill—11:45 to 12:15. Elevins—1:15 to 2:00. DeAnn—2:30 to 3:00. Keep in mind thai it is only necessary for the person who sgined the 1937 work shee to sign this application. Please be at the meeting scheduled nearest you, at the time designated, as this will be the only opportunity to bold meetings in the county for this purpose. Either attend one of these meetings, or go .to the county agent's office on or before October 1 and sign your application. Government COTTON LOANS Quick Service Immediate Payment Your Cotton Classed by a licensed government classer. TOM mm Hope, Ark. Drink Less Tea LONDON.—(/P)—People in the United Kingdom drank 35 million pounds less tea last year. Consumption totaled 422,000,000 pounds. ; Caught Cold? jPta To relieve distress—rub throat, chest, back with VAPO RU B USED BY 3 MOTHERS OUT OF 5 FLOOR FURNACES Phone for Estimate Harry W, Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Phone 259 SEE JETT WILLIAMS l''or Quick Service when making your Government Cottun Loans. Classed by u Government Licensed Classer; 108 South Walnut Street By CAROL DAY If 'you want a tailored lype of dress that isn't too tailored, and does nice things to your figure, then 8236 is designed especially for you. The basque bodice hugs your waist and the skirt has just a trifle of flare to emphasize the slim line. Wide rovers give flattery to the V- neckline, which is cut higher, in the smart, new way. It's a perfect fashion for your nine-to-five dress for shop( ping or the offict. Make this up in flat crepe or lighl- wcighl wool, challis. jersey or wool crepe. And wsincc colors arc so smart for fall, choose violet, teal blue, vin- yard red or rust. Pattern 8236 is designed for sizes 13. 14, 1C, 18. 20 and 40. Size 14 takes 4V« yards of 39-inch material for full length sleeves; Vi yard for contrasting under-collar, if desired. The new Fall and Winter Pattern Book, 32 pages of attravtice designs for every size and every occasion, is now ready. Photograplis show dresses made from these patterns being worn; a feature you will enjoy. Lte the charming designs in tills new book help you in your sewing. One pattern and the new Fall nad Winter Pattern Book—25 cents. Pattern or book alone—15 cents. For a Pattern of this attractive model send 15c in coin, your name, address, style number and size to Hope Star Today's Pattern Bureau, 211 W. er Drive. Chicago, Hi, Germans Advance BERLIN, Germany — (,V)— German troops pressed toward the Czechoslo- slovakia frontier all day Sunday as preparedness in case Czechoslovakia j turns down Adolf Hitler's "final" demands for a slice of the republic's territory by October 1. As war atmosphere thickened in Germany, it was believed that Hitler might have chosen to announce the terms of his virtual ultimatum to Czechoslovakia when he makes a scheduled speech at a Nazi mass meeting in Berlin's Sportspalast Monday night. On every side the question was what would be Czechoslovakia's answer to Ihc memorandum, outlining his demands, which Hitler handed Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain at Godcsbcrg Friday for forwarding to Prague. A great feeling of uneasiness was evidenced by the German public and foreigners living in Germany. British residents continued a steady exodus. From Rohrbach, Upper Austria, came news that troops were pouring through German Austria toward the Czechoslovak frontier. Halls, schools and other buildings m villages across the Czechoslovakia's southwest border were requisilioned by the German army. Rohrbach became headquarters for the Quartermaster's Department and an Intelligence Division. more, sometimes.'-le.<&. ; ' -Then domes a 10-mile gas Hitler '-does not ask for. The line starts anew, running northwest for 105 miles to Domazlic, a strip approximately 25 miles wide. Here it switches roughly northeast for 105 miles to Dub, south of Libcrcc. H zigzags, passing within five miles of: Pilsen, famed home of lager beer and an important strategic city. Too, it comes within 20 miles of Prague, Czechoslovakia's capital. In some places, notably the farthest western section, it would cut into Czechoslovakia as much as G5 miles. Employment Shows (Continued from Page One) 6-1 per cent went ot men; 87 per cent to white persons; and .12 per cent to applicants under 25 years of age. "The Employment Service has been particularly successful the last few months in placing well qualified stenographers in gainful employment, resulting in a shortage in most offices of this typo of applicant. The most acute general shortage of workers, however, is in domestic and personal service occupations. As would be expected, this shortage is more serious in the larger cities like Little Rock, Fort Smith, El Would Cut Up Czechs LONDON, Eng.—(tf j i—there arc only two official copies of the map delineating the new frontiers Adolf Hitler demands be gut into Czechoslovakia. One is in. Berlin. The other copy is in Prague, flo\vu Uiero L-y u:e Bed Room Living Room Dining Room Breakfast Kitchen Cabinets ' Wood Cook Stoves Wood Heaters Gas Ranges Gas Heaters Wool and Coiv goleum Rugs Hope Hardware COMPANY s u I T S Are Your House-Heating ,. .. - v'--•.-.'•• ' •.,.""••••• '*••;;: O For The Winter Months? Was your home comfortable last winter? If not, take advantage of this opportunity to get the exact type of healing equipment hest suited to your needs. You save money now and you save on your fuel eosts this winter. Adequate heating facilities are essential to the health and comfort of your entire family during the cold winter months. Buy your Heating Equipment Before Oct. —You'll Save Money— Special Discount—Small Down Payment—Easy Terms Jf you cannot visit our office today a telephone call will bring one of our experienced heating engineers to your home. He will assist you in selecting the correct si/e and type of heating appliances to take care of your heating requirements. Every heating appliance in our large stock is included in this sale, Floor Furnaces, Circulators, Radi* antfires, Logs and Coallires. Each type will give complete satisfaction in its particular field and will insure your family clean, healthful, trouble-free service for years to come. CAS CO,

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