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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, December 6, 1948
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d Sliced Thin by The Editor I _, Alex. H. Washburr Profit Is Least Past of Increase;:! Cost of Automobiles '1 here is an astonishing financial story behind today's high-priced automobiles, as told' in the Automobile Manufacturers association booklet "l()(l Million Motor Ve- i.hiclcs." 'J he main theme is thai the manufacturer's profit not only is the least factor in today's high pi-ices but the profit margin is precariously slim. 1 suppose the booklet was issue.d because the manufacturers got tired of hearing government propagandists tell 'how rich they were getting. In any event, the .statistical sfory told uy (he car- makers is an eye-opener. Here are- the tacts as the manufacturers give 'ern: •bi I!)--) automobile companies. * averaged 12.(j profit per dollar ol income. in JU32 they lost (i.7c on each dollar. J.'1-om 101)7 through 1!H1 they made 7.-!c per dollar, but through the war years HMIi to 1945 inclusive profits fell to 3e per dollar. In HMO, Ihe year of strikes and material shortages, the profit was Last year, 1947, with inflation working on the whole country, Itu motor manufacturers earned 6.3c « on the dollar, whi'-h was less tha> the 7.-le average for U);i7-ll. Fur Ihcimore. in 1!M7 the companies- had to put back info tlr.: bus.nes: 5T;i of their earnings. Actual dividends given stockholders in 1947 was '2.7c on each income doll'jr. as compared to 6.1c for dividends: in 1937-41. !n total actual dollars, the companies observed, 19-17 dividends equalled the i: ! :j7-'!l average, but wilh the drop in the value of the dollar-—fell by all of ti.s the dividends we.e worth only hall r ,nTi-i VFAP- \/ni sn NO 44. Stor of Hopa 18 "; Prcss 1927 JIM N TtAK. VUL. JU INU. ^"t Consolidated January 18, 192V WEATHER FORECAST, Arkansas: Fair this afternoon, tonight, not so cold tonight, Tuesday cloudy, sen tiered showers, colder northwest in afternoon. HOPE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1948 (AH)—Moons Associated Press INEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. PRICE 5c COPY irectory !o The population of Hope and adjacent territory as listed by the new city directory is considerably larger than a census figure completed a couple of weeks ago. The city directory lists the population, including adjacent areas some o£ which are in process of being annexed, as 10.127 as compared to the BGOf) census figure. Data for the directory was completed only a week before the census workers started canvassing. The directory is now in process of being published by the Mullin- 'Xille Co,, Heber Page, Jr., canvass manager announced. Copies will be delivered as soon as possible. The population number listing last names alphabetically: A B C D F G H J J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y z ;o in the accounted s ijroiit. price rise," 'was due and ma- 279 1047 803 373 243 . 295 434 . 800 15 . 439 . 178 352 . 1015 . 133 . 109 . G07 3 . 554 . 814 . 463 16 . 42 876 0 . 84 3 10,127 Arkcmson Held for Slaying Sisfer By the Associated Press At least 11 persons d.ed violently : hig in Arkansas over the weekend. ' Ihor Traffic accidents claimed the lives of eight. Three perished in New Orleans, Dec. (1 —«>)— Walter Whitney, merchant marine engineer, was expected to arrive here today from Cuba to claim the body of his 32-year-old wife, Mrs. Naomi Whitney, who was strangled in her French quarter apartment. The body of the nearly nude wejiian was found Saturday morn- I.Tt A final l I V ^. s IJl V-lUlll. All! (->.: IJVllnllell III , ,1 , * , , , , .| i , , I fires. Cause of the death of another !,' 1;Ul , Al ' k " had admlt od strangling a rope stretched tightly about count showed today blockaded bur- neck. Detective. Chief Joseph liners slapped the Comrrmnibtd Scheuering said the- woman's broth-1 with 1.330.U20 votes, each one a er, George K. Coleman, "C, of Ash I protest against Soviet occupation was not determined. The victims ot the highway her after an argument over money. The central election bureau said Scheuerin ment began said when lriccl to " have hcr the argu- Mrs. 'Whitney who what they wen.- in Now here comes an sel of figures: The companies re against an rverage JH'C in 1940 of S;',l they in, S75 per ear. But tlie average HMO FOB facioiv price ef the aver:ig'j MM 7 car at Sl.ofJO. Of this S7'M inc-rer retail price only £1M wa for by manuUiClm er's . "At least 97 f ; of the the booklet continues, to higher taxes, wages terial costs." Few Americans believ can be a deliberate vi' remain in business under and competitive system prise. The motor manufacturers have come up wilh a statistical , explanation for high prices which i reduces some of the government i i. u spokesmen to more shouting poll- Pargould night club operator tieiuns. cused of killing two men was Speeches don't bring prices [held by the down. As a matter of fact the court today. Little j I.w:i-year Rock, Dee. 6 — (/P) — s'entenee imposed on Arkansas - A a ac- u p- Suprcme record seems put prices up. the or Conservative Party? GOP Stands at t'nc Crossroads By JAMES THRASHER 'The loss of the presidential and congressional elections left the Republican Party a choice of two courses. H can liberuli/e its congressional leadership. Or it can continue under the conservative leadership that has long directed its policies in Congress, and thereby run the risk of a still longer losing streak. It has. been assumed that the elections results would be the signal for a shakeup. parlicularly in the Senate. But now a story from Washington says thai a move in that direction lias broken (town almost as soon as it started. The liberal GO! 1 senators, it seems, could not agree on a leader. Tiler;: arc 1 several intelligent, experienced and lor.vard-lookmu men in this liber;.; group. One might think thai from a celieclioii ol such names as Aiken. Flinders. Sallon- Roy Newboles, the defendant, was charged with shooting W. L. Davis and Gerald Mays at the "Brown Pig" in Paragould the night of Oct. G, 1947. He was tried in Greene circuit court for first degree murder in the death of Davis, was convicted of rnanslaugther and sentenced to two years. H was this sentence which the supreme court affirmed. The court's opinion related that nearly a year previously Davis and \Varner Mays, brother of Gerald, had been involved in an altercation with Newboles at the tavern. At that time Newboles was beaten wilh Beer bottles, and he shot and wounded Warner Mays, Of the double killing the supreme court commented: "Appellant's iNewbolcs'i testimony, corroborated in some particulars x x x by other witnesses, tended to show that Davis and (Gerald) Mays made an unpro voked assault on Appellant Hope will have a Winter concert scries of three intcrnationally- j known singeis and instrumentalists as the result of the successful conclusion Saturday night of the Ho) s Community Concert association's membership campaign. The campaign produced a total of i $2.HO:>.7;>. divided between 2-10 adult | memberships at S6.IO each, and 7f> | student members at $3.05. C. T. Kicfer. of Community Concert Service, which is affiliated with Columbia .Artists Management, left Saturday night by air •for New York City to make final arrangements for artists. The first concert probably will be held in January. Mr. Kicfer spent two weeks here setting up the local concert association, of which Mrs. J. C. Carlton is president. The membership campaign was launched at a dinner meeting Monday night, November 28. attended by 105 local women, the canvassing being completed Saturday night. Admission to the concerts is by membership orny. there being no ticket sale at the door. —NKA Telephoto Investigators of the House Un-American Activities Committee are.snown in Washington as they examined microfilm rttorcls taken from a hollowed-out pumpkin on the Maryland farm of Whittaker Chambers, ex-Communist spy and now n senior editor of Time magazine. These records were said to provide "startling new evidence" of leakage of State Derjartment documents to a Red spy ring prior to 1938, and are exnected to rekindle the argument between Chambers and Alger Hiss, former State Department official accused by Chambers of engaging in pi-iJway s.pyinci activities. Seated (left to right) are: Lewis J. Russell, Louisville, Ky., and Robert Strioling, chief investigator. Stanrlinq (left to right) are: William A. Wheeler, Ventura. Calif.: Robert G'aston. Passaic, N. J.; Donald Appall. Baltimore, Md., and C. E. MoKillips. Laney I y speed it At today's regular Lions Club meeting it was announced that the football contest between a club team and a Kiwanis loam last Friday night netted over $500 which will be given lo Ihe Hope Youth 'PU Governor Ben Laney indicated in a letter received from him by a Hope woman this week-end thai he would take up with the Stale haps: | George Flynn. 44, Heath, Ark. ... . ., , ,, Harrv Hite, 75. Diggers. jl w!ls discharged recently from the Pfc. 'Elmo Gilienwater, stationed ann >'' b "y a saloon, at Camp Chaffee, Mickey Allen Molon, five-weck- old son of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Molon, Jr., Port Arthur, Tex. Two unidentified Mexican cotlon pickers. Angelina Delago, 20, Elsa. Tex. Louis W. Ranibo, 37, Fort Smith. Flynn was killed Saturday when he apparently was struck by an auto on a road about 16 miles southeast of Madison (St. Francis county). Arkansas State poilicc said the identity of the driver was not known. Hite died at a Memphis hospital Saturday. He was injured Nov. 27 when his automobile collided with a train at Biggers crossing. Gilienwater was killed in a collision of two autos at Paris Saturday. the infant was killed nolia Saturday when a ea by his father overturned in a ditch. The father and the mother suffered minor injuries. Arkansas State police said the two unidentified Mexican nationals apparently fell from a truck near |Joiner, Ark., Saturday. One of the linen siecl soon after the accident. iThe other died in a Blythevillc I hospital Sunday. Miss Delago was killed when she v.-as pinned beneath an overturned truck near Manila Saturday. JRambo died several hours after I his motorcycle was involved in an accident near Ola Saturday night. These traffic deaths raised the I total in Arkansas this year to 379. ! Two men perished in a tire at I Bay, Ark., Sunday night when flames swept through the community's small jail. The victims wore Walker Lee Newland. 2ii, and Sy DOUGLAS B. CORNELL Washington, Dee. 6 — (/P) — A New York grand jury got a batch (of evidence today from the spy ill<l ,._ ihunlers in congress who call it dr'iven !shocking proof of a prewar Com-I munist underground in the state department. On hand there were Alger Hiss and Whitlaker Chambers — accused and accuser in a story of Red inlrigue related by Chambers who says ho once spied for the Communists and then turned on them. Hiss, former state, depaiimcnl ol'licial went In Ihe New York courthouse under grand jury sub- per cent of the eligible voters cast valid ballots yesterday in the Communists boycotted election The vote swept the Socialist party into power in the Western Kirt of the city. Like the Chriztian Democrats and the Liberal Democrats, who ran second and third, the Socialists are anti-Communist. The final results: Social Democrats (Socialist) 858.100 (04.5 per cent) Christian Democrats iConserva- tivO) 258,408 (.19.4 per cent). Liberal Democrats (Conservative) 213,224(16.1 per cent). In all, 1,58(5.090 Germans were eligible to vote in the constitutionally prescribed election.in the three .sectors, under American, British and French control. The Russians refused to conduct or permit voting in their sector. In voting the Western Berlincrs defied a variety OL threats from the Communists, Although the Communists had I urged either a boycott of the polls spoiling ballots, election officials said the number actually rendered invalid was not unusual. The voters balloted for representatives in the city and borough assemblies. They, voted for the party of their choice. Each party 10- ceivcd seats in the assemblies in proportion to the share of. total votes. The assemblymen are named by party executive committees. Anti-Communists leaileis it"jrd e sugges- \ , lion ol Hope Star that special speed at limits be established along danger- Carl Ark. . , Rorcx, 29, both of Jonesboro. pocna and awaited his turn to testify as Chambers appeared before the jurors. An investigator for the House Un-American Activities committee was asked to lestify before the grand jury. He is William A. Wheeler, sent by the committee to turn over secret papers uncovered last week by Ihe committee. They were dis- ed every ballot as a vote, against the re was not Center. There was absolutely no, expense. Frank King, Lions presi- j out sections of U.S. Highway G7. Governor Laney wrote Mrs. W. F,, Briant; South F.lm street, Hope, dent said. It was also announced that the Lions blind seal sales had reached $270.75. Cy Forsythe, new Chamber of Commerce manager, was introduced lo Ihe club and made a short talk. c, A 13-year-old Negro, died in I'oyed her garage nc Bluff Saturday, girl, Bcrnifc Robes follows: "Dear Mrs. Briant: Thanks very villc much for your letter of Novem- was ber 30 enclosing a clipping from the Hope Star wilh reference to the Hope and Tcxarkana. Leo Ray. Kiwanis Club member. I condition of Highway 07 between asked the aid of Lions in sponsoring a banquet on Tuesday, December 14, at Hotel Barlow, for members of the 1948 football team. The club readily agreed to help sponsor the dinner. An effort is being made to get films of the Ar- kansas-SMU game for the occasion. Mr. Ray said. bins, was found dead in an auto stalled in a creek near Fayetteville laic Sunday. Cause of death nol determined. HEADS AD GROUP Rock., "1 appreciate your interest and the interesl ot all Ihe people of your community. I feel sure lhat j slower driving will be greatly beneficial to all motoroisls on this highway. "I will confer with the highway director and see if we can have _ this arranged. Wilh very best re| gards, 1 am, yours very truly, i KJ'IN LANEY Governor stall. KIIOV.'!,"!id. soniebo been fe'.Mid wh.' v. t broom ,n*el start reported inability t nlariy :;urpt ising impt Hiii'. 1 , reasons If the Seiu.lc really been abandoned many people a jjpointc:!. It more liber;: tamly. It v. on the I'ailhful p; St i v.ilive o'.iti would like to see on Ihe v. inning s It won't even no strong parly lean to :,ee our two-;;;* :.Iron-. 1 , and active. Unl.'-ss the COP gclhc-r :n:d try a: 1 , a vision v. ill certainly V>r Tall, the big oi>pi.::ii:'o!i. lie ha.-' , vhat his pai I;, 's si sitjnil'io.-, tu him. or to do about it. One thing is cerla s. Morse and y might have lid g.-ab a new 0 work. Their dr. so is partic- 1 view of the •,'hv the liberal .'d pt;ii together. h:nisi'Cleaning has a g'H'd lo San Francisco, Dec. (i —<UP>— jj Seamen and clockwurkers return to !'.*/,'. work today at L'.'! Pacific roast i;".'"j .....,,. ....,,, ports, ending a three-month strike I ^L""" 1 '',"'' .',. jlhat idled 30,1)00 men and Hi. 1 ) ships. , him with beer boitlos and that I Employer:; and CIO longshore- Appellant fled from them to get his | iru -» called lor work to resume JU pistol thai he mighl repel their al-| a!1 P 1 " I s •'* 1! a - '»• rhL ' slevonores lack." j will have to move :i Ihree-monlh D.'fense counsel argued several 'backlog of cargo off strikebound grounds for a reversal of the man- ships. s'aughter conviction, including con- i Marine fin-mi n yesterday board- temions that there was insufficient ed some of the ships to gel steam np on Ihe winches for cargo working. CIO marine cooks assigned stewards' department crews to ships. 'Ihe demand for longshore .. ,... , •- .,, .(was expected to be so A.ISU allirmed was the will ot lne;-rly every 'ivul'tble •urge 1 Sims, who died in Hot : be ' assigned n.':, 'gain Springs last year and left all ot his lu work j lnmol iiatelv. estate lo Mrs. Beatrice Bishop ol ,. , whose ships ??<;; *i i the Arkansas E. .lu- vice ! Demo-1 the Arkansas Press ad group. He was named here yesterday at a one-day meeting of the organi/.a- lion. Herndon succeeds Sam Goar- hr.rl of Fayetleville. Dec. :>, 19- Little Rock A sei'ic:-: mil pilgrim:; In highest ' of Chin mountains. Actor Again *j> Jailed for Drunkenes s it • steps per- Tai Shan. '.'e sacred Topeka, Kas,, Dec. — (/P) — Police Sgt, Simpson said Robert Walker, Hollywood film actor, was booked last night on a charge of being drunk and destroying city property. Police said Walker was picked up with several other persons for creating a disturbance at a hotel. While waiting to be booked, police .said. Walker suddently smashed bulletin board with of evidence lo support the verdict and that the lower court gave errone- on-' instructions. The crash of a plane into a motin- by Associate Juslico R. W. Robins, eeled all the arguments'. ;angs : it'eat thai i uin would | and sent \ M Cjreot Leader the glass Ill's "fist. Walker was turned over tendanls from ;; local clinic he is listed as a patient. The actor was released without Officers said his case proba- in to at- where palehed justice department request to the grand jury which has inquired into Communist and subversive activities for a year and a half. Department officials said last week the Hiss-Chumbcru ecv,ilrover>, sy might be reopened if the grand jury requested it. Hiss sued Chambers for $75,000 for saying Hiss belonged to a "Communist apparatus in prewar days. Hiss said Friday that preliminary questioning in the libel suit turned up documents .Russian occupation policies Western Berlincrs, blockaded tO'l miles behind the iron curtain \\uit to the oolts with the c\hoitntion of their leaders to vole loi iicudom and against communism." Civil Rights Washington, Dec. 6 —(UP—The Civil Rights dispute lies like a time bomb today within the stiucttuc o£ the Democratic party. The dispute is moving toward a showdown in the 81st Congiess. so important that he wanted grand jury to investigate. He not st;i Chambers produced them | That could rock the foundation to The vital decision jury to investigate He dd U f Delations. The vital .decision ltate y their ™A " Ho said fe'!fjn' tlhe ba , ttlc sha " bo - r °, llgi , lt ibers uroduced them while V, lls , w nlel , or . be compromised . in Hiss' lawyer was 'questioning him. Continued on page two Pfc. Jackson to Be Buried at Bingen The body of Pfc. James N. Jackson of near Nashville has been returned from the European Theater for reburial at O/.an Cemetery of Bingen Tuesday. Funeral services will be held at Nashville Methodisl Church at l::iO p.m. Tuesday by the Rev. Buddin of Hot bly would corno up tomorrow in Springs. police court. Young Jackson was killed in Last Oct. 22 Walker and Miss i !1CL ' UU '" lnu Rluir Valley of Eu- Tlu'lma Patricia Byrne. 24' were I ''"I"' °" April fi, 19-15. He enlisted arrested in Los Angeles when po- i Mu - v 10 - 1!)1;l ;m(1 went overseas in lice noted Walker's automobile trav- ! September 19-1-1. He was a gradu-| cling erratically. the interests of p«rty harmonv lief with President Truman. It wdl be among the most difficult decisions he must make in his firsl year as president in his own right. The situation is developing this way: Southern Democrats: As a group they arc looking for some way to reduce the scope of the civil rights program submitted lo Congress by Mr. Truman last Febrti- a ry. Republicans: Many of (hem want to enact all-out'civil ughls, legislation. Practically all of thoin see civil rights as an inssue on which the administrtion can be heckled needled and damaged politically. Minority groups: The more grcssive minority groups will maud thai Mr. Truman and Democratic congress 100 per cent on the platform. ag- de- th(make good Democratic teJ Hake, of Chicago. ack|nnd I'.! other relalives of Sims, means. ' relived Chicago street railway :?me with j)ioye. contested the will in Gar- waul | land probate, claiming he was ner- kepllvous and in ill health at the time In" made the will. 't to- Sims identified Mrs. Bishop as ' % do-! "niy JJ/KK! friend." The supreme ••kua- | i-oiirl held lhal lower court tesli- their : niony justified the will. U. BY GEORGE TUCKER (For Hal Boyle) •• A". — Have Walker - 'ing offici Bvron taken to J\J (>\y ;i ;;i'ud^t; (gainst cats',' You'ti bet- ! caL -" : - U>r yul ritl ut.' it. | CJ; A- .. ,. ,,, i,i,' i-^l incliuiilt's a ];u*k of (ij.st'j'jji)iiii)- ! 'ivot Nationalist .(.lima, scheduled a ten-| Uol) lhat wl! , f ( ,,. t , ve , ,,.,,. VUU |' n)11 , ;( .n ,| UlilVL " • saui "" ll>r , "uirsday. U| u ,,, cun , panv 0 ,- .^. l;ill |J( , ( ',, ; , kln ,, s . ;pear artniouih V iclory ; plliloso ,,,,,,,•:_ w ,ilers, compos,,'.-: ! grv •raneisco lor the |. , k , ack . r , of lllell who have loved '•' Hong Kong. open- broke away rs but \vas the police from ar caught station. was charged with being drunk •esl- and He and liu- '.•|i d. nil California Quake Just Matter of Conversation Today announced the would leave S: | Philippines an j The Matson :leave Los An 1 -;-. I Saturday for 11 i backlog of pa: waiian U'lanil.-- The Americ; liailroadu lilT' bargo on car Coast elm-US. |lhesi' creatures Luriiii" will j Ihe centuries, ii.-i' Kriihiv ori The- Chinese are 'it. They say pe cats are really r;. carnatiem. I woitldn'l re commeiul down ssayist j "\vlien l".no\^.'S f with disorderly and paiel a SlfiO fiiu Miss Hyrne. who was driving the car. paid a $lf>() fine. She cliargud wilh drunken driving. Walker has not worked in pic- \ lures recently. Hollywood sources i reported he gave up his California japartmeiil and has been traveling i * i L i f IT 11 r i ii, i •' • • was ate of Nashville High School and attended Henderson College. He was a Mason and member of the Methodist church. lie is survived by his parents, I Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jackson of Nashville and of Little Rock. a brother, Calvin Arkansas to Get Water Pollution Control Office much of the time lately. .us Angeles, Due. y — i/'I'i —- ,'Ur-ru California's latest earl .iki was just a mailer of coi rs'.Uion today, 'aim Springs seemed to be the! r.:l hit in the quake area Salnr-j Two broken legs were re-port- i Ihe re. : ji'ok 1 .'!! wnidejw panes. dishes, tilis. formed the bulk of Ihe eckage. A fi.llOO-gallnn wall r | ik split '.'pen, anel plaster! 'u-ki d and f.-ll from the wall.-! many 'oniUlings. ! A'O (ie;i'!i-: <ir U'i'ecke-d IjuikliuL 1 .;' P reside5 J^- Stsccurnb-s go lhal far. but I lhat you familiar* with the iollue'iice c' •d on tin: lives of j.n 11 H' 11. had a eat. Its na: Tile .'''reiu/h pi*el i 1 y n n • i • ha\'e exerci.- ! me nauil v: • j Mohannne was Mnex/a. "Ihe I-'i-eiu. wrote lhat he ne\vr re; stood Alcthan ime'el'.-: e'oii.p;.^ and greatness unlil he under.[his relationship lu tins animal, e-ii Ihe eat '.','( nt to slee,> 011 iMl.'es. Moha u lined al'.','a. v 's c; - Jo-j for scissors and cut away the •: tern | or the sleeve or whatever pai nia at 'the robe Ihe cal had chosen. -is |er than dislurb him. Edgar Allen 1'oe. Laic dean:. Pope l.i'd XII. !ifnr.\.Jc' Thomas li::rdv and S;miU"i i; t pi lit Hope Assured 3 Community Concerts Hope Conmuinily Concerts campaign wi.-nt in'er tin- lop .Saturday, it was announced totlay. anel 'a I j series of Ihree conccrl.s ivill be ' ( ' held here the lirsl sometime in t ! J'anuai y. The drn-i- v.as closed a i l> p.m. Saturday aflei' canvass. iJates and aitisls for certs will lie announced Community Concerts o cxpn-s-'.ed :i|>i)ri.'Ciaiion to Three Minor Auto Wrecks Reported Washinglon, Dec. (i (/Pi Field and basin offices to supervise water pollution control activities in Kansas and Missouri will be located at St. Louis, Kansas City and Little Kock, Ark. Location of the offices weie announced by the public health serv- |ico and the Federal Security Ad- I ministration. The program" pl o- vides financial and technical assistance to the states in devising their water pollution control program. Basin location offices and the areas they embrace include: St. Louis: Parts of Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri. Iowa, Minnesota. North and South Dakota. Kansas City: All of Nebiaska and parts of Missouri. Iowa South and North Dakota, Kansas, Colo- 1 rado. wee. A series of automobile accidents wen; reported over the weekend by City Police. Karly today at 3rd and Washington cars driven by Albert Sander. 1 ; of Nashville and N. M. Kennedy of Patmos collided resiilling in slight damage. Lale .Saturday cars driven by Herman Cox ot 'iVxarkana and Charlie 1-Jreiwn of He>pe wnieke-'Cl on North Hazel resulting in little eiamage. Also Saturday L. S. Lemon , of KL Worth, was driving a car j l ' a , do /,, W ^' n; , ln -' , and . -";' ! that collided with another driven i. lllttr1 ? Hoc*: All ot Arkansas and ico, Texas, Louisiana. Miscml'wb Kansas, Colorado. , New Mexico, Texas. Louisiana. collided with another driven j.. by ,1. I), Brown on F.usl Division St. 1'racticaly no damage resulted. Nobody was hurt. •M hit* '.led t of lh Composite Sqri. Meets Here Tuesday Night Youth Held in Fatal Shooting at Hardy Hardy. Dec u ••-iA' ioiii yuulh was in-in 1 . 1 , open charge he-re loi' he i^-year- oii an e'linne'C- of Delion v.ilh the 1 fatal siioe>ting nr CJ roves, about 35. Sheriff Owen iVix saiei Kvere-U ing them -! 1 col;lei Dpi. Cent. Irruatiuiiai rail: Jl.'iS lie \\ eil'el i sin', ply three auel three dol> pi, Tennessee and Kentucky. Negro Loses Foot in Train Accident j City police said today that d ! Negro, Willie B. Young, suiA,'H_<! the loss of a fool when appauntl-' • run over by a train in the I uiUbj- | iana and Arkansas Kailway yurd .; here early Sunday mnniui.:.;. : Police Wi.:i'e c.'-illeii lo tf;e M-eu 4 ! by roundhouse workers and look tho ' Nem'o to a local hospital for tieul menl. Ills foot was severed jusji above the ankle. The accident oe eiinvd jliortly before .1 u.-u Suti» ilav morning.

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