Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 26, 1938 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, September 26, 1938
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I 1 '! Winners of Cash Awards at County Fair Are Announced 4 Checks Are Awaiting Distribution at Chamber of Commerce Office—Recent Fair Was Most Successful in Years, Officials Report The list of prize winners (it the Hcmpslead County Fair, which closed Sat, in-day night were announced Monday by R. P. Bowcn, secretary of the Hope .Chamber pf Commerce. Mr. Bowcn said that nil checks had been written and "were nwaiting distribution. ~.-j — Cash prize winners may report at me chamber of commerce office in the cily hall and receive their checks. Approximately $1,000 in cash awards were offered in the livestock show, household arts and for agricultural and ixniltry exhibits. Fair officials .said the county fair was the most successful in recent years. The list of Winners arc as follows: Fnrm and Home Community Exhibits First Prize, Allen community, $40. Second prize, Ml. Ncbo community, 525. Third prize, Ozan-St. Paul community $15. Fourth prize, Mclrose community ?10. Fifth prize, Bright Star community, Colored Turin and Home Community Exhibits First prize, Haynes Chapel community $20. Second prize, Ml. Hebron community $12.50. Third prize, Shcppard community $7.50. Food Preservation K-Jar Exhibit—Lot 1, Cliissl—First. Mrs. W. D. Jones, Ozan, 55. Second, Mrs. C. H. Locke, O/.an, $3. Third. Mrs. Lcc Garland, Hope, Rt. \. $2. Carrots—Lot 2, Class 1—First, Mrs. O. B. Hodnctt, Hope, Rt. 2, §1. Second, Mrs. D. M. Samuel, Hope, Rt. 3, 75c. Third, Mrs. W. D. Jones, O/.an, 50c. (irecn Beans—Lot 2, Class 2—First Mrs. D. M. Samuels, Hope, Rt. 3, $1 Second, Mrs. W. D. Jones. Ozan, 75c Third, Mrs. Lcm Portcrficld, Hope, Rt. 1, 50c. Tomatoes—Lot 2, Class 3—First, Mrs. Erie Turner, Palmes, Hi. 1, ?1. Second, Mrs. R. L. Lcwallen, Hope, Rt. 2. 75c. Third, Mrs. D. M. Samuels, Hope, Rt. 2, 50c. Cornfield Teas—Lot 2, Class 1.—First Mrs. it. L. Lcwallen, Hope, Rt. 2, $1. Second, Mrs. Lem Portcrfeld, Hope, Rt, 2, 75c. Third, Mrs. J. W. Cash, Hope, 50c. Fniit Juices—Lot 3, Class 1—First, Mrs. D. M. Samuels, Hope, Rt. 3, $1. Second, Mrs. W. D. Jones, Ozan, 7. r >c. Third, Mrs. R. L. Lcwallen, Hope, Rt. 2, 50c. Pencjhfs—Lot 3, Class 2—First. Mrs. Lcc Garland, Hope, Rt. 4, $1. Second, Mi's. W. D. Jones, Ozan, 75c. Third, Mrs. R. L. Lcwallen, Hope, Rt. 2, 50c. IPcars—Lot 3, Class 3—First, Mrs. W. D. Jones, Ozan, 51. Second, Mrs. Lee Garland, Hope, Rt. 3, 75c. Third, Mrs. O. B. Hodnctt, Hope, Rt. 2, 50c. Preserves—Lot 4, Class 1—'First, Mrs. W. D. Jones, Ozan, ?1. Second, Mrs. S. M. Stuart, Ozan, 75c. Third, Mrs. D. M. Samuels, Hope, Rt. 3, 50c. Jellies—Lot 4, Class 2—First. Mrs. Hugh Clark, Hope, Rt. 4, $2. Second, Mrs. W. D. Jones, Ozan, $1.50. Third, Mrs. D. M. Samuels, Hope, Rt. 3, $1. Moats—Lot 5, Class 1—First, Mrs. P. J. Holt, Hope, Rt. 1, $2. Second, Mrs. D. M. Samuels, Hope, Rt. 5, 51.50. Third, Mrs. Lee Garland, Hope, Rt. 3, 51. •1-H Club Fruit-Lot G, Class 1- First, Miss Pauline Samuels, Hope, Rt. S, $5. Second, Miss Marjoric Mosicr, Hope, Rt. 4, $3. Third, no entry. •l-lt Cluh Vegetables—Lot 6, Class 2— First, Miss Pauline Samuels, Hope, Rt. 3, $5. Second, Miss Norma Jean Sas- Ker, Hope, Rt. 1, $3. Third, Miss Mary F. Payton, Hope, Rt. 4, ?2. Bread—Lot 1, Class 1—First, Mrs. H. B. San ford, Hope, Rt. 2, $1. Second, Mrs. J. E. McWilliams, Hope, Rt. 2, 75c. Third, Mrs. R. L. Lcwallen, Rt. 2, Me. Lot 1, Class 2—First Mrs. R. L. Lcwallen, Hope, Rt. 2, 51. Class 3 and 4, No entries. Rolls—Lot 2, Clas 1—First, Mrs. D. M. Samuels, Hopt, Rt. 3, 51. Lot 2, Clfiss 2, No entry. Cwkes—Lot 3, Class 1—First, Mrs. J. E. McWilliams, Mope, Rt. 2, $f. Sec- v ond, Elnora McWilliams, Hope, Rl. 2, 75c. Third, Mrs. R. L. Lcwallen, Hope, Rt. 2, 50c. Lot 3, Class 2, No entries. Lot 3, Class 3—First, Mrs. D. M. Samuel, Hope, Rt. 3, 51. Lot 3, Class 4— First, Mrs. Lee Garland, Hope, Ut. 4, $1. Cookies-Lot 4, Class 1—First, Mary Glen Bcckluim. Hope, Ut. 1, 51. Second, Lottie Boyce, Washington, Rt. 2, 7, r >c. Lot 4, Class 2—First, Paulino Samuel, Hope, Rt. 3, 51. Lot 4, Class 3—First, Pauline Samuel, Hope, Rt. 3, 51. Second, Mary Glen Bcekham, Hope, Rt. 1. 73e. Third, Norma Glen Susscr, Hope, Rt. 1. 50c. Mrs. Charles Bader, Hope, 50c. Window Curtails—Lot 1, Class 4— First, Mrs. Lee Garland, Hope, Rt. 4, 51. Cumllcwlck Bedspread—Lot 1, Class First, Mrs. P. J. Holt, Hope, Rt. 1, . Second, Mrs. Hull Is Samuels, Hope, Rt. 3, $1.50. Third, Miss Fayc Samuels, Hope, Rl. 3, 51. Crocheted Bedspread—Lot 1, Class G—First, Mrs. Joe R. Floyd, HOIK;, $1.50. Second 51.25. Third, Mrs. A. II. Wade, Blcvins, 51. Hocked Rug—Lot 1, Class 7—First, Mrs. Joe R. Floyd, Hope, 52. Second, Mrs. Jcwtll Moore, Hope, $1.50. Third, Mrs. Hugh Clark, Hope, Rt. 2, 51. Crocheted Rug—Lot 1, Class 8—No Entry. Braided Rug—Lot 1, Class 9—No entries. KiiK, Oilier Types—Lot 1, Class 10— First. Mrs. C. P. Zimmerly, Ho|>c, Rl. 2, $1.50. Second, Mrs. W. M. Long, McCaskill, $1. Upholstered Furniture—Lot 1, Class 11—No entry. Home Built Furniture—Lot 1, Class 13—First, Mrs. Joe Lasctcr, Hope, $2. Second. Mrs. J. W. Cash, Hope, $1.50. Third, Mrs. C. P. Jones, Patmos, $1. Modern Pieced Quilt—Lot 1, Class 13 —First, Mrs. C. D. Middlcbrooks, Palmos. $1.25. Second, Mrs. W. W. Wright Hope, Rt. 1, 51. Third, Mrs. L. C. Som- mcrville. Hope. Rt. 2, 75c. Appliquctl Quilt—Lot 1, Class 14—i First, Mrs. Willie Spates, McNab, S1.25. Second. Miss Bertha Zimmerly, Hope, 51. Third, Mrs. C. D. Middlcbrooks, Patmos, 75c. Hope Star WEATHER. Arkansas—Partly cloudy Monday night and Tuesday; cooler in northwest and central portions Tuesday. VOLUME 39—NUMBER 300 HOPE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1938 PRICE 5c COPY ALLIES REUNITED BY THREATS OF HITLER le H j- b, lr Roosevelt Sends Appeal for Peace Direct to Hitler Home Industries I'ine Needle Baskets—Lot 1, Class 1— First, Mrs. C. S. Bitticks, McCaskill, $l.. r >0. Second. Mrs. J. L. Garner, Blev- ing. 51. Third. Mrs. Lcm Porlcrficld, Hope. Rt. I, 75c. He finished Furniture—Lot 1, Class 2—No entry. Carved Wooden Articles—Lot 1, Class 3—First, Mrs. Joe Laseter, Hope, .$1.50. Second, Mrs. John Laha, Patmos, $1. Third, Mrs. C. S. Bitticks, McCaskill, 75c. Flower Show Wild Flowers—Lot 2, Class 1—First, Mrs. C. D. Middlcbrooks, Patmos, $1. Lot 2, Class 2—First, Mrs. C. D. Middlebrooks, Patmos, 51. Zinnia—Lot 3, Class 1—First, Mrs. D. M. Samuels, Hope, Rt. 3, 51. Second, Mrs. J. L. Gamer, Blcvins, 75c. Third, Mrs. C. D. Middlcbrooks, Patmos, 50c. Dahlia—Lot 4, Class 1—First, Mrs. Wilbur Jones, Ozan, $1. Mctrifcolu^Lwl -5, Class 1—First,-Mrs. Lee Garland, Hope, Rt. 4, 51. Lot 5, Class 2—Mrs. Lee Garland, Hope, Rt. 4, 51. Mixed Bouquet—Lot G, Class 1—First Mrs. Marvin Jones, Hope, 51. Miscellaneous—Lot 7, Class 1—First Mrs. Lee Garland, Hope, Rt. 4, $1. Second, Mrs. Marvin Jones, Hope, 75c. Third, Mrs. Wilbur Jones, Ozan, 50c. Addresses Czech President Also in His Personal Appeal A MERICANS RETUR N U. S. Citizens in Paris Warned to Return Home While Yet Able WASHINGTON. - (/I 3 ) - President Roosevelt, .speaking in the name of 130 million Americans, appealed Monday to Adolf Hitler, the German fuehrer and President Bones of Czechoslovakia, to keep the peace. His message, dispatched dramatically in the early morning hours directly to Hitler and Benes, and througl Secretary of State Hull to Premiers Chamberlain of Great Britain and Daladicr of France, earnestly asked them "not to breaek off negotiations looking to a peaceful, fair and constructive settlement of the questions CloUjJiig Cotton House Dress—Lot I, Class 1 — First Mrs. Ben Sauart, Ozan, $2. Second, Mrs. C. P. Zimmcrly, Hope, $1.50. Lot 1, Closs 2—First, Mrs. W. D. Jones, Ozan, $2. Second, Mrs. Shirley Stuart, Ozan, $1.50. Lot 1, Class 3—Firsl, Mrs. Ben Stuart, Ozan, $1. Lot 1, Class 4— First, Miss Voncillc Black, Patmos, $1. Lot, 1, Class 5—No entry. Lot 1, Class 6—Firsl, Mrs. W. J. Yatcs, Blrvins, $1 Second, Mrs. Jewel Lewis, Nashville 75c. Third, Mary Middlebrook.s, Palmos, 50e. Children's Clothing—Lol 2, Class 1- No cnry. Lol 2, Cluss 2—First, Mrs. H B. Sanford, Hope, Rl. 2, $2. Lol 1, Class 3—No entry. Lol 2, Class 4— First, Mrs. Loyd Shackelforcl. Blcvins, 52. Second, Mrs. H. B. Sanford Jr., Hope, Rt. 2, $1.50. Third. Mi*. P. J. Holt, Hope, Rt. 1, 51. Cotton School Dress—Lot 3, Class 1— First, Francis Huett, Patmos, $2. Second, Ruby Bennett, Patmos, $1.50. Ihird, Melva Perryman, Patmos, $1. Household Arts Pillow Cases—Lot 1, Cla.ss 1—Firsl, Mrs. Hugh Clark, Hope, Rt.. 2, $1.50, Second, Mrs. A. Middlcbrooks, Hope, 51. Third, Mrs. Fayc Samuels, Hope. Rt. 3, 7.Jc. I.uncheun C'lulli—Lot 1, Closs 2—First Mrs. Hugh Clark, Hope, Rt. 2, $2. Second, Mrs. Mary Middlebruoks, Pat- jnos, $1. Scarfs—Lot 1, Class 3—First, Mrs. Hugh Clark, Hope, Rt. 2, 51. Second, Mary Dell Southward, Hope, 75c. Third Farm Crops Corn, prolific—Lot 1, Class 1—First, Hugh Clark, Hope, Rt. 2, $1.50. Second, B. G. Wright, Hope, Rt. 2, 51. Third, no entry. White Corn—Lot 1, Class 2-First, Ben Irvin, Blcvins, $1.50. Second, H. H. Huskey, Prcscolt, Rt. 5, 51. Third, Floyd Matthews, Ozan, 50c. Yellow Corn—Lot 1, Class 3—First, Benton Huddleston, Hope, $1.50. Second, S. L. Sefielle, Hope, $1. Ihird, Harry Sanford, Hope, Rt. 2, 50c. Oats—Lot 1, Class -1—First, Arthur Moss, Fulton, $1.50. Second, Lee Garland, Hope, Rt. 4, 51. Third, F. P. Owens, Nashville, Rl. 3, 50c. Sorghum—Lot 1, Class 5—First, S. R. Brown, Columbus, ?1.50. Second, Hollis Samuel, Hope, Rt. 3, 51. Third, Lcc Garland, Hope, Rt. 3, 50c, Peanuts—Lot 1, Class 6—First, W. W. Wright, Hope, Rl. 1, $1.50. Second, Floyd Matthews, O/.an, $1. Third, P. F. Campbell, Hope, Rt. 2, 50c. Stalk Cotton—Lot 1, Class 7—First, W. A. Powell, Fulton, $1.50. Second, A. W. Whcaton, Rt. 2. $1. Third, W. E. Bumpers, Hope, Rt. 4, 50c. CowT'Oii Kay—Lot 1, Class 8—First, W. W. Wright, Hope, Rt. 1, $1.50. Second. J. L. Baker, Hope, $1. Soybean Hay—Lot 1, Class II-First, Harold Sanford, Hope, Rt. 2. $1.50. Lespude/.a Hay—Lot 1, Class 10. Alfalfa Il«y—Lot 1, Class 11—First Otis Johnson, Columbus, $1.50. Second, Lee Garland, Hope, Rt. 4, $1. Peanut Jfciy—Lot 1, Class 12—First, J. L. Bcekham, Hope, $1.50. Bermuda Grass Hay—Lot 1, Class 12 —Tomnxv McCorkle, $1.50. Johnson Grass Hay—Lot I, Class 14- First, Tommy McCorkle, $1.50. Sorghum—Lot 1, Class 15—First, Cecil Rogers, Hope. Rt. 2, $1.50. Second, Floyd Matthews, Ozan. $1. Third, Arthur Wilson, Preseott, Rt. 5, 50c. Tallest Stalk Corn—Lot 1, Class 16- Firsl, Harold Sanfnrd, Hope, Rt. 2 $1.50. Second, C. H. Schooley, Hope, lloutc -I, 51. Decrying a resort, to war, he said that, "No nation can escape some measure of the consequences ol such a world catastrophe." Later in the day Secretary Hull ex- tehoed life scope of President,.^loosei veil's appeal for world peace to include Poland and Hungary. Meanwhile, the Department of State reported the German frontier along Czechoslovakia was closed and American citizens attempting to leave Czechoslovakia via Germany had to turn back and return. (Other dispatches Monday reported that the United States embassy in Paris was advising all American citizens able to do so to leave France and ro- turn home at once.) Twenty Years After-It's This Again! Begin Contracting N.Y. Fair Exhibit Civilians Told by the French to Get Outof Paris British Parliament Sumr moned by Chamberlain * for Wednesday ON BRINK OF WAR; •d is Q is 'ie •t's n t- ls l- Czechs Must.All, 17 to 60, as Hitler Addresses Reich Petit Jurors for October Session Fruits and Vegetables Apples (Uvllvioiis)—Lot 2, Class 1— No entry. Apples, red varieties—Lot 2, Class 2— No entry. Pears—Lot. 2. Class 3—Firsl, Lee Garland, $1.50. Set-olid, Kale Goodlell, Ozan, 51. Third, Alston Foster. 50c. Tomato Display—Lot 2, Class 8— First, Mrs. Shirley Stuart, Ozan, $1.50. Second, Mrs. 0. B. Hodnctt, Hope, $1. Third, nu entry. Fall Irish Potatoes—Lot 2, Class 9— First, W. T. Bowden, Hope, $1.50. Second, Arthur MO.S.S, Pre.scutl, Rl. 5, $1. Third, Carl St-agg.s, Hope, 50c. Sweet Potatoes—Lot 2, Class 10— First, E. G. Wright, Hope, $1.50. Second. W. T. Bowden, Hope, $1. Third, J. L. Becker, Hope. 50c. Largest Sweet Potato—Los 2. Class 11-First, J. W. Cash, Hope. Largest Pumpkin—Lot 2, Class 12 First, Arthur Wilson, Prscotl, Rt. 5, j 51.50. Second, Mrs. Arthur Wilson, Funds on Hand Sufficient to Start State Exhibit Work With funds in hand sufficient to put the proposed Arkansas Building at the New York World's Fair in shape for occupancy, install all furnishings and complete the decorations, Governor Carl E. Bailey has advised the Arkansas Centennial Commission to immediately enter into contracts for these improvements. The Commission has also been instructed lo continue, and intensify, it.s campaign for contributions until the full $125,000 has been raised. The first definite contract is for the space lo be occupied by the Arkansas sales agency. First payment upon this space wa.s made some weeks ago, and Governor Bailey has uuthori/.ed the payment of the remainder, confident that, the people of Arkansas will rally to the cause and contribute what is necessary for its upkeep. The immediate contracts to be let tire for the archilcsts, arlists and furnishings. A contract for the motion picture travelogue that will be shown daily, will be discussed at a meeting of the Centennial Commission executive Commission this week, in anticipation of an agreement with producers by which seasonal "shots" can be made before the winter breezes blow. This will leave many vacant seciucncui, in the scenario, but as the Fair docs not open until April :JO, l',)39, these can be filled in when the trees arc in full foliage next Circuit Court to Convene in Hope Monday, October 3 The list of petit jurors for the October term of Hempstead circuit court to convene in Hope Monday, October 3, were announced Monday. The jury commissioners arc A. G. Martin, H. B. Elcy and Charles Dana Gibson. The list of petit jurors; Gilbert C. Clark, Hope route three; Roy Crane, Hope; Will Griffin, Hope; W. E. Monroe, Spring Hill; B. F. Good- letl, O/.an; Earl Holt, Nashville route one; Miles Laha, Patmos; Billie Huck- abce, Patmos. S. E. Cox, Spring Hill; Jerry Turner, Spring Hill; Milton Stone, Nashville route one; Albert Rowland, McCaskill; Homer Rhodes, McCaskill; J. M. Arnold, Hope route three; W. E. Loe, Blevins; H. B. Bond, Blcvins, Lat Moses. Washington. Homer Bumpers, Washington; J. S. Crane, Ozan; E. A. Thompson, Fulton; J. Frank Ward, Hope; John L. Brill, Hope; Harold Porlcrficld, Hope; Andrew Ilulson, Hope. The Alternates Ji'.sse Brown, Hope; A. V. Cato, Spring Hill; K. B. Spears, Blevins; J. O. Luck, Hope; J. J. McJunkins, Saratoga; Cray ton McDowell, Hope; G. H. Beckworth, Shover Springs; Rufus Martin, Patmos; Tom Goodwin, Washington route one; H. H. Holland, Saratoga. Softball Final to Be Played Monday Bruner and Williams Teams to Meet at 7:30 o'Clock (Continued on Page Three) (Continued on Puge Six) A man who thought that Ihe Icim "Pcr.sian cord" meant some- tiling like the Rome-Berlin axis., and who was nu better off when j-omcbody explained to him that il was like rep, explained hi.s ignorance of the terms when he disclosed that he had been a benedict for only a few days. What do the terms "Persian cord" and "rep" refer lo? What had Ihe man been for only a few days? r o« Classified I'uge Identified Dead in Storm Now 450 WPA Maps Out Program of Rehabilitation for Northeast States The Bruncr-Ivory and Williams Lumber company Softball teams will battle for the championship of Ihe Hope Softball league at 7:30 o'clock Monday night at Fair park. Two games will be played if necessary, Softball Commissioner E. S, Greening announced. The Bruner team took the first game of the final set last week and needs but one victory for the title and also the Sacnger theater's gold trophy. Roy Taylor is expected to hurl for the Bruner team and "Bootsie" Fikc for the Williams team. Foy H. Hammons wUl be behind the plate and Bill Brasher will officiate on the bases. The admission charge will be 10 and 20 cents. May Run Special to Smackover Grid Game A test to determine whether Hope ootball fans want to charter a special rain to Smackover to witness the Jobcat-Buckaroo game Friday night s being made. Round-trip fare on the Missouri Pa- ific will be 51.71. The train will re- urn to Hope immediately following he game. Persons wishing lo ride the special rain are asked to immediately tele- ihone Roy Anderson's office or the •lope Star. The number of calls will letermine whether the train will be bartered. Call now if you want lo make the rip on Bobcat Special. BOSTON, Mass.-1/Pj—As Harry Hopkins, WPA administrator, mapped out n rehabilitation program with the gov- ernoiv, of ihu hurricane-stricken New Kngland stales, relief workers Monday lirought the total uf the identified dead lo above 450 through the discovery of more bodies in the storm area. Revival Opens at Methodist Church The Rev. E. H. Martin to Preach Sermon Monday Night The revival meeting at First Methodist church began Sunday with good attendance at both services. In view of the fact that Rev. James W. Workman, the preacher for the meeting, will be unable to arrive tin- til Tuesday, the Rev. E. It. Martin will preach Monday night at 7:30. Rev. Martin is also leading the singing for the revival. His subject will be, "Soul-Winning." Rev. Workman will reach here in time to preach Tuesday night. A cordial invitation is extended the general public to attend these ser- vi|:cs. Cotton NEW ORLEANS.—W J |—October i-ol- lon opened Monday at 7.86 and closed at 7.85 to 7.8G. Spot eotlon closed steady five points lower, middling 7.88. Canada Counts Reindeer WASHlNGTON.-(tf-)—Canada's rein deer herd exceeded 4,500 animals a Ihe annual round-up just completed The herding is done by Laplander* brought for Norway to train Eskimc apprentices who were selected by tin Canadian government lo develop Ih reindeer industry. A Thought The motto of chivalry is also the motto of wisdom; to serve all, but love only one.—Balzuc, Advance Test Suit on Bond Statute C. P. Newton Would Bar Bond Amendment From November Ballot LITTLE ROCK-W-The. Arkansas Supreme Court Monday ordered stricken from the records a brief filed in court by Beloit Taylor and June P. Woolen, secretary and former chairman, respectively, of the State Democratic Committee, asking the tribunal to cancel its ruling that Governor Bailey was not the Democratic nominee when he ran for the senate in the October, 1937, special election. The order was made as the court denied a rehearing on its decision. As a matter of public interest, the court advanced on the docket for submission October 10 a suit filed in the high tribunal last Saturday by former Corporation Commissioner C. P. Newton, seeking to bar from the November general election ballot the proposed constitutional amendment for refunding the state's 143-million-dollar highway bond debt. The advancement would prospectively make possible a ruling five days before the November ballot would be certified. LONDON, Eng.-(/P)—The British government announced Monday night that Great Britain and Soviet Russia would join France in a I triple front to aid Czechoslovakia • ' In the event of a German Invasion. = Earlier an official statement is- " sued by the Foreign Office had said that if, hi spite of all the efforts made by Prime Minister Chamberlain, Germany were to at• tack Czechoslovakia, France would ; go to the aid of the little republic and that Britain would stand by ' { France. • ; *'*' Hitler's Speech f f j,<j .BERLIN, Germany.-rC/P)—Adolf , i Hitler declared Monday'night that >! "1 have decided that he shall place", ' * the Sudeteiv.region of Czechoslo-Y/.i-j vakia "under German sovereignty," and added that if President Benes "does not want peace we .. will have to take matters into our • own hands." i Hitler told an anxiously waiting ' world Monday night that Ills de- „ mands on Czechoslovakia were . "the last territorial claim I will make," adding ominously that it was "a claim which I will not give "P." -,",The chancellor told a cheering throng gathered in the Berlin sporrpalast that Germany has "an , ' armed force the like of which the ; world has never seen"; and, "now~; \ that the hour of a great deckle, has arrived, the German nation, and not the fuehrer, is speaking." • • He was still speaking an hour ' after the address started. Employment Shows Increase in State Milton Powell Is Held for Robbery Boxer Waives Examination on Charge of Robbing M. Beckey Milton Powell of Patmos, who has appeared in Hope several times as a boxer, waived preliminary examination before Judge W. K. Lcmlcy in municipal court Monday on a robbery charge and was ordered held for action of the Hempstead circuit court. Bond for Powell was fixed at $500 He is charged with robbing M. Beckej of ?25 in gold, silver and paper money The robbery occurred several nights ago. Other cases: | Martin^Guthrie, assault and battery, '. 212 Placements Al'6 Made " '"' ' by Hope Office, G. T. Cross Reports Persons placed in private employment during August by the 14 offices of the Arkansas State Employment Service exceeded by 15 per cent the number for whom jobs were found in July, according to D. Palmer Patter.son, director, in reports made public Monday. "The surprising phase of 'operating reports, 1 Mr. Patterson said, 'is that replacements held up so well during August, which is normally considered a slow month in business.' Even more surprising was the wide distribution among employer groups. More than a hundred different types of establishments were served during the month. Another encouraging noe was the per- cenlage of regular placements compared with the record for previous months. Compared with only 406 permanent placements or 39 per cent of a total of 2069 in July. 650 of the 1387 placements reported in August or 27 per cent, were permanent. "Of the total private placements, plea rf guilty and fined $5. Mike Reed, drunkenness, dismissed. Mike Retxi, spec-ding, forfeited 517.05 J. J. Lang, driving an automobile without intransit license, forfeited 540 cash bond. George Hunt, Jr., driving without a driver's license, plea of guilty, fined 51. H. A. Whatley, carryiixg a pistol, dismissed on motion of Deputy Prosecutor W. S. Atkins. A charge of trespassing against Whatley was tried and later dismissed. Willie Criner was found guilty of carrying a pistol and was fined 550. He gave notice of appeal to circuit court, bond being fixed at 5150. Marjoric Lee Henry pleaded guilty to assault and battery and was fined $5. Claudcll Nelson was convicted of assault and battery and was fined $5. A a charge of assault and battery against Luther Williams was dismissed. L. J. Purtlc, reckless driving, forfeited $25 cash bond. Bernice Strong, assault and battery, (Continued on Page Three) England Calls Troops By the Associated Press War Secretary Leslie Hore-Belisha Monday called out the officers and men of the anti-aircraft and coast defense units of Great Britain's territorial army. All of the regular Royal Air Force men on leave, and the Royal Air Forco observation corps, also were called. Authorities stressed the fact that both measures were purely precautionary, and did not constitute mobilization. They came after Prime Minister Chamberlain had summoned the parliament for Wednesday, In Berlin, Reichsfuehrer Hitler, before addressing the "entire Reich," received from a special British envoy Chamberlain's "personal communication" sent him in an effort to fora- stall a European war. Sir Horace Wilson, the emissary, who had flown from London, handed the communication to Hitler in a brief meeting at the chan- cellory. The communication, which had th» approval of Premier Daladier of France, was believed in German official circles to be a second Anglo- French plan for preventing war over Czechoslovakia. Other Developments Other developments were: PARIS—the ministry of public works called upon all persons who were ready to do so to evacuate Paris by rail. The American embassy advised all American citizens to return to ths United States, if able to do so. BUCHAREST, Rumania—The Czechoslovak government has decreed immediate auxiliary war service for men and women between 17 and 60, said a dispatch from the official Czechoslovak news agency. ASCH, Czechoslovakia—Nazi Sude- ten Leader Konrad Henlein crossed back into Czechoslovakia spent an hour inspecting the Sudeten Free Corps fighters' front line, and then returned to party headquarters at Bayreuth. Germany. Rejection Rumored LONDON, Eng. —(fl'j— British and French statesmen faced with iinding a solution of the Czechoslovak crisis before Adolf Hitler's deadline of October 1, adjourned their conversations after midnight Monday morning und (Continued on Page Three) (Continued cm Page Three)

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