Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 23, 1938 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 23, 1938
Page 4
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fAGE FOTJR L Friday,: •The Mote You TeU the Qittcker You Sell" RATES Ofie time—2c word, minimum 30c Three times-3Vic word, min. 50c ^lx time*—6c word, minimum 90c One month (26 times)—ISc word, minimum 12.70 Rates are for continuous insertions only. In making word count, disregard classification name sucn as "For Rent," "For Sale," etc.—this is free. But each initial or namo, or complete telephone number, counts as a full word. For example: FOR RENT—Thrte-room modern furnished apartment, with garage, close in. Bargain. J. V. Blank, phone 9999. Total, 15 words, at 2c word, 30c for one time; at 3Vic word, 53c for three times, etc. NOTE: All orders placed by telephone are due and payable upon presentation of bill. PHONE 768 Services Offered See Hempstead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth, for New and Re-built. Phone Paul Cobb, 658-J. l-26tc • • • i Winter will soon be here, re-roof now. No down payment, easy monthly terms. Hempstead County Lumber Co. 20-6tc • 1— Special. Eye-brow and !nsh dye 40c. Guaranteed oil permanents $1.50 and up. White Way Beautv Shop, Phone 119. 21-3tp. You can save money at AUTO WRECKING CO. Old Boyett Warehouse Bldg. Used ports, tires, tubes, batteries 9-26tp FOR RENT FOR RENT—Newly furnished bed room, close in. Gentleman preferred. 208 So. Laurel. Mrs. Carl Brown. 19-3tp FOR RENT—New seven room residence with garage. 709 South Main Street, Mrs. C. D. Lauterbach. phone 417. 21-3tc FOR RENT—Large front bedroom, southeast exposure, private entrance, adjoining bath. 920 S. Elm St. Phone 4G4W. 20-3tp Notice NOTICE—See Frisby. Ideal Furniture Store to buy, Sell or Trade Furniture, Homes or Farms. Some bar- STAMP NEWS pOSTMASTER" General James A, Farley has announced that $31,312 was received for the flrsU day sale of the $1 Woodrow Wil* son stamp. There were 24,618 first-day covers canceled at the Washington post office. * * * Due to come ofl the press very shortly, the 1939 edition of Scott's Standard Postage Stamp catalog will list 2089 new major and minor varieties issued since the publication 'of the 1938 catalog. These were released by approximately 150 governments, led by Venezuela with 95 different varieties. The Spanish Rebel government, Russia, Italian East Africa, and Bolivia ranked next. The United States accounted for only 19 varieties. More than 30 governments exceeded the U. S. output in the period. * * • Publicizing the 53d annual convention of the American Philatelic Society at New Orleans, Oct. 1014, a three-color poster sheet has been issued by the Crescent City Stamp club and the Philatelic Society of New Orleans. For further information address William H. Wynne, P. O. Box 1620, New Orleans, La. « » * In connection with the anniversary on Oct. 7 of the Battle of Kings Mountain during the Revolutionary war, the Kings Mountain chapter of the D. A. R. will spon- :or a cachet for collectors. Address Mrs. Harry E. Neil, York, S. C., for detailed information. » a « 44 •" Interesting new issues: Mont- ierrat—eight values of the "new reign" pictorials; Lebanon and Syria—commemorative in sheets if four marking 10th anniversary 3f the first air mail flight between Marseilles,- France, and Beirut. Carries explanatory marginal in- ;criptions in French and Arabia- OUR BOARDING HOUSE ... .. /* .»;• with .... MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS Today's Answer to CRANIUM CRACKER Question on Page One The man was a specialist in eoini- and medals, and lived in Teheran. He believed he had found a contradiction in terms or ideas in the works of the Rev. C. L. Didgson. Enjoy your home more, re-paint and re-paper. Special terms. Hempstead County Lumber Company. 20-6tc gains, act quick. 20-26tp. NOTICE—Local money to loan on improved farm lands and city property; low interest rates; quick action. Harry J. Lemley, Hope Arkansas. IM-Oct. 20c Salesman Wanted RAWLETGH ROUTE now open in Hope. Real opportunity for man or woman who wants permanent, profitable work. No capital or experience needed. Write Rawleigh's, Dept. AKI- 118-1P. Memphis, Tenn, Sept. 21-22-23-27-28-29 For Safe FOR SALE—Fordson tractor, cheap. Excellent buy for replacement parts Apply Hope Star. 20-3tp Complete line of building materials for all repairs. See us for low prices and easy terms. Hempstead County Lumber Company. 20-6tc FOR SALE—10 gallon Coca Cola FOR SALE—One used Frigidaire— op condition. An extremely good buy. Auto- 20-3tc 14.50 per month pays for it. motive Supply Co. TWO BARGAINS IN FINE PIANOS We will sell to someone in this vicinity a 1938 model studio piano anc a console type piano, both standarc makes, at real bargain prices on easy weekly or monthly payments if sole at once. For full information as to where pianos may be seen wire or write BALDWIN MUSIC Milam St. Shreveport, La. CO. 42: 20-3t Found TAKEN UP—Brown horse mule weight 750; about 12 or 15 years ok Taken up month ago. A. E. McRoy Hope Route Four. 22-3tp NO,- MY MV FIRST PROM MV EXTEMSIVE PIAMOWD MIMES IM YOU MUST BB /f SOUTH AFRICA, 1 TOOK NUMBERS ft UPBia<3AMt= HUMT- SOME OP THE FIME.ST ^PECIMEUS OF WILD AUIMAL LIFE IM THE MUSEUM OF NATURAL, HISTORY WERE BACbGED BY MV TRUSTY CjUKJ -^ KA^F? KAfp'^ QMS OF MV UNEXPERIENCED ASSISTANTS ACCIDENTALLY DISCHARGED ANJ ELEPHAWT <3UK. WHILE CLEAMIWa THE. WEA.POM t .. THAT LUMMOX SE-2. - "NO BOY BY AE<9UESt / £' MlWEi IS GOWWA WORK 1(0 *'"I NO' SWOP, IP L KIM HELP IT""ill -AW UfiOKUT '(ISA- MAKIM' HI& TMBE.T AW 1 CARK.Y H<5M£ HIS BOX AM 1 OVERALLS. WWV, THAT 60V IS BEIM 1 TRAINED 'RI6HT FOR TM "ASATWIC-. SO .SHALL IT OH, THAT'S TH 1 BUIOK,/ HE'S HINA yOUfOG'-* SV TH' TINAS THAT KID'S OLT3 ENJOUOH T'<3O T'WCJKK HE'LL SE SO FED UP OM PADDLIM 1 SACK AW FottTH TO A SHOP, THAT VOL) WOM'T BE ABLE TO <3|T ' HIM KJEAR. ONE --- HEJS IT RIGHT / 'gCOPR. 1939 BY NEA_ SERVICe. INC. T. M. HtO O^J. PAT. OFF. 3T A MATTURAL G. WELL = BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES 7-13 JT.'.'J.i.A.ftMs, T «.i RCC u c- ">T orr. Hard to Believe By EDGAR MARTIN ALLEY OOP VAX . , \ COOVOVi'T l"X N_OO\< C \ \"\ \ , XOO J938 DY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. 1-2* An Ambitious Task By V. T. HAML1N OH, WHEN CAN HA/ELL, NO—V5ee/HE ' 'fSAME KINO BUT HE'S I SEE VOUR "X AIN'T DINO5AUR? IS HE A BIG FIERCE ONEJ A TOUGH. 6A8V-- LIKE MISTER •„ OOP'S? WHICH REMIND5 , GO FEED 'IM/ IF KAKKV, THAT'S WHAT 1 CALL 'IM, GET'5 TOO HUNGRV, THERE'S / OH.FOOZ TELLIM- WHAT WE -• BUT OO BE CAREFUL OF THE TERRIBLE! ZEL - i CAN ' A1EBBE T SHOULDN'T HAVE fOLD ZEL MV LITTLE OL' DUCK -BILL WA5 SO BIG'N ANYWAV, IM GONNA START TRAININ' 'IM RIGHT NOW; m 4fetfZ£x- T. M. REG. I). S. PAT. OFF. ;i a ,. V^COPH. 193B BY NCA SERVICE. INC. Tyi WASH TUBBS Lost LOST—Dark-bay mare mule, weight 1100, one shoe on front hoof, knot on Oak kegs. Bargain prices. Cox Drug I right front knee, aged mule. Vasco Co. 22-3tc Bostic, Fatmos Route Two. 23-3tp WORLD-FAMOUS SCIENTIST HORIZONTAL 1, 6 Propounder of the theory of relativity. _ 13 Fruit. ' 14 Common shad. 16 Respiratory sound. 17 Sailors. 18 Parrot fish. j 19 Small island. 20 Required. 22 Chain of ear bones. 25 Half an em. | 27 To be per- I sistent. 31 An effigy. 35 Utterance. , 36 Pertaining to I a wall. 37 Lighted coals. 39 Expert. 40 Go on (music) 41 To salute. 45 Iron. 49 Cleansing ' substance. 50 To habituate. Answer to Previous Puzzle 53 To harvest. 55 Person opposed. 56 Lassoes. 57 Assam silkworm. 58 He is a university . 59 He specialized in . VERTICAL 1 Ready- 2 Thin. 3 Nude. 4 Gaelic. 5 Aptitude. 6 Eternity. 7 Cow-headed goddess. 8 Tidy. . 9 Journey. 10 Comfort. 11 Sicknesses. 12 Born. 15 Boy. 21 To merit. 23 To enliven. 24 He in the United States. 26 Wales on the skin. 28 Name. 29 Kinsman. 30 Frozen water 32 Mire. 33 Form of "be." 34 Aperture. 38 Ironic composition. 41 Departed. 42 Polynesian chestnut. 43 Narrative poem. 44 Mug. 45 Lace. 4G Three. 47 Pertaining to air. 48 Secular. 49 Perched. 51 Neither. 52 Corded cloth. 54 Dance step. I 60TTA CVAAWC CUOTHES.TOO. QOVCK,.S"OM»Vr WE (SOTTER. Twe T»cTC»S \ POOR \ 6ff ' ltA WTEff THE CA9Z. CAUL IT CANT \BUOWE I UT6 OWW 3 WO'URS TIUU CAUL. IT. c ^_\ i e vBAi jj VERWEOD i Wl THAT HAP- I SETTER TAKE TWS SHOW COT PENED BEFORE FRACTURING »AY <5KULL. A Tough Break Ray Thompson and Charles Goll "FRECKLES AND HIS FRlE'ND'S Bagley Plays No Favorites BLOWOUT!! By ROY CRANE BAND OR. NO BAND,. YOU'R,E OUT FOR FOOTBALL. AMD I WANT "fOU TO KEEP YOUfc. MIND ON IT' I WAS JUST GOIN6 OVER SOME MUSICAL. f WELL , DON'T .' ^ f L KNOW YCftj'RE 1 SUPPOSED TO BE A STAR. HALFBACK, BUT IF YOU DON'T CONCENTRATE ON *Tt3UR. WORK OUT HERE I'LL BENCH YOU I (/ I WAS JUST DOING THIS AS PART OF MY JOB WITH THE DANCE BAND, COACH .' ir'S A CHANCE Tb HARM J WHAT SOME EXTRA _. MONBY I =/ME'S JUST , BUUFFIKlta / HE \ AN AWFUL. LOT WOULDM'T KEEP I OF TALENTED THATb WHAT YOU THINKJ Y«a VOU OUT OF A / FOOT&AUL PANTS \ GAME // / HAVE PICKED UP SPLINTERS FROM I "THAT BENCH! MYRA NORTH, SP No,'She Wasn't By MERRILL BLOSSER MITRE, JEEM-TIE LOVIE UP AN 1 THRO'.V HER IN THE PLANE- SHE'S GOING HOME WITH f US! HURRV/ PETRO - WEVE SOT TO PINISH OFF THAT ST&WARPESS BEFORE WB GO- INSIDE THE BAG6ASE COMPARTMENT; MYRA EXAMINES THE REVOLVER SHE HAS FOUND IM THE --—— L.U66AGE \ ONUV TWO BULLETS'. I'VE 6OTTO MAK.E SUPPENLV A KEY TURNS IN THE LOCK.THE POOR \<=> KICKEP O.PEN- I'M ARMEP I'LL SHOOT THE FIRST ONE TO CROSS THAT THRESHOLD!

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