Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 23, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 23, 1938
Page 3
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Friday, SeptemHer 23. 1938 HOPE STAR,, HOPE, ARKANSAS Preacher September September hath a dignity, flawing with color gay-A sweet assured maturity, deepening day by day; Stately she broods o'er gorgeous Jicld,- Soon will those fields be gray Mountains nil blue and violet, poignant with summer's glow,—' Delicate etching on a sky, pale where there contours flow,— Deepening ncnithwnrd, and quick with clouds n-drifting low,— Mallow air soft, with sun and tinged with fruited smells of fall; Peace in nature; a grateful sense of friendliness to all; Soon will the wind sweep down the hills; winter will soon enthrall September,—Sweet September. —Selected. home folks, Miss Mnry Hnyncs bns resumed her studies with MLss Choatc's school in Brooklinc, Mass. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce McRae arrived Friday for a week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey McRac, cnroutc to their home in Little Rock from n vacation in Biloxi, Miss., and New Orleans, La. Mr. and Mrs. Einond White of Prcs- cott announce the arrival of a little d/uiglitcj', Cherry, Thursday, September 22'nd. Mrs. White will he remembered as Miss Geraldinc Van! Sickle, formerly of this city. Mr. jmd Mrs. Dick Forslcr and Mr. and Mrs. Alston Foster were recent visitors of Mr. and Mrs. John Palmer and little daughter, Virginia in Benton. After a summer's vacation with her mother, Mrs. Chas. Hnyncs and other Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lowthorp, Jr., announce the arrival of a little daughter, Charlcnc Marie, Friday, September 16th, Denver, Colo. Mr, and Mrs. William Glover and little son. Dorsey Diwid of Malvcrn, arrived Friday for a week-end visit will) Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey McRac and other home folks. Friends of MLss Martha Houston will be glad to know that her condition is reported as being satisfactory, after an appendix operation at the Julia Chester hopsital on Thursday. At the New Two such sUirs as Madeline Carroll and Henry Fonda who head the stellar cast in "Blockade" now showing at the New theater, who are ably supported by Leo Carrillo. John Halliday and many other outstanding players, ring up the most timely picture of the year. "Blockade" after much ado in Hollywood finally reached the screen in its original Male due lu the conflict abroad. Never has such smashing propoganda, purported with excitement throughout the entire length of the feature a.s "Blockade." You must see the entire story of foreign life on Die continent in its renlastic form as depicted by Madalinc Carroll and Henry Fonda. The short subjects a musical comedy from Mctro-Goldwyn-Mnycr pictures "Some Time Soon" and "Glove Taps" comprise the two day program. Saturday a double feature program with Tex Hitter'in "Star Light Over Texas" and Bob Allen in "The Unknown Hunger" and.the third chapter of the Undersea Kingdom. ENDS FRIDAY FREDRIC MARCH in "BUCCANEER" SATURDAY DOUBLE I Jflc • 15c WILLIAM BOYD llopalong Cassidy "HEART OF THE WEST" and BOB S T E E L E —in— "HEADIN NORTH" PLUS: Cartoons and Serial ENDS FRIDAY "BOY MEETS GIRL" Jas. Cagney, Pat O'Brien SATURDAY DOUBLE GEORGE O'BRI EN "PAINTED DESERT" and •FUGITIVE FOR A NIGHT" PLUS: Comedy, Cartoon and Serial lOc • 15c SUN-MON-TUES Together Again! In the grcalst picture they ever made! FRED ASTAIRE Giner Rogers CAREFREE » Let Us Show You WhaUll New in Football Fashions LADIES Specialty Shop Weekly Sunday School Lesson By WM. E. GILROY, D. D, Editor of Advance A revival meeting will begin al First Methodist church Sunday morning. The meeting will extend through Sunday October !). Tlic preacher for the meeting will be Rev. James W. Workman, Pastor of Central Methodist church, Faycttc-| ville, Ark., Dr. Workman gave the commencement address lasl June for cd each night at the Church of Ihe thc 19:!8 H '8j> School Seniors of Hope, M ci..4i».. A ..t. T-I._ i:_i ana was well received by Ihc a Rev, Marie Brown Revival services are being conduct- DAVID: TIUUMPHANT FAITH Text: Psalms 23 and 27:1-G David, king of Israel and ancestor, of our Lord, was surely one of the! most ama/.ing men who ever lived—a man in whom several personalities, conflicting and contradictory, seemed to mingle. We know him first ns the guileless shepherd boy coming lo Ihe camp of armed men to bring food lo his older brothers in the army, finding Ihc camp in consternation at the challenge of Goliath, and fearless and confident, going to meet Golialh with a sling and five smooth stones. The shepherd boy grows up into a composite of characters. We have the man of war, a leader of daring men like himself, an outlaw who becomes the deliverer of his people, yet whose career is so drenched in blood that he i.s forbidden to build the Temple, so that honor is reserved for his son Solomon. We sec him engaged in an illicit love affair, issuing in the foul murder of an innocent man and patriot —and yet when his sin i.s brought home to him by a courageous prophet, his sciixc of justice is such lhal he acknowledges his wrong. We see him in the camp, uttering without any thought of its fulfillment a yearning for a drink of the wator of Ihc well of Bethlehem. When hero- worshipping soldiers have risked their lives to bring it, we see him pouring il out on the ground a.s a sacrifice and offering, unwilling to take for himself that for which men had risked their lives. Then, we have him pictured with ills harp as the sweet singer of Israel and the reputed author of many of the Psalms, which in general have been for the world "Ihe Psalms of David." He appears in our lesson, especially through Psalms 23 and 27, as a symbol of triumphant faith. If a man had done nothing more than write the 23rd Psalm, he would Nazarenc, Sutlon, Ark. The evangelist i.s Fiev. Miss Marie Brown of Litlle Rock. Shu is a woman preacher with a message. The special singer and pianist is Miss Emma Garler of Oklahoma City, ' . " . ~ , , ".-•" ami conduct the work among the Okla Everyone ,s mvilcd to-enjoy young people. He has been in several inn MlRini-.-lllnnitl mnecnrtno anrl rjtl .... . OUV,_HM Ihc insiprational messages and old fashioned gospel singing. The .services will conlinue lill Sunday, October 3. LAST DAY Madeline Carroll Henry Fonda—in "BLOCKADE" Our Gang Comedy—Act SAT. Open 10 a. m. —in— "STARLIGHT OVER TEXAS" A (so BOB ALLEN •—in—• 'The Unknown Ranger' No. 3 "UNDERSEA KINGDOM" MICKEY MOUSE COMING! Miriam Hopkins Ray Milland —in— "Wise Girl" SUN. & MON. City Meat Market K. C. Meats, Fish & Oysters Prompt Free Delivery Phone 7(17 Evan Wray LeRoy Henry HEATERS FLOOR FURNACES Phone for Estimate Harry W, Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Phone 259 have been worthy of a great place of distinction among men. Successive ages have borne witness to the beauty of its scntimcnl and lo the nolc of calm and unwavering confidence in which il conlcmplalcs both life and death. It moves on Ihe plane of Ihe highcsl tilings of life. There is physical satisfaction. How can there be any truly happy living where there is pncury and want? The human spirit may triumph over these tilings with great fortitude—and there have been men and women who have been noble in their poverty, but they could hardly be said to have been happy or satisfied. The Psalmist recoKnix.es the need of satisfaction for the body. There is refreshment and enjoyment. There is rest from labor and fatigue. But there i.s man's part and place in the higher paths of righteousness. There i.s .sense of triumph over evil, and Ihc consciousness of a great Presence that is near man to strengthen and help and support him. There is the consciousness that surrounding human life is goodness and loving kindness, and there is a sense of the permanency of human life. It i.s the same thing which the 27th Psalm in its early verses reinforces wilh striking illustrations. It is the note of triumph of light over darkness, of salvation over destruction, of courage over fear, of beauty and order over chaos and ugliness, of worship and song over evil and untruth. Arc these things true? Need we ask il? The witness of history, the witness of man's spirit, the witness of the divine revelation of Jesus of Nazareth- all lhc.sc conform the vision, of the sweet'Singer of-Israel and the beauty and faith ciC his song. • ; . Arkansas meetings the past year and is highly recommended by all the pastors with whom he has worked. The services, after Tuesday, will bo held twice daily. Ihc morning services.will begin at 10 o'clock. All the night services will begin at 7:30 o'clock. The Children's and Young People's divisions of Ihc church school will observe Promotion Day Sunday morning at the church .school hour. Parents and friends of the young people and boys and girls arc invited to this program. Al this time, an interesting program will be held. The Intermediate r.nd Young People's Million Hinton Home Demonstration club met in regular .session Tuesday afternoon with 12 members and two 4-H club girls present Also two visitors present. After devotional the vice president. Mrs. Alkins proceeded with regular order of business. Miss Bullington nave an inlcrcsling report of camp at Little Rock. Makes us all want to attend next year. Also plans were discussed for fair. The social half hour was .spent in playing games. Ivcd grape juice and cookies were served by Mrs. Hendrix and Mrs. Camp. Questions, Answers On Employment PAGE THREE UNITY MISSIONARY BAPTIST Unity Missionary Baptist church,,is a new oldtimc missionary church, it will just be n week old Sunday, it organized with 16 members and another joined in view of baptism so we will have the baptising Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock nl Dulin's lake. This church will meet nt Melrosc church at 10 o'clock Sunday. Sunday- school nl 10. Preaching at 11, by E, S. Roy, subject: "And Moses Said I Will Now Turn Aside." A man who had "gone dead above the cars" said he .sometimes "set and thought. Sometimes he just set." Come to church Sunday and think as you set; or stan dpi (her. FIRST METHODIST Fred K. Harrison, Pastor The Big Scene . He is a most forceful and inspiring preacher. He will be worth hearing at each service. Rev. E. H. Martin, of Jackson, Tenn., is to lead Ihe singing in Ihc meeling, and conduct the work among the Here is the talented ClaudeUc Colbert in the dramatically difficult moment of becoming disturbed by a couple of imaginary fleas. Miss Colbert looks more tickled than happy—which \vas just what the director wanted. The scene is from the forthcoming: "Zaza." The Hens that were to have been used for the scene suffocated in an «ver- varnished dressing room. Storm Death Toll (Continued from Page One) iiads of blankets and cots were sent from army headquarters at Boston-to flooded Hartford, Ct., and Springfield, Mass., on the rising Conneclicut river, uncertain when they left whether they could gel through. Three western Massachusetts towns reported food enough for only 24 hours and said the only means of gelling in supplies would be by boat. Typhus .scrum was soul to Providence, 'R. I., still damp from a sweeping tidal flood, as a precautionary measure. — » - -"i*.*-.. H.T M jjj v.i_tiuinjnHi y measure fcpworth Leagues will meet al 6:30 i TV,,, w \ -n , , o'clock. I T .. c . Works Progress Administration You arc invited to help the meel- ing make a start by attending the first services Sunday. The general public- is urged to attend. GARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST Sunday school at 9;.15 a m B. P. P. T. C. at 7 p. m. I Preaching al 7:30 p. in. by Bro. Hollis! A. Purtlc. Ladies Auxiliary 2:30 p. m. Monday. Prayer meeting at 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. Everyone is cordially invited to come and worship with us if you are not-attend ing church and Sunday school start How. A 'hearty' welcome" av^aiis you. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Titos. Brcwstcr, Minister Sunday school this Lord's Day at 9:45 a. m. Morning Worship 10:55 o'clock. Young Peoples Meeting 6:30 p. m. Evening Service 7:30 o'clock. You 'arc cordially invited to -attend these activlies. i . • • • . Ozan Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Irvin have moved into treir home which they purchased from W. H. Webb. Mr. and Mrs. Warner Citty and Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Cilly have moved into the residence of the former Mrs. Lona Robins. Mrs. Alfred Futrclle and daughter, Alycc, of Fulton, have moved to Ozan and arc occupying the residence formerly owned by the former Mrs. Millie Citty. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stuart and Mrs. Leonard Higgason, with heinous, arc making their home with Mrs. Futrclle. Jackie Kirby t who has been occupying the L. J. Robins store building, has moved into an apartment in the house rented by Mr. and Mrs. Ernest- A'llcn. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Nelson have returned from a two weeks visit in Colorado. They report that their trip was a very enjoyable one. While they were visiting Mr. Nelson's son, Paul Q. Can the Employment Service reduce labor turnover. If so, how? T •" ^ ••••• •"-••ivn .-> own, * nm A. Yc.s, by referring the applicant Nelson, of^Trinidad, Colo., the visited to the job for which he i.s best fitted. ' """"•• • '- -- " Denver, Pikes Peak, and the Royal Q. How may the employer know ^ org0 ' {''ding^lne steep railroad from the applicant is qualified? '" """ * ~ "™ A. Complete data is recorded on each application card including work history, and these cards will be .submitted to the employer upon request. , the peak to the gorge. The museum and zoo al Denver were also of great interest to them. Mailman Sinks Shot at Washington announced an aerial .survey would be made of New England to fadlitMo relief work. The Interstate Commerce Commission suspended railroad traffic regulations in the .section to expedite goods over routes most available. Lighthouse Service Disrupted ' The United States Lighthouse Service warned marnicrs navigating off New England thai no confidence could be placed in lightship and lighthouse signals. Three Coa.st Guardsmen died while engaged in rescue work in a small boat at Woods Hole, on the shoulder of- Cape Cod. At Jamestown. R. I., a huge wave engulfed a bus. Nine persons,, including,.seven children, died. The south and north ends of Springfield Mass., were vacated as the Con- necticul river rose. The crest was expected .sometime Thursday night. Further downstream, at Hartford, Ct., it was feared the river might rise 12 feet above flood stage. 51,000,000 Loss at KctMte, N. H. First word from Keciie, N. H. in more than 24 hours came through amateur radio operators, who reported hundreds of homes- damaged, streets under water, no power, no lights, no gas and 300 r'efugotis quarte'd -by ..the Red Cross. National-QuardSmcYrwere on .duty and: authorities, placed, the city's Joss;-at mgrd thin ?1;000,()00, - i 1 Scores of automobile's were 1 -crushed by falling trees, but no loss of life was reported. Town Swept Away Amateur radio also brought the first details from Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, two small island's off the elbow of Capo Cod. On Martha's Vineyard, the small fishing village of Mcncmsha was literally swept away. Al. Edgartown scores were driven from their homes, unable lo save any belongings, .so rapidly was the rise of water. A dozen houses, GO buildings and the town wharf were wiped out al the is and town of Chilmark. Nantucket escaped lightly. Citizens Swapped (Continued from Page One) i.slralion, but were persuaded by pact of friendship was countries. Signed. _ Conflicts between the two countries since that time have been minor, and the patient Iron ing-out, of as knotly a population problem as Ihe world ever presented, stands as an undying achievement of the League of Nations and of two countries which, tiring of bloodshed, turned to reason and good sense. FranceThreatens (Continued trom Page One) Britain and France. Demands Law, Order GODESBERG, Germany— (IP}— Prime Minister Chamberlain, after a conference of more than three hours witli Chancellor Hitler, Thursday night issued an appeal to the fuehrer and other parlies concerned "to assist in maintaining a stale of orderliness" in Czechoslovak ia. A communiqlc issued al the prime minister's headquarters after he had returned from his talk with Hitler .said: "The prime minister had a conversation with the German fuehrer which, beginning at 4 p. m. was continued until shortly after 7 p. m. It was intended to resume the convcnsa- tion Friday morning. "Meantime, the first essential in the opinion of Ihe prime minisler is lhal there should be a determination on the part of all parties and on the part of all concerntd to insure that local conditions in Czechoslovakia are such as not in any way to interfere with the progress pf the conversations. "The prime minister appeals most earnestly,. Ihcrefore, lo everybody'lo assi.sl in maintaining a stale of order- lincss'and to refrain from action of any kind thai would be likely to lead to incidents." Czechoslovakia First The statement was the first official word of any kind during a dramatic day of resumed negotiations by which the European democracies hoped lo keep out of war by dismembering Czechoslovakia. Observers considered the prime min- isler's appeal l o mean that Chamberlain believed his talks with Hitler cannot proceed on any satisfaclory basis until peace is established in Ihe Czechoslovak fronlicr regions. The facl lhal conversalions will be resumed was taken as an indication, however, that the prime minister still hopes lo negotiate settlement.of other European problems of war and peace as well as the Czechoslovak issue. -^-i • Team inShape for (Continued from Puge One> as Iho underdogs because of the heavy losses by graduation last year and the fact lhal .Ihc Chicks drew Ihc top- seeded position in most ' pre-season rankings. The Chicks gave an impressive exhibition last week in whipping Piggoll 73 lo 0. 'North Little Rock will be the scene of another game. The Russellville Cyclone, showing unexpected power in its opener, will play the North Side Wildcats. Forrest Cily and Benlon will meet on the latler's gridiron in a conference, engagement Oilier conference members will perform as follows: Little Rock at home against Muskogee, pkla. Camclen at Nashville. . Jonesboro at home with Becbe. Fort Smilh at home with Hcavencr, 'Oklahoma. El Dorado al home wilh Hayncs- villc, La. Robbed of Her Bills DENVER.-MP)—For luck, Mrs. Elizabeth Cusingberry saves $2 bills, few of which are in circulation. She had 14 of them hidden in her room and then a burglar entered, bound her to a chair and took the $28 along with $58 in other currency. 666 cures MALARIA in 7 days and relieves _ COLDS Liquid, Tablets first day Salve, Nose Drops Headache, 30 ; mln. Try "Rub-My-Tism"—World's Best Liniment MM Government COTTON LOANS Quick Service Immediate Payment Your Cotton Classed.by it licensed government classcr. TOM KINSER Hope, Ark. SEE .TETT WILLIAMS For Quick Service when making your Government Cotton Loans. Classed by a Government Licensed Classcr. . : 108 South Walnut Street Mm buy lou get all GASOLINE Remember this about Fife-Chief— at its price you can get no bettef gasoline anywhere. Literally it is unexcelled. . .' . Now read about the services listed below that go with Fire-Chief. Then you wil] agree this is the way to get more for your gasoline money! This complete free .servicing covers many important needs in one quick trip around your car. Your windshield, rear window and light lenses are cleaned. Oil and water checked. Inflation of tires noted. It is a "specialty" with us. s o HUTCHINSON, Kans. — (/I'l- Harold L. Barrett, lelter carrier who golfs for "exercise," pulled a brand-new No. G iron from his bag for the 130-yard sixth hole. He never had used it before. His first shot wilh it was a hole-in-imc. Methodist Mission The Ozan Methodist Momcn's Missionary Society i which disbanded during thc summer, met al Ihc Ozan Methodist church, at 3 p. m. Tuesday, lo begin the work for thc fall and winter. Eleven members presented an in- K'rcsting program about missions in ---. -. , --„ _.„ j,,.^ China and Korea. The socicly will chaw; thc echoes out of the navy pier 1 inwsligaled. and a decision was reach- nu'ct al 2:30 p. m.. Tuesday, al Ihc auditorium. The money goes for ed lhal each government ' homo of Mrs. Carrie Carrigan. acoustical equipment. To Squelch Echoes CHICAGO. — (/!>)— The city council League officials nut to abandon the project. In October. 1113-i, the- Turkish police rounded up and interned 3500 Con- .stantinoplc Greeks whom they said were "exchangeable" under Commission rulings. An appcul was made to the Permanent Court of International) Justice al the Hague, which in 1925 decided thai Ihc Mixed Commission should have, full authority to decide who should bu deported and who might stay. The next year there was a dispute over charges that the Greek government had illegally seized the property REGISTERED REST ROOMS We pledge you spic-and-span cleanliness . . complete rest room equipment. This pledge is backed up by our "White Patrol" inspection service. You'll find it always . . . wherever you see the sign, v^»i.iv^*ww. — v/i f —-AI1U L.ll.\ t-uuiiuu im-iit uttu 1 1 ii:t;uI ly MM/.CQ U1C property authorized expenditure of $-1.330 to of Turks in Thrace. Again the League M ARGE of "Myrt and Marge" of radio fame itopj to refresh and refuel while taking a well earned vacation. She find* the itopt on the road, Room Ucilitiei, a guarantee of tkinjtow tn •acli government buy Uic properties of (hose within its territories who were to be sent away. Further trouble came when the Oecumenical Pulrirch himself was about to be deported by the Turks. This i.ssue was also compromised by allowing him to remain in Constantinople bin .stripping him of mO st of his temporal power. Friendship Forged By 1Q3IJ. patience and good-will having surmounted repeated crises, the work was about completed, and the commission disolvcd. Greece hud resettled 145,000 farm and 25,000 city families from Turkey at a total cost of 565,120.000, or $384 a family. It had distributed lo them 1.016.000 acres and 63.886 houses formerly belonging to "exchanged" Turks, as well as build- ijig 66,048 new houses for Uicm. £o satisfactory had the .solution been that in 1830 Vcimelos made a triumphal trip to Angora, where he was enthusiastically received. A final scl- llemcnl of the tag-ends of property claims was made anil, completely reversing Uic u-adltioncd tamity of the COURTESY., .a gentleman to serve you Cheerfulness and courtesy come first with us. We're glad to do extra services . . . even go to "school" ;o learn how. We're proud of our products , . . proud to be Texaco Dealers. TEXACO DEALERS Townsend Service Station Otis Townsend. Prop. Enuncl, Arkansas Cecil Wyatt's Service Station Third and Washington Streets, Vr,M; u Texaco Service Station Frank Hcarnc 3rd and Sliuvc.r Sis. Hgy. 61 933 Service Station I'ej-vy Taylur Division Sheet

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