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Page Two Warehouse Is Gutted by Fire at El Dorado HOPE S-TA R, HOP E, A Truman Hints Continued From Page One i— Fire of destroyed and Fiirni El Dorado. Dec. 3 — an undetermined origin tne 1 minims I-Inrdware U'i« company warehouse here cnr.y today. There was ?io official os'itnato of the loss. Owners said the 110 by 50 foot was filled with Christ Four More Nazi Criminals . ...— .— A .j.-^i^tm^ 01 L,a oo II i 1*1™ a j Maurice tobin were the canine HO HGPfi I Offn V ' mcmbors wh -w Mr. Truman callei * H VllS^JSZUi 8 V/UWy |h.v name yesterday when -iskei . !;^: n ;, cn ; dit l«y f°r his eleclio, R K A N S A Landsberg, (UP)— Four hanged Germany. Dec. 3 more Germans were bv the United Stales Army for crimes agains warehouse mas toys, but furniture, rofricorn : „; " — .......... .... ....... ,, (01 s. paint.. i-oofnr.- and hardwire I PM captured <'"'-'ii« tlu supplies. Flames were reported by two about :, a. m. joon "after . . Uie arnval'of firemen and collapsed and exploding No one was injured. FAST RELIEF for Miseries of OPEN COLD CLOQGS& NOSES Hub on chest, back to case cough, cheat up feeling PENETRO INHALER Brannan and Secretary of Labor Tobin were the cabinet illed d -- - ---I- -v" HID tr/L'L'llOn lumph He said there were oth- t'J-s. but he did not name the | Seeretary of State George C. Marshall of course, can remain with i Mr. litiman as long as he wishes , .-><> can Secretary of Treasurv John ; W. .-myder. a long-time personal I friend. ' ' ''" j The future o f t ) lr , O i hors j s ., | matter of speculation. Mr Trti- j man is not 'committed either to MMi?"^, 1 '"''"' 1 Permanently or to ! letting (hem go. but his words ycs- lat some would be Allied \v a r. They were: Krich Wcnucl. n.'ival lieutenant and adjutant of the naval llak roof I battalion in Corkum island in the paint j North .sea. high | Hans Eichel, 5!!. police director | of the protective police at Offen jbach, Gervany, with the rank of 1 lieutenant colonel. Georg Eckstein, -it}, a medical TlK - president said he didn't want lieutenant and high-ranking officer 1 ;? I ly , cloctoral votes which had been in the Peonlc's army at' Wasser £ , '»'•/' }° J - Strom Thurmond, the liuedmgen. states Rights presidential cnndf- .Tosef Kemn-.ele. -15, SS sprpeanl ; ih'-lf'r ln ,''" appy language he added ^signed to the Dachau coneentra-! ,''' «?„''"' ^°'i th ° c ^ c "<>» with- lion camp and labor service and'™,,,, v i " . llh ;lnd w 'lhout roll call leader. lltlU fi ™ (T | tate and was « lad <« mM-a-^ffl's,±SS! IliSS?-''-*^"- "' ij:ir &- SKS as ess frtJXrvsi t (mils have gone to their deaths. word to protect them VVcntxcl war, on duty at Borktim i . . rh " "resident would not discuss when seven crew members of nil his budget or tax program But American bomber were captured ^ d ; r| say he was going to'have after making a forced landing. i the kind of budget he wanted— P inrrl V ±''-P',' d 1o ,, a «ompany a I !!,, J^/ 1 ..!^*- . The Truman guaid detail along the route over 1 Airlift Gets a Lift ,i-—•••••••- •••^^K^I. j.m; n^ cl \ ln .. st il ck out who " .he said it march. The Americans were beaten with fists and kicked by mem- beis of the corps without interference from the lieutenant or guard Eichel issued orders that captured AlWed fliers be shot Eckstein bent and shot to death American fliers. Bemmele participated in mass atrocities at Dachau and selected invalids for extermination Altogether, 233 Nazi criminals now have been hanged here since the war ended. Kangaroos leap far but not high and so can be confined by a low fence. 1947 We Challenge the World to Meet these Prices 1949 Custom 8 C*^^^ FORD SE P DAN , ilVi H waxi*? Equipped ™ S Jr A '947 4 Af FORD COUPE ^ 111 1948 j M/S Fni?n TUDOR 11S rWlxLI SEDAN 1 i 1 ^946 ^ ^^ TUDOR 1 €% SEDAN 1 *M J 4 DOOR 4 DOOR 1948 M m f*\ /"\ i°\ f*' i*™ H %.'i UU UVJ fc i/ 2 TON TRUCK i <J 1949 j * RENAULT M 1939 r FORD 5 1940 flf FORD I "We don't Meet Competition We Make Competition" Prison Farm Directors to Retain Jobs Another airfield in the western part of Berlin is ready to help out the Allied airlift. A French guard of honor watches the first plane land on Tegcl Airfield, in the French sector. The plane, an American Skymasler, dropped onto the runway of the ' field, built by 15,000 Germans almost by hand. May Deport Continued From Page One all parts of the country. in party In' the service is running a full' scaTe loyalty check of 4!)5 aliens who nave applied for their U S citi- xenship papers. At the same time, it was learned Cummins, Dec. 4 — rectors of Arkansas' larms wi 1 Detain their jobs after Gov.-elect Sid McMath takes of- i lice. two The di prison Morley Resigns From FBI to Take New Post Friday, December, 3, 1948 Penal Cotton Can't Be Put Up for U, S. Loan sistant Supt. Lee Henslee to direct activities of the state's penitentiary system, under his administration Cogbill supervised the 9,000 acre Cummins farm where 700 prison ens, mostly Negroes, are held Ho has served as superintendent under tour governors. Henslee manages Tucker farm where 492 white convicts are quar tered. He joined the penitentiary staff in 1931 after serving as a deputy sheriff in Jefferson county New York, Dec. 3 —(UP)— was James Moccia's first day the job. The 4(iyear-old father a green come on you the By DeVVITT MacKEIMZIE AP Foreign Affairs Analyst Colonel Frank Howley, commandant in the American sector of i-~- .v. V^UMHV Berlin, pointed out to a press con- icldHion to these 71(1 inquiries ! Jcl ' ( -'nce that for two years the Rus "•'•"'"" '•" --!--- - - •• -'Lsians systematically have broken all the solemn agreements reached by the four occupation authorities, and then he propounded this one: "Is it really worth all the effort ---- ^.....x. L.U,^., n \viji learned Uiat the justice department intends '* ask congress to strengthen its hand m dealing with Alien Commu rusts it picks up for deportation I he department will request authority to keep alien Communists iiii jail until it can make arrange •ments for their departure to anoth or country. Under present law, the government has no alternative but to re ease a deportable alien if his na live land refuses to accept him and I the alien refuses to seek refuge from another government The government last year picked up over a score of 'Communist aliens for deportation, and it jailed tne most prominent. All 'were later released on court order P c"ls" S out como of their ap rluvin ?"u - thC , '. lldividua ls P'ckod up during this drive were Communist national Comrnitteemen Alexander Bittleman, John Williamson Clau- nnri M° ne ?- a , nd Fci 'dinand Smith and . h ° S ~ Under to with get additional them? agree- colonel didn't attempt to the immigration laws, the Kis the right to deport any alien who advocates the overthrow of the government by force and violence. It ,may also dcnat s n n P y , c . lllzcn "'ho advocated , r. d °9 tnnc "t the timeofhis -such a doctrine at the time of his rah/ation. to try merits swer his own question specifically, and I take it he was doing a bit of thinking out loud along a line which is running through many minds right now. What good is achieved by trying to make agree merits which we know the Russians .will break if and when it serves their purpose? Why should we keep striving when the Bolshevists have made it plain that they are out to communize the world and will let nothing stand in their way? Well, we can say at oiice that such tactics would be love's labor lost if their sole value Jay in the agreements achieved. However, it isn't the intrinsic value of the pacts for which the democracies arc aiming primarily. They are playing for time. And so are the Communists. This cold war in which we fro engaged in a wordy conflict of attrition in whith both sides are avoiding a hot war. All the old rules _ of diplomacy have been window, and ihe op improvising from Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Brown and Jimmy, and Misses Ann and Sue Beth Buchanan spent the Thanksgiving holidays wtih relatives in Idabei, Oklahoma. Mr. and Mrs. J. E daughter of Camclcn holidays with Mr. and Stewart and Martha Cowlin spent Mrs. E. Social Security to Be in >e 1948 Arkansas' Largest New and Used Car Dealers 3rd & Shovc-r Hope, Ark. Phone 1003 We Buy, Sell and finance Any Make, Any Model, Anytime. A representative of the Texarkana Office of the Social Security Administration Office will be n Hope on luesday, December 7 at -. P.m. Viu may contact him at the Arkansas Employment Office , Jou may not be a missing heir, | hut .you may be missing social on jobs covered by the Social '-•urity benefits. If you have w flinty Act, you are reminded tossed out the poncnts ai clay to day. The Democracies want time for the economic recovery of Western Europe so that it will be strong enough to stand up to Russia in event of a hot war. The Muscovites, for their part, are letting time work for them as they try to extend their conquests by all strong-arm methods short of actual gun fire. They want to give their fifth columns a chance to operate in anti-Communist count rics. They are anxious to get full play in the revolutions which they are fostering in China and Soulli- | Asia. And they are striving to rehabilitate their own war-damaged country and prepare new military ! equipment — including atomic Holidays guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Morris were Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Morris of El Dorado and Mr. and Mrs. Enrsley McVay and children of Little Rock. Out of town guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Harris Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bright and children of PrescoU and Mr. and Mrs. Porter Morris and children of Magnolia. Friends of Tom Phillips will be glad to hear he has recovered from a long illness. two children wa's unfamilie"r~with sewer excavation. "That hole's pretty deep," he said, glancing down at the IBfoot deep ditch. "Think it's safe?" "Sure." said Anthony Florio, a veteran on the job. He was due to get off work in five minutes but he had time to show hand what to do. "Here, down with me. I'll show ropes." j The two men descended into i the hole. That was at 4 p. -,m yesterday. A few moments later, nearby workers heard a roar. The wall of the ditch had given way and the two men were buried alive under tons of mud. "I ran over," Anthony Beltri, a "I ran over," Anthony Beltri a crane operator said. "I knew there were two men down there 1 began digging with my hands. I inrl p ' c . ] ^ sd l 'P r °cks and threw them ihP L aH , lde - Then the Police came and iW I mc J Sn 9 uld sl °P. that there •""•i wasn't anything one man' could do." The fire and police departments Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Honca of Tyler, Texas has returned home atter a visit with Mrs. Pink Honea. Mr. and Mrs. Idus Whitefield and children spent Friday visiting Mr 'and Mrs. Leslie oE Bingen. Mr. and Mrs. Holmen House visited Mr. and Mrs. A. V,'. Owens over the week-end Dor- his Ralph Earl Hampton of El ado spent the weekend with mother, Mrs. Mac Hampton. David Waddle Jr. of Hope spent the week-end with his grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Snellgrove. MILLIONS DEPEND ON THIS NAME FINE Burns Minor-Cuts Scratches Chapped Skin revenue commissioner. It has been reported unofficially for weeks that the FBI agent in charge of Arkansas would take the revenue commission position when Gov.elect Sid McMath takes office next month. Morley will succeed Otho A. Cook, who as been revenue com missioner for the four years of Gov. Ben Laney's administration. Morley. 9, a native of McGehee Ark., and a longtime resident of North Little Rock, has been with the FBI for 13 years he has served with the FBI in Rhode Is land and Texas, as well as Arkansas. The resigning agent announced he would be succeeded by Edwin J. Foltz, now agent in charge of the Atlanta, Ga., FBI office. Foultz is a native of Fort Smith, Ark and a graduate of the Washington and Lee Law school. Little Roc,, Dec. 3 — fUP)—• Atty. Guy E. Williams ruled today that cotton raised on the Arkansas penal farms cannot be put up for government loans. hTe ruling was made at the request of state purchasing Agent Opie Hartje. He asked if the peni tentiary cotton could be placed in government loan for protection in case the market price dropped he. losv the loan market value. "The language of the statute requires that the cotton must be sold, and no provision is made for placing it in a government loan, liams said. brought up emergency equipment and digging started. It was slow work. The mud rolled back into the hole almost as fast as the rescuers dug it out. Seven hours after the cave in the diggers reached the bodies of the two men. A difference of five minutes had cost both their lives If the wall had collapsed five minutes earlier, Moecia would have lived—five minutes later, Florio would have lived. Creomulsionrelievespromptly because It goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expei germ laden phiegm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. ^HF M M nlnT^ ^*ar M w H *«ar KKB^W^ M ^B)7 H W forCoughs.ChestColds.BronchiHs JT'S TIME TO SHINE WITH..., for DODGE ®nd Drive in for estimate B. R Hamm Motor Co. 207 East Second Phone 58 LIQUID WAX SHOE POLISH | BLACK BROWN TAN BLUE OXBLOOD Randolph Burham of Fort Smith is visiting his mother, Mrs. Al Thompson. as the Russians and the are talking they | contact the Social SecuriU ! ministration Field Office if you n>'e i '•> years of age or over. In adcli- , tion, in case of the death of a v;>«e learner who might be insured 'by ; reason ol hi.s employment, the sur: vivors should make prompt inquiry j as to possible Federal insurance j benclrts. Daily Bread Continued From Page One by the World Calendar Association Seventeen governments are on rec- |.'i'd as being for it. U j, s approved '.\ churches, business associations labor organisations, banks, railroads, air lines, insurance companies, educators and many others ' Its only apparent enemy is inertia' j Hills were introduced'in the Vlltli :md tJOlh Congresses to make the ' Association's perpetual ealemrir i oilic.ial. Ihey got no more action i 1 ijin a reference to committee.! ! \Vhelher there will be anvthin." I i done with the idea by tlie new i Congress probably depends on the press (.1 urgent business and the interest ol the public. Hut the proposal lias a lot of obvious merit I 1He calendar under consideration is the sole survivor of som» 500 that were investigated by the League of Aatiuns and the United Nations over the past 20 years. Developed u> an Italian priest more than 100 years ago, it divides the year into l-! r months of equal quarters. Ihe year and each succeedinc- quarter begin on Sunday. There are and 78 week-days i in everv quarter, ihe In-st mouth of the qua'-lei's has 31 day.-,; the second ami third 3d days. To compel,sale lor Hie extra day there would be a hohuay, or WurhNd;; v In-- tv.ven Dec. 3D and Jai tile) i- Would 'day 1'i.llouiu;; J every day of '•ill "ii tne .--ami every year. 'I'm iMoniii.-- ;M 1111' i i) 111 . i i I i!;. ;,; n I!K:!IV lilli-".--. lit; .'ial Se-i lnl11 " Powers are talking they worked : U ' LM1 . 1 ^hooting at each other. Thus ' ' :!n this continuance of nego may be a good thing, even to Mr. and Mrs. ''Butch" Hayden of Baton Rouge, La. and Mr. Hayden's mother have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Stephens! Mrs. Hayden is the former Miss Marsha Stephens. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Header for Atlanta. Georgia where will attend the funeral nf Headers' aunt. though agreements will be broken Ann! is. liiev may be a good thing! ' so long as they aren't mistaken for! Mrs. Verdie Loveliss ol appeasement. i ado is visiting Mr. ,'Jiin As concerns the Berlin crisis I j -ind Beaulah. can't see that the latest Russian ' move in establishing a rump government in the Soviet sector'has al tered the situation basically The Reds have merely added insult to injury with the idea of harrassing tne Western powers and prevent ing any settlcmtne of the inbroglio J he Russians of course hope '(but do not expect) that the Allies will Ret led uo and leave Berlin altogether, thereby strengthening the po.ssrhilitv of the Soviet overrun inng all Germany. No Bolshevist agreement is worth s left they Mr. l Dor- | hill of beans, through palaver may be worth . but about much. time gained agreements $25,000 Bond Sefr for Bobber ones Washington, Dec. 3 Interstate Commerce today postponed the — (IP) — The Commission date for pro posed abandonment of the Missouri i Littl j si';;, oiw Rock. Dec. 3 —-(/P)— A bond has been set for Hoyd Philpotl, arrested 'ccntly alter he jumped second story hotel room in •nii)l to escape. L'. S. and Arkansas Railway company I W properties for another four months. ! J>)A At the same time, the commis- I *(U sion denied » motion by the state of **'" 1 Arkansas that the abandonment authority be canceled entirely. Today's order fixes the pro'posed abandonment for April (i, 1D-19. The extension was granted to permit time tor working out of plans for continued operation of at least some portions of tin: 335 mile line. "Some prospective purchasers ! are interested in acquiring certain ; portions of the line for continued the commission said. 1'hilpoit was arraigned before "P.?™. 10 "' te commissio . es VP« '' "* llrther Postponement of the ef- °ver said (of all ar operation a greater line of rail la\ Commissioner Lee IVlileT'ves i r *• , ; v , <>'i'day on ; , Nashville -IViiii I fectlve dale of the certificate HI and j ur y indictment 'char«ine ! aba " donnieiu : ' wiu enabl e him with postoffice robbery He £ partlos to make lhe necessary wanted in connection with more r' angc , mcnts ^'»ereb\ thiMi -HI postoffice robberies in sev ma >' be 1 ; esu , 1 , neC f en states. 'portion of all of The Mi: vear old <>v i-.rmvi,*i f !''"nd x x x." |-""'"'".Kv:. InU bo\h l^LVhi I T1 - M ' "'»' '•;>l> 'Ut North Little Rock police ';" ><> e iase him a block before ">' cou!:l oe captured. In -'!°, 'I S -,,'";"' Khal ' s "f"''' 1 said '"day I'mlpott would be re to Nashville after nee paper work i ; . completed bv olncials. U the '<' i ojn- Cregory XIII 1:'H2. Julius Caesar's ch dated from 4T, |-5.(_'. lhe eastern countries . . - Vl ' ; i'' l-".v even older "\ l'-.-s ac.Hlrate methods. »i!h the start and su[)i)ort that •!endar relorm already has it ,-• I'-Ki re-ally start ihe ball rolling". -le »i,;ely that American adoption it U that should happen, another •| t-uou arises. Since u universal ; e;Kl;<r would advance the cause .woikl unity, at least in th~ vision of time, would the Russian '\xi'!,nieiH lollow its usual custom :u velu the whule idea'.' A. company, after a long series of receiverships and eveutuallv a suspension of train operations in 19-i(i. was authorized last August to abandon its line he tween Jopliii, 7 illo., and Helena Ark. This order .stipulated th:it if any responsible narty offered to bnv the properlie.s at salvage value within t;n days, the company .should sell the prupcrlies for 'con'. liniUH'l operation. A number of sui-'i proposals were advanced. Arkansas' slate authuVi ties, asserting n:oie time was need ed to perfect Ihe plans, petitioned for consideration of the abandonment authoriiv. The ICC reheard the case in November and ,'r.eaj; while postponed the proposed aban donmein until Dec. 7. The four mouth extension granted todav dates from that day. ' The comii!issioii said it had been unable to lin j any error of fact or law in its original decision to au r To show our appreciation to our many customers, new and old, who have had a part in helping us to continue over Fifty years ot business., we want to share some of the meager profits with yoti. a ' Starting December 6th through 24th, we will offer prices unheard of in quality merchandise featuring some of the nations most outstanding lines of high class furniture and home furnishings. A large showing of Eighteenth Century Coloniol Periods ~ fts ° nd Mr ' and Mrs ' Chairs ~ ideal f°r Christmas Living-room suits in American Modern design in many beautiful colors to suit the taste of every home lover. '. • Solid mahogany, walnut, cherry and maple bedroom suites. Our entire store space is filled with many bargains in all kinds of new furniture, rugs, tables, breakfast room suites' floor coverings lamps for every need, and Magic Chef gas also the famous Monarch gas and electric ranges. You are cordially invited to visit us and see for yourself. s H O P E A R L Y LET'S MAKE IT A HOME CHRISTMAS V. HERNDON, Sr. ' T . S. CORNELIUS MAIN AT THIRD — HOPE ARKANSAS

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