Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 22, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 22, 1938
Page 3
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«==* Thursday, September 22,1938 ^•11 IIJII Ulir Jl | j| ,,j| t | |,_.,,| , - - |, . ,|| ' : • ... „ .. HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THREE September It's September, and a calmness and a sweetness seem to fall Over everything that's living, just as though it hears the call Of Old Winter trudging slowly, with his pack of ice and snow, In the distance over yonder, and it somehow .seems as though Every tiny little blossom wants to look its very best When the frost shall bite its petals and it droops away to rest. It's September! It's the fullness and the ripeness of the year; All the work of earth i.s finished, aim the final tasks arc near. Hut there i.s no doleful wailing; every living tiling thai grows, For the end that i.s approaching wears the finest tfurb it knows. And I pray that I may proudly hold Gel Comforting Relief from JN/ANVY HEAD COLDS DO THIS: Put Borne Vlcks Vnnollub up each nostril and sniff well back, NEXT, molt ix spoonful of VapoRub In a bowl of boiling water; brcntho In the medicated vapors for several minutes. This loosens phlegm and further clears the nlr-passagcs. AT BEDTIME, nib VnpoRub on throat; ohrst. and back no Its long-continued double, action can re- .^^ lleve the misery of tlie cold while you Klcop. TRVIT—then you'll know why VnpoRub l.i n standby In 3 out of 5 homes. my head up high and smile When I come to my September in the goldcit aftcrwhile.—-Selected. Mr. and Mrs. Oral Walker of Arkadelphia were among (he out of town visitors seeing the Hempstcad County Fair on Wednesday. Mrs. Hugh Jones and daughter, Betty, Mrs. W. B. Mason, Mrs. D. II. Lip- seomb, Mrs. B. M. Jones and Miss Annie Sue Andrews were Thursday visitors in Ashdown attending the Southwest District convention of the Woman's Missionary Union of the Baptist church. —O— Mrs. Kelly Brianl was hostess on Tuesday to the member:; of the Swastika club. -O- Mr. and JVlrs. Hugh Ogle left Wednesday morning for their home in Los Angeles, Calif., after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Brtggs and Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Carter. Dr. and Mrs. W. G. Allison have returned from a trip Ilirougli North Arkansas, Conway and Little Hock. -OR. T. White left Thursday afternoon for n week-end visit with relatives and Friends in Tennessee points. Circle No. 1 W. M. U., First Baptist church held its September meeting at the homo of Mrs. F. L. Padgitl, with 14 members and one visitor present. A most interesting Mission Study was conducted by Mrs. Paclgitt and following a short business period, the hostess served a most tempting salad course with hot coffee. The most timely picture of the year * "BLOCKADE" * with Madelein Carroll • Henry Fonda 1,1.0 CARKILLO • JOHN HALLUMY • KIOGINAL DENNY (This Is a Family Type Program) Bring this Ad with you II will admit cue adult FREE with due paid 20e ticket. John P. Cox Drug Co, Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps ABDG Capsules Bring us your next PRESCRIPTION. Three registered druggists on duty to serve you correctly and promptly. Over a quarter million prescriptions filled, Q. Docs the Employment Service •cgister and pccure jobs fot\uncmploy- ed veterans? A. Yes. There is a Veteran's Rcpre- icnUitivc in each state, who devotes lis time end efforts, with the cooperation of n local representative in each :Iistricl and branch office, securing employment for veterans. Q. ts there a farm placement service maintained? A. Yes. There is a .stale farm placement supervisor in eacli state who, willi the cooperation of each local office, directs farm labor where and when it is needed, without charge. AllStudentsWill (Continued from Page One) Questions, Answers On Employment Local Methodist Church Prepares for 2-Week Revival Meet Opening Sunday The Rev. James W. Workman of Fayetteville to Conduct Campaign—Singing to Be Directed by the Rev. E. H. Martin of Jackson, Tenn. JOO ASPIRIN TABLETS 29 2 KOTEX I2.s 39c BORIC ACID The Junior" .,._, ZIPPER BAG IS 'inch 41 • 4%^£ Made of quality waslmMr, waterproof \fl -•* " f ~ ' '. • ' suede fmiftti iwMierizrd fabric. Xfrji'^-^ Po-Do ">r| SHAVING CREAM , j u C |,ar K i, Dorothy Perkins Elizabeth Arden Barbara Gould Lentheric Perfume Max Factor Evening In Paris * Rubbing ALCOHOL dishes, breads and desserts. The O/.an-Sl. Paul club i.s featuring a picnic lunch for the family, just taken from the garden and the pantry shelf. This lunch on exhibit saves the house wife hot hours in the kitchen in the afternoon and evening as it could be prepared early in the morning and put in the ice box until supper time, then taken out in the back yard living room and serve. This exhibit consists of a dutch oven, camp tables and folding stools. This .should be ,-i delightful event for any farm family. Other interesting contests arc food preservation, which includes a six- jar exhibit composed of two fruits,, two meals and two vegetables, all different varieties together with a summary sheet of all canned products on the pantry shelf. Other contests arc in the- individual fruits and vegetables in both homo demonstration and 4-H club work. The handicrafts department has a display of pine needle baskets, carved wooden articles, home-made brooms and miscellaneous exhibits. Household Arts The household arts division is probably the largest at the fair. There is an attractive display of quilts, both pieced and appliqucd. Crocheted bed Spreads, hooked, braided, woven and miscellaneous rugs. Tho'rtccdlc craft clcpartinenl has lovely cut work, embroidery and Italian hem stitching 'flu., general foods department is featuring contests in while bread, cakes cookies, and rolls. An unusual event this year i.s the flower show which i.< comiMscd of individual entries in al the common varieties of flowers. The WPA sewing room, the NYA girls rnd the Red Cross department have attractive displays. The colored exhibits are from cigh communities and are arranged by community booths. Other interesting features of the fail this year are the livestock show, fick crojis and poultry show. Judging of poultry will lake place m 1:31) p. m. Fridr.y by A. M. Moore c>; University of Arkansas, extension ser. vice. • THUR.&FRI. I The roaring story of the pirate who saved the nation! FREDRIC MARCH "T H E UCCANEER A Paramount Picture with I'lfANCISKA GAAL AKfM TAM.IROFF MARGOT GRAHAMK WALTER BRENNAN FRIDAY NIGHT— Dance on Our Stage THUR.&FRI. Their first show in two years . . Their funniest show of all! JAMES CAGNEY and PAT O'BRIEN 'BOY MEETS GIRL —with— DICK FOUAN RALPH BELLAMY MAUIE WILSON FRANK IMcIlUCII RAZOR BLADES Pkg.of 10 ° "m7out. 8 "'' lei>w ''''""« I ilrfiniS '" O - dl: '- C '« .<* Orlis TOOTH PASTE c Let Us Show You Whats New in Football Fashions LADIES Specialty Shop '!Ve Ilcv. James W. Workman, >aslor of Central Mcthodi.st church, Fayettcvlllc, Ark., will >c the preacher for the two- week revival meeting to begin Sunday, September 25 at First Methodist church. Services will be held twice dnily i at 10 o'clock in the morning and at 7:30 o'clock in the evening. Dr. Workman is one of the rnit.stnnding younger Arkansas Methodist ministers. He i.s the son of Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Work- nan of Fordycc, Ark. The father is pastor of the First MctJi- dist church in Fordycc. Two ilhcr sons arc also Methodist ministers, flcv. M. Thornburg Workman of Ferguson, Mo., and Rev. George Workman, at home on furlough from missionary work in Cliinn. Dr. Workman i.s recognized as most forceful public speaker, ile is a strong and inspiring preacher. His messages will be nost interesting and worthwhile.. He will appeal to youth as well as to Udcr folk. The singing for the meeting will be liroctcd by Rev. E. H. Martin, of Jackson. Tenn. He has been in meetings in the past year at Malvcrn, ttcv. James W. Workman . Prcscolt, and Nashville. He will make MI especially strong appeal to young people and boys and girls. A cordial invitation is extended the general public to attend these services. Penney Girls, Merchants Winner Softball Games The JVC. Penney girls Softball team defeated the Hope Basket girls, 14 to 9, Wednesday hight at Fair park. A ttafh eomfjosed of Hope merchants defeated the Boy Scouts, 22 to I. Troops attributed Germany's victory to "better nerves" than her opponents. Big Wilson Farm (Continued from Page One) Cleveland's (Continued from Page One) HEATERS FLOOR FURNACES Phone for Estimate Harry W, Shiver Plumbing — Electrical Phone 259 disappeared on the way to a party, and whose son recognized the dental work found with the skeleton. The circumstances of her disappearance were .similar to those in the case of Mrs. Polillo. Fiend's "Laboratory" August 16 of this year, parts of .the bodies of two women were found near the mouth of the Cuyahoga river,'the 12th and 13th victims. As in the first cases, the bodies had been dissected with a certain rudimentary skill. The theory was irresistible that all the murders were done in some fend- ish "laboratory" from which the dissected bodies were later carried, but every effort to find that room of horror has been a failure. Not so much as a description has been obtained of the man (or miRlit it even be a woman?l who has lured l.'l people to a horrible death and hidden his own activities beneath some smiling mask of respectability. Dress Brother and Sister Alike for School or Play Healing Service at the Tabernacle Rev. Dexter Collins Conducting Second Week of Services It is reported that from- the slapd- point of actual results and spiritual help for the people, one of'.the'best meetings ever held at the Tabernacle is now in progress under the able leadership of Evangelist Dexter Collins of Granada, Minn. The Rev. Mr. Collins has a unique faculty of presenting the Oos pel so that it .stirs in people ar, actual yeanling to jvc n Christian life. A special vino Healing service will-be • hcK i iiursday night, at whic htiino II.L- .vangclisl will speak along that, .lint I'nday night will .mark the .end o, the second week and further' an nounccmcnt will be made on Sunday as to the continuance of the services tor another week. , • • A Sunday school attendance, contest is being conducted in connection wjlh the meeting. Three hundred and thirty-five were present last Sunday and over four hundred are expected for next Sunday. A heart invitation is extended to all not already attending sonic Sunday school. The, general public is invited to all the services which begin at 7:45. tens when Adolf Hitler triumphantly enters the Sudeten regions—as Nazis expect him to do. Roumanian Oil Wanted This correspondent was informed that In Nazi training schools for foreign propaganda Roumania now constitutes the central theme. Once Roumania is in Germany's economic orbit, access to large oil supplies is assured the Reich. Though Roumania would retain her political independence, realization of German plans to permeate her government with Nazi ideology and dove- talc Roulnanian economics with Gcr- mnay's would bring a great step nearer completion of German ambitions of "Drang nach Oaten"—inarch to the east. There.was speculation in Berlin on how long Germany would continue to recognize .President Eduard Bcncs' government in Prague. Hitler I/pavr.- for Parley Adolf Hitler spent the day in his Munich apartment. He left for Godcs- bcrg and his conference with the British primti minister in his special train at 10:45 o'clock Wednesday night. He was accompanied by Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbcntrop, Propaganda Minister Paul Joseph Gocbbcls, Undersecretary of-State Count Ernest von Weiszaeckcr, the interpreter, Paul Schmidt, and Secretary of Stale Karl Hankc. The. special was scheduled to reach Godesborg between 9 and 10 a. m. Thursday. It was announced in Berlin that Prime Minister Chamberlain was expected to land at Cologne airport at noon Thursday. Automobiles then would take him and his party .to his headquarters on Pctcrsbcrg.across the Rhine from Goclcsbcrg where luncheon will be served. About 3:45 p. m. (8:45 a. m., Hope time) Chamberlain will be ferried across the river where the fuehdcr will'await him. Well-informed sources here said there would be no bagging, with Hitler. 000 for participating in crop reduction and soil conservation programs. This provision handicapped the large plantation, t/ntil the hew provision to the company rah into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Grain said each unit would consist of from 400 to 1,000 acres, with tach operator making his own contract witH the AAA. The plantation has 445,000 acres under cultivation with about 20,000 acres (fiv* I en over to cottort. There are approx* imatcly 2,000 tenant houses on the dc* 1 velopmcnt. ' The official organ of the Nazi S. S. !'.«* And We Fall Heir to a Wealth of New Styles! New lines; now colors; new patterns—-they're all here for you to select from in our "just-in" shipment of Griffon Clothes. .'•-'•• We got a thrill" when we unpacked them—we know you'll get a bigger thrill when you' try them on and strut before the m'ir'rpr! ' .... . GORH AM UOSNEU "The Men's Store" Di- Baldwin Visit to (Continued from Page One) man region at midday as (he first-stop of carrying out the annexation' of the territory by Germany. Hungary Also Asks BUDAPEST, Hungary—(/J 1 )—It was officially announced Thursday that Hungary, through her minister at Prague, had handed a note to the Czechoslovak foreign minister Thursday requesting rights for the Hungarian minorities in Czechoslovakia equal to those which may be granted the Sudeten German minority. Berlin Reports BERLIN, Germany.— Iff)— The German official news agency reported Thursday from Schocmberg, Germany, that serious clashes occurred at noon between Czech soldiers, gendarmes and Sudeten Germans near the border village of Licbcnau. The same agency also reported, the arrival of 39 Soviet Russian warplancs at two Czechoslovak airdromes. By CAROL DAY | Tliis little design is certainly a winner among mixed doubles for school and play. Once your hopefuls; go off to school dressed according to 82Gf), it will become a happy family tradition to be often repeated. The boy's suit i.s as comfortable anil .strictly tailored as Dad's. The girl's jumper frock has a saucy flare to it that all ladies, no matter how young. love to wear. For the shorts and the junior, choose jersey, flannel, duck or pique. For the shirt, gingham, linen or broadcloth, Sturdy fabrics are more .suitable, since this little duo is designed for school, kindergarten and guod hard play. Pattern 8265 is designed for sizes !), 4, 5, 6 and 8 years. For the shirt, si/.e 4 requires 1's yards of 39 inch material. For the boy's sl\orts, 7S yard of 39 inch material is required. For the girl's jumper, l : !g yards. The new Fall and Winter Pattern Book, 32 pages of attravtice designs for every size and every occasion, is now ready. Photographs show dresses made from these patterns being worn; a feature you will enjoy. Lie the charming designs in this new book help you in your sewing. One pattern and the new Fall nad Winter Pat- By LOUIS P. LOCUNER BERLIN, Germany—(/I 1 )—So certain of victory in Czechoslovakia were Nazi Germans Wednesday night that the problem of making Roumania, with bet- rich oil and wheat supplies, the next to ripen for a change was already occupying Nazi minds. Thek Nazis' certainly sent truckloads of swastika flags rumbling eastward in preparation for a triumphal entry into Sudetcnland. Other trucks were going in the same direction, bearing troops to undisclosed destinations, apparently in readiness for the last act of the Czech drama. The flags were for display by Suclc- tern Book~<J5 cents. Pattern or book alone—15 cents. For a Pattern of this attractive model send 15c in coin, your name, address, style number and size to Hope Star Today's Pattern Bureau, 211 W. Wack er Drive, Chicago, 111. SEE JETT WILLIAMS For Quick Service when making your Government Cotton Loans. Classed by u Government Licensed Chusscr. 1(18 South Walnut Street City Meat Market K. C. Meats, Fish & Oysters Prompt Free Delivery Plvone 767 Evan Wriiy LcKoy Henry OtJR CHOICE FOR ALL-AMERICAN STYLE-HONORS FOR THE SEASON! Your favorite hat in every new fall shape and shade. Snap brims, t y r o 1 e a n shapes, hombergs, turn up shapes, welts, raw edges, and bound edges. The new shades of green, grey, blue, brown. Mixtures and smooth felts. See the new styles in our windows. Snap lirlm wide welt! The newer snap brim style, plus the added sporty touch of a •?»inch brim welt! New turnup brim welt! Exceedingly smart, a hat that has a formal touch plus the semi- sport of a wide welt. KNOX $5.OO SWAN $3.98 Rothschild $2.98 II o m 1) u r KS for fall iv«ar! The wide range of new colors and sleek designs make this the choice of every businessman! Tyrolean adaptations! We have complete new lines of all sports model tyrolcans. In every new color. We Give Eagle Stamps The Leading Department Store Geo. W. Robison & Co. HOPE PRESCOTT NASHVILLE

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