Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 2, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1948
Page 4
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. Poge Four Pefoin Said to Be in Weak Condition HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Paris. Dec. ! — <7!V- Imprisoned Marshall Henri Philippee Pelain. 92, has weakened to :\ i-onsido able Rumors eirculated that the cnbi net might deeide to remove him (from the- lie D'Yeu off tb<: Bay jof Biscay to ViileneiivcLmibcl in Southern Kranee, where Pelain joncc owned a house. Mitterand 'said nothing lias been decided. Vichv fell. i-I< Prescott Thursday/ December 2, 1948 Pelain hearlerl 'lie eminent after France Fr^nr' M'M"*'^ , " f • , Inf ' Jnii; "'»» b<HM, serving a life sontenre Francis Milterand said today. , h i.v trial for treason in 1945. Moncly, December 6 The O.K.S. will meet at the Ma- Hall Monday at 7:30 p.m. for since 205 SOUTH WALNUT WE DELIVER PHONE 709 CIGARETTE LARD 4 Ibs. 95C ALL POPULAR BRANDS Pkq. ORANGES Bag ^ftjr\al MEAL 10 Ib. cloth bag GRAPEFRUIT bag BEANS GREAT NORTHERNS LIMAS or PINTOS 1 Ib. 15c 2 Ibs. 29c Small Lean SALT MEAT 39c Yellow 4 SWEET ONIONS Ibr, PET MILK 2 large or 4 small Pure Pork SAUSAGE 1 Ib. Roll JELLO pkgs. DOG FOOD cans Shredded -a r" COCOANUT 4 oz. I DC End Cut PORK CHOPS POTATOES 10 Ib. mesh bag lowana or Deckers BACON Itx CRANBERRY SAUCE can_ Paper Shell PECANS -Ib. K. C. BEEF ROAST Ib. Pork NECK BONES Ib. II ls J:L cind BUFFALO ONR CHRISTMAS TREES, FIRE WORKS, NUTS, CANDIES FRUIT CAKE MATERIALS and FRUIT CAKES ARE IN' i The Women of the Presbyterian church U.S. will meet at the home of Mrs. Tom Bemis, Monday at 2:1)0 p.m. The Woman's Missionary Society of the Presbyterian church will meet at 2:31) p.m. at the home of Mrs. W. G. Bcnsberg. There will be an executive meeting of newly-elected officers of the W.M..S. of the First Baptist church at 2 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Jack Cooper. The circles of the W.S.C.S. of the Methodist church will meet Monday at 2:30 p.m. in the following homes': Circle 1 at the Church. Circle 2 with Mrs. O. G. Hirst, Circle 3 with Mrs. Charlie Scott. Circle 4 with Mrs. J. T. Worlhington. Radio Station KXAR of Hope announced today that the recording made of the Nevada County Day luncheon program in the ballroom of the Marion Hotel Friday, November 2(>, would be rebroadcast over their station Friday, December 3 at 10 a.m. Through the cooperation of Radio Station KXAR a special recording NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES This Old Treatment Often Brings Happy Relief When disorder of kidney ftmclion permits poisonous matter to remain in your blood it may cause nn/jKintf backache, rheumatic Pains, ICK pains, IOSFJ of pep and cnoriry gel- tnnr up niiditR, sK-eilinpr, puffincas under the eyes, headaches and dizziness. Frequent or scanty passages with iimai-tinu and burning; sometimes shows there is something wrong with your kidneys or hlnddcr. IJon't wait 1 Ask your druwrist for Bonn's Pills, a stimulant diuretic, used successfully by millions for over 50 years. Doan's sivo liamiy relief and will help the 15 miles of kidney tubes flush mil poisonous waste from i'our blood. Get Doan'a Pills, was made of the program that the activities could sentcd to Southwest Arkai the benefit of (hose who attend this outstanding which was presented by County. in order be pre- isas foi 1 .•mild not j program | Nevada i Officials of the Prescott Chamber oi commerce announced, today that the exhibit featuring.; Nevada c'ountv ! lnhh UClS r ^ licl j was-displayod in the lobby of the Marion Hotel on Nevada County Day ' and which''i- now located in the windows of the Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company at t' ifth and Broadway" itf; Little Rock, Arkansas, will be sort -up in the windows of the PrescoU'Trnp'lc- ment Company Saturday, December 4. The Chamber of Commerce announced today that an invitation had been received and accepted bv the Prescott 1-Iij.h School Band to ! participate in the Christmas Diamond Jubilee Celebration of Texarkana. The Band will be a part of a mammouth parade which will be staged on Friday, December 10 at 3 p.m. The O.K.S. held a special meeting for initiation at the Masonic Hall on Monday evening. This was one of the outstanding meetings of the year. The Hall was beautifully decora- led with chrysanthemums and nandina berries. There were two candidates, Mrs. Imogene Cline and Miss Abbey McHenry. Mrs. Tull from the Thornberg Little Rock Chapter presented her .sister, Mrs. Cline, with a ritual of the order which was a gift from her mother who was unable to attend. During the social hour covered dish refreshments were enjoyed Mrs. A. V. Bobb and Mrs. Ol's Langslon served on the refreshment committee jmd Mrs. Skippy White and Mrs. utto Allen served on the decoration committee. The regular i-nuron-rHmii" l night supper and program was held j at the Presbyterian church in the ' Men's Fellowship rooms. Monday ! evening at 7 o'clock. Arrangements of ehrysanthe- VISIT a' 5 ^!ri.vu ^' VS\ _ \ \:~n 3 P'-'l" Leave if to ASP to have scores and scores of qualify-, famous foods . . . all marked at budget-farpous pricos. : That's why wo want you fo come in ... to compare the variety . . . compare flio quality . . . fhon compare Iho pricos. You'll find that ASP offers a huge selection of grand-fasting foods at pricos that are hard fo boat anywhere, anytime. DEL MONTE CORN GREEN GIANT PEAS VAN CAMP'S BEANS LIBBY'S PEACHES BAKER'S CANDY BARS Craam : Stylo .Sv/eot Tender With' Pork Yellow Cling Jumbo Size No. 303 |0 r Can I t C N°' 3 " 0{ r Can £. I C N°-300 75; _ Cans £<JG No.2'/2 00 p ' Can <J*>t. I9c V'' & Libby's Sweet Peas Libby's Fruit Cocklail Lilly's P.iuled Whole Apricots A?.P Applesauce No. I Con BUTTER KERNEL Can J 9C of Golden Gc PI, f. Ti" . /• r r Texas Oranges Jonathan Apples Delicious Apples Red Potatoes Russet Potatoes Green Cabbage FRESH GREEN NORTHWESTERN FIR 59c 7-8 •; $1.29 5-6 J';\. 89c 9-10 '••:, $1.99 3-4 Center Cut Pork Chops ib. 57c End Cut FVrk Loin Pork Roas! IB. 49c I'rosh Sliced Pork Sfeak ib. 53c S.noled Bacon Squares ib. 49c fancy Sail Jowls Ground Meat Sliced Catfish ib. 79c Codfish Fillets i:. 39c Haddock Fillets n, "15c Select Oysters \\-. 87c VC?* 3 ,;'::-, $2.45 5 ,:,; $3.85 LIE2Y S Vienna Sausage .« I9c Potted Meat !!..:'« On IOC Potted Meat I6c Lli.i'1 S Lunch Tongue tj-..vvc 4 n 29c mums were used to decorate the rooms. Following the supper which was seived buffet style group singing was enjoyed. The miesl speaker. liev. J. A. Palaehek of Nashville «ave an inspiring talk on "Christ in \ on." Tin.- re were sixty-five present. )Mi>;s Dorothy Wilson has returned li> her home in Little Reek after a visit with her mother, Mrs. Rob- hie Wilson and her sister, Mrs. John William Davis and Mr. Dflvis. Miss -Keb(«cen .Daniel of Searey 'iiwn 'the guest of her parents. N. N. Daniel. Mrs. ton McRac and children ot El Dor ado. Mr. and Mrs. Crit Stuart Jr. have returned to their home in Jonesboro after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. N. N. Daniel. James Edward Duke has returned to Ouachita College, Arkauclphia after a visit with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Duke. Gil Buchanan. Mrs. Matt Milt of Little Rock .spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Grccson and other relatives. Ivlrs. .Mary Montgomery has had as her guesl;;, Mr. and Mrs. Carlc- Donnell Buchanan, student at A &. M College Monticcllo was the weekend guest of his mother. Mrs. Jack Stivers has resumed his studies at A & M College, Magnolia arter spending the weekend with his mother, Mrs. B. C. Stivers. Mrs W. L. Hines has returned irom Carthage. Texas where she was Die «uest of her daughter, Mrs. J. L. Welch and Mr. Welch. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Davis accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Lcv- erett of Hope spent the weekend in Houston, Texas as guests of. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Davis. Mrs. F. C. Ciements of Midland Michigin is the guest of her mother, Mrs. Hartwcll Grceson who is ill at the Cora Donncll hospital. Domes Arkansan to Replace Commerce Head Washington, Dec. 1— (,T) — White House .officials have discounted) reports that a .replaccmnt is bein'f' considered for Secretary of Commerce Charles Sawyer. Presidential Secretary Charles G. Ross said yesterday he was not "aware that there is a vacancy in that office." The magazine American Banker reported that Nathaniel Dyke, Little Rock. Ark., banker was being considered as a replacement for. Sawyer. • . - ' Dyke told newsmen that he knew nothing of such a possibility. Cans Halves or Sliced. G Cans 1.63 .ucel. -ibby's Finest, 6 cans 1.95, White Corn 8^1.1.2 f Sweet Cream Style. 12 Cans 2.19. '•.'; Apricots : Whole, Peeled, Delicious. 6 Cans 1' Asparagus, 3 " Delicious. All Green. 6 Cans 1.C9. Yellow Corn 6£,»1. Whole Kernel Tender. 12 Cans 2.10 Fruit CocktoiS N c a n' 2 Make Snow Queen Salad. Delicious. Blended Juice Kroger Grapefruit and Orange Peaches' .- : .., , V; Cans waives or Slices in Syrup, (i cans 1.15,1 £ No 303 t iiuiaiczy fl u.u re.CIS n:~ p 1 i Hifih Qualify, 1 12 Caris'^b^.; ^ Corn (Gj No - 3 ° 3 1 Cream Style While. 12 Cans 2.25. Peaches ^ Halves or Slices. 0 Cans 1.85. Fruit Cocktail Kroger Flour 25 ;j $- 1 7Q *•>*. W-.IK • » I v in i> ready made apron bati: No sewing' Yellow Corn @ ^f Tender Cream Style. 12 Cans'"l.95. ., . TUii-Juice^c^gfo IPurc, Unsweetened Juice, Healthful'. . •Orange Juice ^ ai f • • kroner, Has plenty of vitamins. Kroger Milk 2 ca.« _ Evaporated From Pure Whole Milk," -••, ,>. ;. •• . . Whipping Creqniv,; Thb Fin'ishiri«.,toueh l ;on Siiow Queen Salad '' Excellent for cooking. Fine Flavor. Spotlight ; ' - lb _ 4Q C Hoi Daled to insure freshness. IKroget' Bread g, Priced to Save you Money Fruit Cake 2 ' L ; lb ,- 1 JLueli 1 • Kroner Full of fruit. Delicious. Layer Cake K!ich ___ Kro.:;er. Chocolate Almond Golden Cake. Ri « . -.: /iu River l.lrand. lli;;h Quality. Prem .,, ,12 oz. Can Swift's Delicious Canned Meal Manhattan Mix §. •„ Kroju'-r's i<'rcsh assurtc-d candies. Diornond Walnuts r !|',, Jlixli i|iKi)il.v i\'i.s\ to shell. Pork Roast or Steak jb 47 C Lean Boston Butts. Bacon Squares Cudahy Gem Cello Squares. Sliced Bacon Armour Star Fancy. Chuck Roast Kroner Cut Baby Beef Puritan Ready to Eat LV. Wilson's Corn King Ib. Piece Bacon lb 53Q Cudahy Gold Coin — Dry Cured. Ib. lb. lb . Tender Hams ^ Wilson's Certified. Butt half lb. 59c Oysters 5l Kroger Lar^e F re-Shore Selects. lb. 52G Fish Fillets Ib. Boneless Tasty Fillets. Whiting. lb. Winesap Apples 3 ]bs g9 c Oranges „ Bv , ^ , Washington Fancy and Kxtru Fancy Fruit. High Quality. In Handy Visinet Bag. Pears Redi-Uipe. Delicious, Fresh. lb. Potatoes 100^3.39 HiKh Quality. 50 lb. Ba« 1.7U. SPIC & SPAN HoUHfliold Cleanser Can LAVA SOAP 29c Cleans Dirty Hands. < Bars RHINESTONE JEWE18Y ... with one doled end f;om 1161-Dated Coffee \ ban,' or coupon from J. Kroaer Vacuum Cof?ee. )\ Your f If. Choice ^ _ IJl ' Fed. ,»., C3:to3c y P/ Iiondlin 3 i;icl. These Prices Effective Thursday, Mild, Gentle Kind Skin Fine Wash »««-&»«*, LUX SOAP I LIFEBOUY 2 0°"' 1 Qr» 1 Made - to *> -«o«. Bars 1 Ql* | Stop B. O. C. Bars 130 LUX SOAP to p Malh *J"y« LUX FLAKES !'\<r lye. ** -f « ablcs Box %| I C RINSO Washes Lye. **l 4 liijisu-WhHe Box <5 I I* P&G SOAP Fine for J» m **~L Laundry. Q Burs H'SC DREFT Don't Get Left, Li>e. ^ 4 ^ Use Drcft. Box O I G OXYDOL Washes White Lye. <«| 4 _ Without Bleuchin-. Box O| C We Reserve Hie fight to Limit quantify Sates p . ROLLS OF IMPROVED PROTEX j SUPER SOFT TISSUE.,.ONLY36G ;^*^ ^? CUSTOMER'S =g NAME ^ SIGN THIS COUPON 4NO SEOEEU IT AT yau« ISOCB STORE. piirchaae dc- 9^£ scribed. gS> Coupon void after December 31. 1948. Saturday.

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