Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 1, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 1, 1948
Page 6
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Page Six HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Ne Wednesday, December 1 There will be choir prat-lice at the Presbyterian thai eh at 7: If) p.m. A mid-week meeting will he held at the First Christian church at 7:30 p.m. There will be a teacher's meeting at the First Baptist Church at 7 p.m. Prayer service at 7:43 and choir practice at 8:30. The regular monthly ' Kt-ssion meeting of the Presbyterian church will be hold in the MciUie MemoV- lal room at 7 p.m. ws The Methodist choir will have practice at the church at 7 : ;jo p.m. Thursday, December 2 The W.C.T.U. will meet Thursday afternoon at the horrvo of Mrs bam O. Logan at 2:30 p.m. U. T. Murry. President of the Prescott Chamber of Comnr rc-e announced today th it Nev ula County had lf,7 riii/ci* attend'inp the Nevada County l'),iy nro'-ram which was sponsored j..intiv"\vilh .the Greater Little Uoc;c Chamber of Commerce last Frid;, ,-, Novw bcr 26, in the Marion H-j'u-1 Mr. Murry stated ,ie \vi;;iied !o acknowledge and cxpuv.s 1m- appreciation to the AlU'n>l,ui.:c Committees composed oi P.T. •». ofi' ; <v>rs and members wno wor;-;.!ii so c^ii- gentiy to see that Nev uia Cour'.lv would be well represent.,';). .The following commiiu-es from- their respective commu.iiti-s v/ere responsible for this a!t.MK!aiii-c Mrs. Lura V/hitlen. President 'of the Bodcaw Chapter assisted by Mrs. Howell Herring, Mrs. W ]-} Huffman of the Willicville Chapter, assisted by Mrs. Lee Waters, Mrs H. C. Martin avid Mrs. C T Holilngs, Mrs. A. B. Ktovall Presi' H en n/r 0i: % Calc Chaptor assisted by Mrs Glass and Mrs. Clinton Carter Mrs. Orvilie O'Koefe. President of the Hosston P.T.A., assisted by Mrs. Joe Smyth and Mrs Lee Jaryis. Mrs. Henry White,' President of the Laneburr P T A assited by Mrs. Thurmond May and Mrs Vance Bea.sley. Mrs. 'jack Panlcey, President of the Kmmet £ I, " " ssislcd by JvIlK - Homer Purtle Mrs. Scott r<oss and Mrs Odie Dehon Mrs. lid' Harvey and Mis. Con Harvey trom Bluff City Mrs. Gene Hate, President of the Prescott P.T.A., assisted by Mrs i'l-anic Gilbert, Mrs. Jack Cooper', Mrs. Lee Lernmcrhirt and Mrs Hansel Herring. .Mr Murry suited that in expressing lus appreciation on behalf of the Prescott Chamber ot Commerce that he also fell thai he was expressing it /or the entire county to the auove representatives of-the various P.T.A. Chapters for the splendid job they did in Hettint; such a. high atlenclunee reeoru The Chamber of Commerce wishes to acknowledge the very entertaining luncheon address made by Miss Frances Thrasher and the work of George W. Kaslev Principal of Prescott High School m making the a.sh trays which were given as souvenirs representa tive or Nevada County's timbei Hope Star Star of Hopo 1899; frets 1977 Consoiidateil January IB, 192» Publisher! every weekday afternoon bs STAR PUBLISHING CO. .. u'uf' u* >0 ' m "» President AICX. H. Woihburn, Secretary-Treasurer ot the Star buildinn 212-2M South Walnut St.eoi, Hopo, Ark. Alox H Woshburn, Edito7 & Publish^ Poul M. Jonas, Managing Editor Gooryo W. Hoimcr, Mech. Supl. Jcsr. M. Oovii, Advertising Manager a^K'S? a \ s ?f°nd class matter ot th, !M?LT M . p , ans Associated Press! (NEAJ—Means Newspaper Enterpriso Association. Subscription Ra»o«i (Always Payable li Advance); 6y city carrier per wee* 20, per month B5c. Mail rates—in Hemp sloocj, Nevada, Howord, Miller O n< LoFayclto counties, $4.50 per year; elso •frh^rr; >U.SO. Notional Advertising Representative- <Ukonsas Dallies, Int.; Memphis, Tenr, 'cric.k Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich r,on Avenue; Now York Ciry, 292 Modiso, mi' r£l tr , 0lt ' Mlch -' 2842 w - Gran, Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 3M Terminal Blda • uw Orleans, 722 Union St. Member of the Associated Prcii: Th. •VssoeioKfd Press is entitled exclusively tc rhe use for republlcation of all the loco icws printed In this newspaper, as well o >u AP news dispatches Hof Springs to Float Bonds to Improve Water Believes Its About Time 0!d John Bull and Uncle Sam Get to Know Each Other By DEWITT MACKENZIE AP Forelon Affairs Analyst Hot Springs. Nov. 30 — UP) — A $783,000 bond issue, proceeds of which will be used to improve Hot Springs' water system, was sold today to two Little Rock firms. The bonds approved in a speci-;! election Nov. '.}. were sold bv" the Jiot Springs Waler Commision to T. ,T, Daney and Sons and Hie W. R. Stephen;; Investment Company, who entered a joint low bid of par plus 2.95 interest. Four bids were submitted by a I never heard that one before, total of A firms. |buj am not .surprised .Having The bonds will he dated Nov. 1, 'lived in England many years i v Wednesday, December 1, 1948 Arkansas Sending Electricity East to Aid Shortage LitlU i 000 (Philip Gibbs, the noted author laud he suffered in silence for some TI I. • - , ititne while I sinned mv wilr-r rho Brit!:,!, colonial office tells Anally, he exp oded- UK that .', per cent of Britons think I ..JUT™ T „• i the United States still is one of : ,, . V-i.' sh you would" t drink the colonies ' ; > ;lt • f'ltny, cold stuff for breaiuasi. It makes mo positively ill " Rock. Nov. .'«) — (;!'>—Ar- isas is sending more than Z'M.- kilowatt hours of electricity: --„-•• IW.T-H daiiv to he',, alleviate | worlh y any power shortage in (he floor areas of Georgia and Alabama, inv. jii ionise..-, i invcr and Light Company announced today. i lood waters ol ilie Tennessee river in those sections, backing up m the power lakes of the Tcnnes- firm did no juggling of applications for new ears. Walter H. Garner. Kcnyon-Pcck sales manager, said that maybe Kenyon didn't know it, but that he (Garner) has "adjusted" the waiting list. "I have put some people back, and moved some people I thought up," he said. Silenced In England, shrewish women gossips of a few centuries ago were led through the streets in iron muzzles with mouthpieces to i-;oep the tongue silent. Highest Continent? 1948, with interest payable scrni- 'encountered annually. The first " oonds will mature and the last bonds Dec. 1, 197.'!. 822,000 of the Dec. 1, 1951, will mature notions about its people. For one thin' S-.'ith England's Princess to Shore the Gifts in Britain mistaken all too ideas true Hanging of Clothes Protects Them When hanging up (he fnmilv wash, hang all articles straight and j ror one tning the average Briton' O f |has r,o idea of the vast expanse i'tv 'much lot America. Because he is aole lO'i'icular (move aooul his snug little island! rr ' •• • :>o easily he is utterly iiaubeirasted'A Cf ? our ->, e ll ls equally true that • • ' 'America has some strange ideas aid aid . -contained in this par- that they eastward burg, Miss Virginia Ann Magncss of Emmet, Mrs. Selena Dillard of Rosuton and Mrs. Richard Bright of Prescott. Also playing a major part in the success of the program'was the imancial support given the activity by the various civic organizations of^Ptcscott. The beautiful aerial photographs which were a part of the exhibit Were furnished by the Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company and Nat Ucosley, Chairman of the Publicity Committee, was responsible lor the arrangements which were ™ bri "S in e J- E. Hampson, Photographer of the Company, to Nevada County to make the pictures. Mr. and Mrs. J. R, Bcmis entertained with a buffet supper at their beautiful new homo on Sunday evening honoring their guests, Mr and Mrs J. W. B. Marshut/. of Si' LOUIS, the guests were greeted by M ™ ^ rs ' Bomis and Mr - a «d Mis. MnrshuU. The spacious rooms were decorated with yellow roses The serving table covered with a lace cloth was centered with a silver bowl, filled with large yellow chrysanthemums and white button chrysanthemums. Four branched silver candolabras holding lighted white tapers were placed at each• end of the table I here were fifty guests. ....~ „* *,>-vnv*ti V.UU1H.V b umuer industry as well as the ai:;plav boards Which featured many photographs of Nevada County. Mr. i'Jasley was Chairman of the Kxhibil Coirnnit- • tee and had working wtiii him Harold Ingrain and F. if. Martin. The hostesses who represented Nevada County and contributed in a large part to the success and hospitality of the pro-rain were Miss Marzelle McBride of Prescott Miss Bobbie Cummings of Bluli City, .Miss Phcna Daniel of Lane- J.hc Nevada County Coon Hunters association will hold its third annual meet December 7. beginning at ^ .pm. The nrst event will be mo lima trial lonowca by u bench in- I sliuw. .Oilier entertainment will be provided. Barbecued coon, as usual wiJl ue on the menu, wuh mulligan anu all the Inrnmings. A iar°e crowd is expected so visitors are aked to come early and enjoy the ueiu trial and look the hounds over Supper win be served at seven, so tn.ii association members who woric will have time to get there Homer Purtle, president of tiie association, extenus to everyone a special invitation to come out and uijov with the members an enjoy- auie evening. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Simpson of Cincinnati, Unio are spending the week as guests ot Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bcmis and sons Creomulsion relieves promptly because it ROCS right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aid nature to'sooilm and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Cn.-ojnul.sion with the tmdcrsiandinj; you must lika the way k quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. Mr .and Mrs. J. W. B. Marshutz and Owen Mitchell Jr. have returned to their home in St. Louis alter " visit with Mr. and Mrs. J H Ben us and family. Mrs. Murshutz was the lormer Miss Kay Benns Miss Kale Sparks Bemis who has ueen the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bomis has returned to Lindenwoocl College St Charles, Mo. f ;x- 1 »-'' B '"is l «ri»««»««^is Vz#KHl VV. V. Held of Dallas Texas wis for Coughs.ChestColds,Bronchitis ' lu ' we< -' 1 "'"<J «"<-st «i Mr. and Mrs |J. A. Craig Jr. He was accom- [ pained home by Mrs. Held who j siient last week us the guest of Mr and Mrs. Craig. AS A GIFT GIVER Give a n&w Hervey Bemis and Jim Bemis attended the Arkansas - William & Mary loolball game in Little Hock Saturday. v/atch w!t!i DURAl'O'A'r:.* Mr. and Mrs. Watson Porter of l-'alliis, lexas were the weekend guests til their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otis Townsend of Kmmet and i.'Irs. Watson Porter Sr. of Prescott. Mr. and Mrs, Frank Gilbert and t children Joan, Judy and Martin witnessed the Arkansas-William & Mary football game in Little Hock .iatr'rday. Mrs. Jim Yaneey, Mrs. Bob Coy | riatui Cox. Mrs. Alien Gee Jr. and son i!ill have returned from Ft. Cobb. (J);l;i. where they were the guest:, of Mr. and. Mrs. Wyjie Bird and son, Stevie. Mr. and Mrs. George Straiman and son John of Arhadelphiu Were the Sunday >;iu:.sts uf Mr. and Mr.-. Gee, Sr. Mr. and Mis. J. A. Coleman had a--; Thanl;.sf.\iviny .holiday guests Iheir (iaii:.;iilor, .Mary Jane' and their : : iiij CJranville, both studenth at the l.'nh '.Mbily of Arkansas, Fav- Lodgerwood Faces Gambling Charges Hot Springs by hem last longer, look better and ron easier, advises Lorraine 3hickwood, Home demonstration Hang garments on the straight of the goods arid at bands or to "other example. reinforced places whenever po<-- ""' '• sibc, rather than al edges or corners. Pin dresses to the line by seams or waistbands unless they are cmcd on hangers. Fasten trousers at the waist, but shirts at the tail, because wear at this point will show up least. Always take care to attach clothes pins where Ihcy will not pull edges or teat- trimmings. Hang flat articles straight over the line. Sheets arc inclined lo wear pul firsl along the center so avoid hanging them at this point. Also avoid hanging sheets by the edge because Ihis pulls them out of shape. Fasten all large pieces in three or four places to save strain Hang handkerchicvcs over the line and pin in Ihe middle instead of at corners. As soon as clothes are dry i-c- move them from the line to' save unnecessary wear by flapping in Ihe wind. Fold straight pieces straight as they come from the line and place them flat and smooth in a basket to keep them in shape and as unwrinkled as possible. This saves exlra work in ironing, and makes it posiblc lo use some articles wilh no ironing. When doing Ihe family laundry remember the old saying" "Ironing really begins on the line." Boiled in Jackefs, Poi-afroes Retain Vitamins Research on cooking and analyzing foods shows that potatoes boiled whole in their skins retain practically all their vitamin C and ihiu- mine content. On Ihe other hand these studies show that potatoes peeled before boiling lose 20 to 30 per cent of their vitamin C and lose some thiaminc as well. This means that potatoes in good whole skins can go to the table full of their original vitamins and minerals, Home Demonstration Agent Lorraine Blackwood explains. Yet surveys show that women continue to; peel and slice polatocs before cooking, and throw away the cooking water. In this way they discard food value that could be retained by boiling potalocs whole in Iheir skins. Mashed polaloes prepared from polatoes thai had jusl been boiled in Ihcir skins were found to have retained most of their nutritive value. Cooked polatocs held in the refrigerator lose some of their \ ila- rnin C, bul keeping jackets on helps to retain this vitamin, so sensitive to air, heat and waler. to learn that it is more than a short rirl-j by train from New Vork to Chicago, or to the Went Coasl, for t/i-it matter. Many (oik believe that savage Indians .still rove Ihe plains near C nicago. They also think, (perhaps {due lo our motion picture \Vesl- jerns) that the "wild west" is .full [ol. two-gun men who shoot the hi)>. Gangsterism is . s a s t rongost pal . t to makc! dominant feature of our life '"••""•• i-.-i- i--.. • ' I i r> -i • ., ---- LJI.I. uii^u luettb about Britain, though my observation is thai we know vaslly more about England than she does about us. Apropos of this, Lord Halifax made a neat quip in a recent speech before the English-speak- ,ng union in Britain. He said "the people in the United Slates are almost as pleased to sec that Prin- had a son as . ... v *.%* w w*. \j 1.1 i Jinj. HlOV believe. Quite-apart from these strange beliets, the British also find many oddities m cur characteristics and habits. They want to know, ior .. ----.--. why Americans talk through their noses (as, of course some of us doi quite overlooking the fact that the people in seme party of Rrilain also have a nasal twang. Our designation of a "lift" as an "elevator" passe th understanding. Our idea of drinking cold water lor breakiast is utterly revolting I was having the morning rne'al one time with my good friend Sir iromjccss Elizabeth has pre- we are." adding: . That new about because teeling has come the American na- years, George What lion lias, in the last few come to understand that the third is really dead." Talk about one world! ,, llu , hope, when even Iwo old Allies America and Britain don't Ihis column lhat it's we inaugurated morning, and were continuing to do so today. During the peak hours early yesterday morning and early last night. AP & L was furnishing approximately 30,000 kilowatts hourly. Waiting List Seemed fx> ier Washington, Nov. would-be customer 30 of (/I 1 ) -- A Washing-- v ,.. u w • • • v. i, *,J1_ (i »>U;jlllIli4~ ion area Chevrolet company said loday she gave up trying to get new car after on getting up to 25th the firm's wailing list and then dropping back to 35th. The witness, Mrs. Sarah Kigcn, tcstilied before time about .more j courses so accjuainlcd. a house sub-com- officials of the : London. Nov. 30 -(/P)- Prencess Jihxabcth announced today a share- ithe-gifts play for tho mothers of :ail babies born in the united king- do <?? on . l ,hc same day as her son. i The gifts are food parcels sent |to the princess ever since her wedding on Nov. 20, lfl.17. Some of these food parcels already have been distributed to needy families but enough are on hand to make up new parcels lor the Nov 14 mothers. Tho ministry of food, announcing it has received instructions -"rom the princess to make the food distribution, said a list of the mothers is now being compiled by the f.-ovci-iunent's vilal statistic bureau. It was unable lo estimate the number of babies born on the same day as the prince. Many of the parcels have come from Ihe United States. The water area of Ihe United Slates, exclusive of the Great Lakes, is 45,259 square miles. international educational get thai Many wo of can the understandings among nations mis- due lo ignorance or To false Ideas about the other fellow. John Bull, meet Uncle Sam. „, list. investigating Into Uniform Colulmhia. S. C. , Dee. 1 lUPi -The USO, wartime guardian of the fighting jnan's morale, stepped back into uniform today. Heeding the call of the nation Y military need, the six charities which joined betore Pearl Harbor to form United Service Orgjinixa- Uon.s reopened the first of the wartime, service clubs for peacetime duly. The honor went to the Laurel street club of Columbia, lari-esl ;u the chain of entertainment centers which were shutdown as our military forces demobilized. It was during the war days of May liMi: that Laurel street u' its clours to servicemen ui coastal bases. The Ihiee downtown mansion had e\v I an off-duty soldier in a j town could want, from phot i room to swimming pool ;,m ! sand seat' auditorium}':. I Before it elosed a year at:o 1000 servicemen signed ihe'n I Durini; the past year the ! operated on an iiitc-rniittein jUle although tile l!SU it..;,. i elosed its books. But anuv ision brou.ijlit JU.ODO soldi I by Ft. Jackson lor ba,sic trainim' IC'olumbian.s ivali/.e<) trial Laurel | street had closed loo soon I So the big club iv.iedieaied ils.'lf ! last 11114)11. and a m-twoik of oth'.-r [USD ceiiteihi acruos ihe nalUMi o, ill ilollow .suit Jan. 1. I "It seems siii'h a ^ini'-i ij. i.. i:.-iiu-e l'J-11.-- saul Mnj. Cm tl-oi-o ' 11. Decker, Ft. Jac nig general, during He and Guv. Slroi South L'.'u iilina. SJK; eniuy. LSoll C the c Jewelry Sture Phone 434 Hope, Ark-. (about „„,,_ down on the commillee is practices. The company involved was Ken- yon-Pcck, inc., pi nearby Arlington, Va. Lawrence Kenyon. vice- president and treasurer, said his The average elevation of thr» continent of Antarctica proba'oly is about fi(KIO feel — more than twice as high as Asia, the next highest continent, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. _reUovfl coughs-aching muscles ill FOR SALE----- 8 Kegs 3d Cement CoatcU Box Nails 80 Kegs 4d Cement Coated Cooler Nails Kegs 4d Bright Box Nails Kegs 5d Bright Box Nails Kegs 5d Cement Coated Cooler Nails Kegs 6d Bright Box Nails Kegs 7d Cement Coated Cooler Nails « PRICE — $9.00 per Keg f.o.b. Prescott. GENERAL BOX COMPANY PRESCOTT, ARKANSAS 24 38 40 24 80 s: POWELL NASH MOTORS 304 - 306 EAST THIRD STREET In winning the Nash 10 Point Select Dealer Award, your local Nash dealer has met and is maintaining the highest standards of customer service in the automotive world today. Nash Motors is proud to congratulate this outstanding organization on maintaining the top standards that help serve you better, no matter what make of car you drive. When you visit this dealership you will see visible evidence of the high standards he maintains. ^>ou \\ill like the friendly, courteous manner in which you are treated. 'Vm will find assurance in his modern service department and the factory-trained mechanics who know all make cars like a book. In fact, they work "by the book". . . the service manuals issued by the inan- uiacturer of your car. 1 lore, loo, are the latest scientific tools and equipment, especially designed to save you time and money on any service job, from a check-up, lubrication or minor adjustment to a major overhaul. The ten standards which he has met and maintained in order to qualify for the Nash 10 Point Plaque encompass every phase of a dealer's service to his customer. Financial integrity, adequate floor space, proper facilities, convenient location, sound accounting methods are but a lew ol (he reasons why it pays to do business with tins Nash 10 Point Select Dealer. Such are the high standards of the dealer who sells the nation s newest cars, the Nash Aidlyte "600" and Nash An-tlyte Ambassador for 1949. Boih of these completely new cars are on display in his spacious showroom. N\e invite you to visit this outstanding Nash 10 Point Delect Dealer soon. Get acquainted with the friendly stall uho are always at your service. Then plan to make this jour automotive headquarters. r^i«,!£li<- .-vV--. ^;»i-;'.-rJSS9i THE NATION'S NEWEST CAR L

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