Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 20, 1938 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 20, 1938
Page 6
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& «*% t p. n > -PAGE SIX HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Pfew York Goes to £ Polls on O'Connor Powerful Chairman of the .House Rules Committee Faces F. D. R. By the Associated Press .the success or failure of Roosevelt wforts to defeat Chairman John J. O'Connor, house rules committee chairman, was being determined Tuesday by the voters of New York's East Side. f O'Connor sought both the Democratic and Republican nominations for Jus ninth term. James H. Fay, Roosevelt-supported, was his Democratic opponent; and Allen Dulles was against him on the Republican ticket. -Wisconsin and New Jersey are choosing senatorial nominees, and Massachusetts and Wisconsin arc nominating for governor. O'Connor Is Up By the Associated Press The Democrats of a section of New York city will decide Tuesday the outcome of the last of President Roosevelt's announced efforts to rid congress of Democrats whom he calls conservatives. They will choose between Representative John J. O'Connor, whom Mr. Roosevelt has denounced as "one of the most effective obstruction- isjts" u» the house, and James H. Fay, New.Dealer favored by the chief executive. •~ As chairman of the house rules committee, Representative O'Connor of Ne-'wYork holds akey position in the process of legislation. Practically all bills must be approved by his committee" before they can come up for dis- cuttion on the floor of the house. "/White House displeasure with O'Connor is said commonly to have had its start st the time the public utility holding company bill and its so- .palled "death sentence" provision were before congress. O'Connor opposed the government reorganization bill, a measure, upon which the president has • insisted^ u ln addition to seeking Democratic feVomination, O'Connor entered him- .self as a canc'Hate for the Republican nomination. In that contest, he is opposed by Allen Dulles. Hurricane Veers Away From Coast Misses Florida, and Is Skirting South Carolina Coast JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — (.-V) — A Weather Bureau order for storm warnings along the North Carolina coast Tuesday said n tropical hurricane of "great intensity" would past cast of Cape Hattcras Tuesday nUht. The storm, which Monday was menacing south Florida, is now moving north to northwestward at 17 miles an hour. This movement lessened the danger to Florida. Food Products Storage House O~ r' ^pt'\ .^ k*t 4 ,«r' •#•" -W,^'^ ^Ij* itf, , /I;,, -,y v ' ':•:«$ . ?J£:®'*'fc) So They Say Modern Daffodils : Are Favorites Every war in our nation's history has .found us with a navy inadequate for the task at the outbreak of the war. —Admiral William D. Leahy, who excepts. the Spanish-American war. To say that a person "looks intelligent" means nothing.— Prof Hcrinon W. Martin of Emory University. They yield to the advancing Japanese army as a river yields to a rock in the way. by going around it. — Dr. Walter H. Judd, American doctor in China_ on the Chinese. I don't play chess — I regard it as a useless loss of time. — Prof. Marston Worse of Princeton University, who states he has proved by mathematics that a single chess game could be played into infinity. Manifestly the Fuehrer has the divine blessing. — Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy to the National Socialist Party. , Burrowing owls can see in glaring -laylight as well as most other birds. ^'ir/A*- 1 -: :-.?.£ , }•.• «'<...I-.'. •* /. •«M >; - *\ V* •*&•/•££ ^ -•**• ••: •-^v£< FCUIT AS'tl VEGET^PvLE STOUAC5IT ~r ^^^v : '~""~~"""~'. : " : -"~T--\r| fe.f-^^-'-'-i'i -"—- : -- i —H; ;| ; v';] JHfli-fS I; 1 ;'] C>)(r*-J A!J.V.V'O. 7O3/.T Of PiAV SfPV/CC COt-LCGE Of AGK/CULTUQZ wood phlox, phlox clivaricata, and the white wood lily, trillium grancli- florum. In the garden they are in season with the early tulips and the Iwarf irises and smaller spring bulbs. Some of them are delightfully fra? ^rant and are prized for this feature as well as their beauty. The narcissus family offers the first long-stemmed cutting material of spring. They are ideal cut flowers, as is shown by the quantities of daffodils forced and sold by florists each winter. The trumpet j varieties are easily grown as house j plants, provided only that the atmos- 1 phere is not too dry. in which case j buds often blast. < Storage of home-produced products Is a difficult problem for many Arkansas farm families. Basement storage, food pantries in the house, or underground rellars or caves are used when available. However, where these facilities are not available, a separate food storage house is a satisfactory solution, in Arkansas, the above-ground storehouse, If built of heavy materials and well insulated, may be used throughout the year. The 1 chimney is used principally &s a ventilator, although a small amount of heat may be needed In extremely cold weather. Native rock, logs, or double walls with sawdust, shavings, or packed straw are recommended. Some form of insulation under the roof is Oesirable. The two rooms In this plan provide for storage of fruit, vegetables, or bulk supplies in one room and canned goods on shelves In the other. This plan Is one of a series of more than-100 plans of farm buildings and equipment prepared by the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture for farm people. A plan service handbook and drawings may be obtained from your county agent and home demonstration .agent. Movie Scrapbook Price of Steel Is Cutby^BigOne" Is Slashed $2 to $5 a Ton on Railroad Accessories Reason to Grin A Modern Daffodil -Daffodils have become favorite ma- Jterial for those *s frtunate as t pssess a bit of woodland. They flourish in shaded situations, coming into bloom under early spring sun before the frees have leaved out, and then the shade protecting them so that they ripen their foliage and mature their bulbs without being prematurely ^pened by hot summer sun. - Another most effective practice is fo' tuck in bulbs in vacant spots all over the garden between other perennials and under Die edges of shubbrry So 1 .that in their season the daffodils give character to the entire garden. Jrid then their Ieaves 4 which are un- slightly and floppy during their ma- j turing period, are concealed by the I foliage of the perennials which mount ; above them and provide shade for ! the daffodils. For this purpose the ; older and cheaper daffodils and nar- ; cissi are ideal and furnish as fine an ' effect as can be obtained by the larger : flowered and much more expensive niodem hybrids. '. The poeticus types are favored for i woodland planting in combination with the native bulebell or mertensia, the j FOR MALARIA CHILLS AND FEVER! Take This Recognized Medicine! When you've got Malarial chills and fever, you want real and ready relief. You don't want to go through the usual old misery. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic is what you want to take for Malaria. This is no new-fangled or untried preparation, but i-medicine of recognized merit. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic contains tasteless quinidine and iron. It quickly relieves the chills and fever due (9'Malaria and also tends to build you Up. That's the double effect you want. The very next time you have an attack of Malarial chills and fever, get Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic and start'.aking it at once All drug stores sell Grove's T=steles-- C:\:!l Tonic, 5Cr and SI. The Utter size ti the more economical. PITTSBURGH, PH.-I^—Big Steel bid Tuesday for more business from the railroads by reducing the prices of rails and accessories from $2 to S5 per ton. Carnegie-Illinois Steel corporation, largest unit of the giant United States Steel corporation, announced the reduction. Other producers wore expected to .step quickly into line. Fair Opens Noon (Continued Irom Page One) -4- THS OAUGH-fcQ OF A CIRCUS CLOWN*..HE TAuGHT HSp-TO BE-A PANTOMlMl'Sr.«» MAD£ STAG-& peSUT IN L°N Hempstead county farmers and Hojic merchants. The program Wednesday — Farm j Crops Day. •. I Thursday—Livestock and Popltry • Day. ' Friday—1-H and Home Demonstra- i tion Club Day. All .sch<x)l children will i bo admitted free on Friday. ! The fair will bu concluded Saturday ' night. ' Snake-Shy Hawaii Finds Second Intruder 'LAYS PlETS. Ax HONOLULU. - i/l'i - Islanders who call Hawaii the "garden of Eden" now can complete the .simile—a sruike has been found here. The second reptile in the territory's history, an 18-inch Barter snake, was Pat Abbott, Hollywood movie extra from Altadena, Calif., wears a wide grin after defeating Jimmy Fraser of Atlantic City to enter the semi-final round of the National Amateur at Oakmont Country Club, Pittsburgh. popped into alcohol shortly after eight- year-old Francis Edralin found it on a street corner. The first was unceremoniously executed several years ago. Hawai, boasting the absence of snaes. will not admit them even in cir- cu.scs. The recent unwelcome visitor was dismissed :is a stowaway aboard a vessel. AND SVMI My?. , S HSft DA\i-Y MORNiN<3-««. By BILL PORTF.R and GEORGE SCARBO Billie Burke was chri.stened Ethelbert but her father nicknamed her Billie . . . toured Europe with her j parents in circuses for over two years . . . following a successful debut as an actress in London she accepted an offer to appear in New York . . . became the outstanding star of Broadway . . . married Florenz Ziegfeld at the height of her career . . . their ro- nm-nce was one of the most famous of the time . . . she made several silent j movies . . . her latest picture is "Topper Takes a Trip" . . . she's very domestic . . . loves her home, which she shares with her daughter, Patricia. THIS CURIOUS WORLD "My Skin Was Full of Pimples and Blemishes From Constipation" says Vfjrna Schlepp; "Since using Ad- lerika the pimples are gone. My skin is smooth and glows with health." Adlerika washes BOTH bowels, and relieves constipation that so often aggravates H bad complexion. John S. Gibson Drug Co. 70 One way in Air-conditioned Coaches WASHINGTON? TAKE THE MISSOURI PACIFIC Three Trains Daily For detailed information inquire it Missouri Pa- fife Station or ull 137 «nd ask for C. E. Christopher. By William Ferguson BIROS' TA(«JS CAN BE. Furei RP. R/MSE1D, LOWERED, MADE QONVEX OR CONCAVE, AND ROTATED ON BOTH A HORIZONTAL. AND PERPENDICULAR AXIS. SCIENTISTS ARE: TO USE: INSTEAD OR RATS IN VARIOUS KINDS OF RESEARCH WORK. HOW LONG A<SO DID THE LAST REP HAN'S Yard Wide DOMESTIC 5c Yard Wide PRINT Guaranteed fast color 9c ANSWER: In sonic: poitiuns of the earth the Ice Age has not ended ytl. The pulnr regions are still eovered v/ith the ice cap of that ancient loimation. A study made in Minnesota indicates that the ice rctreyled h'jm that state about 10 to 16 thousand yeais ago. 81-Inch SHEETING 17c 3 Pound COTTON BATS 80x90 Rayon 79c FANCY ART TICKING Floral Designs Yard Rayon Si Washable ^f HO Yard Yard Children's School Fast color Crepe SSES Suspender Suits and Shirred Waist Lines. Ladies Silk DR Ladies Wash H n |» A A r u DRESSED Children's Twin Sweaters 4ie and CHILDREN'S COATS Fur trimmed and tailored styles in gay colors Sizes 3 to 12 $4.98 Ladies Felt HATS 98o and $1.98 So Sheer Hose 2 and 3 Thread 69c Sale of New Fall DRESSES So low priced that you'll buy more than one. All with new slim figure lines, new shir- rings, and draped bodices. Rich dark colors including lots of black. A large selection in each price range. $398 $4,98 __jBranaHBBHH Ladies' Twin Sweaters All the popular colors All Trices Ustctl Hero Good Tuesday Through Saturday Hempstead County FAIR 20th to 24th •MBB1 ChildrensHiTop s Men's Work SHIRTS 2 Pockets 29c IHHHHHRHBi Men's Felt HATS 98o •KBKfl FORTH For Men Sale of Coats and Suits This will be one of tin- mo>,l talked of events this storo has ever staged. An unprcei'driited < il ' !l1 liriiiRS these wanted suits to you at the. height of the fall M'asi.n nt far below their actual vnluc. Some plain and others fur trimmed. All woolen mn- leriiiK $4.98 $7.98 $9.98 Ladies Rayon Children's Cotton ladies' New Fall Shoes Ifc'iilian's slori- has roiisliinlly worked will) the thought in mind that style and ('milfoil were equally important in fine shoes. Hire >uu will find them in fine himmmy. Materials, suede and calf—colors, black, wine- and brown. High or low heels. Quality shoos for— |.98 $2-98 IH§HHHBi Men's Dress Oxfords Endicott-Johnson oxfords for men who expect lots of service for a small amount of money. Styles, cap toe, crease toe, double crease toe and wide toes. A real shoe for $1.98 1 Men's Khaki Sanforized Men's Hi Waist KHAKI PANTS Wide Legs Men's Dress Men's Khaki SHUTS Boy's Dress Pleated Fronts S I HQ i «&^? erassasissag Men's Wool Dress Men's High Grade Oxfords DAVIDSON and FORTUNE Shiu-s dial ;:IT linill for comfort, style and service. leather throughout and ul a pricr every inun cull afford. We have a iu\v si-k'ction of styles—in fad, any slylc toe imaginable—for tin- low price of— and $4.OO MEN'S BLUEBELL 8 oz. Sanforized OVEIULLS Boy's Fall SUITS $4.98 to $s.i KaSSESMSK Men's Fall 1.98 to

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