The Emporia Gazette from Emporia, Kansas on October 14, 1937 · Page 1
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The Emporia Gazette from Emporia, Kansas · Page 1

Emporia, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 14, 1937
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THE Thandijr, OeioJW* 14, ABOUT TOWN A, yojvi, ot Pacific Cirwe, f,, Vft today fee SU l,on!s, Wo, after * vssSt hfirt vüh his sister, Mrs. Co«rt\ Otis ílsh, of Roosevelt Jreshman eoseh at th« JMlepft, will i» *n off in the WPberson «>llee«-B*k- w Ymtverslty football gtune Jtidtvy •ntghi in .MePhewsm. Tnifccy dinner, Christian church, Friday ttie lí>tJi, 6:Si>; 40o, Phone 3S8Í blast to itwwvaUon, Th* condition of Jxw>U>.r B«nyon, of Kutchlnson. ' a These members included Steerman, James Wilcox, Keyes and TOWN TO CELEBRATE Caife far (Elaborate ArmMicc D*y Vitt. THE AMMIKtlCW The «rhtiitlc »f *r**i* M o bowW «|I| far &ir K*M* M < to prfr«'«*«t tttftt'* •• • * u\t let »M tr»4IIA>n»l II 11 ftra .bl.!!*», Vril», '4rsm>, tit, In «klch Ik* pufcllt It «r»V* it i»HI(lp«lt. at ih* or««ri-«i Newman Memoria! County hospital,; 1* improving but lh« maa is not; -out of d«nfrcr, hit doctor said. 3un-; the driven of a car alleged to hitv* c*rrl»d ft heavy load of in- tfixicsJiWi, was injured Mondsiy sntirnlnf when hU c*r collided with A. track on * foggy'highway ntir EJmdals. Radkw, Phüoó tubes sold by Sams Appliance, 420 Ooml. Mr. and Mr*. E. R- Owen, 1S03 Keosho, have returned from a visit with their daughter, Mrs, Carl Hanson, and Mr. Hans«n In Berwyn, 111. O«t fonndatkin parmema that we guaranteed to fit and wear, Mr». Ro* Q. ColUn*, SSÍ West. Flv? membs-rs of the Emporl» Icon's club went to Clay Center Tuesday night to attend a dinner in honor of V. A. Verfiades, district governor of the Lion's club of that district. Everett Jo* ' Samuel, Maurice Frank Stgler. The Valley Star school will give a program and tray supper Friday night. Miss Helen Thomas is the teacher. Will open barber shop Saturday, October 16, 20 Exchange, hair cuts 20c, shaves 15e, open evenings. Old patronage npprcclated and new wanted. Harry Duckelt. Herbert !•- Sloan, general insurance, 10»/4 Bast 6th Ave., phone 116. Mr*. C. \V. Alley, of Trinidad, Colo,, is In Emporla visiting her sla- ter, Mrs. Lon Glass and her brother, L. H. Updyke. Extra special Friday and Saturday. Buy one permanent wave, we will give your friend one free. Phone 3139, Arnold's. U C. Wooster, 1017 Union, in- j tered the Newman Memorial County | hospital Wednesday, night nnd un- j derwent an emergency operation, ¡ HU condition today was satslfactory. Radio advertised Air Flow arches, fit any shoe, Men's, Women's, fcl— 10 diys frea trial. Leon Shoe Store. W. K. Oalhoun, of the Newman store, announced today that he has n new grandson, born this morning to his daughter, Mrs. W. P. Awbrey «nd-Mr. Awbrey in Kansas City, Mo. Buy your NOTES washer now. $30 allowance ÍOT your old washer aid ,. B »6 act of tubs Free. Home Appjt- ance, '420 Ooml. " ^ Th» Co-operettes members in- tu tli* new t:iHV_KooH)»n iM«e, Si&t« Vfktilt» unlvonlu. Imm.íF.tetr SUI» «hort fttetlnr rivm Hitrry Oolmtrr, ínf cautund «;(*— Amtrtein t.H-W»r k«t«L Klip*** «Innir »t stalled new oflfcers In th« dinner meeting Wednesday night nt the Mit-Way hotel. Mrs. Clarence Kraum is the new president and Mrs. Roy Tlmmerman the secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Joe Slyker and Mrs. Dale Stout are the retiring officers. The group made arrangements to meet again Tuesday afternoon at the Kraum home. Harold Grant, tha Equitable Life oí Now York, phone 1656 M. Mis. Emma HoUar left today for Topeka, where she wll Ispend the Hendlining an all-day program, one of the biggest Armistice Day celebrations this town has seen sinco the celebration tha day the Armistice wns signed WM planned Wednesday night by the American Legion through' the Armistice Day program committee headed by S, L. Koefcr. Tile Legion Us attempting to revive tho spirit oí November 11, 19'8, and urges the public to brink loose as it did then to commemorate the IBth anniversary of the ond of tlie war. Tha explosion of two bombs *.t about 10.58 a, m, will be tha signal to start tho day's activities. All stores will close and Einporlfl will prepare for th« usual period of silence at 11. Vf, M, Richards, superintendent of schools, haa promised to co-operate, and just before 11 o'clock every pupil will bo Instructed what ha Is to do and why. The Legion hopes to have someone In every store take charge and see that there Is absolute alienee for one minute. W. A, White is expected to give a short talk at the High school. Ha will be introduced by John Rynn, legionnaire, and will speak tor 30 or 40 minutes. A Period of Planned. Following Mr. White's talk, a flood of various noises will glvo the Impression of a prematuro New Year's Day demonstration. Mayor Frank Lostuttcr has given his consent for a fire-truck run, four more bombs will explode, legionnaires will blow whistles, ring bells, shoot guns, and pound drums nnd tin pans. They urge every Empodan to grub any noise-making contraption available and join In the celebration. Mr. Keefer said he hoped to have ns many as 10 out-of-town tanda hnrc to take pnrt In the festivities. Tha bands will come from surrounding towns and be fea lured in the long parade at 1 o'clock to the new Emporla State stadium. The American Legion Drum corps will be In chargo of the parade which will Include, besides the out- of-town I'ands, several city bands, the American Legion and auxiliary, the Junior Legion and auxiliary, the Votemns of Foreign Warsi the Spa ish-American vets, and possibly the <-H club ; and Emporla cur. dealers with decorated 1938 models. Parade To Stadium. The parade will move along Commercial street to tho stadium;where the bands will parade around the field. At the stadium, the expected capacity crowd will bo greeted by Harry Colmery, Topeka, 1936 state commander of the American : Legion, followed Immediately by the important Central conference football game between Emporla State and Wichita university. It Is highly possible this ertiflcates noae who ments. winter. Football tickets for Stadium Dedication game (K. S. T. . C. vs, Central Oklahoma Teachers, Saturday, I p. m.) on sale at Sport Shop, 705 Ooml. You are still at the horse and buggy stage If you don't use Venetian blinds. True, they cost more than cloth shades but your car cost more than the old buggy and horse. Ruth Pemberton sells Venetian blinds at 1403 Neosho. Mrs. Ida Custenborder, 003 Weaver, and Mrs. .Fanny Jcanneret, 1410 Rural, drove to Kansas City Wednesday. On the way home they visited O. H. Riker in Topeka. Apples BOo bu., watermelons. Hudson, 810 East Twelfth ave. Miss Ruth Jones, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. H,,. Jones, 809 West Ninth, began work this morning as laboratory technician and X-ray assistant to Dr. Ralph G. Ball, of Manhattan. Miss Jones received her degree irom the College of Emporla in June; 1936, and has been studying the past 16 months with Dr. P. Helwig at St. Luke's hospital in Kansas ' City, Mo. Officers of the Central Community club, elected Wednesday, are Mrs. Frank Conway, president; Mrs. Frank Herrick, vice president: Mrs. Frank '••'' Welborn, •• secretary; Mrs. Will Kopke, treasurer: Mrs. Arthur GhUders= and Mrs^ Charits Kalieck. social' service chairmen; and Mrs. Earl ' Holllngsworth. representative on the. Rural Clubs beard. The meeting was with Mrs. W. R, Sutton, "and 18 members and two guests j»ere present The club will have V.. Hallowe'en party the evening : of October 27 at the Frank Kurzeh.home. :.'• • Something new, glazed chintz that will tntb without losing the glaze. It Is also sunfast and preshrunk. Ruth Pemberton has it at 1403 Neo- will be the 1937 state championship game. The bands halves. will parade ; between PLAN SCOUT ^ACTIVITIES 1 tcrcJt«! busln**^, and oí- Kmpo- a mat last n)<ht' ¿i ;the -Lowther unior High school to make definite but for district scouting activities \ Kmporia. The ohmlrman, w. M; llcliards, oponed.the meeting with e vera 1 remark» »nd «uggiistlons and person present^ presented This jow». The group then decided on ftctivitie* to bo held In the oxt few weeks, the first of which ill be a dinner en Thursday, Ooto- cr 28, to which all men Interested In •outitiR are Invited to attend, ranees Arnold will , have charge of .ckel selling and MY. H, Schottlcr •ill make arrangements for .a place o hold the dinner, Paul N. Cnmp- cll, scout executive of this council, it! talk to the men about the coullng program. The new district \n chairman *'llli,»Uo be hosen. Plan Training Course. The group also made plans for a cout«r's Training Course conference o he held here November 13 and H, .tnllnr to the one held nt Camp 'nlsh last week-end. Tho course will c In charge of .one of the Scout xecu Uves : irom Kansas City,: and matters Including the lntr*-p»tíoí contest, dues, announcement! cot» cernlng handicraft proj«ct«, l K, V. scout day, and - Board > ot R*rl«w. They then pl«yed "Tally Ho," < ^ The senior divUlon foHowfd" ."Í short buslncw meeting with * peripd of working on their handicraft, _» model camp. Plan» foe the model nre complete and, p«rt of th« work has been started. As soon as thi» project 1» finished, • the group'-will lake up leathercraft. Two chapter», 1 •At tha Dane*," and "Call»,"- w«r* then read from the new etiquette sock they art studying, ' A, F, Major,' finance committee^ nari, vlelted the meeting and looked over the record* of the three «UvU =lons with Don Knopf who keeps the' jcop record*, will be presented to' fulfill ..all the require- 80 scouts /attended the Nearly icoutcrs' Conference at '•'. Camp ralsh last week-end and over half f them received special, training ourse certificates. The three courses, unior assistant scoutmasters, scout-, masters and assistant scoutmasters, nd district officers and committee- ion presented at Camp Naish, will Iso be given at the Bmporia con- erenco. This course will be open to U scouts In tho Lyon district. Tho lace for the conference has not been hosen. Those who attended the meeting were W. M, Richards, John Tholen, ,ee Honsler, C. F. Baldwin, M. W. Sohottler, F. M. Durham, Everett Qrlrnes, Roscoo Graves, F. H. Arnold, '. F. White, C. F. Little, M. O. Sto- •cr, Sam Estcp, Henry Kleck, M. E. 'earson, and Paul N. Campbell and Thomas Anthony, scout executives. Launch a Cub Pack. Under th« auspices of the Kansas venue Parent-Teachers association, cub scout . pack was formally aunched last Wednesday evening at meeting In the Lowther Junior íigh school. The boys who are to oln the cub pack gave a dcmonstra- lon for their parents under the dl- ectlon of Elmer:Sill. Following the emonstration the officers of the wck were announced. Mr. James S. vllller will be the scoutmaster and he pack commit tea O. J. Shoebrook, Kenneth Wright,: W. C. 'ayton and Chairman E. W, Madion. The Don mothers will be Mrs. J. R. Sutton and Mrs. O. L. Housley. Den chiefs will be scouts Troop 154. Mrs.'. Clifford Shoebrook, dent of the P. T. A., has led the work Insetting the pack organized 'or the .IB boys,• who are charter members. Before a boy can become a cub his parents must attend two den meetings and one pack meeting. Two national cubbing leaders will meet with scouters from all Kansas and five Missouri councils, Nov. .6 nnd 1. These -nen, Charles F. Smith and' William O. s Wessel, are on the national staff and will talk on the various phases of the cubbing program. The meeting will begin at 2 3'clock Saturday through Sunday. Junior I .The junior regular meeting Tuesday night.' The meeting was opened with a scoul TO A FARM CONFERENCE I'liree Person» from Emporl» Stale Attend Manhattan MMtln* Two collegiate 4-H delegate» from Emporla State Teachers College left this afternoon ior Manhattan to attend. the youth section of the American Country Life association, of which all' 4-H clubs are a part. Besides 0. F. Qladfelter.y agriculture iBfitructor and sponsor of the club; 'Virginia Decker, Ooddard, and Paul Miller, Eureka, "will attend the: meeting. Questions pertinent to country youth and farming will be discussed In open. forum during the 3-day convention. Along with-the-convention 1 of the American Country Life association, the Teachers of Agriculture in Teachers .Colleges ; in the;;Middle West will hold its meeting. Mr. Qladfelter is a member of this society. LOCÁLETTES ^Employes In the postoffice are porting, under;n.'tent. That is; they work under a tent if they don't want io get splattered with paint. Workmen repairing the postoffice have moved Inside the building and are ¿tvlng the walls , new clothes. To tiv'e the clothes ,of the employes, ih« workmen stretch canvas over the scaffolds, giving the room the •ppearance of a big tent. Two men using 6-Inch brushes painted the large room in two hours,'but several more costs are necessary before the 'job Is finished. THEATERS You'll miss one.,of the gayest and most interesting pictures of the year if you c miss "Topper," first half of the Granada program for Wednesday,"' 'today and•;! Friday. "Topper", 'is. as Irresponsible as a fairy tale'and more r fun than the proverbial barrel of monkeys. The ghosts of' Gary Grant and Constance Bennett, crab : to do "a good deed before they knock on the pearly.;gates',':have the power, to appear in flesh and blood form or fade at will. You'll be as surprised as the other watoh ¡ATwenty-five 1 members of the Lyon County Farm, Bureau Women's chorus went in cars 'this morning ,to Manhattan. The chorus, directed by Mrs. Archie Hunter/ will sing tonight before the/convention oí the National Country Life association. The women will return home tonight, Today's .Robbery. K. L. Seelye, 624/State, reported to police that a pair, of : black field boots were stolen • from • his back porch Wednesday. WUh'the Motorists. 'R. L. Brown; 4M-south Union street, posted a'$l bond on charges of night,parking Wednesday. Bank Leader Demands A Budget In Balance I Continued rrom ran On*) - DEATHS AND/FUNERALS EVERETT LEE"VEELIN DEAD. Everett Lee Verlln, of Neosho Rapid*, died at' his home at 6 :M o'clock Wednesday'evening, Funeral services*, will be held »t the home with Rev. Mr. Pen? in charge;. Burial will be in the Lincoln cemetery at" Lebo. , Everett Lee' Verlin was born in Neosho Rapids, August 9,-1936. He Is surYlyed by h!0 parents, Mr. and Mrs. 1 Raymond Veflin, and one sister, Betty Lou Verlin. , JAMES FUNERAL FRIDAY, • Funeral services for Mrs. Florence E. James, : who died Wednesday morning, will be held Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Presbyterian church in Madison, 'Burial will be in No. 8 cemetery at Madison; The casket will be open this evening' and until noon Friday at the Roberts-Blue, Funeral chapel, A son of Mrs. James, Howard ames, of Sterling, Colo., was omit- ed from the list of surviving rela- ivcs printed in Wednesday's Oa- ette. (ANGLEY FUNERAL SATURDAY. Funeral services for Miss Elizabeth Katherine Langley, who died at 12:20 o'clock Wednesday aV.the iome,,321 Cottonwood street, will be held at B o'clock Saturday morning at the Sacred' Heart church with •Vther Michael Dunn In charge. Burial will be in Sacred Heart cemetery. DRAMATIC ment can be kept out of serious difficulty only by bringing home to the 43,000,000 savings depositors , "to the millions who hold insurance policies, who Invest In bulldlhg;and loan associations, and 'Other securities, what the continuance of such deficits mean -'.to 'them.-' x je x iOur depositors must b« brought to understand that as government deficits increase the _purchasingi power oí money decreases." Adams — an opponent of branch banking across state lines — pressed the belief, the should - adhere "tried and true" courses in theH'field'of /.banking as a whole. "What FORMER EMPORIAN DIES. BpccKl to The Qazetti:. Hartford, Oct. 14. — Edward C. Dearing, of:\Vewoka, Okla.,-a.bro- ,her of Richard Dearing, of Hart- ord, died of heart disease', Wednesday, In Wewoka. Edward Dearlng 'ormerly lived , in Emporia and worked for the Santa Fe about.20 years ago. He was born in Ottawa. The body probably will be'taken to pttawa for burial. Complete arrangements have-not been made. ANNOUNCE JUBILEE SALE in our new Belle- Sharmeer Stockings for fall We captured a new beauty for your lega in deep autumn coppers, muted beiges, subtle browns. ¡ f ~ •* Perfect-fitting leg and foot sizes. $1.00 up. At Pooled At 6 o'clock, the American- Legion will hold Its annual dinner at the Mlt-Way hotel. The annual dance at the Broadview hotel will start at B o'clock. The .Legion program committee Keefer said, has Invited Legion posts from surrounding towns to coma to Emporla for the day, and Dr. David KÍ L. MucFarlane and Miss Maude E. Mlnrow, deans at Emporla State, are writing. letters to the parents of every student urging them to attend the Hornet-Shocker game. Schools Out at H O'clock. Classes in all the schools will be dismissed at 11 o'clock. The American Legion will sell reserved seat tickets to the football game starting today. i '•'..' ; : under "Y" ADDS NEW MEMBERS The first report breakfastlof the xnnual membership round-up ol the Y. M. C. A. this morning shows 25 members have been obtained to the organization. . : Members of the "Y" have been divided into two groups—the.Dou- ble X range, and the Outlaws range — with Ernest "Dynamite 1 Eberle and Urban "Canary" • Brown as range bosses. To date "the Double X leads the Outlaws 14 memberships to 11, or 329 points to 308 Points are:counted by tha number of memberships, the amount cash accompanying the memberships, and the number of ."riders' present at the report breakfast »' the Red Triangle ranch. • ... r.- ¡ Leading all riders in bringing in strays and mavericks was th« Outlaw foreman, K. Wayne "Ruf house" Davidson, with 145 points A close second was the Double- X foreman, Drioy "Bonnie" Heath with 131 points. After a pep talk by Howard W "Never Ever" Boltz, busy wrangle at the Red Triangle, the cow hand were entertained by "Alfalfa'.' Ted Woodbury, who brought in a re cently acquired set of rattlesnak rattles from Wichita county. H demonstrated the singing noise o the rattles by attaching the rattl to the prong of a pitch fork which was set in motion. . "Big Boss" Charlie .West, mem bership^ committee chairman, or dcred all hands out for breakfas at 7:11 Friday morning and is ex peeling a real turn In tf returnet strays and mavericks to be brand ed. : ,. are ylsltlng for a I ; r-— : - — •Jew days at, the home of Mr. and Open íronj 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. Hut Kre. "W, K.. Caliwun. ''••.'••""• I ton'* Beauty Shop, phone S6S. ••• '''' -.i. ,' , '.' ;: " : •" ' •• '.• /•• .' sho. Robert Marshall, of Atohison; Roy Maze, of Kansas City, and Richard George, Eiaporia, were initiated Into the College of Emporia "E" club Wednesday night, Open evenings until 8 o'clock Huttoa'e. Beauty Shop, phone 665. Mr*. William Showalter, of Pitts- fa urgí- has- been elected vice president of the. state Rebekah assembly, which met the first oí this week at E! Dorado. Mrs. Showalter is a sister-in-law of Rev. O. M. Showalter, and • 'sister of Mrs. Fred Horton, both of Emporia. " J"r*>e, 100 gájUÓru; of oil • with each :jb«ater; ; Home . Appliance, " t&e, RoA-Mre. Ira P. Buergly, Mrs. E. ,E. Heuser and G. P. Bice, aU of First' Report Shows 26 Members Obtained by Solicitors. The annual (2 -million dollar Jubile* sale of the Crown drug stores begins' omorrow and Is announced In a dou- jle page advertisement hi today's Gazette. A feature of this year's big jromotion is the giving away of 30_ which could warrant tlje belief, for lew 1938' model Chevrolet ¡two-door sedans. According to the announce- for the Sand Man's regular customers p branch banking across state Unes ment, ; patrons "why I like; to .'trade would better serve the needs of our at Crown drug : Stores." A1T entries people than does Our present bank- characters as you must be on the official entry blank ing system?" he said. or a facsimile. There is no limit 'to easy It would be to create a bank- sign the hotel regster or take the jlaco of Miss Bennett as she lies tretched on the gra«, It's a camera trick, but it's .good. Roland Young, the repressed and formal Ittle -banker whose wife, Billle .he number: of entries. Blanks axe given with each 50 cent 'purchase; 1 Competent judges will decide. on' the winners,' and they will be announced December 3. ing monopoly when once state autonomy has been thrown in the discard." ' Balbriggah pajamas by, 'Miñneapo- lis," Knit'of soft cotton.' . -'-. • PERSIAN IS A SPEAKER ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL NOTES good deed, for they take C. of E. Graduate of 1932 Addresses ilm out to v teach him how : to have un. Their tactics also MÍ orm the Presbyterian Synod. New patients in the hospital are " John' Seldes", of, Cottonwood : Falls; prim ; Miss -Burke so everybody has Yahya Armajanl, 'of Alborz col- Warren Bain, Route 1 ; FranK ^Wag- The second feature 'Is "Sat- lege, Teheran, Persia, a graduate o. lm, and Guy Watts, of urday's Heroes," the College of Emporia~ in 1932,; ad- Burlington.- ., gdward i> HoUer, of Admire v "and Mrs 'Margaret" Everly,' of' Madison,' have, left'the hospital. practice ofi paying: . football heroes dressed the ; final session !¡ther- secretly or not at alii for the Piesbyterian Sy nod ..of Kansas '^ ' thousands of dollars they ; net their His -topic' concerned, th inhuence.f so-called .civilized; na The film has a good idea . tions on his native ¡country, Iran. o'ack of; it, but the execution . does NEWMAN HOSPITAL NOTES not alwys click. Van Heflln and : The influence of Islam is lost and Marian Marsh are the principals. Scenes of the famed Rose Bowl give barriers .against, outside -/influence Mrs. Wilbert Dawson, 628 Neosho, is a, new patient. Patients who have left the hospital One Style Sketched tho • film real college ex 1st r rio' more in Iran, according t comedy aboutr "Porky" Mr. . Armajani. .Typical; of the re completes the offering. — M. S. T. suits in his native city ; .Teheran, is are Mrs. O. A. Wiley, of Route 1; tlie establishing of six night club with American and European danc Mrs. C. :P. Ensmlnger, of Route 5; Mrs. Will Madsen, of Amerlcus; W. C. Field,'.. 518 Arundel; Miss Ruth Edward 'G.- Robinson as a ballyhoo Junior Division Meets. made rifles at a cost of 545 each Prior, of Burlington; and Miss Em- artist whose high -pressure methods and a cost of-$35 per native, wh ma Wagner, of Olpe. are hot appreciated by his firm, is taught to use a -rifle, 1 : and. the ef- and he Is sent to England to learn RELEASED IN SHOOTING tho art of using dignity: and tradi- ceremony followed by a short busi- Christ's, way of living. tion in advertising. ness meeting. The scouts played sev- year of Christian- education at South Bend, Ind., Oct. 14 (fl 3 )— eral games during the game perioc poverished English Sheriff William . J. Hostaski today welcome .his daring released Adolph Stopper, after ques- Announcements .were made concern- financial scherfies, noon were conducted by Rev. How- Black Satin Accessories tioning . the 20-year-old youth Over- Ing the Court of Honor and Boarc costs him his chance • at a fortune night about the fatal shooting of of Review. The scouts were also tole In order, to' save the/respect of the with • Rev. M. E. Moss; of .Junction Melba Moore, 16, daughter of a Ivil- about the K. U. Scout day next Sat- City, assisting. urday at Lawrence. money for her parents. ¡Lull Deste, he morning: session included re- against-.a stone wall as far as clues was closed after another chapter hac a newcomer from the ..-continent, is committees- and are concerned," Hoslnskl said. to accent your , ' Autumn costume aeen read from tho book, the woman In the case, igel Bruce dress by Arthur H. : 'Limouse, sec- and Constance Collier, are others Board -•-• of 'National ¡MARRIAGE LICENSES. The first part of the adventure in the film. William Bpyd in "Hop- Missions, New York City. [vision meeting Tuesday was devot- along Rides Again" s the Belts __________ $1.00 Bracelets ------- «I'.'OO Bags „_ _______ Í2.95 Charles W. Kellar. Heading Marie I. Von Blckle. Heading to clearing up several half, of 'the bill. Cuss .The Oazetie but, read Itl .4s Illustrated When All Other Hats Fail CHEVROLET try the Gage'Breton' A youtKful hat for riiatrom. Fur' Felt in Black, Brown, Green, Wine. All head-sires. A* Illustrated Others from «2.00 up

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