Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 20, 1938 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 20, 1938
Page 4
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$, 2- :dtm . *$V<4. '**»y t '* ,, t HOPE STAB, HOPE, ARKANSAS - ,.Tiiesday, September 20, 1988 TC& RATES _ Jfixe^a* word, minimum 30c N& times—3>r4c word, min. 50c tfafie»-4c word, minimum 90c S v «*>hih (26 times)—18c 4 mlfalnium $2.70 fere tor continuous Inser- ,.„ ..Jkittg word count, disregard ''classification name sucn as "For JKenV "For Sale," etc.—this is free. jbttl each initial or nanw, or com- "ipiflte telephone number, counts as ,4.«'iufl word. For example: «*|'OJt^JlENT—Three-room modern 'furbished apartment, with garage, 'dose in. Bargain. J. V. Blank, phone 9999. 1 Total, IS Swords, at 2c word, 30c ffor Ofce time; at 3%c word, 53c for Jthrte times, etc. .'-NOTE: All orders placed by tele- <£hone are due and payable upon ,>J*e*eatattan of bill > PHONE 768 Services Offered t 'See 'Hempstead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth, for New and Re-built. l-26tc xMMnefaxil Cobb, 658-J. l_lt" *a *• * "SfAMI> NEWS '-'wiU—stfArr-'irc here, re-roof JJ-TKWV wo down payment, easy monthly 1 tetms. Hempstead County Lumber Co. Js 20 " 6tc You can save money at AUTO WRECKING CO. Old Boyett Warehouse Bldg. V «, Used parts, tires, tubes, batteries > . . 9-26tp *- •--- — - -- - . l>: Lost '•^i •<• LOST—One black and white speck- f' Ie9 'female sette; one red and white "speckled male setter. Return to Hari old fofterfield. 17-3tc FOR RENT •FOR RENT—Newly furnished bed room, close in. Gentleman preferred. 208 So. Laurel. Mrs. Carl Brown. 19-3tp FOR RENT—Nicely furnished 2 room apartment. See Hazel Abram. at Mary's Beauty Shop. 17-3tc PHILATELY acquired n rare batch of covers from Howard Hughes' round-the-world flight. Officially, Mr. Hughes carried no covers, turned down more than 1500 requests by collectors for these postal specimens. Bui it is now revealed that he did carry several hundred covers "to provide souvenirs for those pei'sons without whose aid and co-opern- tion the flight Would have been impossible." Eventually some of these exclusive covers may get into the philatelic market and when they do they should prove relatively rare. a * # The U. S. Postoffice Department is plarining to Initiate a new experimental air mail service to rural points in which specially- equipped planes will pick up nnd deliver mail while in flight. Invitations for bids on four proposed routes have already been sent to airlines, will be opened Sept. 15. Such a plan if adopted widely would revolutionize air mail service. * * s Marking the 125th anniversary of Commodore Perry's victory on Lake Erie, a cachet printed in color will be mailed from the Put-in-Bay, Ohio, postoffice on Sept. 10. Send covers not Intel- than Sept. 4 to H. D. Hubbard, 119 S. 39th street, Philadelphia. Forwarding postage is not required. * * * The American Philatelic Congress will meet at Hartford, Conn., Friday and Saturday, Nov. 11 and 12, Eugene Klein, president, has announced. » * * Special stamps under consideration by the U. S. Postofnce Department are commemoratives for the New York World's Fair and one honoring Francis Scott Key, who wrote the "Star Spangled Banner." (Copyright. 193S. XEA Service, Inc.) OUR BOARDING HOUSE With . ,--. . MAJOR HOOPLE OUTOtmWAY By J. R, WILLIAMS Statistics indicate that at least 126.- OCO.000,000 pounds of plant food element are removed from the soil by erosion in the tUnited States. ''FOR RENT— Large front bedroom, southeast exposure, private entrance, adjoining bath. 920 S. Elm St. Phone Today's Answer to CRANIUM CRACKER ^ g, FOR RENT— Nice bedroom with i^-~cI8set, near town; breakfast if desir- e8 r also garage. Rent reasonable. Call 155-J. Notice NOTICE—See Frisby, Ideal Furniture Store to buy, Sell or Trade Fur- Homes or Farms. Some bar- it^uick. 20-26tp. 'NOTICE—Local money to loan on improved farm lands and city property; low interest rates; quick action. Harry J. Lemley, Hppe Arkansas. IM-Oct. 20c For Sale Enjoy your home more, re-paint and re-paper. Special terms. Hempsteac County Lumber Company. 20-6tc FOR SALE—Used B Flat Cornet in good condition. Priced cheap for quick Phone 928. U-3tp Question on Page One At the time of his death the mc:n was known as the Count of Covadonga. His father is the former King Alfonso XII of Spain. The name of the blood disease is hemophilia.' The accident occurred near Miami Florida. FOR SALE—One used Frigidaire top condition. An extremely good buy 54.50 per month pays for it. Auto motive Supply Co. 20-3t Complete line of building materia' for all repairs. See us for low price and easy terms. Hempstead Count Lumber Company. 20-6tc -FOR SALE—Fordson tractor, cheap. Excellent buy for replacement parts. Apply Hope Star. 20-3tp TWO BARGAINS IN FINE PIANO We will sell to someone in this v cinity a 1938 model studio piano an a console type piano, both standar makes, at real bargain prices on ea: weekly or monthly payments if so' at once. For full information as to where pianos may be seen wire or writs BALDWIN MUSIC CO. .423 Milam St. Shreveport, La. 20-3tc *BOUT PE PWL.V THIWO THAT'O ^11* AfcOUWD YO WA/ST L-lMfey MISTAH MAtfAH ; WOULD B& OMB MR£, HOOPLE'S SK/RTS«^^«- LEMMfe THlMK ^-<-MMMv\A-DEY A -RAIW BARREL IM DE YAfct>**-I-F'W YOU COULD I'MTO \r, AH COULD Bt^feAK DE HOOPS TO GET YOU OUT«-<-*-T/SH-TiSMr WHY D'OM' YOU CALL YO TAILOR UP ? -TJ A THOUSAWD DRATS TOTMfeMf TAKIMQ MY OMLY PAIR OF TROUSERS/ H.MM — But FOR THE £17 t owe SAM, THE TAILOR, HE MkSHT TRUST /V\E FOR THE PRICE A COAT T=OR H<3AP/ IF 1 HAD SOME- TO WEAR -L'V <3O AMD SEE HIM/ soiMe TO SELL THESE COL.TS 'F#F* POLO P6MIES, CURLS', SO THE MAIN TMlMe IS TO TEACH THEM T6 FOLLOW THE BALL--JUST AS YOU TEACH A CUTTING HORSE TO FOLLOW/ A COW VES,MA'AM-BUT A COW HAS 6OT LAISSf -TflflWHWK- RIDER'S CRAMP ^^ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Being Themselves By EDGAR MARTIN ALLEY OOP COACVS . XOO TO GO "^O f>C\\OO\_ Wc^t Vfc SO YOG COOV.O YOO TO 6TWY \Ve sisct. o? voo . \ TO TVVt XOO CAW VOOVt VOO GO N? 1 AVi>O , Lover's Quarrel y/) I cnPR. 193_8JiyjJEAJERy|C_EJNC._T. M-JiEQ. U. S ByV. T: HAMLIN WELLjGOOD-M HELLO- WVOU TWO WILL MORNINGI 5EG VOU'RE I'VE A FEW STILL HA.VJING ERRANDS TO CX) RKVME-WORD TROUBLE OH^OOZ-OOOLA WAS JUST TELLING ME HOW MISTER ' OOP RESCUED HER FROM THE CARDIFF GIANT5 ISN'T HE JUST THE GRANDEST THING? HE'S SO MASTERFUL^/THERE V'GO.'.' JUST THINK -THE /JUDGIN' A MAN NOT ONLV MAN WHO HAS A BIG DINOSAUR R WHAT HE IS, BUT POR WHAT H E'5 GOT/ JUST BECAUSE HE'S GOT A DINOSAUR. HE'S SWELL.'! 3HUX, HECK AN' STUFF -ALL VOU WOMEN ARE JUST ALIKE ROPR. 193B BY NEA SERVICE. INC WASH TUBES Strange News I5y Ray Thompson and Charles Coll I BELGIUM'S WAR KING ; HORIZONTAL ' 1,5 Ruler of Belgium dur- , ing World - War. (lO Sewing tool. JI2 Pnrrot. 43 Platter. Jf4 Pronoun, oraedT'doth. 3? Workman, \ 20 And. 2'lWing. 22 Musical note. tK'Hazy. '$5 His daughter "» is crown v ^princess of 2^9 Part of eye. 3]| Singing voice. ^33 Pertaining , to air. 815 Writing tablet, 86 gigantic. 'jpSTo soften . leather. •9 Within. 10 Tumor. fL Cower Answer to Previous Puzzle 18 Deserting ^ one's party. 4 19 Astraddle, ri 21 Sloths. 23 In the middle of. 24~Still. '( 25 Electrified -. particle. 26 Note in scale, 27 Affirmative. 28 Single name. 30 Hastened. 32 To doze, .i 34 Knock, 36 Afternoon VERTICAL 37 ?' oe1 £ rnea . 2 Bay. 40 Puppy. 3 Low tide. 42 Cuttle bone. 4 To secure. 44 ^8 for one SMorindindye. 45 £°£e d . 6 For fear that. 45 Long grass. 7 Pieces out. 47 Opposed to 8 Musical note. short. 9 Structural 49 Honey line. gatherer. 11 Apportions. 51 Within. 13 He was killed 53 Unit Belgium. by a faH from 55 Plural. 59 His wife is the a . 56 To accom- queen 15 Side bone, plish. WJ E\6rVT HOURS, FOUR"JAWUrYES TW\RTEEV1 SECOMDS, 60V OBOV, "T T'l I DC lHAOrlilVl 1 fl/VlllA / I'LL BE MARCWI TH 1 WSLE. 433.1416. 44 Makes rough. 46 To 'repulse. 48 Trees. 50 Falsehood. 52 Cylinder of thread. 54 Measure of cloth. 55 Languished. 57 Wayside hotel. 58 His son is King of '. UAWO SAKES, I'VE ' H\TCV\-H\KEO 600 kAILES \W A VER THO.FER A SCOW-LOAt> OF TURV5\P GREENS. I'LL FRESHEN 1 UP A B\T. ffiEB, I' VOU,' 3 ICOUL-D I'M, flLAD TO 6EE I \M\SH OV-tl EASV BE HERE, TOO. SAY, VWHAT'5 HAPPENED TO THE CRAZV GALOOT? 1 ROW ACROST HM VESTEROAV IM C\TV. FRECKLES AND HIS FR'IENDS Victory Is Assured . COPR. 1938 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF iT HE'S C.HM6ED. HE A\WT VOHAT' \UKE HE USED TO 0E. WO; wvj^A\u\S«^e l 'SONNy! TAKE . P^V? ) IAV AWICE AW FORfiCT tA'sV f y VE EyER x^o\MEO H\K\! P By ROY CRANE THATS MY BROTMER-'S NAME OM THAT— TMAT— ) THAT— ) THAT GRID THERMOMETER,.' THAT'S TO KEEP TRACK OF THE YARDAGE 1 MADE BY FRECKLES AMD DUD WANGLE/ •£-!<-, fN ,/1 'fQ< AFTEK EV/EB.Y SAME, I'M GOING Tb PAINT A 'RED LINE INDICATING HOW FAR. EACH OF THE BOYS m CAR.Pt.IED BET MY THE BALL.' /BROTHEplL. MYRA NORTH/SPECIAL NURSE —^^autm^f-^^' T ^^marni ^» '"' Stand and Deliver AMD IF THE FIREMEW WILL. LEND YOU A LONG By MERRILL BLOSSER BOSS! DIDYA SEE THAT? SOMEBODY SAVED THE SHIP FROM CRACKING UP/ MAVBE \VE\_ SOTTA DO A n LEETLE MORE SHOOTtN6"J GOOD WORK, f3ENSON- VOU , ., BEEN DOIM6 A NICE JOB FORM IT'S JUST AS WELL YOU ME BACK EAST.,. BUT THAT YELLOW PEE&^PARRO-W- HIS TIPS...X C3OT TWO O THE SMARTIES PENNEP UP IN THE SHIP HOW.I

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