The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 3, 1934
Page 3
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/ WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER'S; 1934' HUH POLICIES Fuehrer .Has Lost Friendship of Mussolini and Fascisl .Ilaly BY MII/TON BHONNER " NEA Service Staff Correspondent LONDON.— Benito Mussolini, dictator of Italy, lias Adolf 'Hitler's number. And .-no matter: whether you-, say it. in Italian, English, German or French— all of which ihe Duoc speaks— the answer is BLYTHBVIl.LE, (AJUL) COURlEU NEWS Go Opposite Ways alias zero' \ the same: ,gcpsc-cga alias nought, | All of which'meaiLs'that Gcr-j many under the Nazis is inorej Isolated in'the world'than it. was' when' It fought the World War Then 'at least It had allies In Die shape of Austro-Himijary, Bulgaria i and' Turkey.- Holland, Switzerland j and Spain were benevolently neii-1 tral and 'Sweden more so. Today Nazified Germany has not an-ally In the world nnd not a country \ that is benevolently neutral, unless i It be Japan, which is loo far off lo do Hitler any good in Europe. . At the beginning his best clmnce seemed to be Italy. Hitler had copied Fascism slavishly. For • the fasces he substituted the swastika; for the black shirts, he substituted brown shirts. He copied the Fascist system of private armies. Attaining power, he aped Mussolini by making bis-Brown Shirts a pillar o/ the state. Imitation seemed lo be the incerest form of- flattery. Also it suited the Duce's purpose in world iwlilics to play Germany against France. Religion Raises Barriers ' But soon NRKklom aroused the Duec's opposition. Hitler, oppressed the.Jews. Mussolini', took them within the fold, making Signorj Jung of Sicily his Minister' of thei Treasury. Hitler started a fight' on the Catholic church. Mussolini | composed a difference of CO year's; slnuding between the state and! the Vatican. j Hitler's racial theories made It-' allans sore. The Nazi drum-beaters spoke of the Aryans as tlie greatest of human i-aces, the Nor- dics as the greatest of the Ary- siis and the Germans as the greatest - of Nordics. Italians resented that. In great historic figures they felt they beat, the Germans all! hollow. - In lilerature a Dante far! outweighed a Goethe. In music,' ..,-.. whereas Wagner was something of, cause all the world loved jaelody a,cult: and. acquired taste, all the In the arU Germany had n'o work world, flocked to .Italian opera be- figure whereas half the world-' masterpieces In painting and sculpture were the producl ol Kalians, Murder Last Straw But all these things weighed as ilust In tlie balance compared with, the question of Austria ami, In- oldenially, tu little Chancellor, the Hie Bngelucrt Dollfuss. Mussolini and, with him, nil Italy, wits blt- teily opposed to any^deslrnctlon of Austrian Independence-. Italy could not tolerate an annexation of Austria 10 Germany, bringing the IJclch to Halian 'frontiers nt. the Brenner I'ass. Nail broadcasts from Munich attacking nollfuss, Nazi 'mi-boring of refugee Austrian Nazi li.-'ilomi,U's and cMrfUhw, Nav.l iiiibsiilns to Austrian terrorists- all these things made bad blood. "t was then that Hitler sought famous .Interview with Mus- MI-.S. L. S. Briscoe l-larns SubsJaiilial Prodi Wilh Hens On City Lol That a woman can have chickens nnd flowers on [lie same ground with her city home Is demonstrated by Mrs. L. s. 13r!scoe, versatile local woman, wlio hns gained u.ulu> a reputation In both lines. After' having had a large llowcr gnnlen mound her home she decid- .... ft Is now no' secret thai Hitler got nothing out of Mussolini rave nn admonition to let Aus-, , .„. ..„„„.„. nuum UK smnc and a Hrm stalcmcnl of I lime the chickens had lo be moved ed a year ago to utilize some ground at the rear of Die lot which was too , sandy for (lowers. About tho sanio i.colitii's dctt'iinlniulon lo stand . Austria and • Its Chancellor Shortly, tlierenftcr. there followed the assassination of Dollfuss. Mussolini eeteomed the dead Chancellor. At the very time he \vns brutally shot down, Praii Dollfuss and IXmria Radicle Mussolini, ihe niiee's wife, were sealing ;t nrm friendship on the sea-sands at Rlcclone, Not far uway little Ivi and Uudl DoDfnss were playing with Ihelr good friends, nu! e Anna Maria ' - the farm so she converted Hie space Into a model chicken yard. Starling w jtb a flock ol 00 hens she now has HO laying hens after having sold 100 fryers, she delivers an average of 20 do/en Infertile eggs weekly to regular customers besides supplying her own table with chickens and eggs. The sale of chickens and eggs has set- led her $225 In the past, ia months. The egg customers pay her live cents per dozen more than the mar- in. ket price and she collecls monthly. v, (r —-~:~ • saw Fran She has more orders than she can off on her way to the! mi in her hvlce-a-wcck deliveries to- or her murdered husband, the Shs docs practically all the work Duce choked up and Donna Rach- alone, which requires onlv » ,Zi ele burst into tears. What Papers Say That choke tmu those tears were ,one of the worst day's work in the "" or Nazidom. This -.~,.~., ul tKinuuni, nils wns "nun or labor an made apparent a few hours later tally permanent when the Duce dispatched 120,000 ?/ DEK FUEHRER . resented' by Italians Italian troops to the Aiistrls-ltal- Inn frontier, ready to march in ir Hie Nazis atlempted a coup in Austria, So far as Mussolini is concerned, Hitler is "through." If any further evidence is needed, the press supplies 'it. The newspapers of Italy, like those of Cicr- mmiy, say only what the masters of the stale want them to say The "Messagcro," a semi-official Italian paper, said: "Since months; Italy hns lusurg- cd against this system of battle that? no civilized (wople ca!v consider without horror. It is why it Is useless today to deny a responsibility which is clearly defined. To strangle a little ueop!c, big Nazi Germany hns gone so far as to daily incitement to assassination . . . One does not treat two times with those who have given prccfs of their disloyalty." It has been estimated that no less than $15,000.009,000 worth of gold has disappeared In the world --. ,•-•,*•*....*.,j ,,,. tim v%yiiv alone, which requires only a short time daily, sanitation is practiced nt all times and she spent $200 ror equipment w n\ch provides Ideal conditions for the hens at a mlnl- or labor and which Li iirac. - • - — vn> hatches her eggs by Incutalor. . • She has had While Wyandoltos "",, "° sv cha "» i "g ^° White Lcg- . lus;i ^j ^^ jj]gg C j. 0 ^ L«c former for eating. Although she started the chicken ljuslncss as a temporary measure, flie has decided to continue her work because it is a financial suc- ller modern home, a Spanish oiuijjnlow of flv= rooms, a 50 by « foot'flower garden, and the poultry yard are on a lot 100 by HO feel on Hctirii street, where many people go to view her lovely flowers and %b* KlICtLENj HV M.Mtv ];. . <v *w thai }\ M oysii'i i s bm-k with 'is fur nnolliw -mifun, 1 linve du-t- |;|l "If "Alice in Wonderland" to >'»V as«hi Lewis Carroll'., (tl ._ "Klillul eulogy 01 oysl.',- ,, nt |,,,, Picseniwi In Du' Walrus mnl tin- vom PAGE THREE Princess RuHie•'- May Wed Paslia Unli'-ss you've roirp.shed ''"'"loi'y on the „„!!,(, yi)ll ; . > W> won I rcciill (lie; vows Jn- tlule one or the si,,,,,]^ .^.h,,,, for nysiej. cocktail: "rt loaf of broad, the Walrus .sal [I, Is what we chlelly need; 1 ''[>I,CT and vlni'ijar besides' i _ flri; very jjood indeed-" I Ho nuidevu vmlon of Ihe icc- M-.MilBtlt.itcs tabasco for pepper "" limon Juice lor vl,H W i',!„,] OJMIT cmckci-s lor Hie bread' but ' fill?/ 1 i thC WHtnls wolll(l '""'" lll '-l milled mi mipmvi'mcnt •Of course, most ol us aren't (jo-, I ',?, f l °'"' 0 >' sttl ™ »» frosh ,,s » Walrus, .plod pip,.,- incite html (In, succutrar bivalves' I'oin the security of the oyster bed (u IDs banquet table on (he beach ' Half Shell!) fur All iwpper served with French dressing Is- delicious. MurlniUi! tho oysters nnd rii.ll separately In French •' ihiE for nn hour before sorv- . r;<iok.>,i oysters mo combined wilh celery and. mayommlso In [mother ijooil unhid. tirriimn jiollce him.' equipped [tiulnctl pli'poiis wllh :i sirup cnm- ji'i-ii which, when [lie bird ID In Illi'ltit, snaps plctiires of the wound, Spanotts do on nmiiml damage ^ ul mnny millions of doUau to U»e, buildings of the vorld ^* » HOTEL NOHI.E • ^ Is Now Agent Tot Anic'iican Airlines, Inc, Call'8115 For nformatlon : and Reservations A «<1 In many | ): ir(s of the conn- ' M'«s>l«|iln« Keuml I'asba, G7-yc«r- li'>'. you won't Iw able to eat llu'in ' "''' lllt "" < "' »' '1'iirla-y, la rs'nurl- ont of the shell, unless, as Is wide !''"'' [u 1;a ••'"'iil'lui-lnB imitrlinouy ly practiced, you obtain a siiimiv *3 :lln - Vluumrso dtiiliiinailc clr- "f -hells oil wl.ldi you place the W """ '''" l "' lll ° "'"' ''° IM "Celled oysters of comim-rcc for rm , 'V"" 0 " f AUj "" lu ' (H|JOVO > serving. minucc. 101 lm)al i^mnr,,, 0 , K | 11S ^ >g lonij •»!• dice. '"' lilBli Today they HS nu source of protein, ler content makes source of ener- nrc valued four daughter.!. ing period will make them tough mill leathery and consequently hard to digest. There are Innumerable hivllliii; Hint re>iulre sources or Iodine nnd compare fav- lhere , ""', ""»''» m orably with cgys ,, s S0|r ^''" vmys of serving them Iron, nay arc rich In vlUun ,« \1 i" l £ ££,*«* •!?**• „ • and U, good 1,1 vitamins A and O ', f c . oektll " s Ulp >' n™kc ponular «ml «,„(;„„ , ome vitamin cm™ i b0 I','"i' 11!S , ?' ^ l " '""" m: ' " ,11 A ».H>ft hot dishes lire desirable chickens. Diamonds found ,.,„„ Illinois and Wisconsin gravel deposits are thought to Indicate tlie presence of a great diamond field in (lie nortJi. According lo estimates, there nre There is no jubstitule (or GOOD, SOUND, RE- FRE^ING SLEEP. Your . bodily health, comfort and beauty of face and figure • require unbroken slumber. Tired Sines are erased from the face — ihe eyes tparkle — and life seemi good, when you sleep on l.ti* Beautyrest. Sec the fall showing of • Simmon's Kviiuty real Mattresses. Rasy Payments If liesifed Hubbard Furniture Co. Raw oysters are nlmost as easily ,.. , (i| E cs l«l us raw cy®*, and lire nn in Michigan, [exceedingly nutritious fond to tcrvn to invalids. Steamed, baked 'n'wl-i I" it plain stew they offer appetij-.- 1 j sons In ili health. " l>e '" I i Him't Look Too Long j |. The diBcsliblllty ol cooked ! fers depends largely on the i • used in cookiui;. They contain and an ovcrlong «-nyj. A combination wltli i; m po fruit sections and ntneddcd green The BusT^ ^~ People's Laxative i thorough "jelly for,hi •cuo., JAI 'JJ<1)Jf. Jl coiiuiiTi HO 'ricf '»<li uc diet. D.<!iv i, ,!,.. You've Seen the Stream-lined Autos . . . Now See These Stream-lined Jackets ! ! Choose these smart new sports garments— Sucrie or Woolen Jackets — witli the modern Strcam-Ll'iicd slylini; Tlay'rc iliflfeient— but not cMrcme. They'll 'help you to forget the tlrab dullness of Hie dtpics- sion .years. Wc'ie showing same outstanding new garments tailoicd for us by Glover, R* ture to see, Men's models in Sticdo! HmUIdu, l'ig(o\ urn! Calfskin. $5.50 to $17.50 l.mlies' ruoik'l'i in Fupilc, Roll CnlfLltln anil Pigli's. IJifht bionii, liin ami \»hilc $10 New Mead Clothing Co. ... and while we're talking about cigarettes 1 don't suppose you were ever in a warebonse where they were storing hogsheads of tobacco. Anyivny here's something interesting: Liggett & Myers, the people who make Chesterfields, have about 414. miles of storage warehouses where they age the tobacco. Down South where they grow tobacco folks say. . . It's no wonder so many people smoke Chesterfields. The tobaccos are mild and ripe to start with, and then they're aged the right way to make a milder, better- tasting cigarette. ; ' ^*ts!^S*^ •**'i 's$\ 'in- o- a a esterfi ^ *W i ®Sffif$ f ^$^ ^&jjr*9&$** • in*. 1 am i* Mrm Te^aa, c+, the cigarette that's MILDER the cigarette that TASTES BETTER" MONDAt WEDNESBAT SATURDIT ROSA : MNO CBFTE PONSILJ.E M.UII.Nf Sri)ECfc.COLD KOSTEUINCTZ ORCHESTRA AND CHORUS ' 8 P.M. {C. 3,T.)— CQLUMBU NETWORK '.•••

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