Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 30, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1948
Page 6
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Page Six Soys Truman to Go Through Wifrh Rights Program Washington. Nov official of a T xr( -•said today l'>r<. s iiU "Expressed dot' Straight throui'.h rights program. "I say,- no si'. 1 misc.' 'said \V;i lary of the . ticrn for the ,•;•:• ored People. White talked l-.i conferring with i\ir. White Hous;.-. He said they civil Irights pre- Mr. Trum.-iii hr White replied: "He express,". go straight thro:t.:-h A reporter null, d been talk in toinn out a comprorni:-.'.- t satisfactory to tiie It was then that While raid he had seen no signs of i-ornpron:ise in discussing the matte. Truman. White said the preside: he was obligated (o no HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS New Look for Buick Convertible McMath Committee Wants Election Laws Revised Little Iioc-i, ;lov. U9---(/P)—DOCK Arkansas need to revise its election laws? The Election Law Revision committee of Gov..elect Sid McMath apparently thinks so. | A preliminary draft suggesting a o new election code for thc si If I'h mai-;e a nnai cirau for pros LO ilie I'M!) legislature. Some of the changes which may gn into (he new code are: i.sniy service by persons .---- t; > serve as election cials. A positive voting procedure. A limit on political campaign expanses. Apj.-i-ov.-il of voting machines on a local option ' ! ~ Tuesday, November 30, 1948 Returning Publications to Former Owners May Create Grave Problem in r. preliminary draft KUgtresting a ' v serious proiMetn has been ere jpiploK' new election rode for the :lte| J in the newspaper world o .ate was; discussed by the commit- j "Cstcrn Germany by the dccisioi ce at a meeting here vesierday. l° uf tho Allied military governmeii he gioup will meet next month lo! tn;it former owners may by inn lake a final draft for presentation i' c £,'ain properly after being elcarei > ilie ISM!) legislature b V denazification courts. party stale's Mr. i? w f" 1 -, f ft w*. iVviiiti^'Uti! HERE'S DUICK'S graceful new Buick Super convertible for 1949, completely re-styled and streamlined from bumper to bumper. Note Ihe flowing full-length fenders \vith functional chrome "venti-ports" for cooling the engine compartment, full- vi.sion curved windshield and rear window, one - piece wrap - around bumpers and a spacious lurga/'e compartment. The lov-.-cr, v.-idcr grille and distinctive 1 hcoJ contribute to Buick's styling indiviclunlily. all length of all IMS Buick Ovcr- Supcr and Roadmaslcr cars is reduced three inches to facilitate parking and storage. Ail iJMO Buiek convertibles have hydraulic pu::h-bul- Ion controls to raise or lower the top, adjust the front seal and raise or lower ail windows. Buick's "no- thift, clutchlesu" Dynaflow Drive is standard equipment on 1949 Road- master models and optional on Super series cars. Public display of 19-19 Buick models will begin in dealer showrooms Nov. EG. basis. Recognition of a political primary as a part of the election machinery. . Making the governor responsible Jor conduct, of elections. Nathan Schocnl'eld. Hot Springs, Ark., member of the committee, told the group that repeal of all present laws is essential as some of Salt Lake City. Nov. 29 (/Ti — Salt Lake City police held two men I arid a woman lor! a,' i'or invsllya-! tion in a soric.-c of robberies in No i vada and Utah. i The three were airosk-fl yesterday at Ogdon as they boarded an caslbound bus. They here. Detective W. T. them as William Kansas City. Mo Randall. 18, his Rock, Ark., and Paris, Ark. Saathotf said Boss carried a 32 caliber revolver. He ,sr>id the lhr'<v< would be iniostionod about rob- bTies at Ely, Nev., ond Sail LaKe City. Sheriff T. J. lMt:l,-,ui'hlin of Kl.v reported Satin-nay that two men and a woman bom Fallen, Nov., ;inrt auto court cabin at Kiy. 'iiii- i'l-m".'.' who had bee pic!;.-d '»-.j ',,v ]),-,lby as hitchhikers. disappeared wit'h Dalby's automobile. The mis.iing ear was found abandoned late Saturday iK'fii- Garfiekl 2tJ miles west of Salt Lake City. A Salt Lake (Jitv man W'llie Moore, 25, reported two mon entered his hotel room carlv vester- cioy, bound him and tovik' $12. Shortly after er, Allpine W he drove two men and a woman to Lay ton. where they forced him at gunpoint Two Condemned Japs Ask Court fro Spare Lives Washington, Nov. 20 —(/I*)— Two .wartime Japanese leaders, con- v,*err; brought jdemnod lo hang as war criminals, I asked the United States Supreme Saallioff named .court today to save their lives. Petitions for court reviews of their sentences were filed on be- holf of General Kenji Dohihara, known as "The Lawrence of Manchuria," and Koki Hirota, former premier. No appeals were filed on behalf of Hideki Tojo and four other Japanese leaders who also were senlenced to be executed. Amrican attorneys for Dohi- hara and Hirota questioned in the petitions the legality of the trials T'.anda I. Mrs. Joanne wife. of Lit; IP Doyle Bos, 18, Wednesday, December 1 The Wednesday Bridge Club will meet Wednesday at 2:;;0-p.m. at the home of Mrs. Allen Gee Sr. The Tschaikevsky Merry Go Round Junior Music Ci.ro v.'fll meet with Freddie IVioborg ;<t her home at 3: Ii3 p.m. There the Pre p.m. will be choir practice at ibytcrian church at 7: ITi Hope Star Star of Hope 1899; Pri-^ 1O77. Consoi'idafcd January JS, 1929 By DcWITT MacKENZIE AP Foreign Affairs Analyst A serious problem has been ere ated in the newspaper world of decision nt if) 2 by denazification courts. The newspapers now are being run in their old plants by carefully aoiisi scrocnGd Publishers -who have been offi- i licensed by the military authori ties. Under the new properly ruling, those who owned the newspa pers during the Hillcr regime may. after denazification, take over their plants from Ihe licenses and resume their own publication. Since there are no other plants Has Plan to Setth Berlin Conflict Paris Nov. 29 -—(/l v i— Argentine I Foreign Minister Juan A. Bramu- 'glia said today he had sent to the B:g Four powers his newest for- was relayed lo the country through mula for settling the Berlin block- have conflicting provisions clear and apparently for Future Washington, eminent official;. omens for veys alon front. These report <W Nov. 30 (/P)report -Gov- available, the licensees will have to spend their papers and the old publishers will be once more in the editorial chairs, unless the latter see fit to lease the plants. This naturally raises the question of what ideological complexion the newspapers will have if the old guard take over. Can the leopard change its spots? The present-day German publishers think not. They maintain that the owners who op crated under the Hitler regime are too niuch steeped in the totalitarian Nazi code to be able to shake it off and adapt themselves to post- he newspapers. The propaganda i ade crisis, mini.'i'er even used the press to further Hitler's scheme for destroying religion and creating in the public mind a Messiah com-'drei Y. Vishinsky "seemed [avor- plex regarding the fuehrer him- j ;,blel," A Brills htliplomat said the :,ch. Young girls were urged to Western powers almost certainly have babies out of wedlock 10 ere- ' " ate soldiers for Germany. The awful anti-Jewish campaign ricd on unceasingly. A great deal of this propa was accepted as gospel by the gen erl public. Indeed, much of it un was cnr- sianda Bramuglia told the three Western powers' security council delc- ; gates the reaction of Russia's Au«,ii- r ,', v w; L -i-,;v, t -i.i " " plan doublcdly was accepted as fact by many publishers of newspapers. That being so, are we to suppose that the views of • - • a defeated 'and are going to embittered nation ,.,_ have changed overnight? ~I not. I have been in Germany since the war and the look in the eyes of many of the people says that they are beaten physically but noU mon tally. They are much the same folk fought under Hitler. wouldl accept the new plan. Argentine sources said the covers three points: 1. Bramugna. as November president ol the security council, would appoint an expert commission to study the Berlin currency issue. 2. The security council would recommend lifting the Berlin blockade, its full implementation B tu to coincide with Ihe introduction think °f the Soviet mark as the German city's sole currency in accord with the commission's rinding. 3. An explanatory communication by Bramuglia on behalf of the as those So it seems obvious that the mill authorities will have with extreme caution in lo move allowing papers war conditions. Hitler ruled the press iron hand through that vicious little devil, Joseph Goebbels. who was his propaganda minister. Goebbels' influence increased towards the will have to proceed with great cir cumspcction to make sure that no section of Ihc press reverts to nazi methods. A correct solution of this prob lem obviously is of the utmost im porlancc. -— ._, good :ctl d °f the war he was credited the future today in sur-iwith being the fuehrer's chief lieu- the nation's industrial I tenant. I spent a good deal of time in included: Germany before the war. The new peacetime October production Publ A mid-week mi (-ting will be at thi! First Christian chur; 7:30 p.m. ihcd ovcry weekday afternoon bv STAR PUULiSHIHG CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Washbum, Secretary-Treasurer at the Star buildinn 212-2M South Wnlnut "Sireet, Hope, Ark. Alex. H. Woshbim-, Editor 8, Publisher Caul H. Jum;s, Managing Editor George W. Hcsmcr, Mech. Supt. Jus-,, M. Davis, Advertising Manager I Alien Diilijy of |conducted by an int'crnalional mil!'••:! him in ;,n!it,-,ry tribunal. They asked that the j executions be stayed, that hearings be held be/ore the hk'h tribunal here, and that thc Japanese then be released. Altoineys said similalr petitions will be filed later on behalf of five |other Japanese Cj-ivielcd by Ihe same international tribunal', but i who were given prison sentences. Today's petition were filed by William Logan, Jr., of New York rwai-d ,-• la-:i---i>b driv-j Clt - v - ancl Oavid F. Smith, of this '. McGregor.'21. "said ' c "'- y The supreme court's next session is scheduled for December 6. There was no indication whether the ,. -. then on petitions. There will b at the First i. p.m. Prayer ; choir practice tuftcher':; meeting t;:a Chureh_ at 7 irc nl 'i'.'i'i ami !i::!U. i entered a', second class matter ot Ih. i Pcr-t Office at Hope, Arkonsos, under tht ' Act ol March 3, 1897. thc two .. in prices since January's The regular monthly session meeting ol the Presbyterian ehiireh will be held in the McKai: Memorial room at 7 p.m. The Methodist choir will have practice at the church at 7:;;t) p.m. (AP)—Means Asfiodafcd Press. (Nt-A)—Means Newspaper Lnlarpriso Association. ---,. lo turn ibe cab over to. them, the vehicle ran out of gas, court might act before however, and the trio abandoned it, leaving McGregor bound with strips cut from a blanket. the "Pardon my PawtheBELl^ANStabtefor HEARTBURN' l^ssafl. «u!irKtoni;H-[( itml iH'Krrlnirn.dor (orfidKiially PjPflCrlm! tllC f!tSt.l-sl-:trtllH,' Ini-itjt-IIK-ri 1UH1V.II tur Bymntomntliirt-lli-l—iii..'lii'lii,-..; lii-,i iiHi-., in Hi-lt-:iii.'i Tulilct* Nolaxntlvi'. jini-ans i>rlm'-< rvuifort In a liny orrcturnbotllulo usrm-<luut>liiiri»ni:<.- barli O BRL-ANS for Add Indigestion 25 ,5 RSiliil Firtds Magazine, Just when you gel a complete engine m by our t'.-.'.'jc. f r.sc;.a".!<-s B. R," HAMM MOTOR CO. 207 East Second Phone 53 fit. Louis, Nov. 30 —(/B—See- ins is believing with John Park Cravens, a justice of the peace at Magazine, Ark. He recog- nised a bargain in the St. Louis distillery's advertisement of "four quarts of seven- year-old rye whisky for $3.20" and sent along an order. When ho Rot no results, he wrote Mayor Kaufman. City h-tll officials sadly informed the mayor who passed the word .•.'long lo Cravens that both the masa/inc in which it advertised have lon» since been (Hi! ot business. The advertisement, which Craven/,'/ enclosed in bis letter of complaint, was •lii years old. Subscription Rates: (Always Poyabin ii Advance): By city carrier p"r wcr.k 20, per month 85c. Mail rotor.—in Hemp -jtoac.1, Nevada, Howard, Miller an{ Larayelte counf/cs, $4.50 per year; ehe ! where 5-3.50. Thursday, December 2 The W.C.T.U. will meet day afternoon at tin- home Sam O. Logan at 2::JO p.m. National Advertising Representative — >.'.'l(an.sas Dailies, Inc.; Memphis, Tenn. >tcnck Building; Chicago, '100 North Mich ,.,. i -90" Avenue; New York City, 292 Madisot J Mill's- I Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Granc t Airs, i Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 314 Terminal Blclq. •lew Orleaivi. r>_'j. Union Sf Prcscoll Public Library has recently received a nice collection of books iroirt the State Liurcuy Commission, which includes b'/oks i'i,r both children and ad;.iJI.^. Tin' collection for adults tu.iip.i.-.-.-ls a warm fire and a book to e:ijov through the winter month::, 'i'he children need no su.yg.'Uion. It you have any children's books vou can donate, they would be appreciated. The library had unusual visilcir, last week: trie teachers of tlu.> primary department, iviro. iiume, Mi',:.: Adams and Mr.s. MeLoUaru!. bU.ch brought her respective i;raric tu see and understand the u-:e of a public library. While they are loo yoiin;.: to be permitted to check boo'k;; oil their own responsibility they a.nreed il would be nice lor their 'leaehers to check their books for their story hours. Member of the Associored Press: 7h. Asajciatcd Pre^s is entitled exclusively t( the use for repubtication of all the loco lews printed in this newspaper, as wet! a : ill AP news dispatches. i relieve Mutfiis-surface congestion ot L ! /C-^JiIi?,'K-ijfcjijKa /nj.-.ist^ia *m>.*i& Thc Prc'ucotl Police Oepai has made its second quai'lei port to the City (.'UI:>K'-|. with Johnson reporlisii 1 , that h-.- ha into Ihe City lre;i:-nry lor 111 quarter Jines collected hi amount of yl.'JH^ and lor tin- : quarter, .SI,-lad. makiiii' a .•jiS.lU^ lines e'lll-.-eleil and for the last :.i.\ Jnonihs. Mr. and Mr:;, ilrad .'IcoH aiid eliildrrn Helen Kuth and ;\lar\ have returned in their home iii Jouesboro al'U-r ,, \'i.~U v,': parenls. Mr. ana J'.lrs. }\i and Mi-, and Mrs. lluii.er .....1,'j.o. Nov. ,'i() — (,'Pj — Ten thousand persons stood and cheered ;^ 4n-year-old 'j\.-.\a.s siockinan lasl night for his heroic: role in an un- sc!i"dulod evenl al the horse show at the international livestock exposition. A i'ew minutes before the crowd i.'ave an ovation to Lloyd Jinkens 01' FDH Woi'th., Tex., an (JDO-pound -U'llei- leaped a 5-foot fence into 111',- massed spectators al the show. I There were screams of terror i from among the crowd. 1. A record in the pre-war average. 2. Fewer strikes the months of 11)48 than in u'.'c'cedirig years. 'A. An J1 per cent drop of farm products postwar peak. AJthough (here were some dark spots on the industrial picture the total el"'ct appeared cheering. In si/.iug up the production records, the fi.-cierai reserve board said lasi night that last month's output boosted its index three l.'omts to a level 95 per cent abve the i;i:-;3-:;0 average. The previous nigh w;i.-i February's 94 per cent, but the gauge fell lo 87 per cenl in April and July. Pn-duction of manufactured goods ali.-ne. the board said, better than doubled the pre-war mark, with d'jrabk'l items turned out at a raU- 1MO per cent above the prewar scale and 'non-durable goods produced at a 7!) per cent clip. The federal reserve credited the record October upswing mainly to new production marks in the steel and automobile industries. The board noted, now-over, that deparlmcnt store sales were not inrddn;; their usual Iscasonal rise and that '-prices of foods and some other products deelilned." These price drops, while cheer- f to housewives, have been worrying some economists who think of the lapse of 1920-21. But Ewi'.u Clajaio. commissioner ol the bureau of labor statistics, said no such rollanse is in prospect. He told thc Eastern Association of College and University Business officers here yesterday that falling jirices at a period like this "can be a good thing—so long as these declines are confined to individual commodities." "Disaster comes," he said, "when the downward readjustments are permitted to spiral into a general price decline which cre- jatcs depression and un employment." press had no freedom but was the almost double jtool of the German government — which meant Hitler. Day after day first 10 ! n f unspeakable Goebbels manipii- Billy T Teachers; CoiK- the 'I'h fence and cleared it at a bound, into the space between the wall and the stand;; where spectators crowd to watch the exhibition. Jinkens sized up the K:'--,iation immediately. He raced his horse to the wail, and he leaped from •Hi.kens, cr.ltle breed,-,- and qua.- L'K,? K ' lclf " 11 "ver the wall and onto :hibilor snurred in'-- ' • . tlll ' u - t llls liners inlo f'pn.'i. V>I,"-',, ,wi H ,,,'i-u! 1 ^ 0 animal .-; eyes-, hunt; around ils KllLC. .KuMHl U UHh 1K , C .|; .,,„( b] . OUL , ht U ^ ju . kllt;cs> "Then 1 crashed it inlo the fence a couple of times to stun it," Jinkens said. "and guided it through a near-by gate into the show ring." Aslu-d if he was frightened, Jinkens said: "I've been around cattle and horses all my life. I knew I had to do something or be a heel all into Every Who cn : i This Confrncf: All hospitfil, doctor and nurses bills: cot-t of judicial proceedinrjs; lawyer's fees; and judgement re- suiting from an injury to any other person for which I am liable on account of His use of my car. '•As n nuarantee of the fulfillment of this nnroement, I pledge r,;; '.c-curity all my rual estate, chattels and other property I now own or may hereafter acquire or por.sats." OUR AUTO/vlOBiLE LIABILITY POLICY WILL ASSUME THESE OBLIGATIONS FOR YOU. AL.5 WHETHER premium hospital If you rncan-j . which |; of deoll year, (,-v. the ride an aclcJit'ional rh, nurses ilily InaLifOnr.C' . . then by all ..r AUTO ACCIDENT POLICIES icni expense (SI ,000 00 in case i ;ji(-rniti.n of ^b 00 lor ci whole i ii'ii'ii'.-r y<_u are driving ur just for Consult ;LH<e-~ INSURE 210 S. Main you v/oiild your doctor or lawyer burse c i- to UK. a leap troru the saddle. thi. 1 animal and led it Ihe arena. t'ulifv C'J'pt. Krank Ki.>.y,!<i!d.s ^aid Ihal Jinkehr's aciiou was the most heruie he ever had se.-n. lie raid lit,' steer running amuck ; Ihe- hitj'.e erowd might have i-d many. •ns v. as aboard his Iv,;•;;:.- g his turn for an <!xhi!jitiun a co\\'iM; - \' aiu! u "cuts out" a alee) Marshall, Tex., made a Ihe sleer. eer slued .ran for tiie my Jidj. I wra.sn't Beared because irter j I've been in a lol tougher spots— '.'hen i down under a brahma bull, for iru;r-nce, wilh nowhere lo roll. But any real cowboy would have done ;h'.- s-imo." Radio Performer <i> Previous Puzzle i actor 10 iie is on thc • waves I:! "urefalher 1-1 Drunkard,' l.'i Negali\-e wor .lii Hounded 1,5 Deep gorge en!tor's cup L. A MF'ip RTP !-;.->:; t Lake U| <!>(.-r limb I larern room PI '.,.1!. part I'loiployer G Hawaiian bird 7 Preposition C Swccl. Eocrction ?> Hub out 10 Blackbird of ' cuckoo 'family j 11 Charge;) r:io;n 12 Route- (ab.) 17 Pedal cli/'it .19 Ciiinbing plant 3-1 Story :::! Cif-alricc-;; :?:? Pl-.iyin;; card ^•1 Protective covering 26 Got up 27 'Fermented apple juice ir ~~ FRANCB DEE lated the newspapers of the entire country to suit the policy of the die tatorship. He gave thc people what he wanted them to have, irrespective of the truth. The history of the war was written to suit Hitler's purposes, Hitlcrian regime publishers to back their plants and perhaps re sumo publication of their own news denazification courts six smaller powers on the council, which arc pressing for the compromise. Argentine said Ihe timing of the whole proposal was not yet fixed definiteJy. It is possible that Dec. HO would be the deadline as the expert commission's goal, it was said. Russia blockaded Berlin in June after Ihe western powers put their reformed currency in the city. Russia vctos a previous neutral powers attempt to compromise the Cotton Oil Fire Destroys Pine Bluff, Nov. :JO— (/P ol: an undeclormined origin ;troycd a building at the Planters cotton oil mill here last night. Approximately 1,700 linlers—material used i.. ,,,,. ,,,„,,- ufaclure of mattresses and cushions—were destroyed. No estimate of "the damage was 'given. Bramuglia said he wanted to launch the new plan and have it considered by thc western powers and Russia before thc Argentine's presidency of thc council expires at midnight Tuesday. Argentine sources did not say how the vvesl or Russia received Fire the new idea. Andrei Vishinsky, cle- deputy Russian foreign minister who walked vvilh Bramuglia last J _... night, asked a cls.rification of some bales ofllranslation difficulties during thc the man- morning. Bramuglia received representatives of the U. S., Britain and France before noon and conveyed (he plan to them. 23 Drops of eye I'litid 43 Malayan coin 44 Crimson •'46 Scottish Deprive of <'! sheepfold scat 47 Transposes 37 Periods of lime (ab.) 38 Lubricant 48 Toper 40 Pniycr endiji;,' 51 Mother 41 Detest 512 Symbol for •i- Sun iridium •-;) lleavy blows :'! l''.!o;;dow ! I\KI:IL;J to him " lii '.\-r ;> - ; '.ir raid Ask any man about Towncraft shirts-he'll tell you it's as fine a shirt as you can buy anywhere! Ask about Penney prices-you'll lear« how mueli you can save df Penney's. So give close-woven, Sanforizedf, combed cotton broadcloth shirts! See how much he'll appreciate them. And see how much you save! PATTERN SHIRTS... 9 I " " " " " 4-fc/e . ^Shrinkage will not exceed U. S. Pat. Oft

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