Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 30, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1948
Page 4
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I. neider, owner, Rosston, sas, Route 2. Fights Last Nsghfr By The Associated Press Boslon—Sandy Saddler, 129. York. outpointed ",Pal" Bi....... '32, Hartford, Conn. nO-non-tille). New Eugene Lyons, n professional brand from (he burning, has come up with the idea of organizing a society of Red bailers. This might have been all right for purposes of discussion, but then he had to get grim and slaii talking about the good that such an organization might do. If I have any bigotry in my juices it is a rancid abhorrence of people who cold-blood- edly set out to do unprovoked good to other people, because all the immortal malevolent:: who set. our nation to hating in 1929 and have kept us at a kicking boil till now were do-goods. They are a breed conceived in malice arid dedicated :o the proposition that conlentmenl is a curse. They thrive in troublous .imcs on frightened souls and, just 'is the parson and cop would find .hemselvcs professionally obsolete p, r ,rrl- ,-^r, in a world of total peace and picly, j y ';/„„•,„ i thc^must have to woe to feed upon Ed''songin, J I refer you to the rooster of hot- eyed provocalors who have called themselves reformers in our time, and put it to you whether men of good will would intentionally sign up with any new lodge consecrated to th<- purposes which they pro- idKcd. In our country, I have watched them all, from Bishop Cannon who pul poison in our hootch m God s name, to Henry Wallace waving fagots for the purifying fi os, and I have yet to find one whose love of virtue and pily for the poor and ailing was comparable in voltage lo his voluptuous hatred I might say thai there have been few complaints -along this line regarding my own work upon tho vogues of social uplift and unionism, but only from the ill-informed Any person who has ever lnnk°H to me for good himself to blame. Four Porkers Named on W&M All-Star Teams Williamsburg, Va,, Nov. 30 — Iff*) — University of North Carolina players dominated William nnd Mary's all-opponent football learn for the 1948 season, chosen today by W. £ M. squad members. . Five Tar Heels standouts were singled out by the Indians. Charlie. Justice, North Carolina was a unanimous choice 1 uesday, Novcmlber 30, 1943 Lions - Kiwanis Game Friday Boasts Host of Stars But Not Necessarily in Football halfback of the 3' players who took part in the voting The first team— linds, Art Wein or, North Carolina. and Rcc O Quinn, Wake Forest: tackles Sx.afaryn. North Carolina, and Ernie Stautner, Boston C'ol)c<'<> guards. Frank Lambright, Arkan' sas, and Sid Vainey. North Caro linn; center, Milch .Smiarowski St Lona venture; bacl-.s. Justice. North Carolina. Bill Gregus, Wake Forest Hosoa Rodgers. North Carolina anci Leon (Muscles) Campbell Arkan. sas. The Joe have has ever looked works has only for my motives rim i i bc r".- obviou sly retributive, not idealistic, and any good i coincidental. - think I may say have little to answer for Mr. Lyons is i that second team—Ends, Frank Billy Mix, Arkansas; tackle'; Romanosky, St. Bonavenlurc.' and Lob Peters. Arkansas: guards Boh Mitten, North Carolina (only three ' voj.es-; center, Dan backs, Bob Pois- Carolina, ., , Boston Collcpe Thomason, V.M.I., Maurice sant, Boston College, and Smith, smith, Ogden to and thai came Notice WE BUY, SELL AND REPAIR all makes of Sewing machines. W. H. West, 215 North Hamilton Street, Phone 122G-W., Hope Arkansas. 1-lmo SPECIAL :. XMAS RATES F"OR . magazines. Give a Gift that lasts a year. Order now to avoid the rush. Chas. Reyncrson, Phone 28 Nights, 389-W City Hall. 4-lmo IF YOU WANT TO RENT A GOOD farm see Joe Porterfield at Spring Hill. 26-3t AVOID HOLIDAY RUSH. STOVE repair, all models, makes and kinds; Any place, any lime. Call "Oscar The Fix-It" in Hope 17 3"nc a T, S r- T - B ' Fe "wick Sr., Phone 195-W. 30-st for the United Press ti '"".'vying home yelling the Bolsheviks, those dirty were given to impure speech Tampa, Fla.-Lce Oma 195 DC wmf/T 1 ™ d to holocaust. He roil, ifnocked out Tommy GoJcz, Irnenl ™ T^°?", ca »?d '.'Assign- and 1S2, Tampa m. Salt Lake Qity Keith. Nut;tall, 132, Brigham, Utah, outpointed Bobby Foster, 135, Salt Lake City (10;. By United Press Holyoke, Mass.—Harry La Sane, !.«.', Houston, Tex., outpointed Clem Custer, 133, Detroit, (10). Chicago — Freddie Dawson 140 Ca ^-' sto PP od Terry Gibson, Chicago, (7), 141 19 r.£--- " — Johnny Bratlon, 141 1-2, Chicago, drew with Bobby Lee, 145, Baltimore, (10) Providence, R. I.—Rocky Mar- Brockton, Mass., Pat Connolly, 213, ciano, knocked FLOOR Sanding and Finishing LINOLEUM Alphalt Tilts • Rubber Tile ROY ALLISON Phone 280 REFRIGERATORS • See us fop New and Use'd Refrigerators. • See us for Refrigerator Service, any make or model. A comjjlete refrigerator service department. (We know How) • Refrigerator Headquarters New and Used. McPherson Appliance Co. 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Michigan State 53 Hillsdale 43 Michigan Stale 40 Alma 33 (Doubleheaderi. De Paul 70 Illinois Tech 34 South: Kentucky 74 Indiana Central 3fi Kentucky Wesleyan 53 Transylvania 411. oi Louisiana Stale 05 Kessler Field " West: Utah Stair (St. 47 Idaho Stale LET FOY DC IT y ard , s • Dlfl Post Hole. » Plow Gardens • Cut Vacant Lota • Also custom work. HAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phone 1060 8. Walnut 8t expose called m Utopia," which has be- a library book for cqsmic -another called "The likc wise reliable for matter come oracles, and" Red Decade, reference but like the invaluabfe-five^r'^Si oi. tne Dies and Thomas committees of Congress. His acquaintance fn«t° ng A he Now York nnd Wash- inglon Communists was extensive and his hatred of his old com* Jades purifies and renews itself as Pin sues his career and they fh-it th £?' l is a dro11 Paradox that the Mesr. Lyon, Ben Stol- Ben Gitlow, the last Bartlesville, Okla., Nov. 30 — (/p> —The University of Arkansas Razorbacks opened their 1948-49 basketball season here last night but were outpointed by the Phillips G6 Oilers, 53-40. Arkansas was held scoreless the first 10 minutes of play wile the Oilers, National A. A. U champions, ran up a commanding lead and held it to the end. High scorers ol' the game were , r ...~ £.,,.. .(iv, >VW1^ big centers. Bob Kurland, the ?rs' seven foot ncp nn^i TP,,K the Oilers' seven foot ace, and Bob Arnbler, Arkansas six foot seven inch sophomore, each tossed in 14 points. The Razorbacks will open their home season at Fayettcville tomorrow night against Oklahoma City university. lag- he berg . and named a renegade of'the highest ciuahty, all of them Jewish hav urn*!? don ° unc ° d by the Communist S L a g? nda « as anti-Semites and probably, if the truth were known honorary emir.s of the Arab M andXl'l 0 . s , cholar and a bisk and stylish writer who used to get n US - h i°n a ,"- d ? ncc - in throes over David Dubinsky, of the Intel-nation° S Garmon t Workers Union, Jl ' , ra P turoils biographical • !u? h ho now »'<?Rrcts with r ! thl ? S - shame of a m °on- banker in a breach of promise suit. Mr. Stolberg never was a - bu t- was ' as he 8 «y^ , ln hls Political adoles- but he- knows them all with S °r" ? n° US ^ lc! exhilarating fury. Ih. ? W ' Ol C ° l "' SC ' is well known m,,,! \ < {on " et '. chief of the in n Pa ' iy < ln the United v Tin m ° S p l vchcme "t vincing confessor of American class of current work, for /hn\ VC: " is " filu> chapter "Ji the Coin- State and con- thc large apostates. His entitled "The Whole " is a fine American while Hope American Legion basketball team won its second game of the season last night at the high school with a 44-22 count over Okav A large crowd attended. Leading in the scoring for Hope " vo R " 1 "' Gunter, Porter and were Ross. Vannoy with 6 each followed by Reaves, Hopkins and Polk with 5 apiece. Gathrighl and Stanton with 7 and b points respectively, led a hustling Okay team. Due to football games and practice sessions this week there will not be another game until next week. Friday night the game of lhe year will be played at Hammons Stadium starting at 8 o'clock pitting a strong squad of players representing the local Lions and Kiwanis Clubs. All benefits will Youth Center. go to local Rcnmiting by both sides has been "bout as active as Ihe game will probably be. In fact each side had a team to take care of the recruiting and the "purity code" had riothiiir; to do with it. There is a ease where a nlayer has signed up with both sides. Trying not to show favoritism the High School band will divide into two sections one for the Lions and one for the Kiwanians. Cheerleaders will lead each rooting section in fact this part of the show may be more entertaining than the game In an effort to get up some sort ol signal all players arc asked to rncol at 7 p.m. Tuesday night at the school with Coaches Martin' and Tollott of the Kiwanians and Coach Hammons of the Lions. Be there whether you are a Kiwanian or Lion player—it will nol be necessary for the Waterboys to report Lions —Offensive team: Hugh Reese and Raymond Byers at ends- 1-reeman Stone and Wilton Garretl at tackle; Bobby Ellen at center- Dean and Woodrow Parsons at guard: Foy Hammons, Sr. at quarterback; Erie Archer, Jr. and Foy Hammons at half; and W, Britt at fullback. Defensive team: Charles Butler and Ray Turner, ends; Earl O'Neal and Son Jones tackle; Chase c . , , ..... L " •- " * ^ » v-- u ct ^ U Stephens, center; Perry Campbell and Norman Moore at guard; Dor- sey FulJei- ^ ln f Neal nuarlcrback; Prank Miller, halfbacks; fullback; Roy Anderson, waterboy. Subs include Clarence Garrott and H. Curnbio. No substitute waterboy considered necessary. Kiwanis — offensive feanv Lawrence Martin and Nolan Tolletl at ends; Mutt Ferguson and John Wilson at tackle; Roy Taylor at center; Bill Morton and Fred Robertson at guard; Wallace Cook at quarterback; Ed Aslin and Mack Turner halfbacks; Richard Stanford, fullback; Charlie Spragins head waterboy. Defensive team: Jack Clcary and Hollis Green at ends; Scrub Hosier and Frank Walters at tackle- Mike Snyker and Lester Hobbs at guard; Jack Rust, center; Harold Gunter, quarterback; Dock Porter and Ed Morris, halfbacks; Rusty Jones fullback. Subs include — Jim LaGrossa. Pony Reeves. Tom Purvis and Henry Fomvick and Sid McMath. substitute waterboy. Stretcher men (to servo both sides): Claud Lauterbach, Jimmv Jones, G. O. Kelly and Roger Clinton. Physicians —Frank (Dock) Douglas, for Kiwanis and Dock Brannon for Lions. The teams will be led by all- state co-captains Archer and La- Grossa. No agreement has been reached on the officials but each side is trying to bring in some ringers' that know their job. A1G Tea mi Play 4 Post Season Games By Hugh S. Fullerton, Jr. New York, Nov. 30 — (ff>) — The ™ U ?? l ,-T ookic Prospect on the World Champion Cleveland Indians squad next spring may be Thirt Baseman in Ken Keltner, but Marsh's record may be the reason .vhy Ken recently remarked: "I've ?ot a sneaking suspicion that „ guy named Keltner might go some place in a big deal before too lone 3 time." h Quote, Unquote An unidentified newsman at the Fordham-NYU game when the crowd cheered the Army-Navy tie- They're all for the underdog -1 especially when they took Navy and Iwenly and a half points." One-minute Sports Page Outfielder John Simmons, drafted by Washington out of the Dodge's chain, was drafted by Mon- rcal a year ago from the Yankees' Norfolk. Va., farm. And he olayed at Yale in 1943 under Red ,™&.- no ^ T if« manager after tarting at ou«h luck NYU Football's , x guy for the season probably was Auburn's soph half- Jack, Jim Ryckeley, who broke he same bone in the same foot •or the fourth straight time .ollege scouts around Nebraska avo both eyes on Bobby Reynolds f Grand Island High. The kid, who as been compared to Glenn Davis n „ hle Ashburn, runs the 100 9.9 hit .305 in Legion baseball ed the football team through a 20-game winning streak and the basketball team lo 41 straight be- iore it was stopped last winter Dallas, Nov. knee injury has groat Clyde Scott 30 cost the - (/PI — A Arkansas' ball toting The story of the party's man- 11 ( 't the bonus mii-cli .U!umst Herbert Hoover in TCh! -In " pr:uitic ""y official, ^dually news, even after and years. cond ( :!;,, ( !d^;j°b-oo?^ 1 ij'- ibt - i oi Arthur Schlesing alten- ler, Jr., Lindy lei-back vorsitv, Berry, ol Te; edged inc.:as utit When the Yerger Tigers take ihe no-Id Saturday night against the Lossier City negro High School -Ti-i/ziiy Bears they will be in good physical condition according to versatile quar- Coach Brooks. Christian Uni- Samuel Shaw veteran left guard Scott for the '"'^ •—•••-<—3 .i_,,.. « Nc\v York, Nov. 30 —(/P)-— Y A Tittle, the Baltimore Colts' freshman aerial star, might not wind up the total offense leader of the 1948 All-America Football conference, but .he's giving the veterans a run for their money. The former Louisiana Stale quarterback, who zipped stripes around Ebtaets field Sunday like outfielders culling down runners al home plate, is only 150 yards back of Cleveland's Otlo Graham. Tiltle got added support for ''rookie of the year" honors after riis sensational performance against the Brooklyn Dodgers, during which he pitchexi the times and completed 20 yards. The Colts' 38-20 ball 26 /or 249 victory kept them in the running for the AAC's Eastern division title. Baltimore got five touchdowns against Brooklyn, and Yelberton Abraham had a hand in all of :hem, passing for two and direct- ng the Colt assault for the others. de has thrown one or more touchdown passes in his last nine games In his lasl Iwo games, Tittle has ossed 55 times, completed 39 for 4G4 yards. Tittle will oppose the AAC's 2947 ookie passing ace—George Tat- .erman of Buffalo—in the Eastern Division payoff game at Baltimore Sunday. Buffalo can clinch the crown by a tic but a Colt victory .voulcl deadlock the standings and force an extra game between the wo clubs. Autornaiiee Olto. fuse of the explosive Cleveland Browns who beat San Francisco to sew up Western Division honors, has a total offense nark of 2.CG4 yards. Right behind with 2,514 is Tittle, Glenn Dobbs of the Los Angeles Dons, another veteran of the professional ranks is just three yards behind Tittle n't 2.:)11. Ratterman ranks fourth with Little Rock Nov. 29 —(/P)—Three Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference football learns "will play in four postseason frames. but the champions aren't' among the bowl- bound elevens. Arkansas Tech and Magnolila A. & M. finished the campaign in a tic for first place, but Tech is recogni/ed as the official champion under conference rules because it was the defending titlist. But so far Tech hasn't been placed in a postseason classic. Magnolia was chosen to open the AlC's bid for bowl honors. The Muleriders will^ play Eastern Oklahoma A. & M. In the Papoose Bowl al Oklahoma City Friday night. Ouachita. which losl out o£ the litle race with a poor start but then caught fire to finish with eight victories and two defeals in all games, will make two. postseason appearances. The Tigers will play Southwestern Oklahoma State in the Texoma Bowl at Denison, Tex.. Dec. 11 and llardin-Siinmons university in a Shrine charity game in War Memorial stadium at Little Rock Dec. 18. Little Rock Junior coUege has a date in the Junior Sugar Bowl at Monroe. La., where it will play South Georgia Junior College Dec. 11. Fayotteville, Nov. 30 — (/P) Coach John Barnhill said today his Arkansas Razorbacks will not consider participation in the Harbor Bowl at San. Diego, Calif. '•We have a lot of classroom work ahead of us and we arc thinking of the 1949 football season." Barnhill said when advised his team was one of those considered as an opponent for Nevada in the Harbor Bowl. BROADCASTING SYSTEM Navy Invited Too '' San Diogo, Calif., Nov. 30 —(/P)— Tho Arkansas Razorbacks may have a chance to play in a postseason game alter all. Harbor Bowl officials yesterday said the Razorbacks were coti sidcrod as possible opponents for Nevada in the New Year's day game here. However, a definite invitation has been extended to the Naval Academy. Villanova, Kansas, Boston College and Rice also have been considered as possible opponents. Three To Be Filled New York, Nov. 30 — (&)— Of the 30-odd post season bowl games only three are still shopping around for talent today. They are the Harbor San Diego. Calif.; the Phoenix. Air?.., and Bowl Salad Cigar at at at ball carrying crown who-, ihn n'" i boT-iir-'n""^^ l^ la ? t . Ulreo games | Frankie Albert, San Francisco's r ,« i pccauoe of knee injury will re- T-masler, has (ossed 2G TD passes 1 missed two !-:nvi,-.« i turn to ar-tinn nnrf <i,,, ..„.,! ,.« i._ _ -..,,1 1 ..:..,. . . .. P'lbsi.-, the injury. injury will aines ; turn to action and the rest of the r> , — -...,...,,. i tigers are reported to be in L'nor? Berry also won the total offense ! shape. t ' oort His 190 runs netted him ! • _ ecause ol erary appraisals, Ijei hero ^V iC;iler ami He V, , C ' ' r ll i H-T's Jila high-oc- " f Na/.i FOR SALE Surfaced Oak Lumber — $40.00 per Thousand GENERAL BOX COMPANY PRESCOTT, ARKANSAS PLANT NOW See us for Rose Bushes and Shrubs for fall planting Gentry - Butler Florisds Phone 1194-W1 We Deliver REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Dial 3-7023 (plume collect) If No Answer Dial 3-5770 •is they Unable do a say job on : in the te. fault Mr. f Schlesinyer Mr. Flynn, book trade crown. 1183 yards. . Scott fell into third place in fixed l'A lg x V, ith 070 un ' 1f) carries while iixcci Hay Borneman of Texas took second with, 700 yards in 110 ca'-rics i Donk Walker of Southern Meth- i odisl was the leading punier in lhe eunlereiH.-e with an average of 42.1 and 35 boots. Gordon Long of Arkansas v/a.s see-on:! with 40.0 on 2'' uck.s and the Raxorbacks' Harold Cox was third with HO.!) on 30. George Sims of Baylo- led in punt returns, with Ross Prilcliard ol Arkansas second. Sims made 15 returns for 375 yards whilePritch- ard got 203 on 10 runbacks. Southern Melhodisl was lhe leader in learn offense and in pabsin" and Rice was first in defense play" M&A May Get Chance to Operate Again re- JT-masler, has (ossed 26' and scored e touchdown res :M, one heller "than Spec Sanders' all-time record. Albert pitched three TD passes against Cleveland. [His 26' total is one more than Sid Luckman of the Chicago Bears. 30 —UP)— The and Arkansas chance to roll Gitlow's -r wrote [American life j is surely far I This is tin WANTED - Logs & Blocks GUM - HACKBERRY - ELM - LYNN SYCAMORE - HOLLY - BAY HOPE BASKET CO. Gail 1000 or Contact Office ODSOSSKIII" and that picture- of the role of MI American life j n i" llu- '.'i()-.s- and -.jo's out of perspective." ,, .smear (ei-hnique which s tne weaiK,,, of the Herald Tri• ' >• !> I'.u-ty hne. M,: Schlesini'er any v^'™*"" ( " know w .''aher ales is authoritative 1 • •oniitli-nt. however, that x- trusted to review any mil historical anti-new deal Loney Promises No Wholesale PrJson Releases Little Rock, Nov. 30 — (UP) _ <--><»•- Hen Luney sr,:a today there would be no wholesale releases n0111 tin; .mate penitentiary during the closing weeks of his four-year adminislralion. The governor admitted, however that the pressure for pardons and I'nreles is increasing steadilv as ins si-cond term nears a close "My L-leme Little Rock, Nov. long idle Missouri railroad may get a again. A Little Rock Jaw firm said last ight an unnamed syndicate has otiered to invest at least $5,000,'000 for purchase and rehabilitation of the road. However, the syndicate has stipulated that a Class "A" railroad must lease and operate the M&A Osro Cobb, member of the law inn, said. The o/fer was forwarded to Harrison, Ark., president of an investing Arkansas city. Saivhill said the proposal be sent to lhe Interstate " firm in that North will Tampa, Fla., each looking for one other loam lo fill the bill. The Orange Bowl at Miami, Fla., completed its program yeslerday by naming Texas lo play Georgia. Three of the smaller post-season atlraclions also finished their lineups. The Tangerine Bowl at Or- [anclo, Fla., named Murray State Allege of Kentucky to play Sul Ross Teachers of Alpine,' Tex Trinidad Junior College of Colo- ado accepted a bid to meet Northeastern (Ola.) in the Salt Bowl at Hutchinson, Kas. The Tangerine Bowl is Jan. 1. The Salt Bowl event is set for next Saturday. The Pacific- Destroyer 1'orces and Hawaiian All-Stars were named lo play in lhe Silver Bowl at Mexico City Dec. 11. Sponsors of the Harbor howl announced they had invited Navy to take on Nevada but Navy officials I dec-lined comment on the bid. I Villanova. meanwhile, is said lo be considering an invitation to piny in lhe event. The Cigar Bowl has chosen un- oeaten Missouri Valley College for one half of its fare and has nar- teams—-Bowling Green (Ohio), St. Thomas (Minn) and Wofforc The Salad Bowl, wilh Drake University already chosen, is awaiting a decision by Arizona players to take the opposing role. 5:15 5:30 5:45 6:00 0.-L5 0:25 0:30 6:45 7:00 7:30 7:55 8:00 8:15 8:30 8:55 9:00 9:30 9:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:55 fl:00 G:25 6:30 6:40 6:55 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:45 7:55 8:00 8:30 8:45 8:55 9:00 9:15 9:30 9:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:30 11: 45 12:10 12:15 12:30 12:40 12:45 1:00 1:30 2:00 .2:30 3:00 3:15 3:30 4:00 4:45 5:00 5:15 5:30 5:45 6:00 6:15 0:25 6:30 6:45 7:00 7:30 7:55 8:00 8:15 8:30 8:55 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:55 U:00 M M the Tuesday p.m., Nov. 30 5:00 Advenlure Parade Superman — M Captain Midnight — M Tom Mix— M Rhythm & Reason News. Five 3tar FinaJ Today in Sports News Comment— M Fulton Lewis. Jr. — M George O'Hamlin Show Official Deteclive—M Hy Gardner— M Gabriel Heatter— M Mutual Newsreel — M Lone Wolf— M Bill Henry, New*— M American Forum of Air— M Hcisman Trophy Award — M Jimmy Feathcrslone Orch-M All lhe News— M Eddy Howard's Orch.— M Bobby Burn's Orch.— M . Mutual News— M -rin Sign-Off Wednesday a.m., Dec. 1 5:57 Sign On Hillbilly Hoedown Bargain Roundup News, Firsl Edilion Arkansas Plowboys Market Pteporls •• Farm Breakfast Program Melody Boys The Devotional Hour Musical Clock News, Coffee Cup Edition Sunrise Serenade Bob Poole's Show— M Bob Poole's Show— M Arkansas News Roundup Cecil Brown— M Faith in Our Time— M Mineral Springs Program Blue Barren Presents Passing Parade— M Victor H. 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Movie Matinee— M Ozark Vallev Folks— M Songs of Love The Johnson Family — M 1490 Club Swing Time Here's to Veterans Adventure Parade — M Superman— M Captain Midnight— M Tom Mix— M Salon Serenade News, Five Star EditHn Today in Sports News Comment Fulton Lewis, Jr. Can You Top This— M High Adventure— M Hy Gardner— M Gabriel Heatter— M Mutual Newsreel— M The Family Theater— M Bill Henry, News — M Manhalton Playhouse— M Address by Paul Hoffman — M All lhe News— M Jimmy Fcalhcrstone's Orch — M Henry Jerome's Orch. — M Mutual News— M Sign Off Top Radio Programs Tun- S Received With Courtesy But With Little Enthusiasm By DeWITT MacKENZIE AP Foreign Affairs Analyst Madame Chiang Kai-shek's unofficial mission to the United States — presumably to make an urgent plea for further American aid to :ier hard-hit country — has evoked little enthusiasm in Washington The Brilliant first lady of China naturally is being nears a HMicy policy will remain .same as it has been in l.aney declared. = received with . . Commerce i every courtesy due her hiph nosi- commission. A final ruling on dis-Uion. She is being brought here 'in expected i American planes, and the flight from San Francisco to Washington being made posiion of the line is from -the ICC Dec. 7. is man's Cro-Magnon man was so called because lhe fir.sl remains of this Sacred Cow. Moreov prehistoric race were found in Ihe llhf house guest of cave of Cro-Magnon, France, in Stale and Mrs. i O I) J. in President Tru- t'ormer private machine, Ihe •iocu-ty was ivd-baiiin;; comrades. Altered into many ni:-..itions \',-hose titles line deceptive eulura- IlK-ri- \»-; is - a period when L-IIIILJI essional eoniiniltee uii-Aniencan activities served Kremlin faithfully and well. , ejisiii u-iis an lUi-American at'-' ^'-' V<-'iinnunitm was its foe. But nuling ciunmunisin the coinmit- narai---.ed the Na-is. Su voila! nul'.' idoning power of the governor, (have no apologies to make," said. "I don'i think I have abused .that power, and I won'l abuse il relaxation "oTj Jn.ialiwls"",,,"!'' l be |V'' 0 l lt>ave u!!ic *'" the issuance of liquor pt>m s. \ h *^^"^ ," tl " lated UK- pre.si-nt rules no ner- ' "''"L'J about one pai will U- considered until Jan. iyea - r dUn " K hls U ' l ' m - H «-' I he he Jon per said h Marshall at their Leesburg, Va., near the e un an 1 | ' . Tli,- .usual number pn.bablv v i' 1 ,"' ob ; lD!y , wouUi «'' ant " a J ' tv -" '"i'r- LH- .m-anted at that tinu- 1 a t-v ! lol ' Bhrs ater '" lhe - vuai '- Ch '^'.--aid. " ' • j i^as lurloughs. as in the past, will ' l-.arly in his administration, the verniM- set up a program under iH'n lu- {.'rallied clemeney to cun- -'ts only up.MI recommendations Ins board of pardons and pa- tille of tlit- Kociely of red- ters iiiit-ia seem prohibitive. But Uiree months H v.uuld be the "In spue have of the fact that condemned the society to eutive oait rod-baiters with an secretary drawn from tile newspaper guild, the furriers' of Hollj-M-ood and Mr. Lyons have uuuiher lutson in his .-a euucatiuii. recom.'nended by Capl. Tom C'oybill, prison superintendent. The governor said he probably would ; tullow Cogbill's J'ecuijinieiidaUans. Much of the pressure being ap- : I plied at this time c-ame from his sonic- l su PPorters who wanted "one last! 'favor" before he leaves the exe- j c-utivc chair, lhe governor said." "But I have to support the findings of the c stuon .adrcmfshrcm ings of thv- courts, and I in the idea of opening ih The fact that par- home at capital. However, Madame Chiang's sc-nsa ' trip st, " imatic circles as savoring | loo much of high-pressure j especially since it follows so ch.se- i ly on the generalissimo's ciirecl ap- ;pal to President Truman for more ;help —and quick. The whole problem is. of course, a matter of i'lest discussion between Mr. 111:111 and General Marshall. i Well, il would have been I'liscreet if Nankin" had held its hand until the pre'sidonl and the 'secretary of state had a chanc-' tu : thresh the matter out. Still, I think .that in fairnoss we must recOL-ni/r- that China's very life must to its harrassed government at -'-• Nanking — the gateway to all Central China, for that mailer On November 20 when the Chinese government announced a sweeping victory over the Red rebels in the Suchow area, this column warned readers to await developments before jumping to conclusions. It looked to me a's though the attacking Communists had merely paused for a breather and reorganization after some ten days ol liert-e attack, and (j lal thev would resume their offensive in due course. The offensive has been resumed million : Suchow New York, Nov. 30 — (/' ing tonight: NBC — 7 This is your Life; 7:30 late With Judy; « Rob Hope Comedy. !',:30 Fibber and Molly; 9;30 :-ople are Funny. CBS — 7 Mystery Theater- 7:30 Mr. and Mrs. North; B We the People; 9 Hit the Jackpot 0:30 Let 1- reedom Ring. Wednesday programs': NB C— 8:30 a. m. Clevelandaires. CBS— li:l oa. m. Barnyard — 10:45 a.m. What Tick? MBS — 11:30 Poolo. Follies. Makes a. in. ABC You Bob Unbeaten Teams Now Natrov/ed Down fro 14 New York, 'all of Army Nov. 29 —(/P) — leaves only 14 The un- gov- area Nanking. A quarter eminent troops in Ih are reported to have been ordered , . , ., , « - .lo witndaw southward fm- Hr.fAm.-o trip strikes American diplo- of the capita! and the routes a bit r ' "tactics. x-aten and untied n the nation. All but two of them — Notre Dame and Clemson — have fin- shed their seasons. Notre Dame vinds un Saturday against South- rri California while Clemson plavs lhe Cilack-l. California and Michigan were he only other .major elevens lo ome through the year unblem- shed. Army was one of two lowers to suffer only a tie The other was North Carolina. Here are the unbeaU-n-unlied remnants i.x-one game left to seem to be As , jn-,ii,.,- nf f t <> M • AS a Jnatter of fact, the Nationalist regime of Chiang Kai-shek is in danger of going down for th he'' concur cannot be allowed™ 'nfTnc?S ^-— ^^ Communists decisions ream-ding clemency.' " ' Sui-how sector, which C , . - ' - "•••.! i-ni^ * wti ivo into entral China, bul thus far the withdrawal hasn't been effected. In any event, as things now stand the 25,000 Nationalist ende.rs are faced with attack bv l-.vice their number. And the Red's are receivnu; supporl from the Russians via Manchuria and Mongolia, j So if we find Generalissimo Chiany an obstinate and persistent lellow. I think we must remember that iho.-e are the very qualities which have enabled him to wage war lor .seventeen long years, fir'st against lhe Japanese " and then against the Chinese Communists. As for Madame Chiang she long has been Chiang's right hand both in government and in war. She is one of the worlds's most capable women, and 1 doubt if there is anyone in all China who knows more aboul lhal country's governmental no military affairs. Moreover she op 79. Ten games. California, pts 277; op 80 Sul Ross (Texasi, pt s .|;ji-' Nine games. <Je-|x-Notre Dame, pts ;inr r op lUH-nigan. pts; 252; op 44. x-(.lemvon pt.s 230 up 53 Bloom.sbu U ;, Pa. pt.s 185; op 19. Heidelberg, pus 299' 013 96 Eight "aines. Missouri Valley, pis 309- Weal Liberty (W Va > up 45. Alma, pts 170: op 57. \\esleyan. pt s 244; op 34 Occidental, pt.s 184; op 3'' pension, pts 277 up 51. Seven games. _Michig£ui Tech, pts 200; op 59. been educated at Wc-llesley~ are two ways of capabilities. She be .-..,-:- lo ,';: na . ti . 011 which op 30. pts 134; ,,,.i- , ,. . ...!--.. .v» i.iininiy tl M tt J 1 O , I 1 joatev,a> to the national capital of is acquajuted wilh Am erica, having n.ight be useful to Washington/but she also has the reputation of being a genius at driving a bargain.

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