Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 19, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 19, 1938
Page 3
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; Jlpnclay, September 19, 1988 HOPE STAR,, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THREE t"rom Mothers to Teachers, (With apologies to Kipling) f, If you can keep your head when forty V children "!{ Will) forty different problems chal- | . lenge; ' , If you can still their clamor, soothe I their spirits, And i neach mind implant a purpose true; If you can provide to each of forty mothers That hers is, of them all, your favorite child; If you can keep all happy and contented, Though one would often drive his parents wild; If you can find it in your heart to love (hem, Attractive or unkept as they may be; If you can sec not what is on the surface, But in each child a possibility; If you can wake in each a thirst from day to day; If you can stir within each heart an interest, So that his lessons seem not work but Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Tcnnison Jr., were Sunday visitors in this city, en route to their home in Memphis, from a visit with Mrs. Tonnison's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gaincs Anderson in Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Ogle of Los Angeles, Calif., arc guests of Mr. and Mrt;. A. K. Briggs and Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Carter. Mrs. Ogle will bo remembered by old friends as Miss Julia Waters, formerly of Hope Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Norton had as Sunday guests, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stuart, Mrs. DeWitt Davis, Dr. and Mrs. Francis Davis and son Dcwilt of Texarkana, Mr. and Mrs. James Lucas and Miss Rebecca Norton of Little Rock and Mrs. Edwin Bird and children of Crossetl. --0- Miss Lucille-Murphey has returnee from a week's vacation in Chicago and Danville, 111. Jimmic Harbin of Little Rock spen the week-end visiting with home folks piny; I If you can meet these never ending problems, As well we know you have done o'er and o'er; Then you have won our gratitude undying, Our staunch support is yours for- cvermore! -Selected. • •« Do you remember when, at the imposing age of six, your mother took you to school for the first time'.' Do you remember when, after you were officially enrolled, she kissed you good-bye and loft you "on your own" —a stranger in a strange new world? and do you remember how abandoned you felt, how completely alone? It was indeed the loneliest dav in your life. -O- Miss Martha Ann Singleton, after a summer's vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Singleton, left Saturday for Waco, Texas, where she will resume her studies at Baylor University. —O— Mr. and Mrs. Tructt Simmons of Texarkana announce the arrival of a little daughter, Barbara June, Thursday, September 15. Mrs. Simmons will be remembered as Miss Tholma King, formerly of this city. ENDS MONDAY Edward G. Robinson in "I AM THE LAW" TUES. & WED, BING CROSBY MARTHA KAYK —in— "Double Or Nothing" Iflc & 15c Captain R. A. Boyetl and Mrs. S. I. Reed have returned from a visil with relatives points. and friends in Alabami Girl Scouts Will Stage Cookie Sale Every Ward in Hope to Be Canvassed—to Clear Debt on Scout Hut ! Marketing Card Is Necessary to Get Government Loan Hcmpstcad county farmers applying for government cotton loans are urged! _ " ] to bring with them their white market- oeventh District IS sented at Bankuet at Letters Carriers Hold Meet Here Miss Dorothy Gunter left Monthly foi Dcnton, Texas, whore she will resume her studies at Texas College for Women. Mrs. Vonccil Pvitchett has recovered from her recent operation and is greeting her many friends at Sibyl's Boauty Shop where she is now manager. The band auxiliary will meet ;it 3:30 o'clock Tuesday at the high school. All junior and senior members of each division are urged to be present. Questions, Answers On Employment The Girl Scout cookie sale week which will take place in Hope beginning October it and will run through October 8. The city has been divided up into .sections so that a canvass for this sale can be thoroughly made. The objective of the girl scouts is to sell 2500 boxes. This will enable them to clear the debt on the girl scout hut, which is Hearing completion. With the help of the entire city, the girl scouts should have no fear of reaching their quota. The following have been appointed to take charge of the various wards for the sale which is anticipated. They arc as follows: Ward 1—Mrs. Glenn Williams, chairman, Mrs. S'. L. Murphy Mrs. Eugene While, Mrs. R. E. Jackson, Mrs. Clyde Monls, Mrs. Fonzie Moses. Ward 2—Mrs. C. B. Presley, chairman, Mrs. If. E. Benson, Mrs. Ernest O'Neal, Mrs. Bert Webb, Mrs. J. O Milam, Mrs. Frank Ward, Mrs. Frank Trimble. Ward 3—Mrs. C. C. McNcill, Chairman, Mrs. F. D. Henry, Mrs. J. A. Bowden, Mrs. D. L. Bush Ward 4—Mrs King, Chairman Mrs. Earl O'Neal, Mrs. Kolb. Insanity Plea Made in Guard Slayer's Behalf LITTLE ROCK.— (/I 1 ) — Defense Attorney Joe Wills announced Monday he would attempt to prove Joel Carson was insane when State Hospital Guard J. B. Keller was slain May 1. Carson was brought to trial here Monday on a charge of first degree murder in the killing. The Everglades of Florida have an area of more than 7000 square miles. Great Britain and (Continued from Page One) ing card, cotton form 211, which bears the government serial number. Cotton men here urged farmers to bring this card as it will be necessary to complete the application blank. Sue McDonald on Purchase of Soap State Launches Civil Action to Collect From His Bondsman (To explain the functions and objectives of the Arkansas State Employment service to individual citizens, The Star is printing a series of questions and answers prepared by the Arkansas State Employment Service. Two questions and their answers will be published daily.) Q. Was the Employment Service created to relieve a temporary crisis? A. No. The need for public employment offices was generally recog- to induce Czechoslovakia to give over to Germany her territory which preponderantly German-populated. In return, this report said, Britain and France would propose that they together with Germany, Italy, Poland, Hungary and Rounumia give a scvcn- powcr guarantee against violation of the new boundaries. This report said that Czechoslovakia by this proposal would cancel her defense alliances with Russia and France in exchange for the seven-power guar- nizcd before the depression and work | a nice. of this nature was carried on in The Czccho-Gcrman conflict was no' European countries, in one form or another, as early as 1421. Q. Is Employment Service work new in the United States? A. No. The first public employment office was established in New York in 1834. MON.-TUES. 15c MATINEE TUES. SONJA HENIE RICHARD GREENE JOAN DAVIS CESAR ROMERO BUDDY EBSEN ARTHIffl TREAIHR . CEM6E BAJBIER LOUISE HOYIU BILU SIUEIT rATIICI* SIIJIEB • PAUL HOBS! EXTRA! TODAY & TUESDAY "DISNEY REVUE" 50 Minutes of Fun Don't Miss It! WALT DIZNKY'S Academy Award Winner for (he past 5 years. All the big cartoons made into one big feature. JAfi, Vl&W *^ T H E A T R K LAST TIMES MONDAY Features at 7:15 and !)::t7 . Norma Shearer Leslie Howard in William Shakespearcs "Romeo and Juilet" With John IJarrymorc, Kdna May Oliver, Andy Divine, Basil Rath- hone, Reginald Denny, C. Aubrey Smith, Conway Tcurle, Robert Warwick, Ralph Forbes, Violet Kein- blc-Cooper. Directed by George Culcor An M-G-M Picture ADDED LATEST NEWS POPULAR PRICES— 10-^Oc COMING- OCTOBER 2-3-4 NORMA SHEARER TYRONE POWER. with John BAHRYMOBE Robert M08LEV • Anita LOUISE Joseph SCHILDKRAUT • Gladys George • Henry Stephensoa Prodvetd by Hunt Stromberg ONLY TWO Performances Daily Reserved Seats Only s 50c Children 25c Your Tickets Early. 0 Tues.-Wednesday 9 2—Big Features—2 Gangway for the U. S. Marines! Hell-bent for danger, the merrymaking, trouble-busting Devil Dogs blast their way into u thrilling ad- vciilure of super-streamlined action! "COME ON LEATHER NECKS" —with— RICHARD CROMWELL MARSHA HUNT Leon Ames, Edward Brophy Also "The Main Event" —with— JACQUELIN WELLS KOBERT PAIGE Watch For— THURSDAY & FRIDAY ANNOUNCEMENT solved, however by the British-French agreement. Even if Hitler accepts the Anglo-French terms it was uncertain that Czechoslovakia would make the concessions demanded, oven though refusal provoked a Nazi invasion. C/.cclis Decline The Czechoslovak government warned Britain and France as their ministers met thai it could accpet in advance no responsibility for an gree- ment to which it was not a parly. The notice was given by the Czech minister to London, Jan Musuryk. AJso Premier Milan Hodza, in a speech at Prague voiced determination to "dcwcnd what is ours." A plebiscite would not be acceptable he made plain. LITTLE ROCK-Ed F. McDonald, former secretary of state who twice was tried on false pretense charges growing out of purchases of soap and janitor supplies for Ihe state, and the United Stales Fidelity & Guaranty Co. were named defendants in a suit filed in Pulaski Third Division over the week-end lo recover $10,660.50 on McDonald's official bonds. Juries failed to agree at McDonald's Iwo trials. No announcement of plans for a third trial on the false pretense charges has been made by Prosecuting Attorney Fred A. Donham. The suit against the former official and the bonding company was fillcc by Sepcial Stales Attorneys 0. W Garvin and Clayton Freeman, appointed by Attorney General Jack Holt. II sought recovery of $8,452.50 in allegedly excessive sums paid for purchases in 1935 and 1936 and of $2.208 allegedly raid I. L. Zicbarl, former soap salesman, for orders declared never delivered to the capitol. Ziebart, sentenced to five years imprisonment on charges similar lo Ihosc on which McDonald was Iried, was released from Ihe penitentiary on probation several months ago. The state charged that McDonak paid $1.25 a pound for 8,050 pounds o soap base compound for which 20 cents a pound would have been a fair price -—' -^••^»- . — An average oak tree evaporate: about 28,000 gallons of water in a suin mur season. The skating lake of Kenya Colony Afcrica. is located exactly on the equator, at an altitude of 15,000 feel Chadwick Is to Be Next Legion Head Los Angeles National Convention Formally Opens on Monday IIULLKTIN LOS ANGKLES, Calif.—(/H)—The American I-cgion national convention arranged Monday to elect Steven I 1 '. Chmlwick, Scuttle (Wash.) attorney, president, and selected Chicago as the site of next year's convention. LOS ANGELES—I/I')—Stephen F. Chadwick, Seattle lawyer, over the week-end was assured election as national commander of the American Legion when his two remaining opponents withdrew from the race. Mile J. Warner of Toledo, O., and Raymond J. Kelly of Detroit'withdrew after a closed session of leaders. Lynn U. Stambaugh of Fargo, N. D., withdrew Saturday. With Chadwick unopposed and Chicago apparently assured of the 193£ convention, the main fireworks seemed to have exploded while thousands of Legionnaires were still pouring into Los Angeles. Warner, in announcing his withdrawal, said he was doing so "with the definite understanding my hat is in the ring next year." Warner and Kelly both praised Chadwick. The convention opens officially Monday for the first business session. Senator David I. Walsh of Massachusetts chairman of the Naval Affairs Committee, was listed as the principa speaker. He is an ardent advocate o a large navy, one of the Legion's aim. for many years. The official estimate placed more than 150,000 veterans in town Throughout Sunday night the reverberation of cannon fire echoed across the mid-town area, presaging the ad- Colcman, El Dorado. Mrs. Otis J. Cole- | vent of the 40 and 8, playground of the Capita] Hotel The Arkansas Letter Carriers' association of the 7th District held its an- uial banquet and business meeting at he Capitol hotel, Saturday night, September 17, with more than thirty car- •iers present. Many of whom were accompanied by their wives. District President T. W. Andrews of El Dorado presided. At the banquet proceeding the meeting. Assistant Postmaster C. B. Presley extended the visitors welcome in behalf of the local carriers, after which District President Anderson turned the program over to Slate President W.vlie J. Roberts who introduced the other speakers on the program. Roycc Weisonberger, A. W. Stubbc- man, Judge Frank Rider and R. P. B'jwen welcomed the visitors in behalf of the citizens of Hope and urged the into come back next summer for their annual stale mecling. Reports were made of the stale meeting in Malvern and the national meeting in 'Washington by S. E. Formby of Prescotl and L. A. Morden of Magnolia. Talks were made by many of the carriers aboul various phases ot the work and plans for improving the service. At the conclusion of the banquet the ladies retired to the parlor for a meeting of the Auxiliary and the men held their business mecling in Ihe dining room. 11)080 attending the district meeting were: T. W. Andrews, District President, El Dorado. Wylic J. Roberts, State President, Conway. Herman Sullivan, Stale Vice President, Malvern. J. B. Youmans. Emmet. Bruce Price Em met. T. J. Drake, Patmos. Olis J. mariy's richest cities. Two hundred and fifty miles to Berlin. Just a breexe to Dresden. Czech's aircraft are mostly fighters and roconnoissance planes. They have a minimum of bombers, but let any enemy lay eggs on the presidential palace and he will get a taste of his own medicine. There are seven regiments in the air orce. Last year they had 650 first ine and 750 second line aircraft. The >crsonncl in active service is 10,000. A )ighly important reserve is the Mas- aryka Flying League, which Britain las just begun to copy. This sporting roup consists of 100,000 members with some hours of air training. Last year there were 66 airdromes. This year at least 80 more are in various stages of construction. Czech factories are turning out 1,000 dirplanes annually. An air officer of in ally says Czech aircraft is as good as any in the world. Hold Out Two Months? It is easy to get overly enthusiastic about these confident, cocky units of a republic that is only 20 years old, because it is willing to die rather than go under. Fancy an experienced military man from the United States, who fought in France, who has seen the armies of Uie world powers, saying he believes the Czech army can hold the Germans off for two months! That may be the enthusiasm of close friendship and deep admiration, but something more than Chamberlain and Daladier has been in the brew that stopped the Nazi march to the East. Is it Czech concentration, conceit, courage? Some species of spiders build in colonies, uniting several webs with common lines. To the first spider to reach it belongs entangled prey. Want Ad For Better Results -fashi on. Mother's Smart Little Girl Wears Simplest Clothes man, El Dorado. Jack Coleman, El Dorado. Fred W. Petrc, Route 1, Hope. Mrs. W. Petrc, Roule 1, Hope. W. E. Jones, Hope. Mrs. W. E. Jones, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Hayncs, Lewis- villc. H. I-I. Burke, Buckner. Mr and Mrs. H. P. Hawkins. Waldo. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Marl, Waldo John L. While, Stamps. Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Formby. Frescolt. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Nettles', Hampson. Mr. and Mrs. Reed Ruple, Magnolia. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Boasley, agnolia. H. S. Spears, Tinsman. M. J. Richie, Tinsman. L. A. Mordcn, Magnolia. Mrs. L. A. Mordcn, Magnolia. Claude McCollum, Emerson. Clifford Pierce, Emerson. Osbond Taylor, Hultig, H. J. Este.s, Gurdon. D. M. Saundors, Cur- don. F. M. Brock, Bcntonvillc. G. B. Price, Treasure!^ Harrison. D. C. Easlcp, Lafc. E. L. Kimbro, Monlicello. Legion and bane of the city fathers. NEW FALL SHOES By TWEEDIE LET'S TRY THEM ON LADIES Specialty Shop t City Meat Market FOB CHOICE 1C. C. and NATIVE MEATS Free Delivery Phone 767 Italy Backs Germany TRIESTE, Italy.—(/I 1 )—Premier Benilo Mussolini proclaimed to 100,000 cheering Fascists over the week-end that Italy's place "is already chosen" if the Czechoslovak crisis involves Europe in a general war. He reaffirms Italy's adherence to the Rome-Berlin i axis and repeated the Italian demand for plebiscites for the minorities of Chechoslovakia. Many who heard the premier were of Germanic or Slavic nationality who became Italian citizens in the World war settlement which gave Italy Trieste and the .surrounding Tyrol area, formerly part of Austria-Hungary. Thunderous booing went up from the mass in Trieste's big public square when Mussolini spoke of the country "which wished to be great C/.echoslokakia and which today reveals its organic inconsistency." Jewish "Problem" Mussolini declared the Czechoslovak issue the world's most momentous problem. He called the Jewish question Italy's most pressing domestic concern and declared "We shall adopt necessary solutions." He linked racialism to the necessity of stressing Italian spcriorily for tse sake of empire and said the Faseisl "policy of separation" would be carried out. Trieste has the highest proportion of Jews of any Italian city—5,000 in its 250.000 population. GV these, 1,500 arc Jews wh ohavo settled in Italy since the World war and who, under a recent decree, must leave Italy in six months. Turning from the Czech problem, Musolini declared Italy's determination to hold Trieste which, before the World war was the Austro-Hungarian empire's chief seaport. "Rome is here," he cried. "She is here on your hills and on your seas! Here in centuries past and centuries to ccme with her laws, her arms and her king" Makes Theatrical Entry Mussolini, master showman, made a dramatic entry into Ihe city. The destroyer Camieiu Nera. which brought him from Vienicc, almost to the waterfront square where he spoke. Mussolini, jumping ashore as the destroyer docked, walked directly lo the high podium labeled with the letter [ "M" in heroic, imperial style. The eight destroyers which escorted his warship lined up al the dock us a backstop to the flag-draped square. •Shore butteries boomed a 21-gun sulule ami Ihe Cainicia Nera answered. He climbed the tribune, received the defending ovation of the crowd—mostly in Ijliickshirl uniforms and those of I lie Fascist women's organization— and plunged inmicdiutely into his Czech Jtapublic (Continued from Page One) topped concrete and steel hangars which may shed shrapnel and high explosive—the test has not come. Trim, shortwinged pursuit ships with thundrous Volta engines dived in tight formation. Close To Berlin Prague is close to many of Ger- Spain to Be War Front of Germans Withdrawing Equipment, But Maintain Bases for War Service Lautcrback for acllon on account. The case was styled N. P. O'Neal, plaintiff, vs. C. D. Lauterback, defendant, and C. F. Routon, garnishee. Aclion was dismissed as lo garnishee. Sibyl's Opens the Fall Season Un- der'the Management of Mrs. Vonceil Pritchctt who has been recognized as an outstanding beauty operator for several years by the women of Hope' and surrounding territory. Let us help you to be style-right. Vonceil Pritchett, Catherin Brown Ruth Ann Cumbie Beulah "The Maid" Call for an Appointment Today SIBYL'S BEAUTY SHOP Balcony Cox Drug Phone 86 By CAROL DAY Simplicity, of course, is the rule WASHINGTON—(/P;—German withdrawal of some war equipment from Spain or at leasl from the Spanish war front was reported in confidential advices here. The movement was said lo be accompanied by a speeding up of shipments of Spanish ore from Bal- bao, Spain, upon which Germany has drawn heavily for raw materials the la.sl 18 months. In addition to a new type rapid-fire electrically controlled artillery piece, some airplanes, particularly the Mcs- Korsehmidt and Hcinkel craft, have disappeared from the front recently, the advices said, linking the development with a slump in offensive activity by the Franco insurgents. German participation in the Spanish war has been confined largely to providing equipment and munitions and technical assistanco < informed persons said. They said' there had been no authentic reports of German infantry or other line troops in Spain, but that German artillery and aviation officers had derived much experience from the Spanish war. For a lime, Germany was sending new groups of pilots to Spain fortnightly for training in actual war. Spai nalso was used as a proving ground for much equipment, some of which fell far below expectations. This was true of the firsl airplanes | and tanks sent to Spain. Later type I German planes have met no real extended challenge to test their merit. Should war come and France be drawn into a conflict with Germany military observers here regard il as a certainly that Spain would constitute one front because of Germany's foot- Doc, I bought these teeth at a bargain but I want you to put them in I for brief little ladies in the 4-to-lU hold along France's southern'borders size range, but you can get lots »f O r fici;jl m rcuchi Washing^ style m a simple htlle frock-if you Um s ., y , hal Gcrm has cslablishc , ( | have it made according to this new design, 8312. The skirt has a flare that ripples importantly when you hurrj • The .sleeves puff out like liltle balloons, and the waistline comes high. likewise France an extensive submarine base at Los' Fasages. easl of San Sebastian on the Bay of Biscay, and less than 10 miles from stores and reserve equipment Since buttons from the square; Negro Hogan Held (Continued rrom Page One) neckline to the hem, this dress i.i quiek and easy to pul on, and i very, very easy for mother to make For play and everyday, have Si in calico, percale, gingham or (wh cold weather comes on) in jersey flannel. In taffeta, velvet, or dress-iiu forfeited $2.50 cash bond, cottons like organdy and dimity, it c Gorge Turnage, disturbing the will be appropriate for parties and peace, dismissed, dinner at grandma's. | Self Stokes, petit larceny, fined $25 Pattern No. 8312 is designed for' and sentenced to one day in jail for sizes 4, G. S, 10 and 12 years. Size ti, theft of a shirt valued at 75 cents from i requires 3'n yards of 3 Sinch material Morgan & Lindsey. i for dress with panties; 4 : '.s yards .>f; Elberl Washington, petit larceny, braid. ' fined $25 and sentenced to 3D days in | The new Fall and Winter Pattern jail fur stealing a clock from the Book, 32 pages of attravtice designs Crescent drugstore valued at $2.95. j for every size and every occasion, is Jack Noble, petit larceny, dismissed. now ready. Photographs show dresses' Bernicv Strong, Hoy Hunt S. J. Hall. : made from these patterns being worn; Sid Lewis. C. M. Hum, Frank Smith ad I a feature you will enjoy. Lte the Mai-tin Guthrie each pleaded guilty to charming designs in this new book drunkenness and each was fined §10. ' help you in your sewing. One pat- Forfeiting $10 cash bonds on failure tern and the new Fall nad Winter Pat- lo appear for trial on drunkenness 1 tern Book—25 cents. Pattern or book charges were Otis Andrews, IMAGINE the amazement of your demist if you went to him with a set of "store teeth" you purchased at a bargain and asked him to fit them in your mouth. Your dentist knows that your health, comfort and well-being depend upon his ability to select teeth which will exactly meet your individual requirements — perfect matching of the teeth to assure a natural appearance and expert fitting to afford satisfactory service for many years. Neither good teeth nor good plumbing can be purchased economically "over the counter". Plumbing fixtures too, must be of assured quality, carefully selected to meet your requirements, harmoniously matched to enhance the appearance of your home and installed by experienced hands to assure health protection, .satisfactory service and real economy. Good plumbing is vital to the health of your family for it means the delivery of pure water and the safe removal of dangerous waste matter. It can mean much more than the good health of your family alone, because water contamination can endanger the health of an entire community. Good plumbing is .<« vital that you should be sure that your present plumbing is good. Entrust your plumbing only to Master Plumbers. They have the knowledge, skill and experience necessary to assure safe, healthful, economical plumbing. Huy your fixtures from them. Place upon them the entire responsibility, as you would upon your dentist. Your Master Plumber can recommend the 'S>\anc(ai'd" Plumbing Fixtures best suited for your requirements, help you plan a new bathroom, powder room or kitchen, and arrange the financing on low I'.H.A. terms. And remember, '^tnitdaiHl" Plumbing Fixtures, sold through Master Plumbers, cost no more than others. alone—15 cents. Cux. Je.isie Atkin*, Llovd Purllaw. For u Pattern of this attractive model ; Charges of drunkenness against send 15c in ecu), your name, address,' Lynn Luck and Jack Noble wore dis- ttyle number and size to Hope Star, m'..-sv,l. Today's Pattern Bureau, 211 W. Wsdt I N - P- U'Nenl was given judgment of er Drive, Chicuyo, 111. j SI.'I:V.7) in a civil c.ise uyuinsi C. 1). I PreiiJcnt Standard cSanitats IDfe- Co, PITTSBURGH, PA. i-viMr. ,/ AkliBI£AN RADIATOR &STANPARD SANITARY l U\\VW\vm\W\\\VVU\\\\VVVVVV\AYU<VVVU^

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