Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 30, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1948
Page 3
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Tuesday, November 30, 1943 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thres Phone 1268 or 1269 Bchyer-r, 9 A. /-A. Qn d 4 P. M. Wednesday, December I The Gardenia Garden club hold its annual Chris,im:.s at £•?,{} Wednesday . iv.-n-'in;' V.F.W. Hul. Hosk's;-e ; - will ,• Hoyce Vv'-iseuP-'r:-er. .'-.j,^ Toliell, Mrs. Frai,!. nine,-. ;.[ "W, Andrews, lUr.:. ,Jan,e-. ,-• and Mrs. ].,. Ii. Te.oi.:\. .\u' bers are ;i:;kod b, brjie; .. : •be exchanged. The Altar Society , f th- Jnneb v/iil have ':< Jlj,,;, —ing Wednesday mo: u \.O'clock nl Hie (Ja,, <,::•.•<• Elm Street. Wednesday. December 1 The Girl Hcou; Com'uo ,.;-, liiiltce will meet Wcdiie:. ;!: ! p.m. in Hope City Hull. Thursday. December 2 The Pal, Clebnrne Chapler United Daugiilers of ti : , . < eracy meets Thi,T::r; .•;-,- ;-,"<,>, j-Pecember 2, at :::;m o'ch d •'OTomo of Mr;-:. Ciias. A. i!; em Mrs. John Hat ley. JViy-. •Branch, Mrs. .} X |i-''-'i ( -" Mrs. II. J. F. Gamti'," M.' hostesses. Thursday, December 2 The Jett Ii. Gravt s St-r-inv Class of Hie. Fn-;t Moihoo',:i , will have a Bargain S-'i • . from 7 to 1(1 1x1,1 Thiu-'^,-. 'cembcr l!, in the. j.,.,•,,,-'" (/; Byron Hefner 0:1 V.'e,;i I 1 Street. Reiroshinu.'i 1 , viil iv' •f»nd the public ::: cordial!' : <a to attend. The Country C!uh Hri--!-" cheon will rnee! Thurr.rine I .her 2 from 10 a.m. to l ];'.,,; a de:;.-ert or salad u'ele. tesses will be M;-.- 'j.-j,,-,'..- and Mrs. Karl Ciit;.o:i. h',,.,-' • informalion, plione •;.:•! or ', Friday, December 3 The Women'.-; C'.'.-.-niifii of ;>,< Christum church will hoj ''.annual Chri.stni:;.s i 1 .;;:-;:-;; r ijrtffice of Floyd Perte. ;ie;-:! : :- 7i''riday and Sami'il,-' -,-. uee; : a n d 4. Friday, December 3 The Kus.e. Garde., C", I, v! with Mrs. .1. S. G:b.:e. .1 -. afternoon ;;l .'i o'eloc!.. Kyler and Mrs. !!:,:•;•• ;-;', be CO-hc:Uo:e;. |:|;;;;il r •' . i , • I , •• bring a package uf f, i,.,, -.,'. candy. Y.W.A. Members Enjoy Lotiie Moon pr-f/---;;-, W The Y.W.A. of the r.-,"..,, ',' church m;-f Monday. \\\-.-:\: o'clock at the church ! e--,e Building for Hie Lottie I.u.o:-' i mas program. Miss Sue O'Sieeu. pro--,--,;-, man, presented tlv m';',•••'•;••'. "The World And The So'::.' group sang "We've A Suir--. '', To The Nations", follow .--i pealing tiie rcripau-e j ,'., i Mrs. James BMv.h-.-ir 1 . r< :> gave the open!',!- i;r,,--e>- Miss O'Steen gave a V e;-v jj_y stint; inl rout'elio;) an.-l lh-\-:e y^ing her on the pro...;rr;m Misses Margaret Blake, ',[.•.• r> I'ontins. Uiaeys ive\ i'.. 1-1 Kdith U'aul. Wanda' ;;u ; ;;'i- •: Martin and i.ir.-;. Jeiee;; }'.• ' Following tiie pni:'ri'.iii. li; •• sang "Joy To The \Vnri,i" , - thei.r donation (e, II, : L...M offering. Tlie Lord':- 1'r-.; :•, son closed the progr;: m. Smith-Gean . Engagement Anncmnc. d !< v ^ Of interest Io irieuii:; 'in JL'is an announce'-iK'n! :•;-.'' '"week by Mrs. Oml r Mar: iree of Sallisaw, Oklahoma ot engagement and r:i>p-.-,.•.-..•;•;:-. riage of her d;ui"h.t;.-r. Are-; . Smith, to David' Alton G." son of Mr. and Mr.-;, Al.i.n G-. nvT Hope residents o! ;h° 1 lojie I nii'y •,:,':!,!: will 1 3! . a ii i''-"i' ill ;.!. 3 o'-lock ! -.,l ih-.! Firs, Melh- ;h }-, v. A. Ma;; Hvl- Worst Fog '.ii'Ti..!-d ;ho lii:iversi(y v.-h'-, v I;,. v:a; affii- .!:::•. i A!,;!;a Kpsiloli " —i ii'.r,'. r a senior [U ,• i : Avuan.-ras and >vill •.',- !••. e in June. During ' rved a.-j an officer in . h.'ivii;;; ivon his u'ings Elect '"' .-I!.-'. \V. L. Porter of this '' i'""'t:e tile enyagement and '. 1 in;r{ marriage of their '''• 'iein'cca Lo.iise. to Car- 1 '- : ,'ie:--,lou, son of Mr. and i.n 1 .;-:-. liuddlosion ah:o of thi^ " ed:ling will take place Sun- )-ee:uber .-, al -j;3i) in the '!<• in the hi;;iie of the .--.;ster. il.,-;.;. Arthur Martin. .-, ,- .nue G. , .' 1 ° 1 ' i '.'' '•'> '"i graduate ot '-'-n Seli: ii| ;.nd has been '••• : ' ir ;kst!j.i attended Hope •'••'•• >* ;inci ;;; i-ved [i! months -'•• '.'.'Hi Uv- ,iavy. He atti>nd- -•.'i.:!;,-, A ft ivi College and at 1 '- ; employeci in Magnolia. Com ing and Going ; '-".i M;-:-, Torn Jol X ' left MOJI- '•-!' ''i-.i'- h-imo in Norman, -• ••"^.•'.'; holidays w.t'h Mrs. 1 : --' :•[>!¥. r.ir. and Mrs. . .-!:;•'. c-s hero. ' '•'' ; 'i' -•:. yooy Andrews and j ''-"•'• i-:i!ii. i!e ol Shreveport I ; ' • : :•;•' -'-e f i;.'r:.on and son, j Covers Britain London. Nov. 30 —iUP> — The jwui-.sl lty» since the Christmas sea|sc,n of ;fM4 blanketed Britain and ! the European continent today, I tying up air. ship and railroad I services /or the fourth straight Ail planes of the Berlin airlift, upon which 2.500,000 persons in |1he Western sectors of the German capital depend for food and supplies, were grounded. |t Once again the scheduled sail- ling the world's greatest liner, the [ 8.1.000-ton curnader Queen Eliza| belli, was cancelled. The vessel now has been tied up at South- h-'UiMitou for 13 days, first because of the U. S. East coast longshore- cinn's strike, and for the last three days by fog. Trains ran far behind schedule I not only in Britain but over much jol the continent. In France at least one person was killed and several injured in | a series of motor car accidents resulting from poor visibility. As far east as Prague similar ; conditions held, and all transport slowed or stopped. Amsterdam re- I ported a slight lifting of the fog which permitted Dutch airliners bound for Stockholm and Buenos Aires to leave the airport. In Antwerp visibility was less than 150 feet, and 24 ships were tied up in the Scheldt estuary. Nine small ships went aground on the Norway coast, but on casualties were reported. Many London bus drivers gave up entirely during the hours of darkness, halted their lumbering vehicles at the curbs and walked to the i rohem s. shr to their homes. Waltz into Darkness By William Irish Copyright by William Irish—Distributed by NKA Service. Inc. JULIA'S STORY: "Julia" tells Durand her name i.s really Bonny Castle. She traveled Ihe river boats as partner of a crooked gambler. "And what of Julia? The other Julia, the actual one?" he asks. "I've come to (hat now." she says. up again.' That v.vs ;,',! he ;e!i! me, then or ever again." "Hill you knew': "flow could I help bill know? He must have inser.eii him. elf in the c;ibin while she was giru i':o!Vi hia h;sl"'rhurs- /** \ •"d/ of .Mr. ;i nd I &A ;',i,d family for! ^' ill T;"n Ste- holiday S. L. u , Cros- Chicago. Nov. 30 — (/P) — If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach most of the girls at the inth national 4-H club congress J '"'e excellent candidate for ro- Litilci"-' 1 . 111 -' 0 I 1-or instance, there is Dona Hendry, 1C. of Blackwcll, Tex. During eight years as a 4-H member, she has served -1,889 meals and 2,217 separate dishes. She has canned 2,- o4l) quarts of food. And, for relaxation, she has raised 1.330 chickens, and 57 assorted hogs, calves and sheep. Not cnly that, but she has held every oflice in her club, has been president of the county 4-H organization and is now assistant leader. Dona is one of six national winners cl the 4-H food preparation contest. The others include Mae Meinen. 18, Rulcton, Kas., and Na- cime Blair. 18, Hamilton, Mo. The toed preparation winners or.cn will receive a $200 scholarship tonight at a dinner. Each has preserved thousands of jar;; of jams, jellies, meats, juices and pickles as well as fruits and vegetables. They, too, won $200 .scholarships which were awarded al a breakfast today. L iv. Hope. Jan.: Fvans, Hope ope. TRY Chicago, Nov. 30 — M 5 ) — For the lirsl lime since the start of the In• .-i worn- tct'national Livestock Exposition in ;tiier of her ' 'p 00 ' a " American loday will have icial in ;em- I " K ' honor of selecting the grand -;e dissolved cnanipions steer, if his iuca- '^ r - A. D. Webber, of Kansas nuil sexual ! Slate college, Manhattan, Kas., a j judging expert of long experience, e decree of i w '" ; '°'ccl Ihe finest animal at the Sir 1-ld- i ''' Jln exposition. Previously leading cattlemen from abroad have been called to Chicago to make Ihe fi: nal selection. j Show officials said that it is a belief among cattlemen today that, ai.se of thc, worlc ' feeding conditions being ,,r LI,-. !-Mui ' "'hat they are, only United Slates beef raisers are familiar with ;t of its '' l Ih t 1 i a D ^ ir.rc 'l i the highests type of failed callle. Sclcclion of the grand champion steer i.s the ouslanding event ot! l l ! ,1 he i l ' le Wt 'ek long show, now in its i in i i "iourlh day. Several breed charn IhillPions were named yesterday. H , a For the first time, a Hampshire lamb was named grand champion wether. The winner, a 140-pound animal, was entered by the Univcr- isty of \V\oming. /lowa Slate won a grand cham- I pionship with a pen of three south- I down wethers. 1 Grand champion fleece of the | wool show, also is owned by the University of Wyoming. j \Vcolsdale Bombardier, 1,450 pounds; of shorthorn, was named grand champion shorlhorn bull. He was the entry of S. G. Bennett of I Gci-rgciown, Out.. Caiv.da. Jay ; Farceur, line], an entry by C. O. i House, of Arcadiu, Ind., was ' naimd grand champion Belgian j stallion. j Milo V. Wohub, of Ml. Vernon, i In., showed Ih,.- champion barrow in \ th'.- Berkshire breed. King of the [ vailies. r>lllh shown by Lewis W. Tb:eman. of Concordiu. Mo., was I named champion polled shorthorn i bull. GARY GRAN' PLUS : r: i A C .- '-..i L-xS~*...i- ;!.os HIS rA HOUSE Hev/s State Farm Advisors Are Honored Cfiica-_,i.i Nov. ;ji) •-- i/l'i -- Three Ari.'ai sas larm inix'i.sors have been lionoreu )\->- ihe National Association of County Agricultural Agents. lieci ivmg di.-'liiiynishcd ser\'ice ;,-.'.'iiril.- ;,; th.e ;,s-.oci;itiiiu's lil'rd an- 'ni.-il meeting here yesterday were: \V. I-'. Soiv'-y. i.t.'e county: Gar- l;u.-.i J. u i,..,. ne. Si. Francis, and i.' b. Chi-i.-.tiau. While. 'lii ! e ii'.-..i!'U i 'Tevlou: iv Iiad fu-c-n ;'i con i:i:eiick-ii :'>' stale conuiiit- Ui;;l the ;-rti Tiie hi^'uam.l did not contest the .'..'le's fharL,e lhal he v.'as incapa- e.le ol l.oinu.l ;-e:-.i:;,l I'eh'.lioos Mill :'.;•; .o.-.i..d dis:.olutiuii uf the jnur- XXVII She drew a deep breath. "We used to go down about once a month, ncvei more often. H wouldn't have been prudent. Stop a while, and then go up again. We left St. Louis the Kith of May the last time, on the CITY OF NEW ORLEANS." "As she did." She nodded. "The first night out something went wrong. My partner met his match at last. The game kept on for half the night, and he lost steadily. I couldn't signal because I couldn't see the other man's cards. He seemed to play from memory, keeping them turned inward to one another face to face. At last my partner had nothing left to play with. "But long before that, hours earlier, the other man had already asked me to leave the Iwo of them to themselves. Pointedly, but in such a polite way that there was nothing I could do but obey. "I went out on deck and' stood looking over the rail. Presently a woman, unaccompanied like myself, slopped beside me and struck up a conversation. "She was a fool. Within tlie space of minutes she was telling me all her business, unsolicited. Who she was, where she was bound, what her purpose in going there was. "I tried to shake her off at first, but without succeeding. She attached herself to me, followed me around. It was as though she were starving for a confidante. She gave me your name, and, stopping by a lighted doorway, insisted on taking out and showing me the picture you had sent her. "At last, just when I was beginning to feel I could bear no more of it, she discovered the •— lor her—lateness of the hour and fled in the direction of her own cabin like a tardy child. "We had a bitler quarrel later that night, he and I. He accused me of neglecting our 'business.' Unwisely, in self-defense, I told him about her. That she was on her way, sight unseen, to marry a man worth $100,000, who—" He straightened alertly. "How could she know that?" he said sharply. "I only told the you' that was supposed to be she after you'd once arrived and were standing en the dock beside me." She laughed humorlcssly. "She'd investigated, long before she'd ever left St. Louis. I may have fooled you in the greater way, but she fooled you just as surely in the lesser," He held silent for a long moment, almost as if finding in this new revelation of feminine guile some amelioration of her own. "I saw him look at me when I told him that," she continued. "He broke off our quarrel then and there, and left me, and paced the deck for a while. Later, I found him motionless, in deep thought, against the rail. "He said to me in a whisper, 'Knock on her door and invite her out for a walk on deck with you.' "I said, 'But it's late, she may have already retired. She's unused to hours such as we keep." " 'Do as I tell yon!' ho order me fiercely. 'Or I'll put some compliance into you with my fists.' And he gave me a push that nearly sent me face down to the deck boards." "You went?" "I wont. What could I do? I went to her door and I knocked, and when she called out, startled, to ask who il was, I remember answering in honeyed tones to reassure her. Its your new little friend, Miss Charlotte'." "You had that name upon the boat?" "For that voyage. She opened at once, so great was her trust in me. I delivered my invitation. 1 complained of a headache and said I thought the fresh a,ir might cure it. I asked if she would walk with me on deck for a while. on the iu.-.ide. 1 told h mi".i:, •..-. Bui h-.' said if I act used hi,-,i. he j would license in; 1 in !u>".i. 'llrii we would both be jailed fo- it alike. 'She's goiie r,o\-,- 'vyo.tij i. call.' he pointed <>ul. Tn'thie.'. you can do will bring her back up eVei the side. and there s S! ,"ri.<n.' ; wailing for you when you .-,',cp off this boat in New Orleans.' "I dressed ami he swung back the door lor me and I toHouvu him out. 'Tie took my bagga.'e. the little I had. into his cabin and blended ' lhc11 ' , ov '"- 1 it with his. And hers we removed, between us. from her cabin to mine, to lake Ihe place ol my ow.i Nut forgetting that caged bird o,' hers, lie look Irom his pocket h"r letters Irom you. ami tile photograph you had sent her. and I put them in my own pockclbook. And BY EDWIN P. JORDAN, M.D. Written for NEA Service The siniiM'S aroutv.i tir* i.;cc are r poci-.el;.- which are liue.i v. ::h i K: uou- ;t :e oibraiie s ! ' v ; '.., ;• • u ill ili i iie Uo.U 1 alid !: :o '' '\. IV.- ius.' of '.he u.'riow ope;u:.:: lii'.o em Hi.'" do nut h.ivo eoud dr.-e'>- bei-cme infected w:,b ,-.'i .r.,:. Knhirj'.ed or eii'eci'. d !» i.-:! •-. 1.1- rie.;, vio;<..rM:i(t- s :; in (he i ;il i'o.-"i!-n eoilies c. re ;: f> wh.Vh S'.'e-m to In i his trouble, l.liet ;md all )ei;ev. ,i In plj.y a p.i"! '.i 1 -'!-.-'. The foi iiiation uf -:i!h:.:l lias;-! polyp:;, that ;,-ape-like buncie.':; ol t::;., lose, are a weH-l;n..>wn .' :hl i icully. Some peonie u< lUs'ius afier swimming, 'i'l, o be infecJed by the gi". .e and t'iio driven into the .shn: echi'.nicul force of e v.'hich :.V till' H: or o;u.'hl to be especially c,ireful when !lvv IK-.V • a cold. ACUTf- OR CHROMIC lul'irnimaiieu in the biros' ':- may be either acuie or chrome. In then wo bided 0111 time and wailed U'c'-ite variety, the muc;:ou> me:-,- I "' ^ ', ' N •, •-.-"' Tn the conkixion of dockiii" 'braue which hues ihe sin:,;; he-''".".'',',-'", and disembarking she 'was mil l -" : "''' hulainc'd and .swollen: the!' 1 ''' '''•' Ui ''' missed. We left" the boat sepa- i increased pressure which this can-: "-' x '- raiely. he at the very bc::hmiu-' :Sl -' s '- ; principally respoiv-'ibic ,'o.-j P I almost at the last.' ' " |«'hat p;.in is present. In the more; T "1 saw you staiKiiuy; there, and jehronic c;-,:;•: :•, the pain !:; o'.'U-:i cau- ' Iv:. knew yovi irom your photo:.;! aph. | t;< -' 1 ' '-'- 1 ' "''"' 'icctmiulatiou of jnis anci • tii -. and when al last the doi.'U had ;'i' ; '-'u;''H;.' inside the sinuses which P.'! cleared, I approached and slojipea''-' ' ;0 i }t 'here because it cannot gell.ith Ihcre by you. And there's th" i° ut through tlie narrow story, Lou." iOtit through tlie narrow operii'i::. ! the ".-.••,', spap-v. f- | Headache is one of the ly.nsi com- ', i;!:;i(iren. Het I-.;-.-.: ir.on r.ivn.i of sinusitis. Sinus head- : A mii!:u:i !-.•.••,, . She stopped, and settled bai-k : :K ' PI '- < i: ' ofleo ;n.irk: wursv by stnop- i /i-ed lor a i;-..,i:v upon her own ti'i'.mneci hee!;:. Heri' 11 '-' forward or by a sudden ;j;.j-. ; i,\ i'or :.-, -,:i!V. r t'.\ hands fell lifeless to her lap. '•' llc - 01 ' lu '- ;;; ina ." be present on pro:;- 1 ,v,r] th"' 1 - ••'' ' as il incapable o, lurliier ge;Ui.-ie ; s "-''^ "vi r lite area.. The other si-;e.- ; ,,. , N '..j^,.. ",', . "i ..'.' "Not quite." he :;aid. "Mot- quite i" 1 ' ^•-nusit.ij c: n u.-.aiallv he found j,".-,,'.. '.,•>'•..',,• -,'l\",' And wn;,t of VV'nat's'-his-na.-iie'.' j i; - v a physician who has the proper ; J.','.'-!i.",.'t - -V : •> 'i r- What was the further plan'.'" jiiiiitrinnenUs to explore the sinuses. : ',', -.'•'', -i-,!'','r v- h'e 'He said iie \vould seiui word to, ',,,;', .-•.-''.'. ;,.'''..'''''. me when enough time hud pasfc-d ! Q"LS'l'VO,\': \Vh^t, can be done i ,-".', ,,-. [--,', t ','..' ...'..,' And when 1 heard from him I ! : ' l)l ' P"or circnhition of the liloo.-l, , Vi' lir !'•-'."'.' .,',!'(-,''' was to—" ' I ANSVVKP; This depend; on the ' " (i'., '"' .''' ' "Do as veil did." j cause. In eluerly )>eople whose! ••"'.'!' ; .-,-,•,;•-i "I remember I was strangely uneasy, as to what his intention's might be — oh, 1 knew he boded her no good, but I didn't dare allow myself to believe he meant her any actual bodily harm; some intricate blackmailing scheme, at most, 1 thought, to be brought to bear on her later, once she was married to you—and even as I spoke, I kept hoping she would refuse me, and I could give him that for an excuse. But she seemed to have become inordinately fond of me. Before i could ask her twice she had already accepted, her face all alight with pleasure at my seeking her out." His interest had been trapped in spite of himself. "And then'.' And then'.'" he pressed her. "We walked the full length of the deck three times, in harmonious 'intimacy, as women will together." She slopped for a moment and drew a breath, as if again feeling the tension of that night, that promenade upon the lonely, darkened deck. "Nothing happened. He did not. accost us. Al last 1 had no further excuse to keep her out there with nie. She asked me how my headache was, and I said it was gone. "1 look her back lo her door. She turned to me a moment and said. 'I'm so glad we've met. Charlotte. I've never really had a woman friend of my very own. You must come and sec 1 mi:: ami my—' and then she faltered prel- tily —'niv new husband, visit with US, as soon as we're settled. I She. shook her herd deter- ' blood vessels are not in good con- minedly. "Not as 1 did. As it ' dilion. not much can be acc\im-' seemed lo you I did, nuivpe. 1 met piishecl. Th'.-re are. however, many him once for a few moments, in method:; :!JcU:duK< physical ihcrtp'y secret, when 1 wiis out o;i one of , v 'bioh y 11 ' 1 ' useful for a hir.ue nnm- my snopping tours without you , that part was by prearrangemeiu I d:i;icidtics of this kind. —• and I lold him there was no i ' need for him to coiuii on me any; -, .„.., „., longer. he must abandon la. 1 i tni'^ft" £-* 3 •:;':T-^ (i^nv:- •!-.•>•/ scheme. I could no luiu'cr prevail on myself to carry it oul." "Why did jou have a chaii'.'e of heaiT?" "Why must you be tol-i that now?" "Why shouldn't I be'.''' .-'•,:•: , ~- !'•• eamc home, • •... : •; ; i.-,:n:s that may' ;'.-• ::••• !i:ai''.:r with ' ; ".' n '•.-.•!' fi.id any • • •. <••'.. iini how shall •..".: \>..\ • >• 'funk he still • . \ '.',i ;ii ;><:• ;--;ivir! time -•: i .; : :'n.; jaii'.T. Should •' ;-•• v.",!:'ov'-r ii'f;oiv for -• ; , ;,•• .,;>.<• ',-opi; that ha • ' - .' ; i IK';.(.'.'!.e settiefi ' ,'•• ,",''!. i)KHl.'',U W1FK : : " '• ' !'.:: 'np. 1 vou i-liould '••.••• ' v. t'l not '!;ve h'.rn - '••'. :r: \Mr- tried O vu -• •'. : .''.!' iivlt Wai'.Q M '- '• ' .'•';*' ••.'.'. any objectix a. ! ' :'..-.•. e.r :'.nybody to '- '• •• ^ ''• ; '.'.'.'s or du';< is . ' . :-•'. ;",-;.,.|-,-| tii:i:g in the •' : .' : - : ; '.'-'.'i have to drive !' '-••• '•':'-, >i yo;.i want him • : i. '•• io y^u and the baby. •'•' !.:-• ;.;;( cuu,t tragedies at ' u-;. ; t!:;->» ;o :iu';n.y boy.i, -.:• •'• y.•'•,,;•". ihi'.y had had. :' M•'.-.- of /.Lie ;;nil so undf- :'i.;' ir.oy lirid no idea' oC ; - w.i.i'-vd in a 'wife, got • - .- :': ; ;"i ed I') girl;; when ;•'• :;:',,) iiie war and felt . .> '-'.u 1 . in .uiu'.-.ry them, as '.':;••;•• \v:-ro tl!sr)Ki-«-ed. And i'.. \,.;.-; dis;i.s; rotis in -so ...'.; -.•:;•. :-.? tiie boy had out- i. ; iL'-.'.-iiie.U'l-.o/ iiive affair. ;' '.',.•'.' ii.'id any ol:iytimu and. ••' io L'.U r.round with other 'i i; -.-'•. i' :,oo;! lime, and he in.••-.•-. hi.-; matrimonial fot- i.'.i 'i.-- v.'hy so many G.I.'s o'.'.eu >:iivorce;;. P'.v(,;hy O';x: How shall I e..y rr'r. : h.-.'-:':'.-lu\v? I have •,-.!je>i ij'.'r ;u;ything in the •.c-. ;i hr-,1;' f have known her. :::i "^ioi.'ior" is too cndear- -i i"il:in;ue and that one ';i:)y ;!.-je it .In .'Kidrossing his >'-5h'"-r. Mv mothor-in-law ia •;; MI.I. HARRY ei : As she is so youthful, .'.!". e:;li her by her Chris;• -• if .-.'!:;.> v-.'otiid perfer II. :• ~ c.ili !v?r "Mom." ol' 1". i'.;- any of the endless .. ef >:. i nr.mi's. 1 know'one ;•'• .'i ••'.:•:•••:; his mother-in'•.•''. '.' 'A 1 !!-;. 1 !! v.'oukl prob- ;:..:.' y,.-ir mother-in-law !3el! Syndicate, k ^ - ,.il t: ^ ^.- Ii S c ^-^j E U I 25 Tov/ns B'yfhr\-ille. Nov. ISO -- :,Vi -._ 'rhi 1 ' . . F.;;:;l Arkansas Natural Gas Con-; 'Very well then," she said, "1 j SUUV.M-S association has fi-a,-:led ;)-,,,..;..,,-,,; ; ; told him I could no longer con- - f'r.-.nchi: es io I'.o town;, and coinmu- i i'i M -| '• • '.•'•'••' template rloing what it h;i'' been - niues. !,,,;,. -,','.; '. ' j intended for me io do. I told him | Pariigoiild and Marm:id;i!:c \ ii;^ii L /i'.i '; . I'd iallen in love with my own i 'Gi\ one eouulyi received Iran- ', v,',-.'I'l,'; ,.'•'• husband." ' chines; ill a m'eetin!.; . of Ihe bo:.rd h;-^ ; oe "-i''i •'• It was like a ra.inbow suddenly j of directors here yesterdnv. j is"^-er>- i--ih • glistening in all ils striped glory I G. H. Burke of' Marhmna. Arl;., i i'.;,-'>', ,'•.,,'''.','.",',' across dismal Br;>.y sides. ' was eie-.-led secretary of ih- 1 a::.-;-:i- i t j,'.- '. t -i''--i "At first he laughed and said 1 I elation 10 si.ieeei.'d j. i'l. 1 /.nuiga ': \ [.' ',"',"".-. no more knew whai love v:a;; lh.:;n j of !''orn st City, \vho re:,i ; .vied. ' ' the man in the moon. Then he ' discovered this gave him an even more powerful threat Io hold o\ er me. And no sooner h.iu he discovered it. Ulan ho brought il into play. That he would reveal my imposture to you hhr,:;elf, anouy- ' mously, in a loiter, it 1 refused Io i carry out our deal, , "I Uni.-w he would. Or he'd come'himself. Or he'd lake me unaware sometime when 1 was! -,.,, ,, r,,,,,, .,^ . ,, ,, out alone, and I'd Le i",.,-,,i K-;.... I . '- 1 • '-•. *-'.UIHH Ls, ah-.m t.i/".. r,;:;,, ru.b en wanning A. C C I d € ?i' e §"3 CIC5 1 m Lives of at -B3 By The A3fur.intc;l Press Accideiils have claimed Hie lives (-! at !e.'i.;t two persons m Ail;ausas this week. tlie out alone, and I'd Le umnd Ivim; I r.,-'. 1 ,', .'"r ; 'i t" 1''I ? " L •'''• : there with a knife -hill in rnv side | 1 ' 1 . 1 . u ' "', V, « l l ' hll(l "'". un.v.'iieu S °..V" 1: ± W d ^" ; "' Cl ' '""'•"• 1 m«V,, wh^'lt'u,:^ 1 ,.,,^ 11 ^; him. "No," she said. "I took the money, yes. But I i'led from h-i-.i just as surely as 1 de.v-vted you. 1 fled as far away a:; 1 could. a snaliow creek. II::- w;:s a bia c.'Uiuy sawiviiil v, ork-.r . ll'i.s de.-;.;h Ijroiight hi .'(,;:: (u-.. 1 iitim- l.i r r of hi;.;:hv.-ay i'atalilic-. 1 . in Arkan- s-'ci.s since (iie lirsl of li'.e ye.--.i-. An eight month old girl died in a \ ]., , , ' . X11 e I L, OI ;) [ [ 1 01U iiu'ai rY,a7 ^t I,,!!" 51 !!!," 7,?"-''i! «- «' K — !t «"»'"••>• shooling affray in a ,-.;,-:mii.g lioic^.-. But il was too !,v,e by thai lime to undo what had been uloiie. 1 couldn't re-turn lo yen any more." _And lira look she :.ave 'him way of a poignancy inal v.-'..'.nd luive melted sloue. "A lew week:-; ;e;o I pi'-t Ihi:, Colonel \Voriii, ai;'< no','. 1 I'm ;,s . you find me. And thai'., my .-torv. „ illodical tosi Proved This OrcsS: to Heiiave She wailed. ,in-.l seemed to prolong eternity. "Aren't you goin .: Ihinj; to n'l:.', Lot:'.'" ''What is there in "I can'l tel! j come from you." "Must if.'" he raid diyly. "A.-, if there is notiiie.g tiiere lo givi you, no answer. 1 " "Nothing, Loii'.'" Ii: r vole" too:- Arc 1 you troi.i!)ir:(l by dlatrcrr: of I'onuih: fuiK'tiniiiil inimUily cil.si.uj-h- tinwii? Dots Hi Is in.ikc you sulTcr hl;;ll-:ui-aii;-—lit :-.urh tllni',-; 1 .' Then IH, ivy I.yillli K. ]'lHl:h;im'i; Vi-ei-lal-ilo C'oiiipoillul tu I'.-Ui.-vc mich ,;ynii)- loiiia: )u ii ru'.iiot, uiedli-ul l.c.-a thin provnl ri'inr,r!:iil.ily !H'I;)ful to woin- oii trouhlutl this way. Any (Irur.Hlura. •'hi Vi'l 1 , K EJiMWJiii'Vi' liii-1 l,, S SHlUUiid 6S? - — 'Here's 'UKi'rtco Policy •-••;' OSi^r Ages. at A'iily 1 Czm «3 Day ; r ; HOT'£CTibN COSTS -!LV I CENT A.DAY ;•>' ':;;:Ve a limited accident •.' o-eu and women ages 05 .-.•-• U i V COSTS UNL'Y ONE ' .',<.•;• il i:-; very diffictdt for per• e; ii-o-::--- ;T:,;;'H:r-;fj;t;s io oblain. ..-;• ..t pi ;.-:'ccUon. we- \vani to i ""ii :.--u- o; i he so policies FOR • i! ::S,--.. : .-M:.'i'liOM, wjlliout any •.•ii ; v-:' 10 l.,u.s it will be sent • ; ;o •.•,",,i by mail, and no one c'lli oi! ..i OIL. about it,-.. .. ...I '.: : u . o.i'r; co'ive tli'i.-i Postal p'ol- .- i-'-i '":.-i ••>: •• ','. 1'ial il pays, and . :• ' '..'':•,: I.'n, and for how long. : !•' : • i ••' H;-e;f tell you the . . . Liu ;i decide! - ; ;-i ':,.--• !(.;• a.',i:-:; (15 to t!;") \vas '•• • ' '.vh.'.i \ve found that '.n . n 1 women of those 1 .-, '-.•.: i!.!'; i vp,.' of accident • ., • . .'•:' ;,:!•: '! HAN 5u,oua OF 'el i 1 vlTAi. POLICIKS ARE - ' T,-!;; VKV MOW. .fust •• ir iiarr.e, 'u;e and aJ- " ! .-.••:•...•, ;nliii-os;; and re' ." :\:' i-".-i',eiiciar.v — and •' ;i l!:e policy c(ir;;ct to e l|il :. ,ii inu --- you be the .. :• •.'. yon "ire salished .- V '. ; i :; to put the iioliey •-r •-..'-. ;ve full months, • .'.: Ca;-iia!tv Insurance -; : 'i Life Building. Kan,\!,-,. -Adv. Il became- . "Nol even ;i word .' . subtly nearer to hi-. Lips Gen. IP His: h Be Arn-r I'u comijiiilidei i'l I; shall want new friends badly in my new lite.' And then she opeueu her dour and went in. Unharmed. untouched. I even heard her bull il fast after her on the inside. "And that was the lusl I ever saw of her." XX VII1 "No more than that you participated?" he s-aid .slowly. "No mure than that 1 paitici- patc-d." she au.-wered. "About an hour before uayhghl, when ihe | ii:,y ih;:! whole boat was still asleep. he j m lian : came and knocked .surrejitiliuu.- !y j '. the :n j upon my door, and woke me. 'Gel I the loll.r. dressc-d.' iie s;i:i.i to nie. T v.-aiit j you for something. Your !:,dv i .-\u.ei:e friend of last ni^ht iiad an ;,(• ii P^escoil io H.:: Hosi to Build Town CHfisc

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