Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 30, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1948
Page 2
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_Page Two Daily Bread Continued Prom Page One The Gal's Going Places -• —.. i vin some 01 fiioiYi , - --"'• .But they could not have been punished if they had not lost it, •<\ victorious aggressor in a world } I 3 /' < h i: s vict »ns. it is morn li'kelv that he m.ght adopt thc precedent of Nviernberg and Tokyo to punish the loaders who resisted him u,n °- n - v Eolllti "''. of course i. the punishment Of aggression" -,'t its start by thc combined fen cc o international action. That T fl ( United Nations' job. So far he I Omted Nations has given lim , ' cause, for hope that it could f o, '. .stall any serious threat to world ? C ?lE- T£Vl iH and lhc "leans to n ? that h °P e '"tist be found Punishment of aggression after n war ,s morally right, but it is fa ' from the perfect answer. East Shipping Heads Back to -Normal By The Associated Press Shipping operations alon" ihn eastern Atlantic coast appeared headed back to normal today as i — niv iabL inrc'o clue to strikes continued] for'pvnS g ° ° n frei § h l intended vvas e ffi ° b ' y W^^^SI ^^^^^£ l&^^rpo^fcw^-' N J., and Portland, Me. Most of thc 65,000 AFL lone- shoreme on strike for 13 days ft Vi4k-° ast P° rts Irom Maine to Virginia returned to work yesterday after approving a wage in v''0 C rk S an 0f 13 ^^ a " h ° Ur ° 1 ' dl hol ida f- ^' ork - About 25 °° J "lifps had Oj , up in New Y °r«. tvio "D °r ° oJ - ^° * O1 )'' un ions in It ?,,^ coast maritime strike the CIO longshoremen, have rafi' fed a new contract. The ..other three seagoing unions have not n? Cd A a srecmcnt with employers. A fourth union is involved in a junsdjclional dispute Agreements still have not been 'cached between Pacific America Shipowners association and the three striking unions, the independent marine firemen the CIO r^ 0 °°°& "I!** &0rad!o H ° P L S l A lL_l^P_ E -.A R KANSAS Southern srs Farm Planninq •\ ; Atlanta. Nov. :iO —iff;— Rivers j n .irmth C';irclina. Alabama and | : Morida continued to rise toward :', | 1"»:1 stage today as clear, cold V '' C ',', , !r • s i )1 ' 0;id across Dixie after •i wc'.i/tojicl of torrential rains. I''!o!K!ed streams in Georgia be.;an receding to their normal lini- ii.'., but they left behind a power Miortaije. a litter of debris and m one city, a curtailed supply n f f 1" f I }' 1) l L- i 11 . f 11 • • • i n «•• w i » I C, I . roup Meets of Courthouse Divorce Ring Cracked in New York Nov.' York. Nov. Tuesday, November 30, 1948 •'/Pi— Dis Truck Drives' ift Foia! Accident Held to Jury Paragould, Nov. 30—(.1')—A truck i'l V(}1* i n vnl Vi'ifl in MH •-,.->,•,: .1 i •. _ trict A(!n,,,n r , ri-i, • ' , •' JU —'•'')—A truck i U Atlo ney i-rank S. nogan an-1 ' fv '-' r '"volved in an accident in n.. need today the smashing of a ' V( ho ° ci " ' ' South CaraSinan *f Doctor of Year St. Louis, Nov. HO — (/P) — ur. W. L. (Buck) Prcssly of Due West, S. C., was named the outstanding .. • a -Some roads in Georgia and Ten- j more .-ssee w Thn TT,I,^,, . I -T -,- -••"".' <•'"•• smasnuiK 01 a , m,,,i , ~~..-~. -...,^1^1, were o. *_., was named me outstanding tur-dP-inn n Co "" ! . v Aprici.l- , .;' - •' ^ "rk divorce racket rim. .,',,.?, i,?,?.' , U othors "'Jt'i'ed has family doctor of the year bv the mornin <i Vf ( " on "- nilU;¥ '' ""'I this j '.'', n u . lc> "rrrst of two men and a n r A i c 'r, c>lllt ccnui action. American Medical Association to- win, T A r- co " nl . v f "'!"-tr"oiv, iJoun-.; houseuvle on charpcs of ner- , °' , B;:k <-''. .Rector. Ark., was day. sMim. Tl,'. ni ' ln ' s " f Iri;|);1 Pi'<- ! .'•"'••' '" co "»C'-lion with divorc-- ac- r , ? Vt T yesterday on a charge He will bo presented on Thnrs- fllK w-is o '. l " 7 .'°- SO '"' < hl ' nv..et-i ilon£ . '" l '-!l,""'' l "?V' 1 ^rn'?n'" 1Sl;UIRhlai '- Bond cf;1 - v nf «!' 1 witl > « R" kl m( - d;l1 f" 1 ' to m'jKo ,,!.,, , c ' lcw ' .l ir "f-'i'< : '.' ;; and . : JIo«an said one of the men TVI-.V " Vf,>' ,",,-,0 u ' •' , | outstanuing service to his commu- sio," Agents ch,r'i![,, t 'h!, y £w'i"~. ' '"nit''"'™' 53> " '" " ^' "'="ecliv^ truck winch collided'' with 11 -, s'""^ ' ""^ Wi " 110 '' ° V °'' ""' doc!ors non V The need for extending Jlnrne I i'^<'^'i"' 'years!'" ™*~* '" lh " j Ulsl • W(!l;k -_ "" '"^ *'nunners-up are Dr. Lylc ™,!i 1U i.'.;,!,, VKL. CI : Ubs : -'-" Club:; Ko ;,],.„ ,. nk , hi , orflVf . ..,,. „,, I ' ' (Bunny, Hare of Hpeariish. S. D., wore still impassable or extending Home ) !K '- M lollr years." ..... aVi^ri^rm r"",.,^^^,,- 1 .: 11 , C "-' b j ; i , ? : " «'?» '""i'-I his office had ob- j more rural ^^'Ty^r^l-'^ '' l '™*™*°- "'«« stalomenls '' " ' ""'' 1 > • - ' n T ']° AIabamn I'ivcr was Hearing ...^ \ iJeod stage nt several points in .-Alabama. Parts of Selrna were ••• "-.reeled lo be underwater earlv \f i !t V 'ini-1 «, i 1\iT i „ . . . •? . ongomery the river was due to reach 5-j foot in 1 n o i w . i.'M-, ,.-... i : ____ f . , . . * ' " cled. The other »a - ,,f • eran, Inr ,ho col/\-c n'-' med home improvement 'Vald management, dairviiif'cotton -,"?•!' I ^ arc Mrs. Sara | •"•""'•-.• of three Schneidcr- ti'ip in her horse-dr; (Photo by Big Birthday >Y, ( d M , ; - !1 - '-"'< amuol Sc st'nv^^. mn ')- 5'- =' pier watchman. - ... v ...... ^- « i f^ j i i ^ i.; j. JLI t (^ % ; ( ? if ( I riC'fl ' Iced crop production aiul stnrri [''ayeltcvillc, Nov. 30 — ry Montgomery the ••- i ^ ' ^ n^n .j.j jt.'ci in north section of the city. Evac- ~ •• • ••' • ' IJ • m i_ \,i\,y, j^j V il C' P ans were ready to move amilies to safety. Northwest Florida. Col. A. G -, , ,,. ' " - Jt ' ">imtl. ^(Jl. >v. Lr Ma,!h-ws of the state division of i.uu IJL oaraio^a, Mrs. J. R ivie-I n '-' ss Riving false te^tir VVilhams of Center Point. W. E I., O " r- vlli(:h "over occurred ot Sweet ITonif 7.7li-c- T ,,n,,,.. nr..V A,I..I. .. Adultery i;; the onb IT'S TIME TO SHINE WITH JIunnerK-up arc Dr. Lylc (Hunnyp Hare of Spearfish. S. I)., and JJr. Charles Manly .Horlon of iFraiiUlin. i.a. i - • -- -- - - — Clyde (Smacl ; :ovc>ri Scot.l, the Raxorbacks' brilliant tailback, had been asked lo play. Uarnhill added, however, that he thinks Scott should slay out of the j'anie )o take caru of a knco injury which kept him out of Arkansas' last two games of the season. If he recovers siifficionlly from the injury. Scott is expected to enter professional .football next Kar-hel and her horse, Cc-o, --- — ~ ,-. ...uuu waie A former actress and chc.i", ,'" ' "•' c -hoctawatchee at the bor to Ueilm and Buclnre-t i",' 1 ' loxvl l s ?C Newton and Geneva IL^. jA i,., .. nc| , /ecf , u Blounlstow • > \ i] *-.- on the Apaiachicola. I I'loods still posed the main prob- jJfMTi in South Carolina. The Peedee ; ; aterec, Edisto. Black. Lynches' iCensarce and Broad rivers were . Reports from that said the river already was -ig to escape its banks and acres of farm land, 'and residents were warned clanaer and most of them - their cattle out of the swampland. mitf hi A nai i , ; , .._^ v,,, strike but .oy the shipping tieup ied H be guaranteed juris- mnm? Ptnin V agQ lncr ease be- members return to work m another labor develonnipnt members of a New York Si thrir -'"h 0 " lo , cal who Burned to Ion* J ?kf ye s terd «y after a weeklong strike, have voted to accept a straight pay raise of 22 -1-2 cents an hour. They had the alternative of a. pay boost of 17 1-2 cents ™ trucking business arently the Army Has Changed Denver, Nov. 30 g on •IOB1 Little Rock. Nov. 30 —lypi—Siuit Clyde C. Coulter said today '•& ' Arkansas Anti-Saloon League NvilVi continue concentrating on local option liquor elections "and an'edu-' ' ' He declined to comment on re- i $ per s that the league is planning! a statewide vote on repeal of ihe i act legalizing liquor sales.' ! In the general election earlv ! this month dry forces beat down i a proposed amendment which ' would have restricted local option! dales Clcctlons to «'-nerr,l election j A local option vote is slated in' Marion county next Tuesday and i petitions for a liquor election'have ' been tiled in Union county but are being challenged ;;i ' court Both counties permit sale of inloxil • 30 — (/?)— Sec- .-.^i.^vji' Tobin today administration drive ^ of anti-labor legis- - " mi- states. s He told delegates to the 15th an. .; nual ccnierence of state labor com- |i-fe mit,Moners that some state laws --'»*6 ™ "worse than Taft-Hartley.-• ana he urged them to unite in' a r-a lor "sound labor stand. While Tobin was opening the iree-day session his aides were s.V drafting a substitute meas- )or he 1947 federal labor law 0 rruman nas Plodficd to v/ikv; l£p e e fla j Cnt ' .:•'•'•: '••'.'•:'•'•<•• : : .^-;. : '--A\^'\^--.-:V--.'-.i'Y^'.tc'-';i''--- '!,- ;•-' [T^ v'i'."i;l i i.''.s' 1 "" i ('''-'•(.'"'' •'V i! -'"'^*''" 'S*- j ?j'*' :il ^j 1 " : ' '••<*! Jm pll ^ *™«™y said in his pre- M Pronnor Episcopal deaconess, celebrate; "iZT^ frT^*^™^^ i'ii l\f* f fii' 11 r* I* »-, • 11><.. „ i. j i. IT „ I n c i nt i T' \-iTi»- f .1 F-* 11 f House ot the I-lclv luui ,,e,iis alter thc first such L n erence here in 1933. But since "i< n, he said, "the drive for sound v/.,]" 1 " glslat!0n has slowed to a ••Indeed." he said, "a counter- II stopped the Berlin air lift I kept ambassadors, generals pnrl ' ministers of state from kcerjin" i imnortant appointments, and made! minions laic, for work. ! LSQU1D WAX SHOE POLISH g^CKJBRQWHj-AN BLUE OXBLOOD g®H THE IIP^I i i f Iflll Now in the third Week ot the Rev. E. R. BEack 321 N. Main Hope, -A»'k. Grand Services Each Evening «f 7:30 Except Saiurrfay REV. E, R, BLACKToFFORREST CITY Evangelist 1 -Singer You are not only welcome, but urged to attend this Revival (fl Colo if,this is the army. The army threw them a sw-mlr party last night. It made them Cinderella generals. Tough old, sol . ThP br^Ti IX 'f a ,' (hoir c ""'i""ancis. J.IIP biass looked on and smiled son^s •" W01 ' C date ' S anci bands " nd f^that ne^cr graccc? a'wartime !L^ S u n JL? v . er - lhf> y wont! •©nous Ailiment of Kmcn G i * J .X eorge of Britain h alter of JMi!Ff4fi r^c-^f--^ By DEWITT MACKFNIF AP Poreign Affairs Analyst inore than ordinary f ( i 1K it conies in tin. oiii, 1 ,, , : crisis in the hisiory ,,j- ) land commonwealth' It in at m,,r,;-,i.|.s li|-e we vie\v the ruler in |j, a symbolic figun is the chief bond whii-h the vast eonniionv.'ea That bond is a delicalc OIM ,b f cson Vin !•', 0 ,''fi ; ' ilize d workers, of sion ol labor functions among a ous agencies of the federal and '•r mn( OVL ; nim ° n f S ' ot su «essful ; I t-mpts to weaken thc federal i "„, .. SLUt ? • labor departments <wgli cuts in funds or withhold- in;, ot increased appropriations J lie energies of labor officials |_'iKl organized labor have ncces- .- ily been diverted to defending • u .1 Kii.ns rather than to pursuing ' -v, goals. Yon have literally been li'jhlin;.. with your backs to "the "the tide of No'.•/, Tobin added, .-i, l lie has turned." •'.'/,-• may take encouragement," 1 I ;:-.KI. -l.-om the recent reiec- lion by ih.:. p L . 0 pio of Maine Mas ;:ac!uu:cUs and New Mexico of .<>". anti-closed shop pro• -.us is certainly a "'— ' reversal of the trend' in of basic training. . es en c ' olll 'ag<'!nent comes from the re-if ' e e Weren't exactly ordered. They told us. . ey o us. very nicely that we had to eo \f, It w , ,..-.. nll < I •"" : ". ly '" llu ' P'''"-'"l insiaiuv the :,',', -' : i - ! b'^\,' K f'^'"' ""'' °" ly 1 ' OS| "' ( ' i !l " ( ' , the vast - - , -i.-.-n a o eo It was all part of the lhi n ., s - t l> e n ., s - e l>a<j to do the day we were induct- ! oc ,_ „,„ WJ , »iuij(.i Hi l t Party got underway 35 minutes ,,.A sei-Keant lined them up ; paired them off with their 'dutcZ '-ee! . and YWCA hostesses in for I- n *' '•"" l ' v eowns. Sixly-onc men were i ;"''"'" 1(ir for induction but six w.-re „ ° :n ti'nied down at the last moment Wc c:>< \ "" K^n r i? mCmberCd l ° lc » t'^rVoro''''^'! 111 ," ^L^ thel 'P w «^ six spares l^.. 1 ". "'., Vl , ll:: ' sa s«, alsoi,,.^;-.,;;.;.";';"'; people. King Cleuri'e i::, wh:il mv voun" son would ,-al) .-, ••,,<„,() ',,,.,-' J hat's as a,it a d,-,-ivi,,,;,m -/ l linerniiloynu-iit. .The fear of unemployment," he ->id. ranks right behind the • iioinic nonib in the minds of the lli; proposed also that the state niiicials strive to boost the mini- i'"i thfir in the --,,„., _[-> t j ii j v^vi utJi; courtesy of the army, on dates The gjrls pinnedI stars men and ga\'c them printed missions as general for no ni-;- 1 dZ h ,'V° ^eounts sat on 'i e ' 1 ' 1 ; 1 .' a<incfc floor and ate C ration : " hotel waiters served orange j , -V." •",'"•" prime ribs, ri ssolu . p Otalot : s J '. ,V "y> w ad, rolls and butter ice cr .-,'," '"' ' cake and coffee ti'-..m. .|.. !1; . Madam Chiang to Limit- Stay to Two Weeks be j Washington. Nov. 80 — i/p,_ i\,j ad j^^ni^i^i^^i-r^^e^r^ ll( . ri r taui1 "id for China, Chinese ssy oliicials said today is At midnight, the band gave nut with a roll of the djum.s and r 1 lound bangs with the cy.nba TI e party was over. The girl'. ..-,,( home. Two .scrgeam.s I,,.,.. u ,. " 1£ " "P- sioutfcd "/orwai-d march" and toolcjhcm back to tiieir rooms. ViHanovo, Nevada to Play in Son Diego Bowl Villanova, P a ., Nov. a —,,i->— vina/iuva college football team 10- Kn V ..^ Cepl * c ' a ". ^'ivitcition to meet ^TV 1 . "I . San ~ Die £o! Calif., "jVew; '•' her 1.111 arrival in Uie -le.s She is making Uu, ,,!:;„(( "n I aw;ui aboard a n American! ••y plane. MK- left Shan-ihai Sun- i ••'or !he third time in three day--- : '•>rc.',] l.'ixsippncmi-iit uf ihe sa'il-•' - "i the luxury liner Queen FH-•'i-i. .'il.vad.y J,'j days L H -iiin'd I ... a'aie on us Southampton to i 'he wolvi-rine is the- largest ai'd ' rci.:-! oi ihe \veasel tribe. Adult! ''<•> \\eiyli about 30 pounds. ] I'ul Ih:il question to '"Wcs" Roberta, here, and he'll aiisv.ei- aho.sl iik ( - this: > ''Well, you could sat/ a man i corks for a lirin^ hul there's more lo it than just that. A man has his ^clf-respeel to keep, lie tennis to icoil; at .. j t ,h he ^j^ l '" ir<ll> l''h"hisomething useful. lie wants fair pay and sleuth/ hours'-with sometime lo himself trntl his family, lie icanls a chance lt> ",••/ ahead and he wants to sure .\e-me moneu. And he wants some sccuri/t/ in ease of accident or sickness. Then, when his working years are done, he icanls lo knoir he am fit ire on an autttiiii/.'' •.sso SiaiKiLin! Oil Coinn-iuv • jnlis \vhii.'Ii 'J'J:i.-v have siii-li johs heciuisc of a company policy Ihai \\-i\s nei up over 30 years ago — and developed sid ( -l>y. s i,ie with'our workers ever sinee. It i.s a policy based on Ihe i.eliet that the heart ot'a business is its people-that {lie best poss:l,!e jobs atlnu-l Hie best possible workers. in a Tin-ill- But this policy hasn't gnnvu iVom ", JV n- ity-' alone-. It's a practical, (-ommon- o business policy, and a #...(1 OI1C _ 'l'. 2S.OOO jn oiicr i...v, S O S T A N R I) C O M p A N

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