Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 17, 1938 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 17, 1938
Page 4
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jPAGEFOtJK HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Saturday, September 17, 1038 a 5 s d a G tl S< ii si ^ a, n q e Th« Jtore Ifou Tell the Quicker You Sell" BATES One Ume—2c word, minimum 30c Thi-ee times—3 4c word, min. 50c ?itx times—6c word, miiumum 90c One month (26 times)—18c word, minimum 12.79 Rates are for continuous insertions only. In making word count, disregard classification name such as "For Rent," "For Sale," etc.—this is free. Out each initial or nanw, or complete telephone number, counts as fi full word, for example: FOR KENT—'ITiree-room modern furnished apartment, with garage, :dose in. Bargain, J. V. Blank, phone B909. Total, .15 words, at 2c word, 3Uc for one time; at 3iic word, 53c for three times, etc. NOTK; All orders placed by telephone are due and payable upon presentation of bill. PHONE 768 Services Offered See Hempstead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth, -for New and Re-built. Phone Paul Cobb, 658-J. l-26tc You can save money at AUTO WRECKING CO. Old Boyett Warehouse Bldg. Used parts, tires, tubes, batteries 9-26tp NOTICE—Re-paint and re-paper now; No money down, easy monthly terms. Hempstead County Lumber Co. 13-6tc For ijaie MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By J, R. WILLIAMS NOTICE—Re-roof now, no down payment, easy terms, Hempstead County Lumber Co. ,- 13-6tc FOR SALE—Copies of H>-p« Star's |1,700 Centennial edition giving complete authentic history of 20 South' west Arkansas towns. Buy now. Supply is limited. Bound copies, 50 cents —add 12 cents if desired to be mailed. Unbound copies, 2a cents—add 6 cents »f you want it mailed. 3-tf-dh FOR SALE—Simmons enamel front wood burning range. Remington portable typewriter. Both good as new. Vernon A. Hammond, Phone 94. 15-3tp ~FOR SALE—Used B Flat Cornet in good condition. Priced cheap fpr quick sale. Phone 928. lT-3tp Lost LOST—One White Female Pointer bird puppy with lemon spots on ears. Has collar on. Reward. Vernie Goynes Hope, Ark., West 9th St. 13-3tp n) tj P ii e tl S k ci & ri U fe at V a * t* al American League Clubs w! L. New York 94 43 Boston 79 58 Cleveland 77 60 Detroit 72 66 Washington 68 70 Chicago 56 75 Philadelphia 50 87 St. Louis 47 84 Friday's Results Boston 2. Cleveland 1. New York 6, Detroit 4. Only games played. Games Saturday New York at Detroit Washington at St. Louis. Boston at Cleveland. Philadelphia at Chicago. National League Pittsburgh 79 57 Chicago 76 60 Cincinnati .:._ 76 62 New York 75 62 Boston - 69 68 St. Louis 68 71 Brooklyn 62 75 Philadelphia 44 92 Friday's Results St. Louis 4-8, Brooklyn 1-4. Pittsburgh 7-4, Boston 6-5. Cincinnati 2-1, Philadelphia 0-2. Only games played. Games Saturday St. Louis at Brooklyn, Chicago at New York. Cincinnati, at Philadelphia. Pittsburgh at Boston. , Today's Answer to CRANIUM CRACKER Question on Page One The story concerned the suicide of Ivan Greuger, in Paris. Wheat was introduced to .America through the carelessness of a Negro slave. The slave of Hernando Cortes, Mexican conqueror, carelessly mixed wheat seed with the rice he put aboard his master's boat in 1530. That wheat was the first planted and raised on this continent. Notice WILL PAY STRAIGHT SALARY S35.00 per week, man or woman with auto, sell Egg Producer to Farmers Eureka Mfg. Co., East St. Louis, 111. 16-ltp. Wanted Now is the time to repair, before winter comes. See us for roofing and paints. No down payment, easy monthly terms. Hempstead County Lumber Co. 13-6tc WANTED—Person to share expense to Dallas and return. Leaving soon. Call 658J. 16-ltc FOR RENT FOR RENT — Three unfurnished rooms. Apply at- McDowell's Department Store. 12-3tp FOR RENT—Furnished apartmen continuous hot water. Close in. Con venient for working girl. Touris Rooms. Hi-Way 67 12-3tp FOR RENT—Two unfurnished -rooms ajoining bath. Very reasonable. • 10! North Washington. • 14-3tp FOR RENT—Nicely furnished room apartment. See Hapel Abram, a Mary's Beauty Shop. 17-3tc FOR RENT—Nice bedroom witf closet, near town; 'breakfast if desir cd, also garage. Rent reasonable Call 155-J. FOR RENT—Furnished living room bed room, kitchen and adjoining bath. 715 West Sixth St, 16-3tp FOR RENT—Apartment for couple. Close in. Call 66. 16-3tc FOR RENT—Three-room furnished apartment, private bath. Mrs. Belle Phillips, 222 East Avenue B. 16-3tp BIBLICAL PROPHET* ' HORIZONTAL 1 Prophet who was given the Ten Commandments. 6 He was a Biblical prophet and (pl.). 14 To outlast. •16 Withdrawal. ! 17 Tiny particle. i 18 Fertile desert spot. 20 Like a mine. 21 Babylonian deity. 22 Condensed summaries. 24 South Carolina. 25 Noun termination. 26 Hindu Answer, to Previous Puzzle 42 Soft food. 43 Offices of doges. 45 The r- Commandments are in the Bible, dialect. 46 Genus of 27 Russian shrubs. emperor. 43 Saucei-like 29 Type standard vessel. £1 To attempt. 50 God of love. 32 Sick. ' 51 Fragrant 34 Butter lump. oleoresin. 57 Garden tool. 58 Opposite of win. 60 Discovered. 61 Disappears. VERTICAL 1 Ratite bird. 2 Exterior. 3 Portico. 4 Tree. 5 Musical note, 6 Confederating. 47 Feeble- 11 Goddess of discord. 12 Marble. 13 Sneaky, 15 Vacant. 19 Compass point 22 Arid. 23 To undermine. 25 He led his people out of -—. 26 Ewer. 28 Battering machine. 30 fell from heaven to teed his people. 31 Tall candl*. 33 Meadow. 35 Clan symbol. 37 Auriculate. 38 In such a way. 39 To rescind. 41 Eagle's home. 43 Shattered. 44 Having a sickly color. 36 To lamb. 38 To show contempt. . 40 To groan. 52 Alleged force. 53 Right hand. 54 Wing. 55 Exclamation. 7 Wrist protector. 8 Exploits. 9 Neuter pronoun. 10 Vigor. minded person 49 To harass. 52 Simpleton. 56 Possesses. 57 Measure. 59 Half an etn. OUR BOARDING HOUSE CAM PLAP V2LJR t WIWGS AMD SQUAWK, PO WE ANOTHER OR, WILL, we HAVE TO P6EL YOU POWM TO YOUR «? 1 POUND. PACX O CIGARETS! we CAN GO >N HERE AN' NOBODY WILL KNOW THAT ' WE'RE SVtOKIN C>OM'T IWTEMD TO i_er YOU LOOSE TILL. WE PLUCTK Y0UR KOMPE.RS OFF OF YOU OUT ME POESNJ'T SIDESWIPE. YOU WITH HIS BEAK, BOYS.' IT MUST BE HIOH BLOOD PRESSURE" THAT MAKES IT SO P,ED f WE'LL HAVE THIS OKIE MADE WITH ELASTIC. NEITHER WILL WE COULDKJ'T BUT TOM THE OLD COAT AFTER (3 or IN THAT THUNDER STORM WITH IT OM AWK: I'LL BUY VOU AMOTHER PEMAKJC? AM ITEMI2.BC3 T—> OlLL. <L DAM, DAMAGES JJHE BOYS MEAKJ BUSIME5S = The Coach's By EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By V. T. HAMLIN The Man on Dinosaur—Back ALLEY OOP MV ABDUCTOR, REALIZING THE FUTILITY OF RESISTANCE OUT IN THE OPEN-- WELL,OF COURSE, THE CAROIFFS ABOUT lOlON'T KNOW ABOUT DINNV- --IN NO:TIME AT ALL, (N 5IGKT OF US IT WAS JUST SHORTLV AFTER ALLEV HAD CAPTURED HIS BIG DINO5AUR-SO- FROM CARDIFF GIANTS Ray Thompson and Charles Coll A Real Nifty Gift WASH TUBES HAM. THERE A\WT SAYS, UKE : GOOD OLE FORA8RVDE TO HAVE HMODY It A 1 SUPPER MNT UO 6\TT\W SCALED AW OUTER TH 1 TfcUCVC, VE CMt M>£ BA,fcE. YOU SEE MUSCLE'S ? \V4 M TIVAE I WN Av TWO-SUU j SHER\FF, Av CIRCUS-STRONG VJOWAW.AN 1 PER <3\XTEEN YEARS THE. UNDISPUTED /p BOWW CWMAPEEN OF THE f YES, 1 PTON'T NOTWW, L^DV, WOMEST- I HOPE VE DON'T M\ND IF I RTOE, SONNY. I'M <aOW TO A FR\EW5 WEDDIN' The Die Is Cast By ROY CRANE FRECKLESi_AND HIS FR1END.S, IN YOUR COLUMN YOU SAY I'M THE BEST HALFBACK IN THE CONFERENCE/ AND BASSETT SAYS DUO WANGLE IS' NOW READ THIS ONE WRITTEN BY BUCK BASSETT OF TH£ KINGSTON GAZETTE / WELL ,YOU CAN BET DUD WANGLE WONT KNOCK ME OFF.' AND YOU CAN WHAT ARE YOU QONNA DO ABOUT IT ? THE ARGUMENT IS SO HOT, YOU ALMOST AMOUNT To A CHIP ON MY SHOULDER./ P.EA.D THAT CLIPPING--IT'S ONE OF MY PRE-SEASOM PREDICTION COLUMNS / YEAH — ONE OF US MUST ABOUT ME i YOU LAY IT ON KIND OP THICK, TOO.' MISTAKEN AND I DON'T WANT IT To BE ME By MERRILL BLOSSER They Got Him BOSS/ SHE'S ) GOIM' TO MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE E>UT BE.N50W, SPARCOWS BUTLERC, SENSING WHAT HAS HAPPENED, SCRAMBLES MADLY TOWAdD THE COCKPIT/ GOOD.' THAT WILL MEAtO LESS LEFT UDDEMLV THE LINER. GOES IMTO A CEAZV 5PIM...OME OF THE SPIDEE'S BULLETS HAS FOUSJD PTS MARK/ WTHE FROKJT COCKPIT OF THE .SPAREOW GBOW.S rCAKJTIC BAJODIT PLAKJE COMIIMUES TO FIRE UPOM HIM.' ' v

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