Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 29, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 29, 1948
Page 2
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Page Two an cf]P PhoneJ268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. HOPE STAR M Monday, November 29 eh'.rc.n v,-;ll meet Monday nipht al no emsrch Educational building for the regular Lollie Moon Christinas All members are o hcfr <V: hlm>nls v.-ill be served " 1 ' ' S c< "" cli;lll - v ''mud Court Docket Municipal Court of safi, November 29, City Docket Hill Jjchrniie. .•-•;]« S:i.OO cash bond Roy I-fnnt. dn>-.! ; \^^^^ y ^x^ t ^ Tijcsday, ^oveinber 30 0,1 s f r ,P < ' r - vl Henry's Sunday ~>.-r)ool Liass of the First Method'••'« church will have a dinner at hi ; ".-ij'lmv Hotel. Tuesday nighi at T « u'nd '"""bors «rc urged to The Country Club Gridgr V IV cancsd-'iy, December 1 I] 10 . Gardenia Garden club will "•>'.nn u- a { lluial Christmas party FW tiMi "n .' y £ftern oo'i a> the ••• \V"I-'- Iloslcss(?s wni be Mrs. •li, Mr;,-. Frank Rider, "Mrs w" •iiidroivs, Mrs. James Pilkintori "•"••= r B. Tooley. All morn- gifts to meet Thursday. Den-mom 10 a.m. to ] p".n-i. |>,rin," •i dessert or salad plate, tosses will be Mr-- Finlny and Mrs. Earl Clifton. F 0 ,' information, phone ID] ,„• 'furlhcr 7-11-.!. Friday, December 3 I The Women's Counri! of the l''ir..;t j l'orlci U>ri:;i!!, n ehuirh v.-ill hold irJ Mi:, annual Christmas Ba/aar al I),--, i yie office of J.'loyd I-ortorfiohl and f!,,', ' Mioti Friday and Saturday, necomber ':) j Sute nounce,: Ihornas Ooortjo h li will have Wednesday . of Ulc a Ba/air b morning ' at on will horn a <" JO p.m. r 2. in the Ilef.ncr on Thursday, December 2 ;'^ 0 ,' T ^ et | ^••- 9 rnvos Sunday School h:ivy a Bargain Sale Party , „ i „ 30 P- m - Thursday, De- 1 (. n i Dor " in d-,n * - — B.yron homo of Mrs West Second thru the functional Peculiar to wom- .„ _ _ of Efflc Hyatt to George Frazier Announced Mrs. Henjamin Carrol] matt ,.,n~ <he C'ii;;rij;emcnt and aii- marriage of l,,,r only i'. 1'^ffic: Klir,t>, to Gr Frax.ier, son of " „,,Sinclair of St. I.oiii;:. The wedding will talie plane Thur.sdav December 30, at four o'clock afternoon at. the First Mothodis church in Hope. Miss Hyatt, a gradinte of Honr High School, attended ijendri.--; Col- | '. She is the grand! Mr. nnd Mr-;. C C opragins of this city. Mr. Fr;^ic'i- amended Washinrtnn bnivorsity in St. Louis and overseas in the Army Air Cony; during World War II, He k'oow program director of .Station KX/VH in Hope. ' " DOROTHYJ}[X Age and Marriage HOPE, ARKANSAS jVi.ss Dix: Do you believe for a happy liiarriage if the wile'is l.'i years he;- (nil-band's senior? At :ige period would uicn a mar'.'.'£;" be most likely to be succe.ss- "!•' \vould il be whrn the husband • -^) ;:iHl the wife -Hi. or when the i- 1 30 and the wife -l">? VVhr.t qualities to make such a a success? I. .J. Praclit-ally anything can marritige. for, i.s an old Viiui' 1 u-;c.'d to say. "You where your love falls" us have known m-irnages •'.'ini-rl earmarkocl (or the court thai were glorious ••'-. and wo have seen other Uiof \ve M'oulcl have '[' made in Heaven turn c been made in he!!. £; 0 re. matrimonially speak- is lolly to prophesy how is going to turn out to every rule laid down for IT; out a husband or wife there a hundred exceptions. Anrl and Due '? ?i V °, f Ul ° hi.Yiines „[ nta to the high cost of living mv present job docs not five the extra money we n ee d. but I could make something on the side if mv wife would not prevent my doing so I am in demand as a musician and as an insurance representative and could make good money at both, activities cafl for late arc the cause of many unhappy scenes bclwcen and inc. I a n i l-Out Fad Barred by -----» i . >chool Ava. III. but these hr.ur.s and my n 11 Ihry monsters thfy were [Ashman Nov. 2C — (UP ) i ",'',? P^^cd red-out. rh 9 ldlll 8 their breath untold her Labor Plans Continued From Pago One w " rk "and in hand politically ZJ*}^ ll « Democrats nor the ml the labor vote in the L-mocrats plainly have :ick now. Whether thev Monday, November 29, 1948 Pa rf-Paralyzed Defendenf Musi- Serve • '-'iv pi tn.-ui.-ea ren-out. "'icu 01 me (list Cnncr^te : holding their breath un- ! 3- Top union leaders don') tainted, told her thaU to he party bosses Th™ , Mi V "i , chased them while |'he politicians run the n-.HIP ''Ti unconsciou,,, high school don't want to dupl e at ?' U e ^ X p ^f Bdibaia Jean l''isk said cncc of trade unions in BrH?i, v exceptions. Iho And. hus or wile is more a matter of la:-:i<; th;'.n judgment Of course we are all traditionally the maiinp talk a lot and and s Vegetable Com- relievo such symptoms I ...'a Compound also has Doctors coil a stomachic toni pound to Pinhham'a Doctors cr. LVDIA E. is her recommenda- ' tion! And while it can't ^ be insured that young " love run smooth, you con insure 'most everything else important: Health, Home, Life. Phone 1300 Hope, Ark. Pecjgy Williams. Bride Elect Honored with Bridal Shower Miss Peggy Lynn Willinmx. bride elect of Bill Brown of Dallas, whose wedding will be an event of December .'j at. Ross Avenue Baptist church in Dallas was ccmphmenled Tuesday night wiih ? VuMv 1 sll ° VVL< >' Kiven by Airs. W. A. Williams and Mrs. Jett Williams Sr. on South Elm Street. Mrs. Jett Williams Hr. greeted the guests at the door and' ini.ro- Ihem to the rceeiveing line included: Miss Williams ..del Williams. Mr.s. Jett Wfl-i hams Sr. and Mrs. W. A. Williams i Ihe hostesses pro.senled :he hon- 01 co wiih a dainty corsage of tuberoses centered with a tiny sveot- rVYV' 1 ,,V"r°' aml hcr lr >»th'er, Mrs. I'-do Williams with a corsacr- of blue carnalions. Several games and contest's nre- ceded the prescnlalion of pills Ihe dining room door was tied svith a huge bow of while satm ribbon which the honoree cut be- ore entering the dining room wbeu 1 her many lovely f >i redisplayed in a white ruffled sol on a table laid ted linen cloth. Assisting the hostesses in dispensing hospitalities were Mrs Jei< Williams. Jr.. Mrs. D. L. William-; Merlington, I,a.. Mr.s. W. M' ''1. Smith. Miss Phyl :nns, Mrs. Frances Som- mcrvillc Little Miss Sonja ad Suzanne Sommcrvillc Bridal favors of tiny tuberose , told to the theory that I:me is youth, and we "i. drive! about boys growing up logcthnr • ••." i.uveloping the same tastes :u;d habits, but it is just luck when .-o'-in.u- couple develop along the •J. I. Lk'bion/',, Boy Scout Iroup c mo;; has announci John C. .Ioiin.--.on i;f .Scoutmaster. Mr. .loiiii',011 was in-.-i; began hi ; , work as leader Cm at a Seoul rneeti-i" ]• uny. J. Arvil Hickmai 1 ' \, execuiive. was a victor meeting. •Scoui.masier that, the t,,,,,; meet each v.'eek's program to re-re; Johnson said. • of Pat- ..'clion of •Hied and ' 01 Troop ! :.'•! Tiie.s- ; •cal field i ' r,t the! proven by the i youthful marriages tlv-U rocks. . ho Johnson announced op would continue to ue.'-day. A ;,art oi' ihis '.-ted were | para- i with an inmor- Tr GO scrvud to EMzabeth Wilson Honoree at Coffee ^HV,'''!,' Di f k , W;ltk 'ns enlerlained with n seated coffee, Friday aftoi- ,r Un , a L- °T'°' c ' ock for tiu ' ; Picas- u e ol Miss Elizabeth Wilson/bride eitct-ot i'oy Hammons, Jr. Miss Judy Watkins greeted the guests at the door. The recept n room was allractivelv decorat" will, beautiful a rrangerncnts o re loses and other fall flowers nror. » m° SU ', SS |m - scul «l the hon- o ec with a lovely corsage of. Talisman loses and a lovely bridal "in Ihc dining table covered with -i floor length, cut work, lace cloth was centered with a V) j, a s , J tureen filled with reel rnsos | candytuft. Other rlecora lions the- dining room were with the conlerpieee. Porl Aithur. ' Sunday after giving holidav . '.V. A. Barbaree Mrs. B. H ~ daughter, of her motlier. Mrs have returned weeks vim wiih son.s in J-'ort \\'. Keverend cannon anrl ed to their t'.lter a holida Mrs. Harold Porlerfiolci." the; same line n umber ol ','.') on t'ne Middle Age Mating On the other hand, the inidclle- • '..,'.' marriages are generally suc- men and women lor companionship. They ow to adjust themselves to ..i)cir mates, and you seldom near '.1 ihein getting .divorces. AOV,- t.u answer your questions' •A.ic-iner the- disparity in age be- uvoc.n a husband and wife is a fatal oarnor to marriage depends, I • nii:k. mainly upon sex. When a ••"i.'jg Kir! marriaes an old man, it s invariably b-causo of his money , ; iirt l,ie luxuries he can give her, - i l)ul whon a young man marries an al my wits' end. as il in impossible to satisfy my wife and to gain any peace of mind V shall I do'.' DEVOTED HUSBAND Answer: Evidently y OU r wife wants Ihe money, but she doesn't want you to get from under her Ihurnb long enough to earn it I here are plenty ol wives like that' who want their husbands to be nK.ney-makcr.s yet always at their beck and call. You can't reason with these feather-brained creatures. So the thing for you to do is to show a little spunk and independence and take (he good jobs that are offered you. She won't turn up her nose al the money you bring m Dear Miss Dix: I am a youne man of 20 in love with a girl several months older than I am She roluses to marry me for these three reasons: (li Her age. <2i We are of different religions. (3) We are not of thc some nationality She believes that a person ,hn,,M Lillie Rock. Nov. ?.f) —f/P)— A pnrtly paralyzed defendant must serve a three-year orison sentence tor operating a gambling house the Arkansas supreme court ruled 'today. The courl split. 4 to 3, in affirming the Craigln-ad circuit court conviction of Joe Buchanan, who gets around only in a wheel chair Justices J. S. Holt. Kd McFad- dm and Minor 7Jil)v,- ( .e dissented from the majority opinion, written uy Uncl Justice Griffin .Smith. The opinion will be , o.. President has endorsed. First students listened - voted. turned had watched to her screams. The red-out fad became popular during the last two weeks .Students would kneel, breathe deeply {n time close their lips around their numbs and then blow, without ac'"ally exhaling, until " cl and passed out Miss Fisk sais she . students Ward red-out frequently although had 'never done il herself. Sev ol them, she said, told her that they has a sensation " " ' chased by a monster were unconscious." Miss Ward was one of the students who said they had exneri onced the hallucination, Miss Fisk S [j I f. i , , Eddie Clayton, Party label will be a = .consideration. Republicans Democrats, if they vof" hope for labor sup- Next, to /alconry. fox hunting i s the oldest of all field sports. o., oar p now and 1950 outlays between 1 will be financed ™ \Vhilo they e part by contribution and in part by assessment. The AFL will raise its <;7-^fi nnn ..,1 ----- j:_._ ^ . . ltll ^e IIS .000 education fund bv cents per member levy. " 30- The fund goes into a machine .1 . .., . C) •• '.1L.V/ t l II1UL1 that will grind out continuous ports on congressional perform- a person should marry someone of his or her own race and religion. Should these- stop | also lives al Percv sni J haPRV ™™W L >;odded out .19 lime^ but Ihaf Answer: They are vory^?^ '—'' C '° -'> again '" We are all creatures of habit, anu you will stand a far better chance ol being happy though married if you stick to your own religion and cooking and marry a girl younger than you are. (Released by The Bell Syndicate Inc.) had he'll i-ecklcd "never "I know that it's a very dan«er- ous practice." he said. "Anyone who does it is just plain stupid'" Clayton said he found out ' how who, into an-1 by accord ice. Others a.misting in the- din- loom were Mrs. Vincent Fos- V?/-M' J;lm '' K tfr'.'incli, Mrs. Ki- Wilkes, Mr.s. Waller Verhalen ug ter, berl Jr. Thirty yLiosts Ihe occasion. ., Mrs. W. B. Saturday by Georgia, when, she has her datighler, Lucill,-> was met in Shreveporl Kuggles and family who spent the week-end with Mr. and Mr.s Tn> man Hunipbrie.s. Mr. and Mrs. John M Curtis and sons. Billy, noser and Mac rl Camden, spent Thaiiksgivin days with Mr. Curtis' parc'r and JVIr.s. I;, p. Curds am Curtis' sisters, Mrs 1 i^-u'r 1 and Mrs. C. S. Butick. -cau.se he is her age spiritually not chronologically. They think ong the same lines. They have the Uislos and interests, and they lore congenial than the man be with a debutante. Such a ias the mother complex and no never tries to break Mother's apron strings. But why put a 15-year limit on a woman's desirability as a [wile-;, ihore are women who are in their teens, and others still debutantes in their seventies. It depends altogether on the woman's personality, and if she ii'is the come-hither look in her eve she will Mill be a charmer whether sno is 14 or 40. Ant! as for the qualities that make n marriage a success, they are always eternally the same. Keep su- »f !1 ' i" your hand and your husband v\ ill Keep eating it. no matter what the difference in Dear your ages. holi- Mr. Mrs. Miss Dix: I am a man of 30 who desires to gain from my wife freeooni of time and mind to provide for my family the necessities irs to Bosier City Here harmful the practice can be ?AS ck - Ca ]}° d thc students assernbly in the school gymn mnnn Cm ^ t0 MJSS Ward's mi ?" d s crear "s as she came to under stimulants administered by ?oom. Clan hl a " adjoinin lock "I'm anee on key citizens to ' register and then .' issues: prod negligent reftsfm- nn/-f «u.-.~ i.. Pr - - _ Ve ° yOUrsolf what evoupn medicine re- w } th this fine to records to vote: and supply votin'g all and sundry. An AFL "trade union political steward" will be named in ;s many precincts as possible, each woH?o a ' ded Ti y " tCn ^ of woikers. They will "educate members to write their con men, as well as to register i ,.i Purchase )»ice of first vote. ^ress- and a locker doing adjoinin g this for the psycho- Coach Brooks' Yerger Tigers wil play a post season game here Saturday night against Bosier City La., last year's class A champs Saturday night the Tigers had little trouble running over Smackover b\ a J7-0 score to end regular se-'son play. e Meet- Due to the interest shown in a revival the past two weeks at Hope Gospel Tabernacle the meetin" will continue another week, H Paul Holdridge, pastor, announced to- Services start nightly at o clock, with Evangelist E Black in charge. 7-30 ' Colorado has the highest average elevation of any state in the Union—G800 feet. Mr and Mrs. John W. Cloarv and son, Tim, Shreveport in Personal Mention The conditions of M'-<: Russi-.il Sloccl, Mrs. Claude A«,,o,' Mrs P W. Copeland, and Miss Anita Cop,.'' r. By William Irish Copynj-nt by William Irish-Distributed by NEA Service Inc. THE STORY: Well-lotto you pulling Ihig . s t unt only have 251 stud school inslead of '-32 ..., Joa " Melville. Willisville, wno ncic* i^"-->'-i «~» j_•. • ., one of. For cducalional work between now and the next election the CIO probably will pick up 8200,000 in contributions from treasuries of {its international unions. | . Funds also will flow from the i independent United Mine Workers 'treasury into UMW's educational -league. For the campaign itself in 19.50 unions must rely on contributions' CIO want SI from each AFL claims ,'1,000.000 constipation 2 3 Laxative Pill"! 'AFL and member. HUES CTK .11 Miss Miss Ward in whllc Miss 111 red 194H they raised about 82,200.000. full amount. In between them Melville was the student who notified Hammack clents could not that stu- revive Miss Ward, the physician bring Mri,,'n""r r con scioiisness, Miss Melville broke into a cold -veal on?*"?' 0 , c T' ll!sions ' and Passed out- It took almost Iwo hour.* to vivo her after Miss Ward brought around. Miss Fisk said that another her he had suffered a The most eastern point in the United States is West Head, a Maine caoe. Quoddy re- was old Ihroal and boy sore few out 30 loctor severe cough ever since "".vs ago when ho reeled tunes. He planned to see lor treatment. they named the f because "evervlhincr ° goes red just before you p,s s out » A couple of girls told Hammack hey learned the fad from j™ people at nearby Sparta, 111 t vS veeks ago and it spread rapidly imong students here who practiced 111 broth, on a farm outside town Scores of townspeople have visit eti.iier to offer congratulations '--he ' said, "When I first opened up the-e were so many people around I could hardly get in the door. Gee |ts like a dream and I wake up in the morning wondcrin™ if it's really true." Although the arrangements are no yet. complete, Martha will probably run the store and Baker will hmmn l P artner - He recently bought some property at Myrtle Beach, where he intends to live ^" !f,. n ?,?" lci :^ who , S.°t the glass of To Rolieva Coughs-AcMiiK Muscles Musterole innlanlh/ starts right in to relievo /^i coughs and tight acliin- 4, ., 1 soreness in chest must-lc-s" '••••-••- •' ! ' It helps break up con- '•• ^-<L gestion in upper bron- • v " i:;< 'X chial tubes, nose and ^•.•-:. : '•.,•'• throat. No other rub : .'-?••. •$$ gives faster relief, and it KR^-,^^ lusts for hours! JJusterole i.; the only chest rub made in three "trr-ir'ths Buy it today! At all drugstores!" Louis correspond- Hospital Noses Branch Mr. and Mr.;, C Hone aiin.nniL'C' fh Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge I'hilyaw of —chest tltrlitne^s and pain. Itub on stainless, effective QUICK film Julia carries on erice with a Miss Julia Russell, wnoin he has never seen. Sheco- ,'"<-•:> ircnsi st. Louis to New Orleans iOy boat to marry him. She is yo- :anf.. ravishing, blond. Within a' | month ol their marriage she with: r!iaws S.-)0,()l)0 from his bank ac- j count and disappears. Investigation >""v<"; j-or an imposter. Durand i. tain.-, \Valler Downs, detective xo ;i'"'u- thai a crime was committud ie real Julia Russell, who on ihe boat trip to New r > year later. Durand is riiio:ci. He makes the ac- iitance of a Colonel Worth in '•' b;ir, accidentally dis- ', Inat .the colonel's "fiancee, -/''.air, is the woman he knew ui. .'v ruse gets him into her room. She is terrified. Me lerjic- is going to take he/ io i\ew Orleans to face r charge. "He tie s a professional gambler '•"l' worked the river boats The girl who had been his partner had quitted him to marry a plantation owner—or so he told me—and ho was looking f or someone to lake her place. He offered me a -hare is profits, if I would join wiih She waved her hand. "I had with a troupe of traveling actors beiore thai. This was but a ..,,., , of acting after all." i i? ,^ as his namc ' what was he called?" he said. "What docs it matter? His name ?y.'?f ,', al _ s ,?' 'L ko , 11 3 inc was - On every Dr. iH s'fi?, 1 ' i " •• dl llkp gold ' MILLIONS SAY.. Teachers were aware of the fad ul were unable to catch students i the act until Miss Ward redded ut and couldn't be revived "" Helen Shacter psvcholnov at North wcsteni Un° vef- Sf, «*«• «cci,t less ***" ** & Joseph' K! £^l!L ntee of As P ir 'n at its best." Buy St. Joseph Aspirin is so pure. 12 tablets lOc; 100 tablets only 45c. Why pay more o is a form of "group hysteria" in which students tried to pain the at t-entum and admiration of Iheir M The fad. she said, apparently was ".somebody's cute idea which others promptlly adopted as their cute idea. The first person to pull o.h^s a ioMdn» nBndniithc that in all doubt more Don't ask' me to re-' I and sneezes, open cold-stuffed none Breathe easier. Us, NOSf: DROPS ol TODAY o TUESDAY FEATURES • . 2:00 - 3:50 - 25 - 7:26 - 9:27 High in HILARITY! CA1MV OOU'NS NEWS - MUSICAL TODAY TUESDAY GARY GRANT MYRNA LOY IN — FEATURES — 2:00 - 3.00 - 5:33 '':32 - 9:^6 MELVYN DOUGLAS BUILDS HiS DREAM HOUSE . . Color Cartoon — Spoils News Miss Josephine Mr. aiul l\l:"; Hi. I. HMJ,O. ..in of a flaugiil/.r CM Admitted- Allen N>-al J f, Mrs. P. p. ;!,„, Mr:-'. A. l,, Ai Discharged: Liul.- MI.--S A'::, Irip U changed. II had to. as » pro caulion Once it was McLarnin. Once U was Rideau. I doubt I ever knew his real one the time we were together ,lhat he did himself, anv ) He's gone now jj-nombcr." a .. Sht! 's trying to protect him, he thought. "You must have called him something." i She gave a smile of sour remin- I his coat,'she "dropped "to ^£ Once ' " 'polhcr dear." So that ' : LU others could hear me. Thai was part of my ro lc. We traveled as brother and sister. I insisted on Fayettevillc, JPi—Pretty ,„-.,, Culbi-eth said today '' a second " m ei XVI 'desperation to the N. C., Nov. 20 — 10-year-old Martha she didn't give after she got a fjoto? lobb^on J°hoi h clay ; lL/ 1 k, t m- do lie h But Mill IT'S TIME4TO SHINE XVIHI... a I "c'l 1 kiu.'es helore "II wasn't I. 1 [iiust Irive done .something to '".'' ' : i'-'ver sa\v iier again •\.nat it was, 1 don't know. I „„.. " i «>'i.' it clone. He only came to me alU'i-ward and said she'd had •' ""snap and I was afraid to i|ii';siion him any further than—" ",'.''•'•" he said sardonically ' I '•<• .man 1 was wiih. The man '!'. 'he' boat I was with." "Vciur iiarnnioiir," i, c said tonc- '.'•-•si.v. and tried not to let her ui'i :;'.', allow thf. bitter lump -i">i;!.H'>l his throat. !K- dropped |,a c k | M ( O "V 1 ';-. 1 ; >t his collar as if ,..,,,,, usl . .•'i.. .-"he was at ins (eet, penitenf, iecl, her hands to the arm "r Jin was in. that. We each had our own "And he agreed." rneiil of disbelief. state- -uid'h u and halt day Shc was owner of a music store Creomulsionrelievespromptlybecause n fioes right io the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden pWegm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist y ° U , , , ° f the understanding you must like the way « quickly ai; ays t!le fc ' bad -»»• ™ » M»'iJi/Biyi3\it.-i(Ei as< 33a u.jyra forCoughs.ChestColds.BronThiris and Kis Former Grand Qfe Opiy Gang. Featuring the famous "ARKANSAS ICP Rosella Doan the sweatheart of Song, The Gospel Singers, timer Sparks Comedian and other favorites. Direct from Nashville, Term. EN PERSON AT CfTY HALL TO&SUM , Nov. 29th 8 P. M. Achn. SOc and 7Sc (Tax Included) Don't Miss These Rnclio and Recording Stars. sore n 1 «id ol just a $25-a-week ck-rk- J "^- ^ ?!? ss . «" ^lor. Martha said believe see chair , of th "Al firsl he objeclecl. His former partner, it seems—well, that's nei- her here no there. I showed him that it was better even for his own purposes that way. and when I made him see that he agreed road, lly .. C11 .°«{!n. Business came first i with him always. He had a =weel- hearl in every river iown, he could lorego one more. You see, I acted - llu ...r a(trat ' llon ' lhe magnet foi My part was to drop she just couldn't „• u i • < when tho woman's \\alKocl into Andrew Tola's store here, where she work'ec presented her wiih a $7,500 '' from son music It was still harder to believe, , when he bought the w him. handkerchief on the deck 'or'collide wiih sorneone ' my 'I Uioughi he was making fun me Martha said, "when he ex uned that it was because I'd r ;ji kind to his mother." shen she remembered an ahiiost- sotten incident that occurred " her vacation at Myrtle ~&m ecause it SLACK • BROWIJ ias a finish • OXBIGCD SOOTHES IRRITATED MEMBRANES Quick relief with & Don't let c!ojjpet!-up nostrils keep you gasping for brcaih— gtt MuithoLilttw. Your head starts to clear in a liurry as Mentholatum's famous combination of mciuhol, camphor and other fast-actin K ingi'tidi- ents helps thin out thick mucus, congestion and swelling, ioothu inilanicd mem. 1'r.int^. Soon you can ireuthe ' in comjort. 35$: and ysrf. •iJun'l L' Julia." sh ailly. "That 1 .- : J:uu LU ayreomeiu : -' jc'L-r in paiiluniiiiie. "to -')• J5'.i!)iy. To m,-. Julia. : t.uiin.'iiniiy else. To U:e ! ••;:•. -'Joal t-'uniethiii;; else." i iHi^face irorn her in ciis- '•• l.cioi;cd back again. "T^Ii i m:r;. Tile man en the I I d a link- humor, f si(| L .,"iv lirutJK'r wh pulo." "You .signalled." Her -•hiniUk-rs tipped sliglillv philosophic resignation. ' "fh-i what 1 was there for." His arnis wc-iv folded, in DIP ; li tucle ol one passing <, r j m ilk mont—or rather having already ivvocably passocl ii. ]] e taiiped j In? nwM ' ssl ' v :i « :jilliil tl^ sid nib ov. n arms. all •' much her sha s is worth, bin 'Jig store with •' today just of the. bi.isi- offi ul ".And what of Julia'' Julia, the actual one?" "I've come io that murmured acciuioscent! 1 (To "Be Continued) otner now, •ilie sells records "Hisical instruments exclusive franchise brands of pianoes. .i'lartha. a recent Lontrul High School ce all sorts and lias on several of graduate of here, started See Harry Shiver iFor . . . . Complete Plumbing Suppli Reznor Suspended Unit Floor Furnaces ftoper Gas Ranqes *ji es aitd ELECTRIC DISHWASHERS — DISPOSALS PLUMBING — HEATING

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