Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 27, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 27, 1948
Page 4
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Poge four HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS FIED Du vs Uavs MonHi .'M l.M 4.50 l.Wl 2'.)!) 6.00 J.:>U .'!.. r -0 7.flf> l.iiO 3.<m 0,00 2.10 .VO 10.nO a.-;o 4.00 12.0!, 2.VO -i.fiO j;J5!) 3.00 fi.itn 15.00 Real Estate tor Sale Ad* Must Be In Office Day Before Publication Number ol One Three Six One Words Dav Up to 15 45" 16 to 20 00 81 to 25 7fl 26 to 30 <JO SI lo 33 1.05 8G to 40 1.20 « to« 1.35 t6 to 50 l.fiO Rales arc fur Continuous Insertions Only * All Want Ads Cash in Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone I31JPLKX APARTMENT, 215 North Hervey. Each u.iit contains 5 room A, find bath, screened in porch and garage. Reduction for h sale. See John L. Wilson Jr. Ph. 19-ot or NKW MOOKUN COTTAGE CLOSE in. Possession now. $3750.00. SIX IIOOM COTTAGE CLOSE IN -Subject, to offer. GOOD BOIS'D AUC reasonable price;;, s Williams al MrV.'illianis Store, Hope., Arkan.-.a::. SEE FINIS""" JOHMSOX choice pig;;. Wri:-hiie;!on. sas, Phone 2. ONE HEAVY DUTY lar pull grader and $325.00. C. B. Ward, kansas. COTTAGE Limits. A'f ! Cily Me-| , -,--d I FOUR ROOM inn; i Mile Out. ADJOINING COTTAGE ONE CATEJIPJi',- ierracer lor Knm:oi. A;- 1 ' 1 - ( ,} \ HAVE BUYER WITH $7,000. CASH to pay for small farm. Tyler Realty Service, Cotton Row. 22-3t BATTERY FRYERS :: POUNDS and over. Fancy iKii.-'.emadV candies of all kinds Packed in 1 ,-md 2 pound bo:-:e.':. Mr.;. ('.. ,!. ing, 2GS! Bonner Strict, 588-W. 20 GUAGE REMINGTON matic shotgun, mori..-) u cally new. Will .sell rhr ,-r- tcrosted call J()f)7-\V ;>() ACHES, 10 INSIDE CITY liiriils and 40 outside. See Gentry Printing Company, Phone 241 23-31 Shirley at Shirley',- Grocery. 23-(!l YOUTH BED WITH spring mattress and bo In excellent condition. 85G. NICE PAPER SHELL 35c pound, ,'! Ibs. in larger amount;:. son, Blevins, 111. EIGHT PIECE WHITE OAK ing room suite. Very m Phone 3CO. PHILCD LARGE TABLE. MODE/, radio in good condition, also wood burning fireplaei " 382-W. SEVERAL BUNCHES fruit trees at 400 S Street. Must be sold. SIX COON AND Mi.N'i-.- !I<;I'\M ; squirrel dog. Howell Kajli-y, I;., ::.•:. ton, Arkansas. Koule 2. ' L!'.i-iH SMALL 12 INCH TRICYCLE ONLY used two weekr. Ex-r^Heni coniii- tion. Phone 21-- al'ti;r ('• p.m. ::(j-:)t 1348 MODEL JEEP, GOiiU SHAPE only $1,050. Phone 2l!!H, fU;s:.ton. Arkansas. ,i'i-?,{ AT A BARGAIN. K-i:j i\"n-''U;Y \1 tional Tractor, all attachments. In A-l condition, gooo ninocr. ;M< : R. B. Ellis, 2U« Opera Street.. Stamps, Arkansas or Phone I!)-!. 27-lit 2 WHEEL TRAH.OR, SEE ~AT Brown's Grocery, South on H,;-n- way 29. ; ; 7-lt 2 BIRD DOG PUPPIES. 5 MONTHS old. Phone 2-U, (Jenny l/mnm;- " VETERANS DESIRING 4% GI loans should make application on these houses before December 1: SIX ROOMS, MODERN THROUGH out, garage attached, hardwood floors, floor furnace. $200 down, $45.45 monthly, 1423 South Walker street. SIX ROOMS, EXTRA LARGE corner lot. floor furnace and attic fan, modern, $175 down, $42.42 monthly, 321 East 13lh street. SIX ROOMS. THREE BEDROOMS, floor furnace, attic fan, oak floors, corner lot. $170 down, $39.30 monthly, 321 East 15th street. NEW AND MODERN FIVE-ROOM house. 75 by 231 lot, garage, near High School, $170 down, $39.39 monthly. FIVE-ROOM HOUSE, ON PAVE- ment, newly decorated, $160 down. $33.04 monthly, 123 South Washington street. MODERN TWO - BEDROOM house, located on paved highway one mile from town, all utilities, 1 fill-fool frontage by 300 feet deep, garage, owner leaving Hope, $1GO down. $32.73 monthly. FHA LOANS ALSO ARE AVAIL- able on the above listings. FOSTER-ELLIS Real Estate, Insurance, Loans 10;; East Second Phone 221 ' 23-3t Saturday, November 27, 1948 Fair Enough By Weitbrook Peglor Copyright, 1947 By King Features Syndicate, Bow! Berths to Be Settled This Weekend New York. Nov. 27 —M'l —Col- ,lege football bows out with a bang | today, with a score of major games | headed by the colorful Army-Navy duel in 'Philadelphia before 102,000 persons and President Truman. This is the final big college foot I ball afternoon of tii HMO season, I although a handful of scattered engagements are on tap next Saturday. While 1 the Cadets and Middies engage in (heir annual brawl in thc Al this distance from the recent solemn rofereii'lum, the lace of UK- future is less monstrous than it Win; the rnoinin:! after. Thc snarl of President Truman's threatening remarks to the tail-gate gatherings, a running fire which moved Bernard Baueh to call him a rude. uncouth, ignorant man, has been ( ., ngaf , e In mcn - annual nrawi in thc softened by Ins own qualifications city of brotherly love for the honor published through his claque at of W esl Point and Annapolis, a lot Key West and Washington. Other of attention is going elsewhere, motivated news tends to calm frightened Republicans and others who took Mr. Truman at his word. Wenclell Willkic was the first presidential candidate lo admit thai slatements which he made during College Choir to Sing Here December 3 This because several choice New Year's Day bowl spots remain to be filled, and the lads who hope to grab off thc rich prizes have a job to do first. a campaign were deliberate decep- Georgia, for instance, is like a lions intended only to impose onj^'y teetering on the rim of thc sug- the voters. Mr. Truman obviously j al ' howl. Georgia has to knock off shares Willkie's cynicism, for it is •'"' < >M bitter rival, Georgia Tech, plain that he never meant to re- at Athens in order to stay in thc turn to the Wagner Act and stand 'running. Sugar Bowl officials say there and that he exaggerated in I'he choice of teams for the New olher matters. " i Orleans affair is expected to be an- Jnounced tonight. j ji •, -, i i>\ji 10 -L U i el 11U VU IS N to the integrity and courage state at Baton Rouge f\ t-t (i rii I l'i ir- •! 11 c ii-h f\ 'i >vi 1 n i A » . . a . erased only for the partisan political reason that it is a noble monument to the integrity and courage of two Republicans who are. in a manner of speaking, too good for this world. The Truman substitute will start by rc'-enncting the most urgent reforms pioneered by Tnft and Hartley and eventually will accumulate the others. Al Ihe end of thc campaign the only provision of Taft-Hartley which was still in cle , . showed up as an amazingly persua sive ham. for he shook this decidedly hygienic law before the public For two months and, by the very rasp of his voice, awful without once Help SHARECROPPPER. man who can dr Good land, good c houses. Sec J. II. ,7ol! 2, Emmelt, Arkansas. FLOOR Sanding and Finishing LINOLEUM Aiphalt Tile o Rubber Tllo ROY ALL5SON Phone S80 REFRIGERATORS • See us for New and Used Refrigerators. • See us for Refriiierntor Service, any make or model. A complete refrigerator service department. (We know How) • Refrigerator I leadqunrters New and Usjed. McPhorson Appliance Co. Your Frigidnire Dealers 222 East 3rd St. Phone 81 22 ACRES OF LAND, SMALL store, 3 room house with electric lights and butano gas. Young orchard and some timber. Mrs. J. E. Causey. 3 1 /-! miles East of Blevins, Arkansas. 24-6t SIX BOOM HOUSE "FOR COLOR- ed folks, well located close in corner place. Tyler Realty Service. 27-31 SaSesmon Wanted YOU AND YOUR CAR CAN MAKE money. Permanent local work. Write box 08, c/o Hope Star. 23-3t For Rent DUPLEX APARTMENT, UNFUR- nuished, 4 rooms, private entrance and bath. Close in. See A. H. Eversmeyer at end of South Main Street. 22-3t North Carolina, which winds up But it was his thcspian hatefulness that put him over and scared i( . , ,, , , . . --- ••:the opposition. He acted like Hitler rf, *, ., •„ a S alnst , Virgin lu l( and when the curtain fell he wasn't |C-h'>»l°ttcsvillc, may be in line foi mad at nobody. !,' . hL '8 £lr Bowl bid. along with Ok rri -r „ IT ,, i -,, , i^homa. The Sooncrs take on Okla The 'Ian-Hartley law will be hojria A _ M t stillwatcr Another tilt with the sugary flavor is Tulanc versus Louisiana bate was th closed shop. Ethics aside, forbiddance of the Any one of these, along with Oregon — which has ended its regular schedule — Michigan State, and Uemson, are under consideration also for possible. trips to the Miami Orange Bowl, or the Dallas Cotton Bowl. Southern Methodist, \\(hich already has clinched a Cotton Bowl berth, winds up its season against pesky Texas Christian at Dallas. Mr. _ Truman j^Notnmg has come from Cotton made it discussin seem any , — — ^- >y • . -J-, "".7 -I u «. ^.£,uu l_lll_i V.Wt.ellJlW.lIli of its provisions. That was great flatly the Wcbfoots had been or SMU concern- but it looks like Bowl authorities, ing an opponent, Oregon. Jim Aiken, Oregon "head coach, left by plane for Dallas to see the Mustangs play TCU. Dan Oarza, Oregon end co-captain, said n«-i*l, r II iir_i_p__j i , I , ' . BROADCASTING SYSTEM TWO ROOM FURNISHED APART- men!. 712 East Division. 24-3t MY HOME FOR RENT. SEE ME Saturday or Sunday morning at 710 N. Elm Street. C. A. Williams. 26-21 G ROOM HOUSE, RECENTLY RE~ paired. 29 acres. Old Fulton highway, 1U miles out. 020 S. Elm Street or Phone 731. . 27-Ht Notice WE BUY, SELl, AND REPAIR all makes of Sewing machines. W. H. West, 215 North Hamilton Street, Phone 122U-W., Hope. Arkansas. 1-lmo acting. In fact, it was this starllin.. stage performance of a man who had begun with the halting speech of a high school elocutionist that now gives many a citi/en new confidence in him as a game, resourceful Spelvin. What else can the little guy do? Dwarfed by the doubledomcs of Harvard Law, a humble hick and. undoubtedly an Elk, if not an Eagle or an Owl, Mr. Truman personified the awkward middle-western culture which had been ridiculed tor 30 years by the same photo-Communist papers that cultivate him now. He was the kind who would put ginger ale in red liquor and wear a green dinner jacket with a button flower of purple feathers. You saw him at the country club in small Ohio towns and in West Palm .Beach, but never at The Breakers across Lake- Worth. Ten years ago Harry S. Truman, of Kansas City, would have been turned off at the door ot Bradley's Gambling House at Palm Beach as a babbitt with a sweatty little roll of vacation money who belonged in a sawdust joint. It would have been a great political experience to see Truman in a fight with Roosevelt in his prime for when the bell rang and he found himself alone with Dewey he suddenly was able to call up a'rat- tle of repartee smelling of sweat that would have been a credit to Huey P. Long. Roosevelt, we were to learn, had no true gift of oratory but spoke recitations. Only recently thc fact was revealerj that Father Coughlin wrote the historic passage about the money changers and the temple in the first inaugural elocution. In a championship contest, IIuov would have ripped the belly out of Mr. Big and as one who 'dreaded thai spectacle then, 1 have often felt that fate denied us a beautiful sticking when Huey gol .shot. He had a sense ol' humor and his knowledge of people wasn't hearsay but the sordid intimacy of a man who slept on their sofas when ho was selling shor'nin'. He knew vited and were waiting Pacific Coast Conference sanction to play. Oregon finished its season last wee kwith only one loss, that to Michigan, which has been voted Hie No. 1 team in the Associated Press nation-wide poll in recent weeks. Oregon lost out on the Rose Bowl to California, which meets ftorthwessern in thc Pasadena classic Jan. 1. Other late bowl developments included an announcement that the University of Missouri had accepted a bid to play in thc 'Gator Bowl at Jacksonville, Fla., Jan. 1 No opponent has been named, but Clemson was mentioned as a likely can- voted to play in thc Delta Bowl at Memphis New Year's Day if invited. William and Mary already as accepted the Delta bid. Unbeaten Clemson hopes to boost its bowl stock against Auburn at Mobile, Ala., today. Clemson. still has another game though, with The Citadel at Charleston, S C next Saturday. ' 4 Michigan State's powerful Spartans, who have walloped two West Coast clubs — Oregon State and Washington State — lake on another when they meet Sana Clara at SPECIAL XMAS RATES FOR magazines. Give a Gift that lasts a year. Order now to avoid thc rush. Clias. Reynerson, Phone 2!J Nights, 369-W City Hall. 4-1 mo Let Us Rebuild Your 0!d a;ji«j,;*mji i i or moke your o!J one inE-o a comfortable imicrsprincj. One Day Service "All Work Guaranteed" Furniture; & MoUress Co. 606 N. Hazel Phone 357 MAKING TRIP TO RED RIVER Arsenal five days a week. Can take four others. Phone B(ii5-H. 2-1 -:U IE YOU WANT TO RENT A GOOD farm see Joe Porjcrfield at Sprina Hill. 2G-3t San Frncisco. Another intersectional a Penn Slate seeking to regain some prestige from its Pitt upset in a game with Washington State at Ta- they hims were as mean and If bul nowhere bout has coma, Wash. 4 The chief intcrscctional '"'»• however, is the meeting Notre Dame and Washington South Bend, Ind attrac- of at smart. Mr. Truman came from ; I The how Portland, Ore., Nov. 2(1 -•• CIO, having told the world it teels about Communists, - -•• j>ij - L i inn,in name irom — *..^V,L,I. -^vuniiuuibib, similar stock and surroundings and )1 ' ( ;P a! ' l -' rl to re-elect all its officers fl^""?,,!!! 1 ! 0 ^:'^' 1 ' 1 ^'"''"^"he made IVlr visible clothe he spoke ol . Dewev wear an in- 14- ' — " '"- v pin on' his nose when "°v T ' lor Phil 'P the common people , JUUI1 ' ; 'y.. t'2 " years old, silver- We didn't really need a calendar to know that Thanksgiving was almost here if we had walked into the second grade room in Garland School where Mrs. Thomason's children were busy, making pumpkins out of oranges and their lhanskgiving turkeys out of pine cones. . Then on down the hall in thc first grade in Miss Allen's room, the little boys and girls were very eager to explain the plaque they had featuring the story of the "First Thanksgiving" and they were most happy to read you then- new reading chart that had the same lille. Since the children learned about the kindness of the Indians to the early settlers they made a very cleverly constructed Indian Village in their room. A play "The Day before Thanksgiving" which was thc outgrowth of thc reading and English program in Mrs. Caldwell's sixth grade, was given Wednesday in the Brookwood auditorium. The characters were: Mother Judy Hammons; Abigail, Beatrice Baker; James, Buddy Jackson; John, Jimmy Blackwood; Squanto and Samosct. Friendly Indians; Father, Billy Mann. Thc History Club in Mrs. Adkins' room gave a program which preceded this play and paved the way well for the remainder of the program. Then in Oglcsby School Wednesday, the eighth grade presented their Thanksgiving program: Reading— "These That Are Thankful" — Frances Weiscnborger; Piano "Dark Eyes"— Barbara Tay- Play —"Aunt Adele Reduces" «r nn J^ ? ft °\ the ?? lhave " College Choir who will present a program of Christmas Music on Friday, December 3, at the First Presbyterian Church. Director of the group is- Harold V. Avery, head of the Department of Music at Belhaven. The public is cordially invited to the program. _By Hugh S. Fullerton, Jr.. lor; this Lost RIP KAP POINTER BIHD DOG !) months- old. White with brown spot:-'. Split brown left ear. Child's pet. Johnnie Nash, Phone 270-J. . 2(3-31 Services Offered REFRIGEKATIO SERVICE is our bui-ine:;, T'n and efficient uMviro cr makes of refri<.;c.'Oi!-.'.-n air conditioning sy-iie.-T^ go anywhere cnyiirn.;. 1 . BREWSTBt REFRIGERATION StRV Photic 1: J BO or 1231-J Night;; ;,nd oiui'J; 119 Edatwc-ou i-H,j \\.\NT A COOKING JOB? EXPKR- ; " •"' Call 742-U from '2 « t» iu "i p.m. 22-31 u.v.ed in jnakinjj (hi; bowls 'i'.u'i.-ii pi].u-,s an(l ciga rv'i u- REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS end CRIPPLES Texarkana Ruiiderlna Plant Dial 'A-'iW.i (.phone collect) If r\i> Answer Dial 3-5770 Rejected by the Republican con-'his peace vention Senator Taft nevertheless |;years. He rose up j,, public "wim"~i" came through the campaign the -series of onslaughts a"ain- : t he best hepublican and one of (he (leftists that will certainfv echo in great men of his time. Tall saw |CIO meeling halls throughout this Dewey chisel in 19-1-1 when he en- 'country and may have rc'n-'idi'ru- ble- effect in the international' labor movement. Communists and their friends in the smaller unions of the U.-1'i dorsed the Wagner Act against his I convictions in a pour a'ppeal for the favor of Sidney Hillman's Ilit- lerian mac-bine. In UI-1K, Mr. IX-wi-y had to crawl — or better, creep-'- j have been squelched' 's'oVlmroiiii'lv to lalts position. Meanwhile. Tal'l j l.v that their future is --hakv ' wrote great papers against the tie bauehery of American justice b> Hobert Jaeksun of th court in Ihe "war i;uill Jackson made a spurious retroactive law ;:iul iniDrnvitvd punishment and, worst ot all lie had Die shameless f;;:ll lo brinn that menlalilv back lu our supreme court. Mr. Tail damned 'the whole na"ty husiiu-'-s with final emphasis on the connivance ,,!' in-,- United Stales at the participation of Kuilty Russian.-, in the trial and Kiini.shinent of liioir Ger/nan jjarl- nr-rs in crime. Ui'^ey woa.-eled islature a :>-2 a law ami on this iu Ihe convention ihe CIO executive yesterday board ' indeed supreme limited power to take the jol un- of or[hose workers leaders. The action came after Mnrrav declared he will not protect i fiques ol men whose interns are promoted and propagated by the I 'ally Worker and Lhe Communist ii.'irty. 'Die convention also provide-! a mi —The characters were: Art, Jimmy Mulhns; Ben, John Keck; Vida Anna Lou Barnes; Rose, Peggy Starnes: Aunt Adele, Sue Smiley- Minnie Jones, Nell Cassidy Uncle Morris. Jack White; Three delivery boys, Weldon Tillcry, Tommy Doyle, Donnell Bagicy; " Reading— "Courtship of Miles Slandish"— Jan Moses; Piano solo— "Buttons & Bows"— Audrey ight; Play — '"The I-Ain-Thankful Magic Box". Thc characters were: Aunt Margaret, Polly Compton; Gerakline, Diane Bryan: Clarence, Don Browning- Charles, Jack White; Vida, Nelda Jo Thompson; Mrs. Marshall Helen Marie Hall; Reading — "Eatin' Day", Jim Yocom. In Mrs. Owner's sixth grade the boys and girls have been very interested in their unit on science which was centered on "Foods". Could there be a more timely place for the study than just before Thanksgiving'.' Many of our rooms have really profited by lust wc.ek being book week, and the children in Mrs, Elmer Brown's room in Brookwood donated 20 books to their room. The "Book Fair" in Miss Mamie Bell Holt's room in Garland School was quite a success. Other than the room being so attractive, and the guests having .such a good time, sixteen books and one dollar to buy a book were presented at that time. The books given were: "Cow boy Boots" by Shannon Garsl given by Mrs. R. L. Broach; "Uncle Wiggily Starts Off", "Uncle Wigi-ily , and the Milkman," "Uncle Wiggily I and GranddaUdy Lon^legs." 'Uncle Wiggily and the Black Cricket," "Uncle Wiggily and the Paper Boat" all by Howard R. Garis and given by Mrs. Perry Moses. "Mother Goose" given by Mrs, Hoy Rogers; "Indian and Cowboys" bV Tousey given by Dick BVoaeh"; "King Arthur and High Knights i retold i given by Marilyn Edwards; "The Circus Book" by Smith and "Tales About Timothy" by ISle- rnenthal by Mrs. C. \V. Bridgers: "Han Brinki-r on the Silver Skates" by Dodge ::iven by Margaret Joim" New York, Nov. 27 — (ff>) —Notre I Dame's football team is aiming for ; its 27th consecutive game without a defeat and its 24th straight sellout today. . . .And if the Irish should draw capacity crowds for this afternoon's game against Washington and next week's against Southern California, they would have a record total attendance of ooS.Oijd this season Charley Justice has a boxer clog named 'Choo Choo" but named his own son Ronald and won't let anybody call the baby by that celebrated nickname Apparently Choo Choo wants to break train-ing. One-minute Sports Page Charley Scgar's latest statistical checkup reveals that Stan Musial never went more than four straight games without a hit in the 1948 baseball season and hit his peak with eleven blows, including a homer, a triple and four doubles, in lo times at bnt during a three- game series with Brooklyn in May. . . .When "Spider" Mazur, rookie hockey dofenseman with the Dallas Tcxans, underwent his first ordeal of shaving recently. Coach Lex Cook wielded the razor. . .Spider showed up with an old-fashioned straight whisker cutter and Lex confiscated it on the grounds somebody might accuse the kid of carrying it into the game. . . Unanswered Question "I see that Joe Louis plans to open an auto mechanics school '' writes Bill Knodt, Jr., the transplanted Miehigander of. Albuquerque. N. M. . . ."Doesn't Joe need some good advice himself when it comes to the re-tiring department?" th CIO for Logs & Blocks ~ for the southern or- i/iii.g drive. aii;l more mnnev national CIO activities. Thi's done by a three-cems-a-month e 111 UK- per capita tax which l ID unions pay to the each of their member.-:. Left wing influence rein erful and thriving in ihi Kieclrk-al Workers Un • union, ant. but well Unit fur workers Beneath ihe surface of th msiasm for Murra\'s i i'100,- 1 slon; "Burlap" by Dennis givei GUM - H/u:[<n f :u:!<Y - ELM - LYNN $YOv:\-vORL - HOLLY - BAY • h-\ if- K'V ,\ r- I/ jr T" /** f\ ' r £ ; D A j K t I L O C'^t- K:0u L'< Cosiiuct Office by Dick Broach; "The Story Jesus" by Mrs. II. P. DuPuy; "Treai-ue Island" by Stevenson given by Bill Brklyers; and "To Stnryland" given by Patricia DePuy. Airs. Oliver Adams gave a dollar lo buy a book. This class was given SlO by Miss r.'ii.-e Broach to spend as tlu-v chose. Part ol il was spent on "Pepper". Now lliis is not tile kind i vi-u pi.t un your egg or putaoe.- j yon eat. but H is a canary that the children have named "Pep. ----- •''•"•• 1 his sa ine group ot b ulhei>" a.-, they are fixing I ruit to De given lu UK- ho.->i>:!al liiis week, heard ..-; able to put six L llVe :.;; ei Hlht J43 ;.;.•, >e.-'. Ihat 1.-- true ti .. . iUollier aiui l-\ah<-r juinei L-.ranu! ati;i.-i ani.i t;raiidn:i. '( ile «,'i tl(J pl-j/e :-|Ve! '.'. ill i.v -pent ui; a c'jlu-c'u Little Rock. Nov. 27 — (,T) —Montgomery, Jefferson. Washington and Arkansas county youths will represent Arkansas at the National 4-H club camp in Washington D C next June. They are A. D. Stanley, 17 Montgomery county, and Murgarel Ann Dial 16. Jefferson county, winners ol the top state 4-H duo leadership awards, and Adrian Hamblen. 10 Uashington county, and Bonnie Helen, 17, Arkansas county, winners of state achievemel awards. The four winners, who will receive all-expense trips to the national banquet here last ni"ht About 21)0 of the state's (Jo 000 4-H club .members attended. District achievement and leadership winners who received mnlals at the banquet included: Gene Sharum, lit). North Sebastian county; Dorothy Kane, 17, Washington: John Ward Monroe' 8. Craighead; Barbara Jo Woodruff, 17, Franklin; Jo Ann West, 17 Craighead; Bobby Kennoy, Hi, In| dependence; Emma "Kiitheryn iMantooth, 17, Jackson Rufus Lit- jlell, Jr., i(j. St. Francis; Don Lambert. 10, Pulaski; Bobbie Haynie 17, Nevada; John Gulledge, l(j' Ashley Jean Rogers, 17, Garland' and \Villodene Hobby, 17, Gr-rland. Famed Spinner Pfay Invented by Porker Team Little Rock, Nov. 27 —•(/!•) — "Football's famous spinner play was "invented" entirely bv accident al the University of Arkansas 38 years ago. Hugo Be/del;. the legendary coach credited with developing the spinner magic, let the secret out last night at a reunion with his Top Radio Programs New York, Nov. 27 —(/P)—On Saturday night list: NBC 6:30 Vic Damone: 7:30 Truth or Consequences; 8 Hit Parade; 8:30. Judy Canova 9:30 Grand Olc Opry. CBS—6 My Favorite Husband; 7 Sing it Again; 8 Winner TakcAU; Sing it Again 8 Winner Take All; 9 Hometown Reunion 9:30 Military Ball. ABC—G Dance Band Jamboree: 6:30 Famous Jury Trials; 8 Gang Busters U:30 What's My Name Finale; 9 Whiz Quiz. MBS—-7 Twenty ucslions; 7:30 Life Begins at 80; 8:30 Guy Lombardo Music 9 Chicago Theater "The Pink Ladv." Sunda" Forums: MBS 10:30 a. m. Reviewing Stand "Wages"; CBS 11:30 p. m. People's Platform "Re- ligous Education"; NBC 12 Noon America United; NBC 12:30 p. m. Chicago Roundtable "Tuberculosis." Other: NBC—1:30 p. m. University Theater. "Passage to India"; 3 Quiz Kids; 5:30 Ozzie and Harriet; 6:30 Phil and Alice 7 Charlie McCarthy; 7:30 Red Allen and Geo Jessel 9 Garry Moore quiz CBS—10:30 a. m. Salt Lake City Choir; 2 p. m. N. Y. Philharmonic"; 4:30 Strike It Rich; 5:30 Jane Froman Song 6:30 Amos and Andy :30 Philip Marlowe; 8 Helen Hayes Theater; 9 Lu mand Abner. ABC—1:30 Mr. President; 4 uiet Please 5:30 Greatest Story; G Go For The House 7 Stop the Music- 8:30 Theater Guild, "The Two Mrs Carrblls." MBS—1 Air Force Program; 2:30 Juvenile Jury; 4 The Shadow 5 Roy Rogers G Sherlock Holmes 7 Mediation Board; 8 Secret Mission 9:30 Starlight Moods. Tonight al Hammons Stadium at 8 o clock the Yergcr High School ligers entertain Smackovcr in a contest that is e.xpecled lo be rough from start to finish. Coach Brooks said his Tigers are in pretty fair shape for ihe lasl regularly scheduled game of Ihe season. However, the Tigers are dickering for another game here possibly Ihe first week in December. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press New York (St. Nicholas Arena) —Arthur King, ] 3G i. 4| Toronto, outpointed Chester Rico, 140 1-2 New York, 10 Hollywood, Calif - Jess Flores, Stockton, Calif., outpointed m l -' 2 - -Hermosil- West Palm Beach, Fla— Danny Steptauovich 137 1-2, San Antonio, By United Press Lake-wood N. J. _ R;iy Lowis . .- 0 ,','-n C ' K L° r ' M;JSS ' - J; "*ie Mor?' ,-, , B() '" 10 "' outpointed Jimmy ,<ie<-. lab, Boston, doi Portland, Me. — Hermie Free- I «•«». .139. Eagle Lae, Me out - pat j Be'.'.tiek. who after starting his (career at Arkansas gained further jJame as a college coach at Oregon | "Our lull team at Arkansas had ; a play -in which (in- uuaru-rbaek j handed off the ball on lackle- ! around. In one game, the quarterback. Boyd Cypert, now a resident joi Washington. D. C.. turned to ! hand the ball to the tackle, but the tackle bad started loo quicklv and already had run past Cypei t j "Cypert. not knowing what to do ,-iu-xt. spun (in around to taee the ! line ol serinnnage. spotleci an open [ held and ran fur louchdov. n. It ; was all Lin accident but the spin. ner pla.v hasn't been slopped en itirely >el." ; lie ^dulden Booh:-" for the room. j The Thanksgiving dinner which ! i-ui!M.-led , ,i in ; ,| i, aditiu:Kil linki-v j •'Hid c!re:-,Mii!; h.-l|ied us to ,-mi our i sfnuul U'eek witli ;i ij!ea;jiit! l c--i. Rumvord. Me.—Willie Leo. 133 Portland, nocked out Vie Young 1.U Bidrileford, Me. <5). Football By The Associated Press Kentucy 25 Miami (Flai 5. J 'j ; 'st, Texas Bapiisl 15 Kasi Cen- rn Young 27 Arizona Slate I Chapton (Calif) 49 Los An»eles tit;, Colleee 7. FOR SALE Surfaced Oak Lumber • $40.00 per Thousand GENERAL BOX COMPANY HRESCOTT, ARKANSAS Saturday p.m., Nov. 27 } 1:45 Football game: Ark. vs. WH' liam & Mary 4:30 Proudly We Hail—M 5:00 -Take a Number—M 5:30 True or False—M 6:00 News, 5-Star Final 6:15 Week in Sports 6:30 Robert Hurlcigh—M 6:45 Mel Allen, Sportscast—M 7:00 Twenty Questions—M 7:30 Life Begins at «0—M 8:00 Gabriel Hoattcr—M 8:15 Lanny Ross—M 8:30 Meet thc Boss 0:00 Chicago Theatre of Air—> * 10:00 Accent on Youth 10:15 Club Rendezvous 10:30 Eddy Duchin's Orch.—M 10:55 Mutual Reports the News 11:00 Sign Off Sunday a.m.. Nov. 28 6:57 Sign On 7:00 Lew White Organ Melodies 7:30 Hymn Time 7:45 Four Knights 8:00 Unity's Gospel Hour 8:30 Church News of the Air 8:45 Silver Strings 8:55 News, First Edition '* 9:00 Rock of Ages Broadcast 9:30 Voice of Prophecy—M ' 10:00 Radio Bible Class 10:30 Reviewing Stand—M 11:00 First Christian Church Sunday p.m., Nov. 28 12:00 William L. Shirer, News—M 12:15 John B. Kennedy—M 12:30 Cote Glee Club 12:50 Saenger Preview 12:55 News, Noon Edition 1:00 Gospel Hour 1:30 Music for Sunday 2:00 Sunday Spotlight News 2:05 Key Notes by Carle. '»• 2:15 Guest Star 2:3U Juvenile Jury—M 3:00 House of Mystery—M 4:00 Friday Music Club 4:30 Quick As a Flash—M o:00 Sunday Down South - -. Nick Carter—M 6:00 Sherlock Holmes—M G:30 Roy Rogers' Show—M 7:00 A. L. Alexander—M 7:30 Under Arrest—M 8:00 Secret Mission—M 8:30 Jirnmie Ficller—M 8:45 Twin Views of the News—VI U:00 Voices of Strings—M k D:30 Bob Hope's Xmas Seal Party 1U:UO \yiliiam Hillman, News—M 10:15 Dance Orchestra—M 10:30 Bobby Burn's Orch.—M 10:55 Mutual News—M 11:00 Sign-Off Monday a.m., N OV . 29 5:57 Sign On 6:00 Hillbilly Hoedown C:25 Bargain Roundup 6:30 News, First Edilion 6:40 Arkansas Plowboys 6:55 Market Reporls , 7:00 Farm Breakfast Program'-j 7:15 Melody Eoys 7:30 The Devotional Hour 7:45 Musical Clock 7:55 News, Coffee Cup Edition 8:00 Sunrise Serenade 8:30 Bob Poole's Show—M 8:45 Bob Poole's Show—M 8:55 Arkansas News Roundup 9:00 Cecil Brown—M 9:15 Faith in Our Time—M 9:30 Say it With Music—M 10:UO Passing Parade—M 10:15 Victor H. Lindlahr—M 10:30 Gabriel Hcatter's Mailbi-. —M ^-' 10:45 Lanny Ross—M 11:00 Kate Smith Speaks—M 11:15 Kate Smith Sings—M 11:30 Student Parade 11:45 Music by Monroe Monday p.m., Nov. 29 12:00 News, Home Edition 12:10 Market Time 12:15 John Daniel Quartet 12:30 Melody Mustangs 12:40 Shortest 5 min. in Radio 12:4o Eddy Arnold Show—M l.'OO Queen for a Day 1:30 Golden Hope Chest—M '*' 2:00 Movie Matinee—M 2:30 Ozark Valley Folks—M 3:00 Songs of Love 3:15 The Johnson Family—M 3:30 1490 Club 4:00 Swing Time 4:45 U. S. Navy Band 5:00 Adventure Parade—M 5:15 Superman—M 5:30 Captain Midnight—M 5:45 Tom Mix—M (i:00 Salon Serenade 6:15 News, Five Star Edition 6:25 Today in Sports I 0:30 Henry J. Taylor—M fa:45 Fulton Lewis, Jr. 7:00 The Falcon—M 7:30 Gregory Hood—M 7:55 My Gardner—M 8:00 Gabriel Hcatter—M :15 8:30 Mutual Ncwsreel— M Erskino Johnson— M 8:55 Bill Henry, News— M 9:00 Fishing & Hunting Club— M 9:30 Dance Orch.— M 10:00 AH the News— M 10:15 Wally Wicken's Orch.— M 10:30 Eddy Duchin's Orch.— "4 10:55 Mutual News— M 11:00 Sign Off The cougar or mountain lion is the fastest animal on the North American continent. His speed is 100 yards in three seconds. But his lungs are small and tires quickly. For Lovely Home-Grown CHRYSANTHEMUMS See us. ij mile East of Hope-'i, ' On Highway 4 Gentry - Butler Florists Phone 1194-W1 We Deliver FLOOR SANDING & FINISHING All work Guaranteed, PHONE 89 A. 2. TURNER .1 LET FOY DO IT « Level yards • Dl a Post Holei * Plow Gardens « Cut Vacant Lots « Also custom work. HAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phone 1066 S, Walnut St.

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