Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 27, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 27, 1948
Page 3
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Saturday, November 27, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Page Three BLONDIE DAGWOOD. YOU PROMISED TO DRV TV-IE. DISMES FOR -r N\E THIS EVENING YOU PROMISED ME AT BREAKFAST THIS MORNING " VOU'D DRY THEM By Chick Youn^ OZARK IKE YOU'RE RIGHT; I REMEMBER NOW YOU'RE PERFECTLY RIGHT. DEAR WELL- JUST KEEP RlGMT AFTER fAE UMTiL- I DO IT: By Michael O'Malley & Ralph Lane SIDE GLANCES Bv Galbraith I*. •V* J|. j*^_ »"Vi\>-'- r "-: .. COPR..1Ma BV NeVSEEVICE, INC. t. M. REfl. U. 8. PAT. 6ft. . CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "But, father, he's going to be a sensational success—he's so smart he knows how many elephants Hannibal used, crossing the Alps!" -4 *». "*.. . COPR. 1? SERVICE, IMC. T. M. RE6.~U:~9: PAT. V ?/ , w/f ^iw ?! *' tf-*-r "i..want .to. convert all my holdings into something that won't anger,the.massesr.' "'- 8v Blosse* *) anger, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS IN HEAVEN'S JTHATS HORACE NAME is THAT ^ MOLT—- HE'S BRAYING? J SfWNAoiNe- "Now von can roll r^;ht out of bed into the furnace room these snappy mornings!" POPEYE BUT YOU SEE?,WHEM- HE \ AND SINGS To ME HE THINKS I Vf-.i I ? OF LEDY HAMAR.' I THINK OF VAM JACKSOM/ ITS REALLY VERV HUB3AHUBBA/ & 7T^% Thimhle THE REFEREE j IS CALL/N"5fOUT FOR TIME OUT. 1 / ^ O)HAT?? TIME Our TO REPAIE HAS A1ADE SO MANY TOUCHDCXXlNS ^ HES WORM A RUT DOWN ;?%^w^fflojfl«^.._^;r / £> l -a. r r. HUH. Kini. K.,laii S,,,!iC..v. Inc.. U'iiil.1 .ifl.n nantJ ^/55v<> ^~^^g> X' OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE Hoonlc GOING JACKRABBIT \ CHASING WITH THE GREYHOUNDS ? y BUT YOU SURELY / DOM'T MEAN) TO LET MAC GO TOO.' JURE--YOU \ CAM'T TELL HISA \ ANYTHING, SO I HE'LL JLJST y HAVE TO LEARM.' ^i l^MM^^^...»dr^Z:;gI= : = & ,«W^W^ -*—— iiai«leM ;S^ —r- ~— I.F 1 // -v>^i==siss^"/t'»:( .;-.- - '':.•'"' "-zi EORM THIRTY YEARS TOO SOOK1 T . u. «EC. u «. ,a. at. U..-P .--, ... .-...„ . . ^ , _, >,_^__-_ CCPC. (>W! U' t«tA bifittCE- (ht& tHc GCftPEVlKiE HATH *1 HAMe YOU Ht3A(SD jTFAP/.? IT tl-t\T T^£ HOOPLB )f FROM. YOUC2. <K% DONlKEYS ARE AS -r DEKiTAL BOA!8 WAS M SACKeR. <3lMCe W FOMMY AS, THe A S^ftLL SCAL6 V{ H6 \MEMT OOT -^sA BUBOM\C " FOREST FIRE,'TELL ) : \ OF H6R.& FASTER )> IF VOL) 60AO M.e ' US RAPT SPECTATORS IT -:•-. AtNi'T SO/ •' ^ MUCH BevJAee TH&'/ tAOOPLE lRe/i— •/.- OH, O2ARK.,, ) AH ALMOS' ) FUHGOT,,, MYSTERIOUS W^ (GULP) THEY DONE GENNULMAM J\ IT AG'IN... SCMT ME ASKED ME TO W^ T'MORRUH'S 5CO' PER OGLIVUH ff SHO'/..NOVV TO FIWO THIS NOTE "Bffil OUT WW MUCH T'MORRUH WE PLAY TH CYCLONES, DINAH,., SHO' HOPE TH' OOLU OOft'T SEND ME NO MO' UF TH' PUHFESSUH'S PREDICSHUNS.",, TAKES ALL TH' FUN OUT UF TH' GAME/ Bv Rav 6orw» /rtesnwhile.on a bus approaching Deerville..,' i t' i ' '•" ' ' " ' " m in ' i .1 i ^mimpaearr— ~M««BB«*^aM»^ DINNER AT YOUR HOUSE, GRANDMOTHER, IS MY GRANDSON, HAS ALWAYS BEEN A GOURMC-15 OEU6HT ROBIN ARCHER. 60IM6 TO ROBIN AND VERA j BY THE TIME I GET TMERE IT'U BE TOO IATE TO GUI AND I'VE GOT NO MONEY LEFT FOR A HOTEL. GUESS 1'lL HAVE TO THINK OF SOMETHING. ADD ANOTHER MEMBER ARE Gt-TTlNG TO HIS FAMILY? ^SL A DIVORCE. —s If I| IfSTOP TRYING TO BUTTER sffsM m. ME UR CHRISTOPHER! TELL SSv'vIilV ME THE NEWS YOU BROUGHT/ Bl Leslie Turner WASH TUBES WITNESS- ( HE KILLED MM-UKE, DUG UP TH' MMUKG I TREASURE fcNO FLED 1 . BUT HE FORBID C^PTAIM VWOM'T GET FAR! HE'LL WftlK IM SOOM ^\ ISENiaiED HIS EXPLWN E\IERVTWNG...JROOW.,,NOrH\M&(M OR M/WSE HE'S BADLV / IT. SET HI5 LONPON HURT.... _^J ADDRESS FROM HER- SOUR SVKE INKED TH' RUIMS, WSS... 30ST BEFOR J TH MURDER 3v Carl Anderson DONALD DUCK 6y Walt Disney GEE,BUTCH'S DAD'S SMART.'HE MADE THAT P3EALL.V RUNS OUT Of= AN OUP WASHING ~ MACHINE.' 1 CAN VOU A BETTER ONE/ 8v V. T. Hom'in MY STAR'S, CCOLA,' A5 XFiPKAWKB*. IS THE MKS PiSKA-^SA YOU lONLY CNE COULD BECUEEN OF/ PEOFK5ED--BUT LEW,' 0UT HOW V I'M EXPECTING- TO A0OUT .XL-LEY? _ OP«. 1»I3 BY Nf A RFKV1CE, INC. T. M. fifC, U A. f*T. OFP By Edgur. Martin BUGS BUNNY P i PUT BEHIND ME, ME'LL

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