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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, November 27, 1948
Page 2
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Page Two Social and Persona! Sunday School Lesson Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M Mom^ / November 29 ! one to Watch o'-r-r ATr-" Tl . H h School P.T.A. will have i drews sam; • OPromise i r v (i ee ton tudy course in the home "Because"' Monday nt 2 p.m. Miss played" softly Mr. An- Me" and BY WILLIAM E. GILROY, D.D. .. Sr>; hi i Sit Harper will give a talk of inn )L i to mothers oC teen-agers. \ dr iioii'.tratioi] of l' oi u-en. All members are (. 1 Ij be present. In Claire 'do Luno wa.iip 0 ; n , during the ceremony. |j;. ulh _ ARKANSAS Miss Patsy McPherson and Miss Effie Hyatt lighted the tapers preceding the service. They wore iden- t i h i w r ri \ >v A. o. Ihe T-ii-Kt Baptist l . The brl<l". entering I ill rnrei Monday night al lather, was lovely in' h Educational buildinr; for ! leivjih fh.irtrou'.-" i-nT,. ill Lottie Moon Christmas i dn-no elfec'r shoulder n ,11 members are urged i fastened v.-ith amber i i uid to bring tical street length tiros?;;. bn-.n/.o taffeta and Talisman buds in their hair. v.-Hh a dres.- and e! ip.;. n of The Gospel records show how extensively and effectively Hope Star used by Jesus vl,o !lt ' f 'y December 1 idcnia Garden club I His words. I'm [Use was not unir i ••'.•.•):; a fomi v.-.i Ea.'M 1 , a;; in A--:., • , ibles," and in nt)., •" ; " n l Many pan-Mo;: a, Testament as wi What is uninu of Jesus i:-; their gold nntuil Christmas parly j • ; '" u Inosday afternoon at th'. '"'''•' He taught, the rrsscd to hear pnrabie in f-tlch v. ith Jr.y,ii::. Jl i-,- u- • 'i in ())i':- f.'m.n'ir; "F;,.j K:i::;--,- W'-ifin-.'.':. | found in (he Old I ;i;, in ill" .Vow. ( in the pa i .'Miles i.'dily. their sim- ti'Mi in exprc.';- to d"f'!are, ,-?JK! (!)<• iriilh :tsr.)f. lhal eant:nl be •sppref'i.'i- Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927, Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon bv STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Pqlmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Secretory-Treasurer at the Star buildinn 212-2M South Walnut Street, Hope, Ark. Alex. H. V/ashburn, Editor & Publisher Pouf H. Jones, Managing flditor George W. Hosmcr, Mech. Supt. Jos-; M. Davis, A-'vertising Manager ntitorad as second class matter ot thi Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under thi Ac.S of March 3, 1B97. (AP)—Means Associated Press. (NPA)—Moons Newspaper £n!erpr(so Association. i ind Saturday. December U '' ! 1'fiut'in and Son : k:m;i For her daughter'!: wedding. Mrs Of Ti-xar- j,, -'"." ^",..,,'0,, "i' l .!' <J .""'i-i'V,! 1 ''.''" 1 ' 1 ,', - : '" "•-«•-; "Detroit; "Mich.'," 2842" W. Grani IHK.S. .,_ii,,ons li.ue .aided .m.Mnim; l E , vd .. Oklahoma^ City, 314 Terminal Bldg. i.cthodist Church of Kimberly-Westbrook ''oar ing In i be iutiful candlelight core- in the First Methodist Church i iHcrnoon at 4 o'clock. Miss Kimberly wore a brown suit, wilh , matching accessories and pinned a • Talisman rosebud corsage at. her i shoulder, j Mrs, S. A. Wesibrook. rnofber of i the groom wore a burgundy crept' ! dres:; with brown accessnrie.s. Her' shoulder corsage was of pink car- stories as tnli! in;; known the love, and in aey of humanity. What was it parables of Jnsn And what, is , Orleans, 722 Union St. \ i', , HTVnoon n. 4 r'r I , ~r "-honlclor corsage was of pink car- f !'"^ «»<! new l,;rl ay i,, spi!, ' n lei illu noon at 4 o clock. Miss nations. Uic-ir centuries of record and their r L K ^ el( l y ' r .' r £' rtauKhtcr Mrs. Otho Garmn-, uiandmolh,^- P^sisteiH repetition? hi I bccamV U,, H H y °f of 1U " bri<1 °' of Plninvicw. Ark.. ' <liink it is the fact th,-,( the U !,<- Wesrfrn, I, f M W '^ " 1;ic! " wilh l)l: ' t;): accessories ».»'nbles of Jesus are true to life in \n -> A Wes.li,-\,l f i aml !1 '-"'•-'"W "f white carnations. Webster's Collegiate Dictionary do- dii ?C Westbmok. also of, T|u , c , mplt . rt .. ( . ( , h (;C , th( , ,, U( , sls fines the parable as a "firiitiouY" .1, •*... j , r, ,-, in the study of the church immod- ' siory. 1 cannot understand u-liv n Member of the Associated Press: Th< Associated Press is entitled exclusively tt 'ho use for re-publication of all the locc I news printed in this newspaper, as well a in Ai> news dispatches. e Monday, November 29 The O.E.S. will meet at 7:30 at the Masonic Hall. Covered dish refreshments will be served. A Church-family night supper and program will be held at (ho Presbyterian church in the Men's Fellowship rooms. Monday at 7 p m Guest speaker will be "the Rev. J. A. Palaehek of Nashville, Ark. Tuesday, November 30 The W.M.S. of the First Baptist church will meet at 10:30 a.m at the home of Mrs. Watson White Jr, for a Foreign Mission study Lunch will be served at noon. Sunbeams of the First Baptist church will meet at the church at 3:15. A. Wesibrook. also of ilr it \irc-nd J. K. Cooper, pas- 1 IL church read the impres- . di utl<_ ring ceremony before l^fj-,, ( nd of fern standards, 4 < n ji nrhed candelabra cntwin- Jth m iiden hair fern and floor ,,,- Texarkana. Mr' and , '- ot joid colored chrysanthe- I Honovcutt of Fn'rclvco Mr n is Jin central flower arrange- I Wol'-on -md (l-. ; i»lit'r-r' 'ti.H- n Idd i'old-colored chrysanthe- i y.^'. %' '. , t, . V' ,,-f, ' n, ,,a seven-branched white | O f I'leber '''spi-inss." X'rk.' and Woman Diies •hi The Ladies Auxiliary of Central Baptist church will meet at 3 p.m. Clarke White entertained a few of his friends at his home on Tuesday evening with a squirrel dinner. In the dining room the long table was covered with a white linen cloth and centered with a silver basket holding orchid chrysanthemums and flanked .with " lighted white tapers in silver holders. Covers were laid for: W. V Tompkins, John A. Davis, Sam T - Whitc. T. C. McRac, R. P. Hamby Vick Scott, W. T. Hart, M. W. Greeson. S. O. Logan, Orin Ellsworth and J. C. Woodul. ions, f ' • J - J '-^' - j »—ujji.-^iaic 1 u rc-cei'. <;d the "tiests i" 1:PS the parable as a "i'iriitious"" the church immed- ' s '°ry. 1 cannot understniid why a i —• -- --• .parable should noocssarilv be ' fie-1 J'^'iday at Mrs. W. W. Alley, sister of Mrs. G. Coop of* Hope, died early home in Humbolt, 111 i j i >.- o i, i n.i^v < 'i LI j; 1.1 n 11 t.; 11 11 1111 i -,.H " '—•--•.'• j. v. tt 111 n i L 1111 til i rS I' I |] t; XYI! V il ^" " I-' J L J-J-^J [-".. lately following (hi.- ceremony. , parable should nocoss.-irih- be fie-1 Friday at her home Amonji the out-of-town t;uests Ititious. The parables of The Prod-' Tc.nn. Funeral servi wen;: Mrs. I''red Blaclcstocic of j'Kal Son and of the Good S'imari- '-"'-' hc; ' c ' today at Hun Plainview, Ark., Mrs. f-ialph Gainev tan would be no less parables if of Gravely. Ark., Miss Susy Slater the incidents described bad really "••" ~ services were Humbolt. to John . T f rr,.Y " " haup If ncd. Jesus inventing I have hap- V- V . , Pr., • >• -iiic-r a v.'ociani^ 1 ws Soloist. Hie tradi- and otlK ,,. Missom-i fj/tdl music was provided b.v f l i lloll irnon. Jr., organist and i Mdnws, Soloist. The tradi- IHL loual and recessional, ' ( dm marches were used i c'nir 1 the ceremony, Mr. Holla! iii\icl "Stardust", "Through '< ' i "Always," and "Some- Roy Lundy of Tiil:-:a, of the bride. After a wedding l:ip to St. Louis be in Will) CATHY DOWNS LEON ERROL WffffiiTTiir™ 8 " SELECTED SHORTS LATE MUSICAL NEWS PARADE kana where the Rruom is employed. Wheeling ton- Lyons Wedcliny Announced Mr. and Mrs. Enerie F,. Whocl- hiRton of Palmos announce the marriage nf their daughter, Dar- leeu to Paul L. Lyons, of Houston. Texas, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Lyons of Louisiana. The wedding took place at Ih:; St. James Methodist church in Houston with the Reverend Paul Harris officiating. The altar was banked with white "ladioli and mums with greenery. The bride, given in marriage by her father, wore a light blue suit wilh navy accessories and her corsage was of while carnations. Mrs Horace Spencer, maid of honor and the bride's only attendant, wore a brown suit with I matching accessories and her corsage was of yellow roses. Mr. Horace Spencer served the groom as best man. Following the ceremony, a reception was held in the Spencer homo. After a wedding trip the couple will be at home at 208 East liiih Street, in Houston. pencd. the stories would have lost , Mrs. I their force. But the stories I aunt whether O f actual occuranccs or! '.)! details chosen to make plain th message, are so true to human penence. They live today wilh a:, ,-| n c-1 i.i 1 / Passenger cm Charge of Manslaughter The B. & P.W. Club met Tuesday evening at the home of Miss Frances Bailey with Mrs. Electra Wells and Miss Marguerite Avcry co-hostesses. Miss Mary Jo Hamilton, president, conducted the business session after which the members wore invited into the dining room where a chih supper was served buffet style from a serving table covered with a lace cloth and centered with an arrangement of roses Jacksonville, Fla., Nov. Mrs. J. D. Regan was hostess to a desert bridge party at her home on Tuesday afterno'on. Bridge guests were: Mrs. Vernon 9fi ^ Uch ^'r a ; 1 ' Ml ' s ' R ' L - Yarbrough. 2L»i; fe *L. H - M c ?cnzic. Mrs. Charlie as in the I'- aJp-rhe pnol o?'a = p?, v .te a H M 1' ^fiS^S^tt '•'« hois'T,,. 811 ? d i: s nr^^,,^i? &•««, M» : jack^; ^r- **£ today on manslaughter charges after their plane crashed and killing a Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Walker and daughters, Judy and Carol of Pine Bluff are holiday guests of Mrs. Walker's parent-), Mr. and Mrs Willard E. Jones Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Moore, Sr., | and Kev. and Mr:;. S. A. Whitlow j and sou, John David motored to . Arkadelphia Thursday to attend the Hi cderson-piiachita name and to j be the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jew- i ell Moore., Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenny McKee and daughter, of Garland and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Moore and snn are visiting Mrs. Mclv.-e's parents. Mr. and Mrs. .]. V. Moore, Si 1 , and al- londod the Henri,•rsdii-Onachita homocuming r.ame Thursday. Mr. ;uid Mrs. Jewell Moore. Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. Fielding Huddl"s- tnn are sponrling tlie v,'o<.'k-ond w!lh Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Moore in 1'oca- ye.sterday, .striking It is this element of imive'r.sal'i'ty ""''V'^ 0 ", 1 '"? 1 ^ '' o >'', , T „ thai underlies their persistent!,, J nc |)llot " Pt>to H ' McGce, 27, and Iroshnoss. The parabU""- -ir" -i"e ; ' i )a ' :scl >S°''- Jack Quinn. escaped less in their application. ' as iliov wl ^, lt)Ll1 ."'-i 1 ' 1 '^ , Ihe piano struck a high tension power line, fell and bounced off nave returned to their home in Dal- itwo automobiles and crashed into las alter spending (lie Thanksu'vi- j '-he edge of a river. The propeller ing Holidays with their parents. Mr struck the youngster, George Irv- and Mrs. Ch.ir]o« T.i:,,-,.,,n .,,,,1 *,r..,. i n g Hunsucker, killing him instant- McGec and Quinn. both from Jacksonville, were held in Duval , Harold Lewis, Mrs. J. A. Craig Mrs. Clifton Arnold, Mrs. Jimmy Duke. Mrs. Dallis Atkins, and Mrs Edward Bryson. Dessert "uests were: Mrs. Harold Parker, Mrs. j" T. McRae. Mrs. H. L. Eaton, and Mrs. T. G. Clinc. •' • v • • '• • • • ' ' l J i i i \- ; I t •> . i VI ! and Mrs. Charles Harrell and Mrs Lois Russell here. Scott DeLee and little daughter. Susan will arrive Sundav lor a visit with Mrs. Del.ee's par- Mr, and Mrs. Leo -Robins ents, her Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Grecnber"- and children and Bernard Repiv'n returned Friday from 7-1 o I Springs where they spent the-Thanksgivin'g county jail. Members of the Young Adult Class of the First Methodist church entertained with a Thanksgiving dinner Monday evening at the church. Place cards carrying out the Thanksgiving motif marked the places of the 34 present. After returning thanks by singing the Doxology in unison a delicious turkey dinner was enjoyed reach. At the world any time, anywhere in among any race or peo- . . - ,, ..^.M,, ,.MW i uuiuv^i vin^ ue neeuect holidays with Mr. and Mrs. Ed I.!far behind in ^ e ' )h;l "- their truth. "»--v^,j mtrw^j lujjiiui was uujoyuu arc universal in^thcir human out-1 by the members and their guests 1TV1P ll At n ti V i i i~nn «i n TFH.-!-* «v^-i In ' The marriage of Miss Gladys Hunt to Woodrow Easterling, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Easterling Sr. has been announced by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Hunt pie they would still have their message. That is why they are unique and 'why they will always be needed in a world that lags 'so [• .. i. i • -i • ,i ... =1 _ .. the appropriation of By William Si-ish Copyright by William Irish—Distributed by NEA Service, Inc. THK STORY: Well-to-do Louis He took it from her uui.iml carries on a correspond- | to rest with his hand. set it Mr. and Mrs. Tom .Inbo of University tit Oklahoma, Norman, are vistihiL; Mrs. Julie's paivuts, Mr and Mrs. W. K. .lames. Mr. and Air;:. 1). H. Russell. Jr. SUN. MON. TUES. OPENS SUNDAY 12:45 DORE SCHARY presents •GARY GRANT ** MYt-iNA LOY MELVIN DOUGLAS IN GUILDS HIS DREAM HOUSt and V.'ri'.t'-i/ foi Mrlvin Frank h/ N o n n at 1 P,i ria i na Pol:?: i Dii'cc'u-d by H. C An RKG Rciclio Production • A ADDED . . , Coloc Cartcor> - Sport's News id R -j i c a b i; once courtship with a Miss "Ju':i:i Hussell, whom lie has ne\or .'eon. She comes from SI. Loiu.s to ?, T t\v Orleans by boat to marry him. She is young, ravishing. ' l.-.l.nid. within a month of their marriage, she withdraws $r>l>.0(;0 from '|'nV hank account and ilisr.mpu;':':;. Investigation proves her :t,\ j m . postiir. Ilura.nd rotains \V il'er Downs, delei-tivo, In pi-nv,.. t)-, ;l i ; , crime was o.ummittod against the I'oal Julia liusr^ell, who vanished un the huat trip (u Now Urlea.i.-;. A year later. Durand is altm» in iJilnxi. ||,. makes the acqiinin- taiii'o of a (.'nl,.-iu-1 \Vn!-th in a hulol bar, aoriiij nlaiiv di---oiiv,-rs that the culonor.s lia'ncoe. !\l:.;s Castle, is Hie woman he liiu-w a.-; Julia. A ruse ;;,-!,-; Ihn, jm., h,-r eni|;ty hold room. Hi- hide:'- ho- hind a screen at her apiircKicl'i, Sue enters, sits down at a it's'- !ii w.ito a loiter, lie walks ,,vor and put-: his hand on her .-.nuuldi-r. XXV Her fright \va.s Hie :'ri;.:iii of :.;iiil! and nr.t innocence. Even befniv'sh;- ' Id have known who it was. For she clidn'l turn to Inn;-., com nf heart wiiuhl held her hoad rigidlv, turned tin.- other way. wilh suspense. She wa: loo):. 'J'dfro- musl h;i\ p o guilt .strown behind lu-r that anyniio's sudden tuiu-h, in thi stillness \>i the night, in the suliiudo ol lu-r room. :-lio must have known could bode nu ;;ood. HIM- nne hand dropped the pen lifolosly. Ih.-r other clawed secretively a I it-', .sheet of notopripcr, MU-kiny. it up", causing it to disappear. Then dropping it, orumpK i 1 , uvor the il.'sk .side. -Slill she didn't innve; the sleek She stroked one arm, shiver- ingiy, all the way up to the top. "\Vhat is it, Lou'.' What are your plans for me?" vr were e i',un was resting against him The double ring ceremony was solemnized Sunday, November 21, in the home of her parents. The parlor, in which the ceremony was performed, was made lovely with arrangements of chrysanthemums and roses. Bro. J. H. Cannon officiated before members of the immediate family. The bride was attractively attired in a model of light blue wool flannel with brown accessories. A corsage of talisman rosebuds was pinned at her shoulder. Saturday, November 27, 1948 News of the Churches FIRST BAPTIST Corner Third and Main Streets S. A. Whitlow, Pastor James E. Birkhead, Music- Educational Director 9:30 a.m.—Sunday School, H. E. Thrash, Superintendent. JO.-HO—Morning worship with message by the pastor. Anthem, "That Will Bo Glory for Me" by Adult Choir. fi:30 p.m.— Training Union, Vance Smiley, Director. 7:30 — Evening worship with message by the pastor. James Birkhead and Otho Taylor will sing for the special music, "Precious Hiding Place." Monday: 10:30 a.m.—Woman's Missionary Society will meet at the church for an all day meeting. "Season of Prayer for Foreign Missions". There will be a pot luck luncheon served at noon. 4 p.m. Junior Royal Ambassadors will meet at the church. 4 p.m.-— Junior Girls Auxiliary will meet at the church. 4 p.m. -—Sunbeams will meet at the church. Tuesday, G:-!5 p.m. — Sunday- School Workers' Council supper and meeting. All officers and teachers cf the Sunday School arc urged to be present. Wednesday, 7:15 p.m. —Fellowship Hour. The midweek worship for the whole family. SAINT MARK'S EPISCOPAL Corner of Third and Elm Streets Rev. W. Northey Jones, S.T.O., Acting Rector Nov. 28. First Sunday in Advent. 11—Morning Prayer and Sermon. Monday at 5 p.m. Rt. Rev R Bland Mitchell, S.T.D. will give an address on the Lambeth Conference in the church. Friday, 7 p.m. —The Episcopal Radio Hour. Raymond Massey in "The Devil and Daniel Webster". UNITY MISSIONARY BAPTIST South Elm Street Eld 1 . Howard White, Pastor Unity's Gospel Hour—8 a.m. Sunday School— 10 a.m. A. A. Massey, Supt. Morning worship —11. Service at County jail — 1-30 p.m. Baptist Training Course — 6:30 p.m. 1. "Elijah a Prophet"—Sue Kennedy. 2. "Elijah Lets Aliab Know"— E. H. Little. 3. "Dcyine Care"—A. A. Massey 4. "Faith Tested'— Mrs. Anderson. 5. Songs by Beginners. Evening Worship —7:30. Ladies Auxiliary — 2 p. m. Tuesday. Prayer Service and Bible Study —7:30 p.m. Wednesday. Teacher's Meeting — 7 p.m. Thursday. I was glad when they said unto me let us go into the house of the Lord. Psalm 122:1. Immediately following the ceremony the bride and groom left for a wedding trip to New Orleans and points of interest alon" the "^'^t^c^o^r r i ' - ""-" st i"«o w h c', c t h st^ .n., coal wtiien covered where in Prescolt. Mrs. Easterling is employed as a moment. Then c-rept arinind to the inside . secretary at the Ozan Lumber C the lvindio""ThT' otlicc a " a Ml '- Easterling will be out. "so slmvlv! so s-lowb ! i "' UlC Ii; "^^^^'^ Shop, handle, the nickeled I j in Atki ,,son, who attends the T ~ ' "' * ' ^ayette- sgiving , Mrs. J. D. Atkinson and his grand- 1 nothor, Mrs. C. H. Voloway. •hMmbors'and'nuie'r.i barrel'seemed ' J . ilnm >' Atkinson, who attends i- oor ;.,, .s'np comiiu' ' i University of Arkansas, Fayei "I came here to kill you Juli-i " villc is spending the Thanksgiv 1 ' ' holidays with his parents. Mr. i gave it it, to see Mini h-"h-Kl 'ih ."",'.',";"•' "; U1 see| Shell Blakely, student al Hendrix 1 'i hi' -.'••„• Tbon" 1: %. ? Il : Colle fi L> . Conway. spent Thursday i •»:;• '" -, ' wen: 1 ,•„,.' ^ i! 1 ' ^;. \ ™* ^ ^ th -.JU^ ^lakoly. ' '"'4,'" ,"' 'I,', 1 "' ," Rin , '; n ' , ! Mrs. J. D. Regan and children. '.•i,', ',,:• •',' „ '', v1 " H : :i! ' d ,1,"" K'fwly. iJohn and George are guests of ••->.' U\ Mep. Jhen halted 1 her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. is tin "All ri-:hi. Lou," she whispered Ho witndrow the gun from bo- ween them. Sh , . Uayburu in Hampton. ' Mrs. James L. Ban- and children, Mary Jane and Jimmy Jack • ren, iviaj-y jane ana Jimmy jacic a slop closer with its; have gone to Panama to join S Set. ,,.-,, i Ban- who is stationed there with ,- s '!ate. Lou,' .she'the U.S. Army, m waiting." : _f p b bro'MT,'h d ' rr"'',?'") Ml '- :lnd Mrs ' C] ' U Slunrt Jr ' of M lit fed ine "''m"intM I ' I ° U ', Hf - l^'airic Grove are the guests of i" I- rid of .<! hast!i^ ^.Z^v^- 1 - ."f- tS ' Mr ' -" M -' N ' N ' oarele.sM bi.w lie ,\i,i ™ "••••Daniel. oarele.sM hi,w lie did 'so. And thoro was the answer If -'he d been a i;ainblor. she'd \\-on 11 ; ' u ; !' I'l'cu no gambk-r, she'd ro;H l;is eves ru;ht the first time -^I'O l.avo 1)1) Si;.;||. Nl.l OVO'l ,,i 'ia\'-im: t riomiihanled; which is the 'vav "i the Irinmnhant when Ihev .'no <-le\-. ( ,r as well. His face was bod,-wed with accumulated rnnis'- >!>'','- y.s ihniu..], il v.'ero he v-ho nad i.-iken the ri.sk. "Thou if yon won't kill , lu . ••'•''I'll do yuu want oj mo?" .^ho t-iho vuii back to New Or;n)d band \-oii o\-er to tho ' ho -aid grimly "Get •If ready." L ' U ' I's the money, wail— r have ! Hoi-.'. 1 11 i.'i\v u in vou. Aivl n-'l ouou :h. I'll ,nake it no j '••'')• 1 will -" [ f. M' 'h:it. You wore inv ' n law. and there svas ,[',', ouminilted. in law." •o for what'.'" •••us^'"!^ \'.-)iat become ,,(' Th.' roal uno. Yi.u'iv Mrs. Frank Williams and daughter, Shelba Joan are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Kitchens in Camden. Pfc. Don Sallee and Mrs. Sallec and their son Thomas Cone are the guests of her parents, Mr. and Airs." J. T. McRae. a Kus.~-.ell and y i ','"11 lirelelld you '••u 'i au.-wor. Ho ilu, i deieot mm-,- leal n 'i a' the time of tlie .'>':• Were wider. i a! any rate. •1! them what yuu did said. "And there's a n \Veiiki YOU like in novi .•hi ' 1 e ! oil. had fun i id '••'•'. n"' l.i,n, don't ~:.v 'i notiii:':; tu do \vith it. o\v v.b.r.t became of her. .1 lu in; 1 , hear rr:o; Lull, li.-ton to UK-! " " lie C'onlinuodi Hollywood. Nov. 27 —(UPi- Comedian Jack Benny's sv. ileh to; ino CBS radio network touched off : sp'-culalion today on wholhor other! -~;iu'.\'S on NH(''.s ".soelc tc'tjuence" of: Sunday night programs mh'ht fol-: low suit. Tho deal whereby Iho violin-play-i Tho deal whereby the violin-playing eomie would move IA or to CHS lor his Sunday e\ening show beginning Jan. 2 was announced ye.-- lerciay. Benny has been witii NBC iur 17 years and his i~ the key thuw in NBC's Sunday niulil line-up. . There \\ere ruio.ors lhal Ihe Phil : Harris show, stan-ing tho band- loader and his v-.'ifo, Alico Fir.'o and Eih;ar Hurgv-n inight folluw .-;iil. Harris an:l Hergon follow the Benny .-ho'.v at iudf hour inu-rvab.. Harris w;;.-::;'! tulin;.; uboill any :hift and il v.-ti~, reiioned he would :,tay with NBC bin'also would pur-- iitipale iu the Benny t-h.ow on CBS. He is Benny's bandleader. | U here al-;o wa.~ tome speculation FIRST PRESBYTERIAN 300 East Second Stephen Cook, Pastor Nancy Deal, Director of Education Sunday School—9:45 a.m., Jim Miller, Supt. Morning worship —10:55. Rev. R. A. Anderson from Arkansas College, Batesville, will preach at the morning hour. Anthem: "For Thy Gifts Untold" by Gocssler. Soloist, Mrs. Earl Powell. A nursery is provided during the morning worship. There will be no vesper worship. P.Y.F.—6:15 p.m. Roberta Howard has charge of the program. Ann Barr will lead the devotnoial, and Peggy Cook will serve the refreshments. Choir practice, Tuesday —7 p.m. Prayer meeting, 7 p.m. Wednes- I day. The midweek worship will be j resumed this week, continuing the j rludy of the book of Revelation. I A church home for those away | from home and a welcome to all. i HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE 321 North Main Street H. Paul Holciridge, Pastor Al! of the members and friends I of the Tabernacle are urged to be | in their places for all of the ser- j vices al Ihe Tabernacle Sunday. "The world at its worst needs the church at it.s best" and the church I canont be its best unless all of its j constituents faithfully and regularly I fill their places. Sunday School —9:15 a.m. Guy E. Basye, Supt. Radio Bible Class over KXAR— 10 a.m. H. Paul Holdridge, teacher Morning worship—11. Rev. E. R. Black of Forrest City, Ark. will deliver the sermon. "The Gospel Hour" over KXAR —1 p.m. Choir rehearsal—1:30 p.m. S. Joseph Geno, director. Christ's Ambassadors—0:15 p. m. Miss Maxine Tabor, president. Junior Christ's Ambassadors—6:15 p.m. Evangelistic Service —7:30. Message by Rev. E. R. Black. Wednesday, Prayer and Bible Study —7:30 p.m." Friday, Prayer meeting •—7:30 p.m. On Tuesday, November 30, there will be a Sunday School Conference of tho churches in the Hope section at Stamps, Arkansas. This con- ieronco will be under the direction of Rev. Marvin Hart of Ashdown. that Dennis Day, Benny's boyish tenor, might switch his Wednesday night show to CBS. Benny reportedly sold his show as a capital gains tranaction for •some $4.000.001). Benny had no common! on the transaction other than io say: "1 wonder if you have to pay for parking ai CBS." By soiling Ihe show as a capital gains transaction, Benny could save some 52 per cent in income taxes. The $-1,000,000 purchase price ordinarily would bo subject !; ! "7 per cent income tax'. But if the iraiLsaclion was charged off limit, r the capital i^ains tax. the .'.'overnmem would receive only 2"i per cent. Amos 'N' Andv recently sold their show to CBS for reported «.">(10.(JOO under a capital gains Bin in Washington an official of the linornal Revenue Bureau said tho Amos 'N' Andy transaction would not be interpreted as a nre- c-cdcnt. "When you've stubbed your too once, you don't turn right around and do it again on purpose," he DOROTHY D!X Really Ideal Husband Dear Miss Dix: I have been married for four months to a wonderful man who is good and kind to me and a splendid provider, but he does not give me the sweet talk now that he did before we were married and I am afraid he is taking me for granted. I am very unhappy about it because t don't think romance should stop just because you get married. He doesn't do all the little things he used to do. such as opening doors for me and telling me I am the most wonderful person in the world. He seems to have lost ills romantic: ideas. Can you give me any comforting words? E. C. Answer: Probably it won't comfort you any to be told to quit acting like a feeble-minded bobbysoxer and get wise to the fact that now you are a married woman who is face to face with the realities of life. Your lovey-dovey days are over. And the test of a husband's and wife's love is not handing out mushy soft talk. It is how many sacrifices they are willing to make for each other. You arc wailing and weeping be- cayiSc your husband has slacked off in his courtship. Well, for Heaven's sake, isn't that a natural reaction to the situation? You would think that a man should Do put in the booby house if he kept chasing a car that he had already caught. And that goes double for marriage. A happy marriage is a settled one in which a husband and wife don't have to always be making Some 1C churches arc expected to participate. The people of Laneburg area are invited again to attend the evangelistic service in the Community Presbyterain church, Thursday evening at 7:30. A reminder also to the people of the Sardis area to attend the evangelistic service this coming Saturday at 7 p.m. FIRST CHRISTIAN North Main at West Avenue B Wm. P. Hardegree, Minister 9:45 —Sunday School. We have classes for all ages. We cordiallj invite you to visit our school. 10:50—Morning worship. Communion, and Sermon. The special music will be an anthem by the choir, "There's A Beautiful Story" Our morning service will be broad cast over station KXAR. 6—The Junior and Senior CYF will meet for a social hour and re freshments. 6:30—Group meetings and lesson for the Junior and Senior CYF 7:30—Evening worship, Commun ion, and Sermon. The special mu sicy will be by the choir, "Jesus With Me All the Time." The series of sermons on the book of ReveJa tion will be continued with the sixth one being given at this sei vice. Monday: 7:00—There will be a meeting of teachers and officers of the Sunday School. This will be an im portant meeting since Christmas plans will be made for the Sunday school. Thursday, 7:00—Choir rehearsal. GARRETT MEMORIAL North Ferguson Street Bro. Elbert Osteen, Pastor Rock of Ages broadcast from the church auditorium 9 to 9:30 a.m. Sunday School —10 a.m. Grady Hairston, Supt. Morning worship —11. B.T.C.— G:30 p.m. Evening worship —7:30. Monday, Auxiliary at 2 p.m. Mrs. Wade Warren, president. Wednesday, Teacher's meeting — 7 p.m. with prayer service at 7:30. You arc invited to worship with us. FIRST METHODIST West 2nd at Pine Streets Rev. J. E. Cooper, Pastor Church School —9:45 a.m. Morning Worshp —10:50. Sermon theme: "Let's Be Specific" —by Pastor. Wesley Club— Young Peoples' group—0:30 p.m. Evening worship —7:30. Sermon theme: "Vulnerable Spots in Our Armor"—Pastor. Meeting of Finance Committee at the church Monday at 7 p.m. Board of Education will meet at the church Wednesday at 7 p.m. Choir practice at the" church Wednesday at 7: 15 p.m. FULTON METHODIST There will be preaching at Methodist Church in Fulton, next Sunday at 11 a.m. by the Pastor, Rev. W. C. Lewis. Longshoremen were originally called "along-,shoijc-mon" because they worked on the wharves of seaports where they loaded and unloaded vessels. Paul Howard and His Former Grand Ole Opry Gang. Featuring the famous "ARKANSAS COTTON PICKERS" Rosella Dean the sweatheart of Song, The Gospel Singers, Elmer Sparks Comedian, and other favorites. Direct from Nashville, Tenn. IN PERSON AT HOPE CITY HALL AUDITORIUM Monday, Nov. 29th 8 P. M. Adm. SOe and 75c (Tax Included) Don't Miss These Radio and Recording Stars. protestations of their affections. It is a living thing that is just as much a part of them as th.;ir heartbeats. You say you are afraid your husband takes you for granted. Well, isn't that the highest compliment that any man could pay his wife, or any woman give her husband'.' Jealousy and suspicion are the children of husbands and wives who do not trust each, other. So if you have a husband or wife who takes il for granted that you are true and loyal to him or her, thank God for your blessing, instead of thinking you are being neglected. Millions of wives ruin their marriages by making an issue of trifles that they should have sense enough to ignore. Husbands forgot anniversaries. They don't send flowers on a wife's birthday. They claim they are too tired to go dancing. They just grunt when spoken tc. Their kisses arc perfunctory, with no pep, in them. Too bad. isn't it? Regt-'lar divorce court food. But it'wouldn't be if wives didn't expect, their hue- bands to be great lovers, instead of tired business men who a) 1 :. 1 worried to death about how thr-v are going to pay their bi 1 !..-:. So', dear little booby-sexer who is ready to call her m.'u'nafio c,u.is after four months' trial, just wake up from your romantic dream and face reality. Marriage is a pretty good career lor women, after all. Dear Miss Dix: I am datin..! a man who has been married "lid divorced. He is 22 and I am in. People tell me that he dates o'.hor girls behind my back. I love him better than anyone else and lie talks about our getting married when I am old enough, but I know that I couldn't gel along with him. What do you suggest? KATHRYN Answer: Well, I suggest that you Quit dating any boy seriously until you are old enough to know what you really want in a man. At 15 a girl's taste changes from day to day. and the man she thought was her Prince Charming one week bores her to tears the next. So take your time and look 'em all over carefully before you make your choice. I am very much opposed to girls lying themselves up with any boy while they are still mere children. I think they should piay around with a lot of boys ai.d have good times. And do'.i't' i';)r; ; --; that if you can't get along wilh 110 Hoy Friend, you would have an -nvful tinie trying to live peacoabiy wlih him as a busbpod. Dear Dorothy Dix: I am a young bride living with my mother-in-law who thinks that everything I do is wrong and, instead of telling me how to do it, she complains to inv husband and we fight. My husbond aways sides with his mother and he doesn't want to leave her to {-.", housekeeping with me. We have been married 'hn>o months. Do you think I should leave him? We still love each other, but living with my molher-in-law is getting me down. AN UNHAPPY BRIDE Answer: Now and then when a girl marries and goes to live with her mother-in-law it turns out happily, but this only occurs when the two women are of exceptional intelligence and have angelic dispositions.'As a rule, both the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law are jealous and possessive, i-nd there is no happiness for any of the parties concerned. The Chinese ideograph for a fight is two women in the same house. (Reelased by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) His startling adventures weave a thrilling storey of suspense and intrigue. BROADCASTING SYSTEM MUTUAL BROAOCASTiKO SYSTEM

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