Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 26, 1948 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 26, 1948
Page 7
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Fridoy, November 26, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Page Seven Center, left to right: S. A. VVestbrook, captain, and Buddy Button, co-captain; clockwise from left point of football: Jimmie Dick Mammons, Bobby Lyle Bearden, Charles Wilson, Tommy Britt, Don Duffie, James McCargo, James Charlus Russell, I. J. Button, VV. H. Gunter, Dale Hockett, Joe Martin-f dale, Bobby Joe Lee, Recce Miller. /x-^ *£ "*•'#•5' _By Hugh S. Fullerton, Jr._ New York, Nov. 20 — (/Pi — Clarence Picon, the Hiycar-okl appren Will go to the Wash, and br: i e;s , ( ,'° '•'• tice rider who is burning up Mary- cleaned a bit. land tracks, has nine brothers back : Army V s. Navy in Texas. Two of them ride quar- The Cadets v.'ill croon ter horses there. . .Ya Ya Tittle of'That two plat-tune-. the Baltimore Colts threw lla for-i Georgia Tech v;;. Georgia ward passes and completed (i!! of We think, by heck. them between his first and second It's Georgia, not Tech. interceptions this season. . .When Oklahoma vs. Okianoma Ayyies the U.'of Virginia retired Hill Dud- Tiie Kooners will roll fc ley's Number" 35 jersey (for the Riv.ht into some bowl. • second time, one Cavalier suggest-! cd: "Maybe our whole learn should I «,„..„,, ct,,riv retire this week before we ••'-••' Bll - vvn SU ' cly Carolina." By The Associated Press East:* Cornell 23 Penn M. St. ijonavoiilure 20 Sail Fran- Bi-own 35 Colgate 7, Midwest: A'lis.-fj:.i,-i 21 Kansas 7. S.. l.i uis 2! Kansas Slat ^'- ea.l.a -l'( Wieiiita I'- 1 . Illinois Wesleyan U I'kistern llli- ois I) , Corn lio.v Bowl Lbeops to Be Made ,/. !>;reat 1!J2:M!J30-31 teams. Cleo-isnu. nne of the five un blemished powers, will try to raUo[ it:; bowl stock by heath',-; Auburn | ai Mobile. A!a/"u:ice lied .North -f S! , . ,, ,, conlhcts lace the • .: U. i n conierence M,i. a::'i!ls - -J'.;;- . p , 'U is:-i> sb'oi and New York. Nov. 2ii - -i/i'i — Colic-;.',, 1 Cenr<'i-!. I'.acli Iji-atcn once, they football nni'o'ds i!s mo: t colorful are s; j-i\ in-.'. '-"' both the conler i I ie tor Title to defeat Arkansas A. & M. 7-(i at Monticello. His convc-rsion that, meant the difference was his 22nd in 29 tries this year, believed to be an A 1C record. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press „ „ Dallas—Billy Conn,' 188, Pitt» ""•n"'\ r'\ v "'i" • • i burgh, knocked out Jackie Lyon?> i be A ulenders tonclidown came ( ^ eo| . jahoma C Uy/9. in the Urst quarter, James i\the | okhinnma City—Whitoy Berlier, runuau; 19 yards and lat- 18ft> New Orleans, outpointed Eddie By The Associated Press One More Needed Probably the hottest football ar- ; Davidri i 1 ,! : .:r:cnt of the nation has been ra' 1 iie: for t\vo seasons in the home oi Karl Brown. Annum football coach. Southern Methodist's Doak Walk-:. .Karl, a Notre Dame uradtiale, er. v.-lio lias been called a player naturally claims his alma maim 1 :'.' coach and a one-man team, has ;. s tops , since he can't claim Aii- turned legislator for tiie benefit of b'irn'isi ;'.l:s. Brown, the form,- 1 .' the Austin, 'I'exa^. Am,-roan Deiethy Bernard, is a uraduat.- of Statesman . . . Queried about fool- Michigan, where her brother ball i-oles. Walker proposed Choc!-: was All-America center in ^chanr/.es to eliminate "the unfair l<);-i;j. . .Suinebodv had bettor 'ueal use of knees, el'oo\vs and fists un- one of those teams s,, th- nre.wns der the pretense of blocking," and can decide which pemiam to to jji-ovide as much protection for'over their house the forward passer after lie has : _._'_'..' thrown the ball as is "iven 10 thei End of the Line kicker. . . .It's all in tiie rule book, j Doak. if the rc-fs will enforce it. . . I Don't be surprised if VanderbiH Ue^e -And how about something to give turns up in the Orange Bov.l 'Newj — '.'.'cr defenses more protection against Year's Day if nothing; in'iM,-a.-> i The fact that a. dove cio<.s not '.Municipal S guys like Doak Walker? South: Wake Forest H"< South Carolina to iJon C'i'ews. who covered (the lasi fi\ r e yards in paydirt. i Arkansas A. id M. scored ii\ the Arkansas Tech and Magnolia'third quarter on a sixyard plunge , , - ' ... .^. .,. i, K i n.i i ,i u, 111, oiu,,iei on a MA v si i u pun i L;e otOCKlon L ch; mpions'iip an.i a howl A._& M., as ^expected for weeks. • by .liinmy Smith, but' Craig Uon; s( , ni 144 ] 'NO Lamarr, 180, Oklahoma City, , . 'Top regular bout on Joe Louis Kay Augustus, exhibition card). ' Stockton, Calif.—-Bernard Doeu Orleans, stopped Cleveland, hut I;. • CIMO. innslied the J!J!,; loot ball season , s,, n 's ]-- ; ek for point went into tho isjrinu n McC'rarv Hfi, C. HUH! the Cieoi-"ia is host to Ce.'M'i-.ia Tech "i-d lor hrsl ]ilace in the Arkansas Ma'.'iielia line. '17 a' Ai..,,.,,::. .Missi,'si M .j meets Mis in'ercoll,|j;,ate Conference, but the; Tl , d ,.,, W onder liovs had an j ' n'Jnn .-i si::s:,;,i State ai (;•-:!. ; nl. 1 ula.ie ul uc,a desumat.oi, as champion ,,, si ,.,. ,, M1( . ul j, vi . s i o ,. ( i ;iv , routin" j By United Pres.5 •" - - *"»•-' !— -'' --- ,. ,,- ,,, c . ei-'iu ioui'iu'0-vn ri-iys cov l'' a11 River. Mass.—Nero Perry, ndinK ; clianipion ,-:;.,;.,) Ki y ar,ls. due'scoring "play, l-«- *'-^ Kiver. outpointed Isaac .;., Tennes.ee :n-ta,n:- tlic crown if it is tied for .{,„'. rMih ^ u< an'imJrcepU,d nass Thcmas, 124, Oldtown, .Me., (8), i.!""'"'' , i sli : ai J !nrve^'T,.!h^,!r-; t !ip. 1 ed U tie- '?' C '"'' Wo: ", !u ' !lon of , T ;' c ' h ' x ' venl ' . ———. MKiii-.n a;.; a t n s t ' I .' I - J ' .. . . i The Ouachila Timers, wlu. started ^ . . " .., eiu,.,--o..i- i i'.la;,nolia l.iaietv made the L:rade. I ,.,...,., ,<. : .,.",,.., > i ,- E*.. — ^.!- I ~~.,_^ in anotlie; Oklahoma's jma l \A. h anclM\l."al "Slillv.aater. i, i " J ^' iJ ' u '.', lilll ' ! >' ",' i '.'- u; ""-' - 1 '," 11 '' ' slowly this soason'bnt roared back ih((|l;K ,,.;,,„,.,. ()t - in- -Uoenders nad lo de,H-nd on ,„ ,,-„ ( ,,. o 1)l;:iKSl . : , M , n cll ,, a ,,,> :',oulhwesl C,,ni'eience title, ; 1 - 11 ' - ; . lil)d rl -ht loot ol Jac-K Scotl: nu . MlSi , ei ,,,,a their seventh I a;;es Texas Christian at Dallas, r ;strai.;hl victory at the expense ol I'.', n inlersrctional hay.-. Jind Mich.were decided. West Chester t Pa. i j'iheir arrhi'ivals. the Henderson Break Leaves One Dead i:.';.• n Slate at San!:, Clara -"d I'.-nn ' Teachers edeed Anpalachian, 7-2, ! lieddir-s. 2U-7. C>iiachiia did ail its prisoner" was killed ai S'.at" at Tacoma a:\ainsl Vv'ashin;-- m the l.lui'ley Howl at Jolmsun iscnrim', in t'ne iir.-,t. iialf a:u! then ' ei s surrendered after nine" crlnjfe i : • . ('-i,. 'i' ... in:.,.:, i i' i . . • i • i . • • • .- ...:....'. . . . - Chicago. Nov. 26 — (.¥) — One ' and eight it;.-. Teiin. Illinois Wc.-.li/.van'<h',| iis lirst Ivy ', lopped Illinois Teachers, G I), in the ,it- years ye:,ter .C'orn Bo'.vl At Ijloomin-lon. HI.. : v. inch ul a sufiicit-nt je.b of protectint! a ty s;l \ved their way out of the .- yoai line against a Neddie band Cook County jail last night and nine years yesU-r .(. orn Bowl At Ijloomin-lon. HI.. : v. iueh gained more Kround. 1 were trappe'd in the jail yard. LI a tavorcd Penn | Collej-e of Idaho oiitscored Si,nth i Arkansas State Teachers College j 'i' w o jail guards thwarted the 2M to M. i crn Oregon, 27-20, m the Pear - r 'wl jekuecl a d^ai.pointin^ season l,v: d:il . in o al t e mpt of the nine prt i :,1., broke a mnejal nu-Lilord, Ore. 'tnrnin;; bac!; the College of' the!^,-^ [ 0 climb over the 22£oot ' reak to tie Texas.! Utah captured tiie Kiy Six crown I Ozarks 22-14. | after escaping from their first. 1 prison* wall irst floor at Philadelphia':; j Missouri wen second place in the Tensive lecorcls in toppling Wichita, Seven standing.^ by humblim; ; -32-12. Heath passed lor two touch- . . . .. . ....... . . , ilealh, set three new collegiate of Friday ni;:in in the final regular j Shrine charity game at Little Pigskin Pickings (Final Edition)! Penn State vs. Washington State j b •• I At South Bend. Nut re Daine will ! Kansas, 21-7. Wake Forest, headed ! downs, inakini; his season's total season yiiine. JDec. 18. Little Rock Junior College At least three postseason »anies,\vill play South Georgia Junior Col are on the AIC docket. Ouachita ile;;e in the Junior Sugar Bowl at The . ._ . . i ancients regarded as the scat of bo seeking to extend Us unbeaten 'for the Dixie Bow! at Birmingham, |an allhigh 22. Nevada increased its j will meel Southwestern State of i Monroe, La., Dec. 11. I bitterness and bad temper, lcd ; >tring to 27 Barnes against \Va.-iijtriiirnphed over South Carolina, 33 jpai'un" touchclov.-n total to Ji7 anciiDurani. Okla., in the Texoma Bowl j Tech and Magnolia also are ia State's banner, stained by Pitt j requires 10 clays to hatch. . . university i to 0. Hi;- aerial yardage to 2,-"J5, both 1 ',! Der.ison, Tex., Dec. 11 and Har|!ir.e and probably would, Kockne's 1 Three oi the minor bu'.v! tsmv:es Mi 1 .- \v records. I din-Siiumt'Uo University in a 'bowl bids.

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