The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 2, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 2, 1934
Page 6
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PAOIC six T31,YTHEVll,I,E, (ARK1 COUU1KK N'I:\VS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1934 n Eleventh Houi Drive To Pennant Made Reel ; Birds Many Fi Sends BY iiAintr GIUYSOX Sporis Edllor NKA Service DETROIT — There was HUle queslion, but Oint.lhc St. Louis Cardinals were tlie htioiice\l club In baselnll nt Ihe finish of Hie ''1934 *pcnnnnt races. Tlio iniuhiy men of Sani Bfesul- on's, chain gang fnlrly slralcd they/drove to n . iwiionnl lencae j i>ennnnl .The' .elsvcnlli-hour drive of ,tho '.jcourn'geori.s and colorful Cftuiln- .hls'•'CafillvnU'cl llic nn lion— J them the most magnetic.nUruc'tlon in the business In (heir) last Visit in Boston. Ihe world clininp- ' ; SoiiGlniils were booed, while"HIP few vvctki, mnklng ncocl their toast Hint llicy would nccounl for 45 games. Hie elder 'of the. ArknnsiiK flivbnll . ningevs Inking his lite with (he greats wllli 30 victories, nnd Nutsy accomilliig for 10. Wllh Wild Dill Hnllnlinn cxgcrl- dicing a i>oor season, Willie Walker out with an Injury, and Tex Oiiilclnn slurllng slowly, Hie Dcnns packed llic> •Cnrcllniil pltcli- liilf burton' week fn nnd week out. It was not until Walker commenced IcmlliiB [lie Deiuis n hnml toward the fag end of Ihe liu and Ciirk'lon and Mooney regained Ihclr form, Hint Ilic persistent, Cardinals really got liot. FOR ElllllE Schcolboj 1 How, the dramatic Mloksy Cochrnne, and other ihjcr luminaries, und with all dii: ton- .sklci'atloi) for the Clianls, tin: (Jnr- dlniils were the most nllraciive of Ihe ''three world series cumlldatcs from Hie spMittors' point of view. Tlio In Choice addition to the Deans, with tin; SI. Ixiiiis ehib Hint sought Us fifth Hag In nine ye:ire, wns 1'eii- |ier Martin, now at third base nnd .still nt Ills under .severe pros- sinv; FrnnklG got his club soli out '(lllflcuilles Prlscli,', who nimlly afU'r smoothing Ihe Deans; Home Rmi Jim Collins, nnd Ducky good people of Ihe Hub chesred | Mcdwlck wildly uhcimer the SI Louis | Tht . Car<Hmts Ml (01 .-,- Gricklm Came I lirough Firs I Tilt of Season in Fine Shape n\' .1. 1'. FHIKN'l) While admlttlnij the Hlytheville lili>h school Chleknsaw.s as a whole looked "pix'lly good" against the lighter Osceola team, defeated 39-0 Friday whom they night in Renew Drive To s Sell Seasonal Football Ducals BY J. P. FRIEND''.; ' The drive for the snlc of (he sea- ton (Ickels for the home gnmcs of the Chlckasaws will be continued, ft was decided al. n ijpeclini; of (he commlKee last will the outfit decora led ^ the Scoreboard. nnd the slory of the 1034 licit BirOs reads lll.c fiction ular thrusts in the hislorj of llic i || s . game lliat created the most snv-',,,,' c ngely-foughl winitup since Iho Cuhs tied the OlaiUs in 1MB, nnd won the replaced game nnde mic- cssniy* by Tied McrklC's historic -"boner". Going east-, after Labor. of team: .am. which wns 11 llian the Giants. • Tile St. Louis nggrcyauon'Imd'a „ 'superb outfield in Medwick. .luck 'Hollirock, Ernie Orsiitli nnd Fula high rolling Inneld In Collins. Frlscli, Leo Unrochei 1 , anil M:u tin; a sniiirl catcher In Uo- Inncey, and were exceptionally well fortified In reservists. >wttli ••flic i able stick wlcldcr. Put Crawford, and iiuotlier. Iwo or three -, lying se\en games IHiind, tile''Cardinals j ii, c Cardinals iccord would be kept necking away nl the olniils' rcinmknulc even Inul Ihcj nol ex lead until the\ h.ul the world pericnccd a full share of Injuries champions jiUeij-unable to hit nnd slumps and been Loin by dls and fielding like <i tioupe of nivk- scnslon vaid jugglers Finally tlie Qlanlsl Picsidenl Brcadon and Mauagci cracked wide oixsi JFri'cli had to settle out of the 1C was Ihe most lemarkablc bro-' inltjil) few walkouts in biscfoill ther .conibiniiUuii Sn Hie nnnalv of biisebnl! thai Icpt the St. l-ouls elnb. within hulling distance.- and winch appll n d the , prc.ssure In the ellnincllc sprint riowii Hhe Btrclcli^-Jcrome Herman mid^ Paul i Dean, . ^ : >: • < » » De-ins' Big , I)^i> -..ii 'St: ^Loins' bid leiclicd Us peak in Brookljn on Sept Jl, when. nficr Dhvy Dean slml out' Ih5 Dodgers A with I'ircc smiles; I'aul iccoidctl'the rust no-hit, no-run etimc in'(ho tanjprs since Southpaw Bob, Burke, of Washington treated (he Boston Kcd'So\ llml way .In 1931 , t v *• v ".< ,:';..' TlieV.Dsans iconsllliitcil n'l-.Lwi- man pitcliin with ih'c'.bcnm. Later Uic:eccsn- Iric Di?/j tairled tlio fnmllys case lo Judge,Lnndls. niit..tho Cardinals stayed In there and bore down lluoiigh It all lo writ- the most glorious ihnptu of 1034- basebull ni the, NaCihnl LCHBUL cluls nenrcd tin wiic Ocn- erallj ^ucnklng the imlillif ynnlcd lo see them win Kuril<h thwrs 1'enn CA\I1> WYOM(SSJr}G P« Oc,t 2. — William Km 11*11 195 |»iiild fullback icinlwh t Pennsjlvanla driving rain and :i iiimumlre, many v. T eakn(.'£ses cropped out and Head Coach Carney Laslie lost no time In putting the s(|iiad linck lo work yesterday 111 an effort to lion onl the defects before tliey taekle the stiont! Earle Cindiimls here Pi'l- dny night. No Injuries 'I'iie tribe came out of their mud battle In excellent shape. Not 1111 injury was recorded. Alfred ''Slick" Meredith, halfback, who did nol start the game because of a bruised knc>e sustained In the Whlrhvlmt fray' Is the only nlling member, ' ; ,^ There wore many bright features In Die opening game. The' unsung heroes of u football team, the line, played u major role In the victory. The starting forward wall, Dick Tipton and, .Eugene lilackwell, Hid Muiruj Hanls. : tackles; ends; Olyiider "nnsputin" Hnyilcr, Elmer Undsey and, Heiny Luns- fon\ BUI ds, niul J. W. Pur- tic, center, wns especially Impressive, Eddie .Sallbu. Basil Locke, Iler.sh61 Mosley nnd Wtmpy Burns carried Ihe brill In good fashion. Another Pete?" ' A good kicking prospect was uncovered In Oiiell Craig. The chunky low-head, despite tlie slippery pis- skin, sun! ilrlvliiB 'vnln rectal oft .some nice: punts. Another featurs. of his .work was, the fact that lie did not fumble:.while other',members had some difficulties in hanging on to the elusive oviii.',Craig also clicked,off somC'iilcc gains tin few thins he was called oh'lb.'rin with tlie ball. HLs main dullcsjirax conlliiLd to clrnilng the pntrri foi the olhcr backs. . i s j;:; .YtSterdny the tribal chieftain'"enlarged the Chick's offensive., rc- peilolr^ with a fm more Splays, diilled lliciu extensliciy andUhen No reduction In llic price be made until, possibly after next game, It also was agreed. Mr. McClui'k'lh, superintendent of the city schools,' pointed out that though one game already had ueen played the purchasers would' yet be bcneflttcd by approximately 20% by buying this week. Although ho accurate-check has liecn made, .the. sulo has not been us large as was hoped for by the officials. 1'lans were worked out t stimulate a.ctlvity in-~'pi$ '; sejilnu nnfl.will be 'pill; hub pppratloii at lice,. 1 ;:•, : ; \- ,. p .' ' , !••;•'"•' ' : Iii^c'oiiiicctioiv'with'ihc „ .iggcstlojis -,wcro";.' offered relative o nioi'b'','n(lv'crtlsing for the 'home allies.' Additional means to Inform he public nboiil the games have icen decided ,ni>oii. Wrcslling Circus Plays .'to Fair Sized Crowd On Return Here ' bouse ns compared with some of the shows tost spring legion officials said that Ihc cash "gale" was great, indicating that ' several "leaks" had been stopped or "free" entrances closed, An innovation wns between falls piano stitmnnlng by J. Prank Adams. .Virgil Greene manhandled the gong In masterful fashion. Bill Trotter did the announcing. *.. Today's Altuairac: ITnn PEBBttPILflT onnei- Memphis Managei- Will Direct Travelers In 1935"Pennant Chase LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 2 <UP) — Tliompaon '(Doc) I'rothro, former innnager of (he Memphis Chicks, todny signed .a contract, to' mnn- ;e the Little Rock Travelers. . Terms of the- contract were not made known; However, It " believed, his salary .will be high .-or higher than nt Memphis. Prothro, whoso resignation- 'innnager of .tlie .Chicks,-was'."ii pounced -and accepted yesterday, came • to a. cpnfercjfe with; President "~- '••••'•••'*<'••-'-•-'•'?--- aiid' 1 other :Little footbnll men of LI Ic Albert (Pop) ' sent them agnjnst Kreu? Hit QUpkcrs b ' - - Ing plimger of a decnile --- -- r - , — them against the reserves to Kreu? Hit Quplccrs bone (.rush- \ $eei hoi, ihe~5 wdrkcd.fTlie''results were grnflfyhiu a-s the .varsity backs icpcilullj biokt thlough for long ill us. Hoy .'Kf'ThOnVJjson _. Rock 1 qnicinl^'here yesldrday',' it' was reyeaiedi'todny. Protlirp's .scvcii-ycar;* r r'i!tord a manager of- the Chicks' Is perhaps the, bcsl in , the Southern ns- EcclnUoiy/during .tlml, time. His tennis have always finished In (he irsl division' and Jn )93p ,a--iKii- iniit jyos-'Svoii! . ! j'. '"' ;'• Prothro, who began with Mem- iliis-'ln-1928, slnrtctl his profcs The wrestling circus relumed to town last night and drew a fair crowd for a Hist night performance. The show, staged at the armory, consisted of two acts, varying con- clikTiibly In the inaniicr of their presentation. John'Marr and Buf-j fiilo Joe, meeting In/the opener,' .seemed like elephants, of the ring compared Wvltli-Cyclone ; Burns and. Gail liyrd wlio met In the wind-up. Hums and Byr(| : took turns about playing the pnrt'-pf Ihe'"man on the Hying trapeze""\vllh as fast an eshiWllon as local mat fans have wiliH'.^ed 'in souieKlline.'< '••' •• The Iwo matches offered' entcr- laimnent for llic fans who like their meat raw and those who prefer a .sclenliftcj.sporforiiiancc as well. Man- and.'»BiVffalo Joe, who wined ponderous and slow when compared with the headline . per- lcimi:rs. used a, mlnhjium ol wresting skill and a.niaxlm'iim of rough sluff. Hums and Byril on the other mud seltloni resorted to tactics even on the. border'line. ,. : Man- took the- hrsl;'.arid Lliitd 'nils of the firsViiiatcji'jwllh headlocks and body,'slnnis/.Buffalo Joe setting the.middle fall with n series of what ;were sup'ixisea to \x flying butts.. ; .. :..,-/-' Byrd look/the first'"fgil sot the main event with a ^series'of. headlocks and n.hody sjtim. Buriis ,nsed his famed leg-Mock; to take''the second fall. ..The- grip' or >hold.' Is one of tiie liiost 'imus'iml employed by mntincn performing here,':Burns applying pressure rfrom a s(aiid|ng position with'-only'one. leg in contact with his'.vopponent but '.'apparently hayhig-his opponent's legs so' thoroughly.;.'scrambled that Mces of the refeicc to bre-ik the grip arc ..required. 1 ' A' sefics of head-: loclb and a body siam that turn cd out In reverse when Burni ciilmlj rolled ovei on top decided he match. j rom Lauo of Memphis aele(( as -efeiee t ^ > Tin. «.ho\i w, stagcd^jy the new Tthlelic conimlltee of the Dud nson, American Legion post,' De- . spile the smallness of lisl nights Shawnce Eleven Opens 10-Game Season With, Win Shawnee high school -of joiner face-3 a full schedule of. nine games nfter defeating Hughes 8 fo 0 In .lie first game of the season at Hughes I'Vlday. C'onch Johnnie . M. Burnsll's charges appear to W "one of the b;.n teams in the south end of.the conn- ,y. ':;The Stmwnec tribe', takes on tlio Bly'tlmvlllc Chlckasaws here on Oct. 19.,';. • •• The schedule of. the Shawnee team follows: : Oct. 5. crawfordsvillc, at Joins: Oct. 12, Trumann,' nt Joiner.. Oct. ia, Blythcville, al Blythevilte. Oct. 20, Jonesboro, at Joiner. Nov. 2, Earle at Joiner. ; Nov. 9, Hnrrisburg, nt Joiner. Nov. 16, Osceola, at Osceola. Nov. 23. McCrory, nt Joiner. Nov. 29, Wilson, at Wilson. • October 3 General Ferdi) Stanford University " opens with,' 4-]3 of Texan, revolution Fouurt afc You Arc Invited To Lislen To The WORLD SERIES Victims of Depression Hope to Try Australia LOHA1N, O. (UP)—Aii energetic little Hungarian, - 5l, who, with hisj bride cam« to America 29 years ago, hopAfc; to go to Australia to recoup loslnortunes of llie ecnomic slump. The Lorainian once neltecK $300 monthly from income oil one .business block atone. Now it pays him and his wife a scant S?r>, barely enough .for cheap foc:l for his wife and, seven children, "I would be willing to surrender all my proper- At Phillips Motor Co. Authorized Ford Dealer 200 K. Main -s£' ' Hlylheville, Ark. The ' broadcast will come (II- | ty for enough to get to Australia, 'where I believe I can work and I;. VG(> t from the two ball parks ColLlmbia am , earn my owii way," he said.. Cards 23 Oul of Skeet Club's Sunday Event Carney Laslie turned in the best score .among sinion- pures at the Siindi} shoot of tiie ^31} thcville Skeet club and tied r>' N Posicll inns salesman with T cud of n hits out of 25 attempts l * Paul Byniin wa^s second unions the^"shooteis with 22 oiit^oj 25 Ward Dpins~uf-Hajti Mo Card""' c<l ^ 1 21 Twenly paitidpited 'in tthe sl\ooting including Ld Ruff ind I C Averil! of H^>U Mo Read Courier News wain Ais. F. D. R.'s Son Snute Traditions CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UP)—Prescient Roosevelt's youngest son, j John, apparently cares not for the radltions of his father's alma mater,- Harvard University. John, who enrolled as a freshman, has his own ideas about a wardrobe. Contrary to'.Harvard tradition, he wears:. Coat and- trousers, that match;:':]black shoes . "instead of C;.. systems and ure sponsored by 'the Ford Motor Company. white; a: feltshnt instead'of none. 1 Phone 777 ( Fnr^ ; Quick v and :. Dependable' | Wrecker Service \Phillips Motor Co. ROXY Tucs.-Wed:-Thurs. HHONE 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST,CO. ^ INSURANCE WEPT. Buy it on the Pay-as-you use-it" Plan Ypu'ft want one of these big performing Phi/cos for the World Series I BE SURE ALLENAMEL , , -=— —^-^ Majestic Range Think of : the enjoyment^one of these marvelous, big-performing PHILCOS will give you! Powerful models with the latest improvements— each an outstanding value! Superb tone and amazing performance combined •vyith striking new cabinets of the finest woods.'—see and hear'these latest PHILCOS. ' '-,• PHILCO 60MB A new 1931 PHLLCO in a mo-dern cabinet thai will grace any rooru! Hiinil-rnbbcd, < natural-finish niu- hogany with black trim. An outfit and! np value - -featuring Aulo- malic Volume Control, Tone Control, Electro-Dynamic Siwaker, police and airplane calls, etc. " I Has Every Modern Convenience Without Changing Your Fuel . . . Kitchens Cool and Pleasant While Cooking J • Here is the finest Kitchen Range you ever saw—a marvel of beauty, efficiency and satisfaction. It represents the accumulated experience of many years in the development of home cooking facilities. It holds the heat inside the stove, concentrated on the cooking and baking, leaving the kitchen cool. It is a real delight to work with, a beautiful thing to own. .' ADVANCED CONSTRUCTION This new Majestic will lighten your daily work. It is the best cooking and baking range you ever saw—as dependable as a clock. Complete insulation concentrates the heat on the work. The outside is compara- Jively cool. The position and design of all parts have been worked out by practical experts to make them most convenient for your daily tasks. The solid polished top cooking plate—more efficient and more easily cleaned than lids, the sanitary shelf, the easy clean. out features, and the removable doors and ; stakes make this the neatest of ranges. Precisely-filling doors and other parts increase its wonderful heat-tight qualities— And finally the beautiful All-Enamel finish- in your choice of rich colors—makes this New Majestic as handsome to look at as it is easy to keep clean. "PAY-AS-YOU-USE-IT" • Don't envy your neighbor who has this wonderful aid to good housekeeping—get one for yourself I It's so easy. You can pay for it as you use il, a little down, the balance spread over many months. No interest, no carrying charges, no advance in price! Come in and sec this beautiful New Majestic at our slore this week, while the Factory Man is here. Let him show you how it would save your time, lighten your work, and give you a lifetime of honest pride and satisfaction! This set of heavily nickel-plated DC Luxe Copper Ware will be given free to all purchasers of a New Majestic This Week Only! .with PAUL LUKAS CONSTANCE CUMM1NGS 'Phillip Rtrd.Dom Lloyd,Joscp)i Ctwthern. Directed by William Wylcr. A B. F. Zeldman Production prttintcd by Ctrl LttmmW. A UNIVERSAL HCTUSE. News Fitzjialrick Travel Talk— "Africa" Willie Hopper Cartoon D HARDWARE CO. Coming Sim.-Mon. Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler in 'DAMES' \nYiti\ilt M*/>' WHITNEY BOURNE and MARCO Wriliin, diiicud and produced by l«n H«cM Jl ChoiTii MocArlhur. LtC Go i mil, Fhatcgrcphtr A Paiemovnt fttltoi* . •VOX NKWS COMKDY Public Warning! D1LL1NGER Is Comiii"; TUESDAY K \VEI)NBSI)A. A powerful moral lesson fo young and old. See this powerful story o Dillingcr's life from the ten iler age of ten to the tim of liis death ns he was lea\ inj? a Chicago theatre. PHILCO Marvelous Neiv Models with the Famous INCLINED. SOUNDING BOARD! 14MX (kh) Powerful new 1931 I'HILCO in a distinctive cabinet of hand-rubbed, rich brown mahogany wit'* black trim. Features Super "Class A" Audio System, Auditorium Speaker, Shadow Tuning, police and airplane calls, etc. Truly a ^OPk masterpiece in dcsig »pj7D and performance! Other 193(1>HII.COS $20 EASY TERMS L'rb*Til Trad«-ln Allowance 19X (riftlt) An « wlMirulI ' CO ruhbtd cabinet of striped nnd butt walnut. Important features, including Bass Compensating Tone Control, Electro-Dynamic Speaker, Shadow Tuning, police and airplane calls, etc, A marvelous TiiliicI HUBBARD FURNITURE CO, Blytheville, Ark.

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